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Virtusa is a global provider of digital business strategy, digital engineering, and information technology (IT) services and solutions that help clients change, disrupt, and unlock new value through innovative engineering. The company serves Global 2000 organizations in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Communications, Media, Entertainment, Travel, Manufacturing, and Technology industries.

Virtusa helps clients grow their business with innovative products and services that create operational efficiency using digital labor, future-proof operational and IT platforms, and rationalization and modernization of IT applications infrastructure. This is achieved through a unique approach blending deep contextual expertise, empowered agile teams, and measurably better engineering to create holistic solutions that drive the business forward at unparalleled velocity enabled by a culture of cooperative disruption.

A Go-To Technology Expert 

Ramachandran Meenakshisundaram is the Chief Technology Officer of Virtusa Corporation. Prior to this, he was with Cognizant for over 15 years as head of Delivery and Growth markets. During his tenure, Ramachandran was leading multiple business units across diverse, global teams to drive tech transformation. He was also the delivery head for Life Sciences, Information, Media, and Entertainment verticals, and an SBU leader in their Banking and Financial Services vertical.

As the CTO of Virtusa Corporation, Ramachandran is responsible for leading Lines of Service, including technology strategy and solutions, building digital competencies and capabilities, and working with Virtusa’s alliance group to enable partner solutions.

Denting the Universe with Digital Transformation

A few key aspects that have shaped the course of Ramachandran’s experience across organizations are complex engagements that required lateral thinking. He recalls that while working on several new and emerging technologies, Ramachandran ideated the best possible outcome. According to Ramachandran, multifaceted engagements that allowed him to witness the power of tech transformation on a real-time basis have been pivotal in shaping his journey over the years and continue to do so.

Filling the Void Between Business and Technology

Ramachandran says that working with several cross-functional teams, the fundamental challenge was to bring business perspectives into technology solutions. While business and technology are two faces of the same coin in the area Virtusa operate and integrating them in order to tie in with the overall organizational goal was a challenge in the initial days.

Executives should have a Strategic Frame of Mind

What really stands out in budding tech talent is their ability to think outside the box, a curious bent of mind, a willingness to learn, and being solution-oriented, claims Ramachandran. The rapid transformation in the technology space requires people to have a keen eye for innovative solutions, envision the future of technology from a holistic view, and execute viable solutions to meet the end goal.  

In Ramachandran’s opinion, technologies such as AI, IoT, etc. provide immense opportunities for tech to be deployed at scale in newer areas of business, sometimes completely disrupting the existing businesses. A strong leader should possess the ability to leverage technology and create viable opportunities.  

Having said that, he adds that a strategic frame of mind to preempt future requirements is the very core of a successful executive. Ramachandran claims that strategic foresight plays a key role in integrating customer requirements with the overall organizations’ values to deliver the best outcome from a long-term perspective.

The Digital Backbone Across Business Operations 

Ramachandran remarks that Virtusa helps businesses scale by combining deep industry expertise and frictionless technology delivery. In order to drive transformation business change, the company leverages its Digital Transformation Studio to deliver deep digital engineering and industry expertise through client-specific and integrated agile scrum teams.

Ramachandran avows that at the heart of it, Virtusa aims to drive a meaningful transformation journey for its clients at the pace of a startup, while ensuring expert execution on a global scale. He highlights that the company supports industries in Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Lifesciences, Information Sciences, Travel, and Hospitality to reimagine their strategy with the help of its robust tech acumen.

Inclusive Leadership as a Catalyst to Organizational Success 

Speaking on the role of a leader, Ramachandra says, leadership has gained a broader perspective in the past decade. Leaders play the role of a mentor, working in collaboration with the team with a more people-centric approach. He adds that the true spirit of a leader is seen in the way they enable teams to work as one cohesive unit to achieve larger organizational goals. Today’s leader is seen as a person who fosters collaboration, innovation, and overall development of their team.

Envisioning a Bright Future 

Ramachandran envisions Virtusa and the industry at large as a strong digital player, helping its customers through their digital transformation. He concludes by saying that being customer-centric, the industry will be aptly led by digital adoption by all segments of customers.

You're reading Ramachandran Meenakshisundaram: Unlocking The Real Potential Of Technology In Business Through Disruptive Approach

The Volatility Of Ethereum And Bitcoin And The Potential Of Caged Beasts

The recent volatility of cryptocurrencies, particularly Ethereum and Bitcoin, has drawn significant attention from investors and enthusiasts. As the prices of these digital assets begin to stabilize, it raises questions about the future prospects of Ethereum-based platforms like Caged Beasts. In this article, we will explore the similarities and differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin, while also examining the potential benefits that Ethereum-based projects like Caged Beasts could enjoy in the crypto market.

Ethereum – The Trailblazer of Smart Contracts

Ethereum, often referred to as the “world computer,” revolutionized the crypto landscape with its introduction of smart contracts. These programmable contracts allow for the creation and execution of decentralized applications (DApps) on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum’s underlying cryptocurrency, Ether (ETH), not only serves as a medium of exchange but also fuels the network by incentivizing miners.

Bitcoin – The Beginning of Digital Currency

Bitcoin, the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, brought the concept of decentralized digital currency into existence. Unlike Ethereum, Bitcoin’s primary focus is on being a secure and reliable medium of exchange. Its limited supply and decentralized nature make it an attractive store of value, often compared to digital gold.

The Volatility Factor

Volatility has been a defining characteristic of both Ethereum and Bitcoin. While it may deter some investors, it also presents opportunities for substantial gains. The price swings in these cryptocurrencies have attracted traders looking to capitalize on short-term price movements. However, the recent stabilization of Ethereum and Bitcoin prices suggests a maturing market that could benefit long-term investors and projects built on their respective platforms.

Caged Beasts: The New Meme Coin On The Block

In the midst of the crypto market’s volatility, Ethereum-based projects like Caged Beasts have the potential to thrive. Caged Beasts, created by Rabbit 4001, introduces a unique concept that captivates both the crypto community and those seeking the next big investment opportunity. The project revolves around the creation of genetically mutated animals known as “caged beasts” to rid the world of human infection.

Engaging the Community

Caged Beasts stands out by actively engaging its community through various activities such as social media competitions and giveaways. This approach not only creates a sense of belonging but also generates excitement and fosters brand loyalty. By involving the community in each presale stage, Caged Beasts builds a strong foundation of supporters eagerly anticipating the growth and development of these intriguing creatures.

Beyond Meme Coins

While Caged Beasts operates as a meme coin presale, its unique storyline and community-oriented approach set it apart from the rest. The project intertwines the narratives of Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Rabbit Hyde, adding depth and intrigue to the ecosystem. This creative side of the project has the potential to captivate a wide audience, including those who are knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies.

Potential Market Success

While specific details about the growth and development of the Caged Beasts are yet to be released, the concept itself provides investors with a compelling reason to participate in the early stages of the project. The ability to witness these creatures evolve from infancy to their fully grown forms offers an engaging experience for investors and enthusiasts alike. This anticipation and the unique features of Caged Beasts contribute to its potential success in the crypto market.

Caged Beasts on the Horizon

As Ethereum and Bitcoin stabilize, projects built on the Ethereum platform, such as Caged Beasts, have a favorable environment to thrive. The distinct narrative, community engagement, and the captivating concept of genetically mutated animals set Caged Beasts apart from other projects in the crypto market. With its focus on both utility and entertainment, Caged Beasts has the potential to capture the attention of readers looking for the next big crypto investment and those who understand the intricacies of the crypto world.

To stay updated on the latest developments and be part of this exciting venture, we invite you to register your email and join the Caged Beasts community. The journey awaits—don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

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Chat Gpt Login Online: Unlock The Potential Of Chat Gpt

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Chat GPT Login Online is the ability to access ChatGPT from anywhere with an internet connection. With Chat GPT Login Online, users can log in to the platform without having to download any software or install any plugins. Chat GPT Login Online is a great option for businesses and individuals who want to use ChatGPT but do not want to be tethered to a specific device or location.

Logging in to Chat GPT Online is a simple process that can be completed in a few easy steps. Here’s how to do it:

Open your web browser and go to the ChatGPT website.

Enter your email address and password.

Once you are logged in, you can access all the features of ChatGPT.

Here are some tips to help you have a successful Chat GPT login experience:

Use a reliable internet connection. ChatGPT relies on an internet connection to work properly, so it’s important to have a stable and reliable connection.

Keep your login information safe. Be sure to use a strong password and keep it confidential.

Clear your browser cache. If you are experiencing issues with Chat GPT Login Online, try clearing your browser cache and cookies. This can help resolve any issues caused by outdated or corrupted files.

Use the latest version of your web browser. ChatGPT is designed to work with the latest versions of web browsers, so it’s important to keep your browser up-to-date.

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While Chat GPT Login Online is generally a smooth process, there are a few common issues that users may encounter. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help resolve these issues:

Login errors – If you are having trouble logging in, try clearing your browser cache and cookies, or using a different web browser.

Network issues – If you are experiencing network issues, try resetting your modem or router, or contacting your internet service provider.

Account issues – If you are having issues with your ChatGPT account, contact customer support for assistance.

Security is a top priority for ChatGPT, and the platform offers several features to help keep user information safe. Here are some of the security features of Chat GPT Login Online:

Two-factor authentication – ChatGPT offers two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to user accounts.

Encrypted communication – ChatGPT uses SSL encryption to ensure that all communication between users and the platform is secure.

Data protection – ChatGPT stores user data on secure servers and follows strict data protection policies to ensure that user information is safe.

Step 1: Determine the type of content needed, such as blog posts, social media updates, or product descriptions.

Step 2: Provide Chat GPT with relevant information, such as product specifications or the desired tone of voice.

Step 3: Chat GPT will use its natural language processing capabilities to generate high-quality content in a fraction of the time it would take for a human to create.

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Step 1: Identify common customer queries and concerns.

Step 2: Train Chat GPT to recognize and respond to these queries.

Step 3: Deploy Chat GPT as a virtual assistant on your website or social media channels to automatically respond to customer inquiries and provide 24/7 support.

Step 1: Gather large amounts of text-based data, such as customer reviews or social media posts.

Step 2: Provide Chat GPT with access to the data and train it to identify patterns and insights.

Step 3: Chat GPT will use machine learning algorithms to analyze the data and provide valuable insights that can be used to inform business decisions.

Step 1: Collect data on customer preferences and behavior.

Step 2: Train Chat GPT to use this data to provide personalized recommendations.

Step 3: Deploy Chat GPT as a virtual assistant on your website or app to provide personalized product recommendations, content recommendations, or other tailored experiences.

Step 1: Determine the tasks that Chat GPT will be responsible for, such as scheduling appointments or answering common questions.

Step 2: Train Chat GPT to recognize and respond to these tasks.

Step 3: Deploy Chat GPT as a virtual assistant to automate repetitive tasks and free up human resources for more complex tasks.

These are just a few examples of the step-by-step use cases for Chat GPT. The possibilities are endless, and its ability to learn and adapt to new tasks and challenges makes it a valuable tool for any business or organization.

Q. Do I need to download any software to use Chat GPT Login Online?

No, Chat GPT Login Online can be accessed directly from your web browser.

Q. Is Chat GPT Login Online secure?

Yes, Chat GPT Login Online uses SSL encryption and offers two-factor authentication to ensure that user information is secure.

Q. Can I use Chat GPT Login Online on my mobile device?

Yes, Chat GPT Login Online can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Q. What should I do if I forget my password?

Q. How do I contact customer support for ChatGPT?

In conclusion, Chat GPT Login Online is a convenient way to access the ChatGPT platform from anywhere with an internet connection. By following the tips and best practices outlined in this article, users can have a successful and secure Chat GPT login experience.

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Role Of Technology In Supply Chain Management

Technology is playing a key role in supply chain management for digital transformation Where can you see the impact of technology implementation in the supply chain?

In today’s era, technology assistance is needed in each and every step and function of the supply chain process. Supply chains generate big data and analytics is needed to streamline this data to information & gain intelligent insights. Let us have a look at the individual stages of the supply chain & understand how technology helps in bringing improved efficiencies. Starting from the Planning stage. It is undoubtedly the most data-consuming stage of the supply chain process as it needs even the minutest of the details to predict, plan and align the operations. Planning as an operation is interlinked with all major supply chain stages like manufacturing, logistics, inventory, warehousing, packaging, etc. Thus, data needs to be continuously pulled in from all the software that individually manages these processes. For example, Analysis of data from WMS is helpful to plan the inventory and accordingly run the manufacturing. Similarly, data from ERP gives an overview of orders helping the system understand market demand and accordingly work with manufacturing & transportation to give the requisite supply. Nowadays, technology has revolutionized the production/manufacturing stage to another level. Especially, if we see the chemical or paint industry, the machinery now is capable of interpreting the product composition and properties and automatically defining the right method of production of the product as per the customer requirement. For example, BASF, a German producer of paints recently adapted machine learning technology to interpret customer requirements & give inputs to manufacturing units to prepare the paints in the composition required by the clients. Quality assessment is another area where technology has helped various industries. Agricultural seed processors use a variety of cameras in real-time to get the quality assessments of seeds. This kind of data is collected, compiled, and analyzed to get compliance reports that can further help in strengthening the manufacturing processes. Then comes the most important stage of supply chain management – Logistics & Transportation management. This stage alone takes up 70-80% of supply chain costs hence, we need to make sure it functions at its 100% efficiency. This stage consumes a lot of data starting from details of the goods, consignor/consignee information, vehicle & vendor details, route to be followed, driver details, driver performance, etc. Thus, this phase needs a lot of coordination internally within the department and with external devices & agencies. Fuel consumption, Speed compliance, On-time deliveries, and Delivery plan are a few of the key analytics that directly helps in performance evaluation & logistics cost savings. We, at Elixia, have completed almost 12Million trips & helped various companies save 5-10% of their logistics costs. Apart from these stages, analytics also plays a very crucial role in Vendor or 3rd party management. A successful supply chain works in close collaboration with vendor partners who come into the picture at all stages of the supply chain. Data, technology, and ultimately analytics make it possible to consolidate all data and keep a track of their performance, which finally comes in handy at the time of contract renewals. For example, if a company deals with multiple vendors for transportation then it’s imperative to have constant tracking of parameters like trips completed, rates provided (in comparison to market rates), their order acceptance rates, and OTIF (on-time, in-full) delivery score, driver performance, etc. A similar case can be taken for companies who outsource packaging, raw material supply, temperature monitoring, etc. Analytics can help them capture the cost structure and define cost-effective models for partner collaborations.  

Key technologies backing the required Analytics

Machine learning & Artificial intelligence are the backbones of supply chain analytics. These technologies continuously study the data, develop algorithms and give human-like responses to manage the supply chains. IoT constantly works in the background to collect & provide the raw data that is needed for the AI to work effectively. Digital twin & Control tower then together come into the picture for end-to-end management of supply chains. Control towers closely monitor all the functions of supply chain processes, identify the gap areas & suggest necessary corrective actions. Digital twin, which is nothing but a virtual representation of the original process, shows how the recommended actions can bring overall benefit to the supply chain. Analytics here works in tandem with all of these technologies to give immediate, practical, and to-the-point solutions to ensure supply chains work smoothly and efficiently. So, in a gist, this is how technology & analytics go hand-in-hand in providing a resilient & cost-effective supply chain management solution.  


The Week In Numbers: A Real Jetpack, The Dangers Of Laughing, And More

63 miles per hour: the speed of the P12 Jetpack, a personal flight device that can reach 8,000 feet

50 hours: the time it took electrical engineer Chris Fenton to build this 3-D printed, hand-cranked calculator that uses punch cards, string, and rubber bands to execute functions (video)

3-D Printed Computer

2023: the year private spaceflight project Mars One hopes an exploratory lander and satellite will arrive at Mars, in preparation for a human colony

Mars One 2023 Lander Concept Art

1,000 millisieverts: the amount of radiation astronauts on Mars would be exposed to if they stayed for 500 days (that’s more than 10 times as much radiation as an astronaut receives during six months aboard the International Space Station)

$40 billion: the cost of the Federal Aviation Administration’s transition from a ground-based, radar-based air traffic control system to a satellite-based system called NextGen


An image of airplane traffic from the simulation tool FACET.

2014: the year the U.S. Navy is set to debut a system that fires directed energy weapons at drone sensors to fry their electronics

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Laser Weapon System

25 cents: the price per board foot of Mushroom Insulation, a compostable material with the benefits of foam board insulation but none of the petrochemicals, VOCs, or fire retardants

$42,000: the funding two scientists hope to raise via Indiegogo in order to distribute kits that would allow anyone to test leaves, twigs, insects, and fungi as candidate antibiotic sources

ILIAD Project Petri Dish and Instructions

785: the number of studies included in a recent analysis of the dangers of laughter, which include jaw dislocation, incontinence, cardiac rupture, and death

$89: the price of a DIY digital camera kit for kids

BigShot Camera Kit

10: the number of pennies you need to make a battery that powers an LED holiday light for two weeks

Top 10 Ways Business Leaders Can Leverage Ai Through Chatgpt

The top 10 ways business leaders can leverage AI through ChatGPT& leaders must determine the best methods to incorporate.

Business leaders believe we are on the verge of a world in which intelligent machines finish complicated work processes and drive strategic business choices. That future might be closer than you believe. ChatGPT is a new tool that is rapidly altering the business world. However, none will have a bigger effect than artificial intelligence (AI).

The defining moment to leverage AI through ChatGPT will be when the technology achieves “the singularity,” or the point at which AI outperforms humans in intelligence. Some technology leaders, such as Google’s head of engineering Ray Kurzweil, have prophesied that the singularity will be reached by 2045. Others have gone so far as to say that this milestone could be achieved in as little as seven years.

Automating Customer Service: ChatGPT is a text-based AI tool that analyses inputs and generates personalized answers. This makes it ideal for aiding businesses in replying to commonly asked inquiries from customers or directing them to helpful information. This tool can be used in a variety of cases, such as chatbots, texting, and email.

Generating Reports and Summaries: Businesses frequently depend on analyst teams to arrange, evaluate, and assess data to create helpful KPI metrics and reports for management. ChatGPT can help to speed up the process by analyzing large amounts of data (often from multiple systems) and transforming it into reports or summaries that provide useful insights to business executives. The benefit is that ChatGPT can finish this job faster than most human workers.

Content Creation: To interact with their consumers, most businesses create a large amount of material, such as articles, blogs, videos, and social media messages. ChatGPT can be used to quickly produce well-structured and interesting content. It should be noted that merely copying and pasting ChatGPT content into your business site constitutes plagiarism. Furthermore, because ChatGPT obtains information from the internet, you run the risk of posting something that is too identical to its source, which can harm your search engine results. Instead, your creative team should use ChatGPT to simplify their brainstorming and content production processes. This will increase your content production efficiency while also guaranteeing unique content is created.

Research and analysis: ChatGPT can be used to conduct research on a variety of subjects, such as market patterns, rival services, and other business-critical information. While technology is becoming smarter, companies should still verify ChatGPT’s study. Because the platform uses the internet as a source of information, it may generate incorrect results, particularly if there is a lot of disinformation on a particular subject. Furthermore, the program’s creators limit the use of sources that are reasonably recent in order to prevent leveraging data that is still developing or evolving.

Language translation: Companies can now contact consumers in nearly every part of the world thanks to globalization and the internet. The linguistic issue is frequently the most difficult obstacle. Companies seeking to grow into new markets must devote significant time and resources to translating their websites, product labels, instruction guides, and other marketing materials into the local vernacular. ChatGPT can provide quick and precise readings in seconds.

Explain a concept: ChatGPT, as a sophisticated tool, shines at sharing the most helpful answers. This includes describing concepts or ideas in a straightforward and knowledgeable way. It’s similar to having a teacher describe an idea. What’s really useful is that you can ask the application to clarify any of the given statements as many times as you want. As humans, we are open to new knowledge, but it is not essential that we can clarify or teach anything we know. ChatGPT gives the response with excellent study and simple language, rather than searching for an explanation and then translating it.

compose tricky texts: The chatbot has been taught to frame messages, respond to questions, and even write poems. It can frame communications by comprehending custom requests because it can sustain dialogue and interaction. If you ever need to request time off from your supervisor but don’t realize how, simply ask the tool to write a note for you. If you need to send a message to someone about some explanations or a delay, use the tool to send a full message in the proper style. Similarly, save time on follow-up notes, scheduling appointments, and other everyday texts. Users have even requested the tool to create apology messages for them to send to their loved ones when they are in difficulty.

Brainstorm ideas: Ideas don’t come easily after a hard day at work or when beginning something new. Instead of devoting long hours to presenting or pitching only two or three ideas, ask the tool to share some. The subject could be anything from presents for my grandmother to leading business books to read, celebration music, simple recipes, republic day quotes, and more. Instead of having to search through Google pages and brainstorm for hours, take a look at ChatGPT’s responses. You can even ask the tool to create a unique duplicate of any of your ideas.

Take styling Tips: The utility contains the entire world’s database. It’s amazing to see how all of the data on patterns, dos, and don’ts ends in the ideal recommendation guru. If you’re unsure about your attire for the first day of work, how to accessorize a dress, or even how to make denim look more professional, consult the AI tool. Instead of browsing through periodicals or perusing through Pinterest, simply ask the AI tool and it will create a list of tips and techniques to help you master your looks.

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