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Have you ever missed an ideal snapshot as you waited for the Camera app’s animation and UI to finish loading? I think it’s safe to say that all of us have missed a perfect photo as a result of having to wait on the iPhone’s Camera app. Things have gotten considerably better in this regard as hardware speeds have improved, but it’s still not exactly perfect.

QuickShoot Pro is a jailbreak tweak that seeks out to solve the issue by letting you snap photos and videos directly from the Home screen. It accomplishes this feat using a couple of different methods. The first method requires you to double tap on the Camera app icon for a photo, and a triple tap on the app icon for video. By doing this, a photo or video is taken without the Camera UI, hence resulting in a faster composition.

The second method is a simple Activator gesture. You can setup an Activator gesture for taking a photo or starting a new video. QuickShoot Pro features quite a few options that can be used to configure the tweak to your needs and liking. It’s not going to completely reduce the wait time associated with taking a new photo, but it’s certainly faster than the stock method for taking photos and videos. Take a look inside as we break down QuickShoot Pro in our hands on video walkthrough…

Once QuickShot Pro is installed, you can begin using it immediately. Double tap on the Camera app icon, and you’ll see an impressive little animation denoting the snapshot. You’ll also notice the green focus boxes when the camera is focusing on a subject. A triple tap on the same app icon yields a red LED indicating that video recording is now taking place.

Venture into the tweak’s preferences contained within the Settings app, shows an assorted variety of different options. There’s the standard kill-switch for starters, along with a bevy of preferences for configuring the way photos and videos are taken. Here’s a quick rundown on what you will find in the tweak’s settings:

Camera Device – Allows you to select between rear and front facing cameras

Video Quality – Let’s you choose the video quality of the movies you shoot

Flash Mode – Enable flash, disable flash, and select automatic mode

HDR – For enabling High Dynamic range photos

Anti-Blur – Waits for the device to become still for 5 seconds before a photo is taken

Image Capture Shortcuts – Activator gesture for photos

Video Capture Shortcuts – Activator gesture for videos

If you’re the type of person who hates venturing into the Settings app over and over again, you’ll be glad to find a shortcut options window — this allows you to adjust settings on the fly. The options window can be configured using an Activator gesture, and pops up directly on the Home screen to let you change HDR, flash, and camera device settings. You can configure the window to disappear after a set amount of time in the tweak’s settings.

Last but not least, there’s another option contained within QuickShoot Pro’s settings. This option allows you to select additional icons for invoking the camera with double or triple taps. This is great for those of you who use an alternate camera app like Camera+, and/or for those of you who hide the stock Camera app icon.

You're reading Quickshoot Pro: A Great Way To Quickly Snap Photos And Videos

How To Batch Resize Photos And Videos On Iphone

Apple tried to give users at least some photo and video editing tools for use on the mobile platform, but even those options built into the Photos app that let you fiddle with cropping, resizing, rotation, and colorization are limited and leave a lot to be desired. Not to mention, the features that Apple does give you are difficult to use with precision and are even cumbersome to use at times.

With an app called Desqueeze, you can resize photos and videos in bulk with ease, and not only that, the application gives you incredible precision for doing it. A step up from what Apple calls built-in editing features in iOS, Desqueeze is a great option for those looking to make their photos and/or videos smaller in file size, change their format, and more. In this tutorial, we’ll be showing you how you can use the application to resize your photos and videos.

How to resize photos on your iPhone

In this tutorial, we’ll focus on resizing images.

To begin resizing photos in Desqueeze, you’ll want to follow these steps:

Step 1: Download Desqueeze for free, launch the app, and tap on the photo(s) in your Camera Roll you want to work with to select it.

Step 2: Select the scaling ratio you want to use for your photo(s) by tapping on it.

Step 3: Once you’ve chosen all the photo(s) you want to work with, tap on the editing button at the bottom left of the app.

Note: You will now be greeted with all your editing options. Any changes you make here will be applied to all of the photos you selected when you apply them, even if you chose more than one photo.

Step 4: Tap on the dimensions box as outlined above and you’ll get a dimension input box where you can choose your own custom dimensions for scaling.

Step 5: Type in the custom width and height you want and then tap “OK.”

Step 6: Tap “OK” again in the next interface you see.

Step 7: Now that your dimensional settings are saved, tap on the paw button at the bottom of the application to initiate the changes.

Step 8: A new interface appears, showing you a history of all your resized photos that have been added to your Camera Roll.

Note: From here, you can select one or more of your results and you can share or delete them. The share button is found at the top, right-hand corner of the app, and the delete button is found at the bottom, left-hand corner of the app. All results that show up in this window are already present in your Camera Roll because the application automatically saves a copy of the edited photo to your Camera Roll when you apply the changes.

Using presets to scale photos in Desqueeze

Picking up where Step 3 left off above, you can also pick from image resizing presets rather than inserting your own numbers, which is especially useful if you’re not very photo editing-savvy and want the device to do the scaling math for you so that your image doesn’t come out scaled weird by way of poor scaling numbers. To do this, follow these steps after Step 3 above:

Step 1: Swipe to the left on the editing options interface and you’ll be provided with all of the above scaling presets.

Step 2: Tap on one of the desired presets and then tap on the “OK” button to save it.

Step 3: Tap “OK” again in the editing options interface after verifying that the dimensions are the same as the ones you chose.

Step 4: Tap on the paw button at the bottom of the application, just like you would have in Step 7 above, and your scaled image will be saved to the Camera Roll.

How to resize videos on your iPhone

Just like photos, Desqueeze comes with the same options for videos in your Camera Roll, although you’ll find that there are new file types to choose from and a few other different parameters, considering that video files are different than image files.

We’ll keep this simple. Here are the steps for resizing your videos from your Camera Roll:

Step 1: Launch Desqueeze and select the video(s) from your Camera Roll that you want to work with.

Step 2: After selecting, tap on the editing button at the bottom right of the app.

Step 3: Enter your own manual dimensions, or swipe to the left to choose a preset, then pick the ratio you want.

Step 4: Tap “OK” twice.

Step 5: If you’re satisfied with the dimension and scaling settings, tap on the paw button at the bottom of the app to save the resized video(s) to your Camera Roll.

Some details about Desqueeze

Desqueeze is a free download from the App Store and it comes with numerous tools in its compact interface. The app will let you select one or more photo(s) from your Camera Roll, and then you can begin choosing from all of the editing options you want to use that are provided by the app.

Although Desqueeze will resize photos and videos in your Camera Roll, it doesn’t modify the original media, it just makes a copy. You’ll want to either make quick use of the new smaller file before removing it or remove the original after you’re satisfied with the resizing because otherwise you’ll have two copies of the same media taking up valuable storage space on your iOS device.

You can select photos and videos whether they’re in portrait or landscape orientation, and the application is smart enough to automatically resize the media in the proper orientation. For example – if you choose 1024 x 768 when selecting photos of different orientations, landscape photos will be scaled to 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels long, and portrait photos will be scaled to 768 pixels wide by 1024 pixels long.

What’s more is the app also includes various tools for converting file types. For images, .png, .jpg, and .tiff are available for converting to, while for videos, .mp4, .mov, and .m4v are available for converting to. These options give you a good way to prepare images for printer, web, or digital viewing use, and ensure that video is always in the highest quality that you demand.

Why resizing photos is a good idea

With cloud storage often being limited and additional space often costing the user more money, conserving space is always a great benefit, and when photos are so pixel-plentiful with today’s high-megapixel cameras, it doesn’t really hurt to scale them down at times.


When Apple’s settings aren’t fine-tuned enough, the free-to-download Desqueeze app offers a great way to break down the actual numbers and get the dimensions that you truly want. iOS’ built-in photo editing options are made to be simple to use and what you get is a dumbed-down interface with fewer fine-grained controls. With Desqueeze, you’ll fill the void that Apple didn’t fill when they launched some of these features in the Photos app.

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How To Create Duplicates Of Photos And Videos In Ios

The iOS software on Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices comes with a variety of tricks for manipulating, editing and sharing photos and videos. With iOS 9.3 and later releases, the Photos app includes a “Duplicate” feature that lets you create extra copies of a still image or video with a few simple taps on the screen. This comes in handy, for example, if you want to keep an original photo and send an edited version to a friend.

1. Start the Photos App by tapping the Photos icon in the iOS Home screen.

2. Select the photo or video that you want to duplicate. You can do this from the Camera Roll or any of the other iOS photo albums.

3. Tap the “Share” icon. When you tap it, the Photos app displays several options for sharing pictures.

4. Tap the “Duplicate” button.

This step creates a duplicate file instantly. Regardless of where the original photo/video is in your Camera Roll, iOS puts the duplicate at the end.

You can duplicate several photos/videos by selecting them as above, then tapping the Duplicate button.

Note: the Duplicate and Copy buttons serve two different purposes. Use “Copy” to copy a photo or video that you would then paste in a text message or other app; it does not create a duplicate file.


John Parsons

John Parsons is a freelance writer with many years in software development. He has a Physics degree and lives in Chicago with his wife and a zooful of animals.

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10 Tips To Edit Videos Faster With Adobe Premiere Pro

Video editing is a time-eating process. There are so many things you might feel like you need to do, but on the other hand you may sometimes feel like you’re just waiting around for things to process. 

There are, however, many quick changes you can make that can effectively streamline your video editing workflow and the rendering processes that eat up your time. Most of these involve very quick changes that aren’t difficult to work into your video editing.

Table of Contents

With Adobe Premiere especially, you have tons of features at your disposal. Although these might be overwhelming at times, they also provide lots of opportunities for shortcuts and workarounds to some time-eating processes. 

Adobe Premiere Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the easiest changes you can make while video editing to speed up your workflow is to switch from using your mouse to your keyboard. In fact, you can edit entirely using your keyboard if you know how to set these keyboard shortcuts.

Change Your Playback Resolution

Another super quick way to increase your productivity rate is to play with the playback resolution on the program or source monitor. In these panels, you should see a small dropdown box next to the settings icon. 

You’ll see choices of Full, ½, ¼, ⅛, and 1/16. This is the output resolution that your video will be rendered in. Full resolution is more than likely going to greatly slow the process of your editing, because it will take much more power for your computer to render the preview video. 

If you choose ½ or ¼, which you can pick if your video is 1080p, it will reduce the resolution by that amount, giving your computer less work to do. You can only use the ⅛ or 1/16 options if your video is in 4K. This also has no effect on the final rendering of the video. It’s only so Premiere can show you this preview of your video while you edit it. 

Reformat Your Footage

You might not know how the format of your footage actually affects the speed of your editing process. Basically, some of the video formats that your footage may already be in could make it more difficult for your computer to edit. 

However, there’s a way you can reformat your media beforehand in order to help make your editing move along faster. The formats you should edit with do not have to be what you render the final video to, either. In fact, the file size of formats that work best when editing are usually a lot larger than what you’d want the final file size to be.

You can use Adobe Media Encoder to reformat your media. Some good formats to use for editing are:

Uncompressed files




Use Proxies On Your Footage

If your computer is having a hard time editing footage, and you’re experiencing super slow load times, it might be due to the resolution of your video. If this is too high for your computer to handle, it could cause problems. 

Change Playback Zoom Level

Changing the size of your project’s preview window can actually have an effect on how fast it is processed. You can find the Playback Zoom Level on the bottom left of the Program Monitor. This is normally set to 100%, but you can change this to suit your needs. 

Working with the Program Monitor at a smaller scale will help your computer render the preview faster, making your editing time fly by. There are options for 75%, 50%, 25%, and smaller, so you can change it in increments if needed. Even scaling it back slightly can help improve processing times. 

Set In And Out Points 

Another way you can get through your editing much faster is to cut your clips before setting them in your timeline. You can easily do this by using In and Out points.

To use these, select a clip from your media browser and it should come up in the source preview panel. Just below this preview are a set of icons. The ones that look like brackets can be used to set an In point, with { , or an Out point, with } .

Alternatively, you can press the I key to set the in point and O for the out point. This will automatically cut your clip to the span between these points. Your original clip will stay the same, you’ll just have the cut version in your timeline. 

After setting these, you can put the clip into your timeline by either dragging from the icon that looks like film, or you can select the Insert button. 

Use Adjustment Layers In Your Timeline

Putting effects on every single clip, one at a time, can become tedious. It also takes up a lot of time that could be spent doing other things. In Premiere, though, there is a way you can put effects over multiple clips at the same time. This is by using what is called an Adjustment Layer. 

This layer will appear in your clip library, and you can drag it onto your timeline like a regular clip. Place it above whatever clips you wish to have the effects added to. You can lengthen or shorten this layer so that it affects whatever clips you want. 

Dragging effects onto the Adjustment Layer will also place the effect on the clips below it. So you only need to apply them one time, and you don’t need to worry about each individual clip. 

Change Your Adobe Premiere Workspace

Sometimes, a different setup in Adobe Premiere might be what you need to improve your editing process. You do have the ability to set up the panels in Premiere however you want, so if you feel like having them set up in a certain way could help you edit faster, it’s worth a try.

Get Your Workflow In Order

One of the more important things you can do to really speed up the editing process is looking at your workflow. Doing certain tasks in a certain order can definitely help you streamline the process and also make things quicker later on down the line.

If you’re unsure what order you should do things in, here is an example workflow that many editors swear by: 

Upload your footage and organize it. 

Create a rough timeline of your video.

Upload, edit and add your audio.

Add your transition effects.

Do color correcting.

Add any text or graphics and final touches.

Export your project. 

Try to keep your workflow in this order or whatever other order of things you choose to do. Try not to add effects or color correction until you have your footage all cut and organized, as this can cause issues later on. 

Upgrade Your Computer

If you’re finding you’re still having issues with your editing going too slowly, and your computer processing it at a snail’s pace, it may be a good idea to look into upgrading your computer setup. 

When it comes down to it, video editing is a very heavy workload for even some high-end computers to handle, so if you’re working with an outdated computer it can make editing a lot more difficult. Just be aware that you’re going to have to pay a substantial amount in order to get something capable of doing heavy editing. 

When finding a new computer, looking for one with a good processor is most important. You should also decide whether you want a desktop or laptop computer, because both of these have options you can choose from for editing video. 

Gift Guide: Great Gear And Accessories To Make Traveling A Breeze

Whether you’re thinking of your own wish list or looking for gifts for others, picking up some gear to make traveling easier and more fun are sure to be appreciated. Follow along for options from $10 that are useful for traveling near or far.

Traveling can be challenging in a variety of ways, especially during the holidays. In this gift guide we’ve rounded up some of the best gear and accessories to help you get through security smoothly, stay organized, and keep your devices protected and charged up.

Staying charged

Anker offers amazing value and its products are highly rated. The Candy Bar Power Bank packs a 6700 mAh capacity in a compact size. It even charges at 2A for faster power delivery. At just $13, this makes an awesome stocking stuffer.

If you’re looking for a something with a larger capacity, Anker’s PowerCore 10000 offers over 3 full charges for most iPhones starting at $26 and still comes in a reasonably small package.

If even more power and flexibility sound good, the PowerCore+ 20100 with USB C can charge up to 3 devices at 2.4A simultaneously. The USB C port supports both power input and output and can even fully charge a MacBook once. It’s a great value at $66. There’s also a version without the USB C for $42.

Anker Candy Bar Power Bank – $13

Anker PowerCore 10000 – $26

PowerCore 20100 – $42

PowerCore+ 20100 USB C – $66

If you like to travel as light as possible, there are some good compact, MFi Apple Watch/iPhone chargers available. UGreen offers a 2200 mAh option with a USB port to charge your iPhone (our review) for $50, but a better value is its new model (look out for out full review soon) with 4400 mAh capacity and built-in Lightning cable for $55 (after $5 instant coupon).

Oittm’s MFi Portable power bank also offers Apple Watch + iPhone charging convenience with a 5000 mAh capacity. It’s also a good value at $54, but doesn’t have a built-in Lightning cable.

UGreen Portable Wireless Charger for Apple Watch w/ Lightning cable – $55

Oittm Portable Charger for Apple Watch – $54

It’s always good to have an extra Lightning cable or two, and Anker’s MFi certified cables are a no brainer at $9.

There are some generic brand charging cases available for iPhone 8 and X, but nothing from more reliable companies like Mophie yet. With the low-cost and flexibility of great stand alone power banks, they seem like the way to go.

Staying organized

With all the devices, cables, dongles, and other accessories you probably have, it can take some work to stay organized when you’re on the go. Here are some affordable ways to keep things more manageable.

Cocoon’s GRID-IT is a great simple way to keep all your gear in check. GRID-IT is available in a variety of sizes and colors to fit most any bag or setup. Some even offer a laptop or tablet sleeve on the back.

Cocoon GRID-IT from $10

For an option with more protection, a universal electronics case from BUBM might be a good fit. You’ll find a variety of colors and sizes, and some are even waterproof.

BUBM Universal Electronics Cases from $6

Bento Stack is a unique option to keep organized and was designed with Apple accessories specifically in mind. It’s a hard shell style case that keep items contained inspired by bento boxes. It’s a bit pricier starting at $38 on Indiegogo, and also may not arrive in time for Christmas, but deliveries are expected this month.

Bento Stack from $38

Bags and luggage

A good bag or suitcase to keep your devices protected and make it easy to breeze through security is really helpful. Here are some top picks.

I’ve been a Timbuk2 user and big fan for over a decade. The bags are excellently made in San Francisco and have a lifetime warranty.

You can create your own custom backpack or messenger bag to perfectly fit your needs and taste, but the Timbuk2 Command Laptop Backpack and Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger are both great off the shelf choices.

Build a custom Timbuk2 bag from $109

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Backpack from $88

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger from $90

If you’re a fan of carrying on your luggage, the Nomatic Travel Bag is a sharp option. It sports features like TSA approved laptop and tablet pockets that allow you to leave your devices in the bag when going through security, an RFID protected pocket, and lots of storage for accessories.

Other features include a separate shoe pocket, a laundry bag, and detachable waist straps. The bag is also waterproof and seamlessly converts between backpack and duffel bag.

Nomatic Travel Bag – $220

There are a several companies making ‘smart’ luggage. A couple of the most popular are Bluesmart’s ONE and The Carry-On by Away. While Bluesmart includes the most features of almost any smart luggage with 3G+GPS tracking, software operated locks, and a power bank, its luggage doesn’t feature removable batteries, which major airlines will start requiring next year.

This also explains why Bluesmart products seem to be unavailable from its website and retailers like Amazon.

The Carry-On and The Bigger Carry-On from Away don’t feature as much tech as Bluesmart, but they do have USB ports to stay charged, a removable battery, a built-in TSA approved lock, and an unbreakable design with a lifetime guarantee.

The Carry-On – $225

The Bigger Carry-On – $245

Staying protected

When it comes to keeping your devices protected, it seems like the options are endless. Here are a few top picks for iPhone.

Even though I might not use a wallet case all the time, I particularly find them useful when traveling. An affordable, simple choice is the Silk Wallet for iPhone X or iPhone 7/8 at $15.

Mujjo also makes some great cases like its iPhone X wallet case. The company also offers its high-quality, functional leather cases for almost any iPhone model.

Lastly, JimmyCase offers a unique approach with hardwood backed iPhone cases with a durable elastic back for storing cards and cash.

Silk Wallet for iPhone X – $15

Silk Wallet for iPhone 7/8 – $15

Mujjo wallet cases for iPhone X – $50

Mujjo wallet cases for other iPhones from $24

JimmyCase for iPhone from $40

As for protecting your MacBook or iPad, there’s no harm in adding an extra layer of protection with a sleeve or case even if your bag or briefcase offers up some defense.

On the budget side of things, AmazonBasics has options for felt sleeves from $10-$14 and neoprene style sleeves from $6-$12.

In the moderate price range, Incase offers up solid products to protect your devices that include a little more attention to aesthetics.

For more premium sleeves and cases, Mission Leather Co. makes some sharp options for MacBook and iPad ranging from $70 and up.

AmazonBasics Felt Laptop Sleeve from $10

AmazonBasics Laptop/Tablet Sleeve from $6

Incase sleeves/cases from $50

Mission Leather Co. sleeves/cases from $70


Other handy items that can make great stocking stuffers or nice small gifts include the iOttie OneTouch 2 or iOttie Air Vent to keep iPhone useful for navigation. Anker also has a good magnetic mount option.

If you don’t have or don’t want to spend the money on noise cancelling headphones, I enjoy using EarBuddyz or Earhoox when flying to give a noise isolation boost in addition to a snug fit with EarPods and AirPods.

Finally, if you live in a cold climate, or are visiting one, Mujjo’s Touch Screen Gloves make a great gift (full review coming soon). They come in both knit and leather options starting at $30.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

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How To Record Voice On Mac Easily And Quickly

Recording audio on Mac is intricate as its built-in software QuickTime Player cannot capture the internal sounds. In turn, this creates a big problem for gamers who need to live to stream their gaming videos. Also, those who want to record tutorial videos or any essential information with their voice could face difficulties.

One way you can easily overcome this problem is to record internal audio sound easily, i.e., an offline screen recorder! Surprisingly, the offline external screen recorders allow Mac users to record both external and internal sounds simultaneously! These screen recorders let you smoothly handle your professional and educational life with uninterrupted voice recording. Besides, you can also capture the beautiful moments you share with your loved ones living overseas through webcam and video calling software. know more about Skip Tracing.

With the rising demand for screen recording software, multiple tools have thrived, some of which are useless. To help you avoid being misguided, here we talk about the top-of-the-line offline screen recorder tools that make voice recording hassle-free! So let’s get started!

Part 1. How to Record Voice on Mac with EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is a feature-packed screen recording tool that lets you capture any part of the screen seamlessly! From multi-screen recording features and quick player access to editing during recording, EaseUS experts have got you covered all. Being compatible with both

Windows and Mac, the software allows you to record audio from live streaming, webinars, meeting calls, and more!

EaseUS RecExpert Features:

Watermark-free webcam recording with customized background

This tool lets you record the webcam video and your screen in unison, adding a personalized background. This feature helps seamlessly record gameplay videos, tutorial videos, presentations, etc. Also, its green screen technology lets you record any video with a virtual background.

Easy recording of microphone audio

Be it any streaming audio or a YouTube one; this multifaceted tool can help record all! The best part is that EaseUS RecExperts lets you mute the original audio without muting the recorded file so that anyone else in the room is unbothered!

Capture screenshots during the recording

Built-in free record player

With an inbuilt record player, EaseUS RecExperts lets you record videos in 4k definition uninterruptedly! Also, you don’t need to compress the downloaded file to play or adjust the playback speed of the raw file.

Video cutter and editor

Record games for live streaming

It is the best tool for capturing games for live streaming. You can record your game in 4K UHD quality and stream it at 144fps with zero lagging! This tool lets you record encrypted live videos and TV series from any OTT platform, including Netflix and YouTube.

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Quick player access & Easy File Management

How to Record Internal Sound with EaseUS RecExperts

Through these three simple steps, you can easily capture your desired audio!

Step 1: Configure the recording

Step 2: Record the audio you want

Step 3: Play, make editings and save

Once the recording is complete, you can open the audio file in the built-in video editor. You can crop, merge or cut it as per your requirements and then save it to use later!

Part 2 Free Software to Record Voice on Mac

Alongside EaseUS RecExperts, there are several other free software with which you can record internal voice on your Mac. Take a glimpse of the top-rated ones among all:

1. OBS

OBS, or Open Broadcaster Software, is a free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming. Gamers commonly use it to stream their gameplay on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, but it can also be used for other purposes such as video recording and live event streaming.

OBS is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, and it offers a wide range of features, including support for multiple sources (e.g., game capture, microphone, webcam), the ability to mix audio and add filters and effects, and support for popular streaming platforms and protocols.


Support for a wide range of sources, including game capture, microphone, webcam, media files, and more. It supports popular streaming platforms and protocols, including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, and more.

The ability to mix multiple audio sources and add filters and effects to them.

Advanced settings and options for more experienced users include video and audio bitrate control, custom hotkeys, and third-party plugins and script support.

A large and active community of users and developers who provide support and share resources such as tutorials, custom scenes and sources, and more.

2. Audacity

Audacity is a multitasking screen recorder tool embedded with versatility and amazing features. The tool is free and comes with no additional or hidden charges. Among its wide range of functions and features, noise reduction and noise gates are the best! Also, the software lets you adjust the pitch for clearer and background noise-free audio.

Keeping all these apart, like other screen recorders, this one, too, has basic editing features, including cutting, trimming, and merging. Most importantly, this software can save your downloaded file in different formats such as WAV, MP3, etc.

Audacity Features

Recording: Audacity lets you record audio from live streaming, webinars, microphone, or mixer. Also, the software allows digitalizing audio from a wide range of media.

Import/ Export: This software allows you to import sound files, customize them with editing, and merge them with a separate sound file. Similarly, you can export your personalized audio in different formats.

Effects: You can make your downloaded audio more tempting with different effects! The software has multiple sound effects, including LADSPA, VST, Audio Unit, etc.

Sound quality: Audacity is popular for its HD sound quality. The tool supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 34-bit

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3. Logic Pro

Made exclusively for Mac, Logic Pro is a complete solution that caters to all your audio recording requirements. This professional-grade, feature-rich software is everything you need to create customized music on your Mac device. With a user-friendly and sleek interface, Logic Pro lets you record and edit your audio files without a fuss!

Integrated with Dolby Atmos tools and innovative features, the software lets you customize the file impressively! Its inbuilt sound library has enormous sounds and plugins to add effects to the audio file.

Logic Pro Features

3D Object Panner: Logic Pro supports Dolby Atmos till 7.1.4, along with the height channels. Its inbuilt 3D Object Panner helps position the audio precisely to the listeners.

Massive collection of plugins: The software has a vast collection of plugins that collaborate with Dolby Atmos and let the users create a professional-level spatial mix.

Exported files are compatible with Apple Music: The files are exported directly as a Dolby Atmos file and are well-fitted with Apple Music.

Final words

An offline screen recorder doesn’t rely on internet connectivity. With it, you can record, edit, mix, and play your audio and video records even if the internet connection is unstable. Due to this reason, Mac users love trying their hands at offline recorders rather than online ones.

Each screen recording software has its perks, facilities, and features. So, before you choose yours, take some time to figure out your requirements and then opt for your suitable software. EaseUS RecExperts can be your ideal choice as it is enriched with all the features a Mac user could look for in a screen recording tool.

What’s holding you back? Download it today to record internal audio in your Mac device fuss-freely!

Update the detailed information about Quickshoot Pro: A Great Way To Quickly Snap Photos And Videos on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!