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AirPods 3 launched last October. With a brand new design, Spatial Audio technology, and a $50 price increase, these wireless earbuds try to bring the original AirPods experience to another level. But are they as magical as the first version was?

AirPods changed the way people use wireless earbuds. With instant connection and great sound quality, AirPods also got the impressive feature of understanding when you take one earbud out and also made it possible to connect your AirPods automatically with any Apple device associated with your ID.

With the AirPods 3, Apple was able to improve the sound quality, the instant recognition of whether they were in your ears, and so much more. That said, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently reported that sales of AirPods 3 aren’t as good as they should be, with Apple cutting orders for this product by over 30% for the second and third quarters of this year.

Kuo explained that demand for AirPods 3 is “significantly weaker” than AirPods 2 due to the “failed product segmentation strategy.”

AirPods 3 orders for 2-3Q22 have been cut by 30%+. Due to the failed product segmentation strategy, demand for AirPods 3 is significantly weaker than for AirPods 2. AirPods Pro may get discontinued after Apple launches AirPods Pro 2 in 2H22 to avoid repeating the same mistake.

— 郭明錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) April 5, 2023

Different from the original AirPods and its second generation, which Apple only kept selling the second one, the company has a more diverse lineup made of the second and third generations, as well as Pro and Max models.

With great deals regarding AirPods Pro and AirPods 2, is it justifiable to buy AirPods 3 at the moment?

Are AirPods 3 worth the money?

So far, I have had the greatest experience with AirPods 3. I do enjoy AirPods Pro, but for casual listening and working out, the third-generation AirPods are a killer. I don’t feel them in my ear, they have a secure fit, and their sound improved a lot. With better bass and Spatial Audio technology, I can enjoy my favorite albums without losing a beat.

I also think AirPods 3 are great wireless earbuds for calls and virtual meetings. With extended battery life, I don’t need to worry about participating in lots of meetings throughout the afternoon. Another selling point for these buds is the MagSafe compatibility – it’s so much easier to put them down to charge wirelessly and know that they are really charging.

Last but not least, AirPods 3 also hint at a technology the future AirPods Pro 2 could have, which is the skin-detect sensor. This could be used for health monitoring on these rumored wireless earbuds.

What Apple should do to improve sales?

While I praise Apple for giving users so many choices regarding AirPods, I think AirPods 3 will feel like a better deal a few months from now. I strongly believe AirPods Pro 2 will cost more than the current model. Not only that, but I also think Apple will take AirPods 2 out of the lineup.


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What To Expect From The Rumored Airpods 3 And Airpods Pro 2 Updates

Following the introduction of AirPods Max in December, Apple reportedly has updates on the way for the rest of its AirPods lineup in 2023. This year, we expect Apple to introduce a new version of its incredibly popular AirPods and AirPods Pro, bringing major changes to both of them. Here’s everything we know so far.

Update February 22, 2023:

AirPods 3

The second-generation AirPods were initially released in March 2023, bringing “Hey Siri” support and Qi wireless charging. The overall design and form factor of AirPods has stayed the same since their original release in December 2023, so they are overdue for some sort of visual redesign.

If AirPods and AirPods Pro feature a similar design, what differentiates them and helps Apple justify the higher-price of AirPods Pro? According to Bloomberg, the AirPods would lack higher-end AirPods Pro features like noise cancellation and transparency mode.

Recently-leaked images from 52audio also claim to offer our first real-world look at the redesigned AirPods 3. Here we can see the smaller stem, in-ear design, and redesigned battery case.

As far as a release, both Kuo and Bloomberg expect Apple to release AirPods 3 sometime in 2023. Pricing information is unclear, but at least one report has suggested that AirPods 3 will cost roughly 20% less than AirPods Pro, which indicates a $199 price point.

Apple currently sells AirPods with wired charging case for $159 and AirPods with wireless charging case for $199.

AirPods Pro 2

Meanwhile, Apple is also reportedly planning a new version of AirPods Pro in 2023, again with a completely new design. This time, Apple is reportedly planning to make AirPods Pro look quite a bit like some of the competitors on the market from Amazon and Samsung.

Bloomberg has reported that the second-gen AirPods Pro will feature a “more compact” design that removes the stem that current sticks out from the bottom of the AirPods Pro. “A design in testing has a more rounded shape that fills more of a user’s a ear,” the report explained, likening the design to offerings from Samsung and Amazon.

For those unfamiliar, the Amazon Echo buds feature a stem-less design that is completely round and rests inside the user’s ear.

Amazon Echo Buds

These changes, however, are not guaranteed. Apple is said to have faced challenges removing the AirPods Pro stem while also still including features like transparency mode, the H1 chip, and noise cancellations. As such, Apple might settle on a less ambitious redesign of the AirPods Pro.

Another change to expect with AirPods Pro in 2023 is a redesigned charging case. The redesigned AirPods Pro charging case will reportedly remain 21mm thick, while it will be 46mm tall and 54mm wide. For comparison’s sake, the current AirPods Pro charging case measures in at 45.2mm tall and 60.6mm wide.

One possibility here is that Apple is adjusting the design of the AirPods Pro charging case to include support for MagSafe. Currently, AirPods Pro can be charged on the MagSafe puck, but the charging case does not magnetically attach to it. Apple would also have to redesign the charging case if it plans to change the form factor of the earbuds themselves.

AirPods Pro 2 are expected to be priced at the same $249 price point as the current AirPods Pro, and reports have suggested a release could come as soon as April.

9to5Mac’s Take

Apple’s decision to redesign the form factor of AirPods is likely to be controversial. There are many people who actively prefer the AirPods design over the in-ear fit of AirPods Pro. In fact, a poll of 9to5Mac readers last month indicated that 42% of readers prefer the AirPods design compared to 53% who prefer the AirPods Pro.

Apple’s decision to include different ear tip sizes in the box with AirPods will likely make them appeal to a broader set of users who otherwise wouldn’t like the “universal” design.

On the other hand, the redesigned AirPods Pro certainly sound intriguing, but again, design changes to headphones and earbuds are always bound to be controversial. Removing the stem and going for a rounded design is a major design change for AirPods Pro.

What’s interesting is that we haven’t yet heard any details about new features for AirPods or AirPods Pro. All of the reports so far have been based on supply chain sources, which often only have insight into the physical design of products, not potential new software features.

What do you think of the AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro 2 rumors? Are you looking forward to the rumored design changes or do you prefer the current design?

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When Competition Is Bad For Consumers

Copying rivals

Few companies in any industry are genuinely focused on doing something new. Probably the most pernicious influence of that keenly felt competition is the need to keep an eye on what your rivals are doing. Any success they have must be emulated. That’s how we reach a situation where countless manufacturers are producing smartphones, but they all look extremely similar and have virtually identical features and functionality.

It’s a given that any successful product is going to dictate new directions and competitors will copy elements of it, or sometimes even rip it off wholesale. But at some point that copying habit goes beyond what has actually been successful with consumers. Companies can’t afford to be late to the party and so they start emulating everything their rivals are doing. They are being guided by their competition and spending huge amounts of money to try and gain an edge with incremental improvements to existing standards.

Instead of forging ahead with new innovations companies begin to focus on how they can protect what they produce. Time and resources plowed into patents and legal teams are diverted from the creative end of the business where you need huge investment to produce great products. But if you’re fundamentally risk-averse then it’s much cheaper to copy a successful idea and build on it than it is to come up with a new one.

Closed ecosystems

Set the interests of the tech giants aside for a moment and think about this from the consumer perspective. Why can’t we just buy the best products as determined by us and have all of our digital content work across all of them? Why can’t rival systems be synced together? Why can’t we have universal standards for accessories?

The idea that your library of apps and purchased content can’t travel with you to a new device looks increasingly like blackmail. You’re never going to get the best possible experience if you have to buy all your devices from one company. How much energy are these companies putting into closing their ecosystems down and avoiding cross compatibility?

Competition is supposed to boost quality and choice. Closed ecosystems seem like the opposite of that.

Where’s the creativity?

Companies get used to planning in terms of their rivals all the time and closing things down. These attitudes become deeply ingrained over time. The agility and creativity you need to come up with new innovations is stifled by huge, overbearing corporate structures. There’s a reason that most of the giants of tech buy in their new ideas now. They lack the atmosphere internally to come up with them and it’s easier to acquire a startup and assimilate them.

Most of the genuine innovation in tech today is coming from small companies and the growing crowd-funded movement that can catapult someone with a good idea into business. If they gain any measure of success then the lucky ones get bought out, the unlucky ones have their idea copied by a company with a much bigger marketing machine that rolls in, undercuts them, and takes over the market.

Without startups and crowd-sourcing where would the new ideas in tech be coming from? The very competition that was supposed to drive progress is now stifling it. The sad thing is that collaboration between rivals can be mutally beneficial. Perhaps instead of focussing on what the competition is doing, it’s time that companies concentrated on what consumers want.

Apple Airpods Pro Vs Huawei Freebuds 3: The Pro Or The Clone?

Which one has a better design?

Both earbuds have sensors on the inside and outside that allow them to auto-pause when one is removed from your ear.

On the other hand, the AirPods Pro features a brand new design that most people will still find familiar. Just like the good ‘ol wired earbuds of the past, the AirPods Pro come with three different silicone eartips – large, medium, and small. This change helps account for the variety in human ears, meaning they’ll comfortably fit a wider range of people. Not everyone will find a perfect fit, but Apple finally seemed to realize how important a good seal is for blocking outside sound from reaching your ears. There’s even a fit test that you can take in order to make sure that you’re using the correct eartips. To no one’s surprise, this test can only be done from an an iOS device.

The AirPods Pro and the Freebuds 3 both come with super portable charging cases that snap shut magnetically.

The cases for each pair of ‘buds are similar, though not identical. The AirPods Pro has a rectangular case while the Freebuds 3 have a circular case, but both are super easy to use and even easier to carry around in your pocket. The smooth white plastic is fairly similar on both, and the lid snaps shut almost exactly the same. There’s even a similar metal hinge on there back of both cases. Taking either pair of ‘buds one out of its respective case is almost the exact same experience. Magnets help both earbuds snap into place so you don’t have to worry about whether or not they’re charging.

Between the new design that prioritizes a better fit and the fact that the Freebuds 3 design is just a rip off of the original AirPods, this was a pretty easy one to judge. The AirPods Pro wins this category by a landslide.

Winner: AirPods Pro

Which true wireless earbuds have better active noise cancelling?

The primary feature Apple and HUAWEI tout for their earbuds is active noise cancelling, so let’s compare. The way to read the graphs below is easier than it looks. All you need to know is that the higher the peaks, the more noise is being cancelled. The closer the line is to 0dB (or if it’s flat), the less outside noise is being cancelled.

Which one sounds better?

When it comes down to it, these are both still earbuds and sound quality is still important. Obviously, neither is going to give you reference-level quality or over-ear amounts of bass due to the small drivers inside, but that doesn’t mean they sound bad. For earbuds, they both actually sound pretty good, though they take different approaches.

By looking at the  frequency response graphs for both pairs of earbuds, you can see that the AirPods Pro tends to have a slight bump in the low end (pink), which means that bass notes will sound a little louder when compared to other notes. Compare that to the Freebuds 3, which has a sharp dip in the low end that trails off in the deep lows, and it’s easier to understand why the Freebuds have such weak bass response. This is most likely due to the open-air fit of the Freebuds 3, while silicone eartips help seal up the AirPods Pro. By physically blocking your ear canal, rather than just sitting in it, the AirPods Pro are able to keep a lot of those low-end frequencies in your ear instead of leaking them out.

This concept also applies to outside sounds coming in. Where the AirPods Pro block outside sound by physically being in your ears, the Freebuds 3 let sound in easily, making it harder for you to hear the low-end notes of your favorite songs.

The earbuds fit snug in the ear canal now thanks to dedicated nozzles.

That said, the story changes a bit as we move up the frequency response graph. Where the HUAWEI Freebuds 3 appear to have a relatively flat line in the mids (pink to green), meaning there is no extra emphasis given to those notes, the AirPods Pro line is a little bumpy in that area. This means instruments like guitars and vocals, which reside in these frequencies, will sound a little clearer and more natural on the Freebuds 3 since there is little to no extra volume given to them.

The highs were more emphasized in the Freebuds 3 when compared to the AirPods Pro, so cymbals and certain aspects of human vocals should sound a little louder. That makes sense since the design of the Freebuds 3 allows outside noise in. The extra emphasis in the highs should help you hear those extra details.

The HUAWEI Freebuds 3 have a touch-sensitive stem that you can tap for playback controls or to activate the active noise cancelling.

So which one sounds better? As always, sound quality mainly comes down to preference, but in this situation, it also helps to think about the use case. The AirPods and Freebuds are probably going to be used as an everyday pair of ‘buds that you’ll carry everywhere. Because of that, you’ll likely get a better experience from the AirPods Pro since the ear tips allow for better isolation from the outside (even without the active noise cancelling.) The passive sound isolation will also come in handy if you tend to listen to bass-heavy music, as lower notes are the hardest to hear when there’s outside noise leaking in. Whether I’m listening to music or the AA podcast, I prefer the isolation in this situation just because it fits what I listen to a little better.

Winner: AirPods Pro

Let’s talk microphones

We have to talk about microphone quality. You can see on the graphs above how the HUAWEI Freebuds 3 have a slight emphasis in the low end of the vocal range. The result here is that lower voices will be picked up by the microphone easier than with the AirPods Pro. Still, this is one of those things that it’s easier for you to just hear for yourself. It’s a close call, but we’re giving this one to the HUAWEI Freebuds 3.

Winner: HUAWEI Freebuds 3

Which one has the better connection?

The earbuds come in two colors: black or this glossy white.

Similarly, HUAWEI has the Kirin A1 chip inside its ’buds with Bluetooth 5.1. This allows each earbud to receive audio data from the source device individually, resulting in shorter lag and fewer skips. Overall, the A1 chip makes for a good experience, one that even rivals the seamless experience of AirPods. The HUAWEI Freebuds 3 also have a copycat pop-up card to pair easily with your HUAWEI device. To pair with non-HUAWEI devices, you’ll have to hold down the Bluetooth pairing button on the side of the case for two seconds to enter pairing mode, and then connect via the phone’s Bluetooth menu.

As far as connection strength goes, I had no issues with skipping or stuttering for either of these. The respective radios inside held up nicely to everyday use. Both worked fine whether my phone was in my pocket or across the room, and the only time they disconnected was when I intentionally tested the range. I was able to push both to around 40 feet with a wall or two in between before the connection lapsed. As long as you’re not expecting to leave your house without your source device, then you shouldn’t have any issues.

Both Apple and HUAWEI offer the best experience to those who choose to use matching products. When it comes down to it, this one is too close to call.

Winner: Draw

Which one is easier to use?

An indentation on each stem indicates where you may press to control playback and switch between listening modes.

What about playback controls? Both have the same basic playback controls, and both lack true volume controls.

I found the squeezable stem of the AirPods Pro consistently worked perfectly. Comparatively, the tap-sensitive HUAWEI Freebuds 3 was a little hit or miss. I found myself double-tapping the Freebuds two or three times before they performed the correct function. True, these issues were few and far between, and for the most part the controls work fine, but I had almost no issues with the AirPods Pro and its squeezable stem.

Winner: AirPods Pro

Which one has the better battery life?

This section is probably the easiest to gauge. On background, we test all headphones at a constant output of 75dB, which is just below the levels that can result in noise-induced hearing loss. Once we’ve achieved a volume of 75dB, we play a mix of music on repeat until the battery dies. With this method, the AirPods Pro lasted 5 hours and 6 minutes when connected to an iPad Pro. Apple claims that the charging case will give you about 24 hours of extra listening time.

The HUAWEI Freebuds 3 charge via USB-C, which gives them the edge over the AirPods Pro when it comes to futureproofing.

The HUAWEI Freebuds 3 managed to get about 4 hours and 7 minutes running the same test connected to a P30 Pro. The charging case provides another 20 hours of listening time and only takes about an hour to charge up from zero to one hundred.

As far as the earbuds are concerned, the AirPods Pro outperforms the Freebuds 3 by an hour. That said, the Freebuds 3 charging case is hands down the one I’d prefer. While both cases are made of fairly similar (cheap-feeling) plastic, and both can charge wirelessly with any Qi-wireless charger, the Freebuds 3 charging case uses the (industry standard) USB-C. Apple opted for its own Lightning connector, which is the same cable current iPhones rely on. Thanks to the USB-C future-proofing, the Freebuds 3 case is more appealing.

Winner: Draw

Should we talk price? Yeah, let’s do it.

So should you buy the AirPods Pro or the HUAWEI Freebuds 3?

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple’s first noise-cancelling true wireless earbuds.

Apple’s high-end wireless earphones include features like active noise cancellation and transparency mode so you can still hear the world around you.

See price at Amazon

See price at Best Buy

See price at Crutchfield

HUAWEI FreeBuds 3

True wireless earbuds with active noise-cancelling from HUAWEI.

Huawei’s FreeBuds 3 true wireless earbuds might be AirPods clones, but they actually surpass Apple’s earbuds in a few areas.

See price at Amazon



See price at AliExpress



‘View From A Blue Moon’ Might Be The Greatest Action Sports Film Ever Made

The Internet of Things has redefined how we live. We can control houses, cars, and all our various technologies through a few swipes on a smart phone. The effects of this interconnectivity are wide-ranging — and well beyond ensuring our DVRs are properly set — but one drawback to this ease within which we now live is the alterations to our collective attention spans.

According to a Pew study conducted in 2012, Millennial and subsequent generations will struggle to develop critical thinking capabilities, citing a “thirst for instant gratification … quick fixes [and] a loss for patience.” Microsoft surveyed some 2,000 Canadians this past spring and discovered the average attention span was eight seconds — a decline from 12 seconds just fifteen years earlier.

Nowhere is this quick-twitch consumption more evident than on YouTube and other video streaming sites. Vines only last six seconds, and seemingly every YouTube pre-roll has a five-second skip option: the video analytics company Wistia reported a few years ago that 80 percent of viewers will stick around for a thirty-second video, an average that drops to 60 percent for a two-to-three minute spot and continues to fall as more time drags.

View From a Blue Moon, a surfing film released on Tuesday and co-directed by John John Florence, regarded by many as the greatest surfer of his generation and the heir apparent to Kelly Slater in ‘greatest of all time’ discussions, radically departs from this eyeball-consuming trend.

And now that anyone can shoot in 4K with a GoPro — and, starting in 2023, a Mokacam, or the smallest ever 4K camera — viewers are consistently guaranteed an enjoyable viewing experience. “Anyone can go out right now and buy a RED camera,” says Florence over breakfast in early November. “It’s the new standard. And no one can really tell the difference between 8K and 2K on a MacBook Pro. It’s now going to be about the artistry, and how you shoot the action.”

But it’s not like Florence used some outdate technology to give the hour-long View From a Blue Moon, which debuted this Tuesday, a vintage look for maximum nostalgic appeal. As the 23 year old and I sit in in a diner booth at NYC’s Standard Hotel, he stresses the movie, which took three years to plan and cost roughly $2 million, represents a paradigm shift for action sports films.

The Meatpacking District is a long way from the North Shore swells Florence grew up surfing. He has been haloed with expectation since he was a toddler — he signed with first sponsor (O’Neill) when he was six years old — and you expect the astonishing when Florence picks a set, but he intimates during our conversation this endeavor was also his most draining.

“At this point, it is cool to see it finally come out,” he says between bites of over-easy eggs and rye toast.

“When we first began to storyboard the film out,” he continues, “we wanted to make it much more cinematic, and convey information to the viewer in a different way, than any other action film.” What that included — along with a voiceover provided by John C. Reilly, whose inflection in the film is more Magnolia and less Brothers, and a new track by Jack Johnson, a Florence family friend, titled ‘Seasick Dream’ — was RED Scarlet and Dragon cameras, Phantom 4Ks, a Kessler Motion control time lapse, and full-sized helicopters equipped with a gyro-stabilized Shotover K1s.

The result is a gorgeous visual experience — unofficially the first-ever surfing film shot entirely in 4K — and like Endless Summer (or Endless Summer II, Florence’s favorite surfing film), will transcend the boundaries that typically hamstring action sports solely to the X Games set.

How it all began is largely apocryphal: Florence randomly texted Curt Morgan, CEO of Brain Farm, in 2012 about partnering together. Brain Farm is the Lucas Films of the action sports film industry: their 2011 snowboarding movie, Art of Flight, was the first to ever be shot entirely in 4K. “The technology now is moving so fast that a lot of times, we are doing the beta testing for various cameras,” says Chad Jackson, the company’s head of production. “John John wanted to stay on the forefront of what is new.”

The amount of footage the team shot is staggering — even though the movie consists of just three terrabytes, more than 160 terrabytes was recorded. According to Florence, “This film was more than just going surfing and filming it.”


From View From a Blue Moon

But after Morgan enthusiastically agreed to Florence’s proposal, the surfer went silent for a month. He didn’t forget — Florence finished 4th in the World Surfing League, the sport’s competitive body, that year (his second-best result in his five years on the tour), so he had a lot on his mind.

He partnered with Blake Vincent Kueny, who co-directed Florence’s first surfing film, 2012’s Done, as well as several other carving vignettes. Done earned rave reviews for its artistic and unique depictions of Florence’s sui generis surfing — standing just over 6-feet, Florence’s style combines sheer athleticism, inherent surfing technique, and a style that borrows heavily from the skate parks Florence frequented when he wasn’t in the Pacific.

Since Done was a crash course for the pair, who were learning how to work with various cameras and managing work flow, Kueny and Florence had higher ambitions for their next project. “Even back then,” says Kueny, “View From a Blue Moon was the big end goal.”

Filming took place across the globe in several different locations, like Brazil, western Africa, Hawaii, and Tahiti, which enabled the production to experiment. “We couldn’t use a helicopter in Hawaii at 7 AM — people would complain of the noise,” says Florence. “But when we were shooting in Africa, there are no limits.”

There is also a 500-foot height restriction in Hawaii, which, since the production could use the Phantom 4K’s digital zoom to capture not only Florence’s maneuvers but also specks of spray and birds flying through frames, was fine for those shoots, but the schedule became a bit looser when the team reassembled off the coast of an African desert.

John John Florence in Africa

From View From a Blue Moon

Florence and the 20-person crew had to bring their own water, food, and gas, and camped in a fishing hut, but had total filming discretion. Florence describes one scene where the helicopter was 20 feet from the water’s surface. “Its wash kept blowing me off my board,” he says. “Blake sent me a clip where I do an aerial and disappear in a cloud of spray from the heli.”

One of those scenes — a highlight of the film’s trailer — was shot from the helicopter, which was traveling 200 miles per hour at just a few feet above a dirt road. “We could do that in Africa because no one is around,” says Florence. “We would wake up in the morning and the helicopter is flying overhead at first light — it was like holy shit. This is a war movie!”

“We had the opportunity to be fearless with some of the best camera equipment in the world,” says Kueny. “If we were just walking around the street with a half million dollar camera system, we would have been so timid with the equipment and wouldn’t have gotten what we needed to film.”

The result is a film that screams to be shown at an art-house with an IMAX screen. Water droplets hang, stunned mid-spray as if by Florence’s board control. The camera slowly pans over miles of land a hundred or so feet in the air before snapping back to the intimacy that is man and nature. You forget that View From a Blue Moon is a surfing film.

Florence is visibly relieved the nitpicking tinkering and tightening is done: the final edit was completed just a week or so before we met. Whether or not the film is received kindly doesn’t really matter to Florence — “People like to hate on things, so you have to leave some room for that” — but the combination of Florence’s skills and Hollywood production values ensures it will appeal to both core and mainstream crowds.

View From a Blue Moon even comes with a bit of swag to entice those who are typically board-short averse, featuring a behind the scenes coffee table book, a custom-designed Nixon watch, a Florence-branded Spy Optic sunglasses, and a pair of high-tech shorts that protect the wearer from both the waves and the chafing.

It has been a long three years, and Florence is comfortably satisfied to have finally achieved the goal that started just before the last blue moon (a phenomenon which inspired the title). “This film has been a dream of mine, and took over my life, but now I’ve done it, and can move on for the time being,” he says.

“Until I eventually make my next film,” he adds. “I’m really into sailing now, and want to go to the world’s farthest edges and most interesting places.” You just might have to wait until 2023 to catch Florence’s next masterpiece.

*Latest* Gta Online Summer Update: When Is The Release Time?

*LATEST* GTA Online Summer Update: When is the release time?

All the latest GTA Online summer update rumours, leaks, and speculations

GTA Online summer update is arriving TODAY and will be called Criminal Enterprises, Rockstar has confirmed.

It will launch for free – and Rockstar has promised there will be tons of stuff to do. However, we do not know yet exactly what time it will drop.

Rockstar write on their blog: “The Criminal Enterprises is a sweeping update bringing new missions and upgrades to GTA Online including significant expansions to business prospects for Criminal Careers, plus new, elaborate Contact Missions with players operating as a sworn-in agent for the IAA and much more starting July 26.”

The Tweet from the Rockstar official account gave us details about Criminal Enterprises

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises latest news

According to leaker Tez2, Rockstar has recently updated their website’s page to include a link to a Prime Plus offer.

It is not live yet but hints that there could be a deal for those that have both Prime Gaming and GTA+.

The leaker also goes on to claim that:

 18 New vehicles are coming to the game (dripfeed included)

There are 4 New Bennys vehicles

New events like Ammunation Delivery, dealing with troublemakers at the Nightclub or collecting a dufflebag for the Clubhouse

Metal Detector collectible

GTA Criminal Enterprises release time prediction

As per any other GTA Online update, we are expecting the expansion to go live at 10am BST. That’s 5am EST.

Rockstar confirmed there will be new vehicles arriving to next-gen platforms, but last-gen players are set to miss out.

Elsewhere, nightclub owners are now able to contact Yohan to take on missions to source goods, or call Tony for club management missions.

Rockstar confirmed: “Two new Club Management missions have been added to the roster, giving you new ways to promote your above-board operations.

“Meanwhile, inside your club, you’ll be able to maintain the vibes by ejecting troublemakers and chaperoning passed-out VIPs to safe locations off-site.”

Those who have an Executive Office will notice new staff manager Lupe – who will be able to source additional Special Cargo.

There will also be a new side gig, where a shipment of Special Cargo will arrive daily outside your Warehouse.

Rockstar go on to confirm: “Plus, two new sources of Special Cargo will also be added to the mix of Source Missions, increasing the variety of missions available to white-collar criminals statewide.”

Bikers meanwhile, will see their Custom Bike Shop getting a FREE upgrade, while there will be two Clubhouse Contracts.

Rockstar also stated: “A Bar Resupply mission will keep the kegs tapped and the clientele happy while earning a little extra income for your MC.”

Criminal Enterprises will bring with it one new vehicle and a host of new stuff for players to enjoy

GTA Criminal Enterprises new vehicles

Rockstar confirmed new vehicles arriving ‘throughout the summer and beyond’.

To kick things off, two new Imani Tech-eligible vehicles be able to get special upgrades, including remote control and missile lock-on jammer.

Previously, Rockstar has been pretty quiet about the Summer update.

On 14 July, 2023: Rockstar extended GTA Online event until Tuesday the 26th of July, which caused fans to speculate the GTA Online Summer update was imminent.

The leak comes from reliable GTA leaker, Tez2:

11th July 2023: Concepts around “a more convenient way to access snacks and armor” are explored by fans of the game. The latest comes from Twitter user JohnM90GTA who shares this idea:

7th July 2023: Rockstar has officially released the latest GTA Online weekly update and it clearly confirms some of the suggested rumours we’ve been hearing.

The new event week is set to run between July 7th and July 18th – leading many to believe that the big GTA Online Summer update might drop on the 19th of July.

6th July 2023: No news regarding the upcoming GTA Online summer update. However, it looks like Red Dead Online players won’t be receiving any updates this time around. Our thoughts go out to our fallen brothers.

Initial leaks surrounding the GTA Summer Online update came from Tez2 who noticed that the GTA Online membership only ran until the 18th of July – leading many to believe the new DLC would be available on the 19th.

UPDATE: The GTA Online Summer Update is out now! It’s a 12GB download though, and people are reporting issues when it comes to downloading the actual update, so be patient.

Last year’s GTA Online summer update, Los Santos Tuners update, launched in July – leading many people to believe the same will occur for the 2023 summer update.

The Tuners update was an instant hit with fans of the game, offering up new vehicles, missions, music, and more.

That said, it was closely followed by the game’s most popular DLC to date, The Contract.

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If you want to buy everything that releases today in the GTA Summer Update, it’ll cost you roughly between $10 million and $15 million. $30 Million will cover all the vehicles including the dripfed content and 900K will cover the new weapons.

The new GTA Online Summer Update includes a grand total of:

18 new vehicles

4 new Bennys Vehicles

New events such as Ammunation Delivery

Metal Detector Collectible

The last big update for GTA Online was of course the GTA Online Winter Update that was pushed live on December 23, 2023.

That update added snow to the game world in order to make Los Santos a lot harder to travel around, while also creating the potential for snowball fights around the map as an ongoing threat.

It also added various different rewards for players such as new cosmetics and new vehicles, so it’s likely that the summer update will add something similar.

If players are lucky, they’ll even get a new weapon akin to the previously added Fireworks Launcher.

The GTA Online summer update is a DLC that occurs every summer, around this time of year.

It normally offers up fun new vehicles, missions, and music – alongside some interesting cameos too.

At present, we don’t have a tonne of information regarding the GTA Online summer update for 2023. However, we expect it to offer similar content to that of Los Santos tuners – the last summer update.

Like always, we will be keeping this page bang up to date with all the latest leaks, news, and announcement by Rockstar.

While the GTA Online summer update is a relatively sizeable event, it doesn’t manage to eclipse the winter/December update – which is said to be the game’s major DLC.

Having said that, Los Santos Tuners update still managed to clock in at around 3.5GB (Xbox), 3.6GB (PlayStation), and even bigger on PC.

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One of the big talking points surrounding the GTA Online summer update is the Oppressor MK2 – with many fans of the game calling for it to be nerfed.

One Redditor says, “A nerf to the Oppressor mk2 would be nice, so not every single mission in the game is absolutely trivial and low-level players can actually make meaningful progress and have somewhat fun battles.”.

Another agrees, saying, “Totally agree with a nerf to the Oppressor MK2; that stupid thing is the reason I always switch into a invite only lobby “.

Whether or not Rockstar decides to nerf the hover bike is yet to be known – however, it certainly seems like it’d be popular amongst the GTA Online community.

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