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PDFs are useful for cross-platform compatibility, but they can be a pain to work with. If you want to edit in Word or include a PDF in a Powerpoint presentation, you have to convert it or use special software.

There are plenty of tools and websites that can do the job for you, but they have wildly different results and are sometimes locked behind a payment wall.

It’s very hard to find a service that can convert all your PDF files for free while still maintaining a high quality. Thankfully, I recently put PDF WIZ through its paces and found that its performance was very impressive.

Note: This is a sponsored article and was made possible by StarzSoft. The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author who maintains editorial independence, even when a post is sponsored.

How Easy Is PDF WIZ to Use?

One of the best features of PDF WIZ is how easy it is to use. When I use online converters, they often have cluttered UIs and different options that may not work the way I want. Plus, who knows what’s going on in the back end — maybe the website is keeping tabs on everything I upload!

When I installed and booted PDF WIZ, I was pleased to see all of its features on one large, easy-to-scan page. Each section is divided up into subsections underneath, which allows for further refinement of what you want.

Converting PDFs to Other Files

How does PDF WIZ fare when converting a PDF file into another format? To test this, I went a little harsh on the program and put through a complicated PDF file to see how PDF WIZ handled it. If you want to try along at home, the file I used was the “2023 Forcepoint Cybersecurity Predictions Report”.

When I converted this PDF to Word using PDF WIZ, it did a good job of keeping up with the complicated design. There were some visual oddities, but these appeared to be limitations of Word rather than PDF WIZ itself.

Despite the weird visual problems, the actual text of the PDF file was totally readable. If you’re not worried about preserving the PDF’s design and want just the text, this converter works very well.

Things are more impressive with the Powerpoint conversion, as the program managed to replicate the PDF pretty spot-on. I wouldn’t feel bad about performing a presentation with it whatsoever!

Converting Word Documents into PDFs

For this, I downloaded a 1MB sample Word document which has a good amount of formatting and image usage. When I put it through the converter, it produced a PDF file that mirrored the Word document very well with only minor visual differences. As such, this makes PDF WIZ very useful for converting documents for a web-friendly PDF format.

PDF WIZ’s Other Functions

As well as conversions, PDF WIZ can perform other PDF-related functions. For example, you can split a PDF into separate documents per page, merge two documents together, extract every image from a PDF file into a folder, and compress a PDF down. These all worked very well, and I was impressed with the scope this software could achieve.

A True Wiz

Overall, PDF WIZ really knocked it out of the park for me. It was totally free without any additional things to buy, no premium modes, and no usage limits under a subscription model. It was very easy to use and the results were better than some of the larger PDF converter websites I’ve seen on the Internet.

Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.

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Icecream Pdf Editor Review: A Great Free Pdf Editor For Windows

Of all the file formats out there, PDFs are one of the most versatile as far as viewing and sharing formatted documents is concerned, plus with editable PDFs, they’ve only become more useful. Whether it’s a form, a draft document, or even resumes and CVs, PDFs are the most widely used formats. So, as important as it is to have a PDF viewer handy on your Mac or PC, having a PDF editor can be just as important. That’s where software like the Icecream PDF Editor (download) come into play. If you’re looking for a great free PDF editor, here’s our review of the Icecream PDF editor.

Key Features

As far as PDF editing apps go, Icecream PDF Editor is one of the more feature-rich apps I’ve used. It comes with a bunch of handy tools and options that’ll let you edit and manipulate PDFs with ease. Let me break down some of the most exciting features of the Icecream PDF Editor.

PDF Editing

There’s a ‘Select’ tool that will let you select any element of the PDF file and easily make edits to it. If it’s text, you’ll be able to change the text itself or add more text to it, edit the font, change the color, the font size, alignment, and more. If it’s a text-box, you’ll be able to adjust the stroke size for the text field, change its color, adjust opacity, etc. You can edit the attributes for almost anything with the select tool. There’s also a text tool that will let you add a text box to the PDF and add any text to it, along with options to adjust the color, font, and more.

Then there are tools to add shapes to the PDF including rectangles, circles, lines, and arrows. These too have a bunch of options including things like the ability to adjust the outline color, the fill color, and a lot more. It’s really quite great.

PDF Annotation

While editing a PDF is definitely great, if you’re simply looking to make some annotations to a PDF file to point out certain areas of interest, or add things like sticky notes to the PDF, the Icecream PDF Editor has got you covered there as well.

There are also highlighting tools here, including an area highlight tool that will let you draw a selection around the area you want to highlight and highlight it when you’re done. You’ll also be able to choose the color for the highlight if you want.

Other than that, there are tools to underline text, make a strikethrough, and even add a wobbly underline — something I’ll be using to mark proof-reading errors in documents. Plus there are shapes like circles, rectangles, lines, and more that you can use to annotate a PDF.

There’s also a stamp tool here that has a bunch of preset stamp options that you can simply place on the PDF. It’s like a digital stamp saying something like ‘Accepted,’ ‘Withdraw,’ ‘Finished,’ and more. You can also use custom stamps if you want, by the way, but for the most part, these should suffice.

Adding and Moving Pages

User Experience

Features are good and all, but without a decent user experience, even a powerful and useful app becomes an annoyance to deal with. The Icecream PDF Editor, however, has a pretty great design and it results in very simple and intuitive user experience.

Things are very streamlined here, and everything is either properly labelled, or has icons that are self-explanatory to the extent that you’ll never be left wondering what a particular tool does, or where to find a particular tool that you’re looking for.

On the left you get all the editing and annotation tools that you might need, along with a handy toolbar that pops up when you’re using a tool, allowing you to make adjustments to things like colors, fonts, and more. On the center, there’s the PDF viewer itself, and it also has tab functionality so you can open up multiple PDF files in the same instance of the app. That’s great too.

Pricing and Availability

The only issue that I personally have with the Icecream PDF Editor is that it’s not available for macOS. The software is only available on Windows 7,8, and 10, and that’s it. So yeah, if you’re a Mac user, you’ll have to look elsewhere for your PDF editing needs. For Windows users, however, Icecream PDF Editor is pretty much the best PDF editing software.

Pros and Cons

While the Icecream PDF Editor is an awesome PDF editing app for Windows, it does have some pros and cons.


Feature rich

User friendly interface

Completely free


Only available on Windows

No functionality to export PDFs to other formats

Icecream PDF Editor: An Awesome PDF Editor for Windows

Download Icecream PDF Editor for Windows (Free)

How To Delete Woocommerce Plugin Completely? – Webnots

WooCommerce is one of the popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress site. The popularity comes due to the fact that Automattic the company behind WordPress is the same developer for WooCommerce. In addition, many popular themes offer WooCommerce as a bundled plugin with integrated theme function. We are using WooCommerce on our site from 2023. Here is why we decided to delete and the complete process of deleting WooCommerce from your WordPress site.

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Why to Delete WooCommerce?

Though popular, WooCommerce has many problems in terms of usability.

It slows down the site with too many scripts and options. Learn more on how to fix slow WooCommerce store with admin Ajax problem.

The plugin adds many custom fields in wp_postmeta table. If you see the table grows bigger, then WooCommerce is the culprit to blame (assuming if you are not using any other plugins that add meta data).

Surprisingly it is not easy to migrate the store to another site or subdomain or subdirectory.

It adds 20 SQL tables in the database, occupying much of DB storage.

The latest WooCommerce version includes the “Analytics” section. This will add more pressure on the server in addition to already heavy plugin.

It creates lot of transient and log files which you need to cleanup regularly.

The bigger problem in our case is the migration. We use 2K+ blog posts with 50+ WooCommerce products. With this situation, WooCommerce slows the site almost 1 second and occupy 50% of database size. In addition, we have to allow user registration only to accommodate WooCommerce customer registration. This is inappropriate for us to keep the plugin on the main site that affects 95% of other content. Therefore, we decided to move the store section to subdirectory.

Again, we get struck as the migration process is so complex that makes you frustrated.

How to Delete WooCommerce Plugin Completely?

Being said all the above facts, WooCommerce will add tons of backend stuff to your WordPress installation. You have to get rid all those stuffs to completely remove the plugin.

Cleanup WooCommerce data before deleting the plugin

Delete customer details from “Users” section of admin panel

Deactivate and delete the plugin from admin panel

Remove custom fields from wp_postmeta table

Delete database tables using phpMyAdmin

Check and delete files from backend

Let us explain each step in detail.

Quick Way

Before we explain the detailed way, there is a quick solution to get rid of WooCommerce data completely. Edit your chúng tôi file through FTP or File Manager and add the following line:

define(‘WC_REMOVE_ALL_DATA’, true);

Make sure to use straight quotation marks and add the code just above the /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */ line in the file. After that, deactivate and delete the plugin from your admin panel. Later, you can again go back and remove the above code from wp-config file. This will completely delete all WooCommerce data from your WordPress installation.

If you want to manually delete the plugin then follow the below instructions.

1. Cleanup WooCommerce Data

When you decided to delete the plugin, first delete all relevant data from the admin panel.

Cleanup WooCommerce Store

2. Delete Customer Details

When a user purchase a product through WooCommerce store, WordPress will create a user account with “Customer” as a role. You have to delete all customer users on the site after deleting the plugin.

3. Delete WooCommerce Plugin

Deleting the plugin will only remove the plugin files from your site. However, there are many integrations created by the plugin needs manual effort.

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4. Remove Custom Fields

WooCommerce uses hundreds of custom fields for different actions. WordPress will store all these custom fields as meta keys in wp_postmeta table that you need to delete manually. Ensure to delete ONLY WooCommerce custom fields to avoid affecting other functions on your site. Unfortunately, we could not find any custom field list for WooCommerce. Here are the meta keys we found in postmeta table we found on our database.

free_shipping_order_shipping_tax_crosssell_ids_shipping_country_shipping_postcode_completed_date_shipping_first_name_order_total_backorders_shipping_last_name_date_completed_order_shipping_tax_shipping_companyusage_limit_per_userusage_limit_shipping_address_1usage_countproduct_ids_shipping_address_2product_categoriesPayer last name_shipping_cityminimum_amountmaximum_amount_shipping_statelimit_usage_to_x_items_product_attributes_order_shipping_refund_amount_purchase_note_sku_product_image_gallery_sold_individually_upsell_idsindividual_usecustomer_email_customer_ip_address_customer_user_agent_customer_user_tax_status_tax_class_order_tax_prices_include_tax_cart_discount_tax_wc_rating_count_wc_average_rating_billing_country_billing_first_name_billing_last_name_billing_company_billing_address_1_billing_address_2_billing_city_billing_state_billing_postcode_billing_email_billing_phone_billing_country_order_version_order_currency_order_key_sale_price_dates_from_sale_price_dates_to_min_variation_price_max_variation_price_min_price_variation_id_max_price_variation_id_min_variation_regular_price_max_variation_regular_price_min_regular_price_variation_id_max_regular_price_variation_id_min_variation_sale_price_min_sale_price_variation_id_max_sale_price_variation_id_max_variation_sale_price_regular_price_sale_price_sale_price_dates_from_sale_price_dates_to_pricecoupon_amount_created_via_recorded_coupon_usage_counts_downloadable_download_limit_download_expiry_downloadable_files_cart_discount_cart_discount_tax_paid_date_payment_method_payment_method_titlePayment type_stock_status_manage_stocktotal_sales_recorded_salesis_vat_exemptPayer PayPal addressPayPal Transaction Fee_paypal_status_transaction_id

Follow the below instructions to delete them from your database.

Login to your hosting account and open cPanel.

Search and open phpMyAdmin app.

It will open the database of your site with all table details.

Go to “xx_postmeta” table where xx is the table prefix you used during WordPress installation process.

We recommend you to take the backup beforehand and browse the table for finding the available custom fields on your site.

You can use SQL query to first find the number of occurrences of any field before deleting.

For example, use the below query in the textbox under “SQL” tab to find the meta keys that contains “ship”.

SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE `meta_key` LIKE ‘%ship%’

Check Meta Keys from Post Meta Table

Once you confirm the selection, edit the query like below to delete them from your database.

DELETE FROM wp_postmeta WHERE `meta_key` LIKE ‘%ship%’

You can directly use the delete query, if you know the correct meta key value (custom field value).

5. Delete Database Tables

Unfortunately, deleting the plugin will not delete the database tables in the backend. When you are in phpMyAdmin section of cPanel, select the WooCommerce tables and delete them manually. Below are the table we found in the database:


Delete Table from Database

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6. Delete Files

The last step we believe is to delete the residual files created by WooCommerce plugin.

Final Words

Many users delete the plugin from the admin panel and assumes that is enough. Unfortunately, it is not and you have to manually remove all the traces. Leaving the residual database and file content will continue to impact the size and loading speed of your site.

Pdf Candy Is An Awesome All

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, which is secure – but a bit tricky to edit file format available on the internet. You can use PDF for sending a CV to making a digital book – everything can be converted into a PDF. If you often work with PDF’s, you need to be introduced to PDF Candy. PDF Candy is a website, which comes with twenty-four different web apps to work with PDFs. In other words, you do not have to search for any other site for an alternative task. Let’s take a look at some of the more most useful tools on this website.

PDF Candy – Manage PDF files

The PDF Candy website offers over 24 free tools to help you process PDF files. Convert to or from PDFs. Split, Merge, Rotate, Compress, Watermark PDFs & more! Let us take a look at them.

PDF to Word: Sometimes we want to edit the PDF file. Although there are some tools that allow people to edit any PDF file, it is convenient to edit a .docx file. You can convert a PDF file to a Word document and start editing it.

Word to PDF: With this app, you can convert your Microsoft Word document to PDF and send them to anybody.

PDF to JPG: In case you need to convert all the pages of a PDF file into JPG image format, you can do so with this tool. You should use the PDF to PNG converter if your PDF file contains a lot of text. You can even select the image quality.

PDF to PNG: You can also convert PDF files to PNG format, and select the image quality as well.

JPG to PDF: If you have an image and you want to convert it to a PDF file, you can use this tool. The problem is you cannot make a multi-page PDF file.

Merge PDF: if you have two or more PDF files and you want to merge PDFs, using their Merge PDF tool.

Split PDF: It is the exact opposite of merging PDF. Let’s assume that you have a PDF file containing ten pages and you want to split it into two parts. You can use this tool and split the single large PDF into multiple small PDF files.

Compress PDF: PDF consumes more space than a Word document. Therefore, if you want to compress a PDF file to reduce the file size, you can use this tool.

Unlock PDF: If you have a locked PDF file and you want to unlock the PDF, you can use Unlock PDF option. It will let you enter the password after uploading the PDF file – and then download the unlocked version of your PDF file.

Protect PDF: If you have an unlocked PDF file and you want to password protect the PDF, you can use this tool. After uploading the file, you need to enter the password twice to confirm. Following that, you can download the password-protected file from the PDF Candy website.

Rotate PDF: This may not be useful to all, but if you wish to rotate your PDF you can do so using this tool. You need to select the pages and rotation degree. You can choose 90, 180, and 270 degrees.

Add Watermark: If you are distributing a PDF file on the internet and you want to use a watermark to protect, you can use either a text watermark or an image watermark. You can choose the location and custom text/image. One limitation is that you will not get an option to select the page where you want to paste your watermark.

Deleted pages: Let’s assume that you have a PDF file and you want to remove some pages from it. Enter the page numbers that you want to delete. E.g. 2 or 2-4. The first option will let you delete page number 2, whereas the second option will remove 2nd, 3rd, and 4th

EPUB to PDF: If you have an eBook with EPUB format and you want to convert EPUB to PDF, use this tool.

MOBI to PDF: This is another eBook file format, and it can be converted to PDF with the help of this option.

FB2 to PDF: If you have an XML-based eBook with the FB2 file format, use this tool to convert that to PDF.

PNG to PDF: Just like JPG to PDF, you can also convert PNG images to PDF format.

TIFF to PDF: If you have raster graphics with TIFF format, you may use this tool to convert them to PDF.

BMP to PDF: BMP may be old but still used by many. If you have a BMP image and want to convert that to PDF, this tool is for you.

ODT to PDF: ODT or Open Document Text file can be converted to PDF with the help of this tool.

Excel to PDF: If you need to convert Excel files to PDF, this is probably the best option for you.

PPT to PDF: Like Word and Excel files, you can convert PowerPoint files to PDF as well. In this case, you may not be able to retain any animation or moving object.

PDF to BMP: This option allows users to convert Bitmap images to PDF.

PDF to TIFF:  It lets you convert PDF files to TIFF format or Tag Image File Format.

Whichever tool you use, you would have to provide the source file from your computer. Once the file is processed, you can either download the file to your computer, or you can authorize Google Drive and Dropbox to send them directly to your cloud storage.

If you need any of these tools, you can visit the chúng tôi website.

Some free PDF editor software that may interest you:

PDF24 Creator is a free PDF Creator to create, convert, merge PDF files

iLovePDF is a fFree Online PDF Editing Tools

Edit PDF documents with free PDFHammer Online Editor

LightPDF is a comprehensive online PDF Editor tool for all your PDF needs.

How To Edit Pdf: The Ultimate Step

How to Edit a PDF: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for 2023

Today we are going to show you how to edit PDF files in any way imaginable, using simple follow-along tutorials with screenshots.

But, first, a little background story:

We all know that PDF editing is an annoying obstacle that you just have to deal with at some point. The main culprit for that is the PDF itself, as it isn’t a file format you can edit right out of the box. And whether it’s editing PDF text directly or editing PDF content after converting it to Word, it’s still a boring task because, most of the times, it’s a super slow process.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Since you’re reading this, chances are you’ve have strayed into a tough spot with a certain PDF document. Don’t worry, as that is a common place to be. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a complete guide that teaches you how to do just about anything with your PDF, either scanned or native. Even better, this is the only cross-platform tutorial online, as everything applies to Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

So, let’s jump in.

Tools We’ll Use in This Tutorial

Able2Extract Professional. One of the best all-round PDF solutions licensed by 250,000 users. You can download it for a 7-day free trial and follow along.

What Do You Want To Do?

We wanted to make this the simplest process ever. Therefore, we organized this guide into 7 sections.

Note that the first two steps are the same for every tutorial:

How to Add and Edit PDF Text (type on a PDF)

One of the most common reasons for editing PDF is changing the actual textual content. You can do so by following this quick guide below:

How to Merge PDFs (combine PDF files)

Merging PDF documents is extremely useful when compiling reports, bank statements, and other content. Here is how to quickly merge PDFs:

How to Split PDF into Multiple Files

If you have specific pages within your PDF that you would like to extract into a separate document, follow the tutorial below.

Choose “Split” in the Main toolbar.

How to Edit PDF Pages (Move, Rotate, Resize, Delete, Insert blank pages)

These 5 PDF page editing options have similar workflows. Let’s explore them together:

Set your preferences in the dialog window and confirm the action.

How to Add Image (Picture) To a PDF

Did you know that you can easily add any bitmap image into your PDF? To do that, just follow these steps:

How to Insert a Vector Shape into PDF

To add rectangles, ellipses, triangles, and other shapes into your PDF:

 From here, you can drag and drop your selected shape to reposition it and


it, so it perfectly fits your document.

Additionally, you can change shape’s color, add and customize vector outline, and rotate the shape.

How to Redact PDF Text

Able2Extract Professional lets you make permanent redactions to PDF text. Here’s how to edit PDF and hide sensitive information:

How to Customize PDF Content (font, color, outline, rotation, text block align)

To customize the visual look of your document:

If you have selected a text block, you can change the font, text size, line spacing, and text block alignment.

Check “Outline with Color” to add an outline to PDF content. Choose the outline color, line width, cap style, and join style, as well as miter limit and dash pattern.

How to Add Bates Numbering to PDF Pages

Adding Bates numbering to your PDF documents makes retrieving information out of them much easier. Here’s how to do it with Able2Extract:

From the dialog window, choose what your Bates stamp will contain (text, counter, date, page number), page range it will be applied to, font, and position.

How to Change PDF Document Properties (metadata)

Document Properties feature in Able2Extract lets you add and edit PDF metadata. Follow the steps below to change document information (title, author, subject, keywords) and viewer preferences.

In the Document properties dialog window, Document Information tab is active by default. Type in the text boxes to add/change the document title, author, subject, and keywords.

Switch to the Viewer Preferences tab to define how PDF readers should present your document.

How to Edit a Scanned PDF Document

Often times, we come across a scanned PDF that we need to modify in a certain way.

Scanned PDFs are basically images locked inside a PDF that simply cannot be edited using a regular PDF editing software.

The solution to this problem is to use a tool equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR is a technological process where the characters from a scanned PDF are recognized and translated into digital characters which can then be manipulated. Able2Extract supports 4 OCR languages and can accurately recognize and extract English, Spanish, French, and German characters.

You can also add new content such as text, images, and annotations to your scanned PDF files instantly using Able2Extract Professional.

For the purpose of editing, deleting or redacting existing text within scanned PDF files, you will first need to convert the PDF file to Word or other appropriate application, and make the necessary edits.

Download Able2Extract Professional for free and see how it handles your PDF editing needs.

How Shaheen Mazloom Helps Businesses Completely Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees

Credit card processing fees can be one of the biggest hidden costs that companies face, taking a sizable cut from sales and making it harder to stay in profit – but one company has managed to completely eliminate these fees for their clients and help them keep more of their money.

Versa Business Systems, based in Maryland, provides loans to businesses of all sizes to achieve their goals, no matter their industry. A team of highly experienced professionals, it offers a sweeping set of services that includes working capital loans, help with cash flow, unsecured business loans, receivables financing, lending for commercial real estate purchases, and more.

But the company’s ability to help businesses no longer have to pay or worry about credit card fees is what’s particularly catching the eyes of their rapidly-expanding client list. Their approach often has savings of 99% with its wavit program.

Increasing Profits For Other Companies

Owner Shaheen Mazloom says Versa Business Systems, launched in 2023, has already helped more than 150,000 clients benefit from no longer paying the fees, including Harrah’s Casino, Aria Casino, Dairy Queen, Wienerschnitzel, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Stars, Arizona Diamondbacks, Oakland Athletics, World Series Of Poker, Farmers Insurance and many more.

“We help small businesses get rid of these fees altogether,” says Mazloom. Versa Business Systems does so by signing companies up for its wavit cash discount program, which costs just $39 a month for unlimited free credit card processing. “Within just a couple transactions, the program membership pays for itself,” Mazloom adds.

One of the biggest challenges that startups, independent companies, family businesses, and others face is the amount of money that they have to hand over to credit card companies. Whenever a customer pays by swiping their card, the likes of Visa and MasterCard automatically take a percentage. The result can make lower-value transactions almost unprofitable, while higher-value sales can send large amounts to the card companies.

“As financial industry professionals, we understand the challenges small businesses and startups face in raising finances, including high credit card fees,” says Mazloom.

The Credit Card Processing Fee Epidemic

The fee problem is only getting worse in North America, as highlighted by a recent class-action lawsuit in Canada against Visa and MasterCard. The litigation and a pending multimillion-dollar settlement aim to resolve claims that the companies impose excessively high transaction fees with little to no way for businesses to escape them. Any retailer or other company that has had to pay the fees since March 23, 2001, might be eligible for a refund and the ability to pass the costs to customers in the future.

“Ending up in a courtroom should always be a last resort no matter the issue, and our wavit system is a simple and affordable way for small businesses to stop handing over their hard-earned profit to credit card companies,” says Mazloom.

Providing A Risk-Free Way To Increase Profits

Companies can sample the wavit program with the ability to switch back to traditional credit card processing if they prefer, with no early termination fees. Flexibility in testing out different solutions is an inevitable part of any small business’ journey, and Mazloom is confident that businesses that want to easily increase their profit margins will stick with Versa’s program once they realize how much of a no-brainer it is.

“Our mission statement is to help businesses maximize growth and increase cash flow by providing a wide range of capital solutions and eliminating their credit card processing fees. And our wavit program meets all of those goals,” says Mazloom.

This article is a paid partnership with Versa Business Systems.

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