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There are various proxy types, and the value they offer is not the same. Most businesses struggle to determine which proxy type fits their needs. One of these is the dedicated proxy, which is used by a particular user. This eliminates the risk of being detected and blocked by the target website.

To help you determine if a dedicated proxy is the best solution for your particular need, we have outlined the pros and cons of dedicated proxies. In addition, we analyzed the top dedicated proxy services, including their features and pricing plans.

What is a dedicated proxy?

A dedicated proxy, also known as a private proxy, is a specific IP address used only by a single user. It is not shared or used by multiple users. Since no one else shares the same IP address, you have complete control over each activity. 

How does a dedicated/private proxy work? 

Dedicated proxies, like other proxy types, act on your behalf and make connection requests to the target website by hiding your real IP address. They act as an intermediary between you and the target website when you make connection requests. Similarly, when the website accepts your connection request, the private proxy receives your requested information from the website on your behalf. A typical dedicated proxy process consists of six steps:

Client connects to the private proxy server. 

Private proxy receives the connection request and assigns the client an IP address to mask their real IP address and sensitive information. 

Private proxy forwards the request to the target website. 

The target website or application responds to the connection request of the proxy server.  

The response is forwarded to the client by the private proxy server. 

Client gains access to the website using the IP address assigned by the private proxy server. The proxy server manages and forwards all incoming and outgoing traffic between the client and the website.

Quick summary of the top dedicated proxies in 2023

This section provides a comprehensive comparison of the top five dedicated proxy service providers to assist individuals and businesses in selecting the best provider for their application. When selecting private proxy services, we used the following verifiable criteria:

10+ employees on LinkedIn

5+ reviews on review sites such as G2, Trustradius, and Capterra.

The table below shows the total number of B2B reviews gathered from review platforms like Gartner, G2, Trustradius and Capterra as well as the average rating they receive from customers.

Vendors# of employees# of reviewsAverage score Bright Data4141794.7 NetNut5064.7 Smartproxy103133.6 Oxylabs314334.7 IPRoyal47104.6 PrivateProxy1273.5

1. Bright Data

Bright Data offers dedicated IPs in 195 countries, including residential, datacenter, ISP mobile proxies. You can manage your dedicated proxies through Bright Data’s proxy manager or API. They offer pay-as-you-go plan without a monthly commitment.


SOCKS5 Protocol with Proxy Manager: You can use SOCKS5 protocol with dedicated proxies via Bright Data’s proxy manager. It enables you to route your traffic through the proxy manager.

City, ASN and Zip code level targeting: Allows users to choose IP address associated with a particular city, zip code or ASN.

Extended session control: Maintains the same dedicated IP for an extended period of time.


Starting price: $1.90/IP

Free trial: 7-day trial

2. NetNut

NetNut offers dedicated IP pool with their proxy services including residential (rotating and static) and datacenter proxies.


Auto IP rotation: Enables users to change the IP address after a certain period of time or after per connection request.

 HTTP, HTTPS & SOCKS protocols: Supports HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols. You can route traffic through the proxy server.

IP-based and username/password authentication: With IP-based method, the provider provides access to the IP addresses on the whitelist. In the username/password technique, the user must enter a valid username and password to connect to the proxy server.


Starting price for datacenter proxies: $1/GB/mo

Free trial: 7-day

3. Smartproxy

    Smartproxy provides 400K dedicated datacenter proxies from the US. They allow users to test 3 dedicated datacenter IPs for $7.5.


    IP replacement option: Replaces the IP you are currently using with a new one.

    Sequential and non-sequential IPs: Sequential IPs follow a consecutive order, like, Non-sequential IPs don’t follow a predictable numerical order.

    SOCKS5 or HTTP(s) IPs: Support SOCKS5 and HTTPS protocols.

    IP randomisation: Changes IPs at random intervals to reduce the risk of being detected and blocked by the target website.

    Pricing: 4. Oxylabs

    Oxylabs offers 2M+ dedicated datacenter proxy pools in 188 countries supported by HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols. Dedicated datacenter proxies support HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols. Dedicated datacenter proxies provide high performance and speed since you’re the only one using the proxy and their IPs are located in remote data centers.

      Datacenter proxy API: Allows users to manage proxies and check offline IPs to ensure a high success rate.

      Support IPv4 and IPv6 protocols: IPv4 and IPv6 are two types of Internet protocols that govern how data is transmitted over a network.

      City and state-level selection: Enables users to choose a dedicated IP associated with a specific city.

      Proxy rotation


      Starting price: $1.80 / IP

      Free trial: 7-day

      5. IPRoyal

        IPRoyal offers private residential and datacenter proxies for personal and business purposes. Dedicated residential proxies use IP addresses that are assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


        Rotating proxies: Offers automatic IP rotation for dedicated residential proxies.

        City/state targeting: Allows you to choose a proxy IP that is located in the desired location.

        HTTPS and SOCKS5 support


        Starting price: $1.56 per proxy

        Free trial: N/A

        6. PrivateProxy

          PrivateProxy is a proxy service providers that offers dedicated IPs for datacenter and residential proxies for web scraping and data harvesting purposes.


          Sticky IP session: Allows users to maintain the IP for a certain time period (e.g., 10 minutes or 1 hour).


          Starting price: $9/month (datacenter), $5/month (residential)

          Free trial: 3 private proxies for free trial


          Speed: Dedicated proxies are faster than shared proxies since they are not being used by multiple users at the same time.

          Security: With shared proxies, you may have to concern about others engaging in unethical or illegal activities, as these actions could impact all users sharing the proxy. On the other hand, dedicated proxies allow you to retain control over the activities performed by the proxy server.

          Less likely to be blocked: It is most likely to be detected and blocked when an IP address is shared simultaneously by multiple users.

          Cost: Dedicated proxies are typically more expensive than shared proxies since there isn’t anyone else to shoulder the proxy cost.

          When to use dedicated proxies

          Here are some applications where dedicated proxies can be beneficial:

          1. To access data on well protected websites

          Most websites employ anti-scraping techniques to detect suspicious activity and prevent it from accessing and collecting website content. They track and analyze the activities and interactions of their visitors. When you visit a website, for example, your machine sends a connection request to the website. Websites can access your private data, such as location and IP address, if you do not use a proxy server or a VPN. A web server can distinguish between bots and humans based on their activities.  

          Assume you are collecting a large amount of data from a website using a web scraping bot. You must send multiple requests to the website. The website can quickly determine whether you are an actual person or a bot based on the number of requests. With shared proxies, you are more likely to be identified as a bot and blacklisted by the website. Because you have no control over how and when the IP address is used,  it is easier to get blocked. A dedicated proxy allows the user complete control over all IP address activity. 

          2. To bypass bandwidth throttling 

          When you make connection requests using an IP address that multiple users share, your internet connection will slow down. If your action requires unlimited bandwidth (the amount of data transferred between your machine and the internet), you should use a private proxy server rather than a shared proxy. 

          Bandwidth is a tunnel that transfers data from the internet to the user. Assume you want to be able to view content from a website. Every piece of content on the website, such as a gif, image, or video, has a different size. Consider using a shared proxy server to connect a website to multiple users simultaneously. You must share bandwidth with other users when using a shared proxy server. Data transfer and browsing speed are slowed by shared bandwidth. You will be throttled if a large amount of data passes through the bandwidth at the same time.  You must stay under your bandwidth limit. However, it is not easy with a shared proxy since you cannot take control of each activity. Private proxies offer unlimited bandwidth and do not require you to share it with anyone. If you work with a large amount of data and are concerned about speed private proxies are the best option. 

          3. To rotate IP address 

          Dedicated proxies or private proxies do not rotate IP addresses; instead, they use static IP addresses. Static proxy servers include datacenter and ISP proxies, which do not change clients’ IP addresses. Your IP address will remain the same for all connection requests. 

          If you need to change your IP address, a private proxy server is a wrong and expensive option for your case. Use a residential, mobile, or backconnect proxy server if you need to change your IP address every time you connect to a website. They constantly rotate IP addresses for each connection request.

          4. To collect a massive amount of data 

          Thus, You need to use a rotating proxy server such as a residential or mobile proxy. Private proxies use static IP addresses. A private proxy server will forward your connection requests to the website without rotating your IP address.

          Read our comprehensive guide to rotating proxies vs. static proxies for more information on the differences between the two.

          More on proxies

          If you want to learn more about proxies and how it can benefit your business, feel free to read our articles on the topic:

          Also, feel free to check our sortable/filterable list of proxy service/server.

          If you still have any questions about how to choose a proxy service that is suitable for your specific application, feel free to read our data-driven whitepaper on the topic:

          If you want to learn more about dedicated proxies you can reach us:

          Gulbahar Karatas

          Gülbahar is an AIMultiple industry analyst focused on web data collections and applications of web data.





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          5 Of The Best Free Screenwriting Software

          Whether it’s a summer blockbuster or a low-budget indie, if you have an idea for a film, you have to get it down on paper. Unfortunately, writing for the screen is chock full of formatting quirks and peculiarities. This can make writing a screenplay without dedicated software incredibly tedious. Luckily, technology can help you focus on story rather than formatting. This can spare your sanity, especially when you’re trying to pen the next box office smash. While programs like Final Draft are widely considered the industry standard, it can be a pricey investment.

          Luckily, you don’t have to let an empty wallet stand in the way of your Hollywood dream. There are a ton of software options out there that can help you automate the formatting process. We’ve done the hard work for you and sniffed out the best screenwriting software that you can grab for the low, low price of free.

          1. Trelby

          Trelby is a free, open-source screenwriting software platform that is super simple to use. It automatically forces the correct industry standard formatting, so you can jump in and start writing. Trelby also intelligently alternates between sluglines, action and dialogue.

          In addition, Trelby supports importing text from a variety of popular formats including Celtx, Final Draft, Fade In and Adobe Story. Trelby can export in RTF, HTML, Final Draft and Fountain. Finally, it can also generate watermarked PDFs. Currently, Trelby is only available for Windows and Linux.

          2. Celtx

          Celtx is an acronym for “Crew, Equipment, Location, Talent and XML,” referring to all of the areas that Celtx can help bring your vision to life. In this regard, Celtx is different in that it doesn’t position itself solely as a screenwriting solution. Instead, Celtx is a cloud-based pre-production suite. It enables users to collaboratively work on story development, storyboarding, scheduling and more.

          Celtx offers different packages which include different tools and features, but these all come at a price. If you’re just interested in using Celtx for screenwriting, you’re in luck. The “Basic Scriptwriting” package is completely free, all you need to do is sign up.

          3. Page 2 Stage

          Page 2 Stage is a screenwriting tool that started life as a commercial product. Currently, however, the software is completely free to use. Like the others on this list, Page 2 Stage supports common script formats for film, television and stage. In addition, it offers a unique feature which analyzes your script to generate a report on the flow of dialogue and scenes.

          Since it has been abandoned by its developers, Page 2 Stage has no support whatsoever. If you do decide to give it a try, make sure you enter the username and password provided on their website. Otherwise all of the scripts created with Page 2 Stage will feature an ugly “Demo” watermark.

          4. DubScript

          If you’re after a mobile solution, DubScript might be what you’re looking for, provided you have an Android device. Featuring a clean, easy-to-use interface, DubScript auto-formats your writing as you type. You can import scripts from Final Draft, Trelby, HTML and plain text. Save your screenplay as plain text, Final Draft, HTML and PDF.

          All of DubScript’s features are enabled in the free version of the app; however, it is ad-supported. In addition, the free version of the app puts a small watermark on generated PDFs and printed hard copies. To get rid of these annoyances, you’ll have to pony up a monthly fee. Sorry iPhone users, DubScript is not available for iOS.

          5. Amazon Storywriter

          Amazon Storywriter is a cloud-based screenwriting app. Like the others on this list, it auto-formats your text into appropriate screenwriting conventions. Since it is cloud-based, you’ll be able to access your scripts on any device and easily share them with others.

          With the help of the Chrome app, you’ll be able to work offline and easily sync your edits once you get back online. When you’ve completed your script, you can use Storywriter to submit it directly to Amazon Studios. With a lot of skill and a little bit of luck, your script might find its way to their development slate!

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          The Best Dog Shoes Of 2023

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          Written By Alexandra Berenbaum

          Updated Jun 12, 2023 7:58 PM

          Does your pup strut down the street like he or she is owning the runway? Or maybe like they’re walking on burning coals? Well, it may be time for you to get them a pair of dog boots. If it’s just fashion you’re concerned with, your pup can look well-heeled as they, well, heel with designer collars. But if you’re looking for an accessory that’s still cute but very much about function, shoes (or dog socks) protect their paws against the elements. Dog footbeds can be very sensitive, so if they’re dealing with a lot of extremely hot, cold, slippery, and/or uneven surfaces, they should be outfitted in something that actually stays on their feet and allows them to walk without discomfort. And you know how overwhelming it can be to pick out your own shoes? Well, imagine doing it if you’re a dog—there are so many choices if you can even sneak away with a smartphone long enough to order from Amazon (plus figure out how to navigate a smart device efficiently without thumbs). Instead of letting your canine companion deal with the stress of sorting through all that dog gear, we’ve picked some of the best dog shoes and dog socks on the market and broken them down into categories so you and your pooch don’t have to. Read on for more!

          The best dog shoes: Reviews & Recommendations Best dog slippers: PUPTECK Anti-Slip Dog Socks

          Offered in four sizes—small, medium, large, and x-large (a size chart is provided to help you determine the correct size based on your pup’s measurements)—these 100-percent cotton, anti-slip dog socks are functional and cute-to-boot. They are made with the latest anti-slip grip technology to prevent slipping on surfaces like hardwood floors, so your dog can run and play indoors all day with ease. No more Tom Cruise in Risky Business impressions (or uncontrollably running into walls) for your four-legged friend. To ensure the socks stay on, there is a removable velcro band you can button onto the sock if needed. Cozy dog slippers vibes commence!

          Best for hot pavement: QUMY Dog Shoes Best for rain: GGR Dog Shoes

          These all-star rain boots for medium to large dogs are anti-skid, waterproof, and wearproof. The suede-like microfiber shoe caps enhance breathability, durability, and aging. This upgraded style includes longer, adjustable straps to ensure the boots stay on your pup’s paws for the duration of their walk. Additionally, the straps are reflective, making nighttime walks safer. These dog rain boots are stain-resistant, making for an easy clean-up of the boots, though not the dog (sorry!), should they step through any mud. Something to keep in mind, however, is that they have waterproof soles, but are not meant for deep water.

          Best for snow: ZEKOO Australian Boots

          If you want to match your dog’s snow boots to yours, then have we got a great purchase for you. These highly rated water-resistant boots are extremely well-made with soft faux-fur lining and a sturdy anti-slip sole that protects your dog’s paws from salt, ice, and snow. The straps tie all the way around the ankle so that the boots actually stay on your dog’s paws. If you’re not sold yet, just take another look at those beauties! Doesn’t your best friend deserve cozy toesies when it’s cold outside?

          Best budget: TEOZZO Dog Boots

          For $11.99, these dog booties are a steal. Your dog can choose from black, blue, pink, red, or yellow. The lining is a soft, polyester fabric offering warmth, comfort, and breathability, while the non-slip rubber sole protects your dog’s paws from most harmful surfaces. The drawstring closure can be tightened to stay on and loosened to pull off easily. While you aren’t sacrificing much for these affordable bad boys, they are not waterproof, so they are best used for warmth in the winter and protection against hot pavements in the summer—just not snow or rain days.

          Things to consider when looking for the best dog shoes

          There are a couple of features that the best dog shoes should have across the board. Firstly, they should easily slide on and off of your dog’s paws when you’re putting them on and taking them off, but they should also stay on for the duration of your dog’s activity. Lucky for our canine friends, many dog boots and dog slippers now have straps that tie around your pup’s ankle to ensure they stay in place. Secondly, you’ll want the soles to be anti-slip and thick yet flexible enough so they can walk freely while their paws stay protected from harsh objects, including glass, rock, ice, salt, etc. 

          For winter months, dog snow boots will be your best bet. They should keep your dog’s paws warm, cozy, and protected so they can do what they love: frolic in the fresh powder. During rainy days, putting your pup in dog rain boots will keep them and you happy—they will have dry feet and you won’t have to clean up their wet, muddy paws. The boots need to be waterproof or at least water-resistant. For the warmer months, dog shoes for hot pavement are a must, and the breathability of the shoe is important because dogs have a small number of sweat glands in their feet so they can get quite hot. Additionally, the sole of the shoe should have a nice rubber padding to protect paws from hard/harsh surfaces. And indoors, dog booties can prevent some fumbles and tumbles on slippery surfaces.

          A couple more things to consider when shopping for the best dog shoes

          When shopping for shoes to protect your pup’s paws, specificity is key! As mentioned earlier, some dog shoes are better suited for the snow or rain while some dog shoes for hot pavement have features that work best in the more sweltering months. Knowing your pup’s sensitivities—whether it is hot pavement or sand, salt or ice—will guide you to the best shoe for your sweet dog. 

          For inside the house, dog socks and dog slippers are great options to prevent slipping and to protect your hardwood floors from unintentional scratches (alongside dog booties we also recommend the best nail clippers). Similar to dog boots, slippers/socks with an ankle strap will stay on your pup’s feet comfortably, and to ensure they are anti-slip, look for some sort of rubber coating on the bottom. Having these tips in your back pocket can help narrow down the many dog gear options on the market. Lucky for you, we’ve already got suggestions for the best dog shoes right here, so boot scootin’ boogie onwards:

          FAQs Q: How do I know my dog’s shoe size?

          Typically, the brand will provide instructions, as well as a size chart. Most will tell you to measure the width and length of all four of your dog’s paws while standing and use the largest measurements to determine which size to order. Similar to when you order shoes, brand sizes can fluctuate, so always good to pay attention to specific instructions, as well as reviews, when possible. 

          Q: Should dogs wear boots in the snow?

          It depends on your dog and if they are sensitive to cold weather. Typically, smaller dogs have a higher sensitivity but it couldn’t hurt to have snow boots for any size or breed of dog. In addition to keeping their paws warm, boots can also protect them from the mixture of chemicals and salt scattered on many sidewalks and other walking surfaces, which can really hurt them. Snow boots also help protect from any other harmful objects you might not initially see because of the snow coverage. Also, it’s a much easier clean-up for you after winter walks!

          Q: Why do dogs walk funny with socks on?

          The short answer as to why dogs walk funny with socks on is because they aren’t used to having anything on their feet. Both socks and shoes can disrupt a dog’s natural ability to grip and feel the ground. This can cause their legs to stiffen, making their walk quite adorable to watch. Additionally, the socks could potentially weigh more, causing your dog to lift their legs higher to walk, throwing them off balance. 

          The final word on shopping for the best dog shoes

          The Best Guitar Tuners Of 2023

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          Written By Julian Vittorio

          Updated Feb 14, 2023 8:10 AM

          Of all the potential tools at a guitarist’s disposal, the guitar tuner is perhaps the most irreplaceable. No instrument stays in tune naturally; everything from changes in weather and humidity to the simple rigors of everyday use can alter a guitar’s tuning and prevent it from producing a musician’s intended harmony. The best guitar tuners are incredibly precise devices that “hear” or receive sound from an instrument via a pickup or microphone, compare it to the intended note, and guide users to make tuning adjustments via a display. Many feature jacks and switches for compatibility with electric instruments, while others utilize clip-on designs to pick up vibrations from acoustic instruments. Some unique designs of the guitar tuners even use motors and sensors to automate the process entirely. We’ll break down some of the best guitar tuners on the market and go over what to consider when making a purchase.

          How we picked the best guitar tuners

          Guitar tuners come in many different forms, and each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. As an audio engineer, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist, I have decades of experience with guitars. When compiling this list, I aimed to choose the most versatile and user-friendly guitar tuners for every common musical situation.

          Accuracy: Accurate pitch detection is the most important feature of any good guitar tuner, and almost all of the tuners on this list operate with a 1 percent maximum margin of error. In other words, expect these tuners to provide pitch accuracy down to one-tenth of a cent, or one-thousandth of the space between two notes. The only exception is my value pick, the Snark ST-8, which is a fantastic tuner but does not have published accuracy readings.

          Value: While tuners aren’t the most expensive musical tools out there, they’re still an essential piece of equipment for any guitarist. Thus, it’s better to avoid skimping on a tuner if you want a quick and accurate reading that won’t let you down in professional settings. This list comprises some of the most reliable, robust, and flexible options on the market that are priced within reach of the average user.

          Form factor: Guitar tuners come primarily in clip-on and pedal form, both of which are represented in this list and are suited for different types of use. Clip-on tuners are more portable and are the ideal choice for acoustic instruments, while pedal tuners are slightly more reliable due to their electronic connection to an instrument. Finally, the Roadie 3, my smart tuner pick, tunes guitars automatically and is therefore in a league of its own.

          The best guitar tuners: Reviews & Recommendations Best overall: Peterson StroboStomp HD

          Why it made the cut: This guitar tuner pedal features a huge, easy-to-read display and fine accuracy down to one-tenth of a cent in pitch.


          Accuracy: ±0.1 cent

          Weight: 13.9 ounces

          Power type: 9-volt DC power supply (sold separately), 9-volt battery (included)


          Bright and precise strobe display for high-accuracy tuning

          135 “sweetened” presets compensate for instruments’ natural inconsistencies

          Accommodates orchestral instruments and other stringed instruments


          LCD visibility limited to direct angles

          Requires a connection to the instrument

          The StroboStomp HD from Peterson is a classic strobe tuner stompbox with pro-level features like switchable tuning modes and an incredibly bright LCD display that’s visible in direct sunlight. Its pitch detection is accurate to one-tenth of a cent, or roughly 1/1000 of the space between two neighboring notes, allowing users to achieve one of the most accurate tuning experiences possible. Unlike tuners that utilize a moving needle or other linear display system to guide users’ pitch, this tuner uses a strobe display that rotates like a carousel, alternating its speed and direction until the perfect pitch is reached. Because strobe designs allow granular pitch control and high-resolution tracking, this design is more favorable for achieving precise tuning than traditional interfaces.

          Besides accommodating traditional acoustic-electric and electric guitars, the StroboStomp HD features modes for a host of other instruments including banjo, bass, 7-string guitar, harp, and orchestral instruments. An onboard preset system allows users to save and switch between custom configurations for everything from alternate tunings to playing with a capo, each made distinct by selectable LED colors. Unique to the StroboStomp HD is a switchable “sweetened” tuning mode that compensates for instruments’ natural intonation irregularities, which is aimed at eliminating the common experience of tuning an instrument only to have each string be out of tune with the others. 

          While the StroboStomp HD is a fantastic choice for most users who want maximum tuning accuracy, the design has a few limitations to keep in mind. Its LCD screen is rather hard to view from shallow angles in spite of being very bright, which can affect the tuner’s usefulness on stage when users walk some distance from the pedal. Additionally, this tuner requires a hard connection to your instrument via a cable, so if you’re planning on using it with an acoustic instrument, make sure you have a pickup or small microphone with a 1/4-inch output at your disposal.

          Best for stage performances: Boss TU3

          Why it made the cut: Don’t be surprised to find this tuner onstage with your favorite guitarists. This classic tuner is an industry favorite for its durability and light-up features.


          Accuracy: ±0.1 cent

          Weight: 14 ounces

          Power type: 9-volt DC power supply, 9-volt battery



          Easy to use

          Comes with LED lights


          Bulky compared to other options

          Not many extra features

          Best pedal: TC Electronic Polytune 3 Mini

          Why it made the cut: The Polytune 3 Mini is incredibly compact and offers at-a-glance polyphonic tuning, eliminating the need to tune one string at a time.


          Accuracy: ±0.02 cent (strobe mode), ±0.1 cent (chromatic mode)

          Weight: 5.6 ounces

          Power Type: 9-volt DC power supply (sold separately)


          Super-small form factor saves space on pedalboards

          Simultaneously displays pitches of multiple strings at a glance

          Built-in buffer circuit conditions signal for larger pedal setups


          No battery power

          No power supply included

          Requires direct connection to instrument

          TC Electronic’s Polytune 3 Mini packs robust functionality and flexibility into a bite-sized form factor that’s perfect for any pedalboard. Its standout feature is by far its polyphonic tuning ability, allowing users to strum every string at once and see which are out of tune at a glance. In real-world settings like recording sessions and performances, this unique feature saves precious minutes and offers an easy way to get in tune with minimal interruptions. The Polytune 3 Mini also automatically detects single string plucks, moving between both tuning modes seamlessly without user intervention.

          Other appealing features of this tuner include its switchable built-in buffer circuit that boosts signal strength, making it a good choice for placing at the beginning of long cable runs and complex pedalboards. While its default mode mutes the guitar while tuning, it’s also capable of remaining on without interrupting the signal, which is useful for tuning while playing. The tuner also includes switchable strobe mode that increases the accuracy to an impressive fiftieth of a cent.

          The Polytune 3 Mini is a fantastic value for what it accomplishes and its unique functionality, but it doesn’t include a power supply, nor does it run on batteries. It’s compatible with all standard center-negative 9-volt DC supplies, so it’s easy to add to any existing pedalboard setup, but this is something to keep in mind if you’re starting from scratch. Like all pedal tuners–and unlike clip-on tuners–it requires a direct connection to your instrument as well.

          Best smart: Roadie 3 Automatic Guitar Tuner

          Why it made the cut:The Roadie 3 tunes your guitar automatically using a combination of motors and sensors to save you time and effort, making it a novel alternative to traditional guitar tuners.


          Accuracy: ±2 cents

          Weight: 4.7 ounces

          Power type: USB-rechargeable lithium polymer battery


          Charges via USB; no removable batteries required

          Quick motorized tuning and automatic pitch detection

          Stores multiple tuning presets


          Only compatible with machine-head tuners

          Firmware updates require a smartphone app

          Device’s mechanical nature makes it cumbersome for performance use

          Offering completely automated tuning in a portable handheld form, the Roadie 3 is an entirely unique option that’s ideal for traveling musicians and folks who change their strings regularly. This smart guitar tuner employs accurate pitch detection and a built-in motor to bring strings to their proper pitch with minimal user effort; all it takes is placement of the Roadie 3 onto a tuning peg and a quick pluck of the string. A built-in high-resolution display shows the current tuning settings and allows navigation between presets, all of which are configurable via the onboard interface and four program buttons. Users can choose from more than 100 built-in alternate tunings for different instruments and capo configurations or create their own and toggle between high-accuracy and quick-tune modes.

          The Roadie 3 is compatible with all stringed instruments that use machine head tuners except for basses, which are compatible with the manufacturer’s Roadie Bass model. This design limitation means that players of orchestral instruments in particular should look to an alternative manual tuner like the KLIQ UberTuner. In terms of support, Band Industries offers users the ability to update the tuner’s firmware when needed, but the process requires that users download and use an Android or iOS app, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Users should also bear in mind that, while the Roadie 3 is a great way to get your guitar in tune quickly, its mechanical nature makes it a less-than-subtle option that simply can’t beat a pedal or clip-on model for use during performances.

          Best clip-on: KLIQ UberTuner

          Why it made the cut: This compact clip-on tuner has a firm grip and an easy-to-read display for making adjustments on the fly.


          Accuracy: ±1 cent

          Weight: 1.41 ounces

          Power type: CR2032 3-volt lithium battery (included)


          Full-color display is easy to read in bright environments

          Chromatic mode, plus guitar, bass, ukulele, and violin

          Power-save feature remembers your last settings


          Lacks a low-battery indicator

          Transposition function is cumbersome

          Responsive piezoelectric sensor enables quick tuning

          If you’re looking for a durable and quick-acting clip-on tuner for your electric or acoustic stringed instrument, the KLIQ UberTuner is one of the most capable options on the market. Its design is very simple, featuring three control buttons on the side and a very bright display that occupies nearly the entire face of the tuner. The display features multi-point swiveling, allowing users to place the tuner at the most optimal position for their needs. Within the UberTuner’s clip is a sensitive piezoelectric pickup that offers responsive performance and accuracy down to 0.1 cent for precise tuning action. In addition to having dedicated modes for bass, guitar, violin, and ukulele, the UberTuner offers a chromatic tuning mode that offers compatibility with most other instruments. Woodwind, brass, and other transposing instruments are also directly compatible with the UberTuner, thanks to its built-in B-flat, E-flat, F, and D transposition modes.

          Because it’s built for speed and clarity, the UberTuner has a minimalist design that makes it easy to use. However, you’ll need to spend some time growing accustomed to the controls if you plan on accessing any of its other tuning modes or using transposition. Many functions require long-pressing of buttons, and transposition is particularly clunky to navigate, traveling in only one direction and requiring users to press the button numerous times. Luckily, the tuner does have a built-in memory, so once you have your settings dialed in, they’ll stay that way until the next time you change the battery.

          Why it made the cut: The Snark ST-8 sports a compact design and a strong grip for secure and reliable tuning on the go.


          Accuracy: Not published

          Weight: 1.58 ounces

          Power type: CR2032 3-volt lithium battery (included)


          Tight clip keeps the tuner secure on every instrument

          360-degree rotating display offers good visibility at any angle

          Chromatic tuner compatible with all instruments


          Screen is hard to read in bright environments

          High-tension spring requires care when handling

          Guitarists and other musicians operating on a budget or those looking for an extra tuner to keep on hand should consider the Snark ST-8 guitar tuner as a good option for the money. Like most other clip-on tuners, it uses a sensitive internal pickup to read pitch and displays the current note on a large LED display. The ST-8 in particular uses a tightly wound spring to keep a firm grasp on instruments, but this extra tension combined with the tuner’s light weight requires careful handling so as not to accidentally launch it across the room.

          The ST-8 is fully chromatic and thus capable of working with every instrument, but it doesn’t display the name of the target notes for specific instruments, which means that users are required to know their target notes ahead of time. The unit hosts a simple set of control buttons on the rear for transposition, and the entire head of the tuner rotates a full 360 degrees to allow for flexible placement and easy visibility. While the display is decently bright in indoor settings, it’s a bit dim for outdoor use and viewing under direct light.

          Also consider:

          If you’re working with new musicians, the Korg TM60 is the best for music students. It has an onboard microphone, speaker and a ¼-inch input jack so you can tune how you prefer—visually, by ear, or both. Its built-in digital metronome and super bright backlight make it an ideal choice for both casual and strict practicing, from working on scales to playing songs. You can use the tuner and metronome simultaneously, too, should the situation call for it.

          Things to consider before buying the best guitar tuners Other instruments

          Most guitar tuners on the market today have a chromatic mode that allows them to tune any note and are therefore compatible with every instrument, but designs with dedicated modes for specific instruments are more user-friendly and better able to guide musicians during tuning. For a quick solution, go with the KLIQ UberTuner; it’s a chromatic clip-on design with guitar, bass, ukulele, and violin tuning modes. If you’re looking for something more flexible, the Peterson StroboStomp HD is a pedal tuner with downloadable and customizable tuning presets for mandolin, banjo, 7-string guitar, and dozens of other instruments.

          Acoustic or electric Quick tuning

          Guitar tuners come in a range of accuracies and response times. If you need a guitar tuner primarily for use at home or while practicing, a clip-on tuner will be more convenient than a pedal tuner thanks to its compact size and lack of setup requirements. However, because clip-on tuners respond to an instrument’s physical vibrations, they’re generally slower in response time than pedal tuners. If you need a tuner for quick at-a-glance tuning during performances or recording sessions, a pedal like the TC Electronic Polytune 3 Mini may be more your speed.

          FAQs Q: Can I use my phone as a guitar tuner?

          While there are plenty of free guitar tuner apps out there, using your phone as a guitar tuner requires use of the phone’s microphone. Unlike a tuner app, physical guitar tuners are much better at detecting pitch accurately, and they allow you to tune your instrument in loud environments.

          Q: Which tuner is best for guitar?

          The Peterson StroboStomp HD is one of the best tuners for guitar thanks to its super-accurate strobe reading and compatibility with dozens of tunings and playstyles. If your guitar is fully acoustic, check out the KLIQ UberTuner; it boasts super-fast detection and a bright display that’s easy to read anywhere.

          Q: Are clip-on tuners more accurate?

          Clip-on tuners use internal contact microphones or pickups to identify vibrations directly from an instrument’s physical body. This design is slightly slower—but not more or less accurate—than a pedal tuner that uses a direct connection to the instrument’s pickup or microphone. In other words, a clip-on tuner detects vibration itself using a pickup, while a plug-in tuner receives a signal from an instrument’s own electric pickup. This makes clip-ons the best and only choice for fully acoustic instruments, while pedal tuners are suited for any instrument with an electric output.

          Final thoughts on the best guitar tuners

          Users of electric guitars and other electronic instruments will get the most mileage and versatility from a customizable strobe tuner like the Peterson StroboStomp HD. If you’re playing a guitar that goes out of tune often or you need to tune without missing a beat, a polyphonic tuner like the TC Electronic Polytune 3 Mini may better suit your needs. Players of acoustic guitars and instruments without pickups should consider the clip-on KLIQ UberTuner, and if you prefer your guitar tuner to do the work for you, the Roadie 3 Smart Tuner is a truly one-of-a-kind solution.

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          The Best Nft Memes Of 2023: February

          When it comes to memes, the NFT space does not disappoint. As a community based around blockchain art and internet culture, things can and often do change on a dime. From 48-hour long crypto crashes to celebrities aping into projects at random, there’s always something to talk about in the NFT space.

          But when simply talking about cultural happenings doesn’t suffice, you can always count on the NFT community to whip up a meme or two to enhance social media discourse. So to shine a light on the unsung heroes of the weird wide world of nonfungibles, we’re bringing you the best NFT memes from every month in 2023 – and the best memes ever.

          And if you want to see memes that have been sold as NFTs, we have you covered there as well.


          Pixelmon had an art reveal so terrible, ‘Kevin’ is being labeled a historical NFT chúng tôi chúng tôi 👑 (@DiscoverXnft) February 28, 2023

          Ahh, Kevin. This particular meme was born in the wake of the Pixelmon reveal. Pixelmon is a project that made more than $70 million via a dutch auction sale of unrevealed NFTs. The team apparently fast-tracked the reveal even though the art wasn’t fully ready, giving us Kevin.

          Vitalik The Bear

          my entire net worth is in this man’s hands chúng tôi chúng tôi (@LilMoonLambo) February 21, 2023

          Co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin was spotted on stage at ETHDenver in quite the getup. Not only did the programmer seemingly wear pajamas onstage, but he appeared in a full-body bear suit at one point. He’s been known to be playful on stage, but as the event took place during a small crypto crash, many immediately saw the meme potential.

          The GaryVee Smirk

          When they don’t realize you’ll be #1 in the end … chúng tôi Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) February 17, 2023

          This fantastic little screenshot came to us by way of an interview Gary Vaynerchuk did with CNBC in early February. During the interview, Vaynerchuk was asked about the “problematic” nature of the crypto and NFT space, to which he gave a chuckle before answering. The screenshot quickly became a popular reaction image among the crypto and NFT communities.


          After the CryptoSkulls hype train started, it never stopped. As one of the most popular historic projects currently in circulation, it seems like every other day a different influencer is holding a Twitter Space to talk about the collection. At this point, it’s become difficult to think about anything else.

          NFT Roadmaps

          Before apeing into a new NFT project, it’s incredibly important to do some research into what the project is all about, who is behind it, and where they plan to take it. Many times, NFT roadmaps are all promises without any actual substance… like a beer that’s all foam.

          Prayer Circle

          Lately, the NFT space has been riddled with scams and uncertainty. With the world and crypto market both in disarray, many have strapped themselves in for a wild ride over the next few months to a year. If this prayer circle has any chance of working, we’ll happily re-tweet.

          ISO IRL Friends

          I make real friends too, if they want to be an NFT artist chúng tôi chúng tôi 👑 (@0xmj_) February 23, 2023

          When you’re deep into NFTs, it’s much easier to make friends in the metaverse than it is in real life. Never getting the chance to see your friend’s face or hear their voice isn’t something to be concerned about…right?

          Never Stood a Chance

          I speak for us all when I say this was truly shocking chúng tôi Ayz (@jpegplug) February 23, 2023

          It happens all too often. You think you have a chance at winning an auction, then a whale comes in and shatters your dreams. In this case, the Golden Friend NFT was the one that got away.

          The Best Insulated Water Bottles Of 2023

          We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more ›

          Written By Amanda Reed

          Updated Feb 3, 2023 1:55 PM

          The hottest accessory of the season (or maybe it’s the coolest, depending on contents) is an insulated water bottle. Although that sounds a little zany to say in a world of Amazon and Etsy, the #emotionalsupportwaterbottle tag on TikTok has 45.1 million views, with hundreds of videos of people showing off their rotation of reusable water bottles—plural—in a variety of colors, sizes, and brands. Those looking for this level of attachment—something trustworthy and always at your side, much like an emotional support animal—often turn to insulated varieties, which can keep drinks frosty for hours sans condensation, making them perfect travel companions. The best insulated water bottles go the distance when it comes to keeping drinks icy in style and here are our picks.

          How we chose the best insulated water bottles

          As a former field hockey player and marching band kid, I know the importance of a water bottle that can go from class to sports practice to band rehearsal without breaking a sweat—literally. Although I was both an average athlete and slightly better musician, I can say with confidence that I’m a water bottle expert (hydration is very important to me, a water sign). Although my current hydration MVP is a pink 32-ounce Nalgene plastic water bottle I was excited to rescue from my college bookstore’s lost & found, I’ve had insulated water bottles from Yeti, Hydro Flask, Stanley, and Kleen Kanteen in my rotation. I also looked at reviews, and recommendations, and conducted user testing to separate the bad bottles from the rest of the bunch. The only thing we don’t like to keep bottled up at PopSci is our feelings on the best buys. 

          How do insulated water bottles work?

          One of the biggest reasons to opt for one of the best insulated water bottles and not something like the BPA-free Tritan plastic in my Nalgene bottle is the vacuum insulation—a small gap of air between the bottle walls to reduce conduction, keeping liquids hot or cold for several hours. Additionally, this also prevents the outer layer from sweating and causing water marks on some surfaces. Plastic may be durable and is less likely to dent in a fall, but it will warm up if left in a hot car. Beyond temperature retention, there are certain things to keep in mind when picking an insulated water bottle.

          The best insulated water bottles: Reviews & Recommendations

          These insulated water bottles will leave you feeling refreshed—hydration-wise and “this water bottle is a nice step-up from the other things I’ve used”-wise.

          Also available on Amazon

          Why it made the cut: Throw it in your backpack and then throw it in the dishwasher—this bottle is meant to keep up with busy lifestyles. 


          Sizes: 12, 18, 26, 36, 46, 64 ounces

          Dishwasher safe: Yes

          Temperature retention: 12-24 hours for iced drinks; 12 for hot

          Mouthpiece: Wide mouth with removable Chug Cap



          Dishwasher safe

          Lots of mouthpiece accessories are available


          5-year warranty

          A bit more expensive compared to other reusable water bottles

          There was stiff competition to name the best overall water bottle. However, the Yeti Rambler takes home the top prize. It’s more durable than other contenders like Hydro Flask and the powder coating has a great feel and grip to it. The bottle itself comes in a plethora of fun colors (with equally fun names like “Bimini Pink” and “King Crab”) and the number of accessories you can get for your bottle is astonishing. We think the included Chug Cap is a happy medium between wide-mouth ease and narrow-mouth accessibility; you can remove the Chug Cap for washing and ice insertion and put it back on for spillage-free sips. 

          Best sustainable: Klean Kanteen TKWide

          Why it made the cut: Insulated water bottles already are sustainable, but Klean Kanteen’s 90% post-consumer 18/8 stainless steel composition goes the extra eco-friendly mile.


          Sizes: 12, 16, 20, 32, 64

          Dishwasher safe: Yes

          Temperature retention: 46-47 hours for iced drinks depending on cap; 14 hours hot with cafe cap

          Mouthpiece: Wide mouth


          Steel straw in twist mouthpiece is more luxurious and eco-friendly than plastic

          Twist cap straw design is stylish and prevents germs

          Innovative internal thread design

          Lots of accessory options


          Straw cap not recommended for hot liquids due to stainless steel straw

          Mouthpieces have more crevices than other bottles

          Handle could be more robust

          If you thought your reusable water bottle was saving the planet, wait until you meet the Klean Kanteen TKWide line. The company states that 95 percent of its products will be made from recycled steel by 2023; however, the TKWide line is explicitly made from recycled steel right now. 

          Best with straw: Takeya Pickleball Insulated Water Bottle with Straw Lid

          Why it made the cut: A large, flexible handle, included silicon bumper, and leakproof design are all game-winning features.


          Sizes: 32, 40, 64 ounces

          Dishwasher safe: Yes

          Temperature times: 24 hours cold; 12 hours hot

          Mouthpiece: Wide mouth with straw lid


          Large handle

          Included silicone bumper



          Reviews note pink bottle looks different in the product photo than in real life

          When looking for an insulated water bottle with a straw cap, we like to see some specific features: a durable handle that isn’t in the way of the straw itself; a ridge to easily flip up the straw so it doesn’t come in contact with sweaty or dirty hands; and a leakproof design. The Takeya Pickleball Insulated Water Bottle with Straw Lid checks off all these boxes, with an included silicone bumper to prevent damage. A powder coating makes this bottle durable and easy to hold and the large handle makes it easy to clip onto a backpack or carry around. 

          These bottles are also cheaper than others on this list of a similar size—for example, a 32-ounce Hydroflask retails for $44.95, depending on where you purchase it. This bottle retails for $39.99, which is a steal considering it comes with a silicone bumper, which other companies sell separately. We think everyone is sleeping on this Japanese brand. If you’re looking for a serious step-up option, though, check out the Titanium Aurora Bottle from Snow Peak, a Japanese outdoors brand founded out of the snowy mountains that crafts elevated everyday items.

          Best for kids: Hydro Flask 12-ounce Kids Wide Mouth Straw Lid

          Why it made the cut: This lightweight bottle has an included silicone boot for extra protection.


          Sizes: 12 ounces

          Dishwasher safe: Yes 

          Temperature times: 24 hours for cold drinks

          Mouthpiece: Wide mouth


          Perforated silicone boot for extra protection

          Kid-friendly features like a place to write a name

          Straw doesn’t need to be open all the way to take a sip


          Handle design not the most comfortable to hold

          Not leakproof

          It was tough to choose between this and the Yeti Rambler Jr. as best for kids. However, the included silicon boot—which other companies sell as a separate accessory—and kid-specific features like a place to write their name edged it out. It’s also lighter than the Yeti Rambler Jr., clocking in at 9.6 ounces compared to 1 pound.

          The straw doesn’t need to be opened all the way to take a sip, which is a blessing and a curse: it’s easier to drink out of but it’s not leakproof. Additionally, the handle is out of the way from taking a sip, but is a little uncomfortable to hold, since it requires you hook your fingers rather than allow for a full grab. The company does sell water bottle slings separately, which can keep everyone hands-free. If this bottle doesn’t tickle your kid’s hydration fancy, check out our other picks for the best kid water bottles.

          Best with a filter: LifeStraw Go Stainless Steel Water Filter Bottle

          Why it made the cut: Clean water is all around you with this fabulous filtered bottle.


          Sizes: 24 ounces

          Dishwasher safe: Yes, only with filter and carbon capsule removed

          Temperature times: 24 hours cold; not recommended for hot liquids

          Mouthpiece: Wide mouth with straw mouthpiece


          Included carabiner

          Clean water anywhere

          Dishwasher safe


          One size only


          Doesn’t fit in standard cupholders

          Finding clean water in the great outdoors is a struggle. Heck, even finding clean water in cities is difficult—looking at you, suss outdoor water fountain in the park. The LifeStraw Go Stainless Steel Water Filter Bottle gets rid of this drinkable debacle thanks to its included Titan Renew and membrane microfilters, which protects against parasites, microplastics, chlorine, organic chemical matter, dirt, sand, and cloudiness, while also improving taste. 

          Specifically, LifeStraw’s membrane microfilter removes 99.999999% of bacteria, 99.999% of parasites, 99.999% of microplastics, silt, sand, and cloudiness. It meets NSF 42 standard for chlorine reduction and meets U.S. EPA & NSF P231 drinking water standards for the removal of bacteria and parasites. This means you can also have access to clean water internationally. The carbon filter costs around $10 to replace and the replacement two-stage membrane filter costs around $25. However, these filters only need replacing every 1,000 gallons—that’s a lot of lake water. Although it’s heavier than other insulated water bottles, doesn’t fit in standard cup holders, and only comes in one size, we think the benefits of clean water anywhere outweigh these cons.

          Best 64 oz.: Stanley Ice Flow Flip Straw Jug

          Why it made the cut: This jug is easy to carry and keeps drinks cold for hours, making it easy to drink more water.


          Sizes: 64 ounces

          Dishwasher safe: Yes

          Temperature times: cold for 20 hours; 4 days with ice

          Mouthpiece: Wide mouth with straw lid


          Extra large moveable handle 

          Leakproof straw

          Insulated lid doubles as a cup


          Heavy when filled

          Stanley Adventure Quencher travel tumblers are currently every TikTok drink girlie’s must-have item. A TikTok drink girlie is a person (girlie is gender neutral) who has at least three beverages on their person at once, one of them being some sort of chaotic Utah soda concoction or an iced coffee. Stanley makes a mean water bottle as well, and its 64-ounce Ice Flow Flip Straw Jug is our favorite. Unlike other jugs, which come with a narrower mouthpiece for chugging, this water bottle comes with a straw for easy sipping—no one wants to recreate the water-chair scene in Flashdance IRL, at least not unintentionally. 

          Its temperature control is also unbeatable—four days with ice is a long time! The large, moveable handle allows you to carry the (objectively heavy) jug with ease. I have an older model of this jug with a fixed handle and I’m debating swapping it out for this model. Although it won’t fit in your cupholder, you can throw it on the floor of your car without worrying about it tipping over—and, if it does, you’re less likely to experience any spills.

          Why it made the cut: You don’t have to sacrifice quality for price with this bottle, which has the same cooling times and features as more expensive varieties. 


          Sizes: 26, 36 ounces

          Dishwasher safe: Yes

          Temperature times: 48 hours cold; 12 hours hot

          Mouthpiece: Wide mouth


          Ergonomic handle

          Great price for how long it can keep drinks cold

          Powder coating for durability


          Reviewers note the bottle leaking despite closing it tightly

          If you’re looking for quality on a budget, look no further than cooler-aficionado Igloo. Although the company doesn’t sell any accessory mouthpieces—you’re kinda stuck with the wide mouth bottle with twist cap—you might be able to get away with finding an accessory cap from another company (which we are obligated to say, do this at your own risk). This bottle features similar specs as our best overall, the Yeti Rambler, at a fraction of the price. The products even have almost identical dimensions and handle shapes. Which is to say, we love this bottle for the same reasons we love the Rambler: a powder coat finish for durability, an ergonomic handle, and lasting cooling power.

          What to consider when buying the best insulated water bottles

          Size: Insulated water bottles bring plenty of bounce to the ounce; the water bottles on this list range from 18 ounces all the way up to 64 ounces. Shop for a size based on your water intake. If you’re a frequent hydrator or athlete, you might want to consider a bottle that is 32 ounces and up. For on-the-go use, I personally enjoy a water bottle in the 24- to 32-ounce range—it’s not too small that I need to refill it constantly, but not a complete lug to haul around. However, I have a 64-ounce water bottle for the sole purpose of getting in my daily water intake without having to refill. Those looking for super-extra hydration should consider a gallon water bottle. Tiny tykes who don’t need that much water should aim for a 12-ounce bottle.

          Dishwasher friendliness: You should wash your stainless steel water bottle after every use, regardless of what was in the bottle. Not all stainless steel bottles are dishwasher safe, however. Warm, soapy water and a sponge does the trick for bottles that require handwashing. If you have a bottle with a narrower opening or one that has hard-to-reach crevices—which equals a stinky, smelly, stainless steel bottle—look for a bottle brush or bottle cleaning tabs to take care of the job. All of the bottles on our list are dishwasher safe.

          Sip preferences: Wide-mouth water bottles are great if you want a cup-like sipping experience, or want to throw in some ice hassle-free. However, you might get some spillage on your shirt and face in public, which is humbling, to say the least. A narrow mouth prevents that but is harder to load up with ice. A flip-up straw lets you sip your water as you please, but can be harder to chug based on the model. Companies often sell separate cap accessories to customize a sipping experience to your liking. 

          Weight & durability: Stainless steel vacuum-insulated water bottles tend to be light and durable, thanks to 18/8 stainless steel, which refers to its elemental composition: 18% chromium and 8% nickel. However, there is still a possibility for dings during use, since some bottles have a thinner outer layer of stainless steel compared to others. This makes them lighter in weight but more prone to dents. And, like phone screens, you never know if your bottle will survive a short fall on concrete or a 3-foot tumble down a mountain. 

          Additionally, the bottle’s paint coating affects its durability. Powder-coated bottles are less prone to scratches and peeling than liquid-coated bottles. The powder coating also gives the bottle more grip, which prevents it from slipping out of your hands. Handles, slings, and silicon sleeves can add personality and keep your bottle ding-and-dent free. 

          Thankfully, you can allegedly fix a dented bottle with some hot and cold water or a hairdryer and dry ice. This is all to say: a bottle with a thicker outer layer and a powder paint coating will typically experience fewer dents. 

          FAQs Q: Is drinking from stainless steel harmful?

          No. Stainless steel (and titanium) water bottles are made from food-grade material that’s resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Unlike aluminum bottles, they do not need a protective inner coating. And, unlike plastic bottles, they do not leach chemicals when exposed to warm beverages or heat. In fact, using a stainless steel water bottle is your safest bet when it comes to drinking receptacles.

          Q: How do I clean my insulated water bottle?

          If it’s dishwasher safe, just place it in the dishwasher on the left or right of the top rack, upside down. If it’s handwash-only, some warm, soapy water, a sponge, and some elbow grease are perfect. Bottle brushes can help clean bottles with narrow openings or crevices. Bottle cleaning tablets work in a pinch or on stubborn stains. 

          Q: Can I bring an insulated water bottle on a plane?

          Per TSA, insulated water bottles are allowed in carry-on bags as long as they’re empty before entering security. If you walk through security with an insulated water bottle that’s filled, you will risk confiscation or getting pulled aside. It’s best to make the TSA agent’s life easier by filling up your bottle after passing security. 

          Q: How long do insulated water bottles last?

          With proper use and care, you can get 10-12 years out of your insulated water bottle. Considering most high-quality insulated water bottles are in the $25-$60 range, that means you’re helping the environment while getting excellent cost-per-use. 

          Q: How much should an insulated water bottle cost?

          Most insulated water bottles cost around $30, although you’ll have to pay a little more if you want on in a larger size.

          Final thoughts on the best insulated water bottles

          Choosing the best insulated water bottle doesn’t have to dry out your spirit. You can find high-quality bottles to fit your liking and lifestyle across all price points. Handles, different mouthpieces, accessories, stickers, and fun colors can help you personalize your water bottle so it matches your personality. Hydration is essential, but who says it should be boring?

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