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These are the Best Cloud Gaming Consoles Right Now Get the best out of cloud gaming




Cloud gaming consoles offer a convenient and hassle-free way to play high-quality games on various devices.

Whether you’re looking for a service with large game libraries or the ability to play on multiple devices, there’s a cloud gaming console for you.



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readers this month.

Are you interested in knowing the best cloud gaming consoles? Then, follow us through this article.

Cloud gaming has become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing users to play high-quality video games on various devices, including consoles.

However, with so many options on the market, it can take time to decide which cloud gaming console is right for you. So here we will be discussing our educated recommendations.

Does cloud gaming work on consoles?

A few users have been curious and brought up the question. The simple answer is Yes; cloud gaming can work on a console.

Several major gaming companies, including Microsoft, Sony, and Google, have released or announced cloud gaming consoles allowing users to stream games directly to their television or other devices.

And for many users, cloud gaming has brought the following benefits:

Always up-to-date – Cloud gaming services automatically update their games, so you’ll always have access to the latest content and features.

Subscription-based pricing – Some cloud gaming services offer a subscription-based pricing model, which can be more affordable than purchasing individual games.

Play on any device – Cloud gaming allows you to play games on various devices, including your console, PC, laptop, or mobile phone. This can be incredibly convenient if you want to play games on the go.

Easy setup and installation – With cloud gaming, there’s no need to worry about installing games or updates. Instead, the cloud gaming service handles everything, so you can start playing immediately.

Access to a more extensive library of games – With cloud gaming, you can access a broader range of games without purchasing each one individually.

Now let us explore some of the best cloud gaming consoles.

What are the best cloud gaming consoles right now and coming soon?

A first look is Xbox through the Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Microsoft offers users access to over 100 games that can be played on Xbox consoles, PC, and Android devices via the cloud. It also includes access to online multiplayer, free monthly games, and discounts on other games and content.

One of the main benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the wide range of available games, including popular titles such as Minecraft, Gears 5, and Forza Horizon 4.

Lastly, Xbox, through this service, allows users to try out new games without committing to a complete purchase. Hence, they can access the games as long as they are subscribed to the service.

Additional features:

Access to multiplayer games

Free monthly games

No upfront fee for single purchases

⇒ Get Xbox

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The Best Vpn Deals Right Now

There are so many VPNs to choose from, and if you’re having trouble deciding what one to choose for your own internet privacy and security, then we’re here to help.

One of the biggest deciding factors in purchasing a long-term commitment to software is the cost, so in this roundup, we’ll discuss some of the best VPN deals you can get right now.

Although free VPNs are undoubtedly the easiest on your wallet, they’re not exactly the toughest on your privacy and security, so we don’t particularly recommend them. For that reason, we’ll focus on some of the most fairly-priced paid VPN options available at this point in time in this piece.

If you’re unsure what a VPN is or how to use one, then allow me to point you to our in-depth piece on why and how to use a VPN before you read on any further.

Running list of best VPN deals

When looking for a budget-friendly VPN, you typically want to find one where you only have to pay once to use it. Recurring payments that come from subscription-based models will add up and may surpass the prices of one-time payments.

Nevertheless, amid the recent governmental decision to block the FCC’s bid for internet privacy in the United States, many VPN providers (including subscription-based ones) are offering limited time sale prices that might be worth the investment.

Price isn’t necessarily everything though, so be sure to pay attention to device limitations, as some VPNs  limit the number of devices you can use with a single subscription.

Private Internet Access: $60 for two years

Certainly one of the best VPNs of all time, Private Internet Access is a dependable VPN service that provides you with several worldwide servers, good web browsing encryption, ad and tracker blockers, and censorship bypassing.

In my personal review, I demonstrated just how fast the service really is and illustrated how it cloaks your IP address so you can browse the web in complete confidence that your information isn’t being logged or traced back to you.

At just $60 for a two-year subscription through iDB Deals, you’re getting 63% off of the $166 retail price.

Hotspot Shield Elite Plus VPN: $70 lifetime subscription

Hotspot Shield has been around for a very long time and their Elite Plus VPN is nothing short of an impressive guard against hackers and unwanted web data traces.

With the ability to bypass censorship and protect yourself from malware, all while staying completely anonymous as you browse the web, the Hotspot Shield Elite Plus VPN could become your best friend while browsing in public coffee shops and restaurants.

At just $70 for the lifetime subscription through iDB Deals, you’re getting 65% off the $200 retail price. This is one of the best VPN deals you can score right now.

TigerVPN: $39 lifetime subscription

TigerVPN offers military-grade encryption for up to two of your devices with connectivity to 15 worldwide servers in 11 countries that can keep up with 10Gbps speed demands.

More importantly, special firewall software and IP-mashing help work together to protect your privacy and secure you from visiting potentially harmful websites.

At just $29 for the lifetime subscription through iDB Deals, you’re getting 95% off of the $780 retail price.

VPN Forever: $30 lifetime subscription

VPN Forever is another viable candidate for increasing your privacy and getting around annoying institutional website blocks. It comes standard with unlimited bandwidth and support for all of your devices

With servers located in Canada, the U.K., and throughout Europe, you can dodge these pesky blocks and mask your IP address from unwanted eyes, all while keeping your internet data private.

At just $30 for the lifetime subscription through iDB Deals, you’re getting 92% off of the $395 retail price.

VPN Unlimited: $40 lifetime subscription

VPN Unlimited is one of the world’s best VPN services and gives you access on up to 10 of your devices.

With unlimited traffic bandwidth and 53 worldwide servers in 39 countries, you can hide your browsing data and spoof your location to easily protect your privacy and get around annoying blocks.

At just $40 for the lifetime subscription through iDB Deals, you’re getting 92% off the $500 retail price.

Zoog VPN: $40 lifetime subscription

Zoog VPN shouldn’t be counted out of the mix, as it offers premium features like zero data logging, internet censorship bypassing, encryption to evade unwanted attention, and more.

With support for as many as five devices, you can protect all or most of your home devices with servers that are dedicated to high-speed performance.

At just $40 for the lifetime subscription through iDB Deals, you’re getting 94% off the $710 retail price. $40 lifetime subscription

Complete with more than 40 servers spread out across 30 countries, all of which give you the fastest speeds possible, chúng tôi lets you access the service with as many as five devices at once.

At just $40 for the lifetime subscription through iDB Deals, you’re getting 96% off of the $1296 retail price.

OneVPN: $50 lifetime subscription

OneVPN is reliable and gives you access to 60 worldwide server locations in 21 countries on up to three devices.

Complete with ad-blockers, malware protection, firewalls, and 256-bit encryption, OneVPN not only secures your internet connection, but it cleans it up too.

At just $50 for the lifetime subscription through iDB Deals, you’re getting 89% off of the $477 retail price.

NordVPN: $79 for two years

NordVPN, which is one of the world’s most popular and reliable VPN services. They recently unveiled a limited time two-year deal for anyone looking to get hooked up with internet privacy and security.

With a beautiful app UI, multiple server options to pick from, end-to-end encryption, and zero tracking logs, NordVPN promises to be one of the most secure VPNs you can use today.

At just $79 for a two-year subscription through NordVPN, you’re getting 72% off of the $287 retail price.

Windscribe VPN: $49 lifetime subscription

Windscribe VPN has certainly earned its reputation for being a good service over the years by offering its users with state-of-the-art privacy. Complete with ad-blocking, zero log-keeping, and strong encryption, you can use Windscribe VPN to keep your information safe from prying eyes.

Windscribe VPN doesn’t impose device limits, so you can use as many of your devices with the service as you want under a single subscription. Each device is also protected by a firewall that keeps malware from striking.

At just $80 for the lifetime subscription through iDB Deals, you’re getting 94% off the $900 retail price.

PureVPN: $89 lifetime subscription

PureVPN provides up to five of your devices with all of the web browsing privacy and security that they need.

With the incredibly diverse server selection, which includes 550 servers in 141 countries, your information is encrypted and gets where it needs to go when you need to get around blocks and mask your IP address.

At just $89 for the lifetime subscription through iDB deals, you’re getting 85% off the $597 retail price.

Wrapping up

These are some of the best VPN deals available on the market right now, but we still encourage you to do some research on VPN services before making a committal purchase.

We’ve built a curated list of what we believe are some of the best VPN services to use on your daily devices for maximum performance and protection against hackers that are worth checking out if you’re serious about your security. The aforementioned alternative list isn’t necessarily built around a budget-friendly foundation like this list is, however.

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Here Are The 12 Best Discovery Plus Shows To Stream Right Now

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Discovery Plus launched in January 2023, offering its users tons of non-scripted shows and movies from Discovery’s lineup of cable channels. It also has a growing number of original and exclusive shows. But which of these Discovery Plus shows are the best ones to watch?

We will offer our picks for the best Discovery Plus shows you can check out right now. Keep in mind that your personal preferences for the service’s content might be somewhat different, depending on your interests in certain subject matters.

As of this writing, the recently combined Warner Bros Discovery has plans to merge this service with HBO Max sometime in 2023, and it will relaunch under a different name. In the meantime, you can subscribe to Discovery Plus for as low as $4.99 at the link below.

Discovery Plus

The streaming service offers on-demand TV shows from the Discovery lineup of non-scripted TV channels, plus exclusive shows.

See price at Discovery Plus

Best Discovery Plus shows

Editor’s note: We will be updating our best Discovery Plus show list in the months ahead.



Discovery Plus got a lot of attention in the summer of 2023 with this three-part documentary series. The filmmakers behind this show got heavy access to former President Donald Trump, as well as his children and associates. The show has interviews with Trump and displays his reactions to the results of the 2023 election. The footage is so unique, it was used as evidence in the January 6 Committee in the US Congress.

American Detective


Lt. Joe Kenda, a former police detective, is the host of this true crime program. He lends some authenticity to the proceedings, as he tells the stories of other police detectives from around the nation. The stories they told about truly wild murder cases would even make a Hollywood screenwriter think they are not real, but they actually happened.

House of Hammer


Speaking of true crime, this Discovery Plus original documentary takes a look at Armie Hammer and his very rich family. Hammer’s growing career as an actor in films like The Social Network and others went off the rails after he was accused of rape and other abusive crimes by former girlfriends. The documentary shows that Hammer’s family has been at the center of alleged crimes and scandal for decades.

Ghost Adventures


Show Art

There have been many “ghost hunting” TV shows over the years. However, we think the most entertaining one is this show hosted by Zack Bagans. He and his team regularly go into homes and locations all over the world that are supposed to be haunted and try to document real supernatural events in these places. Bagans is an entertaining host and investigator, and that makes Ghost Adventures one of the best Discovery Plus shows. You can also check out many Ghost Adventures spinoff series on the service.

Guy’s Grocery Games


Cooking shows are a genre that remains hugely popular. It’s hard to make it stand out from the crowd, but Guy’s Grocery Games does just that. It combines a cooking competition show with the premise of the game show Supermarket Sweep. Chefs go shopping in a simulated grocery for the right items for a tasty dish, and a panel of judges gives their verdict on their culinary creations. Plus, there’s the host and chef Guy Fieri who makes things very entertaining.

90 Day Fiancé


If you live outside the US, you can come into the country and stay here if you marry a US citizen within 90 days of arriving. That’s the very basic premise of this dating and relationship show, as couples find each other and apply for the K-1 visa. Of course, it’s not as simple as that, as many couples find they are incompatible, sometimes before the 90 days time limit expires and sometimes afterward. You can also check out plenty of spinoffs for this series on Discovery Plus.

Selling the Hamptons


Real estate selling shows are another sub-genre that continues to be popular. One of the best Discovery Plus shows focuses on a group of real estate agents that try to sell high-priced houses in the Hamptons area of New York to very rich customers. It’s not all about open houses and house tours, as various agents have the occasional conflict with each other.

Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed


Hillsong is a massive church that was established in Australia by its lead pastor Brian Houston in the 1980s. It expanded quickly worldwide with many locations, including a few in the US. It also spread its contemporary Christian message through TV channels and other ventures. This three-part documentary takes a look at this organization and pastor Houston, who left the church earlier in 2023 due to allegations of misconduct with at least two women in the recent past.

Deadliest Catch 


Sometimes reality shows truly get real. That’s one of the reasons Deadliest Catch is such a great show. Fishermen based in a port in Alaska go into the Bering Sea to catch fish and king crabs during certain times of the year. It’s highly dangerous, and even deadly, work, and the show doesn’t stray from showing how often these fishermen risk their lives on these relatively small boats trying to just make a living.

Best Discovery Plus shows — honorable mentions

As we mentioned, there are a ton of shows to check out on this service, and here are a few more that didn’t quite make the main best list:

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives — If you are looking for some great restaurants that don’t have Michelin stars, check out this series that has 42 seasons (yep, that’s not a typo) to stream on the service.

Love it or List it — In each episode, a couple is debating whether to sell their home or revamp it and stay put. A real estate agent and a designer tempt them with those choices in this show that has 19 seasons to stream.

Love Off the Grid — People who are used to living in the city want to find love with people who want to live in very remote areas in this dating series.

Crikey! It’s The Erwins — The wife and children of the late “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Erwin continue his legacy of wildlife conservation at the Australian Zoo in this series.

Planet Earth — Discovery Plus has a lot of nature and science series from the BBC, and this might be its best show, looking at different natural habitats on our planet.

That’s our list of the best Discovery Plus shows you can watch right now. The service offers plenty of other great shows, though, so make sure to sign up for the service if you want to check them out.

What Do We Know About The Next Generation Gaming Consoles

If you’re an avid console gamer, you know how exciting it is to hear about all the new console news being released. Whether it’s a brand new console or a remix of an older model, there’s always something to look forward to.

We’ve had relative silence when it comes to the new models of each of the main three consoles, but details are slowly trickling through. Here’s what we know about each console so far.

What’s New for the Nintendo Switch?

If you think about what Nintendo has done with their past portable consoles, it’s easy to see that that the Switch will get a luxury and budget-friendly variant. The 3DS, for instance, had both the larger XL version and the cheaper 2DS without the 3D vision.

Rumors have stated that both a luxury and economy version are currently being developed, with a release date of late 2023. The luxury version will be aimed at “avid gamers,” which could tackle some issues people have with the console, such as low processing power and no native ethernet support. The budget version may strip off some of the unneeded features of the console to lower the price, such as controller vibration.

What’s New for the PlayStation 4?

The PS4, however, already has its luxury and economy versions: the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim, respectively. As such, Sony’s sights are less on remixing the PS4 and more pushing ahead with their new console, presumably called the PlayStation 5.

There has been confirmation that Sony is working on a successor to the PS4, and some of the details coming out sound very good. For one, Sony has learned from the awful PS4’s backward compatibility issues, which left a foul taste in the mouths of gamers who adopted the console early and wanted to play their PS3 games. Not only will the PS5 be fully compatible with PS4 games, but PS5 players can still play online games with PS4 owners.

Sony has also confirmed that PlayStation VR owners need not fear – their kit will work on the PS4. PSVR is the best option for anyone who wants to get into virtual reality console gaming, so this will be a breath of relief for people who invested in the unit.

The PS5 won’t slack off in the specifications department. It uses a bespoke 8-core AMD processor, a GPU that borrows from the Radeon Navi line, and support for 8K televisions. As such, this is not simply another rehashing of the PS4; this is a deliberate and significant jump ahead of the previous unit, ready for the future of gaming.

If this sounds exciting, it’s best to start saving for it now. While a price point hasn’t been confirmed yet, the console won’t be released until mid-2023 at the earliest.

What’s New for the Xbox One?

With Microsoft’s odd naming pattern for their consoles, we have no clue what their next console will be called. At the moment we know it’s under its codename “Project Scarlett,” and it boasts a range of features that will please any Xbox fan.

One of its most impressive features is its full backward compatibility with every Xbox console. That’s right, it can go as far back as the original Xbox! If you’ve been a loyal Xbox gamer until now, this will be a great time to dust off that collection. It will also carry over all your previous achievements to your new console.

Project Scarlett’s specs are somewhat similar to the PS5’s, with a processor using the Navi architecture and support up to 8K resolution. The new console has boasted an impressive 120FPS limit, which will be a good selling point if the games manage to achieve such levels with the hardware.

Project Scarlett’s main focus is to get rid of the loading screen. If it can’t achieve that with a game, it will instead focus on making it load as fast as possible.

The Next Generation

In the console wars, each company has to bring their best to prevent themselves from being left behind. Whether it’s a brand new console or a new version of an existing one, the rumors of these new consoles show that the gaming world will be an exciting place in the coming year or two.

Which are you looking forward to the most? Let us know below.

Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.

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The Business Intelligence Analyst Are Right Profession For You

You can now determine if a Business Intelligence analyst is the right career path for you.

Do you want to combine your love for data analytics with the ability to shape and support companies A business Intelligence Analyst is responsible for analyzing large amounts of data in a company to make suggestions for improvement and development?

The Business Intelligence Analyst, just like the Analysts and Data Scientists is in high demand and is the fastest-growing job in the technological and business worlds Business Intelligence Analyst can be the key to a company’s success. They are responsible for supporting an enterprise.

What’s a Business Intelligence Analyst?

Business Intelligence analysts are responsible for acquiring business data in many ways. This includes extracting company data digitally, looking at competitor data, and researching industry trends. The data they collect helps to create a picture of a company’s market competitiveness. A business intelligence analyst analyzes data to create financial and market intelligence reports. These reports help companies make informed decisions and recognize patterns in the market.

It is crucial to have the right combination of technical skills, professional experience, deep knowledge, and education about different software in order to access and evaluate data.

What are Their Roles?

Business intelligence analysts are responsible for gathering and interpreting data and communicating the results to the right people. You can further break down these elements into specific tasks that can all help improve the company’s overall performance. Here’s an example of how a data collection project might look:

Storing the Data: You should save the company’s information on your computer database. This database will need to be kept up to date frequently. You may also need to establish operational procedures to make the system work. You may need to set up operating procedures in order to use the database.

Apt Utilization of The Result: The findings of the investigation can be used to support recommendations for actions that will improve the company’s performance or help it grow.

Preparation of The Analytical Reports: Create analytic reports that summarize findings and distribute them via the existing communication channels to all relevant stakeholders.

You will need to work with people from both within and outside your company to keep up with industry trends. To ensure that data flows are tracked and can be analyzed, summarized, and sent to the correct people, you’ll need to keep an eye on them.

Skills Requirement to Become Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analysts use data, statistical analysis, and visualization to help create predictive models that will aid them in making better decisions. They often look back at past data to understand the results. You should study the following skills if you wish to become a business intelligence analyst:

Descriptive analytics

Predictive analytics

Data collection methods

A/B testing


Correlation and causation

Regression analysis

Data visualization and interpretation

Communication and problem-solving are also skills you should have.

Analysts in business intelligence may work in many fields including finance and accounting.

Why should One Choose This Role? 1. Opportunity to Communicate and Network

Business Intelligence Analysts (BIA) are expected to work with nearly every stakeholder in a project, including the Project Manager, Client (Primary stakeholders, End-users), Finance, Procurement, Higher Management such as the President, Directors, as well as vendors. Analysts often have the opportunity to travel to clients to learn complicated processes under new and challenging conditions and to expand their network.

2. A Fast-Paced Career

Business intelligence analysts have many responsibilities. They must manage multiple aspects of a project while being flexible and approachable. BIA is a highly-sought profession in any organization.

3. A Potential Progressive Career Path

After you have gained significant experience as a Business Intelligence Analyst for 3-5 years, you can choose your future path. You can specialize in one technology/domain and work as a Functional Analyst or as an IT Business Analyst. This bridges the gap between technology and business. You should also consider Project Management if you are looking to move up in management. They have the required experience and skills.

BIA’s involvement in almost every aspect of a project is unquestionable. Business intelligence analysis is a promising career that will allow you to follow your passions and achieve the success you want.

Also read:

Best 10 Email Marketing Tools in 2023

4. Respect and Visibility within The Organization

5. Attractive Remuneration

Business analysts receive handsome compensation based on their expertise, talents, or capabilities. This is a highly rewarding job compared to the average global salary for Analysts. An average Business Intelligence Analyst makes $55,000 annually, and earnings increase with experience and performance.

6. Professional Excellence is Acknowledged

An analyst’s recognition and acknowledgment are high because of their expertise in project management and business analysis. Analysts are highly valued for their ability to manage projects and ensure the smooth operation of multiple operations. Analysts are motivated to achieve new heights by the adulation.

7. Over time, Communication and Soft Skills are Developed

Although soft skills are commonly thought to only include adaptability, teamwork, and collaboration, they cover much more.

8. Exposure to A Variety of Disciplines

A Business Analyst’s skills are domain-independent, and they are able to manage tasks from multiple domains. This makes it less common for them to be domain-focused. An analyst can gain exposure and experience in a wide range of areas such as banking, finance, and information technology.

Analysts’ efficiency does not depend on the field in which they work. Instead, they gain experience from different domains, increasing their job suitability and knowledge.

6 Ways Chatgpt Is Actually Useful Right Now

It’s not difficult to see what all the fuss is about if you try it out for yourself. You can engage the bot in conversation on just about any topic, and it will respond with coherent, human-like answers by using its text prediction technology.

Once you’ve played around with it, you might wonder if there’s actually any real use to ChatGPT—other than ethically dubious purposes, like cheating on essays. But there are already a lot of ways it can help you day to day.

1. Learn to code

ChatGPT is an impressive coder, no doubt thanks to the reams of code that it’s sucked up during training. While human programmers still have the edge, ChatGPT can be really handy if you want to learn languages such as HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, or Swift.

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Just ask ChatGPT to give you the code for a specific functionality, like “write the HTML to center an image,” and that’s what you’ll get back. It’s that simple. You can also use the bot as a debugging tool by copying and pasting lines of code into it and asking it why they’re not working. If you need clarification on anything, just ask.

2. Find ideas for activities

One way to sidestep any ChatGPT inaccuracies is to ask it for suggestions rather than hard facts. For example, you could request ideas for games for toddlers, outdoor activities for adults, or fun ways to pass the time on a long car journey.

If ChatGPT’s suggestions aren’t suitable, you can get the bot to refine them. Ask for games that need less preparation or don’t take as long to play. You can also request ideas for activities you can do in any kind of weather or that people of any age can enjoy. The bot won’t get tired of throwing out more recommendations.

3. Prepare for an interview

ChatGPT doesn’t know for sure what questions might come your way at your next job interview, but it can give you some kind of idea of what to expect and help you prepare. We wouldn’t rely on it entirely for interview prep, but it can certainly help.

The more specific you can be about the type of job you’re going for and the format of the interview, the better. Type in something like “questions asked at face-to-face customer service jobs,” for example. While there’s no guarantee that ChatGPT will get it exactly right, it will be able to draw on its training to make some decent guesses.

4. Generate writing prompts

As you would expect from publications like Popular Science, we think there’s plenty of life left in human authors before AI takes over. The text that ChatGPT produces is no doubt groundbreaking, but also tends to be rather generic and repetitive, as you would expect from a large-scale autocorrect machine.

However, the bot can be great at giving you prompts for writing ideas, which you can then work on yourself. Ask it about character or scenario prompts, for example, or get its thoughts on what might happen next in a certain situation. This can work for any kind of writing, from a novel to a wedding speech. It may not be able to write as well as you, but it can help you brainstorm

5. Get music, TV, and movie recommendations

The version of ChatGPT that’s available to the public only has information up to 2023, but with that limitation in mind you can ask it about movies, TV shows, and music that’s similar to stuff you already like. The answers can be hit or miss, but they might be good options to explore.

You can also ask ChatGPT about obscure and little-known songs by your favorite bands that are worth discovering. We tested the platform by asking about the works of R.E.M. and it came up with a really good and appropriate answer (the song “Camera”), before proceeding to give us incorrect information about the track length and style. That’s ChatGPT in a nutshell.

Obviously, ChatGPT won’t know the intricacies of your own situation, but it can generate a list of considerations to weigh up, some of which you might not otherwise have thought about. We wouldn’t recommend living your life entirely based on ChatGPT’s opinions, but it can still be helpful if you don’t know where to start tackling a particular problem.

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