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Weird West Secret Stash guide: Stillwater and treasure maps missions

Here is are the tips you need to handle Weird West Secret Stash missions.

Weird West has quite a lot of secondary stuff to do, most of which comes from your actions. One of these is the Secret Stash quest, which players can get if they choose to have mercy on Mr Stillwater, the now disposed leader of the Stillwater gang. If you opt to rescue him, you get a friend for life and a Weird West Secret Stash side quest. However, this is not the only Secret Stash questline. Here is a guide on the Secret Stash quests in Weird West.

Mr. Stillwater’s Secret Stash Walkthrough

Cowboys and their valuables…

You get the item from Mr Stillwater, and then see the location of the buried treasure on the map. While the game labels it as a side quest, it technically is just a treasure map type of quest. Head over to the Secret Stash marked on your map that is also highlighted blue on your map. Note, this is the one in the mountains.

Once you have the free time to explore the map, you can then head to the Secret Stash location. Note that the name Secret Stash appears in all the treasure maps missions in the game. In this instance, it is the one in the mountain.

According to the sheet and the side mission’s objectives, you need to visit the grave of a civilian called Wayne. Upon arriving at the location, you should find two coyotes near the grave, and two outlaws on the left side of the map. Dispatch these different parties, and you should be free to dig the graves up. Find the one called Wayne Seager, and on the graveyard to the right of the zone as you load in, and you should get a Golden Ace of Spade when you dig up the corpse. 

Feel free to loot the other bodies, as you may find other useful items, presuming you have a spare shovel, though, there should one spare towards the graveyard on the left side of the map when you walk in.

Other Secret Stash Quests in Weird West

As you play through the game, you may stumble upon NPCs you can relieve of their treasure maps. This can range to important characters, items you steal or outlaws who hid their valuables somewhere in the deserts or forests. When you get one, you can learn the whereabouts of their treasure by a new Secret Stash icon. Go to the new secret stash location and follow the instructions to retrieve the valuables.

When you’re done, remember to untick the objective of the treasure map’s secret stash so you can free up the tracking for other active quests. Please be aware that if you change character by completing a bounty act, then you lose the quest to complete the treasure hunt missions. So, complete the mission before completing hat act’s version of the main story.

That concludes this Weird West Secret Stash guide. For more content on the game, why not check out the WW hub on WePC?

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Horizon Forbidden West Main Screen And Map Leaked Days Before Release

Horizon Forbidden West main screen and map leaked days before release




Anxiously waiting for the release of the new Horizon Forbidden West game?

There’s a new leak that shows us a glimpse of the title’s menu screen and map.

The graphics for the new Horizon have also undergone interesting changes.

As you know, the official release date is set to be on the 18th of February.

We know that PlayStation fans will find it extremely hard to contain their excitement, with only nine days to go until the Horizon sequel will officially be launched.

And if there’s anything Zero Dawn taught us graphics-wise, is that Forbidden West will be an even bigger masterpiece than the first.

At least, that’s what everyone hopes, ahead of the release. And, if you also dreamed of catching a glimpse of the new game before everyone else, here’s your chance.

We get our first look at the Forbidden West map

Yes, the title is a PlayStation exclusive, so if you are used to gaming on any other platform, such as PC, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, you will have to wait, or buy a PlayStation.

We know that the title will eventually become available for PC players, but it will take some time before that happens, probably one or two years.

We saw it happen with countless titles before, among which are God of War, Days Gone, Forbidden West’s prequel, Zero Dawn, and probably Ghost of Tsushima next.

A first leak, spotted by Reddit users, showed us a glimpse of what the home screen for this latest game will look like, and we even get to hear some of the ambient music.

How big is the Forbidden West map?

Now, we get a taste of how massive the world for this sequel will actually be. The map itself is pretty vast and is surely very diverse in terms of scenery, as the first game has taught us.

But how big is it really? Well, according to PowerPyx’s estimates, the Horizon Forbidden West map is 24 kilometers squared, which certainly should keep us busy for a while.

Yes, it would take a long time to simply walk from one side to the other, so make sure you find a mechanical beast to tame for this long journey.

Game Director Mathijs De Jonge tells us that the setting for the game will take Aloy from Utah, USA all the way to the Pacific Coast in the West.

If you want to gauge how big this map could be in the game, the rough real-life distance between Utah and San Francisco is 906 miles.

The maps from the two games are roughly the same size. Fans and some experts actually predict this one to be slightly bigger than the first, however.

Besides the video leak, there’s a Twitter post that shows us a picture of Aloy, with better rendering, and closer to what she’s going to look like when the game will be launched.

We’re talking improved lighting and improved quality since we saw the first game trailer back in 2023, and it looks really really good.

All these improvements are mainly visible when you compare the two games. It’s pleasing to see just how far game developers have managed to improve since last time.

There are still a lot of speculations about what neat features developers will add to Forbidden West. A recent Reddit post, that got deleted in the meantime, hinted at the main character being able to fly.

Needless to say, this would make the game insanely interactive and you got a pretty strong contender for Game of The Year right there.

Now that you’ve had a quick look at what is to come, we’re sure that your enthusiasm skyrocketed and you are now much more impatient than before.

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Secret Tip: Dogecoin, Big Eyes Coin, And Uniswap Will Skyrocket In 2023

Investors and analysts are constantly looking for profitable, reputable crypto projects to invest in. As the value of cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin (DOGE), Uniswap (UNI), and others falls, analysts are flocking to viable alternatives such as Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

In this article, we’ll discuss why Dogecoin (DOGE) and Uniswap (UNI) coins are getting less attention, but Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is acquiring the trust and endorsement of major investors and analysts. Let’s get started right away!

All Hail The Almighty Dogecoin

Without a question, Dogecoin (DOGE) is one of the top cryptocurrency projects to invest in. It is the most popular and extensively used meme coin. Dogecoin’s (DOGE) value skyrocketed in 2023, propelling it into the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

The use of Scrypt technology distinguishes Dogecoin’s proof-of-work approach from that of Bitcoin. Dogecoin (DOGE) likewise has a one-minute block time and an infinite supply, allowing it to be mined eternally. Dogecoin mining can be done on its own or as part of a mining pool.

Dogecoin (DOGE) ranks tenth at the time of writing. It distinguishes itself from other meme tokens by having a vibrant community that trades with Dogecoin (DOGE) and utilizes it as a tipping currency for content on social media. Interestingly, Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and CEO of Tesla, is a proponent of Dogecoin (DOGE). Musk’s continuous tweets encouraging Dogecoin (DOGE) have had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency’s rise.

As a result, Dogecoin (DOGE) currently has more than 3 million Twitter followers. It also has cheaper transaction costs than most cryptocurrency projects on the market.

Uniswap: The Key To Ethereum

Uniswap (UNI) is a key decentralized project that allows buyers and sellers to trade and exchange Ethereum-based assets in a trustless environment. Uniswap (UNI) was developed to eliminate the monopoly imposed by major decentralized exchanges while also providing liquidity to businesses.

Users can simply trade ERC-20 assets using the Uniswap (UNI) protocol, and there is no centralized government to prohibit transactions or block payments. Because it is an open-source initiative, Uniswap (UNI) remains secure and private. This implies that the underlying code is open to criticism and revision by the development community.

The platform also allows users and developers to acquire funds via liquidity pools that exist on the network. They also profit when they contribute funds to a liquidity pool. The Uniswap (UNI) protocol’s functional token, UNI, can be exchanged on various exchanges.

The most significant aspect is that Uniswap is a fully recognized community-driven protocol. The Uniswap token was designed by the project developers to act as the governance currency in the protocol’s DAO. Token holders can participate in community proposals, allocate funds from the community treasury, and provide feedback on the network’s overall functioning.

Big Eyes Coin: A 5% Charity Wallet Dedicated To Charity

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the upcoming currency on the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain, and this amusing initiative intends to steer the flow of capital into the world of Decentralized Finance. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) intends to accomplish this by developing a platform with different revenue streams.

The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) platform will be available to all blockchain users. The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) ecosystem will accommodate traders, digital creators, and even programmers. BIG, the project’s native token, will be formally introduced soon, but users can acquire as many as they like while the coin is still in the presale stage.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will offer its consumers fantastic features such as no transaction taxes and no fees. The network will be centered on its user community, which will be committed to charity.

Big Eyes Coin’s charitable commitment will be visible in its Visible Charity Wallet, which will hold 5% of the total token supply and will be distributed to organizations active in ocean rehabilitation efforts.

There is no question that the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) platform is on its approach to conquering the market’s top meme coins.

Big Eyes Coin is giving users an additional 5% worth of tokens with the code: BCUTE350

For More Information On Big Eyes Coin (BIG) :

Astroneer Reported Issues: Game Crashes, Fps Drops, Steering Is Weird, And More

Astroneer reported issues: Game crashes, FPS drops, steering is weird, and more




Space exploration fans will definitely love Astroneer, a recently released title currently available as a game preview. Astroneer doesn’t have a clear goal or a storyline. Rather, the the players’ main tasks are colonizing planets, mining their resources and using them to build new vehicles and facilities.

Since Astroneer is still work in progress, naturally the game is affected by many technical issues. System Era Softworks regularly releases hotfixes to address the most frequent Astroneer bugs. However, it appears that some Astroneer issues cling to the game like leeches.

Frequent Astroneer bugs Astroneer FPS rate issues

As I play for the first 3 minutes, It’s a pretty solid 60 fps. Then it starts getting really bad. With FPS drops non-stop, going from 60 to the 30’s and 40’s. Random numbers really. After about 7 minutes the overall FPS dropped to below 50, having an average of 39-40 FPS, but still having constant FPS drops.

Astroneer freezes

Players also report that they can’t play Astroneer for more than 10 or 20 minutes because the game suddenly freezes. None of the game updates released so far could fix this issue.

i did, and it still crashes with the new beta, it dont actually crash it blocks and i cant do anything also i have to close the app in the windows panel.

Steam VR opens when players launch Astroneer

Astroneer does not support VR, yet Steam VR opens everytime players launch the game. Turning off SteamVR from Properties doesn’t fix this issue, and sound is still pushed regardless of Windows settings.

Ok so the patch notes said you fixed VR launching along side Astrow/e and it didnt…at all…Steam VR still launches when you launch the game […]

Sound issues

Players also report that Astroneer is affected by an annoying sound bug that causes FPS drops and huge lag. The only solution to fix this problem is to mute the game, but this limits the gaming experience. Hopefully, the upcoming Astroneer updates will fix this issue.

[…] also if you took half a moment to read the forum you would see a serious and bizare issue with the sound causing frame drops and severe lag. Using the -NOSOUND works and the game is stable but I would rather play with sound.

Steering issues

Steering in Astroneer is weird. A simple task like driving can become a nerve-wracking experience when controls get mixed up. Some players even report that Astroneer’s steering style gives them motion sickness.

i hate that style of driving in games. The controls should behave like they would in a car. your steering does not switch just because you are looking behind. Also the driving feels like your in a hover vehicle, not in a 4 wheel. it slide turns on the spot. the slippery driving and wierd steering is a big turn off for me.

Astroneer features

Players also ask Astroneer’s developers to add a series of useful features, such as:

Autosave – Gamers complain they often lose the game progress when Astroneer crashes.

“It’s ridiculous how I keep losing hours of progress due to these crashes. I just got to base after bringing 3 research things there and it crashed.”

Fullscreen support – The fullscreen feature currently available is only borderless windowed. True fullscreen support will offer a better Astroneer gaming experience.

Linux support – System Era Softworks confirms that Linux support is on the radar, but the priorities now are the Windows and Mac versions.

If you’ve encountered other Astroneer bugs that we didn’t mention in this article, head to System Era’s support forum and report them there.


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Horizon Forbidden West Patch Notes Update 1.18

Horizon Forbidden West Patch Notes Update 1.18

Horizon Forbidden Patch Notes

Horizon Forbidden West patch notes are now out for Update 1.18!

BUY NOW: Samsung Odyssey Ark

This patch adds a whole host of new fixes to the game, so let’s waste absolutely no time in getting into it.


Introduced “Mark of Pride” Pride Flag Face Paint.


Main Quests

Fixed an issue in Main Quest “Faro’s Tomb“ where the Hunter Merchant could be missing in Thebes.

Fixed floating weapons in the cinematic following the “Talk to the Tenakth Marshal” mission objective of Main Quest “The Embassy”.

Fixed an issue in Main Quest “The Kulrut” where Hekarro was practicing his pantomime skills and got blocked behind an invisible wall.

Fixed issues related to players not being able to enter or exit The Base.

Fixed an issue where a Kotallo callout could play inside The Base without Kotallo being present.

Side Quests

We now keep Riverhymn’s settlement icon on the map after completing Side Quest “The Roots that Bind“.

Fixed an issue where Porguf would not provide the option to start the Errand Quest “Broken Locks”.

Fixed an issue in Side Quest “The Deluge” where players could ride their ground mount through a lake.

Fixed an issue in Side Quest “Signal Spike” where the player could be unable to progress after the “Search the Canyon for the Source of the Signal” objective.

Fixed an issue in Chainscrape where, before completing Side Quest “The Bristlebacks”, the Herbalist would have an icon above their head but will not be interactable.

World Activities


Fixed an issue where Audio Datapoints were getting aborted on specific player actions.

Fixed an issue where Audio Datapoint 37 could not be collected due to Veter being noninteractive.


Arrows ready? We made the Dreadwing more likely to attack when fighting in a forested area.

Additional VFX for Tremortusk’s “Shatter Swing” and Thunderjaw’s “Laser Blast” attacks.

Fixed an issue near Fall’s Edge where a non-functional and low-resolution Thunderjaw could spawn in.

Fixed an issue where the “Stalker Primary Nerve” was listed as a Loot for the Ravager’s Antenna.

Fixed an issue where setting a Job for the Stalker Primary Nerve put the waypoint in Ravager areas instead of Stalker Areas.

Fixed an issue where Behemoth and Apex Behemoth list “Bellowback Primary Nerve” as loot instead of “Behemoth Primary Nerve.”

Fixed an area in Sheerside Climb where the player is unable to fly away on a flying mount.

Fixed an issue where Apex Shellsnapper Hearts were listed under “Valuables to Sell” despite being used for upgrades.

Fixed an issue where the job system will not direct the player to Apex machine parts.


Fixed a camera issue where, when aiming with a Blastsling weapon and rotating the camera, the projectile parable would jitter.

Fixed a camera issue where activating Concentration zoom during a normal zoom would have a jarring snap back.

Fixed an issue where the Hunter Bow could not be upgraded in New Game+.

Fixed an issue for Light Arrows of Level 4 Carja’s Bane which had an incorrect amount of Tear damage.

Fixed an issue where upgrade Level 3 of the Rain of Sparks warrior bow switches perks from “critical hit chance” to “multiple enemy damage”, and then back to “critical hit chance” at Level 4.


Fixed an issue where the player could not use Melee Combat after fast traveling from a crawl space.

Level 3 of the Toughened Valor Surge has Melee Damage Resistance reduced from 50% to 35%.

Plant Forager now works on Medicinal Waterweed.


Fixed “Pickup Animation” to reset to “On” in Settings when the “Reset” action is pressed.

Fixed an issue where the Job description in the Jobs menu in Quest Log always displays Level 1 regardless of the actual level of the Job.

Fixed an issue where the Custom Marker was not visible in the 3D space if the waypoint was marked on the location of an inactive quest.

Fixed an issue with the subtitles being out-of-sync in the opening title sequence.

Fixed an issue in the Machine Catalogue where unscanned machines can be viewed when they are adjacent to scanned machines.

Performance and Stability

Made improvements to TAA for PS5 Resolution Mode and PS4.

Fixed several instances of Aloy’s armor model jittering when playing in Balanced Mode.

Fixed an issue where geometry appears low resolution when skipping the opening title sequence.

Photo mode

Introduced “Mark of Pride” Pride Flag Face Paint.


Fixed an issue where starting the game via Activity Cards could start a new game in New Game Plus, instead of starting the selected activity.

Fixed an issue where the “Auto Heal” setting does not fully heal Aloy after leaving combat for a short time.

Fixed issues where the player ended up underneath the terrain or got stuck inside geometry.

READ MORE: Destiny 2 Patch Notes- Hotfix

And that’s it for Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.18! Join us next time there’s a patch for everything you need to know.

Work Faster In Microsoft Excel: 10 Secret Tricks

Excel puts lots of great tools on your desktop, but what each one of them does isn’t always obvious, especially since so many Excel features are hidden.

Would you like to create multiple lines of text within a cell? There’s a keystroke for that. What if you want to reuse a chart’s formatting on another chart, or print multiple worksheets on a single sheet of paper? Those aren’t the only timesaving tools at your fingertips. Here’s how to find and use them to work smarter in Excel.

1. Make New Text Lines in a Cell

As you’ve probably already discovered, when you’re typing text into a cell and you want to start a new line of text, the Enter key doesn’t produce the desired result. Pressing Enter merely places the text in the current cell and then selects the next cell.

Instead, to start a new line in Microsoft Excel, as you’re typing text, press Alt-Enter. On the Mac, the key combination is Control-Option-Return.

2. Quickly Add Values in Cells

3. Create a Reusable Chart Template

Creating a series of charts for a project, such as an annual report, usually means that you need to format all of the charts similarly. Create a chart template for the design, and you can use it to create and format new charts in a flash.

4. Format and Chart Far-Flung Data

Here’s another quick timesaver: When you want to format a series of cells that don’t appear side by side, start by selecting the first block of cells and then hold the Ctrl key as you select the second and subsequent blocks of cells. You can then apply a format, such as a font change or fill color, to all the selected cells.

You can use the same technique to chart cells that don’t appear side by side, as well. For example, if you need to create a chart from a table of data using the headings in the first column and the data from the fourth column, first select the headings in the first column. Then hold Ctrl as you select the matching data in the cells in the fourth column. Afterward, create a chart, just as you would any regular chart.

5. Keep an Eye on Data With a Watch Window

When you’re editing a very large worksheet, often you need to view how your changes in one area affect totals and other calculations in cells that currently sit off-screen, either farther down the page or on another worksheet tab. Instead of repeatedly moving back and forth from your working data area to the cells that show the results you’re interested in, use a Watch Window to display the values of the cells in the other part of the worksheet as you tinker.

Now return to the area of your worksheet that you’re editing. As you do so, you’ll see that the Watch Window floats atop the worksheet, allowing you to work on your data. While you edit, the Watch Window shows the other cells, reflecting the changes you’re making. You can move and resize the Watch Window as you wish, and use the Add Watch button to view additional cells in the Watch Window–even cells on another sheet–so that you can track the results in multiple cells as you work.

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