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Oh, the places cams go! 24 hours in surveillance camera news, condensed

You might think the U.S. is nearing a saturation point with cameras, but you’d be wrong. We’ve got a long ways to go before we can safely consider ourselves to be stuffed to the gills with cameras like Sentinels breaching Zion.

But we’re making swift progress! Every day, another city installs traffic cameras designed to recognize license plates and human faces, detect violations, identify activities, and issue fines automatically. Every day, another courtroom lets the news media in with cameras and another police department dons body-mounted video cameras.

Such cameras don’t always work very well at all. Statistics as to their ability to actually decrease accidents and crime are few and far between.

But boy can they pull in the dough if wielded correctly!

Here is your camera news roundup for just the past 24 hours alone.

One microscopic town outside of Cincinnati, OH was facing financial difficulties and was on the verge of disbanding its local government, so the town of less than 3,000 people installed traffic cameras that could issue speeding tickets automatically. In just a single month, the cameras issued 6,600 citations for a tidy $2 million prize. Cha-chinnng! But then a judge said that was ridiculous so the cash cow got crushed and now the town doesn’t know how it’s going to survive.

Meanwhile, Baltimore has fired its second consecutive traffic camera contractor — with a $600,000 severance package — after paying him $2.2 million for 72 cameras. The cameras were supposed to be able to detect automobiles’ speed using radar and issue tickets accordingly. Except the radar didn’t work on many of the cameras and hundreds of citation numbers were wrong. The first contractor Baltimore used generated $50 million in revenues.

Washington, D.C. will be ready to rake in the mad traffic cam dough starting Dec. 30, 2013. May they hit jackpot. Delmarva, Maryland is all set to install more “crook-catching” cameras with facial recognition, except no one will be watching the monitors, if rumors are facts.

Surprisingly, not everyone likes the cameras. The Miami County Commissioner thinks the high-tech traffic cameras are a lazy way for a city to raise money while impoverishing your own citizenry. And a judge in Tampa Bay, Florida seems to think red-light cameras are unconstitutional. I for one think right turns on red are a sign of poor character and uncouth upbringing.

And finally, for good measure, we have news cameras finally being let in to the courtrooms of Kane County, Illinois, as well as chest-mounted cameras for police officers in Park City, Utah.

None of this is new as a trend. What’s surprising here is the rate at which proliferation is occurring. All of these stories were published within the last 24 hours. Now multiply that by Whoa and carry the Seriously?, and now you have an idea as to how fast this freight train is moving.

Where’s it headed? Comments are down there.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 Release Date, Price & Specs News

While the original version was slightly underwhelming, last year’s second generation was a significant step forward. It’s easy to recommend, although there’s still plenty of room for improvement. 

Hopefully, Microsoft will address some of these weaknesses in the third generation, which may arrive before 2023 is out. Here’s everything we know at this stage.

When will the Surface Laptop Go 3 be released?

We’re not even certain that there will be a Surface Laptop Go 3 at this stage, let alone when it’ll arrive. But it’d be a surprise to see Microsoft abandon its affordable laptop, and the release dates of the first two generations may provide some clues:

Surface Laptop Go – October 2023 

Surface Laptop Go 2 – June 2023

It doesn’t look like Microsoft is planning to update the device every 12 months, making a launch in the Spring 2023 slot unlikely. A more likely scenario is the main launch event of the year, which usually takes place in September or October.

However, it’s also possible that Microsoft delays the launch until 2024, especially if more substantial upgrades are introduced. Windows Central’s Zac Bowden, usually a reliable source of Surface news, said in a January 2023 video that recent layoffs at Microsoft could have an effect on the upcoming Surface release schedule.

How much will the Surface Laptop Go 3 cost?

Pricing often isn’t revealed until a new Surface device officially launches, but the previous generations should serve as a fairly accurate guide here: 

Surface Laptop Go 2 – from $599/£529, up to $799/£729 

Surface Laptop Go – from $549/£549, up to $899/£899 

Despite the upgrades on the Laptop Go 2, it was encouraging to see the price remain roughly the same. There may be a slight increase by the time its successor arrives, but Microsoft is unlikely to deviate too much – it’ll surely want all models to remain cheaper than the regular Surface Laptop. 

Surface Laptop Go 3 design & new feature rumours

Nothing concrete has been revealed regarding the Surface Laptop Go 3 at this stage, but we still have a fairly good idea of what to expect. Microsoft is unlikely to deviate from the formula which made the first two generations a hit, including a compact design and premium build.  

There may be some tweaks to the 12.4in display, but it’ll probably still be smaller than the average laptop. The same can be said for the 1.16kg weight, which makes it one of the lightest portable PCs you can buy. 

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

So, what upgrades can you expect? We’re almost certain to see new CPUs, and they’re likely to still be from Intel. The Laptop Go is typically one generation out of date, making 2023’s 12th-gen chips are most likely, unless the device is delayed until 2024. If the latter turns out to be true, look out for 13th-gen silicon instead. 

But could there also be the option for an Arm-based CPU? These were limited to the Surface Pro X for a while, but the inclusion of an Arm option on the Surface Pro 9 adds fuel to rumours from Windows Central that a Qualcomm chip will power some Surface Go 4 models.  

Microsoft will probably focus its expansion of Arm on more affordable devices, making the Laptop Go 3 a likely candidate. However, it’s worth noting that it’s pure speculation at this stage. 

Should the Laptop Go 3 shift to Arm, it may yield a noticeable boost in battery life. It could allow the device to deliver all-day battery life without increasing the 41Wh capacity. 

Hopefully, Microsoft will improve the 39W charging and stop using Surface Connect as the main charging method, but the latter seems unlikely. It’d also be nice to see improved thermals and backlit keys, which remain a high-profile omission. 

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

We’ll update this article once more is known about the Surface Laptop Go 3.

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Places To Visit In Switzerland

Attractions of Switzerland

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Top 6 Places to Visit in Switzerland

If you are planning to take a trip to Helvetia (Switzerland), then here is the list of places that you can explore on your next visit.

1. The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is one of those places to visit in Switzerland that should always be listed in the itinerary. This iconic mountain peak is among the highest in the Alps, situated on top of Zermatt. Zermatt is a gorgeous village known for its ski resort. There can take pleasure in some world-renowned hotels and restaurants. Every summer is graced by several enthusiastic climbers.

2. Interlaken

3. Jungfraujoch

It’s time to go to the top, and we mean literally! Jungfraujoch is known as the top of Europe and is counted as one of the most scenic places to visit in Switzerland. There you can see a scientific observatory and terrace to explore what all the sky has to offer. Jungfraujoch is the starting point of the Great Aletsch Glacier. It is the largest one in Europe. Apart from that, this place also offers access to the Gorge glacier, a high-altitude trail with woodlands, flowers, and alpines. A hike lover should check out this place.

4. Lake Geneva

Geneva is the largest Alpine Lake in Europe and is a must-visit for everyone. If you are visiting this luxurious Swiss country, then not going to Geneva would be a missed opportunity. You’ll also see Geneva city between the lake and snow-capped peaks. There is a fountain named Jet d’Eau that flows 150 m of water into thin air. People from various countries visit the place and make memories for a lifetime. If you are into international stage acts, then the city offers the Opera House and Grand Theatre.

5. Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in the beautiful Swiss country. It is usually the starting point for all travelers. Begin your tour from the cobbled streets and explore all the galleries, shops, and cafés present there. If you want to check out some stunning places to visit in Switzerland, here is the place to go. Visitors get exposure to over 100 art galleries and 50 museums, but the best one is Kunsthaus Zürich. You can also check out the famous Zurich Zoo and Swiss National Museum, and how can we forget those countryside views?

6. Montreux

Montreux is the home to Chillon Castle (Chateau de Chillon). This place has been home to writers and artists for a long time. People like Victor Hugo, Lord Byron, and Jean Jacques Rousseau have talked about architectural beauty. You can also check out many things like 14th-century paintings, Great Halls, and Camera Domini – a place covered by medieval murals.

Apart from these amazing places to visit in Switzerland, don’t forget to check out the things that the country is famous for. Try out chocolates, Swiss cheese, army knives, and those magical train rides! We are sure that you will capture many pictures for your Instagram. Those aesthetic photos have to be shared with friends and family, right?

The Weekender: March 24 To 27

The Weekender: March 24 to 27

Photo by Wikimedia/Kenneth C. Zirkel

Eat, shop, go

The Weekender

Spring has sprung, and we’re fast approaching the final month of classes. Don’t let self-care get lost in the upcoming weeks—in fact, get into the habit of taking weekly time for yourself. This weekend, check out a new Asian fusion restaurant, a Japanese skin-care haven, a pop-up market celebrating women entrepreneurs, and more. 

Wusong Road opened in February, proudly debuting a mix of American Chinese food with Tiki culture. This fusion concept was brought to life by chef-owner Jason Doo, the son of local Chinese restaurant owners. In Wusong’s website, Doo says his Harvard Square spot “is a celebration [of] the American Chinese restaurant experience that is so ingrained in our history and culture.”

Guests can choose between visiting the first floor “Night Market,” meant to be quick service, much like any local café. The second floor is a full-service experience that transitions to a 21-plus bar after 7 pm. Think whole roast duck, dumplings, squid salad, and more, paired with an aesthetic so picturesque that even the most Instagram-opposed person may need to shoot and post.

The first floor of Wusong Road, 112 Mt. Auburn St., Cambridge, is open daily from 5 to 10 pm, with the full-service restaurant and bar open until 11 pm Sunday to Thursday and until midnight Friday and Saturday. Check out the menu here. 

A small piece of Tokyo lives in Allston with Shibuyala, where self-care is the name of the game. Skin-care products and makeup, some difficult to find outside of Japan, line the store’s bright pink walls. For veterans of the beauty game, some of the brands you’ll find include Kao, Clayge, K-Palette, and more. If you don’t know where to start, the on-site staff will help you pick products for your skin type. If you’re not into beauty indulgence, there are also novelty items, snacks, pet supplies, and more. 

Shibuyala, 130 Brighton Ave., Allston, is open Sunday to Thursday from 1 to 8 pm, Friday from 1 to 9 pm, and Saturday from noon to 9 pm.

The Museum of Fine Arts Boston is proving just how special a single photo can be with its latest exhibition, Real Photo Postcards: Pictures from a Changing Nation. More than 300 works that were captured on postcard cameras in the 1900s provide small glimpses about America in the 20th century. The eclectic mix of photos—portraits, landscapes, action shots, and more—range from tragic to emotional to humorous.

Real Photo Postcards: Pictures from a Changing Nation is at the Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave., Boston, through July 25, 2023. The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 am to 5 pm. The MFA is free for BU students, faculty, and staff with a valid BU ID. Otherwise, general admission is $25 for adults, $10 for youth ages 7 to 17, and free for children 6 and under. The exhibition is free with admission.

We’re still in the midst of Women’s History Month, so let the celebration continue with a pop-up market March 25, 26, and 27 at the CambridgeSide mall. At least 25 local female-identifying business owners will be highlighted each day. Some of those vendors: Afrocentric Bag Lady (handbags, head wraps, scarfs), Charmed by Relle (charm bracelets, jewelry sets), Dip N Drip (handcrafted gift baskets, sweets), and more.  

The Women’s History Month Pop-Up Market is on CambridgeSide level two, 100 CambridgeSide Place, Cambridge. The market will be held Friday, March 25, through Sunday, March 27, during regular mall hours; find them here.

Every spring semester, BU’s sociology department hosts the Albert Morris Lecture in Sociology. This time, the series is hosting Ruha Benjamin, a Princeton University professor of African American studies, founding director of the Ida B. Wells Just Data Lab, and an award-winning author, among other achievements. Benjamin will dive into the inequities embedded within technology that we interpret as neutral. 

By the end of the lecture, expect your preconceived notions to be challenged, while also learning the tools of how we can pivot and use technology to benefit the greater good. 

The Albert Morris Lecture in Sociology is Friday, March 25, from 5:30 to 7 pm, at the Alan and Sherry Leventhal Center Auditorium, 233 Bay State Rd., Boston. Tickets are free and can be reserved here. 

Tourist Places In Kurnool (Updated 2023)

District Kurnool

Are you a travel enthusiast? Are you in search of your next travel destination? Kurnool can be your next travel destination. Kurnool, a 2000-year-old ancient city in Andhra Pradesh, holds a reputation for captivating scenic beauty, temples, majestic hills, and stunning waterfalls. The city of Kurnool is one of India’s most talked about tourist destinations, offering amazing tourist spots and scintillating scenic beauty. This is the best place to enjoy and relax with your loved ones in the lap of nature.

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Tourist Places in Kurnool

If you are planning a short trip to Kurnool, it won’t be possible for you to cover all the tourist spots. Therefore we have highlighted seven famous spots in Kurnool that one should never miss.

#1 Nallamala Forest

The Nallamala Forest in Kurnool is home to both tigers and panthers. You can book your accommodation in the lavish Nallamala Hill Resort near the forest and explore the area by walking with your partner. The Nallamala Forest holds the distinction of being the largest expanse of untouched forest in South India.

#2 Rollapadu Bird Sanctuary #3 Belum Caves

The Belum Caves in Kurnool is one of the famous cave systems in India. Visitors crowd the area throughout the year. The caverns feature amazing compositions, including stalactite and stalagmite structures, produced over centuries with limestones. The Belum caves have multiple passageways with complicated structures.

#4 Konda Reddy Fort

Konda Reddy Fort, is a wonderful tourist spot to visit in Kurnool known for its architectural beauty and historical significance. The Vijaynagar Empire built the fort 2km away from Kurnool Railway Station. It had a hidden tunnel passing from beneath the Tungabhadra River. Visitors can have an amazing view of the area through the watchtower in the fort.

#5 Ahobilam Temple

Another famous temple to visit in Kurnool is the Ahobilam temple. Dedicated to Lord Narasimha, this temple exhibits unique architectural work. The temple is best known for its tranquility, which gives you peace. You can spend some hours over here enjoying the place’s serenity and beauty. Visitors throughout India come to this temple throughout the year.

#6 Mantralayam #7 Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve

This is the largest tiger reserve in India. The authorities have spread the reserve over five districts – Kurnool district, Guntur district, Nalgonda district, Prakasam district, and Mahabub Nagar district. If you are in Kurnool, you can visit this tiger reserve. You can reach the reserve by traveling through the Nallamala forest. You will get Bengal Tiger, leopard, sloth bear, blackbuck, Indian cobra, rat snake, tortoise, and many more in reserve. Children are going to love this place for sure.


Tourist Places in Kurnool are among the most popular places that one must visit. Apart from checking in to these places, don’t forget to taste their food. Kurnool is best known for having delicious delicacies. Make sure you book your accommodations before coming to Kurnool. There are plenty of options for hotels to spend the most relaxing days in Kurnool with your family.

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Configuring Places, Bookmarks, And Locations In Kde


All KDE location bars support traditional Unix paths, including “~” for the home folder. By using the “.”, it is also an easy way to access hidden folders. If you type in the full path of a file, KDE will open the file with the appropriate helper application.

KDE’s kio-slave protocols are also accepted in the location bar. For example, if you type, “remote:/” you will see the available networks and network folders you have created. If you type “programs:/”, you will see the categories for all applications in your menu.


In addition to Dolphin, KDE file dialogs also use the same Places, making it easy to access the files you want to open or save. The Kickoff and Lancelot menus also display the same places, and the shelf widget can be configured to show them as well.

Like the rest of KDE, Places support shortcuts to kio-slaves. Therefore, you can have quick access to network folders, the trash, Nepomuk searches, and much more.


Just as Locations and Places can make use of kio-slaves, Bookmarks can use them too. This means you can quickly save to remote network locations, something particularly useful for using applications like Kate to edit remote scripts and websites.

Other Tools

With the breadcrumbs feature enabled in Dolphin, you can drag and drop files into any one of the breadcrumb spots to easily copy or move files. If you drag and drop into a text editor, it will display the full path to the location in text form.

With any location, you can access it with Krunner by pressing Alt+F2 and then typing in the location. This includes remote network locations and even website URLs.

KDE supports dragging and dropping of files, folders, and even remote locations across its own applications and even works with some non-KDE applications. With full control over how you access your files and folders, you should be able to use KDE exactly the way you want.

Tavis J. Hampton

Tavis J. Hampton is a freelance writer from Indianapolis. He is an avid user of free and open source software and strongly believes that software and knowledge should be free and accessible to all people. He enjoys reading, writing, teaching, spending time with his family, and playing with gadgets.

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