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You might already be using the Desktop App from Dropbox to backup and sync your files and photos across devices. Dropbox has recently come up with an app that is perfect for low-memory devices such as tablets and phones running Windows 11/10. This article reviews the Dropbox for Windows Windows Store app to see how it fares.

Dropbox app for Windows PC

The main difference between the desktop application and the new Dropbox App is that the former needs you to keep your files on your local storage too. With Dropbox App, you just drag and drop files to the Dropbox window, and they’ll be uploaded. You can view files within the app, without having to first download them to local storage.

In short, local storage is not much involved except as a cache for recently used files. Other than this, the app is pretty light on RAM requirements – making it ideal for tablets and phones. Though there is an app already for Android and iPhone, this one is special as it can be used across platforms while allowing you to view your Dropbox files on any synced device.

There is nothing to write about installation. Once you download the Dropbox for Windows app from Windows Store, it is available on your Windows device in the Start Menu. You can pin it to Start Menu for easier access.

Commands and Context Menu in Dropbox for Windows

When you Pin to Start, it is actually a shortcut that is pinned – without downloading the entire thing. If you use it more than once, it will be stored in the local cache that is small and does not take up much space on the device.

The Ellipses menu (three dots) will give you options to Create New Folder and Upload Files when nothing is selected in the Dropbox for Windows App.

As with any other app or product, there is always scope for improvement. The first thing is that the app crashes when too many apps are open and you try to perform an action such as downloading and uploading.

The speed of download is fine but the speed for upload – though it depends on the ISP – can be improved using some better algorithm like the ones used by some methods. That is, to divide the file into chunks and upload different file chunks simultaneously instead of one linear upload.

Everything else in the Dropbox app works fine for me. I could not find any negatives about the app. Try it yourself and see if it works well for you on Windows 11/10. Do let us know if you face any problems and also if it was satisfactory for you.

Other features of Dropbox for Windows

If you are using a device that supports Window Hello, you can use fingerprint or Iris scanning for logging into the app, thereby increasing the app security.

When the app is running, you get notifications from others who share their files. You don’t have to go to Dropbox to view the notification. It appears just as other Windows notifications appear – towards the bottom-right of the topmost window.

This is my review of Dropbox for Windows app – a lightweight app for your Windows dvices. Though optimized for phone and tablets, you can also get it on your computer if you do not wish to use local storage for storing/syncing files. You can upload and download files using command buttons, context menus or simply by drag and drop methods.

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WordPress Desktop App For Windows Pc: Review And How To Use It

Probably the most awaited Windows desktop app for bloggers, WordPress for Windows PC, is now available. chúng tôi is a popular platform to make a website or a blog. Whether you want to work on tech niche or fashion niche or anything else. You can easily opt for WordPress CMS, which is the best and very easy-to-use CMS.

Although, the WordPress app has been available for mobile platforms, yet, the desktop editions were still under development. However, now you can use WordPress for Windows PC without any special system requirements.

Although this app is named WordPress for Windows, you cannot use a self-hosted WordPress blog with this app. It only supports chúng tôi blogs. Therefore, if you have chúng tôi blog, you can utilize this app on your Windows machine. This is a drawback of this app. At the same time, this is a great update for chúng tôi users. Nevertheless, if you are using the Jetpack plugin, you can use this app partially because Jetpack has an option that lets users use their self-hosted WordPress blog and chúng tôi site from chúng tôi dashboard. Anyway, that is a different thing in this case.

UI of WordPress for Windows

The user interface of WordPress app for Windows is very neat and clean. Although it comes with a few couple of options, all of them are well organized. It has the traditional blue and white color combination. The overall design of WordPress app is pretty good and confusing.

WordPress desktop app for Windows PC

As mentioned before, there is no such strict system requirement – at least, nothing is mentioned on the official website. Therefore, it is possible to install this app on almost all the latest Windows versions including Windows 10. First, install the WordPress desktop app on your Windows PC to get started. After opening it, you will get a window like this,

After logging in, the following window will appear:

It will show you your followed websites or the Reader window where you can read different posts by different chúng tôi blog owners.

WordPress for Windows has almost all the options that generally users get on web version. Therefore, let’s check out all the options of WordPress app for Windows.

Profile Management

My Profile:

Upload/change profile picture

Enter/change your name

Enter/change display name – this is what other people will see in the author bio

Edit author bio

Add additional site link

Account Settings:

Change username

Edit email address

Primary site selection – if you have multiple sites in one account, you can change the primary site. If you set Site A as primary site, you will get all the things related to that whenever you will sign in

Change web address of your site

Change interface language

Enable/disable Fun Mode


Change password

Enable/disable two-step authentication – this is recommended for any account including this one

Manage connected app – you can mainly find chúng tôi Desktop app in the list. Don’t disconnect this app. Otherwise, you will have to log in again


Now, if you want to customize your site with beautiful free themes, you may need to check out these steps.

Here, you can find a lot of free and paid themes. You can filter that using a button that looks like this,

After enabling a theme, if you want to customize that, just hit the Customize button that is positioned on the same page.

If you are getting any problems while loading the customizer, don’t panic. You are not alone. Many other users are getting the same problem with this app.

However, if you can open the theme customizer, you can add various widgets and do other stuff from the same window.

Set up Menu

Menu bar or navigation bar is an important element of any webpage that helps users to find out different things faster. For example, you are writing on Windows OS and you have added some categories in the post. Or you have added some pages like About Us, Contact etc. Now, if you want to add a menu bar to your website, you need to follow this guide.

Write first post

Now, as everything is almost ready, it’s time to write your first post or write another post. To write a post, you can find an Add button next to the Blog Posts options.

The most important part of any website is statistics. You can record your visitor statistics using in-built or third-party services like Google Analytics, StatCounter etc. Here you can find the in-built tracking system and the big thing is you do not have to include any code to start tracking. Just head over to the Stats tab to check your visitor statistics.

How to quit WordPress app in Windows Drawbacks in WordPress for Windows

Although Automattic has launched the WordPress app for Windows to make things easier, it comes with some tiny flaws. Here are some of them,

Theme customizer doesn’t work properly. Many users have got problems while customizing the theme.

Scrolling is not so smooth. Sometimes, you can get the scrolling but the scroll bar remains in the same position.

You cannot add more people to your blog from this app. You will have to open the web version to get things done.

Last but not the least, this app is not compatible with self-hosted WordPress blog.

Considering all the things, this is quite good for chúng tôi users since they always have to use the web interface to run their blog. After Windows Live Writer, the official app will make their work faster for sure.

If you like, you can download WordPress for Windows from chúng tôi .

Alexa For Pc: Here’s How To Download Alexa App For Windows 10 Pc

Alexa For PC: Here’s How To Download Alexa App For Windows 10 PC Getting Started With Alexa For PC Here’s How To Download Alexa App For Windows 10 PC

On your Windows 10 PC, go to Start or Search Bar and search for Alexa on Windows or download it directly from Microsoft Store.

Once the Alexa app for Windows is downloaded, Launch the app and proceed.

Select Set up Amazon Alexa to proceed setting up the app.

You’ll see a screen with Terms and Conditions, choose Continue to proceed.

From the list of settings, choose any one (these settings can be modified later) and select Finish Setup.

Now, choose Sign in and login to your Amazon account or you can create a new Amazon account if you do not have one.

After this, Alexa is ready to be used on your PC.

How To Use Alexa For PC?

To use the Alexa app on Windows 10, you can start by saying ‘Alexa’ or ‘Computer’ followed by a command. For instance, you can ask Alexa to turn on your computer or so. Or you can directly select the Alexa on Windows icon to start using the application. Not only this, there are multiple ways to use Alexa for PC like using it as your computer speaker.

How To Use Alexa As A Speaker For A Windows 10 PC

Yes, you read it right!  You can use Alexa as a speaker for your Bluetooth-enabled PC. For this, you should have an Echo device that can be connected to your Windows computer and later be used as a speaker. To pair a Windows PC with an Echo device, follow the steps below:

Go to chúng tôi and login to your Alexa account.

Open Settings and choose your Echo device from the list.

Now opt for Bluetooth and choose Pair a new device.

Then, Alexa will search for new available devices.

Now, on your computer search for Bluetooth and open Bluetooth settings.

Ensure that the Bluetooth is ON and your PC is discoverable.

Select Add Bluetooth or other device and choose Bluetooth.

You’ll see a list of devices, choose your Echo and select Done.

Point to Remember: You cannot turn on a powered-down PC using Alexa voice assistant on Windows 10 PC. However, you can always turn on your sleeping or hibernating computer using Alexa app on Windows 10.

Alexa Is Currently Not Available: What To Do?

Recommendation: To try Alexa for PC, you can use a VPN like Systweak VPN, change your location and then try downloading the Alexa app for Windows PC. This trick might work for your PC and you can enjoy using this amazing voice assistant for your Windows 10 PC.

Wrap Up:

Wouldn’t it be amazing to use a voice assistant other than Cortana on Windows PC? Not only this, you can also use Google Assistant on a Windows PC. Windows 10 is a flexible operating system with numerous features and incredible applications. Check out what Windows 10 new updates has to offer.

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Advanced Screen Recorder Review – Is It The Best Screen Recorder For Windows Pc?

Advanced Screen Recorder Review – Is It The Best Screen Recorder for Windows PC? System Requirements

Windows compatibility – Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 (32 and 64-bit)

File size –  28.1 MB

RAM – 1 GB minimum, 4 GB recommended

Where Can You Use Advanced Screen Recorder?

Let’s have a look at some real-life applications of this screen recorder for Windows –

Record tutorials, webinars, meetings, lectures, etc.

Record both video and audio.

Screen record your gameplay to capture exceptional moments.

Conduct live streams.

Watermark your screen recordings.

How To Use Advanced Screen Recorder?

2. Select the region of the screen that you want to record.

Features of Advanced Screen Recorder Interface

Advanced Screen Recorder has a very simple interface. At the first glance, you know what each of the options is meant to do.

In the dashboard that opens up next, you can see all your video and audio recordings as well as screenshots (if you have taken any).

2. Record Any Region Of Your Desktop

As a Windows screen recorder, you can use this utility to capture any region of your desktop. To help you do that, Advanced Screen Recorder offers you three options – Full Screen, Select Region, and Select Window.

The “Full Screen” as the name suggests lets you capture everything that’s on your computer’s screen. With the “Select Region” option, you can capture the precise region on your screen. In fact, you can zero down to the very pixel thanks to the crosshairs that appear, the moment you choose this option.  Last but not least, you can screen record a specific window on your screen with the help of the “Select Window” option.

3. Record Audio

Apart from recording on-screen activities, you can also choose to (or not to) record sounds from your system such as audio from the video playing or other system sounds. You can also plug in your microphone and record a voice-over. One of the best aspects of Advanced Screen Recorder is that you can save an extra audio file while recording.

4. Auto Stop

The Auto Stop feature lets you stop your recording session as per the parameters set by you. You can stop your screen recording as soon as it reaches a specific time, duration, or file size. Not just that, you can even choose the action that would happen once the recording stops. For instance, you can choose to exit after the recording stops.

5. Capture Screenshots

6. Record Your Webcam

When recording a meeting, an online lecture, or when live streaming gameplay, you might also want to record your webcam as well. Advanced Screen Recorder gives you the option to do both. This means you can either record just the webcam footage or overlay the webcam while recording your screen.  You can adjust the overlay position, width, height, and many other settings as per your needs.

7. Customize Watermark

Before putting your screen recording out for later reference (by colleagues, students, clients, or other users) you might want to add a watermark to your recording to save it from being copied. With this screen recorder for Windows, you can customize your watermark exactly how you want it to be. You can choose a caption, change its font, color, and position, and even play with the “Opacity”

8. Auto Split

With the Auto Split feature, you can split your recording into separate files. Quite similar to the Auto Stop feature, here too, you can designate conditions after which the screen recording will split into files. You can specify a time or size after the split will take place. You can also choose the frequency of your “Split Plan”.

9. Live Stream

Let’s assume that you are conducting a webinar where you want a live audience to see your on-screen activities and your webcam. Advanced Screen Recorder lets you do just that.

Under the “Live Stream” feature, you can select the streaming service, Bitrate, resolution, and stream key. You can even opt to save the recording of your Live Stream on your computer’s disk for later use.

10. Schedule Recording

Consider this example – You have 4 different meetings scheduled at different times of the day. Each of these online meetings has a different agenda. Also, in one of the meetings, you are also needed to record your webcam. Now, amidst a hectic day, where you are constantly on your toes, it would be tough to juggle other tasks while setting up a recording session, isn’t it?

Here you can perform the following actions as shown in the screenshot below –

Assign a separate name to your schedule.

Choose the start and end time.

Select the recording area, and choose whether or not to record system sounds.

Select your microphone and webcam.

11. Pricing – Free Vs Paid

As a free screen recorder for PC, Advanced Screen Recorder lets you record the screen for 10 minutes and limits you to a few features. Also, the output video will bear a watermark. Whereas the premium variant removes any time and feature restrictions on the recording. For instance, features like Auto Split, Auto Stop, and Recording Schedule are available only in the Pro variant.

Moreover, with the premium or “Pro” variant, you can choose to put or remove watermarks on your screen recordings, and capture screens in 4K and HD. The premium variant is priced at US$39.95

12. Updates 13. Customer Support

Should you get stuck with a feature or have issues regarding the license, there are multiple channels you can seek assistance. You can visit the help section and get an overview of how each of the options of Advanced Screen Recorder work. You can also visit the contact us page and elaborate on the product and issue you are facing.

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Avira Free Security Suite For Windows 10 Pc

The recently released Avira Free Security Suite for Windows PC offers complete protection against viruses, ransomware, and all kinds of malicious code & makes your browsing safe & private.

Today, the world of digital media is not safe! Be it the Internet or offline media storage. If you stumble upon some malicious data on the Internet or media storage devices like USB, DVD, etc., your PC can get affected by deadly viruses. To save your PC from harmful virus and Trojan attacks, it is important to have a good antivirus or an Internet Security Suite installed on your PC. Windows Defender comes pre-installed on Windows PCs, but most users want feature-rich security software. If you are looking for one, take a look at Avira Free Security Suite.

Avira Free Security Suite review

Avira is largely famous for its product lineup in the security field for Windows OS. The company has launched the 2023 version of its traditional anti-virus and other sister products. Avira Free Security Suite is a software bundle provided to you by Avira for free, which consists of Avira Free Antivirus for Windows along with some other useful products to help secure your computing environment. All of these products are also available for premium usage which you can buy from the official Avira website.


The suite triggers an online installation of the applications that are included in this bundle, through Avira Connect hub which is the company’s official Application Manager and Launcher tool.

One thing worth mentioning here is that you don’t get a full-fledged version of some of the applications included in this pack. These are cut short in terms of features that you get only with the premium plans. Also, you don’t get to customize the settings of these programs during installation. However, you can manually choose to opt-out of installing any application in this package.

Once all your selected applications are installed, Avira Security Suite takes over the job of managing security tasks on your PC. Now, let’s take a look at the key software included in this suite.

Avira Free Antivirus

When you launch the Antivirus, you will notice two sections. One is the left-side navigation pane where you can switch between various Administration and Protection modules. Other is the right side pane which puts forth a brief system protection status along with some context menu for PC and Internet protection. You can start the system-wide scan right from the landing page while configuring the Scanner process and settings per your wish.

The native system scanner is quite powerful with a wide range of options to scan local drives, removable drives, Windows system directories, active processes, etc. for possible penetrative threats. Its live real-time protection module gives you an overview of the total number of files scanned and suspicious ones detected.

You can start the system-wide scan right from the landing page while configuring the Scanner process and settings per your wish.

The native system scanner is quite powerful with a wide range of options to scan local drives, removable drives, Windows system directories, active processes, etc. for possible penetrative threats. Its live real-time protection module gives you an overview of the total number of files scanned and suspicious ones detected. Avira’s detection technology is quite impressive where it matches any possible threat against a list of dangerous and safe files.

Overall, Avira Free Antivirus is quite august in its detection mechanism, but the presentation could still be improved. Comparing to its peer competitors like Avast, Kaspersky, etc., Avira lacks a bit behind in terms of an impressive UI. Although truth be told, its Antivirus program is really good with its subtle approach and solid execution.

Avira System Speedup

Another wolf in this pack is Avira System Speedup which helps you accelerate your PC and free up some memory. Over time, an average PC user ends up with an unwanted glut of temporary unwanted files and programs which eat up the storage space unnecessarily, lowering down the performance as a whole.

Avira System Speedup punctures deep into your system and tracks down the unwanted programs, junk files, logs, cookies, leftover registry entries thoroughly removing them and improving overall system health.

With a surprisingly clean UI, this app divides the system cleanliness factors in terms of disk health, system performance and privacy score. A score is maintained in terms of these factors which determines how responsive, safe and clean your device is.

You can scan your PC for unwanted and bad files right from the first leaf. While scanning, it measures the potential junk files, registry errors and private data breaches across the system storage. You can optimize your device by fixing the issues detected and henceforth increasing your device score.

Apart from this, you can also optimize the average boot time which calculates the effect of various startup programs on system boot time and calls for action accordingly on the programs that can be started up after boot or during boot. Then there are these power modes that manage your device’s performance and compare energy usage. The tool is overall quite effective in terms of tracking down dangling issues which are rather a hard nut to crack for an average PC user.

Other gems in the box

Apart from the above two big shot software, Avira Security Suite comes uploaded with some other useful tools as well. Phantom VPN secures your Wi-Fi connections and enables you to surf anonymously while keeping you unhackable, untraceable and uncensorable. It masks your IP address and safeguards your private data while securing your online connection. Whether you’re a movie lover, intense gamer or website owners like us, Phantom VPN connects you safely and anonymously over the internet via a VPN tunnel.

Our Conclusion

Avira Security Suite Free is a great package in terms of vast security features that you get rewarded with without paying a single penny, and we recommend it highly. It does not include a Firewall, though, but instead, adds some features to the Windows Firewall.

Even so, it is quite better than most of its competitors in the market including Windows Defender. You’d, for sure, want to consider installing it for its impressive threat detection technology. While making you pay zero bucks, it is worth a try.

You can download Avira Free Security Suite from its official website. Let us know your thoughts on the same.

Best Gaming Browsers For Windows 11/10 Pc

If you are an avid gamer then you may want to know the best Gaming Browsers for Windows 11/10 PC. Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox are some household names that almost everyone used – but today we will take a look at browsers that will give you the best gaming experience.

Gaming Browsers for Windows 11/10

Opera GX

Microsoft Edge


Coowon Browser

Mozilla Firefox

Let’s get started with our first browser.

1] Opera GX

When you are searching for a proficient gaming browser, then Opera GX should be the first one to look for. Opera GX has a GX control feature that allows you to control the number of hardware resources the browser will use. So, you can make changes such that your computer has adequate resources to focus on different tasks.

Opera GX is an all-in-one gaming browser that has an in-built messaging tool so you won’t have to change software or tabs for messaging and adblocker that enable websites to load instantly.

If you are a person who wants a fast downloading and streaming option then Opera GX’s Network limiter feature gives you only that by freeing bandwidth.

2] Microsoft Edge

Microsoft users, most probably, have used the Microsoft Edge browser. Recently, Microsoft has completely updated Edge in such a way that it can compete with Chrome. Edge has the same web standard as Chrome, because of Chromium, and you can easily have the same experience here as it supports its extensions. It has a ton of features and all the perks of Chrome.

The new Gaming Efficiency mode helps improve PC gaming by reducing the RAM and CU the browser uses when you are playing PC games. To optimize and improve the gaming performance in the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 11/10 PC, follow these steps to enable Gaming Efficiency Mode in Edge.

You can access Edge on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

3] Vivaldi

Vivaldi is not only a good gaming browser but also a great option if you want privacy. It can handle multiple tabs without putting a lot of strain on your RAM, making it a perfect gaming browser.

Talking about its privacy, according to the company’s policies, your data won’t be extracted and sold. This is something we can’t say about most companies.

4] Coowon Browser

A Google-based browser, Coowon Browser has a wide list of features for a gamer. Mouse gestures, special tabs, Floating, and translucent windows are some of the topmost features of the Coowon browser.

Read: Best Privacy browsers for Windows PC.

5] Mozilla Firefox

Another well-known browser, Mozilla Firefox is also not a dedicated gaming browser but it works exactly the same as any gaming browser. The sole purpose of Mozilla Firefox was to ensure users’ privacy, transparency, and performance and a professional gamer needs that.

In comparison to the dedicated gaming browser, Opera GX, Mozilla Firefox also has a pop-out feature that lets you multitask by screening the video in a separate mini window along with the task at the hand.

If you are the kind of person who likes to arrange everything according to your taste then it has a feature that lets you select the tools, toolbars, and buttons that you need and remove the unwanted buttons.

Mozilla Firefox may not be the ideal deal for gaming browsers but it’s worth checking it out. So, get Mozilla Firefox from

Hopefully, we have helped you in finding the best Gaming browser for Windows 10.

Is Opera GX better than Chrome?

Opera GX is a browser dedicated to gaming. However, Google Chrome is not a dedicated gaming browser. You can play online games in Chrome but it lacks many useful gaming features that are available in Opera GX. If you are comparing both of these browsers with respect to gaming, you can go with Opera GX, otherwise, you can use Google Chrome which is one of the best and most popular browsers for internet surfing. Also, Google Chrome has wide extension support.

Which is the fastest browser for Windows 11 PC?

There is no exact answer to this question. Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are the most popular web browsers. The speed of a web browser depends on several factors. Sometimes, extensions can slow down the speed of a browser. Also, some websites are loaded in some web browsers faster than other browsers. Moreover, your hardware compatibility also affects the speed of a web browser. If your computer does not provide enough resources required by a web browser, it will not be able to give its maximum performance.

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