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Pokemon GO: Legendary Pokemon Zapdos is Live, Here’s How To Beat Him!

The schedule for Niantic’s Pokemon GO Legendary Raid Battle bosses brought to us the first 2 of 3 birds – now its Zapdos turn. Both Articuno and Moltres have had their day in the sun – or week in the sun, however you see it. Now, starting this afternoon (for some) or morning (for others), the next raid boss switch will occur. The first day of the 3rd Legendary Raid Boss is today!

Wait, you might be saying, isn’t there a fourth bird? And a fifth? What’s this giant white and purple bird I’ve been fighting? Lugia, as it’s called is the Trio Boss, the leader of the first three Legendary Bird Pokemon. As Niantic seems to have decided, Lugia will be around for the duration of this other three-bird tenure.

The switch-up today may have a bit of crossover overlap for some users – a lucky time when several birds will be out at once. During that time, it may end up showing Moltres, Lugia, and Zapdos all at once. At that time, you’ll want to choose the one that’s disappearing first, Moltres, before you move on to the zap-happy bird that comes last.

• Articuno (Team Mystic) Saturday, July 22 to Monday, July 31.• Moltres (Team Valor) Monday, July 31 to Monday, August 7.• Zapdos (Team Instinct) Monday, August 7 to Monday, August 14.Zapdos Artwork above: made by Johanna Tarkela. Zapdos Artwork below: made by Sketching Sands from Tumblr. Artworks aplenty beyond the shared images lie.

OF NOTE is the fact that Zapdos is the most difficult to beat of the first three elemental-based Pokemon Legendary Raid Bosses. Articuno wasn’t the easiest – but Moltres certainly was. There were cases of Moltres getting beat by 2 trainers – that’s silliness.

As such, we’ve compiled a list of Pokemon that are best suited for the battle against Zapdos. Remember that these Pokemon are only “the best” so long as they have the move sets that correspond with Zapdos’ various weaknesses. Also be sure to pay attention to Zapdos’ strengths – they’re difficult to avoid!

ICYMI: Predicted! Pokemon GO Unown Event [now half-off!]Best Pokemon to Beat Zapdos in Pokemon GO:

1. Golem Rock Throw/Stone Edge (ROCK)*

2. Jynx (glass cannon) (ICE)

3. Tyranitar Bite/Stone Edge

4. Dragonite (lasts long, big (1x) damage

5. Rhydon Rock Smash/Stone Edge

6. Piloswine (ICE)

7. Omastar (ROCK)

8. Articuno (ICE)

*ON GOLEM: Do not use a Golem with GROUND attacks – they will all turn up “Not Very Effective”. Most Pokemon that are able to use Stone Edge are extra-effective against Zapdos.

Zapdos is an Electric Type Pokemon as well as a Flying Type Pokemon. The moves Zapdos can potentially have are Electric. That’s Thunder Shock and Charge Beam for fast attacks, and Zap Cannon, Thunderbolt, and Thunder.

Electric Type Pokemon like Zapdos are extra strong (defensively) against Flying, Steel, Bug, Fighting, and Grass type Pokemon. Zapdos is weak (defensively) against Ice and Rock type Pokemon.

Zapdos is not particularly strong (attacking) against Ground, Grass, Electric, or Dragon Type Pokemon. Zapdos is extra-strong (attacking) against Flying and Water type Pokemon. So do NOT use Gyarados, as she’ll get crushed at the same time as dishing out very little damage.

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Pokemon Go: Mew Code In Game

Pokemon GO: Mew code in game

Since Pokemon GO launched with the first 250 monsters, trainers across the planet have anticipated the launch of Mew. The first official teaser for the game – after the April Fools Day joke – showed Mewtwo, so surely the game would also contain a Mew. Today we’re having a peek at what it’ll take for Niantic to release this super duper legendary Pokemon into the wild.

Mewtwo came one year and a couple months after the game was first release. The release took place in September of 2023, and one release in Japan brought the monster forth. In our how to get Mewtwo raid invites article we explained the lengths some users took to get such a beast.

In all Pokemon games, Mewtwo seems to herald the coming of Mew – but it’s not always so. Mew’s appearance is so extremely rare that, though it did appear in the first US-bound Pokemon games, it wasn’t legitimately available to the vast majority of the game’s players. Mew was only legitimately available in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow through a Nintendo Power contest and in Pokemon mall tours.

Here in 2023, we’ve got a very similar situation on our hands in Pokemon GO. Mew is in the game’s code, but not released in the game officially. Mew was always in the code for Pokemon Yellow, Red, and Blue, but wasn’t officially available through anything but Nintendo events and contests. We’re expecting something very similar from Niantic in 2023.

Both Mew and Celebi are in the same boat. Both Pokemon are their respective most-rare and most-cute Pokemon for different generations. Both have the same code structure in Pokemon GO, as well. The most important bit of code they share is the missing number beside “Capture Rate.”

In the past, when we see a Pokemon in the code for Niantic’s Pokemon GO without a Capture Rate, we can assume one thing. That Pokemon is not available in the wild. In this case, Mew and Celebi also share the missing Capture Rate with Pokemon that are only available in eggs or as evolved versions of Pokemon available in the wild.

When Mew arrives – when they switch Mew to ON in the game that is – you’re going to flip over yourself trying to get one. Or two. Or a few. Each Mew will be unique, as this is the most diverse Pokemon in the game when it comes to possible moves.

Mew can get any of the following Charge Moves:

Earthquake (rock)

Psychic (psychic)

Thunder (electric)

Fire Blast (fire)

Focus Blast (fighting)

Blizzard (ice)

Hyper Beam (regular)

Solar Beam (grass)

Dragon Pulse (legacy dragon)

Hurricane (legacy flying)

Moonblast (legacy fairy)

All Mew will look the same, save the occasional shiny Mew. Those will be in the game too, albeit not at the same time as the initial Mew release. Cross your fingers Niantic gets their ducks in a row this year for the most beautiful monsters yet!

Pokemon Go Arlo Counters November 2023

Pokemon Go Arlo Counters November 2023

Gotta Counter ‘Em All

What’s on the cards for Pokemon Go Arlo counters for November 2023?

In this guide, we’re putting our predictive skills to the test to bring you an educated guess about what Pokemon counters will help you fight off the Team Rocket leader next month.

A sprinkling of speculative dust is par for the course here, but if anything, Niantic loves consistency when it comes to Arlo’s monthly roster of Shadow Pokemon.

We’ve also got a decent track record, all but nailing this month’s Giovanni counters.

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Pokemon Go Arlo Counters November 2023 Predictions

Arlos line-up for November 2023 is likely to be: 

Phase 1: Charmander

Phase 2: Mawile/Salamence/Charizard

Phase 3: Steelix/Scizor/Gardevoir

Phase 1 – Charmander

As soon as the bell rings, Arlo always chucks out Charamader to kick off proceedings. Charmander is a Fire-type Pokemon, weak to Rock, Ground, and Water-type moves.

To quickly dispatch the little guy, focus on Pokemon like Golem, Rhyperior, Rampardos, Regirock, Tyranita, and Omastar. Strong attacks include Smack Down, Rock Slide, and Rock Throw.

Arlo Counters November 2023 – Phase 2 – Mawile/Salamence/Charizard

During phase 2, Arlo pulls out either Mawile, Salamence, or Charizard. We expect this to continue in November 2023, so the same Arlo counters apply.


A Fairy and Steel-type Pokemon, Mawile totters when hit by Fire and Ground-type attacks. 

Good Arlo counters for November 2023 include Entei, Houndoom, Moltres, Garchomp, and Chandelure. Attacks like Fire Spin, Mud Shot, Overheat, and Fire Fang should do the job here.


Salamence slots in as a Flying and Dragon-type Pokemon and loses much of his fighting powers against Ice-type attacks. 

We suggest drafting in the likes of Glaceon, Weavile, Mamoswine, Palkia, and Galarian Darmanitan as counters to Salamence. Focus on using attacks like Ice Fang, Dragon Breath, Powder Snow, and Avalanche.


Finally, we have Charizard, the last of Arlo’s phase 2 options, and a Flying and Fire-type Pokemon.

Hammer them with Rock-type attacks to take the sting out of their attacks. We recommend Pokemon like Golem, Rampardos, Rhyperior, Tyranitar, and Omastar. Strong moves include Smack Down, Rock Throw, and Rockslide.

Arlo Counters November 2023 – Phase 3 – Steelix/Scizor/Gardevoir

Over to phase 3, and Arlo should pull out either Steelix, Scizor, or Gardevoir.


First up is Steelix, a Steel and Ground-type Pokemon. Weaknesses include Water, Fire, Ground, and Fighting-type moves.

Some of the best Steelix counters include Swampert, Conkeldurr, Entei, Heatran, and Darmanitan. Moves like Counter, Fire Fang, Water Gun, Overheat, and Hydro Cannon ten to do well here.


Scizor is a Steel and Bug variety Pokemon that stumbles when up against Fire-type attacks. 

Strong counters for November should include Charizard, Entei, Blaziken, Heatran, and Reshiram. Concentrate on moves like Fire Spin, Blast Burn, and Overheat for the best results.


Last but not least, we have a Gardevoir, a Psychic and Fairy-type fighter that’s particularly weak to Steel, Ghost, and Poison-type moves.

We recommend calling upon Pokemon counters like Chandelure, Dialga, Hoopa, Metagross, and Gengar to make the fight easier. Moves like Meteor Mash, Lick, Astonish, Poison Jab, and Sludge Bomb should make easy work of Gardevoir.

That’s a wrap on our predictions for Pokemon Go Arlo counters for November 2023. We’ll revisit this article on November 1st to provide an update and see if we were off the mark or not.

We also have a dedicated Giovanni counters for November 2023 predictions page, too.

15 Local Businesses Taking Advantage Of Pokemon Go

It’s an augmented-reality game that forces you to move around your city or neighborhood. It was worth $200 million as of August 8, just one month after its release date.

It’s Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is about more than just catching Pokemon in the park. It’s a game that businesses should be using for their marketing efforts.

Check out these 15 local businesses who are using Pokemon Go to drive business.

1. The Denver Zoo

To get the local community to come out and see the animals, the Denver Zoo purchased $380 of lure modules. One lure module attracts Pokemon to an area for 30 minutes.

2. CitySen Lounge

For some background info: There are three Pokemon Go teams you can be part of when you join gym battles. The teams are Mystic, Instinct, and Valor.

3. L’inizio Pizza Bar

The pizza bar’s sales jumped 75 percent during a weekend in early July because the manager spent $10 on lure modules to attract Pokemon into the store, and according to Bloomberg, they were one of the first businesses to use Pokemon Go for marketing. They are located in Queens.

4. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

“Tired of aimlessly throwing Pokeballs and Pidgeys and Rattatas?” That’s a Facebook update by Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. They had a Real World Pokemon and Guided Garden Trek event led by on their local experts.

During the tour, visitors learned what types of plants and animals resemble their “favorite Pokemon.”

They even have a page dedicated to Pokemon events. From 3 pm to 5 pm during the month of August, Pokemon Night attendees can take a break and charge their phones at Rosine Hall.

5. It’s A Grind

This California coffeehouse offers a lure at their shop for every 15 drinks purchased by a consumer.

Huge’s is a digital agency with an office in Atlanta that has an in-house coffee shop – and the coffee shop is located between two Pokestops, according to AdAge. The Pokestops are places where players can gather unique in-game items.

The agency dropped lures on the two stops to attract Pokemon near their store. They also provided charging stations at the coffeehouse and a “free steamed bun” for those who showed their Pokemon. During the week they paid for lures, the company saw a 400 percent ROI.

7. Graziano’s

This restaurant – located in Niles, Illinois – gave customers a 20 percent discount when they ordered a PokePizza, according to the Chicago Tribune.

8. Sunrise Pedal Trolley

Keep in mind the Pokemon craze is everywhere. In the town of Bay City, Michigan, a trolley business offered a Pokemon-catching tour and sold every ticket for $20 each, according to MLive.

9. The Gourmet Cupcake Shoppe

10. Ruby’s Pizzeria

The pizza restaurant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a Pokestop. The owner, Bill Payne, told The Gazette in July that half of his customers are new faces since the pizzeria “started supporting the game.”

11. Doughnut Plant NYC

12. New Element Fine Vapors

This Houston, Texas vapor business offered 20 percent off all juice for customers who came in to catch Pokemon.

13. Atlanta Bar Crawls

The co-founder of a bar crawl business planned a Pokemon-themed bar crawl. He bought 50 lures for just $35 so he could make sure Pokemon were at the different bars when they needed to be.

14. Happy Happy Joy Joy

On July 24, this toy store offered “lunchtime lures from noon to 1 pm.” Also, if a customer dropped a lure, the store gave you 15 percent off your purchase.

15. Bruegger’s Bagels

This bagel chain created an entire social strategy dedicated to Pokemon Go. Enough said.

Take Note…

You can find out if you are near a gym by using the Ingress map. So if you’re near a gym, take screenshots of Pokemon and post to your social media channels. Offer discounts for those who may want a break before, during or after their battles.

Image Credits

Screenshots by Chris Campbell. Taken August 2024.

Earth Day With Pokemon Go: A Chat With Niantic About Civic & Social Impact

Earth Day with Pokemon GO: A chat with Niantic about Civic & Social Impact

In 2023, Niantic’s got another Earth Day campaign planned. In a manner similar to 2023, Niantic and masses of gamers – Pokemon GO and Ingress included – will head out and clean up the planet. In 68 events and with “countless NGOs” taking part in the celebration, 6.5 tons of garbage were collected – and presumably put into landfills, mostly – but still, progress!* Here in 2023 we had a chat with Niantic’s Civic & Social Impact Manager, Yennie Solheim Fuller, to see what the future holds.

The events this year will take place all around the world and will be accessible for online sign-up by Ingress and Pokemon GO gamers from now until the day of each event. Head over to the Niantic / Playmob site to learn how you can participate.

*I stand corrected! Niantic’s accounted for such things! In their documentation (as linked above), they suggest that “we appropriately dispose of trash so that even after the cleanup, the environment is considered.” They also note that after trash is cleared, some events and associated NGOs will be implementing projects that employ activities for re-growth.

This means cultivating soil, planting seeds, planting plants grown in greenhouses, and generally making a better environment out of locations that were otherwise smashed with trash.

Pokemon GO and Ingress players are encouraged to participate because it’s good for the earth, but are rewarded in-game with in-game items and bonuses based on the number of players that’ve signed up via the link above – for the events.

“We’ve had really good response from integrating in-game rewards for Earth Day,” said Fuller “Last year, we presented players with the possibility to earn in game rewards based on their attendance and participation at cleanup events. Hosting NGOs took attendance and then reported back to Niantic to unlock a specific tier of rewards. In 2023, players achieved the highest tier of rewards. We plan to approach this campaign the same way this year!”

We asked Fuller if Niantic’s involvement with their still-unreleased Harry Potter game will have goals similar to those of Pokemon GO and Ingress, with respect to respecting the planet in which the games are played – and cleaning up the earth.

“We’re focused on creating meaningful technology that encourages positive impact,” said Fuller. “Our company is driven by the amazing things that players do and experience through our games, and our social impact work almost always spans all of our games with a focus on health, education, and sustainability. We’ll continue to look for ways to bring all of our players together, no matter the game, to do greater good in the world.

Could there be a game based solely on picking up trash using the Niantic mapping model employed in other games?

“That’s a great idea! Having millions of people around the world, walking and exploring, gives us the opportunity to make big impact,” said Fuller ” Finding ways to clear pollution is one part of our greater sustainability goals, and we’re excited to see how our greater social impact goals show themselves in other Niantic titles, as well as in technology created through the Niantic Real World Platform.”

The Niantic Real World Platform can be used to create a global-scale game the likes of which the most talented developers could use to make massive-level games and augmented reality experiences. The Niantic developer portal is the place you’ll want to go if you’re all about making the next Pokemon GO, so to speak.

If you want to team up with Niantic to save the planet, that might also be a future for which you can aim. Could cleaning up the environment be a goal greater than Earth Day for Niantic?

“Yes, absolutely. In fact, we support and host events throughout the year that are focused on cleaning up the environment.” said Fuller. “These events are often times created by and pioneered by our players, who are already outside enjoying our games and want to make a greater impact.”

“These events, which we refer to as Niantic Community Events, are ongoing and seek to make local impact and empower locals to do good in the communities they care so much about,” said Fuller. “We also seek to weave sustainability goals and cleanup initiatives into our ongoing events, which happen year round and all around the world.”

Niantic’s Earth Day 2023 events will be taking place all around the planet between April 13th and April 28th. You can clean up the planet any ol’ day, really, but their events are scheduled for that span of dates. If you’re all about it, go play – and bring a trash and/or recycling bag, and don’t forget a pair of gloves!”

Htc 10 Update: 1.92.709.1 Pokeman Go Update Is Live!

June 20, 2024: A new update has been released for the Sprint HTC 10 users, version bring 1.80.651.1. In fact, HTC has also come up with the RUU.

HTC 10 Europe

June 14, 2024: There are two new updates rolling out for HTC 10, one each for American and European users. The new software version for American HTC 10 is 1.80.617.1, while that for European friends of ours is 1.80.401.1. As for changelog, please look at the screenshots provided below for both of the updates. RUU available.

Check out all system updates released to HTC 10 software below, covered from all over the world.

HTC 10 Taiwan

We gotta admit, HTC is pretty active when it comes to updating the HTC 10 sets at its own home, Taiwan. Today, the Taiwanese HTC 10 is receiving a new update, version 1.92.709.1, that among other things, optimizes the device for playing Pokeman Go. Did you ever imagine a update to a flagship for one certain game? Well, Pokeman Go has broken as many countless records as it has for a reason, right?

Apart from that, there is some solid camera performance boost too — under the pro mode, the shutter speed can reach 16 seconds! That’s most of changelog, as other items include latest security patch of August, and some system enhancements.

The 1.92.709.1 update is sized around 525 MB, so we recommend you connect to a reliable Wi-Fi connection before going for the update.

HTC 10 in Ireland ‘3’

August 22, 2024: A new update dubbed as version 1.90.771.4 is out for the HTC 10 sets at carrier ‘3’ that bring camera and system stability improvements, along with security patch level (unmentioned, but we assume it’s the latest one from August, which is what another update (1.92.709.1) released today also comes packed with. The update is sized 299 MB, so we recommend you use Wi-Fi network to update this to save on mobile data charges.

June 03, 2024: Carrier 3 in Ireland has also released an update for HTC 10, one that’s sized 445.03 MB and carries software version 1.53.771.6. The update comprises improvements to camera performance, while adding to WiFi and System stability. Must have update, if you ask us!

Optus HTC 10 (Australia)

We’re seeing a huge update rolling out for the Optus HTC 10 in Australia, one that measures around 442 MB. Being on the latest Android OS already, there was to be no Android version upgrade, and as such, the update feels pretty big.

Now because the changelog hints at “System Enhancement”, might be this will bring in lots of efficient changes to device performance, and thus such a big update.

The update’s version is 1.53.710.6 and we’re already on the lookout for the OTA and RUU file — once we have it, we will be sure to share it with you so that our Australian readers owning HTC 10 can update asap to 1.53.710.6 build. Look here for the HTC 10 firmware currently available.

For those of you who have already been lucky to see this big update — big because there is no Android version upgrade — do let us know what other changes you have spotted.

Sprint HTC 10

Launched with software version of 1.24.651.3, the HTC 10 at Sprint is received a new update on June 20 to up its software version to 1.80.651.1.

The update brings improvements to camera, with system and power enhancements also in tow along with bug fixes and security fixes for the month of May and June.

Verizon HTC 10

HTC 10 at Verizon has also received a camera-performance-booster update, one that carried the software version of 1.19.605.22. If your device’s version is less than 1.19.605.22, then an update is surely available for your HTC 10 at Verizon.

Head into Settings, and look for the system update now to upgrade to latest build with security patches and better performance camera. There are also some Wi-Fi improvements in tow.

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