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Have you ever looked at the list of programs that run at startup and found a process called chúng tôi but have no idea what it is? Many Windows users have encountered this process and have questioned its legitimacy and whether or not it is safe to have on their computer.

With security being a top priority for many computer users, it is essential to understand what chúng tôi is, what it does, and whether it poses any risks to your system. In this article, we will take a closer look at chúng tôi and help you determine if it is a legitimate process that you should keep on your computer.

SecurityHealthSystray.exe is a Microsoft-signed Windows system file that is responsible for displaying the Windows Security notification icon in the system tray. This icon indicates the status of the Windows Security Center, which monitors the antivirus, firewall, and other security-related settings on the system. The chúng tôi file is a part of the Windows Security Center, which was introduced in Windows 10 and is present in Windows 11 as well.

The legitimate chúng tôi file is located in the %windir%system32 folder (usually in “C:WindowsSystem32“) on Windows 11 and Windows 10. It is a crucial system file that should not be deleted or modified in any way.

No, the genuine chúng tôi file is not a virus. However, like many system files, it can be exploited by malware authors to spread viruses, worms, Trojans, and other types of malware. If chúng tôi is found in a location other than the C:WindowsSystem32 folder, it could be a sign of malware infection.

Users can verify the authenticity of the chúng tôi file by checking its digital signature. If it is signed by Microsoft Corporation, it is safe to assume that it is a genuine file. Most antivirus programs also whitelist chúng tôi as a safe file, and it is not uncommon for them to ignore it during their scans.

As we mentioned earlier, the digital signature of chúng tôi can help you verify its authenticity. Here are the steps to check the digital signature of the process:

Open the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys.

In the Task Manager window, switch to the “Details” tab.

Select “Properties” from the context menu.

In the chúng tôi Properties window, switch to the “Digital Signatures” tab.

Verify that the signature is valid and that the signer is Microsoft Corporation.

If the digital signature is not valid, or if the signer is not Microsoft Corporation, there is a possibility that the chúng tôi process is not a genuine file and could be a sign of a malware infection. In such cases, we recommend running a full system scan with an updated antivirus program to remove any potential threats.

It is not recommended to disable chúng tôi This system process is an important part of Windows and is used to monitor the security status of your computer. Disabling this process can leave your computer vulnerable to security threats, so it is best to leave it running.

While you can disable the Security Health Service, which in turn will prevent the chúng tôi file from running at startup, it is not a recommended solution. Disabling this service can cause issues with the Windows Security Center and potentially affect the overall performance of your computer. It is important to keep chúng tôi running to ensure that your computer is secure and protected from potential threats.

In some cases, users may encounter the “securityhealthsystray.exe bad image” error message when the file is corrupted or missing. This error message indicates that the file may have been modified or is not the original file. To fix this error, you can try running a system file checker or reinstalling the latest updates to restore the file.

To run a system file checker, follow these steps:

Go to Start and search for “Command Prompt“.

Type “sfc /scannow” (without quotes) and press Enter.

Wait for the process to complete.

Restart your computer.

Also see: How to Startup Repair Windows 11/10 using Command Prompt

SecurityHealthSystray.exe is a crucial system file in Windows that is responsible for displaying the Windows Security notification icon in the system tray. It is a Microsoft-signed file that should not be deleted or modified. While some users may encounter problems with the process, such as it consuming too much system resources or causing errors, disabling it is not recommended unless it is a troubleshooting step.

In most cases, chúng tôi is not a virus, but it can be exploited by malware authors to spread viruses, worms, Trojans, and other types of malware. Users should verify the authenticity of the chúng tôi process by checking its digital signature and ensuring that it is signed by Microsoft Corporation.

If you encounter any issues with chúng tôi such as the “SecurityHealthSystray.exe bad image” error, we recommend running a full system scan with your updated antivirus software or running the System File Checker (SFC) utility to scan for and repair any corrupted system files.

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Office 2023 Runs Exclusively On Windows 10: Upgrade Or Stay Out

Office 2023 runs exclusively on Windows 10: Upgrade or stay out




MS Office is the world’s foremost Office suite. It incorporates MS Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel. Microsoft revealed last year that it planned to launch the latest addition to the MS Office suite series, Office 2023, in 2023. However, the company but did not make it clear then what platforms Office 2023 would support.

Most industry analysts might have probably expected the latest office suite to be available for two or three Windows platforms. However, Microsoft recently announced that Office 2023 will only be available on Windows 10.

Releasing MS Office for just one Windows OS is an almost unprecedented move by Microsoft. Yet, the big M has confirmed that Office 2023 compatibility will be restricted to Windows 10 Semi-Annual Channel release and Windows 10 Enterprise Long-Term Servicing Channel 2023, as well as upcoming Windows Server LTSC. This effectively means that when Microsoft no longer supports a Windows 10 version, you don’t get any further Office 2023 support (or updates) for that version either.

The big M also confirmed that it will be reducing the extended support period for Office 2023 by three years. MS Office 2023 will still get the usual five years mainstream support. However, beyond that the software publisher is only extending support by a couple of years instead of five.

In addition, Microsoft confirmed Office 2023 will become available in the second half of 2023. However, the company will distribute early Office app previews from quarter two, otherwise April, May and June. Another thing to note about the upcoming suite is that it’s a perpetual Office version, which means that Microsoft is moving away from the subscription-based licensing model of Office 365 for the latest addition to the series.

Aside from that, Microsoft hasn’t revealed a huge amount about the new suite of applications as of yet. However, the general manager for Office has stated:

Office 2023 will add new user and IT capabilities for customers who aren’t yet ready for the cloud. For example, new and improved inking features—like pressure sensitivity, tilt effects, and ink replay—will allow you to work more naturally. New formulas and charts will make data analysis for Excel more powerful. Visual animation features—like Morph and Zoom—will add polish to PowerPoint presentations. Server enhancements will include updates to IT manageability, usability, voice, and security.

The latest announcement that Office 2023 is an exclusively Windows 10 package probably won’t go down a storm with many Office users who have stuck with Windows 7. Even though Win 10 is running on more than 400 million devices, Windows 7 still retains a substantial user base. The CEO of StatCounter stated, “Windows 7 retains loyalty especially amongst business users.”

So to embrace Office 2023, you’ll have to upgrade to Windows 10 first. Unless Office 2023 is a big enhancement on the previous version, it might not be worth upgrading for many Win 7 users. For further MS Office 2023 details, check out this post.

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What Is Fast Startup In Windows And How To Enable Or Disable It

One of the newer additions to modern versions of Windows is Fast Startup. This feature claims to speed up your boot time, so you spend less time waiting for your computer to boot and more time using it. Windows machines typically have this feature enabled by default, so users may already be experiencing fast boot times without realizing it. While it may sound like a great feature, there are a few cases where you may want to consider disabling Fast Startup.

Tip: wondering whether the best course of action is putting your laptop to sleep or shutting it down? We answer the question.

What Does Windows Fast Startup Do

To understand why someone may want to enable or disable Fast Startup, we have to first understand what is going on under the hood when it’s enabled. What causes the boot time to speed up?

When Fast Startup is enabled, the computer doesn’t perform a cold shutdown. Instead, it stores system files in a hibernation file before turning itself off. When you reboot the PC, it accesses the hibernation file and resumes your session from the data contained there. The PC doesn’t have to reload everything from scratch, resulting in a faster overall boot time.

Overall, this works as a hybrid of a cold shutdown and hibernation. Because it requires Windows’s hibernation capability, Fast Startup can only be enabled if hibernation is turned on.

Why Disable Fast Startup?

A faster boot time sounds like a great feature to have, so why would you want to disable it?

Some device drivers may greatly dislike being put into hibernation. As a result, they may cause strange things to occur, such as making the device act funny or even crashing the computer. Because your computer isn’t shutting down fully, these devices are being brought in and out of hibernation and causing issues.

It’s worth noting, however, that if you restart the PC with Fast Startup enabled, it will perform a cold shutdown anyway before booting back up again. This is helpful if you want to give your system a proper shutdown, such as when you’re updating software.

Tip: did you put your Windows PC in sleep mode, but it keeps waking up? Learn how to prevent that.

Should Fast Startup Always Be Disabled?

No! Fast Startup can cause issues, but it doesn’t need to be disabled if you don’t have any problems with it. If you’ve used a Windows machine for a while without experiencing any issues, you can keep it enabled and enjoy the extra time shaved off your boot process. Just keep in mind that if you want to access the hard drive from outside Windows (such as when running an SFC scan), you won’t be able to.

If you’re noticing issues, such as driver BSODs or devices not working as they should, try disabling Fast Startup and see whether it can help. This is especially true if you notice these problems vanish after you restart the PC and trigger a proper shutdown. If you absolutely want to dual-boot or access your hard drive outside of the Windows environment, you should disable Fast Startup.

How to Enable or Disable Fast Startup

Before you enable Fast Startup, you need to ensure that hibernation is enabled, as Fast Startup will not work without it.

Enable Hibernation

Enable Fast Startup via Control Panel

Now that you’ve confirmed that hibernation is enabled, you can enable Fast Startup from the same settings page used above.

Good to know: check out this list of handy registry hacks to optimize your Windows experience.

Enable Fast Startup from the Registry Editor

If you want to enable Fast Startup using the Registry Editor, follow the steps below:

Search for and open Registry Editor from the Windows Search bar.

Navigate to the following location:


SYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerPower

Disable Fast Startup Using Command Prompt

If you don’t want to use Windows Settings or the Registry Editor to enable or disable Fast Startup, you can use the Command Prompt.

In the Command Prompt window, type the following command: powercfg -h off. Press Enter.

This will disable hibernation and, consequently, Fast Startup.

Good to know: ever wonder what the differences are between Command Prompt and PowerShell? We detail them for you.

Frequently Asked Questions Does Fast Startup drain battery?

Yes, Windows consumes more battery on some laptops if Fast Startup is enabled. Typically, the feature should work only to speed up your boot time, but in some instances, users face battery drainage if this feature is turned on. You can disable it and check whether the battery life of your laptop improves as a result. If it doesn’t, you can safely turn it back on.

Does Fast Startup interfere with Windows updates?

When Fast Startup is enabled, your computer doesn’t perform a regular cold shutdown, which is often required to apply Windows updates. This can make your system outdated over time and vulnerable to security threats. Hence, if you want to ensure Windows updates are always installed automatically, disable Fast Startup. Alternatively, restart your computer to apply the latest updates.

Is Fast Startup bad for an SSD?

Although Fast Startup will not affect the health of your SSD, it will do very little to improve boot time, as SSDs are already significantly faster than older hard drives. Therefore, disabling Fast Startup on a modern SATA or NVMe SSD can be a sensible choice, especially if you want to dual-boot or save storage space by disabling hibernation.

Image credit: Freepik. All screenshots by Tanveer Singh.

Tanveer Singh

Tanveer hunts far and wide for PC Hardware, Windows, and Gaming ideas to write about. An MBA in Marketing and the owner of a PC building business, he has written extensively on Technology, Gaming, and Marketing. When not scouring the web, he can be found binging on The Office, running for his life in GTFO, or wrecking karts in Smash Karts.

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Former Startup Of The Year Contestants On Why You Need To Apply Today

Every year, chúng tôi holds the Startup of the Year competition, a pitch contest that pits a huge number of startups against each other in pursuit of capital, business resources, and bragging rights in the startup community. The competition takes place at our annual conference, Innovate Celebrate, in Boston in October. And to say that startups leave happy would be more than an understatement.

We reached out to a number of former Startup of the Year contestants in hopes of spurring a discussion about the value of the competition. We were so overwhelmed by the support and praise from these startup founders and entrepreneurs that we felt it necessary to share their insights with our readers. If you’re thinking about applying, now is the time to do it!

Notable Inclusivity

The Startup of the Year competition isn’t about rewarding the companies you’ve seen a thousand times in pitch competitions. chúng tôi is committed to inclusivity across all facets of startup life, and our contestants feel that commitment at our events.

“The organizing team and staff were accommodating for Grok and the other companies, making sure everyone had their needs met during the event,” said Tarun Gangwani, Head of Product at Grok. “Our team was given many chances to network with experienced entrepreneurs and executives across multiple industries. chúng tôi ensured the event would be worth while, even if we didn’t end up going on to win the competition itself.”

This competition isn’t meant to be an intimidating experience. The Startup of the Year competition is designed to make entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators feel welcomed by a community of peers that are all trying to do the same thing: make the world a better place.

“The chúng tôi staff made us feel extremely welcomed,” said Courtney Caldwell, cofounder of ShearShare. They cared less about a team’s technical expertise or background and were much more focused on whether or not a company’s mission and model introduces new and innovative ideas that are outside of the standard prescription and ShearShare certainly fit that bill.”

The goal of any startup competition should be to inspire the attendees, support the startups, and facilitate networking in as many ways as possible. Fortunately, given the size of our event, we think we accomplish that in spades.

“There is a ton of work that goes into putting these events on and the team at chúng tôi always makes it seem like its easy going for all involved,” said James Ross, Cofounder of Hedgechatter. “They keep the group size to a manageable level, which is important because it only takes attending one of those super massive 1000+ exhibitor events to feel like your startup is just another speck of sand on the beach. The Startup of the Year competition on the other hand was sized right which allowed startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and attendees to really learn about products/services and have quality meetings with potential investors and customers.”

Undeniable Benefits

Of course, the goal of a competition is to win. However, winning isn’t the only thing, as chúng tôi provides a wide range of benefits for contestants, from networking opportunities and business resources to exposure and media attention.

“The opportunity to network with founders from Silicon Valley is really unparalleled,” said Garrett Moon, CEO and cofounder of CoSchedule. “There was tons of energy and excitement during the entire event and working with other founders spurred a wealth of ideation and momentum beyond.”

In addition to all the benefits of the event, taking part in the Startup of the Year competition provides unique opportunities outside of chúng tôi which can lead to success in a number of different ways.

“The accolades and recognition were wonderful and very uplifting to the team, but the very best thing was the booth we received at CES in January,” said Paul Droege, founder and CEO of SunPort. “The fact it was free was nice but it had an amazing, high-traffic location which was awesome. We leveraged the location into great visibility, made some great connections and learned a great deal by interacting with people during CES, all of which came from our win.”

Breeds Success

Winning any startup competition is going to do wonders for your progress. Just ask Stephanie Lampkin, the founder and CEO of Blendoor, whose company won the competition in 2023.

“Winning startup of the year provided a lot of validation that what we’re building is valuable which helped us get into a top 5 accelerator,” said Stephanie Lampkin, founder and CEO of Blendoor. “It also connected us with big tech companies who are now on our beta.”

On the other hand, winning the Startup of the Year competition is not the only way to enjoy success. For example, 2023 finalist TurboAppeal was just acquired by Paradigm Tax Group in a move that can only be deemed successful.

“It helped give us confidence in the validation behind our product as well as understand the reaction from the VC community as well as potential customers,” said Badal Shah, CEO of TurboAppeal. “We are grateful for the opportunity with .”

Startup of the Year

If you think you have what it takes to be the Startup of the Year, you need to apply today. Remember, the 100 startups that are chosen will be invited to join us in Boston, MA from Oct 15-17 for Innovate Celebrate, and will be on their way to startup success in no time!

Blocked On Snapchat! See What

You thought you just missed it by blinking your eyes! And you again begin searching.

Still…. Not find 🙁

This means ‘you’ve been blocked’ by him/her. At this moment, the term was coined – blocked on Snapchat.

I know it hurts…! But it’s their choice after all.

A standard reason to be blocked by someone on Snapchat could be the ‘no-interest’ factor. Meaning the other Snapchat premium user taking no more interest in your content. Because of violated content or may find it irrelevant.

This blog covers what to do if someone blocked you on Snapchat. What are the fixes to unblock a Snapchat account?

And, eye on some frequently asked questions too.

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What Does The Term ‘Blocked On Snapchat’ Mean?

Blocked on Snapchat means you won’t longer be able to check, see, like, and chat with the person who blocked you on Snapchat. In fact, they won’t appear on the friend list.

However, there is a difference between being ‘blocked by others’ and ‘blocked by you’.

If someone blocked you on a Snapchat, the following things will happen:

You won’t receive a snap update notification.

You won’t be able to see their profile and likes as well.

Their account won’t show up when you search for it.

You won’t be able to chat with them.

If you blocked someone on a Snapchat, the following thing will happen:

You are able to see their name on your contact list, but they won’t.

May you unblock them, but they won’t.

You can see their profile (excluding updates), but they won’t.

Let’s move further to know what a Snapchat user can do if they know they have been blocked by their friends.

Blocked On Snapchat: What To Do?

The very first thing that will happen when you know if you’ve been blocked on Snapchat is that you begin to wonder to figure out the ways to confirm the utterance.

To help you, I’ve mentioned all the possible ways to find out if you’re actually blocked on Snapchat.

1. Check Your Friends List or Contacts List

If they don’t block you, their name will appear on the contact list. But, if they do, you possibly won’t see their name. It is the algorithm of Snapchat. If you block, you will see their name on your list, but they won’t.

Open Snapchat and go to your Avatar.

Swipe down and select ‘My Friend’.

Search the name of the friend.

2. Use Snapchat Search Feature

Snapchat comes with a search bar function, similar to Instagram and Facebook. You can search for the person who blocked you on Snapchat. But, it won’t work.

Because, if a user has blocked you, you will still be able to see their name when you search for it. Therefore, it’s typical to tell whether you are blocked on Snapchat by them or not.

Alternately, if you block a friend, you can’t find any trace in the search result.

3. Look For Their Story

Other than the above two methods, this method is 100% working to know someone blocked you on snapchat.

Whether you block the person or are blocked by them, in both scenarios you won’t be able to find their stories. It may be the quickest way to confirm the blocked circumstance.

4. Check Your Message Conversations

Many Snapchat users utter that to know how to see who blocked me on Snapchat, check their recent conversations. If they don’t show up in your chat history, it means you have been blocked.

On the other hand, the majority of people say that if someone blocks you, you can still see their conversation.

However, you can try one thing, if they show up, try to message them. If you see something like – “failed to send your message” or “tap to try again”, that could mean that you have been blocked.

5. Adhere To Different Snapchat Account

If nothing works for you, this is the final method to figure out how to know if someone blocked you on snapchat. Use different Snapchat accounts and search for their username or full name.

Instead, make a call to your friend and ask them to search for the person whom you might suspect. If your friend is able to message them, like their snap, and see their stories – it means that you were right and the user in question has indeed blocked you.

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Blocked On Snapchat: Know The Fixes!

Welcome to the solution part…!

How do you know when someone blocks you on snapchat is already discussed above.

The solution mentioned here only satisfied the first spectrum of the snag.

There is no fix or solution for the person being blocked by someone or their friends. However, many people create a new account on Snapchat with a fresh name and login credentials to overcome the problem.

But, if you block a person, you can unblock it anytime you want. From different perspectives, most people do it to teach a lesson of dignity and deeds.

Steps to how to unblock someone on Snapchat:

Go to your Snapchat profile section

Tap on the gear icon to open settings.

Scroll to ‘Blocked’ at the very bottom of the screen. You’ll find the name of the people you’ve blocked.

To unblock them and see their stories again, tap on “X” next to the username.

Read further to know how to block someone on Snapchat.

Blocked On Snapchat: Top Asked Snapchat Blocked Questions

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat?

The answer to how do you know if someone blocked you on snapchat is when you realise that you won’t be able to message them, see their stories, and can’t find them on your friend list.

How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat?

Googling how to know if someone blocked me on snapchat? How to tell if you’re blocked on snapchat when you are confident about this conviction. Check your Snapchat contact list, check a story, search for their name, send them a message, practices give you no relevant result, and then you can tell you’ve been blocked.

How To See Who Blocked You On Snapchat?

How to see who you blocked on snapchat is tricky and confusing. There are various parameters to confirm before saying ‘that person blocked me.’

How To Block Someone On Snapchat?

Tap ‘Block’ to block the person until you unblock later on.

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What’s Next!

Now that you know what to do or deal with how to know if someone blocked you on snapchat, precisely. Share this with your friends, indeed, they tend to themselves into this trap, to tackle the situation knowingly.

Thanks for reading the blog on – how can you tell if someone blocked you on snapchat.

Daniel Abbott

Daniel Abbott is editor in chief & research analyst at The Next Tech. He is deeply interested in the moral ramifications of new technologies and believes in leveraging the data scientist, research and content enhancement to help build a better world for everyone.

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Fix: Startup Repair Couldn’t Repair Your Pc

If you’re getting a ‘Startup Repair Couldn’t Repair Your PC’ error, it means the Windows Recovery tool can’t fix the errors. This happens when there’s a corrupted file or a bad sector in your storage device containing the Operating System.

However, there are a few other reasons causing the startup error. So, let’s check the common causes, along with a few solutions to this issue discussed below.

What Causes Startup Repair Couldn’t Repair Your PC?

Here are a few lists of reasons, the computer might get a startup error.

Corrupted files on the hard drive containing the OS

HDD with bad sectors

Incorrect Registry Editor values

Insufficient/faulty RAM 

Constant power failure

The computer turned off during an update

Here are a few lists of reasons, the computer might get a startup error.

Fixes For “Startup Repair couldn’t repair your PC”

Before you get this error, the blue screen windows will say “Automatic Repair: You PC did not start correctly”. First, try to restart your computer. A simple restart can solve the issue. After the restart, if the OS doesn’t fix the issue, you will get a different screen. The windows will display the Startup repair error.

The restart option will not be available now. Here are a few Advanced Options settings you can try to fix this issue.

Startup Repair Tool

If the computer has multiple user accounts, there will be an option to choose which user account you want to fix. If the computer still displays the same error, continue with other fixes.

Use the Safe Mode

In safe mode, most of your device and driver won’t be running except for some basic drivers like display drivers, and mouse drivers. These device functions are disabled so that we know the basic drivers are performing properly. 

To start your computer in safe mode, you can follow these steps.

Run the System File Checker (SFC)

The SFC is a windows utility tool that you can use to find and fix corrupted files in your windows.

 To run the system file checker, you can follow these steps:

Wait for a few minutes for the SFC to complete. Restart your computer to get out of safe mode and check if the startup error is fixed.

If you cannot get out of safe mode, you can follow these steps:  

Run the Check Disk Command

Now, type chkdsk c: /r and press enter to repair errors and check of bad sectors.

Fix your Boot Configuration Data

Boot Configuration Data (BCD) is a file that includes boot configuration parameters that tell Windows how to start. A faulty BCD file causes unbootable Windows. 

Restart your computer to check if the problem is fixed.

Disable Early Launch Anti-Malware Protection 

Installing an anti-malware program can cause this issue. You can disable these types of programs by following these steps.

To start your computer in safe mode, you can follow these steps.

Check Memory Module

If your RAM sticks are not performing correctly, you may get the error. The OS constantly needs memory to do its tasks. If you have a faulty memory module, the OS cannot do said task.

Here are a few things you can do to fix your memory module.

You can remove the RAM sticks and set them in a different RAM slot.

Try turning the computer using a single RAM Stick at a time to determine which one is faulty.

Clean the RAM sticks with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. And clean the RAM slots with pressurized air.

Disable Automatic Startup Repair

Automatic Startup Repair starts by default if you have some issues when the system boots. If you do not want the Automatic Startup Repair to run, you can simply disable it by following these steps.

bcdedit /set recoveryenabled NO

Restore the Registry Editor Configuration

Some wrong changes in Registry Editor can stop your OS from operating. However, you can easily restore the previous successful registry boot settings.

You will be sent back to the Choose an Options menu. Restart your computer to check if you fixed the problem.

Reset your Computer

Update the detailed information about What Isthat Runs On Startup? on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!