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After a month of having the new Apple TV in our household, I can firmly recommend that all Apple TV owners pick up the new generation of Apple TV Siri Remote.

The differences between the 2023 Apple TV and the new 2023 Apple TV hardware are negligible, but the remote redesign stands on its own as bringing happiness and joy to the living room. Everything about the Apple TV is expensive, but fortunately you can buy the remote separately. It’s compatible with any Apple TV that runs tvOS …

When Apple retraced its steps on the butterfly key decision, it essentially reverted back to the tried-and-tested Magic Keyboard design with almost no tweaks or changes. It made people happy, but it was kind of boring.

The old Apple TV remote lived in the market about as long as the butterfly keyboard fiasco, garnering about as much frustration. Unlike with the keyboard situation though, Apple’s new Siri Remote is not merely a step backward into the past. The new remote is a combination of the best parts of the fourth-gen trackpad remote and the older silver Infrared button remote that came before it. It really does make everyone happy… or at least, my family doesn’t get angry every time they pick it up.

The main problems with the old Apple TV remote was that the trackpad was easy to touch accidentally, the layout was symmetrical so you didn’t know which way you were holding it, and the overall remote was small and easy to lose. The new 2023 Apple TV Siri Remote addresses each of these issues.

Personally, I had learned how to deal with the old remote. I had trained myself to carefully pick it up by its side, in order not to brush against the trackpad surface. As such, I didn’t hate it as much as other people, but I could recognize its flaws all the same. What I am happy about is that Apple preserved the Siri Remote’s best idea — the swipe gesture trackpad — and remodeled it to make it intuitive and accessible to more Apple TV users, rather than scrapping a good idea altogether because of a bad implementation in the first attempt.

I don’t think Apple has fully solved the “remote easily lost” issue. The new remote’s chunky silver aluminium exterior does help. It is genuinely harder to misplace just because of its size, and the shiny silver metal means the reflection of the TV screen is usually enough to illuminate the remote on the sofa, even when all of the lights in the room are turned off. Nevertheless, the remote can still get lost, especially with the “help” of children. There will still be plenty of occasions when you wish the remote included a beeper for basic Find My integration.

The best argument for the new remote is that my family is no longer frustrated when they sit down to watch TV. I also observed that everyone seems more open to trying to swipe around and utilize the trackpad to its full effect, now that they aren’t worried about accidentally triggering it. In a somewhat counterintuitive fashion, the return of buttons to this remote has increased the usage of the trackpad. I take that as an indicator of a successful design.

If you have an Apple TV, the new Siri Remote is 100% recommended. It will make everyone happy, apart from perhaps your wallet. But as an Apple TV user, frankly you are used to that.

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Tvos 11: How To Join The New Apple Tv Public Beta

This year tvOS joined macOS and iOS in offering a free public beta version of upcoming software updates, and Apple released the first tvOS 11 public beta for testing early last week. There aren’t a ton of flashy new features in tvOS 11, but there are a few nice improvements that you can start using now. Here’s how to start using the tvOS 11 public beta on your Apple TV and what you can expect:

Why should you consider running the tvOS 11 public beta? For starters, running the tvOS 11 public beta gives you an opportunity to try new features and provide feedback to Apple about the software update before it’s finalized and ships to all users. Apple doesn’t provide a Feedback app on the Apple TV, but you can use the Feedback app on iOS if you’re running the public beta version of iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad.

There are also a few new features to start using on tvOS 11. Apple TV gains fast switching to AirPods just like on iPhone, you can automatically change the appearance from dark mode and light mode based on local sunset and sunrise times, and Home screens can sync between multiple Apple TVs running the iOS 11 beta.

In the future, tvOS 11 should also include AirPlay 2 support for multi-room audio playback and more, although the current betas do not yet include this feature.

So how do you join the tvOS 11 public beta? The process for tvOS is super easy compared to how iOS and macOS both work.

Sign up for free at chúng tôi using the same Apple ID that you use on your Apple TV for iCloud, iTunes, or Game Center.

Launch the Settings app on Apple TV, then look for System and Software Updates.

Turn ‘Get Beta Updates’ on, then select Update Software.

The only issue joining the tvOS 11 public beta in my experience was not seeing the ‘Get Beta Updates’ option despite using the same Apple ID with the chúng tôi website as iTunes, but using my other Apple ID (for iCloud) on the chúng tôi website resolved the issue immediately on my Apple TV.

tvOS 11 (so far) is a much smaller update than iOS 11 or even macOS High Sierra, so there is generally less stuff to break and less risk attached to running the public beta version. For me, I rely far less on tvOS running smoothly than I do iOS and macOS, too, so it’s OK if something is wonky here or there.

With that being said, I haven’t personally experienced any issues with either the public beta or developer beta versions of tvOS 11 yet (mainly using Netflix and Hulu apps) but your experience may vary so still proceed with caution.

As for major new features, we may have to wait for this fall for a possible Apple TV hardware update as Tim Cook hinted at much more to come with tvOS later this year, which could mean a new box may be required for more impressive features.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

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Apple’s M1 Chip Makes The New Macbook Air Shockingly Good

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I keep a big, hardcover book next to my couch for when I want to edit photos in Lightroom with the computer on my lap. Without that tome to protect my legs, my laptop slowly roasts my thighs as if they’re salty, delicious slabs of meat at a Brazilian barbecue restaurant. Laptops get hot when you subject them to resource-intensive activities. That’s just a way of life—and why they generally need fans to stay cool. But when Apple announced its new MacBook Air last week, the company promised the new M1 chip would keep the whole machine cool even without a built-in fan to funnel hot air away from the delicate electronics.

After almost a week of putting the new MacBook Air through the wringer of my daily computing routine, I’m extremely impressed (and my thighs remain shockingly uncooked, even without the book). The M1 chip certainly seems like the real deal.

What’s the difference between this and the old MBA?

The rose gold finish isn’t my style, but it is very nice. Stan Horaczek

How fast is it?

It sounds complicated on paper, but in the real world, it translates to a tiny, silent computer that’s absurdly fast. I ran the MacBook Air through the popular benchmarking software, Geekbench 5, which puts computers through a standardized set of computing tasks and spits out a score to help compare one machine to another. The new $999 MacBook Air trounced the 2023 16-inch MacBook Pro (which cost $2,399 in 2023) in single-core performance and edged out the win in the multi-core score. Beyond the numbers, just about everything feels like it moves faster on the MBA. Apps open instantaneously, photo previews snap into full resolution immediately. It’s extremely impressive.

That’s not to say that the Air will replace every MacBook Pro or Mac Pro out there. The lack of a cooling fan means that performance does indeed start to slow down as heat builds up. After an hour of editing photos in Lightroom, the MBA had clearly throttled back a bit when it comes to computing power—things took a bit longer. The new M1-based MacBook Pro has a fan built in specifically for this purpose—in fact, that and the battery are the main difference between the two machines (unless you count the Touch Bar, which I do not.)

Battery performance

In addition to the speed upgrades, Apple also claims to have effectively doubled the usable battery life compared to the previous Air. In the real world, I got a solid 10 hours of typical work done on it during a workday without having to worry about plugging it in. That’s a huge jump over the previous model, which usually tapped out some time after lunch.

Don’t expect much of a change on the outside from the previous model. Stan Horaczek

What about those apps?

There are three different kinds of apps you can run on the new M1-powered Macs. Optimized apps run natively on Apple silicon, which means the developers have rebuilt their software to work directly on the M1 chip. Obviously, Apple’s own apps fit this bill, and others have already jumped onboard.

These native apps really allow you to see what the M1 can do. They open quickly, and they take only dainty little bites off of the battery as they operate. Safari on the MacBook Air is the quickest and snappiest web browsing experience I’ve ever had. The latest Big Sur macOS update made it a lot simpler to navigate when you have a ton of Safari tabs open, which is good because the MBA has plenty of power to handle the load. I opened 40 tabs with no trouble at all.

Non-optimized apps will still typically run on the M1 Macs, but there are some exceptions. They run through Apple’s emulation software, Rosetta 2, and you probably won’t even notice a difference when using them. I ran the original versions of Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom without issue. Adobe is planning on optimizing both programs in the coming months, but you can try a version of the optimized Photoshop now in beta if you’re eager to give it a try. Just note that it’s missing a ton of typical features and you shouldn’t expect to use it for any real work until the official release early next year. Luckily, the old version seems to work just fine.

Lastly, you can now run iPhone apps directly on an M1 Mac by downloading them directly from the macOS App Store. So, if you want to load up the iPhone version of Among Us and try to murder your friends in adorable ways, you can do so. I can’t see myself using iPhone apps on the Mac all that often. They’re built with a touch interface in mind, which doesn’t always translate well to a mouse and keyboard. Also, companies can keep their iPhone apps out of the Mac App Store, which means some of the software you want—yes, that includes Instagram—isn’t available. Right now, iOS apps on the Mac are kind of a mess, so don’t get too excited about it just yet.


Despite all the internal upgrades, the new MBA looks and feels exactly like its older sibling. The Air was already the most popular laptop in the world, so it’s not much of a surprise that Apple wouldn’t change up the overall feel. It would be nice to have more than two USB-C ports for connecting monitors and accessories, but that’s more of an issue with the M1-powered 13-inch Pro than it is here. The Air’s keyboard feels great, the screen has improved color reproduction, and the whole package feels generally excellent.

Who should buy it?

I can easily say that the new MacBook Air is the best overall laptop I’ve ever used. That said, this is still a transition period for Macs. Buying the new M1 MacBook Air means buying into a first-generation product, which always carries at least a bit of risk. Before taking the leap, I’d recommend making a list of all the apps you use regularly and checking on whether they have optimized yet or when they plan to do so. But, barring any weirdness that pops up down the line, the MacBook Air is a rather amazing start to Apple’s new generation of Macs.

Happy Returns: The Safe Way To E

Tax returns are a tempting treat in a time of data breaches and identity theft. Names, social security numbers, bank account information—it’s all right there.

Go digital

E-filing is readily available through tax-preparation software or an online service, or by filing via the IRS or state websites. To e-file safely, experts recommend several common-sense precautions. “There are basic principles you need to follow,” says William Pelgrin, President and CEO of the Center for Internet Security. 

Mailing a printed tax return is riskier than filing digitally, experts say.

“If you’re doing your taxes at home, make sure your computer is secure,” says Pelgrin. “Nothing is 100 percent secure, but you can take steps to make sure you’re as secure as you can be.”

That means keeping your computer and all of its software completely patched and up-to-date, and running reliable and updated security software. You also should uninstall any old, unused applications, as they may be vulnerable to malware.

Secure your personal information

It’s also important to store your tax data carefully. “The biggest problem with e-filing is not e-filing itself, it’s the records that your taxes create,” F-Secure’s Sullivan says.

If those records were to get into the wrong hands, criminals could later use your social security number in a variety of ways. They could use it to gain employment, in which case their wages would be reported as earned by you, affecting the amount of taxes you owe in future years. Identity thieves also can use your information to file false tax returns in your name, which allows them to claim your refund.

Online services like TurboTax make it easy to prepare your own taxes but heighten the need to secure your personal data.

Carpenter notes that while the federal IRS website for e-filing offers the highest level of security, not all state websites are comparably safe. She suggests contacting your state’s Department of Revenue if you have any concerns. The website for the state of California offers a very detailed rundown of its privacy and security measures, for instance. 

Sullivan even suggests using one PC for your banking and financial transactions, and another device, such as a cheaper desktop, laptop, or tablet, for your personal browsing. Banking sites are typically very secure and are unlikely to put malware on your computer, he says, but the same isn’t true about the rest of the Internet. If you can’t afford or don’t have access to separate devices, you can use separate browsers for financial and non-financial surfing. Another option is using security software that offers banking protection, which cuts off any connections other than the one to your financial institution.

Approach mobile apps with caution

Mobile e-filing apps are available for individuals with simple tax returns.

Tax preparation and filing are going mobile—for some people, anyway. In recent years, apps from both H&R Block ($9.99) and TurboTax (free for federal, $14.99 for state) have been available for Android and iOS devices. 

While the apps are convenient, they’re designed primarily for folks with simple tax returns. The H&R Block and TurboTax apps are restricted to filing 1040EZs, and filing through the apps is pricier than doing so through your computer, where filing uncomplicated returns is often free. Pelgrin also says using a device with a bigger screen is preferable—if only to avoid making unnecessary errors, which can happen when trying to enter and verify information on a small display.

If you decide to file with a mobile app, standard security protocol still applies. In addition to ensuring your smartphone is patched and running the latest software, Pelgrin suggests installing security tools that allow you to wipe your device remotely if it is lost or stolen.

Embrace e-filing

Don’t be scared off by all these warnings. E-filing is by far the safest way to file your taxes, particularly if you follow the security measures outlined here.

“I trust computers a lot more than I trust people,” Sullivan says. “A computer will do what you tell it; it’s not going to try to screw you over. But a person might, whether it’s an accountant or someone who comes across your personal info on a piece of paper somewhere.”

And if that isn’t enough to cheer you up, remember this: According to the IRS, e-filing not only reduces errors in tax returns, it also significantly speeds up the process of getting your return. Now there’s something to smile about.

Apple Announces The New Iphone Se: 4.7

It has been a long time coming, with more rumors than you can shake a stick at, but Apple’s newest low-cost iPhone is finally here. Please welcome the iPhone SE.

While there had been plenty of speculation that Apple would call the new handset the “iPhone SE 2” or even the “iPhone 9“, the company has opted to keep things simple and just go with iPhone SE (again). Apple is keeping things pretty familiar in some parts, with the price tag considerably lower than its other current iPhone models go for these days. And the device looks familiar, too, sharing plenty of design cues from the iPhone 8. But there are some key differences we’ll get into.

The features

Apple announced the new phone on Wednesday. As usual, there is a lot to go through. Apple says the new iPhone SE features an aerospace-grade aluminum and glass design, and the front of the phone is all-black. So even if you pick the white model, you’ll get black bezels above and below the display. And that display measures in at 4.7 inches, and it’s a Retina HD panel with True Tone technology. It even supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 for High Dynamic Range (HDR) support.

The physical Home button below the display is made from sapphire crystal, which also features a steel ring around it to read the owner’s fingerprint thanks to Touch ID support.

As expected, the new iPhone SE features an A13 Bionic processor, the same chip featured in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series.

A13 Bionic was built with a focus on machine learning, with a dedicated 8-core Neural Engine capable of 5 trillion operations per second, two Machine Learning Accelerators on the CPU and a new Machine Learning Controller to balance performance and efficiency. Together, A13 Bionic and iOS 13 enable new intelligent apps that make use of machine learning and Core ML.

The new iPhone SE is certified for wireless charging, and supports Qi-certified chargers. It also supports fast-charging and can give the new iPhone SE’s battery up to 50 percent charge in just 30 minutes. The handset also supports Gigabit-class LTE and Wi-Fi 6 support. There is a Lightning port on the bottom of the handset for wired charging. The new iPhone SE supports Haptic Touch and not 3D Touch — which means 3D Touch has effectively been retired now.

The handset is available in three colors: white, black, and (PRODUCT)RED. It will also be available in three variants with either 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of built-in storage. Pricing will start at $399.

Meanwhile, around back, the new iPhone SE features a single 12-megapixel camera. Apple, of course, says the new camera is the best single-camera system it has ever produced in a smartphone. I’m just going to get out of the way and let Apple brag a bit:

iPhone SE features the best single-camera system ever in an iPhone with a 12-megapixel f/1.8 aperture Wide camera, and uses the image signal processor and Neural Engine of A13 Bionic to unlock even more benefits of computational photography, including Portrait mode, all six Portrait Lighting effects and Depth Control.5 Using machine learning and monocular depth estimation, iPhone SE also takes stunning Portraits with the front camera. Next-generation Smart HDR comes to iPhone SE, intelligently re-lighting recognized subjects in a frame for more natural-looking images with stunning highlight and shadow details.

Here’s a sample of the new iPhone SE’s camera:

The front and rear cameras both feature “cinematic video stabilization”. The rear camera can record 4K video up to 60fps, and extended dynamic range is supported with up to video captured at 30fps.

Apple touches on the familiar near the end of its announcement, including the fact that the handset still features the Secure Enclave for boosted security, Tracking Prevention in Safari, and the built-in Photos app will organize photos on device through Machine Learning. And of course the new phone has access to Apple’s range of services, including Apple Music, Apple TV+, iCloud, and more.

Pricing and availability

As I mentioned above, the new iPhone SE starts at $399 in the United States. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing:

64GB iPhone SE: $399 or $16.62 per month (without any trade-in)

128GB iPhone SE: $449 or $18.70 per month (without any trade-in)

256GB iPhone SE: $549 or $22.87 per month (without any trade-in)

Apple says with a trade-in customers can get the new phone for just $9.54 per month, or as low as $229 — depending on the trade-in, of course, and that’s the base model. Prices will vary on model chosen and trade-in offer.

The new iPhone SE will go up for pre-order on Friday, April 17, at 5:00 AM PDT. The handset will be available from Apple directly, authorized resellers, and “select carriers” beginning Friday, April 24, in the United States and in over 40 other countries and regions.

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Best Soundbars For Apple Tv 4K In 2023

To enjoy movies and games on your new Apple TV 4K, don’t depend on the TV’s built-in speakers. Instead, get the finest soundbars to enjoy audio output compatibility up to Dolby Digital 7.1. So, if you are looking for the best soundbars for Apple TV 4K, here’s my curated list.

1. JBL Bar 5.1 – Editor’s choice

The JBL Bar 5.1 is a wireless 5.1 home theater system with a soundbar. So, it provides movie and music listening experiences thanks to integrated Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, HDR 10, and DTS technology. The soundbar has two detachable battery-powered wireless surround speakers with up to 10-hour runtime. 

Besides, you will get 510W total system power and a 10″ wireless subwoofer. You can connect your 4K TV through an HDMI cable. Also, the soundbar has JBL SoundShift to switch between the TV and your phone or tablet. The best part is it’s a soundbar that works with an Apple TV remote. Chromecast, Airplay2, Bluetooth, and Alexa multi-room audio are also supported.


JBL SoundSwift technology

Up to 10 hours of playing time

Thrilling base with crispy highs and punchy lows


No built-in voice booster for audio clarity

Check out on: Amazon

2. Bose Smart soundbar 900 – Modern technology equipped

A soundbar must provide a theater-like experience, and Bose Soundbar 900 is ideal for this. The Dolby Atmos with this one offers a level of realism that no other soundbar can match. Exclusive Bose technologies enhance music by isolating instruments, conversations, and effects. So you can immerse yourself in your 3D movies and games. 

Also, unique PhaseGuide technology beams multi-directional sound to diverse sections of your room. Besides, the cabinet has nine speakers, including two new upward-firing dipole transducers. You can use your voice to control your entertainment and acquire information with Alexa and Google Assistant. The noise-canceling microphones work together even when your music is playing loudly. 

Additionally, the Bose Voice4Video technology enhances your Alexa speech skills. Because of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, built-in Chromecast, Apple AirPlay 2, and Spotify Connect compatibility, you can wirelessly stream all of your favorite music services. You may listen to your audio via the Bose Smart Soundbar 900 if it’s accessible on your mobile devices.


ADAPTiQ technology for audio calibration

Versatile Bose Music app

Exclusive Bose Voice4Video™ technology


Have connectivity issues, especially with Alexa

3. Samsung HW-S60B 3.1ch soundbar – With game mode

Samsung is the first brand to launch a wireless Dolby Atmos soundbar. It generates genuine 3D sound by projecting it from all around you. And DTS Virtual: X improves your listening experience without needing additional speakers. It ranks among the best soundbars for Apple TV 4K because of the true 3.1ch adaptive sound. 

You can enjoy audio with 1 subwoofer and 2 up-firing channels working together. Besides, the Q-Symphony technology syncs audio with your TV for a smooth experience. Also, it dynamically tunes audio with improved speech clarity to keep up with action-packed games and movies. If you are a game lover, this soundbar is for you.

The game mode provides directional audio in accordance with the action onscreen. Additionally, you may connect two smart devices simultaneously and share the sound tower. I like using Alexa’s built-in features like music playback, delivery alerts, and weather updates. Alternatively, use AirPlay to broadcast from an iPhone or iOS device.


Built-in center speaker

Q-symphony technology for better sync

Virtualized 3D sound


The bass is not good

Check out on: Amazon

4. Sonos Arc soundbar – Exclusively for Apple users

The brand-new Sonos Arc offers amazingly realistic 3D sound, including Dolby Atmos. Enjoy voice control, the Sonos app, and Apple AirPlay 2. Its enhanced Trueplay tuning technology enhances the sound of the room’s specific acoustics. Also, when the TV is turned off, use the Sonos app or Apple AirPlay 2 to stream music, radio, podcasts, etc., from your favorite services. 

I love its elongated design, smooth contour, and seamless facade to attach to the wall or sit beneath the TV. Besides, Amazon Alexa is integrated into. The interesting fact is Arc was particularly calibrated with the assistance of Oscar-winning sound specialists to accentuate the human voice. To have clearer communication, enable voice enhancement in the app.


Cinematic audio

Touch controls

Enhanced Trueplay tuning technology


 The Sonos app needs more work

5. Sony HT-A7000 7.1.2ch soundbar – Higher-end premium

Sony offers a room-filling audio experience. You can enjoy your movies or games with the Dolby Atmos, DTS:X technology via the Vertical Surround Engine, Hi-Res Audio, and 360 Reality Audio. Also, the Sound Field Optimization adapts to your surroundings for better audio crispiness. Besides, it has 8K and Apple TV 4K audio passthrough support. 

Therefore, the Immersive Audio Enhancement turns ordinary audio into approximately 7.1.2 Ch Vivid graphics and fast-paced game action. You can stream music via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, built-in Chromecast, Spotify Connect, and Apple AirPlay 2. Also, you can use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


360 Spatial sound mapping

Sound field optimization

8K HDR support



No sound woofers

6. Vizio V-Series™ 2.1 Home Theater – Sleek design

VIZIO has been filling homes with amazingly immersive audio for almost a decade. Though small and compact, you will get brilliant clarity, stunning dynamics, and compatibility with Dolby Audio and DTS Digital Surround combined for performance. Also, DTS Virtual:X delivers a virtualized 3D sound. 

So, this soundbar transforms any material into an extraordinarily immersive experience. It has HDMI ARC and Bluetooth connection. Its minimal modern design suits well with any setting. Besides, with 2.1-channel sound, you can enjoy a powerful, room-filling, genuine stereo experience.


Built-in Subwoofer

4 powerful speakers

Compact design


Remote is harder to use

7. Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV soundbar – With wireless sound woofers

Polk Audio offers an ultra-slim sound bar with a wireless subwoofer included. Its five full-range speakers produce beautiful rich sound with deep bass. Also, an exclusive voice adjusts technology with Dolby Digital improves sound quality and decreases voice delays. 

Besides, it is a little over 2″ tall, so you can simply wall-mount it. With its universal compatibility, you can plug in any audio source by HDMI ARC, optical input, AUX, etc., or wirelessly stream music from your favorite streaming applications like Pandora, Spotify, and others straight from your iPhone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.


Easy setup with universal compatibility

Low profile design

Deep Base technology


The remote looks bulky and outdated

The auto turn-off feature is buggy

Check out on: Amazon

8. Majority Bowfell Small soundbar – For minimal lovers

The Majority Bowfell is the most compact one among this list of best soundbars for Apple TV 4K. It has a built-in subwoofer and cutting-edge audio technology for authentic cinematic surround sound. Besides, the powerful 50-watt speakers improve your binge-watching or gaming experience with clear and sharp audio.

Also, you may connect it to your phone, TV, PC, laptop, projector, monitor, Blu-Ray, or DVD player through AUX, Optical, or Bluetooth. To go totally wireless, use the controls on the side of the soundbar or the included remote to alter the volume, equalization settings, source, and much more.


Built-in EQ controller

Optical and RCA connection support

Touch controls


Volume levels are glitchy and depend on signal strengths

Check out on: Amazon

9. Bestisan soundbar – Get different sound effects

Bestisan 28” soundbar is highly adjustable regarding treble and bass controls. It offers deep bass with increased power. So, you can enjoy lossless audio transmission and 360-degree sound. I liked its DSP Technology which provides you with three options for sound effects: news, movie, and music. 

So, you may choose based on your present scenario. Besides, there are multiple settings on the high-sensitivity remote control. You may use the reset button on the remote to revert back to the factory settings. Also, the powerful anti-interference technology allows you to have a high-quality home audio system experience.


DSP technology

Adjustable bass

Supports multiple connections


 Poor Bluetooth connectivity

Check out on: Amazon

So, that’s all, folks!

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