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You can use apps to virtually travel across the state, country, or world so why not use them to travel to outer space? If you are fascinated with astronomy or are just starting to become interested, there are some terrific tools for your iPhone that let explore our galaxy and beyond.

See the stars, watch the planet align, get details about constellations, and more. These are the best iPhone apps for astronomy and exploring space.


Who better to take us on a walk through space than NASA. The NASA app gives you news, images, videos, and TV and audio to keep you abreast of our missions and explorations.

NASA notable features:

Check out news stories and share them easily.

View amazing images from space and mark your favorites.

Watch 4K and 360-degree videos that make you feel like you’re right there.

View the launch schedule, see sighting opportunities, and get full details of missions.

The NASA app lets you receive notifications for events, the image of the day, and the astronomy picture of the day so you always know there’s something new waiting for you. For great views and space news, the NASA app is a terrific one to have.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Kindle Fire, Fire TV, Roku, and the web

Cost: Free

Star Walk 2 Ads+: Sky Map AR

Let Star Walk 2 access your location and then hold your iPhone up to the sky. You’ll see the constellations, planets, and other celestial objects plotted and labeled for you to view as you move your device.

Star Walk 2 notable features:

Search for specific objects like constellations, planets, and satellites.

Pinch to zoom in and out for spectacular views of the stars.

Use the Sky Live feature to see locations of the planets, sun, and moon and tap to move forward to the upcoming days.

Receive notifications for events and when the International Space Station is overhead.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, and Windows

Star Chart

Star Chart is similar to Star Walk 2 in that once you allow your location, you can move your device toward the sky to see the constellations and other objects.

Star Chart notable features:

Search for specific objects like planets, stars, constellations, and Messiers and then view their locations.

Pinch to zoom in and out for closers views.

Check out the calendar for upcoming events.

Use the app with AR mode enabled or disabled.

Availability: iPhone and iPad

Cost: Free with in-app purchases for specific events and more content.


With SkySafari, you get a nice sky map with subtle music as you view constellations, planets, and more. You can adjust the app settings for the exact type of view you want for the sky and the objects you see.

SkySafari notable features:

Search for distinctive objects like the brightest stars or comets along with common ones like the planets and sun.

Tap to get details on an object or center it on the screen.

Move forward in time and watch the objects move to the locations they’ll be in.

Use AR mode and the compass for another way to view.

SkySafari is similar to other apps but offers a more unique experience with great details for the objects you see in the sky.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Cost: Free with in-app purchases for the Cosmos Collection and Orbit Mode.

Wrapping up these iPhone astronomy apps

For those who find the sun and moon, stars and constellations, planets and other objects interesting and want to learn more, these astronomy apps for iPhone are ideal.

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The Best Iphone Meal Delivery Apps For Lunch And Dinner

Not everyone has the time or energy to come up with dinner ideas after a long day, whether you live alone or have a family to feed. And while takeout and food delivery are great, it can get expensive eating out all the time. Plus, you may have a restricted diet or watch what you eat.

An alternative to coming up with dishes to make or ordering fast food is a meal kit. And of course, you can get these delivered to your door. You can pick the meals you want, receive the ingredients, get instructions for cooking or heating, and you’re set. No more, “What’s for dinner?” or “Would you like fries with that?”.

Check out these terrific meal kit delivery apps for iPhone and then let us know which one you like the best!

Meal delivery apps

Freshly – Food Delivery

Freshly offers meal plans to accommodate from four to 12 meals per week, for lunch or dinner. Start by picking a plan and then select your meals. All dishes are precooked for you, you simply heat them up!

View nutritional facts for each dish at a glance including calories, carbs, and protein.

Tap for complete meal details with a full description, ingredients, and additional nutrition information.

Add meals for your plan to your cart, select a delivery date, enter your address, and check out.

With Freshly, you have a nice selection of delicious dishes. You can also look at the FreshlyFit options for meals if you’re watching your carbohydrate intake.

Availability: iPhone, Android, and the web

Cost: Free to download with paid meal plan subscriptions


Sunbasket is similar to Freshly in that you can review the meal options before signing up or spending a dime. See a photo and quick details about the meals available for upcoming delivery dates.

View nutritional details and dietary information as you browse the meals.

Select a meal kit to view all information including ingredients, instructions for preparing the meal, and helpful tips.

Flexible subscriptions so you can schedule weekly deliveries that you customize and you can skip, cancel, or forward your next box.

With Sunbasket, you’ll enjoy fresh organic produce, tasty meal options, and dishes that can be prepared when you’re low on time.

Availability: iPhone, Android, and the web

Cost: Free to download with paid meal plan subscriptions

Blue Apron

Blue Apron gives you a great selection of meals available for each week. Sign up for a plan and select your meal kits. You’ll get everything you need from ingredients to instructions to cook delicious dishes.

View total prep and cook time along with serving amounts for each dish.

See quick and full nutritional details for the meal.

Add serving for a meal you choose to the Apple Health app for tracking your calorie intake.

With helpful tips from the app’s community, a searchable recipe section, and how-to videos, Blue Apron might be just the meal delivery app you’ve been looking for.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web

Cost: Free to download with paid meal plan subscriptions


With HelloFresh, you pick your plan and get meal kits that you’ll prepare delivered to your door each week. The app starts you off with the dishes you’ll receive, but you can change them if you prefer.

View prep time and the total time for creating the meal before you decide.

See all the ingredients you’ll receive along with those you’ll need to obtain yourself such as salt, pepper, milk, or butter.

Review the cooking steps for making your lunch or dinner with photos and utensils needed.

The downside to this app is that you’ll pay for your first delivery before you can view the meal options. But, if you know you want to jump right into a weekly meal kit delivery plan, take a look at HelloFresh. If you change your mind after your first delivery, you can cancel at anytime.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web

Cost: Free to download with paid meal plan subscriptions

More meal kit delivery apps

If you don’t mind setting up your account and subscription ahead of time, like with HelloFresh, here are some additional meal kit delivery apps to check out.

Wrapping it up

Sometimes half the battle is deciding what to have for dinner and coming up with new ideas isn’t easy. Looking at recipe apps is fine if the dishes include ingredients that you’re familiar with. But with meal kits, you get everything you need, from ingredients to instructions. They take both the guess work and shopping out of the equation so you can enjoy your meals.

Are you going to give one of these meal kit delivery apps a try? Or do you already use one that you’d recommend? Let us know!

Best Flight Tracking Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Despite being an avid traveler, I only recently learned about flight tracking apps on iPhone and iPad. These offer the convenience of viewing flight status on the go, getting alerts about delays or cancellations, checking arrivals and departures at any airport, organize travel itineraries, and more. As someone who’s always excited to fly or even spot a plane go by overhead, I had a lot of fun and felt a fair bit of FOMO playing around with these apps. Here’s my take on the best flight tracking apps for iPhone and iPad that every traveler needs.

1. Flightradar24

Out of the apps I tested, this one wins when it comes to interface and features. It boasts a unique interactive world map that displays all the flights occurring in real-time. You can tap a plane for detailed information such as its route, time of departure, estimated time of arrival, aircraft type, speed, altitude, photos of the aircraft, etc.

Of course, you can also search for individual flights using flight number, airport, or airline and filter flights by airline, aircraft, altitude, speed, and more. You can also view detailed weather reports along the selected flight’s route. Further, you can set up custom alerts about emergencies or unique flights nearby.

The most fun feature is the 3D view that lets you see what an aircraft’s pilot sees in 3D. This makes it feel like a flight simulation game and will keep travel lovers engaged. You only get a few sessions of this feature in the free version and will need to subscribe for more.

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $1.49 per month)


2. Flighty

Check out this iOS flight tracking app to log your travels and access all the information you might need. Flighty keeps you informed with customizable and perfectly timed notifications from detailed flight maps to live tracking, delay forecasts, and more.

Further, it’s beautifully designed and a real breeze to use. I especially appreciate that you get Flighty Pro included on your first flight without needing to enter any credit card info or sign up for a free trial. The Pro benefits include push notifications, delay forecasts, calendar sync, and more. Once you experience how this app transforms your travel life, you won’t be able to live without it.

Price: Free


3. The Flight Tracker

Here’s another must-have flight tracker for frequent fliers. You can save and view any flight you want and organize your trips for convenient access. Interactive maps and comprehensive information about your routes will ensure that you’re always in the know and can avoid delays. Further, it also offers aircraft information and seat maps for the flights you’ve saved or are tracking.

Given the plethora of features, the app was slightly tricky to find my way around at first. But don’t let that deter you from downloading it because it’s a mandatory addition to any traveler’s toolkit. You can get insights into airports, see real-time arrivals and departures, stay updated with the latest weather reports, and more.

Price: Free (Membership starts at $1.99)


4. FlightAware Flight Tracker

Here’s another excellent app to see the real-time flight status and tracking map of any commercial flight worldwide. It can also track general aviation in the US and Canada, such as private and charter flights. You need to create an account on the app to access its features.

You can set up custom alerts for flights you’re tracking to stay informed on the go. Moreover, it makes it easy to see nearby flights at a glance and know of any delays. You can choose from four different map views, namely Classic, Streets, Satellite, or Hybrid, plus Weather overlay options. It’s great to see the planes move in real-time on the map anywhere in the world. Tap any flight to see the route play out live on your screen and get relevant details such as timings and gate info.

Price: Free


5. App in the Air

More than a mere flight tracking app, this one’s a personal travel itinerary manager. It offers an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to search and book flights, keep your itineraries and boarding passes, track your miles, and more.

I love it because it’s a convenient and safe place to have all my travel info and access at a moment’s notice. Moreover, it’s available on Apple Watch and within iMessage to quickly share flight details with contacts.

Moreover, the app learns from your travel preferences over time, such as which airlines and routes you prefer, to find and curate the best options for you. It’ll definitely ease the stress in your travel life and help you plan your trips better.

Price: Free ($4.99 for Monthly Premium)


6. Distance Too‪l

Here’s a tool that lets you measure the distance between points on a map quickly and easily. You can also calculate the area for non-overlapping polygons drawn. See the results in metric units for distance (meters, kilometers) and imperial units (yards, miles, feet for altitude).

It’s handy for mapping plots of land/home boundaries, agricultural fields, or any other distances/areas. You can also draw any shape on the map and calculate the area. Further, the Follow Mode allows you to calculate distance or areas simply by moving.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases $3.99)


8. Flight Board

Offering information about over 16,000 airports and 1,400 airlines worldwide, this app is a must-have for frequent fliers the world over. Whether you’re a passenger or a crew member, this app will help you check and keep track of real-time flight status information and details updated every minute.

Price: Free


9. Planes Live

“Planes Live” is designed to let you accurately track planes and helicopters from around the world. You will receive instant alerts for canceled flights, schedule changes, and flight changes. Furthermore, you can search for any flight, location, and airport.

You have the option to add airports and locations to my places to access and track them with ease. Find the weather forecast for any airport or location and make the most of smart filters to track a specific airline or airplane model.

This app is also compatible with multiple languages like English, Arabic, Danish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, and Japanese. Whether you are an airline worker or an aviation enthusiast, you’ll appreciate this informative app with powerful functionality.

Price: Free (Premium starts at $2.99)


Tried any flight tracking apps yet?

You may want to take a peek at:

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Best Watermark Apps For Iphone In 2023

Be it an amateur or a professional, watermarking your images is always essential. It not only helps in claiming ownership of your image but also makes the image look professional. Well, it isn’t possible to have your MacBooks with you every time to watermark your content. Under such circumstances, a quick solution is what we need.

There are many watermark apps for iPhone available on the App Store that help you watermark the images directly from your iPhone. It is hassle-free, does not require technical know-how, and can be finished in a matter of time. Let’s explore these apps individually and pick the one that best suits your needs.

1. Watermark Studio X

What makes “Watermark Studio X” a top choice is the ability to let you add Watermark to your photos instantly and easily. You have several professionally designed watermarks to choose from. If you want to add some personal touch to your photo, customize the mark to your best liking.

With the option to change color, opacity, and size, you have the needed freedom to design your photo just the way you want. With new templates added from time to time, you will always have something fascinating to try out.

Price: Free (In-App purchases start at $2.99)


2. Watermark Photo: Add Copyright

Featuring an easy-to-use interface, ‘Watermark Photo’ makes an immediate impact. It offers a hassle-free way to add a watermark to your photos. Now add unique custom logos, signatures along with plenty of design elements and customize your photos with absolute perfection.

Price: Free (In-App purchases start at $1.99)


3. eZy Watermark Photos Lite

Secure your photos with eZy Watermark Lite. With this app, you will be able to add a watermark to your images using a QR code, copyright, text, signature, and even trademark. It provides more than 150 different fonts and colors to select from.

Price: Free (In-App purchases start at $0.99)


4. Add Watermark – Batch Process

Add Watermark-Batch Process is an app to secure your photos against any piracy online. Secure your photos using the app by developing fully customizable watermarks or digital signatures. You also have many symbols to choose from, be it a copyright symbol, a trademark symbol, or a registered symbol.

As flexible as it can get, this app fulfills all your needs while giving you the option to customize more according to your preferences. If you are looking for hassle-free watermarking, this is the app to look for.

Price: Free (In-App purchases start at $3.99)


5. My Watermarks

Impressively, you can manage all your watermarks, which can help you use different watermarks for different images. You can also take a picture of your signature and use it as a photo signature eventually. Lastly, the app is entirely free to use, and there are no in-app purchases.

Price: Free


6. Canva: Graphic Design and Video 

Not a watermarking app per se, Canva is a multipurpose application that lets you do much more than that. You can add text to images, design images according to your choice, and a lot more. Scale your image for social media applications such as Instagram and Facebook, and work accordingly.

A multipurpose app and content creator’s hot favorite, Canva is a go-getter. The best part, they also have a web-based application with a single account login that lets you edit the same content from any device across the world.

Price: Free (In-App purchases start at $0.99)


7. Over: Graphic Design Maker

An app to woo your audience, Over, is a multipurpose app that does much more than watermarking your images. The perfect app to build your brand digitally, Over lets you enhance your pictures to strengthen your brand across social media platforms. From an eye-catching overlay to graphic add-ons, Over is a great app to work those photos out.

Add a watermark to your image, design your logo, customize your photo for your social media calendar, or make a banner out of it. This app believes in the ideology of don’t just copyright, build them for a robust online presence.

Price: Free (In-App purchases start at $6.99)


Which is my go-to watermark app for iPhone?

Read more: 

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The Best Google Apps For Iphone You Should Be Using

Any list of the best Google apps is subjective, of course. Nonetheless, we’ll give it a try. Here are the seven of the best Google apps on the App Store. Why should you care? Google’s one of the largest companies in the world and its apps and services are typically compatible across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. 

Yes, your iOS device ships with a native Calendar app. However, if you’re looking for something better, look no further than the Google Calendar app. Fully integrated with events from Gmail, Google Calendar can pull in flight, hotel, concert, and restaurant reservations with ease. You can also add personal goals like “go to the gym every two days,” which are attached to your calendar automatically.

Looking for more reasons to switch? Google Calendar works with all calendars on your device, including Exchange and iCloud. It’s also integrated with Apple Health to track your workouts.

Until the arrival of iOS 6 in 2012, YouTube was a native app found on all iOS devices. Now, you have to install the app yourself. Regardless, with the app, you can watch, stream, and discover all that the free YouTube service has to offer. Use the app to subscribe to channels, share with friends, or upload videos.

Like YouTube, Google Maps once came preinstalled on every iOS device. Not anymore. Since 2012, you need to install Google Maps from the App Store. By contrast, every iPhone and iPad now ships with Apple Maps.

Whether you should use Google Maps over Apple Maps remains open to debate. Both are among the most popular apps on the App Store, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

If you’re not using Google Photos and happen to have a lot of photos and videos, you’re missing out. With Google Photos you get free storage for unlimited photos and videos, up to 16MP and 1080p HD, regardless of your device.

Let me repeat; Google gives you free storage of high-quality images, as opposed to Apple, which charges for iCloud storage after 5GB. If you want to save your images in their original sizes, you’ll need to buy storage through a subscription.

Until recently, Google hadn’t shown the iOS version of Google Earth much love. That all changed in 2023 when the app finally received a significant update.

The new Google Earth app allows you to explore the world with a swipe of your finger. Fly through landmarks and cities like Paris, New York, and Toyko in 3D, then take a more micro view by using Street View. With Voyager, visit places in all-new ways, including Sesame Street, BBC Earth, NASA and more.

There are countless keyboard apps available on the App Store, but only one Gboard. It features all the tools you’d expect a digital keyboard to have plus lots of extras, including GIFs, and Google Search built-in. Plus there’s no more app switching; just search and send, directly from your keyboard.

Over the top (OTT) television subscription services continue to improve with each passing year. In 2023, YouTube TV joined Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, and Hulu TV on the market. With YouTube TV, you get 24/7 access to more than 50 channels plus unlimited cloud storage. Each subscription comes with six accounts per household.

YouTube TV is slowly becoming my favorite OTT service mainly for its ease of use and budget price. Best of all, it’s available on multiple devices, including iOS, tvOS, Android, and Windows. Mac users can also use the service through the Chrome browser.

Best Google Apps

There are plenty of other Google apps worth considering, including Gmail, the official Google app, and many more.

What are your favorite Google apps for iOS? Let us know below.

Best Image Upscaler Apps For Iphone, Ipad And Mac In 2023

Things to know about image upscaler apps:

With image upscaler apps, you can even unblur images.

Many apps are compatible with MacBooks powered by Apple Silicon.

Before suggesting, all of the apps in this list were tested and reviewed by us.

Images are the portal to old times since it has the magical ability to preserve memories. While cameras have come a long way that can now help us take images with rich details, it was not the case years ago.

The probability of images with fewer details and more blurriness was common years ago. However, if you want to solve this and enhance the image quality, then I have come up with the solutions! Here’s our list of the best image upscale apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

What is image upscaling?

Image upscaling, also known as image resizing or scaling, is the process of digitally increasing the size of an image. When you use any AI image upscale apps in our list, the software will add more pixels (details) to the image based on the existing information from the image.

Now that you know what an image enhancer app is and how it works, let us look at the apps to make pictures look better.

1. Pixelup – Editor’s choice

It’s time to say goodbye to those old and blurry photos; welcome Pixelup. You can turn any old, blurry, pixelated, or damaged pictures into crystal-clear HD photos with Artificial Intelligence.

With this application, you can also create AI avatars, color black and white photos, animate them, and even de-scratch old photos.

As for the results too, I was impressed by how good the AI was. It could detect human subjects in the image and improve the detail. Mind you, I used a blurry image with which other apps were struggling, but it was not an issue for Pixelup as it enhanced the image without breaking a sweat!

To save the image or share it on Instagram, you have to watch another ad that can be skipped after 5 seconds, and hence I didn’t find it much annoying. But the images generated have a pretty big watermarked logo that cannot be left unnoticed, and the only way to remove it is to subscribe to premium.


Good image enhancement

Offers additional features

Quick process


Free version leaves watermarks

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)

Compatible Device: iPhone, iPad, & Apple Silicon Mac


2. AI Art & Photo Enhancer – Fast process

With this app, you can easily upscale low-quality photos with just a few taps. You can also use this app to restore old pictures, remove artifacts and increase the sharpening of the picture given.

Apart from the ability to upscale images, this app lets you turn your photo to anime, generate AI art, and try other filters to make it look great.


Easy to use

Does the process pretty fast

Ability to share enhanced images instantly


More free credits could have been given

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $3.99)

Compatible Device: iPhone, iPad, & Apple Silicon Mac


3. PhotoTune – Enhance images in batches

PhotoTune does exactly what the name suggests. It enhances the photo, removes noise, and makes it crystal clear with one tap. It has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface that makes upscale images quick and easy.

Besides upscaling a single image, you can batch-enhance images using the pro version. Also, the app does an excellent job of maintaining color quality while improving image quality.


Batch image enhancement

All features are free to use

Quickly enhances images


Watermark in free version

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)

Compatible Device: iPhone, iPad, & Apple Silicon Mac


4. Remini – AI photo enhancer

With Remini, you can turn low-resolution, grainy, and damaged photos into clear, sharp, high-definition images. Thanks to the app’s AI technology, you can instantly get results. In addition, you can repair your old, blurry photos to turn them into amazing images that you’ll be tempted to instantly share on social media.

Moreover, the team promises to add new features to the app over time. Another great feature of this app is that users can use it in multiple languages, so you can be more familiar with its features in a language of your preference!

Apart from increasing the image quality, you can also use Remini to create AI avatar to see yourself in a different style. Also, I’m in love with the beautiful app UI. As for image enhancement, it does a pretty good job.


Beautiful UI

Supports multiple languages

Offers additional features


Image enhancement affects overall color accuracy

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)

Compatible Device: iPhone & iPad


5. AI Enlarger – Simple UI

With this app, you can finally say goodbye to those old pixelated and blurry photos for the rich in detail, clear, sharp, and vibrant images. The AI Enlarge app has a simple UI that can easily help you choose the feature. Once you select an image, choose the resolution you want to increase and hit the button.

Wait for some time, and voila! The enhanced image is here! However, I do think that the team should work on improving the quality. The app also includes a variety of image enhancement tools, such as color optimization, noise reduction, deblurring, and sharpening.


Simple UI

Increase quality to up to 8x

Multiple features to choose


Image enhancement can be worked upon

Only 5 free credits

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $5.99)

Compatible Device: iPhone, iPad, & Apple Silicon Mac


6. MintAI – Photo Enhancer

Not every moment is meant for photos, and not everyone knows to take them without shaking the camera. For them and those who want to revive old images, you can use the MintAI app.


Good UI

Visible results

Many features to checkout


Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $3.99)

Compatible Device: iPhone, iPad, & Apple Silicon Mac


Enhance your memories!

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