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With the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple has introduced a redesign for its iPhone lineup in 2023. As such, some of the most popular case makers out there already have options to choose from, so you can protect your brand new smartphone right away.

We’ve put together a quick list of some of the best clear case options for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. We’ve got options from companies like Totallee, Apple, Spigen, and many others. You’ll find a quick description of the cases below, as well as the prices and links to buy any accessory you might be interested in.

So let’s dig in.

Best clear cases for the iPhone 11 in 2023 Sling Cases

Sling Cases bills its transparent case for the iPhone 11 Pro as a “ultrathin and ultra light” case, meant to offer everyday protection. The cases also feature a rear camera lens lip, which is meant to help add a bit more protection for the cameras on the back.

Here’s pricing for Sling Cases’ case options:

iPhone 11: $9.99

iPhone 11 Pro: $9.99

iPhone 11 Pro Max: $9.99

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid features a clear design so you can see the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro inside. It has a TPU bumper and a durable PC back to keep the phone safe inside. It has raised bezels, which means the phone itself will be lifted slightly off flat surfaces.

As far as positive marks are concerned from owners, Spigen’s case is praised as being well-made and very form-fitting on Apple’s new iPhones. The overall durability is given high marks as well. On the other side of the coin, some owners say the case is too bulky, and that it can be slippery to hold as well.

Spigen’s case is available now from Amazon.

Here are the prices:

Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 11: $11.99

Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 11 Pro: $11.99

Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 11 Pro Max: $11.99

Speck Gemshell

The Gemshell clear case from Speck is built with “extreme durability” in mind. As such, it features MIL-SPEC drop test rating, which means it can survive a few drops, depending on the height. The Gemshell case features Microban antimicrobial protection, and has two layers of clear and protective cushioning.

Speck’s case also has raised bezels, and the company offers a one-year warranty as well. The cases are available today, with immediate shipping.

And the prices:

iPhone 11 Gemshell clear case: $24.95

iPhone 11 Pro Gemshell clear case: $24.95

iPhone 11 Pro Max Gemshell clear case: $29.95

Apple Clear Case

Apple’s Clear Case is the best option if you prefer to keep things first-party. It has a lightweight design, so it won’t make your new iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro unwieldy for daily usage. The company says it puts its cases through “thousands of hours of testing”, and the clear case is no different, so it should be able to help protect your phone for quite some time (at least until you’re ready to upgrade to a new iPhone).

Apple says the case is made from “optically clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU materials”, which should make it a solid case that’s comfortable to hold day-in and day-out. It has an improved grip thanks to the design and the way it perfectly fits the new phones, and it supports wirelessly charging. It’s scratch-resistant as well, and the materials are optimized to prevent yellowing.

Early buyers that like Apple’s clear case for the new iPhones praise how well it fits, how it feels in the hand, and its sturdy design. The support for wireless charging is a bonus as well. Others say that the case is simply too expensive.

Apple’s clear cases for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are available today.

Here’s how the pricing breaks down:

iPhone 11 Clear Case: $39.00

iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case: $39.00

iPhone 11 Pro Max Clear Case: $39.00


The Lumen Series offers a clear case to show off the iPhone inside, but also offers a “splash of color” around the edges for good measure. There are four options available to buy from Apple’s website right now (but fastest delivery is between September 19 and September 26): Pink, Red, Black, and Blue.

It has a slim profile, not adding a lot of bulk to your phone while still protecting it. The back is recessed to avoid scratches and other impairments, with raised bumpers on the edges to add even more durability and protect against drops.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Lumen Series for iPhone 11: $39.95

Lumen Series for iPhone 11 Pro: $39.95

Lumen Series for iPhone 11 Pro Max: $39.95


The Crystal Palace clear case for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro features D30 Approved material, which means the case is drop tested to handle falls. Interestingly, there are a variety of different distances listed on the site for the clear case. One section says the Crystal Palace is “drop resistant up to 10ft”. Another section says the case is safe from 16ft with its drop protection. While another says the Crystal Palace “is drop resistant up to 13ft”.

The backplate on the clear case is made from PC, which makes the case itself even more durable for everyday usage.

It supports wireless charging, has an overall slim design, and it’s a soft-touch design. Each of the cases is currently in stock and available to ship.

Here are the prices:

Crystal Palace for iPhone 11: $39.99

Crystal Palace for iPhone 11 Pro: $39.99

Crystal Palace for iPhone 11 Pro Max: $39.99

Just Mobile

The Just Mobile clear case offers a thin design, but makes sure to protect your new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max. It has a hardshell PC back, which is scratch resistant, and it’s frame is made from a hard thermoplastic to make it shockproof. The materials make it so that it will avoid yellowing over time.

The Air Cushion technology in the corners hand shock absorption just in case of drops, and raised corners help protect the back and cameras. The buttons are covered, but easily used. It supports wireless charging as well.

Many owners say this case adds just enough protection for being a slim case, making sure not to add too much bulk to the device. Buttons are easily accessible, and it doesn’t scratch easily. On the other hand, others say the plastic can feel cheap, and some say it’s a little too thin. Finally, some say it attracts fingerprints really well, too.

And here are the prices:

Just Mobile clear case for iPhone 11: $29.95

Just Mobile clear case for iPhone 11 Pro: $24.95

Just Mobile clear case for iPhone 11 Pro Max: $29.95


The ProCase clear case offers a sturdy design, a “crystal back” to let you see the stock color of whichever iPhone you decided to buy, and offers full protection for the back and sides of the device. It features a combination of flexible TPU and shockproof TPE frame. The case will help protect against drops and scratches.

The raised edges will help keep the rear cameras and display safe during daily usage, and ProCase says the sides of the case feature anti-slip design so the phone shouldn’t slip out of your grasp. It has cutouts for the speakers and Lightning port, and the clear case supports wireless charging as well.

ProCase clear case for iPhone 11: $7.99

ProCase clear case for iPhone 11 Pro: $6.99

ProCase clear case for iPhone 11 Pro Max: $7.99


This clear case from MoKo is a single piece of protective covering, with precise cutouts for access to the buttons and Lightning port, without blocking the speakers. It is lightweight and “ultra slim”, and can resist water marks and other smudges. This case even features a lanyard hole, too.

The clear case has a hard PC back for added protection, and the flexible TPU bumpers add a bit of shockproof goodness as well. The corners are reinforced and the case has raised edges to protect the cameras and display.

MoKo also offers a lifetime warranty for its clear case, which is available in three color options: A-Crystal Clear, Black & Clear, and Crystal Lace. The case is available in Clear Pink and Clear Blue as well for the iPhone 11 Pro, and available in A-Crystal Clear and Clear Blue for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The case is available now.

MoKo clear case for iPhone 11: $7.99

MoKo clear case for iPhone 11 Pro: $6.99

MoKo clear case for iPhone 11 Pro Max: $6.99

You're reading The Best Clear Cases For Iphone 11 And Iphone 11 Pro

10 Best Clear Cases For Iphone 11 Pro Max In 2023

Along with being power-packed, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is one of the most eye-catching and elegant devices out there. So it’s a good idea to put it in a transparent clear case to retain its beautiful look while protecting it from scratches and bumps.

There are so many such cases to choose from with varying features and budgets. Take your pick from these best clear cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

1. Torras clear case – Best value

Torras’s case is ultra-slim and it doesn’t hide your iPhone 11 Pro Max look as it’s a clear case. The raised lip around the camera is 1mm and the raised edge on the screen is 0.5mm and this gives complete protection against the flat surfaces respectively. It’s easy to grip as it boasts features like anti-oil and anti-slip process while keeping the stains away!

The case is made of premium TPU material that is crystal clear and the color never peels off. And the liquid crystal TPU protects your iPhone 11 Pro Max from minor drops and impacts. Moreover, this case never turns yellow due to the innovative craft present on it.

It comes with wireless charging support even when the case is on. With this clear case, you’re sure to show off the beauty of your brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max. It’s available in clear white, red color variants and comes with a warranty of 365 days!

USP: Shock absorbent

Check out on Amazon

2. Spigen liquid crystal – Best protection

Spigen is a pioneer in producing some wonderful cases for iPhone users over the years. This iPhone 11 Pro Max clear case from Spigen is made from anti-slip TPU material which provides a perfect grip and doesn’t add any bulk to your device.

Its buttons are reinforced which are quick in terms of responsiveness and the raised edges near the camera and all around the screen protect your iPhone from flat surfaces if any. The case is trimmed to fit with precise fitting so that you can showcase your iPhone in style without compromising protection. And it’s slim as well.

The case supports wireless charging even if it’s on your iPhone and it’s available in crystal clear and space crystal color variants.

USP: Clear and protective

Check out on Amazon

3. Ranvoo – Thinnest clear case

This is the thinnest clear case of all time for iPhone from Ranvoo. It’s ultra-slim and has a smooth touch with the best grip so that your iPhone doesn’t slip when the case is on. The case is so pleasing that you would definitely want to show off your device with confidence.

The stylish edges are made of soft TPU material offering basic protection. But if you don’t want to compromise with the protection you could go with bumper cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max that are slim and provides ultimate protection. Its microdot matrix design makes it the most transparent case ever.

To add a topping on that, it protects your iPhone from scratches, fingerprints, dust, stains, and dirt as well. The raised lip and bezel offer complete protection to the camera and screen respectively. It supports wireless charging too.

USP: Transparent as crystal

Check out on Amazon

4. MoKo crystal clear case – Full protection

The best part about the MoKo case is that it’s available in a variety of colors like clear pink, crystal clear, black & clear, clear blue, and crystal lace. I would go with a black & clear variant on any given day as it suits them best to my black color iPhone.

With perfect design, slim look, lightweight, ultimate protection, and best grip, I will go with this case if getting a slim case with my favorite color was my priority. The precise cutouts around the case, it’s easy to access the buttons that are responsive and ports as well. TPU bumper edges and hard PC back cover provide premium protection to your iPhone.

The anti-yellowing feature keeps the yellowing out of the picture for all time. And it comes with a lifetime warranty, so be rest assured about anything going wrong with the case.

USP: Vivid colors

Check out on Amazon

5. i-Blason halo series case – Best overall

The unique back cover design got my attention straight away when I first saw i-Blason’s clear case. Air-cushioned corners make it a shockproof case along with standard military protection. It doesn’t add any bulk as the weight is negligible. The shock-absorbent TPU bumper material protects your iPhone 11 Pro Max from sudden drops and shocks.

Edges raise above the camera and the screen provides ultimate safeguarding when you place down on the surface. And with pinpoint cutouts, it’s easy to access the ports when you need them. As the case is soft, the buttons are responsive and they can be accessed with a soft press.

i-Blason’s case supports wireless charging and it’s available in black and clear color variants. It’s easy to install and remove when you do not need it.

USP: Shock-absorbent TPU material

Check out on Amazon

6. Canshn clear case – Heavy Duty Protection

Well, the brand name might sound weird but the case doesn’t! It’s classy, slim, lightweight and provides ultimate protection with four airbags at corners. With an amazing set of features like fingerprint resistant, scratch resistant, anti-yellowing and a lot more, it’s one of the best transparent cases available for iPhone 11 Pro Max at present.

Moreover, this case offers military-grade protection besides being slim and transparent. And this is what makes it unique. The raised bezel protects your camera and screen from flat surfaces too. Wider slots near the speaker don’t interfere with the sound when you play games or listen to songs on your iPhone.

The flexible TPU bumper provides better protection and can be easily removed it’s made of flexible material. There’s no word on wireless charging, so you can check with the seller before choosing this case.

USP: Military-grade protection

Check out on Amazon

7. CASEKOO crystal clear designed – Best budget

With 360 degrees protection and an air cushion at all 4 corners, Casekoo sets an example of what a perfect case should be besides being transparent. You can now confidently show off your iPhone with this clear case while taking selfies or playing games without any fear of accidental drops.

The raised lip and bumper provide double protection to both the camera lens and screen both. With just a 1.1-ounce weight and 0.4 inches thickness, it’s one of the thinnest cases in today’s lineup. It’s designed in such a way that it fits perfectly with your iPhone leaving no space for air bubbles to sneak in.

It’s durable, flexible, and provides ultimate protection overall. The case comes with a one-year warranty and lifetime customer service as well.

USP: Slimmest case

Check out on Amazon

8. Ouluoqi clear case – Scratch resistant

To be honest, it’s hard to pronounce the case name but it was a lot easier to review when I had a glimpse at it. With reliable grip and crystal clear back, it’s a perfect pick for those who are looking to buy a transparent case for their iPhone 11 Pro Max. The raised bezels around the screen and the camera lip prevent direct contact of your iPhone to the flat surfaces.

The shock absorption design protects all the 4 corners precisely when you drop your iPhone accidentally. It supports wireless charging and comes with a warranty of 18 months.

USP: Firm grip

Check out on Amazon

9. Humixx – Sleek and stylish case

Just in case if you’re looking for sturdy protection along with a glass-like case, Humixx is your way to go! This is not a flexible case as it comes with a soft TPU frame that protects your iPhone from sudden drops and shocks. The buttons are responsive and sensitive so one can easily access them without any hard pressing.

The case is military-grade drop tested and is shockproof as well. Back cover is made of hard PC material which is anti-scratch and doesn’t allow any dust or dirt to settle on it. Moreover, it’s crystal clear and it looks the same even after you use it for a year or two.

It’s easy to clean, supports wireless charging and comes with a warranty of 12 months along with 180 days replacement warranty as well.

USP: TPU frame

Check out on Amazon

10. SunRemex three defense designed – Built-in screen protector

SunRemex comes with a built-in screen protector and a crystal clear back cover made of acrylic. This protects your iPhone at its best! If you aren’t a fan of a screen protector, you can easily remove it, but I would not recommend doing that as it exposes your screen to dust, scratches and can damage it when it’s dropped accidentally.

The camera lens and the screen are precisely protected with raised edges on both the front and back covers. It supports wireless charging but the seller recommends only using Samsung wireless charger. And it comes with a 90 days warranty for any refunds or replacements.

USP: Built-in screen protector

Check out on Amazon

So these were some of the best clear cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Closing Thoughts!

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12 Best Iphone 11 Pro Cases And Covers You Can Buy

With the release of iPhone 11 Pro Apple added a Pro lineup to its smartphones. With the standard iPhone 11 Pro model, you get an excellent set of triple cameras and premium steel and glass build. However, the camera module is quite large and protruded so you need something like a case to protect your device. Also, the glass build on the back requires a case for having a grip on the device. So to make things easy for you, we have put together a list of 12 best iPhone 11 Pro cases. We have ensured that the cases are not only highly protective but also thin and light. Now without further ado, let’s explore the iPhone 11 Pro cases.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases and Covers to Buy in 2023

We have mentioned 12 cases and covers keeping many factors in mind. Be assured, most of the cases mentioned below support wireless charging with excellent protection and great-looking design. Now having said that, let’s begin the list.

1. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

Spigen has created a new series of Hybrid cases for iPhone 11 Pro and it looks absolutely great. The case is quite slim and lightweight in comparison to the classic Spigen tough armor case. As a result, it feels great in the hands minus the heftiness. With that said, you get the same sturdy protection from all sides with this shock-absorbing TPU case. The cutouts are precise, buttons are tactile, and the case fits snugly and offers a great grip. There is also slight protrusion around the screen which will guard the screen from heavy drops and scratches. And the best part is that it supports wireless pass-through charging. Apart from the hybrid case, Spigen offers various other cases which you can explore from the link below. However, I particularly love the new Hybrid case for its modern design and you should definitely give it a shot.

Explore more Spigen cases on Amazon 


Caseology Legion 

Caseology is another great case maker and they have brought their signature Legion case for the iPhone 11 Pro. It’s built like a tank and offers 360-degree protection from all corners. It has a dual-layered flexible body and a rigid outer shell which also provides shock absorption. Basically, it means, your device will be protected in all circumstances. Apart from that, the Legion case has tactile buttons which enhances the experiences on iPhone 11 Pro. Also, the case is compatible with wireless chargers which is great. Check out this case if you want solid protection for your iPhone 11 Pro.

Buy from Amazon: $13.99

3. iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case

Buy from Apple: $39

Explore more iPhone 11 Pro cases on Apple’s Website

4. OtterBox Commuter Series Case

OtterBox is offering its premium Commuter Series case for iPhone 11 Pro and it’s one of the best cases for all-around protection. It uses synthetic rubber material on the inside and hard polycarbonate shell on the outside. The best part about this case is that the two layers are equipped to absorb shock or any kind of sudden fall. Further, the edges are not slippery, unlike other cases, which adds to a better grip. Surely, it’s not a looker, but in terms of drop protection, the Commuter series is a great pick. And, it supports wireless charging too. If you want a rock-solid case to safeguard your new iPhone, this case is a great one to pick.

Buy from OtterBox: $39.95

5. Mujjo Leather Case

Mujjo makes some of the best leather cases for the iPhone. The cases are made of real-leather which patina over time to develop a unique pattern. The cases are also available in multiple colors including tan, black, green, blue, and more. The color options are nice to have as most leather cases only offer tan and black options. I have used Mujjo cases in the past and can vouch for the quality of the cases. Mujjo leather cases feel nice to hold and offer an impeccable grip. I find them even better than the official Apple leather cases. I also love that the Mujjo leather case offers a minimalist wallet option, allowing you to easily carry a card or some cash on your iPhone. If you are looking for a good leather case for iPhone 11 Pro, definitely check it out.

Buy from Amazon: $49.95

6. AICase Marble Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Buy from Amazon: $12.99

7. Ferilinso Case

Ferilinso case is a unique case which not only offers solid protection but also comes with an iron ring, a kickstand, and support for magnetic car mount on the back. It looks pretty cool and similar to what Spigen used to make. The Ferlinso case might be the most versatile case for iPhone 11 Pro. It features dual-layer protection with inner soft material and hard shell on the exterior. The protrusion around the screen also helps in protecting the iPhone’s display from major cracks. All in all, if you want a case for iPhone 11 Pro with multiple features then the Ferilinso Case will take you right home.

8. Fly Hawk Wallet Case

Buy from Amazon: $15.99

9. DTTO Silicone Cover

DTTO Silicone Cover is a cheaper alternative to the official iPhone silicone case which does not compromise either on quality of material or overall protection. It looks amazing and feels great in the hands due to the slim-fit design. Unlike most silicone cases, this one does provide great grip with tactile buttons and raised lips to protect the screen. And that is not all, it’s also compatible with wireless charging so that is awesome. To put it straight, if you want a cheaper silicone case for iPhone 11 Pro then this case is a great pick.

Buy from Amazon: $12.99

10. Smartish Kung Fu Case

Smartish Kung Fu Case is another protective case which is built like a tank but looks quite stylish. There is a slight protrusion around the camera module on the back which should guard the camera sensors against scratches and tumble. Apart from that, what I love about this case is the matte finish on the back. It feels quite grippy in the hand with rugged texture around the side rails. And you can also wirelessly charge your iPhone 11 Pro with the case on. To sum up, if you want a cheap case for iPhone 11 Pro which offers superior grip and protection then definitely go for this one.

Buy from Amazon: $12.64

11. Temdan Clear Case

Buy from Amazon: $6.99

12. Snowfox Case

Snowfox offers a clear case, but it’s quite rigid around the corners and provides extra protection for screen and camera sensor. In tandem, it’s quite rock-solid but that also means you have a bulky case in your hands. It can easily survive heavy drops and prevents the screen and glass back from cracks in any scenario. In addition, the case is also dust-proof and supports wireless charging without any issues. All in all, if you want a clear case to show off your colored iPhone 11 Pro finish without sacrificing protection then the Snowfox case can be a great pick.

Safeguard iPhone 11 Pro with the Best Case

Best Battery Cases For Iphone 11 In 2023

We all know that the iPhone battery lifespan reduces with time. But what if you can charge your iPhone 11 on the go without a power bank? Yes, it’s possible with battery cases. Besides bringing comfort and protection, they keep your iPhone up and running throughout the day. You might want to invest in one if you’re often in motion.

So you’ve come to the right place if you’ve made that decision. Keep reading as I show you the best iPhone 11 battery cases worth your money in this article.

1. Apple iPhone 11 smart battery case – Editor’s choice

The Apple smart battery case is a good pick since it supports wireless charging with Qi-certified chargers. It’s entirely a silicone material, giving it strength, a smooth texture, and flexibility.

The battery case charges simultaneously with your iPhone 11 and grabs an extra charge together with your device. So this makes it much more compact, as you don’t need to separate it from your iPhone while charging.

Although a lot lower than your iPhone 11 battery capacity, it also has a fair 2860mAh battery. So a full charge of the Apple smart battery case will provide a satisfactory battery reservoir. But don’t expect this to take your iPhone 11 from 0 to 100 percent.

Besides the Apple logo, which gives it authority, there are no unique designs on this one. However, the case is sturdy and slim, so it’s equally protective. Interestingly, the Apple smart battery case offers automatic backup. So you don’t need to push a power button to charge your iPhone 11.


Slim, compact, and sturdy

Charge your case along with your iPhone 11

Impressive battery capacity

Works with Qi-certified chargers

Offers automatic power backup


The battery capacity is low

Check out on Amazon

2. Alpatronix battery case – 5500mAh battery

If you’ve ever paired your iPhone with a battery case or have been looking everywhere to buy one, you’ve probably come across Alpatronix. Alpatronix has gained so much traction in the battery case market. And this iPhone 11 battery case from the company further establishes it as a recognized brand.

For this one, the battery has a capacity of 5500mAh; this is impressive, considering that your iPhone 11 battery capacity falls below this range. Overall, it has a 5.0±0.25V and 1.5A output. So it can keep up throughout the day with a full charge. The entire body is rubber material lined with plastic around the camera region to further beef up durability. The design is also clean and clear-cut, adding beauty to the existing functionality.

The Alpatronix battery case is also available in different sizes. So, hop in on this if you want something for your iPhone 11, Pro, or Pro Max. You’ll also get a tampered screen protector and a two-year warranty. I also admire its support for wireless charging, which works with a similar output specification.

The only problem with this battery case is that it doesn’t seem to work with iOS versions earlier than iOS 13. But I bet you don’t want to use an obsolete iOS version with your iPhone 11.


Supports wireless charging

5500mAH increases battery life

Two-year warranty

Beautiful design

Back and camera lens protection

Available for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max


Might not work with iOS 12 or earlier

Check out on Amazon

3. NEWDERRY battery case – Lightweight

The NEWDERRY battery case is a lightweight, clean carve of thermoplastic polyurethane. It’s stylish, sturdy, and has got you covered as you go about your daily activities. I love how the pattern around the camera region curves inward, giving it a raise against fall.

But before you consider buying this, I have to point out that it won’t fit your iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max. But feel free to go for the deal if your iPhone 11 has 6.1 inches screen.

A full charge of this offers over 100 percent backup, as it’s a 5000mAH capacity battery case. The back is smooth and connective, so it supports wireless charging. From my experience, this battery case is durable. However, the company promises a one-year warranty, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee if you ever want to return it.

It also supports simultaneous charging of your iPhone and the battery case. The charging mechanism works by first charging your iPhone 11 up; it starts charging the battery case after. It takes about seven hours to charge the case, but you might not expect a lower time for a 5000mAH capacity battery.


Sturdy and protective

Supports wireless charging

1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee

5000mAH battery capacity



Only one color option

Check out on Amazon

4. OMEETIE protective battery case – Two color options

The OMEETIE protective battery case is another comfortable battery case for your iPhone 11 with an elegant design. And it has a rubber gel material with raised edges to further protect your iPhone. The case is, however, available in two colors; black and gold. While you might want more options, most battery cases don’t offer similar flexibility.

Like other battery cases, it features four battery indicator lights that indicate different charge levels. It’s easy to use; you only need to long-press the power button on the lower end of the backside to charge your phone.

This battery case also allows you to charge your iPhone and the battery case simultaneously, but it doesn’t support wireless charging. It features a 5000mAH battery capacity. You’ll find this helpful for extending your iPhone’s battery life.


The rubber gel material confers sturdiness and flexibility

5000mAH battery capacity

Supports simultaneous phone and case charging


Doesn’t support wireless charging

Check out on Amazon

5. Feob battery case – Built-in anti-shortcircuit chips

I bet the Feob battery case is worth considering for more extra battery life. And the chips are even better, in this case, to prevent short-circuiting. The case wields a polycarbonate material, and the raised edges around the camera region make it more protective. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a wireless charger. So you might want to consider the other alternatives for wireless charging support.

It offers a whooping 6800mAH battery capacity; this is more than double your iPhone 11 battery capacity. It also has an output pattern of 5V and 1A with an equivalent input. So I can vouch that this will keep your going throughout the day without disappointment. But, of course, that also depends on how frequently you use your iPhone.


6800mAh battery capacity

Polycarbonate material confers durability

Simultaneous charging of iPhone and case supported


Doesn’t support wireless charging

Check out on Amazon

6. LanLuk battery case – Sturdiest

The LanLuk battery case is bulky but looks snug on your 6.1-inch iPhone 11. The charging case is a polycarbonate material, with raised edges around the camera and the sides, which are essential protective features.

You’ll be going around with a 6800mAh battery capacity plus your iPhone battery capacity when you decorate your iPhone 11 with the LanLuk battery case. So, you can rest assured that your battery will last longer than usual. It also ships with a cable and has indicator lights to show charging levels.

Like other cases, the operation is simple. All you need to do is press the power button on the lower backside to start charging your iPhone 11. Charging speed can be slow but not bad for a battery case. The case also supports Qi wireless charging. Despite its durability, it still offers a one-year warranty, which I consider a plus.


Supports wireless charging

1-year warranty

Durable and protective

6800mAh battery


A bit bulky

Check out on Amazon

7. Yacikos slim battery case – Bulkiest design

The Yacikos slim battery case is a brilliant pick if you want to consider functionality over design. It’s a straight piece with no unique design pattern. But it has raised edges, so it offers comfort and protection to your iPhone. However, despite a 6800mAh capacity battery, it’s cheaper than most iPhone battery cases you’ll see out there.

As expected, the battery capacity is attractive. Ideally, it will give your iPhone 11 a full charge from 0%. The case also covers your iPhone with polycarbonate, more protective than most materials due to its rigidity.


Impressive battery capacity

Polycarbonate material with raised edges offers extra protection

100% money-back guarantee


Doesn’t support wireless charging

Check out on Amazon

8. UNKLOU 7000mAh battery case – Three color options

Although UNKLOU is the last battery case on the list, it’s not the least. This battery case is both elegant and functional. I bet you’ll love the inward carving around the camera region, which protects the camera and adds to the beauty.

The UNKLOU battery case also comes in three color options; black, blue, and gold. This gives it a lead over the other battery cases. The battery on this is 7000mAh, more than twice the battery capacity of your iPhone 11, and it supports wireless charging. Unfortunately, some users have complained that the battery capacity sometimes performs below specification.

It comes with a one-year warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee. So, I can tell you’re in safe hands. Besides, like other battery cases, this also features a four-level LED power indicator. And it has a power button on the lower backside to switch on and off.


Beautiful design

Carved camera region

7000mAh battery

One-year warranty

3 color options

Supports wireless charging


Battery specification isn’t consistent with usage

Check out on Amazon

How to choose the right charging case for iPhone 11

There are many features to look out for in a battery case. However, consider the following as a guide to picking an ideal iPhone 11 charging case:

1. Battery capacity

The battery capacity is the first attribute to look out for in a battery case. It determines how long your battery case will offer the extra backup you need.

Ideally, a charging case with a 5000mAh battery capacity offers good backup since the iPhone 11 battery capacity is below that range. I wouldn’t say those that promise higher battery capacity are any different since most still perform below the specified strength in the end.

2. Protective features

Protection is all we want in an iPhone case. Most iPhone cases with raised edges and bulky backs offer better protection. iPhone cases with raised edges around the camera region are also good since they help protect the camera lens.

Another protective feature to check is the material that makes up the case. You want to choose the case material based on your environment and routines.

For instance, while polycarbonate materials are more rigid than silicone, they’re less heat-resistant and less flexible when compared to the latter. Ultimately, go for an iPhone case that offers enough shock against falls and impacts.

3. Wireless charging support

Although a typical battery case will have fine cuts to expose all the ports, including the charging port, you also want to ensure that your iPhone battery case supports wireless charging as an alternative to cable charging.

4. Phone size or model

Consider the size and model of your iPhone before buying a battery case. Battery cases, like conventional iPhone cases, come in different sizes, depending on your iPhone model and version. So, confirm your iPhone model and size before shopping for a battery case.


Q. Do battery cases ruin your iPhone battery?

Technically, battery cases don’t affect your battery health. They only offer backup in case your iPhone’s battery is running low. However, inherent electrical faults like short-circuiting and over-heating might affect your iPhone battery and damage it. So be vigilant! To prevent this from your end, don’t use fast chargers with iPhone battery cases.

Q. Are Apple battery cases worth it?

Yes. Despite the impeccable battery strength of most new iPhones, you’ll agree that they dwindle as you use them with time. Battery cases are handier than power banks since they’re compact and comfortable.

Q. How long do battery cases last?

The lifespan of a battery case generally depends on its capacity and frequency of use. A battery case twice your iPhone’s battery capacity will provide about two times full charge. Although most battery case makers claim that their products have a high capacity, most still end up within a 4500mAh strength in use. Generally, most iPhone 11 battery cases offer up to 120% backup.

Q. Do battery cases work with wireless charging?

Most iPhone battery cases will work with wireless charging. But, of course, not all do. Even some of the iPhone 11 charging cases recommended in this article don’t support wireless charging.

That’s it!

Battery cases are compact lifesavers that keep your iPhone working the whole day with the extra backup they offer. So, investing in one of these charging cases is worth it if you want to avoid moving around with tattered pieces of your power bank.

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Best Iphone 11 Magnetic Cases In 2023

While smartphone manufacturers concentrate highly on features, they give looks proportionate attention as well. Similarly, the look of a phone can make or break consumers’ decisions regarding the device. While you have an awesome looking device such as an iPhone, a bad case can spoil the look, beating the point of having such a fantastic phone. Don’t you fear!! I have been searching all across the web to find some of the best cases for you, and here’s my pick of the best iPhone 11 magnetic cases.

1. Bpowe

There’s something about this case that immediately reminds me of Batman; maybe it’s the ear-shaped raised edges or perhaps the multifunctional protection the case offers. The ultra-slim metal frame is constructed of aluminum alloy that lends light yet shock-resistant and robust performance.

2. Estpeak

The Estpeak magnetic case incorporates an in-built invisible magnetic plate. So, while you won’t be able to see or feel the magnet in the ultra-slim body, the case can be easily mounted on any magnetic car mount. Since the device has a larger plate, it can grip the mount more tightly.

3. Luvvitt

As the name suggests, you will surely love this iPhone 11 magnetic case; after all, the case is both car mount and wireless charging friendly. The case comes with a removable hidden metal plate, that can be implanted when you want to mount the phone on a magnetic car holder. Now, since magnetic plates could hinder wireless charging, such cases often don’t support the feature.

However, the Luvvit case lets you remove the plate, offering full support to almost all wireless chargers compatible with iPhone 11 series. The amalgamation of a soft impact resistant core and hard shell layer ensures that the device is safely nestled in the case. Further, strategically engineered air pockets lend extra cushion to combat drops.


You might have to look for a screen protector for iPhone 11, as the case doesn’t have one. It does have a tempered back glass that keeps the scratches, fingerprints and scuff marks at bay. The slim design maintains the device’s Qi-compatibility intact, while not absorbing heat during charging.


The placement of these inserts is done so smartly that they do not block or hinder Qi charging compatibility, WIFI, cellular, GPS, or Bluetooth signal. What’s best is that all these features do not compromise on looks. Each case is crafted from a protective 3-layer coating and manual polishing, keeping the surface as soft as a baby’s skin.

6. GRKJGytech

Talk about multi-functionality, clear case – check, magnetic feature – check, kickstand – check and ring holder – check. Wow!! On paper, this is a regular ring holder case for iPhone 11,but it more than just that. A hidden iron plate under the holder allows the case to be attached to the magnetic car holder.

The ring bracket can be rotated by 360°+180°, eliminating any dead angle and making an extremely comfortable and easy hold and grip. Further, it can transform into a hands-free viewing kickstand for horizontal orientation. And in case you forgot, the HD clear case, allows your device to shine through.


A 360° full-body metal frame magnetic cover for iPhone with in-built 9H tempered glass both in front and back. The privacy screen protector glass ensures that your screen and the data on it remain safe always. The case further incorporates protective features such as anti-scratch, anti-shock, anti-dirt, and anti-fingerprint. Raised lips around the edges lend extra protection for the screen and camera lens.

A total of 16 magnetic points are aligned across the metal frame, lending a strong magnetic connection between the upper and lower covers. They automatically snap together during installation and does not separate with friction or slight pressure. The case supports most wireless chargers compatible with iPhone 11.


If looks could kill then welcome to hell or heaven. The dual-layer structure incorporates a TPU slim body and polycarbonate shock absorbing bumper frame. The reinforced 360°+180° rotatable ring is made of a thickened metal sheet, which sticks quite easily to a magnetic car mount. Moreover, you can even spin the case while on the mount to adjust as per your driving comfort.

Raised bezels around the screen and camera lens ensure that the eyes and face of your device remain scratch-free. Precise cutout keeps all features easily accessible. Though what I am most impressed is the style quotient of the case, its anti-slip texture, and smooth hand feel

9. Dockem

All thanks to an integrated metal plate, the Dockem magnetic case for iPhone 11 can be seamlessly mounted on most car mounts. Though the location of the metal plate is such that the case is best suited for Dockem’s Magno Mount v3 series car mounts. While you are driving, why worry about your device’s safety? It is safely nestled in premium vintage style synthetic leather.

The case also doubles up as a handy wallet case, thanks to the smart incorporation of separate card slots. What great is that even after two regular cards, it is still slim at only 14 mm. The thinness keeps the case wireless charger friendly, however, always remember to take out the cards before mounting or charging.


Somehow nothing intrigues me like the word detachable, as in a way the term resembles multi-functionality. And probably by now, you must have guessed my love multi-functional accessories. The AMOVO vegan leather magnetic case is a perfect combination of a wallet and a phone case for the iPhone 11.

The back cover has a strong magnetic base, that allows the bumper case to be attached or detached with the wallet. Moreover, when detached, the phone case can also be mounted to a magnetic car mount. If that’s not all, the case can convert into an in-built kickstand and supports wireless charging as well.

That’s all for Now!!!

I know the case game is exceptionally confusing; should you choose a magnetic case for iPhone 11 or something else. Magnetic cases for iPhone 11 have their pros and cons, and it is up to you to decide what works for you. While I can’t choose for you, I can only suggest that you look thoroughly at all the options and then decide.

Here are a few more cases options you can surf through:-

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Best Cases For Iphone 13 And Iphone 13 Pro In 2023

Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup is all about the powerful new A15 Bionic chip, a redesigned camera setup, and gorgeous new colors. The base model of iPhone 13 and the higher-end 13 Pro are of a similar 6.1-inch size, so I’ve put together a list of the best cases for iPhone 13 and 13 Pro that you should check out.

After all, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on these devices, you’ll want to keep them safe. Take your pick from the cases below and ward off the scratches, scuffs, bumps, and dust!

1. Apple leather case with MagSafe: Editor’s choice

Nothing can beat an Apple case for your iPhone 13. This beautiful cover is crafted from specially tanned and finished leather that adds a timelessly classic look.

The outside is super soft with a good grip. It develops a natural patina over time that looks oh-so-beautiful. Moreover, it fits like a glove and keeps your phone safe from dust, scratches, and scuffs.

MagSafe makes wireless charging a breeze, and you can attach custom accessories like MagSafe wallets to make your case truly yours. Of course, since it’s an Apple product, you can rest assured about the quality as the case has been thoroughly tested to ensure it protects your device in the best way possible. Choose from a range of stunning colors!


High-quality leather

Unbeatable fit

Smooth finish

Excellent grip

Lots of color options



2. Spigen ultra hybrid: Budget friendly iPhone 13 case

Moreover, the transparent design means you can show off your beautiful phone without compromising on protection. The buttons and cutouts are designed for precise usage, and the raised bezels keep the screen and camera safely lifted off flat surfaces.

You can also get color options around the edges to match your iPhone.


Hybrid protection

Slim and lightweight

Color options



Attracts finger smudges

3. Caseology Vault: Minimalist rugged case

I love the simple, flexible design of the Caseology case. While most rugged cases are pretty bulky, this one retains a minimalist look while offering maximum protection. It boasts a sandstone-textured body and a handy grip on each side that helps deter accidental slips.

Further, the defensive inner WaveShock pattern ensures shock absorption in case of drops. It’s got certified military-grade protection and is compatible with wireless charging.


Minimalist design

Rugged protection

Good grip


No color options

4. Casely: Cute and artistic design

Want a unique and fun look for your iPhone 13 or 13 Pro? You’ve got to check out Casely. It features an impressive variety of artistic cases that are bound to appeal to every taste. 

From cute prints to minimalist abstract patterns and everything in between, you’ll be spoilt for choice when picking a look for your phone.

Casely offers three types of cases that it calls Classic, Classic+MagSafe, and Bold+MagSafe. Of these, the Bold series is the most protective, with 8-foot military-grade drop protection, a slip-resistant side grip, raised lips, and shock-absorbing pockets to keep your iPhone intact.

You also get a 1-year warranty on all cases, so you can rest assured about your purchase.

Moreover, Casely is environmentally responsible and uses recycled and non-toxic materials in its manufacturing and packaging. It also donates to charities and environmental projects, so you know your money is going to a worthy place.

5. Temdan: Best iPhone 13 waterproof case


IP68-certified Waterproof

Military-grade drop proof

Maintains responsiveness

Does not impair call quality

Good grip


The screen protector attracts fingerprints easily

6. Pad & Quill Leather Safe Pocket Book: Spacious folio case

As a traveler, I love wallet cases for the ample space they provide to carry essential cards and a bit of cash. But they can usually be kind of bulky. So I was delighted to find this compact leather folio from Pad & Quill. It can easily fit up to 6 cards, and they stay safely hidden from sight until you need to use them.

Moreover, the case is crafted from premium American leather that’s backed by a mind-blowing 25-year warranty. The material softens over time and develops a unique patina that looks timelessly stylish. Lastly, the best part is that it supports MagSafe charging for convenience on the go.


Spacious enough for 4-6 cards

Keeps cards hidden away from sight

Premium quality 

25-year warranty 

30-day money-back promise

3 color combinations



7. KERF wooden case: Most eco-friendly choice for your iPhone 13

Do you value sustainability and want to be kinder to the environment. Then here’s a plastic-free case made of sustainably sourced wood. 

It fits your iPhone beautifully, protecting against scratches and minor drops and falls. Moreover, it equips raised edges for screen and camera protection.

You can choose from various wood species or looks, both light-toned and dark-toned ones. It’s got a super smooth and stylish finish that stands out from the crowd.

Even the packaging is free of plastic that ensures an eco-friendly experience. What’s more? You can get free repairs on your case if it suffers minor damages.

Read our full review for more details.


Aesthetic design

Multiple wood grain options

Plastic-free packaging

Sustainably-sourced wood

Lifetime warranty

Free repairs


Somewhat big and bulky

Little slippery

8. totallee: Best iPhone 13 clear case

Here’s an elegant, slim and clear case that’s perfect for flaunting your iPhone 13 or 13 Pro while protecting it. It has a rubbery finish that adds extra grip and reduces the chances of your device slipping out of your hands.

Moreoever, it doesn’t turn yellow over time thanks to the high-quality, durable TPU material. This also absorbs shocks and provides impact protection. Each case is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. Apart from the transparent one, totallee also offers four color options.


Slim and sleek

Good grip

Shows off your iPhone’s design

Does not yellow over time

30-day money back guarantee


The TPU attracts fingerprint smudges easily

9. Ringke Air-S: Minimalist and stylish

For those who prefer a minimalist look, this iPhone 13/13 Pro slim case ticks all the boxes. The soft, flexible design matches your device’s thin profile. Further, the soft TPU layer prevents scratches from daily use, while raised bezels carefully lift the front display away from flat surfaces.

You can also attach a wrist or neck strap thanks to the built-in dual QuikCatch lanyard holes. Choose from three beautiful colors, namely black, pink, and blue.


Minimalist design


Attractive translucent finish

includes lanyard holes

3 color options


It does not support adhesive accessories such as a ring holder, cardholder, etc

Not MagSafe compatible

10. CASEKOO: Best iPhone 13 slim case

Here’s an innovative translucent case by CASEKOO that retains your phone’s elegant look while adding military-grade protection. It’s ultra-thin yet ultra-protective. The shock-absorbing TPU bumper diffuses impact, safeguarding your phone from dreaded drops and bumps.

Further, the1.8 mm raised hard bezels around the camera, and the 1.5 mm raised edges around the screen keep the scratches away. It feels great to hold, and the super=precise cutouts enhance the user experience.


Ultra-slim ergonomic design

Military-grade protection

Raised edges for screen and camera protection

Stylish matte finish


No color options

11. TORRAS Moon Climber: Best kickstand case

Are you always video chatting or watching stuff on your phone? Then, this cool kickstand case is a must-have for you. It’s equipped with a sturdy, fully foldable, and adjustable metal kickstand that offers the perfect viewing angles to prevent back, neck, and wrist pain. Don’t tire out your hands and instead prop up your phone to view it hands-free.

Moreover, the four corners of the case are reinforced with airbags to offer military-grade protection against shocks and impact. It resists wear and tear to keep your phone looking immaculate. It’s also got a secure grip and supports wireless charging for convenience.


Has a foldable metal kickstand

Military-grade protection

Excellent grip

Does not yellow over time



That’s my roundup of the best iPhone 13 and 13 Pro cases that are worth checking out. They’re sure to protect your device while maintaining your style.

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