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Windows 11 KB5019342 is now live on the Dev Channel




These are great times to be Windows Insiders for the latest Microsoft-designed OS.

Those that are testing on the Dev Channel have just received a brand new update.

Know that KB5019342 is an update that was designed to test the servicing pipeline.

We’re pretty sure that you’ve heard about the latest Insider build that Microsoft decided to ship to the Dev Channel, in order to test the servicing pipelines.

Yes, we are talking about KB5019342 and we will take a much closer look at this patch so that we can understand what all the fuss is about concerning this Insider release.

As you are all aware, Microsoft recently released version 22H2 for Windows 11 but has since blocked all updates to this version due to printing failures.

However, since we are here already, let’s also take a more in-depth look at this most recent Dev build and examine the changelog together.

What do Windows 11 Insiders get via Build 252112.1010?

Just as we’ve shared at the beginning of the article, Microsoft has released Windows 11 build 25211.1010 to all Insiders on the Dev Channel.

Keep in mind that this is a servicing update made to test the servicing pipeline, so there really isn’t anything major coming towards us via KB5019342.

This is still version 22H2, since the Sun Valley 3 development, which was known as Windows 11 23H2, has been canceled by Microsoft.

Expert tip:

Starting with this update, Microsoft has separated the widget picker and Widgets settings to make it easier to find and interact with each view.

The widget picker can now be opened with the + button and Widgets settings are opened by pressing the Me button.

Now, let’s take a much closer look at the changelog and see what changes, improvements, fixes, and known issues we are dealing with at the end of September.

Changes and Improvements [Taskbar] [System Tray]

This build includes preliminary support to rearrange System Tray icons for Insiders who have the System Tray updates that began rolling out with Build 25197. Further improvements for this experience are coming soon. As a reminder, these System Tray updates are still rolling out and are not available to all Insiders just yet. If your PC does not have these changes, your System Tray experience will remain the same as before.

[File Explorer]

Fixed an issue where the top part of File Explorer (with the search and address box) couldn’t be interacted with when File Explorer was in full screen mode (F11).

[Settings] Fixes [General]

We are beginning to roll out a server-side fix for the issue causing a “date, time and time zone settings are incorrect” message to be improperly displayed, which was also preventing the installation of the latest Insider Preview builds from proceeding.

[File Explorer]

Fixed the issue where the command bar items like copy, paste, and empty Recycle Bin were unexpectedly not be enabled sometimes when they have been.

Fixed an issue which was causing unexpected black bars on the sides of horizontal scroll bars when using dark mode.


When you have Start set to show more pinned items, the animation for opening folders lower on the page will now appear from the right place.


Fixed a high hitting Shell Experience Host crash in recent Dev Channel builds, impacting Quick Settings launch reliability.


The gripper for moving the emoji panel and touch keyboard should now update color correctly when you switch between dark and light mode.

Fixed a memory leak when repeatedly invoking the input switcher.

[Settings] [Task Manager]

Tweaked the graphs in the Performance page to use a bit more transparency so it’s easier to see the grid lines underneath.

Made another fix to improve Task Manager reliability.

Fixed a black flash while might be seen when launching Task Manager in light mode.

Fixed a few issues where the font color of certain elements wasn’t correct / readable when using a contrast theme.


Fixed an issue where Narrator would read out the details of the calendar that opens from selecting the date and time from the taskbar when it was collapsed.

Fixed an issue where chúng tôi was crashing repeatedly in Windows Sandbox for Insiders with the tablet optimized taskbar and updated system tray.

Fixed an issue which could lead to hangs in certain apps when opening the Open File Dialog.

Fixed an issue which was making the screen go black for some Insiders when enabling HDR recently.

Fixed an issue where after using the Open With dialog, the process might stay running even if it wasn’t in use anymore.

Fixed an issue which was leading to increased CPU usage for WSL2 users on ARM64 PCs even when WSL was idle.

Fixed an issue where closing the print dialog could lead to an app crash in the last couple flights.

Known issues [General]

Looking into reports that audio stopped working for some Insiders after upgrading to the latest flights.

Investigating reports of a few different apps having started crashing in recent builds.

Investigating reports that various UI elements in apps appear to be disappearing and reappearing sometimes in recent builds.

[Tablet-optimized taskbar]

The taskbar sometimes flashes when transitioning between desktop posture and tablet posture.

The taskbar takes longer than expected to transition to the touch-optimized version when switching between desktop posture and tablet posture.

Using the left or right edge gestures can result in the Widgets or Notification Center (respectively) to overlap with or look truncated by the taskbar.

When using the bottom right edge gesture to see Quick Settings, the taskbar sometimes stays stuck in the expanded state, instead of dismissing to collapsed state.

When there are no running windows on the desktop, the taskbar can sometimes collapse, when it should be expanded.

[Widgets] What can I do if I can’t install KB5019342?

Also, make sure to report any other issues you might come across, in order for Microsoft to address and improve the overall OS experience for us all.

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Windows 11 Is Now Available For Eligible Pcs – Download It Now

Microsoft officially releases Windows 11.

Windows 11 is now available for download on compatible PCs.

You can get it from Windows Update or using the Media Creation Tool or Installation Assistant.

It’s a free upgrade for Windows 10 PCs as long as they meet the minimum system requirements.

Windows 11 (version 21H2) is officially available as a free upgrade for computers that meet the minimum system requirements starting October 5, 2023. This rollout marks the first release of a new version of the OS for laptops, desktop computers, and tablets with a new set of features, changes, and improvements to enhance productivity, security, and user experience.

The new version of Windows represents the most significant update of the past decade, but it’s not entirely new. Windows 11 is based on Windows 10 but with a new interface, tools, sounds, and applications.

Furthermore, Windows 11 is updating many experiences like the new out-of-box experience (OOBE), Settings, Notification Center, and Quick Settings. And there are updates for many inbox apps, such as File Explorer, Calculator, Photos, Snipping Tool, Microsoft Store, Tips, and many others.

Rollout and system requirements

Windows 11 is a free upgrade available as an optional update for devices that meet the minimum requirements. This means that your computer will need at least an Intel 8th Gen or newer or Ryzen 2000 or more recent processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and more importantly, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 and Secure Boot.

If you are not sure your computer meets the minimum requirements, you can use the Microsoft PC Health Check app to determine if your device has the required hardware to upgrade to Windows 11. For more requirements information, you can check this guide.

However, even if the machine meets the new requirements, it’s not likely to get it on day one. On October 5, Microsoft will begin the gradual rollout that will take months. Initially, Windows 11 will be available for computers with newer hardware known to have a smooth upgrade experience. Over time, it will expand to more devices based on hardware eligibility, reliability metrics, age of the hardware, and other factors. Then sometime during the second half of 2023, Microsoft will make Windows 11 fully available for compatible devices.

Upgrade to Windows 11

If you want to upgrade to Windows 11, the best way is to use the Windows Update settings. However, you can still perform an in-place upgrade with the Installation Assistant.

Also, you can use the Media Creation Tool to a bootable USB flash drive to do a clean install. (The tool can no longer be used to do an in-place upgrade. It’s only available to create a bootable media or download the ISO file.)

Furthermore, you can download the Windows 11 ISO file to install the new OS in a virtual machine or create a bootable media manually with Command Prompt or third-party tools like Rufus.

The upgrade process will require a complete reinstallation, but when using the Windows Update settings or in-place upgrade option with one of the available tools coming from Windows 10, settings, apps, and files will be preserved. However, it’s always recommended to create a full backup before proceeding.

On the other hand, if you choose to perform a clean installation of Windows 11, then your files, apps, and settings won’t be preserved.

Whether you choose to install the new version using the upgrade or clean install process, the download size of Windows 11 will be around 4 to 5GB.

Windows 11 activation

If the device was previously activated version of Windows 7, 8.1, or Windows 10, then the Windows 11 will activate automatically without needing a new product key. However, if this is a brand new installation, you will need to purchase a new license.

Unsupported devices

Although this new version of Windows 11 has new hardware requirements, you will still be able to upgrade an incompatible computer. However, this won’t be possible through the Windows Update setting. Instead, you will need to use the Media Creation Tool or ISO file to perform a clean installation. The only caveat is that you will need to acknowledge that your computer will be in an unsupported state during the process, which means that Microsoft won’t support the installation, nor will it offer updates or drivers. And you may come across crashes, errors, and other problems.

As a result, it’s not recommended to force the Windows 11 installation on a device that doesn’t meet the official system requirements.

If you still want to upgrade at your own risk, the computer will still need to meet other minimum requirements, including a 64-bit processor with at least two cores, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and an enabled TPM 1.2 chip.

In the case that your computer doesn’t meet one or more of the requirements, you can use this workaround to bypass all the requirements.

Insider information

If you are a participant of the Windows Insider Program with a computer enrolled in the Beta or Release Preview channel, the final version of Windows 11 (build 22000.194) is already installed on your computer.

The only thing you need to do to stay on the stable version and stop preview builds is to turn on the “Unenroll this device when the next version of Windows releases” option in the Windows Insider Program settings page from Windows Update.

If you currently have a computer in the Dev Channel, you will need to reinstall the OS to stay in the stable version.

Get started with Windows 11

Although if you have been using Windows 10, you won’t find it difficult to get around Windows 11, you will still find a lot of new stuff in this new version. You can check the ultimate field guide, highlighting all the new features and changes on Windows 11. Or you can check out this guide, which explains the biggest changes with the new OS.

You can also check these guides to get started with Windows 11:

For more tutorials, you can always check the Windows 11 help page.

Galxe Passport: A Universal Identity In The World Of Web3, Is Now Live!

Galxe, the leading Web3 credential data network has introduced a new addition to their already successful Galxe ID project –  Galxe Passport.  Galxe Passport promises an all-in-one solution for Web3 users to enjoy a seamless experience across a number of applications, with additional features, including Soulbound Tokens.

Galxe Passport enables users to adopt a single, universal account (also known as an identity), which can then be used across a number of applications for compliance purposes. Through their own personal encrypted password, users will enjoy peace of mind knowing that their accounts are secure and safe from potential sybil attacks. A unique proposition of the Galxe Passport is that users will have an opportunity to obtain a Soulbound Token – a non-transferrable NFT, backed by blockchain technology, representing an individual’s information which is unique and owned exclusively by the user.

“Galxe Passport is revolutionary not only for Galxe itself but for the Web3 space as a whole. This feature tests the boundaries of decentralization in this space, enabling a convenient, safe, and anonymous experience for all. We pride ourselves on being innovators at Galxe and plan to continue developing tools that ensure a secure Web3 experience. You and only you are in control of your Web3 destiny with Galxe Passport. And that’s a guarantee.” Said Co-Founder of Galxe, Harry Zhang.

Galxe ID, first launched in October of 2023 was highly praised for bridging a large gap in the Web3 space. The initial proposition of  Galxe ID was to become a universal “key” for users to enter the Web3 world, being able to access multiple on-chain and off-chain applications with ease. Being characterized as becoming one of the most important tools for recording users personal and behavioral footprints in the Web3 space, Galxe ID is currently home to 4.9 million active accounts. Users of Galxe ID, and its new addition of the Galxe Passport, will have an opportunity to showcase the history of their real life and online achievements all in one place. 

The introduction of Galxe Passport falls hand in hand with Galxe’s exciting rebrand (previously Project Galaxy). Through both their rebrand and introduction of this new feature, the Galxe team have shown great strides in continuous innovation not only within their brand and team, but also in the greater Web3 world. The Galxe Passport is revolutionizing the Web3 world through the guarantee of data ownership to the users. Additionally, the elimination of bots via the Galxe passport drives real user growth, naturally leading to loyal retention and lower compliance risks.  

Galxe Passport is made possible by the developers on the Galxe team along with Persona. Persona is the only identity platform that gives businesses the building blocks they need to build their ideal verification program. This is what Persona had to say about this feature:

“Persona is the leading identity infrastructure company that helps businesses prioritize trust and safety while minimizing fraud. With Persona, we are able to create seamless and automated identity verification programs without compromising on user experience. “Persona is very excited to help Galxe build trust and safety with the users on their platform. We are looking forward to growing our partnership and seeing the development of our verification solution firsthand,” said Fu Han Liang, VP of Customer Success at Persona.

With a mission to take the next step in a safer and more secure identity solution for all, Galxe are celebrating the launch of their new offering by giving away the first 10,000 Passport mints for free. With this, Galxe are hoping to see the Web3 community use this tool to grow, engage and create impactful experiences.

About Galxe

Galxe is the leading Web3 credential data network in the world. With a mission to build an open, collaborative credential data network, Galxe enables brands and developers to engage communities and build robust products in Web3. Through both on-chain and off-chain credentials, the Galxe infrastructure supports the curation of data credentials through multiple data sources. 

Galxe Passport – Your Universal Identity for Web3 Adventures

Galxe Passport was developed for sybil prevention and compliance purposes to allow partners of Galxe to be confident when launching their campaigns. The Galxe Passport is a Soulbound Token tied to a wallet address distinguishing a verified individual. Mint your Galxe Passport here!

Instagram App Is Not Working On Windows 10/11

Instagram app is not working on Windows 10/11 [Fix]




If the Instagram app is not working on Windows 10, let’s see four quick ways to repair it.

These include running the troubleshooter and resetting the Instagram app to factory values.

For more useful guides like the one below, don’t hesitate to visit this Instagram section.

Our Web Apps Troubleshooting Hub helps you fix similar issues with ease, so take a closer look.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Instagram is arguably the largest social media platform for photo sharing. The problem with it is that’s mostly oriented on mobile users and PC alternatives are rather underwhelming.

Especially the UWP version for Windows 10 which, since it was introduced, shows a lot of signs of bad optimization.

To make things even worse,  the Windows 10 Instagram app is not working at all for some users. So, we provided you with a few troubleshooting tips below.

If the Instagram app isn’t working for you, feel free to check them out.

How can I get the Instagram app working on Windows 10? 1. Run the troubleshooter

Let’s start by employing the built-in Windows Store apps troubleshooter. The tool should check for the integration issues and possibly resolve them.

However, don’t hold your hopes high, as the Instagram app has had a bad spell since its introduction to Windows 10.

On the other hand, it won’t cost you to give it a try and look for yourself. Follow the above steps to run the troubleshooter.

2. Reinstall the app

If the previous step fell short, let’s give the reinstallation a try. Reinstalling Instagram doesn’t have any drawbacks and can certainly help if issues emerge.

We can’t say with certainty whether the current version of the Instagram app is the problem or it’s an issue that is permanently present in the app.

It can seemingly depend on the Windows 10 version you’re currently using, so make sure you keep your system up to date.

Also, do note that you can remove Instagram completely from your PC by using a quick uninstaller software.

If you want to entirely uninstall the app from your PC without letting any leftovers, it’s a good idea to look for the best uninstaller software on Windows 10.

3. Reset the Instagram app to factory values

Another viable option is resetting the app to default values and starting from scratch. This action will erase all cached data and allow you a clean slate to start with.

There might be a bug at hand and this should address it. You’ll need to sign in again, but that’s not exactly a great effort to start with.

Even more, since we’re talking about an online service, you won’t lose anything in the process. Use the above steps to reset the Instagram app to factory values.

4. Try an alternative

Finally, there’s an alternative you can try in order to use the app in your PC web browser. Now, we’re aware that the web-based application is fairly limiting in comparison to Android/iOS apps.

But, there’s a way to simulate a smartphone or tablet in your web browser and thus obtain the full functionality of the mobile app on your PC.

It can be done in every browser, including Edge. The only thing you need is the developer options menu. Use the above steps for Chrome.

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Best Black Friday Tablet Deals 2023 *Deals Now Live*

Best Black Friday Tablet deals 2023 *DEALS NOW LIVE*

The best tablet Black Friday deals for 2023

Tablets, from general-use tablets to drawing tablets and even gaming tablets, easily rank among the best-selling items during Black Friday, from brands like Apple and Samsung, and as such, there is never any shortage of offers. Check out our various tablet guides to see which one is right for you.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the very best Black Friday tablet deals to save you time and money this November. The trick is knowing where to look, and that’s where we step in. We’ll be bringing all the best deals from across the web to you in the run-up to the Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend, so keep your eyes on this page!

Although Black Friday itself is still a few weeks away, we’ve already found some great early Black Friday tablet deals for you to take a look at, so dive right in!

Best tablet deals 2023: Early Black Friday tablet deals

Below is a shortlist of the best tablet deals currently available in 2023. This includes deals that are not technically Black Friday deals, but which are solid offers regardless. As Black Friday draws closer, we expect to see better offers go live and will be updating and refreshing this list with the new, best selections.

Samsung Black Friday tablet deals 2023

The Samsung Galaxy Tab series of Android tablets comes in a range of different models, from the high-end Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 to the budget Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 available in the smaller 8-inch size. Samsung Galaxy Book 360 also offer 2-in-1 laptop options with Windows operating system. Many Samsung Galaxy Tab models come with S pen support, some being bundled with it as well as a keyboard.

See more: Black Friday Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 deals & Galaxy Tab A7 deals

Microsoft Black Friday tablet deals 2023

Microsoft Surface Pros are (as you’d expect) Windows tablets that can be paired with a detachable keyboard and trackpad. The new Microsoft Surface Pro 9 has just been released, though it is much the same design as the Microsoft Surface Pro 8, besides the options for more powerful 12th gen CPUs. This year we expect to see fantastic deals on the Microsoft Surface Pro 8, Microsoft Surface Pro X, and preceding models in the series.

See more: Black Friday Microsoft Surface & Microsoft Surface Pro deals 2023

Lenovo Black Friday tablet deals 2023

The Lenovo Store has some great deals on the Lenovo Tab series of tablet devices this year. Here’s a short selection of them so far.

See more: Black Friday Lenovo Ideapad deals 2023

Apple iPad Black Friday tablet deals 2023

The Apple iPad series is the best known of all the tablets, and for some the iPadOS operating system, combined with that premium Apple design, is enough to justify the high price tag. That being said, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to get money off these luxury items, or to pick up an older iPad model for even cheaper.

See more: Black Friday iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro deals 2023

Amazon Fire Early Black Friday tablet deals

Amazon FIre tablets area a great budget option from the biggest online retailer this Black Friday.

HP Early Black Friday tablet deals

See more: Black Friday HP deals 2023

Where to find the best tablet Black Friday deals?

Best Buy are a great all-round retailer when it comes to Black Friday tablet deals if you’re based in the US or Canada, and ebuyer and Currys should be checked out if you’re in the UK or nearby. For consumers all over the globe, the Samsung Store usually offers great deals on Samsung Galaxy Tab models, particularly if you trade in an older device. Amazon is of course always worth checking out wherever you are.

The Apple store doesn’t embrace Black Friday in the same way as most companies and retailers, usually offering a gift card or the like rather than discounts on its products. But, third-party retailers such as Amazon, BestBuy, and others offer their own deals on Apple iPad tablets during Black Friday, including on the regular iPad, the iPad Mini, iPad Pro, and iPad Air.

Tablet Black Friday sales shortlist:

All Black Friday tablet deals

Black Friday budget tablet deals

Below are Black Friday tablet deals from $300 and under. Expect to see a lot of Amazon Fire and Digiland products on offer.









Save $50

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2024) 8″ 32GB

Best Deals

View Deal

$40 off

Amazon Kindle 6″ 8GB 2023

Best Deals

View Deal

$35 off

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 8 GB 2023

Best Deals

View Deal

$70 – half price!

Amazon Fire 8 Kids Pro 8″ Tablet Ages 6+ 32GB

Best Deals

View Deal

$75 off

Amazon All New Fire HD 10 Plus 10.1” Tablet 32 GB

Best Deals

View Deal

The below Black Friday tablet deals all cover the $400 – $700 price range, what we would consider to be mid-value tablet deals, suitable for the majority of users.

Black Friday premium tablet deals

All the Black Friday tablet deals below cover the $800+ price range, and represent the most high-end premium tablet offerings available.

When will tablet Black Friday sales start in 2023?

Going off previous years, we’ll see Black Friday tablet for 2023 appearing at least as early as November up until Cyber Monday on the 28th. Each year Black Friday sales have been going live earlier and earlier though, so we may see some early sales even in October this year. Regardless, between now and the end of November we’ll be listing the best tablet deals on this page, whether they’re labelled ‘Black Friday’ or not (assuming we think they’re worth your time, and more importantly, money).

How to get the best Black Friday tablet deals in 2023?

We won’t know for sure which the best deals are until the day itself, but we can look towards the previous Black Friday for clues as to what is likely to appear. Last year produced discounts on virtually every Apple tablet under the sun, from the iPad Pro and iPad Air to the comparatively more affordable iPad Mini. The best savings were on previous-gen models, so look out for these if you aren’t fussed about having the latest tablet.

Samsung tablets always feature during Black Friday, and this year we expect deals along the lines of $150 off the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 as we saw last year. We also expect Amazon to weave in some steep discounts on its range of Fire tablets, this is almost guaranteed based on previous years and the steadfast popularity of the company’s affordable tablets.

How good will tablet deals be this Black Friday?

As ever, you’re unlikely to see enormous deals on the latest models of any range, but on the previous-gen models of big-name brands like Samsung Galaxy Tab, Apple iPad, HP Spectre 2-in-1 laptops, and the Microsoft Surface Pro series, for around 30% off or better. Cheaper offerings like the Black Amazon Fire tablets were reduced by near enough 50% in 2023 for some models like the Fire HD10 tablet, bringing the asking price to significantly under $100, and we expect to see the same this year.

Tablet vs 2-in-1 laptop vs Microsoft Surface

Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday tablet deals

When you’re searching for Black Friday tablet deals in 2023, you should always think about the following features and how important these are to you and your needs:

Battery life: For a mobile device like a tablet, a good battery life is one of the key features you should bear in mind, regardless of the use case of your tablet.

Stylus support: If you’re interesting in using your tablet for artistic purposes, then you’ll definitely want to make sure it supports the right kind of stylus you want to use, and has good reviews on how it feels when it comes to drawing on it (responsiveness, accuracy etc.). Check out our best drawing tablet with screen guide for more info.

Screen: Given a tablet basically resembles an interactive screen, the type and quality of the display is of great importance. Make sure the resolution is sufficiently high, the size of the screen is sufficiently large for your needs, and that the colors, contrast, and especially brightness (for that outdoor viewing) are all up to scratch.

CPU: A powerful CPU (by tablet standards) will be needed if you’re interested in doing something a bit more demanding like photo or video editing on your device.

GPU: This isn’t something 90% of people looking to buy a tablet will have to worry about, but if you’re after one of those rare individuals looking for a tablet you can game on (or perhaps use for video editing and animation), then this is a feature you’ll want to consider. Read our best gaming tablet page for more info.

RAM: Sufficient RAM is important for having multiple tabs open when browsing the web. 8GB is the minimum you’re likely to find, but ideally, we recommend 16GB of RAM where possible.

Black Friday tablet deals FAQs

How long do Black Friday tablet deals last?

Black Friday tablet deals will last on many stores up until the end of Sunday 27th of November, at which point they will merge into/be replaced by Cyber Monday tablet deals (which we’ll still keep listing on this page).

Some retailers may of end their Black Friday sales early, perhaps by the close of Saturday 26th Nov, but you’ll still be able to find some deals knocking about.

What tablet deals will there be this Black Friday?

There will be Black Friday tablet deals across all brands and lines of tablets this year, although the best offers will be reserved for older gen products. Recently released models may not have much in the way of reductions, but you can expect to see deals of 20%-50% on tablets as a whole.

Which tablet brand is best?

It’s difficult to point to one particular tablet brand as being the best, as they all offer different types of products, and the top of the tablet is a close race between the big names. If we had to pick though, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and HP are the big four brands in 2023 when it comes to leading tablet design.

Which tablet should I buy in 2023?

The tablet you should buy in 2023 depends on your needs and budget. If you’re looking at premium large screen tablets, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Ultra and the iPad Pro 12.9″ are the best around. The Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 and Huion Kamvas Pro 13 are the best options if you’re looking for a drawing tablet, a highly specced Microsoft Surface Pro 8 for photo editing, or one of the Amazon Fire HD series if you want an affordable device.

What’s the difference between an iPad and a tablet?

The key difference between them and other tablets however is that they run on Apple’s iPadOS operating system, as opposed to Android for most other tablets (or sometimes Windows).

Which tablet is best for a child?

The Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition, or one of the older Amazon Fire Kids models, is the best tablet to buy for you child. It’s cheap, solidly built, and easy to use. It’s not very powerful, but for most children this won’t be a problem.

Is the Microsoft Surface a tablet?

Other Black Friday Tablet deal pages

Black Friday Tablet deals : Final Word

We hope this Black Friday Tablet deals 2023 guide has proven illuminating. If you’re not sure you’re after a tablet, then do also check out our Black Friday laptop deals page, and our general Black Friday deals page for a whole host of products.

The Best Inbox Alternative, Spark Mail, Is Now Available On Android

Google has a habit of killing apps and services, and the latest victim of its killing spree is the much loved “Inbox by Gmail” app that brought along a bunch of really useful and amazing features, making inbox management a breeze for users. If you were one of the many ‘Inbox’ users, chances are you’ve switched to Gmail, at least for the time being, and chances are you’re not very happy with it. Gmail did receive a bunch of Inbox’s features, but it’s not quite there, it doesn’t have the pinning features, it doesn’t have the email scheduling, and the way emails are arranged in Gmail can be a huge shock to people used to Inbox. However, all hope is not lost, because one of the best Inbox alternatives has finally made its way to Android, at the perfect day in fact.

Spark Mail: User Interface

There may be many reasons why you preferred using Inbox over Gmail, and one of the major ones was probably the user interface. While Gmail’s UI has gotten better, it’s nowhere near what Inbox offered. Spark Mail, on the other hand, has a pretty great UI, that offers all your most important emails at a glance.

For starters, the latest notifications appear on top, which is great, because those are probably what you care about the most anyway. You can quickly get through your notifications by either swiping them away (which is just very satisfactory) or just tapping on the ‘tick mark’ up top to mark all of your notifications as “done.” Yes, Inbox Zero is as easy as that with Spark.

Other than that, Spark Mail’s entire UI is just very well organized, and a lot better than Gmail’s. If you’re moving away from Inbox, skip Gmail and check out Spark Mail first. However, long time Gmail users might find the new interface a tad daunting because there’s just so many options and features here.

Key Features 1. All The Swipes You’ll Ever Need

What’s more, these swipes are customisable, so you can choose to change the actions attached to each type of swipe, from options like snooze, move, snooze, and move to folder, along side all the other actions that they’re already tied to. You can also remove actions from a swipe by choosing the ‘No action‘ option when you’re customising it.

2. Fully Customisable Sidebar

Spark Mail’s sidebar is also fully customisable. By default, you get the usual options like Smart Inbox, Inbox, Snoozed emails, and Archive. However, you can head into the settings and either remove these sections, change their order, or even add new sections like ‘recently seen,’ ‘spam,’ ‘shared,’ ‘shared drafts,’ and ‘reminders.’

3. Widgets, and Not on the Home Screen

You also get support for widgets with Spark Mail, and these are not your usual home screen widgets (Spark currently doesn’t offer those). Instead, these widgets let you customise the top-bar of Spark to add up to two buttons to things you want easy access to, or add up to 4 buttons on the bottom. You can choose from things like ‘Pins,’ ‘Archive,’ ‘Trash,’ ‘Drafts,’ and a lot more. Personally, I’m using Pins and Snoozed because I use those features very often, and having easy access to these is great for me.

4. Schedule Emails like a Pro

Spark also brings scheduling capabilities to your email arsenal. So you can write your emails whenever you want to, and instead of having to save them in drafts, you can just schedule them to be sent later. Spark then automatically sends these emails out to the recipients. You can customise the times for this ‘Send Later’ feature to your liking, which is just perfect.

5. Snooze Emails and Get Back to Them Later

6. Smart Notifications

Spark Mail tries to be amazing at handling notifications. No matter what you do, or how careful you’ve been with your email addresses, chances are you get a ton of spam. With Spark, you can set notifications to “Smart” to block notifications for emails from strangers, and all the automated emails like newsletters. You can also choose to simply enable ‘No notifications’ to block all notifications. Obviously, there’s the “All” notifications option that doesn’t filter anything out. 

The best part about this is that you can set these preferences on a per-account basis, so you can ensure you get all your work emails, but aren’t annoyed by constant auto-emails on your personal email address, while still getting personal emails from people you care about.

7. Lock Your Email

8. Inbox Features for Every Email

One of the best things about Spark Mail is that it allows you to use all these Inbox by Gmail-like features on email addresses from any email provider, be it Yahoo!, iCloud, Outlook, Exchange, or anything else. So, you no longer need to keep your old Yahoo address in a separate place, you can use all of Spark Mail’s features to manage your email from every provider out there.

Spark Mail: Price

If you’re wondering about the price of this ridiculously awesome email client, here’s a great surprise: Spark Mail is free, and it brings all of its features in the free version. However, you can upgrade to a paid plan for more leeway on using some of its features. For examples, if you’re using Spark Mail’s email delegation, or shared drafts features, the free version only lets you have up to 2 active collaborators, and up to 10 delegates per team.

Download Spark Mail on Android (Free)

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