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Sling Touch Control 100 universal remote gets WiFi

Sling promised touchscreen delights and more at CES 2010 and sure enough they’ve delivered.  The company has unveiled a new remote, the Sling Touch Control 100, with a 4.3-inch 272 x 480 capacitive touchscreen and integrated WiFi, allowing for straightforward schedule browsing as well as universal control via IR of whatever might be lurking in your AV rack.

There’s also a docking station which can recharge the Touch Control 100’s Li-Ion battery, and Sling are quite proud of the dock’s shallow angle which means you don’t necessarily have to whip out the remote in order to use it.  They’ve also clad it in soft-touch plastic.

Unfortunately you’ll need to have a forward thinking satellite or cable company if you want to get your hands on the Touch Control 100.  Sling are initially making it available to their network partners, rather than direct to the consumer market, to “help them attract new subscribers, retain current customers, and bring placeshifting to the largest audience possible”.

Press Release:

Sling Media Introduces Sling Touch Control 100 for Television Service Providers

Next-generation, touch screen device redefines television control experience

Las Vegas, Nev., USA – Jan. 6, 2010 – SlingMedia, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), today unveiled the Sling Touch Control 100 for television service providers. The Sling Touch Control 100 is a next-generation, touch-screen device with an interface based on Sling Media’s popular SlingGuide™ electronic program guide. It interacts with and controls SlingGuide-enabled DVRs as well as most line-of-sight controlled audio-visual devices. The Sling Touch Control 100 comes in an elegantly designed enclosure, providing a large screen size and extensive battery life.

The Sling Touch Control 100 was selected as a CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Award honoree in the Video Accessories category.

The Sling Touch Control 100’s interface delivers an intuitive and flexible user experience that goes beyond the traditional electronic program guide. Current on-screen program guides can limit a consumer’s ability to find and view what is really available to watch both now and later. Using SlingGuide’s powerful search technology, the Sling Touch Control 100 makes it easy for viewers to discover new programming they may never have known was available.

“As the volume of compelling television content increases, it is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to search and navigate available content,” said John M. Paul, executive vice president of Products at Sling Media. “The Sling Touch Control 100 and SlingGuide changes the way viewers interact with programming and helps them discover and manage programs that they might miss using existing on-screen electronic programming guides.”

How It Works

The Sling Touch Control 100 features a bright 4.3 inch, capacitive touch-screen LCD display with 272 x 480 resolution. Its comfortable, soft-touch molded finish makes it easy to handle. The Sling Touch Control 100’s Lithium-ion battery is charged while sitting in the included cradle, which is designed with a shallow angle so the remote can be used while charging. The Sling Touch Control 100 communicates with HD DVRs and other SlingGuide-enabled devices via IP over a home 802.11 network and communicates with non-IP devices via IR-based control.

The Sling Touch Control 100 also allows viewers to control most of the IR-based devices in an AV rack. With a few touches of the screen, viewers can program each of the AV devices into the Sling Touch Control 100. Then, by touching an icon on the screen, viewers will be presented with an easy-to-navigate interface. They can play, fast-forward, rewind and perform all the other functions that they would normally do with their device’s native remote control.

The Sling Touch Control 100 is one in a suite of products and services that EchoStar Technologies L.L.C and its affiliate Sling Media are making available to television service providers to help them attract new subscribers, retain current customers, and bring placeshifting to the largest audience possible.

Sling Media will be demonstrating this new technology in Booth 9021 at the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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10 Best Remote Control Software For Windows 10/11

10 Best Remote Control Software for Windows 10/11 [Free & Paid] Try the remote control apps and improve your work-from-home




The need to remote control your Windows desktop is a must these days, making a huge difference when working away from the office.

If you don’t want or cannot use Windows’ built-in tool, you can go for some other amazing software options.

A very important aspect when using remote software is also the capability to protect your identity online, making this an important element when making a choice.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Remote control software, otherwise known as remote desktop applications, enables users to remotely access one PC from another system or device.

That could be another desktop, laptop, tablet, or even mobile which effectively becomes a remote control for the other PC.

It’s based on a client/server (or host) model with the remote control device is the client and the remote PC, the host.

How can remote desktop software help me?

This software is especially important for IT support and administration because they facilitate remote troubleshooting.

If you need to change some settings quickly on an endpoint within your network, these tools will ensure quick connection and fast action.

Windows has its own Remote Desktop Connection tool. However, the server part of Remote Desktop is only included in the Professional and Enterprise editions.

So, if you don’t have one of those editions, these are some of the best remote desktop software for Windows.

Parallels Access is an amazing tool that is especially handy when it comes to small-resolution screens.

You can access your computer/computers from your phone whenever you are located. The most important thing is that you have access to absolutely all your computer files and apps, even from your phone.

This can be quite handy, especially when you need to access some files that are not readable by your phone OS, but you need to perform a specific action on them.

We strongly recommend you to try this remote desktop software.

Let’s see some of its key features:

Access your computer/computers from your phone

Allows access to all your computer files and apps

Great usability, especially for access on mobile devices

Easy to set up and use, without any guidance

Secure and reliable

Parallels Access

Never worry about your device not being compatible with remote control software. Try Parallels Access today.

Check price Visit Website

Radmin Remote offers high-speed communication between a remote computer and multiple client computers and allows you to use it for telecommuting, demos, and IT support.

We have to mention that this software is developed for Windows PCs. Radmin viewer has a decent box and very interesting sharing tools like a two-way clipboard.

It also supports chat conversations between the host and the viewer. Its dual-paned file-transfer tool is standard for remote access software.

The video connection runs smoothly, and you can easily manipulate programs with the same quality you’d find while sitting at the remote computer.

Radmin also provides excellent security by implementing 256-bit encryption. This feature allows you to keep the data exchange safe, above the standard used by others.

It also lets you secure the remote PC by enabling the blank screen function and keyboard locking. In addition to IP filtering, it has the option to limit access to parts of your remote computer.

This is especially useful when running a demo or allowing someone else to access your computer remotely, such as to perform tech support or to participate in a web conference.

Let’s go through some of its most important features:

256-bit encryption for enhanced security

Fast connection and smooth video conferencing

Quick data transfer

IP filtering and keyboard locking

Dual-paned file-transfer tool

Radmin Remote

With the help of Radmin software, you benefit from remote IT support anytime so don’t hesitate anymore.

Check price Visit Website

Mikogo is the best free remote control software for presentations, tech support, and web conferencing.

There’s also a Professional paid version that can include up to 25 participants in a session.

Mikogo has extensive desktop-sharing options and a great HTML viewer to help users share a PC or Mac with numerous participants.

Its multi-user Whiteboard that enables participants to draw on screen comes in handy for presentations. You can record sessions with Mikogo’s screen recorder tool.

The software’s also compatible with most platforms has a switch presenter and includes file transfer and chat options.

This is one of the best programs for setting up remote desktop connections for multiple participants.

Take a look at its best features:

⇒ Get Mikogo

The list of free remote control software solutions would be incomplete without TeamViewer. It needs no introduction.

It’s a multi-platform software program compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, and Mac OS X so that users can connect to remote computers with tablets or mobiles.

It’s freely available software that you can add to Windows by pressing the Download TeamViewer button on the link below or adding the app to mobiles from this Microsoft Store page.

TeamViewer has a straightforward setup with minimal system configuration required.

Once up and running, TeamViewer enables you to directly access a remote computer almost as a primary user would.

Alternatively, clients can be granted only more limited remote control sessions for things such as file transfers. The software has a convenient drag and drops UI for direct file transfer from host to client.

The program enables you to remotely access any number of computers from an administrative portal, whilst most alternative software only provides remote access to a maximum of 10 to 25 endpoints.

TeamViewer also has multi-monitor support so you can navigate between multiple VDUs. In addition, it includes remote printing, scheduling, Wake-on-LAN, remote update, and session recording options.

As such, TeamViewer probably has all the options most will need from a remote desktop application.

Here are some of its key features:

Compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, and Mac OS X

Remote access to a maximum of 10 to 25 endpoints

Multi-monitor support

Remote printing, scheduling, and Wake-on-LAN

Remote update, and session recording options

⇒ Get TeamViewer

Looking for an alternative to other free remote control software? SupRemo is exactly what you need. This is a reliable, fully secured, and really affordable remote control tool.

No matter what device you use, SupRemo is fully compatible with most phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. You can use it from your Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, and obviously, Windows.

Control your devices remotely from anywhere in the world in the most secure and accessible way, because SupRemo is completely free for non-professional and/or non-continuous use.

Are you part of a company? You can also upgrade to one of the quarterly and annual business plans then. These plans will be modulated according to the number of simultaneous sessions required.

What’s even better is that all the licenses allow unlimited installation to an infinite number of devices. There is no actual limit of endpoints where you can install the license.

Expert tip:

They are also priced from $6/month, per user, if you want to perform multiple simultaneous screen-sharing sessions.

Thanks to SupRemo’s powerful features, you will be able to work freely and securely:

Allowed ID and Installation as a Service allow companies to connect remotely without the need for an individual in front of the screen

Encrypted connections that will secure data during the session

Chat for interacting and communicating between the two connected people

Automatic update whenever a newer version of the software is available

Online Reports that give statistics and data about the connections

Remote printing and transfer of data between the two devices

Customization of the interface that allows you to insert your own brand, info, and references

⇒ Get SupRemo

Splashtop is another multi-platform program for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Linux. It enables you to turn your Windows mobile into a desktop remote control.

Splashtop has an annual subscription fee that’s still good value compared with some alternatives such as LogMeIn.

The Splashtop Personal app for Windows devices is freely available, and that also has an Anywhere Access Pack upgrade for Splashtop’s global server infrastructure.

Splashtop is a high-performance remote desktop software that has top-notch audio and video streaming at 30 frames per second.

As such, Splashtop is especially strong for media streaming from remote devices and can deliver 3D gaming.

With this software, you can access pretty much any file or app on a remote PC, but it lacks TeamViewer’s drag-and-drop support.

Splashtop’s installation and setup are also very quick and straightforward. The business version includes extra remote print, annotation and remote wake, chat, user management, and file transfer options.

Consider some of its most important features below:

Easy installation and set-up

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Linux

Media streaming and 3D gaming features

Access any file or app on a remote PC

Secure and reliable connection

⇒ Get Splashtop

LogMeIn is one of the most reliable remote access applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. So, it’s another cross-platform program that you can use with alternative devices.

LogMeIn has three versions with annual subscription fees so it’s pretty flexible for various needs.

This is one of the fastest remote desktop applications that have very little lag when streaming. LogMeIn enables you to drag and drop files from host to client, or vice-versa, for easy file transfer.

The software has remote printing options so that you can print from your desktop. It supports a multi-monitor display so the client can view multiple VDUs and dynamic IPs.

LogMeIn also provides one TB of storage for Pro subscriptions with which you can store, share and access documents. LogMeIn’s shared Whiteboard is another novelty that enables users to draw freehand pictures on the host.

So LogMeIn certainly has extensive configuration settings and a few options that aren’t included in many alternatives.

Here are some of its key features:

Shared whiteboard

Drag-and-drop file sharing

Available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS

Fast remote connection

Simple and easy to use

⇒ Get LogMeIn

VNC Connect is a remote desktop software based on the Virtual Network Computing protocol.

This software works across multiple platforms and provides both direct and cloud remote access connectivity. It has Home, Professional, and Enterprise versions.

The VNC Connect Professional and Enterprise versions have annual subscriptions.

Although it doesn’t have the most straightforward setup and configuration, VNC Connect is certainly versatile remote desktop software with a good set of security options.

For example, it includes IP filtering, keyboard locking, and inactivity time-out features. The Enterprise version has direct TCP compatibility and enables users to create virtual desktops in Linux.

Both the Pro and Enterprise editions include chat, remote printing, and file transfer tools.

Take a look at some of its most important features below:

Straightforward setup and configuration

Based on the Virtual Network Computing protocol

Direct TCP compatibility

Create virtual desktops in Linux

Simple dashboard with friendly controls

⇒ Get VNC Connect

GoToMyPC is a remote desktop software that’s quick and easy to set up and optimized for speed with minimal lag.

It has Personal, Pro, and Corporate versions that have monthly subscriptions. There’s also a portable version of the software for USB drives.

All the versions give you unlimited remote access, remote printing, and file transfer & sync options. It’s compatible with multiple platforms so you can set up desktop remote controllers for Windows with various devices.

The software boasts multi-monitor support, remote printing, dynamic IP support, chat, and guest invite options.

However, GoToMyPC’s greatest novelty is the remote desktop shortcut you can add to the desktop.

The program’s usage reports for sessions also come in handy.

Let’s go through some of its key features:

Unlimited remote access, remote printing, and file transfer and sync options

Compatible with multiple platforms

Available as a portable app

Multi-monitor support

Dynamic IP support, chat, and guest invite options

⇒ Get GoToMyPC

If you want an app that’s accessible to anyone, whether a family member, your team, or for personal use, go for AnyDesk.

You’ll see just how easy it is to access a working computer remotely and continue working on the same documents or collaborate with several people or transfer files securely.

The software uses strong encryption standards to block unauthorized access and ensure a safe connection for all parties involved.

Besides, the app uses native clients for all major platforms, so you can access a desktop remotely whether from a laptop, a mobile, or a Raspberry Pi.

The tool comes in two different plans, depending on the number of users that need to access it simultaneously.

Here are some of its best features:

Access a desktop PC from any device, including mobiles and Raspberry Pi

Native clients for all major platforms

Extensive collaboration features

Powerful encryption standards

Block any unauthorized access

⇒ Get AnyDesk

These are the best remote control software for Windows 10. With them, you can connect to another desktop or laptop with keyboard and mouse controls.

As they all support multiple platforms, you can also set up a tablet or mobile remote control for a Windows desktop.

You might also be interested in our list including the best remote control software for Windows 11.

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Universal Control: How To Use It With A Mac And Ipad

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What is it?

How to use it

Universal Control with Sidecar

What is Universal Control?

Usually, when you want to connect two devices or monitors together, you need to use an HDMI cable. In the case of Apple devices connecting to non-Apple devices, this also involves buying an expensive adapter for the HDMI cable socket. But Apple has developed a feature called Universal Control, which removes the need for an HDMI cable at all if you’re only using Apple devices.

Once set up, and assuming your devices are compatible, you can use the keyboard, mouse, and keyboard from your main device and move them between screens on the other devices. You can also copy something on the main device’s clipboard and paste it on one of the connected device’s screens. It’s basically multiple monitors without any cables.

But what are the requirements for using Universal Control? Let’s first check to ensure that your Mac and iPad are compatible.

macOS Monterey 12.4 or later

MacBook introduced in 2023 or later.

MacBook Pro introduced in 2023 or later.

MacBook Air introduced in 2023 or later.

Mac mini introduced in 2023 or later.

iMac introduced in 2023 or later, or iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2023).

iMac Pro.

Mac Pro introduced in 2023 or later.

Mac Studio.

Other Universal Control requirements

Mark O’Neill / Android Authority

Each device must be signed in with the same Apple ID using two-factor authentication.

Each device must be within 10 meters (30 feet) of each other and have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Handoff turned on.

Your iPad must not share its cellular connection with a hotspot, and your Mac must not share its internet connection (sharing its Ethernet connection with other computers on your local network.)

How to use a Mac and iPad at the same time

If you have verified that your Mac and iPad are compatible with Universal Control, let’s now move on to setting it up. Then we will go step-by-step through how to get started with this amazing feature.

Setting up Universal Control on Mac

Drop down the menu under Use as.

Choose how you want to use the iPad. It can be your main display, an extended display, or it can mirror your Mac or other connected monitors and devices.

Put your devices near each other and make sure that they’re awake and unlocked.

Use your mouse or trackpad to move the pointer past the edge of your screen in the direction of the iPad or other Mac.

Universal Control with Sidecar

Another option to consider is Sidecar. Sidecar lets you use a single iPad as a secondary display for your Mac. You can either mirror the content from your Mac’s display or turn it into a secondary display for extra Mac screen real estate. You can use the iPad touchscreen with Sidecar, whereas with Universal Control, the touch controls are disabled.

This is a bit of an older option, so if you have an older Mac, this might be better for you. Here are the compatibility specs.

macOS Catalina or later

MacBook Pro introduced in 2023 or later.

MacBook introduced in 2023 or later.

MacBook Air introduced in 2023 or later.

iMac introduced in 2023 or later.

iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2023).

iMac Pro Mac mini introduced in 2023 or later.

Mac Pro introduced in 2023.

Mac Studio.

iPadOS 13 or later

iPad Pro (all models).

iPad (6th generation) or later.

iPad mini (5th generation) or later.

iPad Air (3rd generation) or later.

Read more: How to use AirDrop to transfer files on iOS and macOS


Universal Control is compatible with Macs that have Apple silicon chips and Macs with Intel chips, as long as macOS Monterey 12.3 is supported.

No, the only iOS device it works with is the iPad. Universal Control needs the iPadOS system to work.

Kindle Touch Review: Finally, A Touch E

Though the Kindle Touch brings Amazon up to speed with other e-readers, its hardware and software offer little in the way of imagination and useful innovation.

The Kindle Touch (Wi-Fi + 3G) is the flagship of Amazon’s Kindle e-reader line. The addition of touch navigation aligns Amazon’s Kindle with its competition, but a few debatable interface and physical design choices reduce my enthusiasm for this product. Still, if you want a connected-anywhere dedicated e-reader, the Kindle Touch (Wi-Fi + 3G) is the way to go; no other e-reader maker currently offers a 3G version.

Touch Design

The Kindle Touch’s touch design differs significantly from most that of most rival e-readers. The top inch-plus of the 6-inch display is reserved for accessing the menu and toolbar with a single tap. Below that, Amazon has divided the screen into regions: A 0.5-inch-wide strip running the length of the left-hand side is set aside for tapping to return to the previous page. The larger region to the right–effectively stretching from the center of the page to the right edge–is reserved for moving to the next page.

A more critical problem is the e-reader’s lackluster in-book navigation. You first tap Go To, and then select from cover, beginning, end, or page/location. There’s no visual slider, and you can’t see where you are at glance—two features that both Barnes & Noble’s Nook Simple Touch and Kobo’s eReader Touch Edition offer.

By contrast (and disappointingly), the sparse-looking home screen hasn’t changed much for several product generations now. You can sort by most recent, by title, by author, or by collection, but the e-reader presents those views entirely in text. The Kindle Touch isn’t set up to show your books visually, as Nook Simple Touch, the Kobo eReader Touch, and even the Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 do. Also, Amazon continues to hide its Web browser under the ‘experimental’ section, along with the text-to-speech feature; the browser has been in place since the original Kindle launched in 2007, while the text-to-speech debuted on the Kindle 2.

The Kindle Touch lets you choose from eight font sizes, including one of the largest I’ve seen on any e-reader. You can adjust line spacing and words per line, too, but here Amazon gives you only three options. The same goes for the typeface—you can opt for the default font, or for condensed or sans serif type. In contrast, the Nook Simple Touch offers you six fonts choices, and both the Kobo Touch eReader and the Sony Reader Wi-Fi make seven fonts available. The screen doesn’t rotate, either, unlike the screen on the basic, nontouch Kindle.

Physical Design

The Kindle Touch’s 6-inch display has a 600-by-800-pixel resolution, at 167 pixels per inch. Text looked a bit fainter on this model than on the updated Nook Simple Touch, the Kobo eReader Touch, or the Sony Reader Wi-Fi. It comes with 4GB of memory, which Amazon says can accommodate up to 3000 books.

The new model’s silver gray bezel was easy to scratch and did nothing to help the contrast pop on the E Ink display. The Nook Simple Touch has a charcoal-black bezel, while the Kobo and Sony e-readers have a pitch-black bezel. Another design oddity: The ridged design of the home button on the front of the device seemed out of place on a stylish and simple e-reader.

Along the bottom edge are micro-USB and headphone ports, plus a power/sleep/wake button. The only way to wake the device is via the power button.

New with the Kindle Touch and its nontouch sibling is the ability to share books via the public library system.

Magic Trackpad 2 Review: Force Touch

Of all of the new “Magic” devices in Apple’s lineup, perhaps no device is more deserving of the moniker than the Magic Trackpad 2. It’s the only device, out of the three new peripherals that Apple recently launched, that truly brings new functionality to the table.

While the Magic Mouse 2 and the Magic Keyboard are legitimate upgrades over the products they replace, the Magic Trackpad 2 is the most justifiable upgrade from a pure features standpoint, and Apple’s pricing for it says as much.

At $129.00, this isn’t exactly a knee-jerk purchase to be made on a whim. And if you already own the old Magic Trackpad, an impulse buy is lessened even more.

I’ve been testing out the new Magic Trackpad 2 for several days now, and it’s taken me a while to put my thoughts down in writing. This device takes significantly more time to get to know than either the Magic Mouse 2 or the Magic Keyboard. That’s because the Magic Trackpad offers the most diverse functionality of the trio.

With all of that said, is the Magic Trackpad 2 worth upgrading to if you already own the previous Magic Trackpad? Watch our video review, and read my full analysis for the details.

As I’ve echoed in my other two Magic-device reviews, if you’re simply looking to get away from having to replace or swap out batteries, then the Magic Trackpad 2 is a no-brainer upgrade. Like the keyboard and the mouse, the Magic Trackpad 2 comes with a built in battery, and a Lightning cable for recharging said battery.

Design-wise, the Magic Trackpad 2 is significantly different than the original Magic Trackpad. It features a lower profile, 29% more surface area for multi-touch gestures, and a wider stance. It’s a much more sleek and unassuming design than the outgoing trackpad, and matches the design language of the new Magic Keyboard.

Use preferences to configure the Magic Trackpad 2 to your liking

And that brings me to this juncture of the review—is Force Touch a game changer? On the iPhone, the comparative 3D Touch seems more like a game changing feature that’s reason enough alone to consider buying the hardware. That’s mainly because the sense of touch is enhanced because you’re directly manipulating things on the screen. With the Magic Trackpad 2, Force Touch seems a bit disconnected, and rightfully so—you’re not actually touching an item on screen, you’re touching a trackpad.

I’ve also found that while the shortcuts that Force Touch makes possible are certainly nice, they won’t fundamentally change my workflow. The Mac has so many input options and customization options already, that it doesn’t feel like nearly as big of a shortcut as the comparative feature does on iOS. I don’t want to downplay the coolness of Force Touch, and the technology that makes it all possible, but I don’t feel that it’s reason enough alone to drop $130 on a trackpad, especially if you already own the original Magic Trackpad.

Collectively, however, it all adds up to an appealing package. When you consider that the device has way more surface area for gestures, features a much more appealing design, a rechargeable battery, and sports Force Touch, it becomes a tougher judgement call. For many, the most appealing thing about the upgrade is the inclusion of the rechargeable battery. As I’ve stated before, that alone is enough to make it worth strongly considering an upgrade.

If the Magic Trackpad 2 was the same price, or even $10-$30 more expensive than the device it replaces, I’d say upgrade without hesitation. But this device is almost double the price of the outgoing model, and that makes the decision a lot tougher. Just know that you’re in no way getting a revolutionary device if you decide to jump in. You’re getting a much-improved device, though, and for many of you, that may be all it takes to convince you to pull the trigger.

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Vavo: A Universal Stand And Mount For Iphone

You know we’re big fans of Kickstarter projects here at iDB. While some of them are kinda wacky and don’t bring anything new to the table, others are quite innovative and make me go “I need one of these.” That’s exactly the case of Vavo, a universal mount and stand for iPhone and other devices that recently launched on Kickstarter.

The folks behind Vavo aren’t stranger to Kickstarter or iDB. A couple months ago, they successfully launched Foco, a sound-enhancing device for the iPad, with a little help from iDB.

Today, we sit down with Adewale Adeluyi-Adelusi and Bojan Smiljanic from Unique Design Solutions and ask them more details about Vavo…

What is Vavo?

Vavo is an ultra portable universal smartphone and smart device accessory with two simple functions: propping your device at angles and mounting your device on smooth stationary vertical surfaces for viewing purposes. With these two simple functions, the small structure of Vavo brings a lot of versatility to how you will use your smart devices such as watching movies, capturing steady video and photos, video conferencing with friends and family and much, much more.


With so many small stands out there, do we really need another one?

It is true that there are a lot of small stands out there but very few are truly portable and universal. Those available limit you to one or two fixed angles, they usually can’t be transported easily, and they’re not that stable for viewing/typing or only fit one specific device, which means a new accessory is needed with each new device. We also know that most consumers carry their keys and smartphones. With the observations above, Vavo was created as a single accessory that would enhance your smartphone experience while incorporating the following:

Work with most smart devices

Be ultra portable – fit in your pocket, purse or bag and even on your key chain

Give you many stable angle options for viewing and typing

Be aesthetically pleasing and built with durable materials

Push the envelope by mounting on vertical surfaces for viewing purposes without extra hardware

Why Vavo?

Our devices have been fully integrated into our lifestyles and we use them in fluid and dynamic ways. It only makes sense to have an ultra portable device that can be used with our devices as we move between different environments in the course of our day. Most portable stands do not transition well with different environments and can become more of hindrance. The combination of its diminutive size, micro kickstand and PU sticky pad allows you to easily have Vavo with you as you transition easily between different environments and uses throughout the day.

What devices work with Vavo?

Vavo will work with smart devices (smartphones, MP3 players or small cameras) that have enough of a flat surface to attach to. Most smart devices will work with Vavo when used as a stand. We have a vertical viewing position weight limit of 6oz for optimal efficiency (most devices weigh between 3 – 6oz).

Any commercial uses for Vavo?

We will also offer Vavo as customized promotional items. Vavo’s ultra portable size makes it the perfect gift for anyone who uses a smartphone, mp3 player or small camera. It’s also ideal for promotional items in any industry from government, small businesses, restaurants, schools, conferences, realtors and the list is endless.

What is this PU pad?

The pad is a specially formulated polyurethane (PU) material that sticks to most surfaces, is reusable and leaves no residue. We picked this material because it is versatile and extremely durable. Similar types of PU pad were leveraged in our products, Capta, PuGoo and Foco, with different levels of strength and adhesion. Our PU pad sticks to more surfaces than a suction cup or magnet and works in more situations. Refreshing and removing built up debris and dirt from the pad can easily be performed using running water and allowing the pad to air dry. It truly is an amazing material.

Why Kickstarter?

It used to be that if you had a great idea, you could get it financed and start production easily. With the turn of the economy, things have changed. A great idea is nothing without the ability to bring it to life. For a start up like UDS, we have a lot of great ideas but, lack the financial backing to bring each and every one of these ideas to life. Kickstarter is truly a blessing for startups like ours. You can present your product to a large number of people and those who see value in it can contribute enough to get that product started for you and they will be the first to get it.

We successfully launched our products Capta and Foco where we were able to use the funds to manufacture our first run and use towards the development of new projects such as the recently released, Foco. Without support from the Kickstarter community starting up UDS products would not have been possible. We take pride in our designs and our customer service and we are proud to have backers that will return to back our new ideas.

Who is UDS?

Two freelance designers, Adewale Adeluyi-Adelusi and Bojan Smiljanic, run Unique Design Solutions (UDS). In the past, we have designed products for others and recently formed UDS to launch our own line of products. Our first products were Capta, a hybrid accessory for smart phones and Foco, a simple sound enhancing device for the new iPad 3 and iPad 2. At UDS, our goal is always to deliver top quality products and customer service. We have many more products in the pipeline and look forward to a successful Vavo campaign that ends with it being sold in stores.

When will Vavo enter production, where will it be made and how much will it cost?

Our Kickstarter campaigns ends June 30, 2012. We will move into production once we have received funds raised through Kickstarter. Vavo was designed, prototyped and tested in the US and will be manufactured in China. Vavo will have a list price of $14.95 but is currently available on Kickstarter for a pledge of $10.

Where will we be able to buy Vavo?

Vavo is currently available via Kickstarter for pre-order through June 30th. Once manufacturing is complete, Vavo will be available on the UDS website. We are also working with retailers to make Vavo available for purchase.

Interested in supporting this project? Pledges start at $10 on Kickstarter, which will get you one Vavo once available. You can also decide to pledge more which will get you even more Vavo once they are available. Get your pledges in today!

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