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This case has been around for a while, and frankly, I’ve always been a no-case kind of guy. But when I found myself not being as careful with my now almost two-year old iPhone 5, I thought that maybe I should just go all the way. Maybe I should get ahold of one of the more protective cases out there, without going off the deep end and getting something would provide more protection than I need.

What I ended up with is one LifeProof Nüüd for the iPhone 5/5s. It’s not a new concept, but these cases claim to do a great job of protecting your device from all the potential hazards in life: from dirt and mud, to a pool full of water. But this isn’t a product description, it’s a review. After a week of using this nifty case, I think I have some worthwhile thoughts on it. My phone is typically all-nude all-the-time, so forcing myself to use a case for the first time this week left me with some thoughts.

The packaging

Apple does a great job of making sure the experience people have with their products starts with the packaging, and LifeProof makes an attempt at the same. Opening the product presents you with a card that outlines the quick and easy steps of installation, and every case comes shipped with a microfiber cloth for cleaning the device’s screen. You’ll also get a small headphone cable extender which lets the device stay waterproof with headphones attached.

But something that’s unique about the Nüüd case is that LifeProof even includes a dummy iPhone for testing to make sure the case is truly water proof. The company tests every case themselves prior to shipping, but it makes sense that they would provide a way for customers to test and make sure the case lives up to its bold claims. Other LifeProof models don’t need to include this dummy, because they are completely closed-off and you can test them by simply dunking the case in water for 30 minutes, opening it up, and making sure the inside is dry.

Zero screen interference

The Nüüd model actually leaves the entire front face open, letting you touch the screen itself even when the case is on. For me, this is one of the case’s biggest high points, and one of the biggest gripes I’ve had about previous super-protective cases. I have never used a screen protector — I don’t like anything getting between my finger and the capacitive touch sensor because, when something does, the screen often loses accuracy in terms of detecting taps.

Giving the case the dunk test in the kitchen sink was a slightly more scary experience than it would have been with a fully-enclosed case like the LifeProof Frē, because the water truly does in fact touch the phone’s front glass and you have to trust that the seal is tight enough to keep water out. But after I got over my gut telling me not to do it, dropping the phone in 4 inches of water for 30 minutes left it running perfectly fine. You can’t really control the phone when it’s under water, and using the phone when the screen is wet triggers a ton of sporadic taps, but that’s the nature of the capacitive screen and not on the fault of the case.

But it’s still bulky

As someone who never used a case previous to this one, I still found the bulk of this case to be just a bit much. My gripes about wanting to be able to interact with the devices actual screen are remedied with the Nüüd, and it definitely has a slimmer profile than most of LifeProof and Otterbox’s many offerings, but it was hard to keep the phone in my pocket — especially as a relatively skinny dude who wears slimmer-profile jeans.

Bottom line

Overall, I’m actually very happy with this case. It’s a little bit bulky, but as I definitely want to sell my iPhone 5 sometime in the next few months so I can grab the iPhone 6, it’s probably best that I protect this device as much as I can to preserve its value. I’ve enjoyed being able to use my iPhone for the last week without worrying about drops and bumps, and I don’t have to sacrifice being able to touch the screen directly with this case. And to boot, it has a relatively slim profile that gives me just the right amount of protection with the fewest number of compromises.

If you’re sporting the iPhone 5s, which also works with this case, Touch ID should work perfectly fine (but I obviously was unable to test this).

You can get the LifeProof Nüüd at the company’s official website, or on Amazon for the same price. If you’re looking for the same profile but in iPad flavors, be sure to check out our hands-on with the iPad Nüüd.

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Best Iphone 5/5S Bumper Cases 2023

Even though Apple signed off on this one, several case makers have produced some excellent iPhone 5/5s bumper cases that sell a dime a dozen on Amazon. Okay, not exactly that cheap but you get the idea, right?

Each of these was picked from a thorough review of what people – real users who have bought and used these bumper cases – are saying about the bumper cases for iPhone SE, 5s and iPhone 5. Ready to dive in? Here we go:

1. Trianium

Trianium is one of the leading brands that manufacture high-quality iPhone accessories. This bumper case from Trianium gives four-side protection to your iPhone. The case securely protects your iPhone’s touchscreen as well as the camera.

Unlike other bumper cases, which are bulky in profile, this slim and light case keeps your phone’s profile thin. You can easily slide your iPhone in your pockets. Enjoy maximum protection for your iPhone with this bumper case.

2. Ailun

The bumper case from Ailun is quite simple but very elegant. It’s a plain black case that takes care of all the four corners of your iPhone 5/5s and iPhone SE as well. Of course, there are seven different colors available, which you can choose depending on your preference.

Lastly, the case can absorb normal shocks and falls, keeping your device intact from the impact.

Comfort, style, strength, and design – you will get everything in a single bumper case made by Basse. This feature-rich bumper case is perfect for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. Its simple style attracts all eyes; the black color gels well with other accessories of your iPhone.

TPU rubber of this case ensures better toughness and flexibility to absorb the impact created by the collision of mobile phones. The material keeps your iPhone lightweight and protected all the time.

#4. ULAK

A clear case reveals the real beauty of your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. Show the real colors and impress people with your prized possession. Keep your phone safe from watermarks, scratches, and fingerprints with a case that is made of polycarbonate UV coating.

The transparent case perfectly fits on your iPhone and allows you to quickly access all your phone’s ports, controls, and buttons. The lightweight case adds minimal bulk to your iPhone.

5. JETech

In case you are looking for a bumper case that doesn’t hide the natural beauty of your iPhone 5/5s and iPhone SE, then JETech bumper case is a perfect choice. It is fully transparent, which flaunts the Apple logo.

Moreover, the fusion of TPU and polycarbonate affirms that your device is free from the impact of normal falls or bumps. Lastly, there are different frame color options available at the time of writing this.

6. Ansiwee

The clear back design of Ansiwee showcases the real beauty of your iPhone. You can display your device’s color as the case flaunts transparent back. This powerful case is made of soft TPU bumper mixed with hard PC frame.

Strong grip and slim profile make this case more adorable. The crystal clear back and metalized coating make your iPhone 5 more fashionable. Though the case is bendable, it provides good protection with its stiff and sturdy profile.

7. Besiva

Flaunt the beauty of your iPhone 5 with this transparent bumper case. It is slim and lightweight, without compromising on the safety of your iPhone. The bumpers are raised at the corners to absorb shock from falls and bumps. Even the edges are slightly raised to keep scratches away from screen and camera.

It fits perfectly on the iPhone 5 and the precise cuts on the case allow access to all ports and functions. Being a clear case, there aren’t any color choices available.

8. Spigen

Spigen is the most popular and reliable brand in iPhone accessories. The name is particularly known for protective cases. This ultra hybrid case is packed with air cushion technology for extreme drop protection.

Though the case scores low on style, it offers superior dual protection with a combination of TPU and polycarbonate. Unlike other cases, Spigen gives lips on both front and back to protect the touchscreen and back panel from scratches.


Here is something for those who want to live a life of pleasure and expensive things. This marvelous piece is crafted from natural wood and TPU silicone to make it shockproof and drop-proof.

This one-piece case is ergonomically designed to offer you excellent grip and ultimate comfort. Look at the impressive wood grain finish and sleek profile design that can dazzle all eyes. The unique arc bumper design with shock absorbent TPU protect your iPhone from impact, drops, and shocks.

10. Eloven

Most of the bumper cases have a flat surface on the back, which makes it little hard to hold at times. This bumper case from Eloven has a wavy design on the back, which gives you a firm grip over your iPhone.

The front frame of the case is nominally raised, which protects the iPhone screen when laid upside down. Apart from that, the hard shell is an expert in protecting your iPhone from normal falls. Lastly, there are 3 different color options at the time of writing this.

That’s all folks!

Signing off…

Bumper cases are known for their robust body and comprehensive protection. For your iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, you can select any one of the cases listed above. Buy one or more and share your experiences with us.

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Best Ultra Thin Iphone Cases For 5, 5S, And Iphone Se In 2023

A bulky case or bumper for the iPhone 5 isn’t a good fit. I mean, the phone’s large now, and having even more bulk around it – for the sake of protecting it – doesn’t make it comfortably mobile.

That is precisely why these ultra-thin iPhone 5 cases are excellent. They are popular, they are often cost-effective (not cheap, though), and they are beneficial. Most of these cases are thin – under a centimeter thick – and come with some perfect spec.

The problem with thin iPhone 5 cases is that people often buy fragile cases but not strong ones. Cases can be thin, but the material decides how strong they are. After all, it’s not summer clothing for your iPhone. It’s a protective cover.

1. Spigen Slim Armor

If you don’t mind putting on some muscle, Spigen Slim Armor would be a good-looking match for your smartphone. The case is made of extremely hard PC and soft TPU. With the dual-layered casing, it’s got a very strong structure that can effortlessly withstand bumps.

All the four corners have been fortified to absorb shock. There is also the beveled edge to prevent touchscreen from sliding when placed face down.

2. Anyos

Sporting a pretty slim design, Anyos is designed to make an instant impression. The sleek profile is ideally complemented by the electroplate frame that makes it look really hot. It fits perfectly with the precise cutouts and responsive buttons allowing hassle-free access to all the function.

Ergonomic grip ensures the iPhone doesn’t slip out of your palm. If you have butterfingers, this is exactly what you should use to keep your smartphone secure. Even better, Anyos comes in six enchanting colors.


If you often find your iPhone slipping out of your palm, “FADNUT” would be a better asset for you. This case is made of pretty smooth TPU and wraps around the smartphone immaculately.

Due mainly to the carbon fiber texture, it offers enhanced gripping. Thus, your palm will have the needed cushion to hold the device comfortably. Furthermore, the raised bezel guards both the camera and screen against scratches.

4. Anccer

There are very few cases that look as adorable as this case from Anccer. Well, I say it because of the cover appears to be pleasing to the eyes. Sporting an incredibly sleek profile, the case makes a hot pair with the smartphone.

Check out the Apple logo cutout on the rear side that further enhances the style quotient. One notable feature of this case is the ability to keep fingerprints at bay. Therefore, you can expect this thin cover to retain its famed design a little longer.

5. JETech

Agreed, JETech may not boast of a svelte profile, but it’s got the design to be a fine suit for your smartphone. What makes this case so impressive is the ergonomic design that offers enhanced grip. Oh yes, there is also built-in kickstand livens up your movie watching experience.

Two-layers of the structure has been bolstered by PC and TPU. Shock-absorbing design helps your smartphone survive accidental drops without much effort.


A slim case that’s stylish and cool-looking? That’s precisely what Poetic ILLUMINATE is all about. It’s made of durable thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate material.

Due mainly to the double layers of structure, it can easily withstand shock and also keep away scrape. The inclusion of raised lip offers an additional safeguard to the touchscreen. Besides, ILLUMINATE comes in two nice colors: black and silver.

7. CellEver

Don’t want to compromise with the protection of your iPhone SE in favor of style? CellEver should be a smart pick. What this case does is keep the slim profile of your smartphone intact while also absorbing impact.

CellEver has a dual-layered casing with the rugged PC and soft TPU helping it survive bumps. Apart from defending the smartphone against drops, the anti-skid outer shell also makes it a bit more convenient to hold the device. Lastly, the buttons are responsive, whereas the cutouts seem to be precise, allowing quick access to all the ports.

8. Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen “Thin Fit” is an absolute class, which your iPhone would love to flaunt. It’s elegantly crafted and features a snap-on design that fits snuggly on the device. Another notable feature of this case is the ability to offer the desired shield from minor drops and scrape.

Durable PC material endows it the much-needed strength to last long. Thanks to the picture-perfect cutouts, you have painless access to all the functions of your smartphone. As for colors, you have only two options—black and crystal clear.

9. Obbii

Are you fond of marble pattern? If yes, this case from Obbii would be worth giving a chance.

The design is printed with 3D print technology and therefore it can retain the shine for long. It has a hybrid structure with a soft TPU interior and hard PC exterior.

The double layer of casing can be safely trusted to resist impact also fight out scuffs. Moreover, Obbii offers this case in five good-looking patterns like white marble, unicorn and more.

10. Anccer Colorful Series

Make your iPhone look stylish. Anccer Colorful Series cases are beautifully designed and make an elegant pair with the smartphone. The PC material also helps it resist impact and scuffs.

This form-fitting case has a beveled edge on the back to safeguard the camera against scratches. The cutouts look very precise, whereas the buttons are smooth and responsive. As for hue options, this slim case comes in black, grey and red colors.

That’s all, for now!

Your pick?

So, which one of the above slim cases is going to pair with your iPhone 5? Is it the one that’s enviably sleek or the one that’s got some muscle to shield your device against common hazards? It would be cool to know its name.

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Iphone 5S And 5C Rumor Round

iPhone 5S and 5C rumor round-up

Tomorrow an Apple event will play host to the launch of what’s expected to be more than one new iPhone device as well as the formal public release of iOS 7. This mobile operating system update to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch device family was introduced earlier this year at Apple’s yearly developers conference WWDC. The devices Apple is expected to unveil are both the iPhone 5S – an incremental update to the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 5C – the plastic-backed so-called “budget” device rumored for many moons, with bright colors all around.

SlashGear will be providing you with a liveblog of this Apple event starting tomorrow, September 10th, at a little before 10AM PST. You can also follow along with SlashGear through our Apple hub for each bit of news as it appears in kind – iPhone, iPad, iOS 7, and whatever else may come.

This event is set to “brighten your day”, as Apple has assured, this and the invite – and the decorations at Apple HQ today – suggesting that the multiple colors of at least one of the two new iPhones will be made apparent tomorrow. The iPhone 5C has been shown in several colors, with the fronts always appearing in white and the backs appearing in white, blue, yellow, green, and red.

While there’s been quite a bit of talk about the legitimacy of Apple device leaks over the past few weeks, the idea that Apple will be initiating measures in control, rather than “discounting” the iPhone for money’s sake, remains clear. Have a peek at the column Apple’s “budget” iPhone is about screen control, not cash and you’ll see how plain and simple the whole situation really could be.

As for specifications in the two iPhone devices suggested to be appearing this week – the story is very, very similar.

With the iPhone 5C, it’s rumored that the iPhone 5 will effectively be wrapped in this new device’s clothing. With the same display, same camera technology, and same set of processors and RAM, the iPhone 5C will likely take the place of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, replacing the smaller display size altogether. This release will allow Apple to keep their display family tied down to one single unit for the smartphone environment.

The iPhone 5C will also likely be targeted at China. Apple has been tipped to have signed a deal with China Telecom, making way for the launch of what’ll essentially be a flood of iPhones for the massive market this late Summer and Autumn.

The iPhone 5S, on the other hand, will be seeing a bit of hardware that’s essentially the same as the iPhone 5. This device has been tipped to be appearing in three colors: white (similar to the iPhone 5), gray (lighter than the iPhone 5’s black), and Gold (a lighter tone closer to “champagne”). This device has also been rumored to be launching with fingerprint scanning technology under its home button and an improved camera setup at its back.

The back-facing camera on the iPhone 5S has been seen sporting a dual-LED flash and has appeared in specification sheets with a new F2.0 aperture. This new aperture would allow the iPhone 5S to work better in low-light conditions than any iPhone before.

The iPad and the iPad mini could be revealed tomorrow, but it’s just as likely that they’ll be launched at a slightly lower-key event in the near future. The new iPad – that’s the iPad 5th generation device – will likely appear with a look much closer to that of the iPad mini, complete with smaller bezels on its left and right and an overall thinner body.

The iPad and the iPad mini will be keeping the same dimension displays they’ve sported in the past, but it’s been rumored that the iPad mini could be rolling out with an improved bit of sharpness – more “retina” in quality than the slate’s first generation. The launch of these devices will allow Apple to make the tablet-based iteration of iOS 7 a far bigger deal than if it’d only launched it on devices that’ve been on the market for several months.

There’s also a chance that Apple may make mention of their desktop hero device: the 2013 Mac Pro. This cylindrical beast is still scheduled for release later this year, and there’s not a whole lot left for Apple to reveal about it other than its final release details. It’s also possible that Apple will reserve a spot for the Mac Pro at a later event to speak about this desktop machine at an event with more OS X Mavericks news bits and pieces – we shall see!

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Actofit Smart Scale Review: Track More Than Just Your Weight

Losing weight and keeping your body fit is a lifelong arduous quest. It’s one thing that you need to yourself no matter how resourceful you are. That said, you can take help in your quest and today we are reviewing a piece of gadget which aims to do just that. The ActoFit Smart Scale is well, a smart scale, which aims to give you a detailed data about your body by measuring not one but fourteen different metrics. You can use this data to keep a tab on your health and see if you are improving or falling behind. However, does the ActoFit Smart Scale (₹5,999) deliver on its promises or does it fail? Stick around to find out as we review ActoFit Smart Scale for you:

What’s In The Box

Before we start our review, let’s start by checking what are the things that you get inside the box. The ActoFit Smart Scale comes in a normal cardboard box which doesn’t house a lot of things. Here is everything that you get inside the box:

ActoFit Smart Scale

Four AAA batteries

ActoFit Smart Scale Specifications

While specification doesn’t seem to matter when you are talking about a smart scale and not a smartphone, it is always good to know what exactly you are buying into. In the table below, you will find everything that you need to know:

NameActoFit SmartScale

AccessibilityAuto On/Off

Dimensions310*310*25 mm

Measurement Range0.2-195 Kg

Accuracy50 grams (<100), 100 grams (100-195kg)

Number of Electrodes4x ITO

MaterialUltra transparent toughened glass


Power4xAAA batteries

Design and Build quality

The company seems to have given a lot of attention to small details which is something I really like. The four feet at the corners come with a small rubber padding which stops it from slipping, and the battery enclosure uses a slide in-and-out mechanism which is far more secure and durable than the push-to-lock mechanism which we generally see in a product like this.

Setting Up the ActoFit Smart Scale

The ActoFit Smart Scale is pretty easy to set up. Just pop open the battery enclosure, insert the batteries and you are good to go. The ActoFit Smart Scale doesn’t sport any discernible display so you might find it a little awkward to use it for the first time. The display is below the glass top and lights up only when showing the weight. To make sure that you are not standing on the display itself, you will have to stand while keeping the logo straight between your feet.

Once you have done this part right, you can go on to connect the scale to ActoFit’s app which is available for both iOS and Android devices. The pairing process is pretty easy. You just launch the app, create an account, and then pair it with the scale using Bluetooth. You will need to stand on the scale to activate the Bluetooth, so do remember this while pairing the scale with your phone.

Measurement and Performance

As the title of this article suggests, the ActoFit Smart Scale measures more than just your weight. In fact, it measures a total of fourteen different metrics including BMI, BMR, body fat, body water, bone mass, fat-free weight, muscle mass, protein, skeletal muscle, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, metabolic age, physique rating, and weight. How a weighing scale can measure so many things you ask? Well, the ActoFit Smart Scale is using the dual frequency BIA technology which helps it measure all the above metrics.

Not getting into too many technicalities, the sensor packed inside the ActoFit Smart Scale uses an electric current to measure the amount of fat and water in your body. Since the current travels at different speeds in water, fat, muscle, and so on, the ActoFit Smart Scale is able to calculate the above-mentioned metrics using that data. The data that it records is quite accurate and while you won’t get as precise measurements as you can by using specialized instruments (for example, using skin fold calipers for measuring body fat), the data is accurate enough for general usage.

Tracking Data Using ActoFit Smart Scale App

One of the best things about this app is that it allows you to create multiple profiles which means you can track body metrics for all the members of your family. You can keep track of sixteen people at the same time so no matter how big your family is, ActoFit Smart Scale has you covered. The app is very functional and it shows all the info at a glance. It does lack a little finishing when it comes to looks but overall, I didn’t find any problem while using it.

ActoFit Smart Scale vs The Competition

ActoFit Smart Scale is not the only smart scale in the market so it’s natural for people to compare it to other products before they invest in it. Well, if you are thinking of choosing between usual mechanical weighing scales and ActoFit Smart Scale, there’s really no competition here. Even if you let go of all the smart features, a smart scale like ActoFit is more accurate and easy to use.

That being said, the difference will hardly be noticeable and doesn’t justify the price increase commanded by the ActoFit Smart Scale. Another benefit of using Mi Body scale is that you can use the Mi Band 3 (₹1,999) along with it which gives you even more fitness data including your step count, calories burnt, heart rate, and more. Since both these products sync through to the same Mi Fit app, you will have a better understanding of your body through these products while you will still save around 2000 rupees.

ActoFit Smart Scale Review: Great Product Held Back by Its Price

The ActoFit Smart Scale is a great product and one of the best smart scales that you can buy right now. It sports a great build quality, measures fourteen different types of body data and supports tracking for more than sixteen people at once. That said, it is facing tough competition from the Mi Body scale which is way more affordable. The bottom line is that while the ActoFit Smart Scale is a great smart scale, its pricing just does not make it a very value for money product.

Having said that, if you do plan to get the ActoFit smart scale for its dual-frequency BIA technology and all the features it packs, you won’t be disappointed.


Good design and build quality

Can measure up to 14 different body metrics

Support for up to 16 different profiles

Syncs instantly with your phone


The app’s UI could have been better

A little pricey when compared to competition

Buy From Amazon: ₹5,999

How To Choose The Right Sd Card For Your Android Device

The storage your phone came with is just not cutting it anymore. You need more space for more apps, pictures, videos, etc. Before you go ahead and just by an SD card for your Android phone, there are some things to keep in mind.

It’s not as easy as just grabbing one with the capacity you want. You need to make sure that the SD card is compatible with your device. You also need to look at things such as relative speed, rated speed, etc.

The Difference Between SDXC, MicroSD, and SDHC

Before deciding which of these three SD cards you want to get, you need to make sure that your phone can support them. Also, think about your needs. What do you need the SD card for?

For example, if you just want extra space for your pictures and video then you should be OK with an SDHC MicroSD card. This card can store files from that up anywhere between 2GB to 23GB in size.

The SDXC (eXtended capacity), on the other hand, can store between 32GB to 2TB. Keep in mind that you can use new cards on an older phone that was just not designed to support them.

As an honorable mention, you could also go for the MicroSD card, but that only holds up to 2GB. That’s usually never enough anyway.

How to Choose the Right SD Card Speed

When choosing an SD card, speed is also important. When shopping for an SD card you’re going to run into Class 2, Class 4, Class 6, and Class 10. The speeds for these cards are the following:

Class 2 – 2MBps minimum

Class 4 – 4MBps minimum

Class 6 – 6MBps minimum

Class 10 – 10MBps minimum

U1 UHS Speed Class cards have a speed of at least 10 MBps and a U3 of at least 30 MBps. You can see the speed in megabytes per second and speeds are based on a best-case scenario. Make sure that your phone supports UHS-1 AND UH-3 since not all of them support it.

The Different SD Card Sizes

Make sure that the card you get is the right size for your phone. There are three distinct sizes to consider:

Micro size – 11mm x 15mm

Mini size – 31.5mm x 20mm

Standard – 32mm x 24mm

I think it’s pretty obvious that your Android phone is going to need the MicroSD size. But, it’s good to keep this information handy if you’ re going to be shopping online. Check your phone’s manual to see what cards are compatible with your phone.

What Card Video Addicts Should Get

If you mainly want an SD card for all those videos you record, then the best card you can get is a Class 10. Class 10 is suitable for full HD recording and continuous HD recording, Class 4 and 6 is also good for HD.

Remember to check your device’s minimum requirements. If your device needs a card with a 50x and you buy one with a 40x, then the card is not going to work properly. If you have a phone that can record in 4K the best card you can get is a UHS Class card.

What Card a Photo Addict Should Get

If the only reason you’re getting an SD card is to make room for more pictures, then focus on the storage of the card. If you take a lot of Raw images then the high the capacity SD card is a better choice for you. One raw image is about 25MB in size.

By getting a 16GB card, you’re going to be able to store about 650 pictures. So, if you know you’re going to take more RAW images than that, you know that 16GB is not enough.

Always Choose Well-Known Brands

Has an SD card you purchased simply stopped working? If you buy cheap imitation cards, this is something that’s going to repeat itself.

By purchasing known brands, you’ll be able to choose between cards that are waterproof, shockproof, and that are even protected against the airport’s X-ray machines.

What’s even better is that brand name SD cards come with a warranty, so if they were to stop working too soon, you can get your money back or a replacement.


Don’t let all the information about SD cards scare you. The only things you need to keep in mind is what you need it for and what kind of card your phone can support.

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