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Signal vs WhatsApp – The more Secure Messenger

The whole scenario is born out of the need for better security. In this widely demanded comparison – Signal VS WhatsApp, we’ll be looking at both the Psychological catalysts and the actual shortcoming on the security front in WhatsApp messenger.


It isn’t just Facebook itself misusing user data against their will, Facebook has fallen prey to hackers where it lost a significant, 80Million users’ data.

All these events have negatively impacted Facebook’s goodwill. So, this was about the psychological aspect of sudden apprehension. Now let’s move forward to specs relating directly to the app itself.

Signal VS WhatsApp Messaging App

We’ll be comparing WhatsApp and Signal App on these grounds: Ownership, Security, and Ease of Use.

1. Signal VS WhatsApp – Ownership:

A lot of users’ worries are born out of its ownership, its parent company, and their lookout regarding users’ data and privacy.

WhatsApp, to begin with, is owned by chúng tôi which, as we all know, doesn’t give much regard to users’ data and privacy. Facebook is very ill-famed when it comes to managing user information. There have been a number of cases where Mark Zuckerberg owned Facebook was found misusing the user data. WhatsApp in itself does a few things that a lot of people don’t praise, we’ll talk about it in detail in the next section.

Hence, when it comes to ownership and the mindset of top management, your data is relatively secure with Signal Messaging App.

2. Signal VS WhatsApp – Security:

Because Security is the primary reason this war between Signal and WhatsApp has gained popularity, in this section of Signal VS WhatsApp, we’ll be seeing solely the security features of both the apps. WhatsApp and Signal both provide End-to-End encrypted messaging.

However, according to Wired, ‘Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp, has the access to WhatsApp users’ phone numbers, IP Addresses, Mobile Network, how long the user has been using the messenger, payment data, cookies, location data, etc.’ which is a lot of information to give up.

Signal, on the other hand, says that it doesn’t collect user data such as their messages, groups, and other profile information. The only two pieces of information that Signal does collect are for how long the user has been using Signal App and when was the last time it was installed. Less intrusion of Signal Foundation in the users’ data and security makes it way more secure and safe than Facebook.

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3. Signal VS WhatsApp – Ease of Use

Now that we have established the fact that Signal is more secure when it comes to ownership and security features, let’s move forward to considering the ease of use that these messengers provide.

WhatsApp, to begin with, is a very popular messaging app and has been around for a while. As a result, it is definitely more fun and polished to use.

Signal, on the other hand, is a new messenger. Yet it doesn’t mean that it lags somewhere in the functionality. It is just that WhatsApp looks more organized and pleasing to look at.

As we said, though WhatsApp looks cool and known, Signal isn’t bad either. Because the difference isn’t that Great, I will recognize both the Messengers equally capable and easy to use.

Looking at all three aspects of Signal VS WhatsApp, I can surely suggest using Signal as your daily messenger. I believe the user data to be more secure and private on the Signal App.



Is Signal More Secure than WhatsApp?


Is Signal Better than WhatsApp?

In this article Signal vs WhatsApp, we discussed their performance in three different aspects. Is Signal Better than WhatsApp? – It Depends. Would you want to give up a bit on user interface to gain much more on privacy? If yes, then Signal is absolutely way better than WhatsApp. But if you do not want to give up on a few tiny design improvements, you should wait for a bit until Signal releases a few more updates.


Though WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger applications in the world, it certainly isn’t the most secure out of all. With Cyber-Crimes becoming endlessly dangerous, people want a more secure solution for their personal information. Hence, in my belief, Signal is definitely a better messenger than WhatsApp.

However, if you are looking for the same level of UI and everything, I would suggest that you wait for a couple of updates.

So, this was all from our end on Signal VS WhatsApp. I hope we were able to help you come to a decision of whether or not you should switch to Signal. Do let us know what you think of Signal, we love hearing your opinions. Keep Visiting TweakLibrary for more such content.

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Analog Vs Digital Signal – Difference Between Them

Key Differences between Analog And Digital Signal

An analog signal is a continuous signal, whereas Digital signals are time-separated signals.

Analog signal is denoted by sine waves while Digital signals are denoted by square waves.

Analog signal uses a continuous range of values that help you to represent information; on the other hand, digital signal uses discrete 0 and 1 to represent information.

Comparing Digital vs Analog signals, The analog signal bandwidth is low while the bandwidth of the digital signal is high.

Analog instruments give considerable observational errors, whereas Digital instruments never cause any kind of observational errors.

Analog hardware never offers flexible implementation, but Digital hardware offers flexibility in implementation.

Comparing Analog vs Digital signals, Analog signals are suited for audio and video transmission while Digital signals are suited for Computing and digital electronics.

Difference between Analog and Digital signals

What is Signal?

A signal is an electromagnetic or electrical current that is used for carrying data from one system or network to another. The signal is a function that conveys information about a phenomenon.

In electronics and telecommunications, it refers to any time-varying voltage that is an electromagnetic wave which carries information. A signal can also be defined as an observable change in quality such as quantity. There are two main types of signals: Analog signal and Digital signal.

What is an Analog Signal?

Analog Signal

Analog signal is a continuous signal in which one time-varying quantity represents another time-based variable. These kind of signals works with physical values and natural phenomena such as earthquake, frequency, volcano, speed of wind, weight, lighting, etc.

What is a Digital Signal?

Digital Signal

Characteristics OF Analog Signal

Here, are essential characteristics of Analog Signal

These type of electronic signals are time-varying

Minimum and maximum values which is either positive or negative.

It can be either periodic or non-periodic.

Analog Signal works on continuous data.

The accuracy of the analog signal is not high when compared to the digital signal.

It helps you to measure natural or physical values.

Analog signal output form is like Curve, Line, or Graph, so it may not be meaningful to all.

Characteristics of Digital Signals

Here, are essential characteristics of Digital signals

Digital signals are time separated signals.

This type of electronic l signals can be processed and transmitted better compared to analog signal.

Digital signals are versatile, so it is widely used.

The accuracy of the digital signal is better than that of the analog signal.

Differences between Analog And Digital Signal

Here are the important difference between Analog and Digital transmission:

Analog Digital

An analog signal is a continuous signal that represents physical measurements. Digital signals are time separated signals which are generated using digital modulation.

It is denoted by sine waves It is denoted by square waves

It uses a continuous range of values that help you to represent information. Digital signal uses discrete 0 and 1 to represent information.

Temperature sensors, FM radio signals, Photocells, Light sensor, Resistive touch screen are examples of Analog signals. Computers, CDs, DVDs are some examples of Digital signal.

The analog signal bandwidth is low The digital signal bandwidth is high.

Analog signals are deteriorated by noise throughout transmission as well as write/read cycle. Relatively a noise-immune system without deterioration during the transmission process and write/read cycle.

Analog hardware never offers flexible implementation. Digital hardware offers flexibility in implementation.

It is suited for audio and video transmission. It is suited for Computing and digital electronics.

Processing can be done in real-time and consumes lesser bandwidth compared to a digital signal. It never gives a guarantee that digital signal processing can be performed in real time.

Analog instruments usually have s scale which is cramped at lower end and gives considerable observational errors. Digital instruments never cause any kind of observational errors.

Analog signal doesn’t offer any fixed range. Digital signal has a finite number, i.e., 0 and 1.

Advantages of Analog Signals

Here, are pros/benefits of Analog Signals

Easier in processing

Best suited for audio and video transmission.

It has a low cost and is portable.

It has a much higher density so that it can present more refined information.

Not necessary to buy a new graphics board.

Uses less bandwidth than digital sounds

Provide more accurate representation of a sound

It is the natural form of a sound.

Advantages of Digital Signals

Digital data can be easily compressed.

Any information in the digital form can be encrypted.

Equipment that uses digital signals is more common and less expensive.

Digital signal makes running instruments free from observation errors like parallax and approximation errors.

A lot of editing tools are available

You can edit the sound without altering the original copy

Easy to transmit the data over networks

Here are cons/drawback of Analog Signals:

Analog tends to have a lower quality signal than digital.

The cables are sensitive to external influences.

The cost of the Analog wire is high and not easily portable.

Low availability of models with digital interfaces.

Recording analog sound on tape is quite expensive if the tape is damaged

It offers limitations in editing

Tape is becoming hard to find

It is quite difficult to synchronize analog sound

Quality is easily lost

Data can become corrupted

Plenty of recording devices and formats which can become confusing to store a digital signal

Digital sounds can cut an analog sound wave which means that you can’t get a perfect reproduction of a sound

Offers poor multi-user interfaces

Sampling may cause loss of information.

A/D and D/A demands mixed-signal hardware

Processor speed is limited

Develop quantization and round-off errors

It requires greater bandwidth

Systems and processing is more complex.

How To Make Django Admin More Secure?

Django is a web framework that is popular for its ease of usage. Django like many other web frameworks comes equipped with a lot of features and functionalities that can be used without much code to write. Django-admin is one of those features.

The admin offers a lot of hooks for modification, but do not rely on them completely. It is probably time to develop your own views if you need to give a more process-centric interface that abstracts away the implementation specifics of database tables and fields.

Some tips to ensure that your django project is secure are discussed below.

Using Secure Sockets Layer(SSL)

Deploying your project on HTTPS is important. If not, there is a possibility for someone to gather data from your web application when you are in a public place.

Change the default admin URL from /admin/ to another name. if needed, host the admin in a different domain entirely.

Change your domain as shown below.

urlpatterns=[ path(‘/admin/’,,urls), ]

Change the above mentioned URL to something that is not common and not very easily accessible or recognized.

Urlpatterns=[ path(‘my-special-tts-admin’,,urls), ] Use two-factor authentication

When you demand a password plus something else to authenticate a user for your site, you’re using two-factor authentication (2FA). Apps that need a password and then text you a second login code before allowing you to log in are likely employing two-factor authentication (2FA).

You may enable 2FA on your site in three ways −

2FA through SMS, which entails texting a login code. Although this is preferable to simply needing a password, SMS messages are surprisingly easy to intercept.

Two-factor authentication through an app like Google Authenticator, which produces unique login codes for whatever service you sign up for. Users will need to scan a QR code on your website to register it with these chúng tôi app will then generate a login code that they can use to access your website.

Using a YubiKey to enable 2FA on your site is the safest option. When your users try to log in, they must have a physical device, such as a YubiKey, which they must plug into a USB port.

Any of the 2FA techniques mentioned above can be enabled with the help of the django-two-factor-auth module.

Make sure to emphasize the need for stringer passwords and make sure you maintain stronger passwords for admin pages/site.

Make sure to install django-admin-honeypot.

Install the django-admin-honeypot library on your old /admim/ URL to collect attempts to hack your site if you’ve relocated it to a new URL or even chosen to host it on its own domain.

When someone tries to get in to your previous /admin/ URL, django-admin-honeypot generates a phoney admin login screen and emails your site administrators.

The attacker’s IP address will be included in the email created by django-admin-honeypot, so if you detect repeated login attempts from the same IP address, you can restrict that address from using your site for further security.

Always make sure to use the latest version of Django since it has security upgrades and bug fixes.

Remembering the environment, you are in and using, will let you be aware of any changes to the production data.

How To Change The Facebook Messenger Notification Sound And Ringtone.

If you are sick and tired of hearing the same Facebook Messenger notification sound you’ve heard for the last few years. This article will show you how to change the sound of notifications and ringtones on Facebook Messenger. (Sadly this is currently only available for Android devices.)

How to Delete Old Facebook Posts in Bulk. (Select All Delete Posts From Facebook)

Facebook Messenger has traditionally only ever had one default message notification tone. As a result, the sound of the iconic Facebook Messenger ‘ding’ has a tendency to cause mild chaos in public places when everyone rushes to check their devices for a new message. If you haven’t witnessed it before, it can be quite hilarious to see.

Although the ability to change the Facebook Messenger notification tone has been around for a little while, most people still aren’t aware that it can be changed. So follow along as this article guides you through the process step by step. Sadly, if you’re an iOS user, you won’t yet have the ability to change your Facebook Messenger notification tone.

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How Do You Change the Facebook Messenger Notification Tone?

As we mentioned above, you’ll only be able to change your Facebook Messenger Notification sound on Android devices, so if you have an iOS device, you’re out of luck for now. To begin, open Messenger, then tap on your Profile icon (next to chats) in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Next, scroll down and tap on Notifications and Sounds. Inside this menu, you’ll see a few different options. If you wish to change the sound of Facebook Messenger notifications, tap Notification Sound. If you wish to change the sound of Facebook Messenger calls, tap Free Call Ringtone.

Once you tap either of the two options, you’ll see a list of tones/sounds you can select as your new default. If you have added any custom sounds to your device, you’ll also see those listed here.

After you have made the chance, you can simply back out of the menu and start using Messenger normally. However, if you notice that the sound has changed down the track, it is likely because of Facebook ab testing new message tones on their service. You may have already noticed this in the past, usually just after Messenger updates.

On a side note, if you are a big social media user, you’ll find the following article exceptionally useful as it details one of the best services that allows you to automatically resize images for a range of different social media platforms. Including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, and Linkedin.

How to Automate Image Resizing For Social Media Services. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.

Whatsapp Pip Mode 2.0 For Android

WhatsApp PIP MOde 2.0 for Android

You know the battle when your companions send you a video connect on WhatsApp and need you to watch it immediately yet in addition needs to talk with you in the meantime so you can rapidly share your response? Better believe it. We’ve been there.

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WhatsApp will before long present Picture-in-picture (PiP) mode feature for all its Android clients. The feature enables clients to open one application on full screen and have different projects running at the same time in a similar window, out of sight. With this new feature, you will most likely play videos in your talk window itself, without moving to YouTube or some other platform to watch the video.

The PiP mode is accessible on WhatsApp’s Beta for Android variant 2.19.177 or more and furthermore bolsters Facebook, Instagram and YouTube videos. You have to tap on the video review to watch the video rather than the connection, which will take you to the relating application.

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The PiP feature as of now keeps running in different applications, for example, Facebook and YouTube and furthermore, in certain TVs and cell phones of today. Nonetheless, there are still restrictions to this feature. The video can be seen on full-screen just as representation and scene mode yet you can’t swipe left and right, or else the video disappears. Additionally, you can’t switch between visits or applications while the video is playing out of sight.

WhatsApp is likewise currently testing another helpful feature wherein you can see the media beneficiary’s name before sending pictures and videos. Other than that, a large group of other fresh out of the plastic new updates like Dark Mode, Vacation Mode, Touch ID and Face Unlock are headed as well.

An Influencer’s Guide To Facebook Messenger Marketing

Match a personality and message to an audience, and you’ve got an influencer who can sway purchase power and societal tastes.

Oh, and don’t forget, make a mint.

But Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been around long enough that they’re saturated and nearly impossible for building an influencer brand today.

The next platform with the potential to build a brand from thin air is Facebook Messenger.

Millions worldwide use Facebook Messenger to communicate daily — and those users are incredibly receptive to chat-based marketing.

Why Messenger Is the Place to Be for Online Influencers

Facebook Messenger is more than another place to talk to your friends.

It’s also a diverse marketing tool that can be used to grow a business or brand online.

If you’re an influencer or brand, there’s a trick to fast-tracking your influence:

Establishing your value on a platform before everyone else gets there.

Messenger is that platform.

It’s used by billions of people daily yet very few companies and influencers are using it any scalable way.

Gary Vaynerchuk is an early adopter demonstrating the value of Messenger as a content delivery tool that’s highly personalized with the ability to cut through the noise of social media. Take a look:

On social media, interactions aren’t unique or all that personalized.

With Facebook Messenger chat-based marketing, you can have individual conversations that connect on a personal level.

On Messenger, each message you send is delivered directly into one person’s inbox and isn’t a passing note in a rolling feed where you can never tell who saw it.

To use Messenger to grow your brand’s influence, here is the influencer’s guide to Facebook Messenger Marketing with actionable tips for making the most of your connection to your audience.

It covers how to get new followers and better connect with your audience using Facebook Messenger like Vaynerchuk and the biggest influencers.

The tactics here are executed with the tools from my company, MobileMonkey, a Facebook Messenger marketing platform.

1. Grow Your Messenger Contact List with Facebook Post Autoresponders

Here is how it works:

2. Get More Followers with Your Website Chat

Did you know you can use your website as a Messenger contact growth tool?

Add Messenger website chat to your website and anyone who contacts you here will become a Messenger contact.

You have likely seen chat boxes appear on most modern websites in your space. Ones that allow you to connect with an influencer and their business or find content on their site.

Better than live operator website chat is Messenger chat with a chatbot at the helm.

People get instant responses, you can take over for the bot at any time, and the chat history is persistent rather than disappearing like live website chat.

You can quickly install a Messenger widget on your website to answer FAQs, whether from the media, someone looking to book you for an event, or a fan.

Having chat on your website can feel overwhelming, but if you’re using chatbots, you don’t have to personally respond to messages all day and can still build your contact list for chat blasting.

3. Send Updates to Followers in Messenger & See 8X Better Open Rates Than Other Channels

Chat blasting is one of the best new ways to engage customers with your content and promotions.

So what exactly is chat blasting? It’s sending a mass message to your Messenger contacts, similar to an email blast campaign.

When you have a new blog post or special offer, chat blast it to your Messenger contacts to the tune of 80 percent open rate. Watch your traffic skyrocket.

Did you just release a new product or start a partnership with a new sponsor, for example? Chat blast a link to your contacts.

You can use it for any content type or reason.

Maybe you want to personally ask a question to your audience. Perhaps you want to promote new sponsors.

Anything works with chat blasting, and it’s 10x as effective as email blasts.

One key strategy that influencers have been using is releasing exclusive content on their chat blasts.

This strategy helps to bring users from other platforms into Messenger contacts as they can’t access the content on any other social channel.

Reserve chat blasts for your most popular and exclusive content to give users an incentive to follow you.

4. Use Messenger’s Secret Weapon for Automated Drip Campaigns to Stay in Touch on Autopilot

Influencer marketing relies on one main thing: Getting your audience to continually engage with you.

If you can reach your following once, that’s awesome. But it’s even better if you can do that on a consistent basis.

Sponsors want to work with influencers that have an active following. One-off viral stunts aren’t sustainable. Audiences who love you and your content are.

Your audience is your lifeblood, and without it, you aren’t really an influencer.

Just like you would with an email newsletter, you can use a chatbot to schedule drip campaigns on anything you want.

Use drip campaigns to offer evergreen content that is high-value. For instance, hacks or blog content that your influencer network generally engages with on other platforms.

You can send very personalized messages to get people’s attention:

Ask them questions about their goals and how you can be of assistance.

Gauge their interest and use that moving forward to determine what content they see next.

With a chatbot, you can automate this entire process!

And you can use your blog as an RSS feed bot to deliver content regularly, like a newsletter.

5. Get More Sign-ups with Forms in Messenger

When you have events or promotions, collecting sign-ups and contact information is always a key step in building your influencer network.

More emails and more contacts mean more opportunities to sell or convert or build brand awareness.

But web forms can have disappointing conversion rates. People can abandon a page and leave no trace.

Messenger is a great alternative to web forms when collecting information because it collects user info in a natural-style conversation.

It’s really easy to build Facebook Messenger forms, too.

Bottom Line: Facebook Messenger Marketing Is a Golden Opportunity to Get Ahead of Your Competition

Facebook Messenger is a prime candidate for influencer marketing and brands who can move fast to adopt first.

There are unmatched engagement rates in Facebook Messenger.

And with virtually no competition Messenger a great space to grow your voice in the increasingly noisy space of social media.

Grow your network and influence with Facebook Messenger as your marketing platform.

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