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Try out Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer in Free Access weekend

Join in the Festive Fervor fun for free over a long weekend of open Multiplayer access

The latest Call of Duty Vanguard update has introduced a brand-new holiday-themed event, and Activision are letting everyone join in the festivities. Well, it is the time for giving, after all.

The Multiplayer Free Access weekend is taking place from December 16th, and will run for a long weekend, ending on December 21st, 2023. The Free Access event will give players a chance to try out Vanguard Multiplayer without buying the game. Even better, it’s during the Festive Fervor event, so everyone can drop in and check out the seasonal maps, run into the very green Elf Team Six, and get hunted down by Krampus.

What is Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Free Access?

The Multiplayer Free Access weekend is an event in which anyone can play Vanguard Multiplayer playlists, even if you don’t own Call of Duty Vanguard. This gives players a chance to try out the game before committing to buying it. This isn’t the first time there has been a Free Access event in Call of Duty, but this one is different in that it coincides with the COD Christmas event, Festive Fervor.

Later on in the weekend, the Shipmas 24/7 playlist will be added, which is, you guessed it, all the Shipmas you could ask for. Every multiplayer mode, but dropping into the seasonal Shipmas map every single time. Whichever playlist you choose, you’ll be privy to the holiday festivities, so keep an eye out for Elf Team Six and the devilish Krampus.

Will I keep my progress after the Vanguard Free Access weekend?

If you do participate in the Free Access weekend without owning Call of Duty Vanguard, you will level up and be able to complete challenges and upgrade weapons as normal. If you then decide to purchase the game during or following the event, all of your progress will carry over, so you won’t have to worry about losing all your hard work.

It’s also a Double XP weekend

If you already own Vanguard, then there’s still something in it for you! Not only does this weekend offer free access, but it’s also a Max Double XP weekend as well. So whether or not you’ve already bought COD Vanguard, you will reap the benefits from this Christmas gift.

Those who already own Vanguard, or purchase it before December 31st, will also receive ten Season One Battle Pass Tier skips, a 10% XP Boost all season, and all additional 24 Vanguard Season Six Battle Pass Tiers. For more details, check out the Call of Duty blog post.

When is the COD Vanguard Free Access Weekend?

The Free Access weekend will take place from December 16th to December 21st, 2023. See below for exactly when the event will launch and end in your region, and if your region is not listed, it is rolling out at the same time globally so can be worked out from the times below!

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How To Fix Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Dev Error 1202

Several players of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have been complaining about Dev Error 1202 they see while playing the game on their Windows 11/10 PC. This error has much to do with games installation or the graphics card, so it’s not impossible to fix.

The issue only appears whenever the game is in multiplayer mode. This can be very annoying since most players of Modern Warfare tend to prefer multiplayer over anything else. We also understand Dev Error 1202 affects both PC and console versions, but we will focus only on the PC version for this article.

Fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dev Error 1202 on Windows PC

Let’s take a look at how to resolve the Dev Error 1202 onCall of Duty Modern Warfare via the solutions below:

Update the game to the latest version

Roll back your graphics driver

Open Modern Warfare in DirectX 11 mode

Reinstall Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Host Modern Warfare as a free player

1] Update the game to the latest version

The first thing one should do here is to update the game to the latest available version. Chances are the operating system could be blocking essential game modules due to possible incompatibilities, and updating the game could set things right This can be accomplished with ease, so let us look at what to do.

First, you must chúng tôi , the popular game launcher.

Select COD Modern Warfare from the list of games available.

If an update is available for Modern Warfare, then download and install it without delay.

After the update process is completed, you should go on ahead and open Modern Warfare to see if Dev Error 1202 is still being a nuisance.

2] Roll back your graphics driver

In some situations, the latest update of your graphics driver might not be fully compatible with your computer system. This can cause problems where Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is concerned, so what to do? The best option is to downgrade the graphics card driver back to the previous one.

Select Device Manager from the context menu.

From the Device Manager window, go ahead and expand Display Adapters.

Next, you must choose Properties from the context menu.

Confirm you want to roll back the graphics card driver to the previous one.

After the rollback is done, you must restart your computer.

Relaunch Modern Warfare to see if the Dev Error 1202 is finally no longer a problem.

3] Open Modern Warfare in DirectX 11 mode

At the time of writing, the latest version of DirectX is at version 12. It is possible the current version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is having difficulties supporting DirectX 12, so your best is to revert to version 11.

Again, you must fire up the chúng tôi client.

Select COD Modern Warfare from the list of available games.

Expand Options and select Game Settings via the dropdown menu.

You must now type the following in the box:


Finally, check to see if the game is playable now in multiplayer mode.

4] Reinstall Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

If everything fails, then your best bet at this time is to reinstall the game in a bid to get rid of Dev Error 1202. We have to reinstall because it is possible the game files are corrupt, and as such, they must be replaced.

Launch the chúng tôi client.

Select Modern Warfare from the list of games on your account.

Wait for the uninstallation process to complete.

Restart your Windows 11/10 computer.

Finally, install the game again after the operating system is up and running again. From there, we suspect Dev Error 1202 should be long gone.

5] Host Modern Warfare as a free player

Here is a simple solution that can be deemed as one of the best fixes for the problem players are facing. One simply has to host the game as a free player, so if you’re not sure how, let us discuss.

Have a free player on your team send you an invitation to host the game.

Promptly join the game via the invite.

From there, you must go on ahead and check to see if the problem has been fixed.

Now, if there are no free players on your team, you must then go forth and create a free account. Do this by visiting the official sign-up page.

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What is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the most well-renowned first-person shooters with millions of fans worldwide. At one point in history, this game was the benchmark most military shooters aimed to achieve or surpass, so it comes as no surprise to see several remakes, sequels, and prequels.

What to do if Roll Back Driver button is greyed out?

There are times when the Roll Back button is greyed out and you’re not able to select it. This is normal, and it means you’ll have to do things manually.

To begin, you must launch your favorite web browser.

Visit the official OEM website for your graphics card.

Download the previous version of the driver from the OEM website.

Return to Display Adapters via the Device Manager window.

Restart your computer.

Windows should install a generic driver. Launch the game to see if that driver works.

If not, install the older driver you’ve recently downloaded.

How do I fix Dev error 1202?

There is a simple solution for this that is known to work quite well. From our understanding, folks need to ensure the lobby is being hosted by a player who doesn’t own the full version of the game. We’re not sure why this works, but it works, so give it a try. Other solutions have been mentioned above in this post.

Call Of Cthulhu Review: Inglorious Resurrection

Deep under the island of Darkwater, something stirs. Leviathan. I’m not sure what that word entails yet, but I’ve seen the signs—the dead whales, the greenish pall on the town, the nightmares. I know Leviathan is nothing good. Now if only I could figure out why, pry up the secrets hidden under these rotting floorboards and in crumbling mansions.


Call of Cthulhu ($60 on Humble) is a game I should love. Hell, at points I did love it. Based to some extent on the Call of Cthulhu tabletop game, this video game adaptation takes cues directly from its analog counterpart. You play as Edward Pierce, a detective sent to Darkwater to investigate the death (or disappearance) of Sarah Hawkins, a painter known for her terrifying portraits of otherworldly monsters.

IDG / Hayden Dingman

Pierce is very much a detective, and that’s why I should love Call of Cthulhu. Aside from one late-game sequence there is zero combat to be found here. You’re here to dig up clues, to talk to witnesses, and to draw conclusions. Like most great Lovecraft adaptations, Call of Cthulhu operates under the idea that the mythos is unknowable, unbeatable. The best you can do as a mortal is try to stay out of its way.

And when Call of Cthulhu leans into this aspect, it’s fantastic. The first few acts are delightful, despite some cliché environments, low-budget visuals, and clumsy character animations. Pierce alights in Darkwater and starts looking for answers in the local bar, among the fishermen and the smugglers and the overworked police. He then manages to gain access to the Hawkins mansion, a part of which burned down recently, there to find even more clues.

IDG / Hayden Dingman

Again, it’s very Lovecraftian—not just Lovecraft-as-set-dressing, but truly in the spirit of those stories. The approach is a bit heavy-handed, and the atmosphere laid on thicker than it needs to be. At its core though, Call of Cthulhu is the story of a man forced to look into an abyss.  As you discover more clues, you realize maybe you don’t want to know all the answers here, or perhaps that Pierce can’t handle the answers.

Pierce is a fine detective, too. His skill tree is lifted from tabletop, albeit simplified. There are seven skills in all: Psychology, Investigation, Eloquence, Strength, Spot Hidden, Medicine, and Occult. The first five of these are player-governed, and you can sink points into them as you head through the story. The other two, Medicine and Occult, are only improved by finding items in the game.

IDG / Hayden Dingman

It’s not a great system. Not for a video game, anyway. It works fine in tabletop, when the person running the game (the DM or dungeon master) can re-route the story around players missing a clue. In Call of Cthulhu though, it feels arbitrary. You might have an 80 percent in Investigation and Pierce breaks the lock trying to pick it. Then usually that’s it, you’ve locked yourself out of that room. There’s no subsequent option to, you know, break the door down or whatever.

IDG / Hayden Dingman

You’ve got plenty of options. You can convince the police guarding it to let you through, or bribe some sailors with a bottle of alcohol, or crawl through some gas-filled tunnels to come up through the rear entrance. Another standout mission follows soon after, as you try to sneak out of an asylum and are given a number of different ways to cause a distraction.

The longer you play, the fewer branches there are though. Later missions are basically “Go here and do this,” ditching any real roleplaying opportunities for Pierce.

It gets bad, too—or more scattered, at the very least. Call of Cthulhu starts at a meandering pace, truly a detective game at its core. A few hours in it gets restless though and starts bombarding the player with mediocre stealth missions, with guards that alternate between omniscient and blind. Then it starts mixing stealth with trial-and-error puzzles, which is even more frustrating.

IDG / Hayden Dingman

The whole section feels unnecessary. A lot of it does, the stealth bits included. I’d love a Call of Cthulhu that was 100 percent Edward Pierce playing detective, but instead those parts are mixed in with a cavalcade of more “traditional” video game ideas, none of which are executed very well. Hell, most aren’t even explored much. There’s an entire “sanity” mechanic for instance where Pierce starts freaking out in dark or confined spaces, but it has zero bearing on the game and you’ll be hard-pressed to even trigger it. There’s a clever twist on the dialogue wheel later in the game too, but after a few gimmick uses it disappears.

It makes the otherwise interesting story a chore to play through, even if the game is only seven or eight hours long. A lot’s been made of Call of Cthulhu’s technical issues, and there are certainly many. Lip-sync and other animations are stiff, or even nonexistent. Textures are muddy, with lots of pop-in. Slowdown and hitches crop up for no discernible reason.

IDG / Hayden Dingman

But I could honestly overlook those problems, given the right game. They’re a factor, sure, but I’ll take a unique-but-flawed experience over a polished-but-empty one every day. See also: Vampyr.

Bottom line

Give me a sequel, though. It’s not so much that Call of Cthulhu is irredeemable as much as it feels flawed. “Less than the sum of its parts,” I’d say. Any one aspect of Call of Cthulhu sounds intriguing in isolation, but put them all together and it’s a mess of disparate elements, all fighting for control.

I hope the developers get a second chance to iterate on Pierce’s story, one that’s more confident in its approach—one that’s a detective story through and through, that doesn’t feel the need for hackneyed stealth sequences or a dreadful combat scenario just because “Games have to have those things.” They don’t, and Call of Cthulhu didn’t.

Best Multiplayer Browser Games Of 2023 (No Download)

Having quick access to games isn’t only for mobile users or those looking for browser-based idle games. Plenty of PC users can access multiplayer browser games fast without even having to log in.

So fire up your browser, make sure it’s updated to the latest version, and try a new game today. 

Others might want to try a game that’s best with friends you know, like Gartic Phone or Codenames Online. Simpler games like chúng tôi are a great way to pass a few minutes between meetings. There’s something for everyone.

Let’s dive into the list now, shall we!

A great blend of hack-and-slash with some strategy involved, is an excellent example of what a multiplayer browser game can be. You and your team have to overtake other groups to win control of the map with various weapons and athletic moves. The game includes mappable hotkeys, item swapping, and team selection.

Creating an account and signing in can help you level your character because it gives you access to daily quests. You also get some free gold for signing up and can purchase weapons to make your character more effective.

Since the game spawns you right into the action, it’s an easy one to quickly pick up and play with friends even when you don’t have much time. This is why Wilds is one of the best browser games multiplayer.

Catan Universe is an online version of the popular game Settlers of Catan. It’s a strategy game where you and your friends compete for resources, battle each other, and try to make tactical decisions to ensure that your group outdoes the others. Only one player can come out on top in the end. 

While the game is free-to-play, you can purchase additional expansions. There are custom game settings where you can determine who plays and who is on each team. If you ever feel like playing alone, there are also single-player modes and modes that pit you against AI. The game also boasts an ELO system with leaderboards, offering another type of competition. 

You can also play Catan Universe on Steam or mobile devices. Of course, none of those options are in-browser games. 

Lords of the Arena is another strategy game that you can try to tackle with friends. Each of you makes a team composed of 30 separate heroes, optimized to take down either the campaign game or other players.

Unique items can help further equip and customize your group of characters to help you beat the various challenges. There are nine leagues in the PvP arena. You and your friends can create teams to try to conquer the leaderboards and defeat other players.

If you plan to play regularly, keep an eye on the daily login rewards. Sometimes you get items that make logging in for a quick second worth the time, even if you aren’t planning to play at that moment. 

In Agar, your character is a tiny circle drifting across a large surface and attempting to eat both dots and other players. As you grow, it’s easier to interact with other parts of the map, devour other players, and get the resources to continue growing. Use the mouse to guide your movement, the spacebar to split into multiple circles, and W to get rid of some of your mass. 

Agar gives you the chance to join with your friends as a clan and take on opponents together. This can help you survive longer if you often find yourself eaten by other, more prominent players. Just have one friend create a room, and the others join with the friend’s code.

Gartic Phone is a collaborative game where people give prompts, draw responses, and deal with time limits to create some pretty zany pieces of art and animation. Some game modes support up to 15 players. The most basic mode is normal, where each person makes a prompt, and everyone else draws. 

They also recently added an animation mode. Each person makes a prompt, and each person receives one from another player. During each round, the person sees the previous picture and draws the next moment in the animation. When the game is over, the prompts and animations are put together and displayed to the players.

Gartic Phone is a great game to play with your friends if you’re looking to have a good laugh. I’ve been in games with multiple friends where we’ve all laughed so hard that we can’t speak for long moments. With so many game modes, it’s definitely worth giving it a try, especially if you can all gather on Discord during the game. 

Mirage Online Classic is an MMORPG with a lot of customization and exploration to offer. It boasts six classes, ten skills, more than 15 dungeons, and hundreds of magic items — all from your browser. Classes are grouped into support, melee, and distance, depending on what playstyle you prefer.

Mirage Online Classic has online guilds and chats right in the browser to make playing with your friends more accessible. This means that if you can’t log into a messaging service from your computer, you can still communicate while you play the game.

With a group of friends, your ascension to be the best player in Mirage will be much easier since you can support one another and help defeat the more dangerous areas in the game. 

Codenames Online is a word guessing game that revolves around secret identities. There are a variety of cards on the table that each has an associated word. The spymaster gives a one-word clue, and an operative from one of two teams tries to guess a term associated with it — that also happens to be associated with a secret identity. 

The game ends when one team gets all the identities or when they make contact with an assassin. A team that makes contact with an assassin loses.

Spymasters have the biggest challenge in this game because they have to keep a straight face no matter what the operative guesses.

Krunker is a first-person shooter that you can play online. It features 12 rotation maps and a variety of skill-based movements that you’ll have to use to beat the other players. It has objective modes in addition to outright deathmatch, so you have a lot of options to keep you and your friends interested. 

You can spawn into a game without even creating a login. There’s an option to join a game, host a game, or look through a variety of servers in case you and your friends want to play with others. It even has mods you can load from the sidebar to create an entirely different experience or enhance a custom game you and your friends make. 

Miniclip 8 Ball Pool is the browser version of a pool hall. You can play with your friends, match with strangers, and even join tournaments to test your skills against the best players the internet can offer. Just don’t jump into a tournament until you’ve had a chance to master online play by playing against your friends first.

If you win matches, you get pool tokens that help you customize the game. You can even get custom cues. While you don’t have to register to play, it’s best to create an account to start games with your friends and find each other in the game. 

If you like battle royale-style shooters, check out War Brokers. It’s an FPS that also offers speed, classic, and survival modes. Once you’ve created an account, you can log in and start to add friends with an account to a friends list to make it easy to join games together.

The game has a very cartoonish look, and the characters almost remind me of Minecraft characters. You spawn in with a variety of weapons on your number keys to choose from.

Your progress is saved online, meaning that you don’t have to keep it safe on your computer, which is convenient when you have to clear the hard drive space. 

And hey, if you get caught by your boss, just send him this list so he too can enjoy games while working!

8 Best Chatgpt Prompts Styles That You Should Try Out Today

Even getting a short and straightforward answer from Chat GPT sometimes becomes frustrating because of how it usually generates its results. Even if you want to just ask for a basic recipe to make apple juice, it will first write an intro, explain why you should drink it and then starts answering the main query.

Prompt Style #1. [Return just the main response. Take out the pre-text and the post-text]

To tackle that add “[Return just the main response. Take out the pre-text and the post-text].” You can save a lot of time by using this simple string. This string tells the module to skip the introduction and conclusion and go right to the main answer to my question.

[Guide to voice and style: Write at a 5th grade level. Use clear and simple language, even when explaining complex matters. lean toward short sentences. Don’t use jargon or acronyms.]

Prompt #2: Simple way to explain or write anything: [Guide to voice and style: Write at a 5th-grade level. Use clear and simple language, even when explaining complex matters. lean toward short sentences. Don’t use jargon or acronyms.]

Using the above prompt, you’re specifying Chat GPT to explain anything in simple English.

Check this article: 100 Most Useful ChatGPT Prompts For Writers

Nonetheless, you may find that regular talks in Chat GPT are boring and artificial.

All you have to do is use this prompt:

[Voice and style guide: Write in a casual, friendly way, as if you were telling a friend about something. Use natural language and phrases that a real person would use: in normal conversations]

Prompt #3. [Voice and style guide: Write in a casual, friendly way, as if you were telling a friend about something. Use natural language and phrases that a real person would use: in normal conversations]

[Format your response using markdown. Use headings, subheadings, bullet points, and bold to organize the information]

Here’s what you will get:

Being creative with Ai is the best thing you can do. Even if we take the same example from the above points, “What is a Black Hole?” there are multiple ways Chat GPT can answer that. And our favorite is when it gets punchy and metaphorical.

Using this prompt will add magic to even a simple sentence:

And here’s what you’ll get:

Want your GPT responses to be more persuasive? Chat GPT can easily do it for you.

It creates a sense of engagement and connection, making the information more memorable and relatable. It also helps to break up dry, technical language, making it more accessible and enjoyable to read.

Here’s the prompt:

Let’s see how it works if we provide it with a similar example:

Prompt #6: [Voice and style guide: Use a convincing tone, rhetorical questions, and stories to keep the reader interested. Use similes, metaphors, and other literary tools to make your points easier to understand and remember. [Write in a way that is both educational and fun.]]

The most compelling part about this prompt is the way it can be used to discuss any topic. This piques the reader’s interest, making them want to keep going until they find out what happens.

Here’s how to do it (remember to keep the text inside quotes):

Rephrase this text “your text” in [style]

Let’s take our example on Black holes, and ask GPT to answer the same questions in Shakespeare style:

All you have to do is add [Author Name style] to the end of each query, as we did in the image above.

Chip Heath

Dan Ariely

Seth Godin

Simon Sinek

Brené Brown

Mark Twain

Ernest Hemingway

Maya Angelou

William Shakespeare

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

By experimenting with different styles, you can find the one that works best for your specific needs.

Best Heavy Duty Cases For Ipad Pro 10.5 In 2023

With the extremely rugged construction, the case can resist impact immaculately. It comes with a built-in stand to provide a delightful hands-free experience. Willing to check out what’s more have in store for you? Head over to scroll through the top 10.5-inch iPad Pro heavy-duty cases!


iPad Pro has begun to replace your Mac laptop, and accessory makers have got the hint. Therefore, manufacturers like ZUGU-CASE design iPad Pro cases that are heavy-duty in profile and flexible in use. ZUGU-CASE has used fiberglass material, which has gone through multiple quality tests.


iPad Pro’s size makes it uncomfortable for you to handle. BRAECN offers a welcome solution: hand strap and shoulder strap. When you are in the office or home, you can use a hand strap to hold your iPad firmly in your hand. Out of office, you can hang your iPad from your shoulder with a long strap.

Apart from convenience, BRAECN has taken enough care of your iPad’s protection, and for this very reason, the brand has combined plastic and silicone materials. This combination makes the case shockproof as it can resist the impacts of drops and bumps. The 3mm raised edges to protect your iPad’s screen.

3. MoKo

MoKo needs no introduction. This brand has successfully carved a niche in iPhone accessories. This iPad Pro heavy-duty case from MoKo is the best companion of your tablet as it comes with multiple features. Its robust, dual-layer protective case requires special attention as it can endure drops, bumps, and shocks.

Even if you are in the middle of a lot of actions, you should not be bothered about your pricey tablet. This case is made of high-quality material and equipped with PC hard-shell and flexible TPU. For the safety of your iPad’s screen, MoKo has built a screen protector as well.


Enjoy the purple patch of your life with BENTOBEN’s heavy-duty case in purple. This rugged case from BENTOBEN exudes feminine features, but when you hold it in your hands, the case shows its muscles. The impact-resistant case flaunts hybrid hard PC material combined with a soft silicone body. It is shockproof but slim so that your tablet won’t become bulky.

The soft silicone material provides you an anti-slip grip; you can move around casually without having to worry about your tablet. Better handling is a boon when you have to walk through crowded places, carrying your tablet in hand.

5. TSQ

Here is another heavy-duty iPad Pro case with two straps – for your hands and shoulder. TSQ iPad rugged case provides 360-degree protection to your premium tablet. TSQ has used a plastic bumper on the back to resist high impact. Moreover, it offers a sturdy 360-degree foldable kickstand to watch videos.

TSQ has used three layers of a hybrid defender to give extra protection to your iPad Pro. Your tablet is protected by a robust PC shell, drop-proof silicone outer cover, and a front frame. This multi-layer security ensures your tablet is safe inside the cocoon.

6. Poetic TurtleSkin

Offer strong defense to your iPad against any accidental falls. With Poetic TurtleSkin, your tablet will come out unscathed from any bumps thanks to the powerful outer shell. The turtle shell design not just boosts its strengths but also provides enhanced grip.

The quality silicone construction is pretty soft to the touch. While the cutouts allow easy access to all the functions, the responsive buttons let you easily control your device. What’s more, TurtleSkin’s case is available in four attractive colors including black, blue, green, and purple.


Heavy-duty cases with wide and raised edges usually prevent users from typing on the screen keyboard. SKYLMW has taken special care of this feedback and designed this heavy-duty case that allows you to interact with your iPad screen effortlessly. You can use the Notes app and other productivity apps with remarkable ease and finesse.

This kid-friendly iPad Pro case is easy to install. SKYLMW knows you will use your tablet as a substitute for a laptop, and therefore, it has provided kickstand for better convenience. You will love to watch videos and type long content on your large tablet.

8. Valkit

Valkit has packed two crucial features in this heavy-duty case: lightweight and slim design. People hardly think of a heavy-duty case to be slim. But Valkit has made it possible with its excellent design and marvelous engineering. This semi-transparent, matte-finished case has a rugged profile.

Don’t miss that extra protection for four corners; Valkit has processed those corners with premium quality TPC, which is thickened to avoid damage when you drop your iPad accidentally.

9. TianTa

TianTa presents a range of colorful iPad Pro cases for kids. Since children are more likely to drop the tablet, TianTa has installed two straps to carry your iPad in hand and hang it down the shoulder. Silicone skin, plastic frame, and a plastic shell create three-layer protection for your iPad.

The case is precisely cut so that your kids can quickly access essential buttons and ports on their iPad. The rotatable kickstand allows you to adjust the screen of your tablet while watching videos and using the FaceTime app.

10. Fintie

Fintie’s Tuatara magic ring is a notable feature in this iPad Pro heavy-duty case. With this ring, you can hold your tablet securely in your hands, and the same ring can be used as a kickstand to watch videos. You can adjust the ring in vertical and horizontal modes and fine-tune different angles.

Fintie has used two layers of TPU skin and PC hard shell to protect your iPad Pro against shock and impact. Also, check a dedicated Apple Pencil slot to carry your stylus with you always. The built-in screen guard protects your iPad screen from scratches.

That’s all for now!

Your Favorite?

Which one of these heavy-duty cases has impressed you? Let us know its name and the quality you have liked in the protective suit.

Personally, the one quality I like a lot in these cases is the robust construction that offers a reliable safeguard to your iPad against drops. Besides, they are available at affordable prices.

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