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What kind of files can Adobe Illustrator open?




If you are wondering what the Adobe Illustrator file formats are, check below. 

We’ve created some detailed tables containing all the supported A

dobe Illustrator file types.

Our I

llustrator file format selection includes files used for Web such as JPG and PNG.

Adobe Illustrator can also open many file formats popular among graphic designers.

Adobe is well-known for the host of products that it provides to users worldwide. This also includes their line of programs aimed at graphics design, such as Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator is Adobe’s de-facto vector graphics editor, and many people use it in order to create intricate drawings.

These can be both artistic in nature or precise designs used in real-life applications, such as architecture. However, no matter how popular Adobe Illustrator is, not a lot of people know just what kind of files it can open.

Normally you would probably think that it supports all standard image formats, such as JPG, BMP, etc, and some of Adobe’s proprietary formats, such as Photoshop’s PSD.

Of course, you couldn’t be further away from the truth, since the list goes way beyond that.

What are the supported file formats for Adobe Illustrator?

Depending on what exactly you want to do with Adobe illustrator, the list of supported file formats varies.

1. File formats supported for opening

Adobe Idea file (idea)CorelDRAW 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (cdr)PCX (pcx)

Adobe Illustrator (ai, ait)Encapsulated PostScript (eps, epsf, ps)Photoshop (psd, pdd)

Adobe Illustrator Draw (draw)Enhanced Metafile (emf)Pixar (pxr)

Adobe Illustrator Line (line)GIF89a (gif)PNG (png, pns)

Adobe PDF (pdf)Illustrator EPS (eps, epsf, ps)SVG (svg)

Adobe Photoshop Sketch (sket)JPEG (jpg, jpe, jpeg)SVG Compressed (svgz)

AutoCAD Drawing (dwg)JPEG2000 (jpf, jpx, jp2, j2k, j2c, jpc)Targa (tga, vda, icb, vst)

AutoCAD Interchange File (dxf)Macintosh PICT (pic, pct)Text (txt)

BMP (bmp, rle, dib)Microsoft RTF (rtf)TIFF (tif, tiff)

Computer Graphics Metafile (cgm)Microsoft Word (doc, docx)Windows Metafile (wmf)

2. File formats supported for placing

Adobe Illustrator (ai, ait)GIF89a (gif)PNG (png, pns)

Adobe PDF (pdf)JPEG (jpg, jpe, jpeg)SVG (svg)

AutoCAD Drawing (dwg)JPEG2000 (jpf, jpx, jp2, j2k, j2c, jpc)SVG Compressed (svgz)

AutoCAD Interchange File (dxf)Macintosh PICT (pic, pct)Targa (tga, vda, icb, vst)

BMP (bmp, rle, dib)Microsoft RTF (rtf)Text (txt)

Computer Graphics Metafile (cgm)Microsoft Word (doc, docx)TIFF (tif, tiff)

CorelDRAW 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (cdr)PCX (pcx)Windows Metafile (wmf)

Encapsulated PostScript (eps, epsf, ps)Photoshop (psd, pdd)

Enhanced Metafile (emf)Pixar (pxr)

3. File formats supported for saving

Adobe Illustrator (ai)AutoCAD Interchange File (dxf)PNG (png)

Adobe PDF (pdf)BMP (bmp)SVG (svg)

Illustrator EPS(eps)CSS (css)Targa (tga)

Illustrator Template (ait)Enhanced Metafile (emf)Text Format (txt)

SVG (svg)Flash (swf)TIFF (tif)

SVG Compressed (svgz)JPEG (jpg)Windows Metafile (wmf)

File formats supported for exportingMacintosh PICT (pct)

AutoCAD Drawing (dwg)Photoshop (psd)

4. File formats supported for saving for web

GIF (gif)

JPEG (jpg)

PNG (png)

File formats supported for saving for screens

Adobe PDF (pdf)

JPEG (jpg)

PNG (png)

SVG (svg)

All in all, if you’re into graphic design, then Adobe Illustrator is a must-have in your toolkit, as it is an industry-standard with pretty much everybody using it.

Adobe Illustrator

Open a wide variety of files with the industry-leading goliath, Adobe Illustrator.

Free trial Visit website

As far as supported file formats go, there are plenty of other software solutions that do pretty much the same job as Adobe Illustrator.

Here are our suggestions for Adobe Illustrator alternatives:

As you can see, Adobe Illustrator is quite handy at opening a wide variety of formats. While it is a bit more limited when it comes to formats that it can place or save, they are more than enough for the common user.

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A Quick Glance Of Top 10 Illustrator Plugins

Introduction to Illustrator Plugins

Illustrator plugins are a helpful inclusion to Adobe’s vector tool. Adobe Illustrator tries to expand on its robust vector-editing abilities with every latest release. Additionally, a broad range of third-party Illustrator add-ons is out in the market that will save you time and add a little shine to your drawing.

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3D animation, modelling, simulation, game development & others

Top Plugins of Illustrator

Here are the top plugins of Illustrator, which are as follows:

1. Cineware

2. VectorScribe v3

You can control vectors with VectorScribe, defined by its inventors as a vector-based Swiss Army Knife. You can utilize this tool to control paths, handles, and points, making your work simple whenever you want to edit and reduce file sizes.

You can produce and edit whatever shapes you want and apply various styles of edges to your design. With the help of VectorScribe’s effective measurements, you can swiftly and precisely estimate everything from straightforward lengths to path areas and angles, eliminating any assumption when you require things with precise sizes.

3. Gold Rush

To provide your design with an elegant look, you can use Gold Rush, a plugin that offers all the foil, metallic, and glitter effects you will ever require. It contains 218 swatches in a raster format and 35 stroke elements.

The set comprises crumpled foil, hot foil effects, metallic paint, gold leaf, and many more. It is available in gold, rose gold, silver, copper, and black.

4. VectorFirstAid V2

The latest characteristics in VectorFirstAid V2 pay attention to the text grasp. With the reconstruction of the Combine Text Lines Engine, it now aids transformed and rotated kind and keeps possession of tracking, kerning, sub and superscripts, indents, etc. One of the functional tools is the alignment of point text, which has alternatives to snap the text aside and eliminate text conversions.

5. Assimilate

A plugin filter that bridges multiple paths into one constant path that finds similarity to the merge path command when utilizing the blob brush tool in Illustrator.

Concatenate has a few additional characteristics, including an assimilate function, which examines and merges a selected area or layer for unselected paths and merges them.

6. Everdrifter Watercolor Pro Effects

This plugin provides brushes with a watercolor style to provide a pragmatic painted effect to your design.

An enormous package of tools is present, and you can access 12 watercolor AI brushes and 49 watercolor background tiles. It has more than 42 instant watercolor-effect graphic styles and 50 practical paint splats.

7. Fontself Maker

This plugin is essential to a designer. It permits you to produce standard and color vector fonts from your engraving. It will make your design unique and provides a creative edge.

It is very easy to utilize this plugin by pulling and dropping your engraving into the Fontself Maker panel; the rest is done by it. Once you finish your font, you can export it in an otf format and utilize it in your design whenever needed.

8. Phantasm v3

This plugin is known for its simplicity. It productively acts as a mediator between Photoshop and Illustrator, which adds bitmap-editing functions and alternatives to a vector plan. It includes hue, saturation and curves, automation functions, levels, etc.

It provides halftone and duotone alternatives with non-destructive effects. It also provides a preview of overprint and a separations choice that appends some significant prepress weight to Illustrator’s armory.

9. Magic Exporter

Magic Exporter, developed by Jeremy Marchand, unravels the procedure of exporting object items from Ai documents to web-ready PNG files. With Magic Exporter, you have to mark the object you require and export it with the assistance of the dedicated menu. You do not have to hide or slice the layers to export the object manually.

10. YemZ Mesh Tormentor

Artists have different opinions regarding gradient meshes in Illustrator. Some think they provide pliability and pragmatism, but some think they merely try to imitate images. Still, mesh tormentor simplifies and swifters the procedure no matter which side of your argument.

Twenty new buttons are accessible, allowing you to turn knots into vertexes, reflect, rotate, shift colors, transform mesh into a segment of paths, and much more.


Plugins available for Adobe Illustrator can enhance artisanship about both standards and time. Illustrator plugins expand Adobe Illustrator’s definite purposes to permit consumers to improve particular features of their designs. They permit consumers to provide a superior-looking result with the help of high-end features that Illustrator would not give you. Plugins are cost-effective, save time, support clarity, include multiple versions within one document, and provide extra characteristics like CAD functionality and 3D preview.

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What Type Of Information Can Kpis Provide?

KPI stands for a key performance indicator. It is a measure of how successful an organization or individual is at reaching its objectives.

Key performance indicators can be presented to a specific person or department, or they can be presented to the entire organization. High-level KPIs are usually focused on the company’s overall performance, such as achieving $1 million in recurring revenue. On the other hand, low-level ones are those that are focused on specific processes or teams.

What Makes a Good KPI?

Good metrics are simple to measure and can be used to improve a company’s performance. There are a few tips that you can use to set effective KPIs.

KPIs should align with the company’s overall strategy and objectives. For instance, if your goal is to increase the monthly recurring revenue of your company by 20%, then your objective should be aligned with the business strategy. Having a high-level KPI can help you achieve this goal, while having a low-level one can help you improve the efficiency of your sales team.

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to setting effective KPIs is having a plan in place to reach them. This will allow you to make informed decisions and improve the efficiency of your organization. Having a plan will allow you to reach your goals and improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Another important aspect of good KPIs is that they should inspire action.

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to setting effective KPIs is the size of the target. Having a big target can make it hard for your team to achieve its goals.

KPIs should be measurable, and you should ask yourself the questions, “What are you planning on achieving?” and “How do I measure it?” Once you have a plan in place, start by asking yourself these questions. One of the most effective ways to track your progress is by using a data-driven analytics tool, such as a BI or a dashboard. You can easily create a metric, such as a lead, and visualize it in data visualization. This will allow your team and other people to see how you’re doing and improve their efficiency.

How to use KPIs with Reporting Software and Dashboards Advantages of Using KPI as a Software

KPIs are tools that help organizations achieve their goals. They can be used to guide the development of their strategies and actions, and they can help them keep track of their progress. Having a well-defined and consistent set of metrics can help you keep track of your goals and improve the effectiveness of your organization.

KPIs engage employees − One of the most important factors that you can consider when it comes to implementing KPIs is unifying your employees. They can help you reach your goals and improve the efficiency of your organization.

Although employee engagement is a vital part of any organization’s operations, many companies struggle with how to measure its effectiveness. KPIs can help, as they can provide a way to evaluate the performance of an organization.

KPIs can help organizations connect their culture and purpose − Your KPIs should be aligned with the organization’s mission. For instance, if your goal is to make money, your employees might not connect with it on a deeper level. Having a clear link between your objectives and your purpose can help motivate your workers.

Remove any ambiguity. Make sure that your KPIs are aligned with your organization’s goals. Also, make sure that your employees understand how they can reach these goals.

Every employee can be held accountable for their performance using KPIs − Performance management is typically focused on setting goals, measuring them, and managing the various activities related to them. But why not integrate KPIs into this process?

Types of KPI

Financial Metrics − Profit margins and revenue are some of the key performance indicators that are tied to the financials of a company. Net profit is the amount of money that remains after all expenses and taxes have been calculated.

Customer Metrics − A customer-focused metric is a set of goals that measure the efficiency of a company’s customer service operations. They are used by staff members to improve the quality of their service.

Process Performance Metrics − The goal of process metrics is to measure the overall performance of a company. They are used to analyze the various tasks and processes that a company has to perform in order to improve its efficiency. They can be useful for organizations that have repetitive processes.

Marketing − Performance indicators for marketing are used to measure the effectiveness of a company’s promotional and marketing efforts. They can be used to analyze how often a potential customer engages with a given medium.

IT − For instance, if a company wants to achieve operational excellence, it can monitor the performance of its technology department. These metrics can help improve the understanding of the staff’s satisfaction and determine if the department is adequately staffed.

Sales − One of the most important factors that a company should consider when it comes to generating revenue is the effectiveness of its sales process. Sales KPIs can be used to measure the various aspects of a company’s sales operation.

Staffing − In addition to financial metrics, companies can also use metrics to analyze the performance of their employees. For instance, these can help them determine the turnover rate and retention rate of their staff members.


A good KPI is a clear and objective way to measure the progress that a company is making toward its end goal. It can help management make informed decisions and improve the efficiency of its operations.

KPIs can be used to measure and analyze a company’s performance, and they can help managers make informed decisions. Understanding the various types of KPIs and how they can be implemented can help improve the efficiency of a company.

The Division Gets Big Updates Ahead Of Open Beta

The Division gets big updates ahead of open beta

When a game gets a closed beta just a month before it’s ready to be released, people often wonder just how much can be changed in that time. Such is the case with Tom Clancy’s The Division. The game had a weekend-long closed beta at the end of last month. There’s an open beta coming, and along with it, a surprising number of changes.

Ubisoft has said that they are using the forthcoming open beta to essentially stress-test the game and its servers. Since the closed beta did have a limited number of people, this is probably a wise decision. But again, how much can really be changed before the game is launched on March 8th?

As it turns out, they’re able to make a lot of adjustments to the game in a rather short time. The closed beta ended in the early morning hours of February 2nd, and they’ve already made a host of changes for the open beta, which goes live on February 19th (if you’re on the Xbox One, you’ll get to start a day earlier, on the 18th).

Take a look at the full changelog below, which includes not only bugfixes and improvements, but some additional content as well.

New Mission Available to play, Subway Morgue:

Encounter a new faction: The Cleaners

Explore a Mass Grave while trying to restore power to the city.

Rescue the missing Engineer, Paul Rhodes

Unlock an additional Wing in the Base of Operations:

The first upgrade to the Twch Wing is now available

A new skill can now be unlocked: The deployable turret

Numerous Dark Zone updates and improvements:

New High End weapons available in the Dark Zone

Refresh rate on Dark Zone chests has been greatly reduced

Non-player enemies in the Dark Zone have been significantly increased in number

Non-player enemies in the Dark Zone have been buffed slightly

The Manhunt Timer now pauses instead of refreshing while in combat as a level 5 Rogue

The Reward for surviving as a Rogue Agent has been increased to 1.5x the kill bounty

The Health Bar for Agents in the Dark Zone now only turns red when they actually become Rogue

A new warning icon has been added to indicate an Agent who has shot another player but has not done enough damage to go Rogue

Dark Zone experience leveling curve has been adjusted slightly

Disabled the option to transfer Dark Zone brackets as a Rogue (This prevents players using Bracket Transfer as a means to escape after becoming Rogue)

Other changes

New Ubisoft Club Action available for participating in the Open Beta unlocking an exclusive reward in-game

New and improved Tutorial Video

Tutorial video is now available to view from t he Character Select Screen

Fixed two bugs that allowed players to become invisible to other players

Fixed an exploit with Ballistic Shield Skill that allowed players to become invincible

Cheat Detection and Prevention additions and updates

Fixed mismatch of stats that occurred occasionally between Vendor Inventory and Player Inventory when item purchased

Adjusted player movement speed while running with a grenade in hand

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused other player’s name and health bar to not be visible in the Dark Zone

Fixed some Weapon Mods that resulted in incorrect stat values when equipped

Fixed some weapons that didn’t appear as Contaminated when obtained in the Dark Zone

Fixed a bug with the Reward Claims Vendor that caused stacks of consumables to be decreased under specific circumstances

Fixed a bug with stats display not updating when browsing Vendor Inventories

Fixed a bug that caused continuous vibration under very specific conditions

Fixed a very rare bug that prevented players from being able to fire or switch their weapons

Added mission Dialogue lines in Missing Persons: Heather Lau Side Mission

Several environment fixes to prevent falling through world issues in specific places

Multiple stability fixes (23 unique crashes fixed)

Server optimizations and improvements (players will receive less connection errors now)

Multiple localization fixes and improvements

Additional polish & bug fixes too numerous to mention

VIA: DSOGaming

What Customer Services Can Learn From Seo

The principles guiding search engine optimisation are sound business goals for all areas of a company, including customer service. From showing off how local you are, to putting quality of calls above quantity, here’s what your customer services team can learn from SEO…


A good SEO campaign is informed by feedback from your web analytics – highlighting the most valuable keywords on your site and helping to identify any areas that may have been missed.

The point is, whatever your customers are searching for, you can use your analytics to predict the problems your customer service team will be asked to deal with, and take a proactive approach to identifying solutions before the phone calls start to come in.

Social Networking

Social networks redefine search – for a start, they give you a specific, engaged audience who will (in principle) see everything you post. On top of that, there are hashtags on Twitter and free-text searches that bring in more views from relevant but not-yet-engaged members of the network.

It’s also vital to monitor social networks for negative mentions so that your customer services team can proactively respond. Often, a quick and friendly response to an irate tweet can turn a peeved off customer into a loyal fan.


Relevance is perhaps the most enduring aspect of SEO, and it underlines everything from your choice of keywords to raising your conversion rate.

For customer services, relevance is an important quality indicator for both outgoing and incoming calls, letters, emails and so on. Make sure your team is fully equipped with relevant information, even if that requires additional training.

Otherwise you’re simply going to alienate angry customers even further.

Make sure your customer services representatives are not spamming your customers. The response to a support request should be helpful but concise. Solve the problem and move on. The customer can always reopen the support ticket (or simply call you back) if they need to – they don’t need endless callbacks from you to make sure things are still running smoothly.


Frequently updated websites rank more highly, in general terms. The search engines value ‘fresh’ and ‘new’ content – which is why unique text is also important, and why you’ll often see a ‘sort by date’ option even on the main search engine results pages.

But away from the SERPs, the same rules apply to your customer services team. Launch a new product or service, and you need to make sure your support teams are briefed on its features (and on anything that’s not included as standard). If you receive negative press coverage or social network mentions, make sure your team knows about it and understands the company’s official viewpoint on whatever’s gone wrong.

In short, updates do exactly what it sounds like they do – they keep things up to date. Whether that’s your website or your customer services team, it’s an equally important component in working towards ongoing success.


Where are you? Do you identify yourself as a northern or southern company? At town or city level? Or even more specific – a particular suburb or district?

Local search has made location a deciding factor in who shows up for certain geographically specific searches, right down to street level in some cases. For customer support, thinking of location as a many-layered onion in this way can be useful.

For a start, if you’re in a small town, the concept of customer service is probably more relaxed than if you’re a city firm. And that’s fine; a smaller local market gives you the chance to get to know your customers much better (more on that below).

Beyond that, though, even which country you’re in can be important for customer services. Do you have a UK-based call centre? Celebrate that fact, as many people have a real problem with being put through to an operator overseas. Is your helpline an ‘actual’ landline number, rather than premium rate? Make sure your nearby customers know it will be a local call.


Personalised search is changing the nature of search results – and it has clear and direct implications for customer service teams.

It is making word of mouth more significant than it has perhaps ever been – a positive mention on Google+ and you could find your website skyrocketed to the top of a whole circle of search results. But it’s not just this direct effect that has significance for your customer service department.

Think of personalisation in broader terms and there are clear benefits. Get to know your regular customers and you can establish rapport and loyalty. In turn, when they encounter a problem, those customers are much more likely to be rational about it, and to be willing to work with your customer service representatives to find a mutually acceptable solution.


The ‘O’ in SEO stands for optimisation, and making things optimal means making them the very best that they can be. This applies across all areas of your website, from your page titles and headings, through your paragraph text and image captions, to your URL structure and inbound links.

For customer service, this connected-dots way of thinking is crucial. If lots of customers are asking the same question, you’ve got a problem that you may be able to solve simply by issuing a product update or including a usage tip in your next newsletter. If you’ve dealt well with negative publicity via one medium, or you’ve had positive coverage without the negative aspect to come before it, make sure customers know about it across all media types.

The more you connect the dots, the more cohesion your company and your customer service function will have – and you can go a step further by making sure all of your departments are working together to identify and resolve any customer problems as and when (or even before) they occur, so your most skilled employees are involved in problem-solving even if they are not technically a part of your customer service team.

Files And Folders You Can Delete In Windows 10 And Those You Can’t

Files and Folders You Can Delete in Windows 10 and Those You Can’t Files and Folders You Can Safely Delete In Windows 10

First up, let’s be safe and have a look at all those files and folders that you can safely delete in Windows 10.

1. Windows Temp Folder

Type %temp% in the Windows search bar and press Enter

-Why’s It Harmless To Delete?

2. Hibernation File

How To Reach This Folder?

This is located at C:hiberfil.sys

-Why’s It Harmless To Delete?

Hibernation mode works quite alike sleep mode except it saves your work to a storage drive before your computer shuts down. The fact is that it does take a considerable amount of space on your hard drive (going up to several gigabytes). In case you don’t use hibernation, you can disable it. We are asking you to disable it because if you delete the file, Windows will recreate it. To disable it –

In the Windows search bar type cmd

Select Run as administrator from the right-hand side

When the command prompt window opens type

powercfg.exe /hibernate off

3. chúng tôi Folder

How To Reach This Folder?

It is located at C:Windows.old

-Why’s It Harmless To Delete?

Unless you are regretting updating your Windows to a new version, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get rid of files that made your old Windows version. This folder can otherwise be used if you wish to roll back a Windows update in which case you should first be sure that your upgraded Windows is causing no issues.

Keeping that possibility aside, you can get rid of this folder. Although Windows itself deletes this folder shortly after it has been upgraded, if the necessity arises and you are running short on storage space, you can use the Disk Cleanup tool to get rid of this folder. To do that –

Locate Previous Windows installation(s) and hit the delete button

4. Downloaded Program Files

How To Reach This Folder?

It is located at  C:WindowsDownloaded Program Files

-Why’s It Harmless To Delete?

Harmless? You might wonder – who on Earth would want to get rid of important files related to programs? Your question is quite legit but, the files that reside in this folder are those used by the Internet Explorer’s Java applets and ActiveX controls. These help you use the same feature eliminating the need to download them again. But, think in today’s day and age who uses ActiveX and Java applets and quite a large number of users have moved on from Internet Explorer as well. So, it is safe to say that you can delete it pronto if you wish to free up storage space.

5. Recycle Bin

How To Reach This Folder?

Locate the trash can icon on your desktop or type recycle bin in the address bar of your File Explorer

-Why’s It Harmless To Delete?

Harmless or not, that’s the question. This depends on the file or folder that resides inside. There hardly are any system-related files so even if you mistakenly delete a file, you at least won’t render your computer or laptop inoperable.

This is a place that goes unseen and that contains a lot many files and even folders that we delete over some time. But, if you have decided to spring clean your Recycle Bin and have the slightest doubt that there could be an important file or folder inside, you can first install a data recovery software, so that, even if you have permanently deleted a  file or folder that you shouldn’t have, you will be able to recover them with the help of this software.

Files and Folders To Keep in Windows 10

Now that we have talked about files and folders that are safe to delete in Windows 10, there also are certain files and folders, deleting which can be a blunder because even if they take up space, they are responsible for making the operating system work smoothly. If you delete these, you could soon change your computer into a brick, corrupt the data that resides inside or make your Windows unstable. So what files and folders in Windows 10 are we talking about?

1. Program Files

We have put this file as the first thing, you shouldn’t even think of deleting even in the wildest of your dreams because it’s where all the files and folders pertaining to your software are installed by default. Should you need to uninstall a program, better use the Control Panel.

Furthermore, if you are concerned that even after deleting software, you might have to deal with the remains, you can choose from various uninstaller programs for Windows. Just for your information, this file is located at C:Program Files or C:Program Files(x86).

2. System32 Folder

It is a subfolder located at C:WindowsSystem32 and it contains several library files that are crucial for your default Windows program and system per se. For example, it consists of files essential to boot your system. Would you now delete it? Surely not!

3. Pagefile.sys

This is located under the C:root directory and is easily deletable. But, this doesn’t mean you should. It is a paging file that your Windows uses when your physical RAM gets full. Wondering what bad can happen if you delete the Pagefile. sys? Your system might face frequent crashes and freezes, you might encounter sudden shutdowns and your system files will get severely damaged.

4. Windows Folder

The name of the folder is sufficient enough to warn you of the aftermath of deleting it. Let’s just say every single file or folder that Windows Folder contains is crucial for your operating system and the various applications installed.

What’s the worst thing that can happen, if you mistakenly modify or delete it? You may never be able to boot your computer again unless you reinstall your Windows OS or get it repaired.

5. WinSxS

WinSxS or Windows Side By Side. It is responsible for resolving compatibility issues with Windows old versions and it even consists of important library files related to programs. It is better to not touch it at all.

The only safe way to delete it if it takes space is to use the Disk Cleanup tool and not to take matters into your hands.

Best Way To Manage Disk Space on Windows

It’s sometimes not a wise move to meddle with the storage space by deleting files and folders manually. As you can see from the above-listed files and folders, removing the wrong one can wreak havoc on your system. You can instead, take the aid of third-party tools that can help you with managing disk space most prudently and correctly and one such tool is Disk Analyzer Pro.

Disk Analyzer Pro helps analyze what’s taking up storage space on your computer. Its interface lets you have a comprehensive look at all the folders and files in the drive you have selected. The tool even makes it easy for you to track down redundant and large files as well. It also sorts files into categories like junk files, old files, big files, etc. furthermore, you can perform functions like renaming, previewing, copying, moving files, and do a lot many things with the help of Disk Analyzer Pro.

Here’s how Disk Analyzer Pro works

Download and install Disk Analyzer Pro

Wait for the scan to finish

Here you will now be able to statistically see what’s taking up storage space on your PC

Wrapping Up:

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