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Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. One of the biggest reasons for its popularity is the fact that it offers users to play with their friends. Now as per the complaints from a lot, Minecraft Multiplayer is not working on their PC. When connecting to the online server, they see the following error message.

Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your Microsoft account settings.


You cannot play online multiplayer because of how your Microsoft account is set up.

In this post, we will talk about methods to resolve this issue with ease.

Why is Minecraft Multiplayer disabled?

If the Multiplayer option in Minecraft is disabled, then maybe your Xbox or Microsoft Profile is misconfigured. You first need to make sure that your age is set over 18, if not, you won’t be able to play multiplayer and in the Xbox Settings, it is mandatory to allow the “You can join multiplayer games” option. There are some other reasons such as slow Internet or Minecraft Server being down, we recommend you follow the solutions mentioned below to remedy all causes.

Fix Minecraft Multiplayer not working on PC

If Minecraft Multiplayer is not working on your Windows PC, follow the prescribed solutions.

Check your Internet Connection

Check Minecraft Server Status

Make sure that your age is set to 18+

Change your Xbox Profile Settings

Launch Minecraft without Mods

Allow Minecraft through Firewall

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Check your Internet Connection

Since you are unable to go online, first and foremost, check your Internet connection. You need to make sure that your bandwidth is not low. To check the Internet speed, use any of the mentioned Internet Speed testers. In case, the bandwidth is low, turn off your router, unplug it, wait for a minute, plug it back in, turn it back on, and check if the issue is resolved. In case, the bandwidth is still low, contact the ISP and ask them to resolve the issue.

2] Check Minecraft Server Status

Next up, check the status of the server you want to connect to and see if it is down. You can use one of the down detectors to check the server status. In case, it is down, the only thing you can do is wait for the issue to be resolved. Hopefully, it will be resolved in little to no time.

3] Make sure that your age is set to 18+

4] Change your Xbox Profile Settings

If the age was not an issue, let us check the Xbox Profile settings and see if it is misconfigured. In case, the Xbox Profile is misconfigured, we will change it and resolve the issue. Follow the prescribed steps to do the same.

Then, set every single option to Everyone and Allow all the Settings that are blocked.

Now, try connecting to the Minecraft Multiplayer server and see if the issue is resolved. Hopefully, this will do the trick for you.

5] Launch Minecraft without Mods

The mods that you use can stop you from accessing Minecraft Multiplayer, either they are corrupted or have some kind of issue. Also, you can only use mods that are installed by the server admin, if you have any extra mods, the ones that the server doesn’t have, you will be kicked out.

Remember, even if you have not installed any mods manually, there are some mods in the vanilla version of Minecraft that are called Client-side Mods, they don’t usually interfere with the server. Since we are not sure which mode is the culprit, in this case, let us roll back to vanilla Minecraft and then connect to the server. Follow the prescribed steps to do the same.

Launch Minecraft Launcher.

Go to the Version Selector and select Latest Release.

Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

6] Allow Minecraft through Firewall

It has been noted that the Windows Security program stops a game from connecting to its server. Now, there are two things you can do, either disable the Firewall completely or allow Minecraft through it, since, the former will make your computer vulnerable, our best option is to do the latter. Follow the prescribed steps to allow Minecraft through Windows Firewall.

Search for “Windows Security ” from the Start Menu and then launch the application.

Look for Minecraft and add it through Public and Private networks.

Once Minecraft is added, you can allow it through both networks.

Once you have allowed Minecraft through Firewall, open the game and connect to the server. In case, you have a third-party antivirus, allow the game through it as well.

Hopefully, you will be able to resolve the issue using the solutions mentioned in this post.

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How to fix the Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your Microsoft account settings?

If you see “Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your Microsoft account settings.”, follow the solutions mentioned in this post to resolve the issue. You should start with the first solution and then move your way down. Hopefully, you will be able to resolve this error in no time.

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Twitch Notifications Not Working On Android, Iphone, Or Pc

In this article, we will cover six ways to help you if Twitch notifications are not working on Android, iPhone, or PC. Twitch is a superb streaming platform, primarily for gamers who want to watch others play games or play themselves and broadcast it to viewers. This application is incredibly good due to the numerous features it offers its users. One of the features that Twitch users enjoy about the app is its prompt notification any time a streamer is live on the platform, which helps prevent them from missing out on streams.

However, we’ve seen users complain about the Twitch notifications not working on their devices and missing out on many streams due to the issue. Besides, this issue also affects streamers since followers don’t receive notifications when they are live on Twitch, leading to a drop in their views. Thankfully, fixing the Twitch notification issues only requires some simple tweaks on the app, device, or browser you are using the streaming service.

Reason for Twitch notifications not working on Android, iPhone, or PC

The common reason for Twitch notifications not to work on your device is when the notifications setting isn’t enabled on your device or on Twitch itself. Also, if you are using Twitch on a PC through your browser and its notification isn’t working, it could be due to a cache problem, wrong settings, or some extension issue on your browser.

Here are the highlights of the things that causes the Twitch notification issue:

Disabled notification settings on Twitch or device.

Browser issue.

Software glitch.

Fix Twitch notifications not working on Android, iPhone, or PC

If Twitch notifications are not being displayed or are not working on any of your devices, here are a few working tips to fix the issue:

Enable notification on Twitch

Disable Smart Notifications on Twitch

Enable Twitch notification on your device and browser

Uninstall and reinstall the Twitch app

Clear browser cache

Reset your browser

1] Enable notification on Twitch

The very first thing you should do if you are not receiving Twitch notification on any of your devices is to make sure notification is enabled on the app. Although the notification is always automatically enabled on registering on the platform, you could have tampered with the settings unknowingly. Without the notifications setting enabled on Twitch, you won’t be able to receive any notifications on the app. Here is how to turn on Twitch notifications on any of your devices:


Go to your browser and open your Twitch account.

On the resulting menu, select Settings.

Switch to the Notifications category on the Settings page.

Select On Mobile and toggle on the switch at the front of the All push notification option to enable Twitch push notification.

To access the Twitch notifications settings on Android or iPhone

Select Account Settings and then tap on Notifications.

You’ll see the notifications settings, and you can adjust them as discussed above.

This approach will undoubtedly help if the notification issue is due to Twitch settings. However, if it doesn’t, try the next fix.

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2] Disable Smart Notifications on Twitch

Twitch Smart notification is a setting that regulates how your Twitch notifications are sent to you. When this setting is enabled, your notifications are only sent to where you are, which may be why you are not receiving push notifications on your phone. It’s then recommended to disable Twitch smart notification, and here is how to do it:

Select Account Settings and hit Notifications.

Toggle off the switch in front of Enable smart notifications.

3] Enable Twitch notification on your device and browser

If Twitch notification isn’t enabled on your phone or browser, you won’t be getting any notifications from Twitch, and you can thereby miss out on updates from your favorite streamers. Here is how to enable Twitch notifications on your device and browser:

Windows PC

To enable notifications on Windows PC, read the following posts:

Navigate to Site Settings and tap it.

Also, ensure that chúng tôi is not among Sites can ask to send notifications list.

You may need to also check the Windows Notifications settings.


Go to Settings on your phone.

Select Twitch on the app list and tap on Notification.

Toggle on Allow notifications.


Select the Twitch app and toggle on Allow Notifications.

4] Uninstall and reinstall the Twitch app

On your phone, if the Twitch notification isn’t still coming true after trying the solutions above, you should uninstall and reinstall the app. Hopefully, this will help out.

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5] Clear browser cache 6] Reset your browser

You can reset your Edge browser to default if the issue persists on your Windows computer. This solution will be ideal if you’ve been receiving notifications on your browser, but it suddenly stops. It has helped some users out and can help you out too. Read the following posts to reset your third-party browsers:

How can I enable Twitch push notifications?

If you are not receiving Twitch notifications on your phone, you should enable push notifications on the app. Here is how to do it:

Select Account Settings and tap on Notifications.

Select On Mobile on the resulting page and toggle on the Send me push notifications option.

Can you use Twitch for free and without a login?

Streaming on Twitch is absolutely free, and registration on the platform is subjective too. This means you don’t have to pay at all to watch broadcasts and videos on Twitch. However, for you to enjoy more features like following streamers, chatting, and more, you need to have a login.

Why is Twitch Notifications not working on Android, iPhone, or PC?

If Twitch notifications is not working on your devices, it is most probably because you’ve disabled notification on the app or on your device itself. So try to check your notifications settings to resolve the issue.

Forza Horizon Is Not Working Properly On Windows Pc

Forza Horizon for the Windows 11/10 PC and Xbox One is one of the best racing video games out there. For some, this game is second to none, and one can understand because it’s a lot of fun to play, even more so than the regular Forza Motorsports series.

What we have here is a game that came out back in late 2024, but for some odd reasons, several problems have been popping up in 2023. The latest issue has much to do with the game just crashing out of nowhere while in the middle of a game.

Forza Horizon is not working properly

At times, Forza Horizon 3 will crash right after launch, so as expected, players are annoyed and are wondering if there any possible way to set things right again. Now, we’re not sure what could be the cause of the constant crashing, but we’ve come up with a few tricks that are known to fix similar problems with other video games from the Microsoft Store.

If Forza Horizon 3 game is not starting, launching, loading or working properly on Windows 10 PC, or if you receive an Unsupported GPU, Invalid Profile or Errors FH101/FH203/FH204/FH301/FH401/FH501/FH601, then these fixes will help you.

1] Delete Forza Horizon Temporary files

For this particular problem, we’re not going to delete all files. Instead, we’re going to focus on Temporary files, Temporary Internet Files, Delivery Optimization Files, and DirectX Shader Cache.

2] Disable your computer’s microphone

Launch you’re the Settings app by pressing the Windows Key + I, then from there, select the Privacy option from the main menu. This option has a lock icon, so it’s easy to spot if you know what a padlock looks like.

If it’s on, just hit the toggle and set it off, easy peasy. Finally, restart your Windows 10 computer and attempt to play the game again.

3] Forza Horizon errors

If you are lucky, FH3 will display specific error codes and messages which will make addressing the issue easier. Here is a list of the error that can appear on Forza Horizon:

Error FH101: Your system’s CPU doesn’t meet the requirements to run the game – Check if your system meets the minimum hardware specs required to play the game

Error FH203/FH204: An unsupported GPU has been detected – Update the Graphics Driver

Error FH301: An incompatible graphics driver is detected, and there may be known issues with your current GPU manufacturer’s driver version – Update the Graphics Driver

Error FH401: Your system memory does not meet the minimum requirements to run FH3 – Run DirectX Diagnostic Tool to diagnose memory issues. Ensure that you have sufficient RAM.

Error FH501: Your system’s video card doesn’t support DirectX 12 – Ensure that your video card supports DirectX 12. Running the DirectX Diagnostic Tool will help.

Error FH601: Some Windows Media components are missing, and your version of Windows 10 is missing the necessary media .dlls to install FH3 – Install Media Feature Pack for Windows 10.

4] Still not working? Well, let’s Reset Forza Horizon

When something continuously fails to work, then usually a simple reset is all it needs to return to how things were before. This might very well be the serum that is required to fix your issues with Forza Horizon 3 especially if you see an Invalid Profile error.

Restart your Windows 10 computer and check if the game is working as it should.

All the best!

Left Speaker Not Working On Pc? 10 Ways To Fix It

It does not sound good, literally, if the left speaker of your PC does not work.

You may not be receiving output from the left speaker unit for a few reasons. There can be inappropriate sound settings, faulty audio drivers, or simply fault in the hardware. However, before that, look for a volume change button or scroll bar on your left speaker and see whether it is at its lower level. If it is, try raising the volume.

But you probably already did that. So, we are here to help you fix the issue on your PC’s left speaker. 

Are you sure that your speaker is not damaged? Use the speaker on another computer and see if the issue persists there. You can also try connecting another speaker to your PC to identify the problem.

If it works there and you are sure it is not the speaker, let’s look at the fixes right away.

Sometimes the left speaker can fail to emit sound due to loose connections. For instance, if you insert the audio jack to only half its length, you may not hear sound from one of the speakers. So, you should inspect the speaker cables and the ports to check their integrity.

Run an audio clip on your PC and do the following to see what solves the issue.

Disconnect the audio plug or USB plug from your system and reconnect it.

Try using different ports to find any issues with them while connecting the speaker. If you had used the front port, then insert the cable to the one at the back and vice versa.

If your speaker also uses a removable jack on its unit, then see if the left speaker cable is properly connected.

Wiggle the cable and connector at both ends, PC and left speaker, to observe if the audio restores in the left one.

Exchange the audio cables used in the right and left unit and see if the left speaker works with the exchanged cable.

If you have connected your speakers through Bluetooth, check whether the left and right speakers are paired. Sometimes, another device may be using the left speaker.

Rectify the problem accordingly after finding the issue. For example, if the speaker worked while wiggling the cable, then the cable is probably damaged, and you will have to replace or repair it.

Windows has a feature to balance the volume level for an individual speaker. So, you should check if the left one is muted or is at a very low volume.

Let’s see how you can do it.

Play a sound to see if the left speaker is working again.

The audio devices are operated by the Audio system service on your PC. If it is malfunctioning for any reason, you may find the left speaker not working. So, you will have to restart the audio service.

Reboot your PC and see whether the speaker works properly now.

Sometimes, the audio device may not be able to communicate with its driver software properly. You should disable and restart the audio device to solve the problem.

Let’s see how you can do it.

See if the left speaker has started to work again.

If disabling the device does not work out, there may be issues with the device drivers. So, you will have to update or re-install them on your PC.

Let’s look at the way to update the audio drivers.

Reboot your system and see if it solves the issue. 

You will have to uninstall the drivers if updating it does not do the job. But simply uninstalling them does not remove the cache and configurations. You can use Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) to perform a complete uninstall.

You should hear the audio from the left speaker now.

Your PC may be using various enhancement configurations to improve the sound quality. Mostly, this really improves the audio experience. But sometimes, these enhancement settings may interfere with the speakers. So, you can try disabling it.

Similarly, some apps may be using your speaker and modifying its settings. So, we recommend you do not allow other applications to take control of the device.

Notice if sound emits from the left speaker now.

You can run Windows built-in troubleshooter to identify the bugs and resolve them. Let’s see the way to run the Audio troubleshooter.

If it finds any error, then the troubleshooter will automatically resolve it.

Some laptops and PC manufacturers provide a separate program to check the health of the hardware, like the ePSA test in Dell. So, you should look at the device manual and website to see if your laptop or speaker has such an option.

If yes, then run the hardware troubleshooter to fix the issue.

It may just be that the drivers or system services to control the audio device are corrupted. Or, some virus may be causing the device to malfunction.

You can perform an in-place upgrade to resolve the issue. Let’s go through the process together.

See if the speaker works now.

Speakers and your PC coordinate to provide the best sound experience. To do this, there are several audio modes, especially Mono and Stereo. Mono mode combines the sound from both into one, while Stereo mode sends audio from each speaker separately.

Sometimes, the mono mode may fail to combine the channels, or the Stereo mode may not receive sound from both ends. Few users have reported that changing the audio mode fixed the issue. So, you can try to do that.

See if both speakers work in either mode.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Not Working: 12 Fixes And 6 Checks To Do

Halo Infinite multiplayer has been the talk of the town since Microsoft launched it last week on their 20th anniversary. The multiplayer is still in its early beta stages and a few users seem to be unable to access it at all.

This can be quite disheartening especially if you waited overnight to install the game on your PC. Thankfully this is a recognized issue that might be easily fixed on your system depending on your setup. We recommend you perform the following checks mentioned below and if your system manages to pass them all then you can use the fixes below to troubleshoot Halo Infinite multiplayer on your system. Let’s get started. 

Why is Halo Infinite multiplayer not working for me?

Multiplayer is still in its early beta stages and there are numerous reasons it could bug out on your system. The most common one seems to be network issues, followed by DNS issues and finally misconfigured updates and missing files depending on where you installed the game from.

Use the checks below to verify your setup and then use the appropriate fix from the next section to fix your issue. 

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1. Perform these 6 checks first!

We recommend you perform the following checks beforehand to ensure that the issue is localized to your system. If not, then you will have to wait for the appropriate fix or troubleshoot your network instead. Let’s start by checking the server status for Halo Infinite. 

1.1 Check server status

We recommend you start by checking the server status for Halo Infinite. The servers could be facing downtime or could have been taken offline for maintenance. We recommend you visit the Twitter handle for Halo for any updates on server downtime. Use this link or this link to get you started. 

You can also check third-party tools like downdetector at this link to identify user-reported issues with Halo Infinite servers in your region. If the servers are working as intended then it’s time to check your network connection. 

1.2 Check your network connection

Try connecting to a normal website on your PC. If you can visit it then visit a few more sites to ensure that everything is working properly and certain protocols aren’t blocked on your PC. If a few sites seem to be blocked then you are likely facing an issue with your ISP or firewall. If however, your network connection is working as intended then we recommend you try using the same connection on another device be it mobile or desktop.

If the network is working as intended on the other device as well then it is likely an issue with your PC and its network configuration. However, if end up facing issues accessing certain websites on the new device as well then we recommend you try troubleshooting your router as it could be blocking access to certain servers due to a recent update. However, if your router configuration seems fine then your ISP could be to blame.

In such cases, you will need to get in touch with your ISP to sort out this issue. Depending on your region, you might be forced to switch your ISP to a more transparent one or opt for a full-time VPN instead.

1.3 Check your game files and installation

It’s now time to check your game itself as well as its installation. If you’re on Steam then we recommend you ensure that nothing has changed or has been modified with your Steam Library folder.

If you’ve changed hard drives recently or have changed the location of your game installation, then it could be the cause of your issue. If this is the case, then we recommend you check for missing files and change paths to any shortcuts and dependencies if needed. Additionally, if you installed your game from Steam, we recommend you use the fix below to verify the integrity of files currently installed on your PC. 

If you haven’t updated Halo Infinite in a while then this could be the cause of your issue. 343i recently released an update that adds a lot of fixes for existing bugs and introduces various background changes vital to the game.

We recommend you check for updates at the earliest and install any, if available for your PC. If no updates are available then you can carry on with this guide to fix your issue. 

1.5 Check for blocked firewall rules

Windows Firewall is known to occasionally block unknown and unidentified connections and Halo Infinite could very well have been misidentified in this list. We recommend you follow the guide below to check for any Firewall rules that might be blocking access to Halo Infinite servers. 

Now repeat the steps above for all other rules in the Inbound and Outbound rules list. 

You can now restart your PC for good measure and try launching Halo Infinite again. You should now be able to access the multiplayer without any issue. 

1.6 Check if your system meets the minimum system requirements

This wouldn’t be needed but we recommend you verify the minimum system requirements for the game and ensure that your PC meets them. In case your hardware does not or is at the brink of minimum requirements then you might have to upgrade your PC to play the game.

While minimum requirements mean that you can run the game, it usually covers solo gameplay in the Campaign mode taking into account pre-rendered frames and cutscenes. Modes like multiplayer put additional load on your resources as the PC has to process network data as well while rendering code in real-time to reflect inputs from other players. This could be the reason you are facing crashes in multiplayer or are unable to start it all together. 

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2. Try these 9 Fixes

If by this point everything seems fine then you can try with the following fixes below to get multiplayer up and running again on your system. 

2.1 The Restart Trinity

Let’s restart everything to refresh network connections and solve any network issues and temporary bugs on your entire setup. Restart the following things in the following order, and after every restart launch Halo Infinite to check if everything is back up and running again. In most cases, everything should end up working after either restarting your router or game.

If not, a restart of your PC or console should help fix everything. This, however, is a tried and tested fix for users that had Halo Infinite users that had the multiplayer working on their system a few minutes or hours ago. If this is the first time you have launched the game and are facing this issue, then you can use the other fixes mentioned below if restarting everything does not work for you.

Restart game

Restart router

Restart PC or console

2.1.1 If you are facing network issues: Try using a different connection

This is a great way to identify the culprit currently causing issues with your network connection in Halo Infinite. We recommend you connect to a different network and try running Halo Infinite multiplayer mode. If everything works as intended, then your PC and DNS settings are likely fine and you need to troubleshoot your router or network.

If however you still face issues accessing multiplayer while both networks are working as intended, then it is likely an issue with your PC and its network settings. Follow the appropriate section below depending on your issue. 

2.1.2 If it is your PC

If you suspect your PC’s settings to be the culprit then we recommend you reset your Network Settings using the guide below. This will reset your DNS, network adapter, DHCP settings, and more which should get everything back up and running again on your system. Follow the guide below to get you started. 

Note: Resetting your Network Settings will cause you to lose all your Wi-Fi passwords. This however won’t affect your web passwords stored in your browser. We recommend you backup your Wi-Fi password in case you don’t remember it before proceeding with the guide below. 

Select ‘Reset now’. 

And that’s it! Your network settings will now be reset on your PC. Connect to the desired network again and try launching Halo Infinite multiplayer now. If misconfigured settings were the cause of your issue then you should now be able to access Halo Infinite multiplayer as intended.  

2.1.3 If it is your network connection

If your network seems to be the issue then there’s a couple of things that you can try. Firstly we simply recommend you wait a while in case your network is down. This could be due to maintenance at your ISP’s end which should be solved in a maximum of a few hours.

You can also try resetting your router in case you are sure that the issue is not from your ISP. In such cases, you will need to enter your login credentials again in case your ISP uses one. Additionally, we recommend you try a wired connection to your PC. Your wireless network could be facing bandwidth issues and this should help solve them.

If however, your network still fails to work then we recommend you get in touch with your ISP for further diagnosis. The issue could stem from a misconfigured backend issue for your particular connection. 

2.2 Try using a VPN (PC only)

If at this point multiplayer is still facing issues on your system then we recommend you try changing your region using a VPN. You can set one up in your network connection settings or simply download a desktop application and run it to change your region. In case you can access multiplayer on your system after using a VPN then it is likely that the servers in your region are facing an issue.

You can continue using a VPN until the issue with your region’s servers has been resolved which shouldn’t take more than 24 hours. However, if you’re still forced to use a VPN then it is likely that your ISP or IP address has been flagged by a security system in Halo. In such cases, we recommend you give the ‘Last Resorts’ section a shot.

If you still end up facing issues after a restart and reset, then we recommend you get in touch with your ISP and Halo Support to solve this issue.  

2.3 Patience is the key

The Halo multiplayer is still in its early beta stages, which means that not everything is perfect. Even though server issues haven’t been reported on the official Twitter channel, it could very well be that maintenance is going on in the background.

If by this point all seems to be working correctly on your system and with your network, then we recommend you simply wait a few hours before trying multiplayer on your system again. If after 12 hours you are still unable to access multiplayer within the game then we recommend you start applying the drastic fixes mentioned below.

2.4 Log out and log back in

We now recommend you log out of the service you are using to run Halo Infinite, restart your system, and then re-login to the app. This should help refresh your login credentials and renew security tokens in the background which should solve any connection errors with Halo Infinite servers.

If the servers were unable to identify the identity of your Xbox account then it is likely the cause of your issue. For PC users we additionally recommend that you remove any windows live credentials that you may have stored on your PC. Follow the guides below to get you started.

2.5 Remove Windows Live credentials

And that’s it! We now recommend you restart your PC for good measure and then continue with the guides below to fix your issue. 

2.6 Re-Login to your game launcher

Let’s re-login to your game launcher now. Follow the guide below depending on the app that you are currently using on your PC. 

2.6.1 For Steam users

You should now be logged out of Steam. We now recommend you restart your system. 

Once restarted, launch Steam again and log in to your account with the desired credentials. Try to launch the multiplayer mode on your PC now. If mismatched credentials were the cause of your issue, then they should now be solved on your PC.   

2.6.2 For Xbox app users

If you got Halo Infinite from the Xbox app instead, then we recommend you use the guide below to re-login to your account. 

You will now be signed out of your Xbox app. Once signed out, restart your PC for good measure. Once restarted, re-login to the Xbox app and try using the multiplayer mode in Halo Infinite.

If your Xbox credentials were the cause of your issue then they should now be fixed on your system. 

2.7 Verify the integrity of your installed files (Steam users only)

If you have downloaded Halo Infinite from Steam then we recommend you verify your locally installed files. This option in Steam helps you find corrupted and missing files with your game installation that could be preventing you from accessing the multiplayer mode in Halo Infinite. Follow the guide below to verify the integrity of your locally installed files. 

Select ‘Properties’. 

Steam will now verify each installed file and replace any missing or corrupted ones on your system. This should help fix the multiplayer mode for you in most cases. 

2.8 Change your region (Consoles only)

If you’re on an Xbox One or Series X then we recommend you change your console region. This seems to help many users connect to Halo Infinite servers especially if they are unable to establish a stable connection. Use the guide below to get you started. 

Power on your Xbox console and press the Xbox button on your remote once it boots up. 

Select ‘System’. 

Now select ‘Settings’ and then ‘System’ again. 

Select ‘Language & location’. 

Now proceed to select your new location.

Your Xbox will now restart. Try launching the multiplayer beta now and region restrictions and issues should no longer prevent you from playing Halo Infinite. 

2.9 Check your NAT type and match it to your router settings (Consoles only)

If you have NAT Type incorrectly set up on your console then it can also result in issues with online features within games. In this case, it could be causing issues with Halo Infinite multiplayer. We recommend you use the guide below and match the port used by your NAT type to your router. This will help mitigate any NAT-related network issues with your console. Use the guide below to get you started. 

Power on your console and press the Xbox button on your controller once the console boots up. 

Select ‘System’ and then ‘Settings’. 

Once you are at the Settings page, select ‘Network Settings’.

Now go to ‘Advanced Settings’. 

Select ‘Alternate port selection’ and then select ‘Manual’. 

Match the port to the one being used by your router. 

Now go back and select ‘Test NAT type’. If you get the message ‘All services are available’ then you have solved your issue. 

3. Try these 3 ‘Last Resort’ fixes

If by this point you are still unable to access multiplayer then you are likely facing an issue with your game installation or your entire Windows setup. A recent Windows 11 update or driver update could be the cause of this issue. It’s time for some drastic measures and we recommend you start with the ones mentioned below. 

We recommend you check for driver updates that might currently be available for your setup especially if you have recently updated to Windows 11. You can use the guide below to check for driver updates delivered via Windows Update, but we also recommend that you check your OEM website for any component-specific updates for your PC. Additionally, we recommend you use the links below to update your graphic drivers be it AMD or Nvidia. Let’s get started. 

Select ‘Advanced Options’.

If any driver updates are available, check the boxes for the same. 

Wait for the drivers to install and then update your graphic card drivers using the link below. 

We now recommend you restart your system and try launching multiplayer in Halo Infinite again. If incompatible drivers were the cause of your issue then they should now be fixed on your system. 

3.2 Re-install the game

We now recommend you remove all instances of Halo Infinite from your PC and reinstall the game. And if you downloaded the game from Steam, then we recommend you try the Xbox app this time and if you used the Xbox app then we recommend you use Steam instead.

This way you can avoid any app-specific issues to ensure that you get a proper installation this time. We recommend you uninstall the games from your app launcher to ensure that everything is removed from your system. You can then use the links below to reinstall the game from the desired launcher. 

Xbox App: Unfortunately you will have to manually search and install Halo Infinite as link sharing is no longer available in the Xbox app. 

3.3 Reset your PC and reinstall the game

If you are still unable to play the game then it’s time to Reset your PC and start afresh. This is recommended if you haven’t reset your system for a few years. We recommend you backup all your data manually before resetting your PC completely.

A fresh start after a reset will give you a working setup with working drivers without any background conflicts and memory leaks on your system. We recommend you use this comprehensive guide by us to completely reset Windows 11 and start afresh on your system. 


Gpupdate Force Not Working On Windows Computers

Organizations can set up centralized management and configurations for computers and users in an Active Directory environment using the Windows function known as Group Policy. With this, administrators can easily have central control over a sizable number of users and computers connected to a domain without physically going to each one to make changes or updates. However, in some situations where a local machine doesn’t immediately or rapidly check with and apply the settings provided in the Group Policy Object (GPO), you may use the GPUpdate command to effect the changes.

The update may sometimes fail even after running the GPUpdate command. In this case, you will need to use the GPUpdate Force command to forcefully apply updates to the local machine that is not getting the GPO update automatically. The GPO modifications will be applied, and all user preferences will be overridden with this command, regardless of whether they have previously been cached on the client computer. Some users have reported that the GPUpdate Force is not working on their PC. Fortunately, there are various fixes you may use to resolve the issue, and we’ll go over them in this article.

What causes the GPUpdate Force command not to work?

If you’ve been running the gpupdate/force command on your local machine but it is not working, there are several variables that may be causing this, and these includes:

Corrupt user profile

Local machine not connected to the domain


No Group Policy Object (GPO) to be applied

No privilege to execute the command

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Fix GPUpdate Force not working on Windows computers

Before you begin, make sure the local machine is actively connected to the network and that you are running the command with admin rights before proceeding if the gpupdate /force command is not functioning properly on your computer. However, if the problem persists even after all of these requirements have been met, you should attempt the following solutions:

Perform DISM and SFC scan

Rename the Group Policy Machine folder

Restart Group Policy Service

Delete & Recreate missing chúng tôi file

Reset Group Policy

Make sure you are using the correct User Profile

Contact Admin

1] Perform DISM and SFC scan

Since this issue could have been caused by corrupt or missing system files, you should run the SFC and DISM scans on your computer. This method will assist in system repair, hence resolving GPUpdate Force is not working. Here’s how to perform the scans:

Press Windows + S to open the Windows Search.

Type cmd into the search box and select Run as administrator.

After the Command Prompt opens, type the commands below one by one and hit Enter after typing each of them.

sfc /scannow

Make sure you are connected to the internet when you run this command:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Now, you should close the Command Prompt and try running the gpupdate/force command to see if the solution worked.

2] Rename the Group Policy Machine folder

Your computer has a folder designated for Group Policy that contains the necessary subdirectories for the function’s proper operation. If there is a problem with one of these subdirectories, Group Policy on your local computer will also start to have problems, and this could be the cause of the issue you are presently experiencing. The Machine folder is a common folder that usually causes this issue, and most people who have encountered it have been able to fix it by just renaming it. The steps to follow in order to do this on your local machine are outlined below:

Press Windows + E to open File Explorer on your computer.

Change the folder name to chúng tôi and save it.

Afterward, you can restart your computer and try running the command again.

3] Restart Group Policy Service

The Group Policy service on your PC may also be malfunctioning, which would explain why the gpupdate force command is not functioning. Therefore, you should try restarting the service to see if that fixes the problem.

Press Windows + R, type chúng tôi , and hit Enter.

Select Properties on the resulting drop-down menu.

Tap on Start on the same dialogue box, then hit Apply and OK.

4] Delete & Recreate the missing chúng tôi file

All Group Policy settings are stored in registry.pol file. If this file is missing, any changes pushed to the client will not reflect at all. The good news is that you can recreate it. Just to make sure delete the file, even if it exists.

Navigate to C:WindowsSystem32GroupPolicyMachine.

Check if it has the registry.pol file. Delete it permanently using Shift + Delete.

Now to recreate it, execute the following command to refresh Group Policy settings:

gpupdate /force

See if this has worked.

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4] Reset Group Policy

Performing a Group Policy reset on your computer can also be helpful in fixing this issue.

Open the Windows Search and type cmd.

Select Run as administrator under the matching result.

Now type the command below one after the other and press Enter right after each one.

RD /S /Q "%WinDir%System32GroupPolicyUsers" && RD /S /Q "%WinDir%System32GroupPolicy" gpupdate /force

Restart your computer and check.

5] Make sure you are using the correct User Profile

The gpupdate force command will not function if you are using a user profile other than the one designated for applying GPO settings. As a result, you should check your user profile and ensure that it is configured to receive updates from the network.

6] Contact Admin

In some cases, when the solutions above don’t work, it is best that you contact your IT admin for help, as this may be an issue that can only be resolved from their end.

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How do I run the GPUpdate /force command?

To run gpupdate /force command:

Open Windows Search and type cmd.

On the Command Prompt windows, type gpupdate /force and hit Enter.

Does GPUpdate Force require a reboot?

The gpupdate force doesn’t actually require a reboot to work. However, in some situations when you have made a change that can only be applied after startup, you may need to reboot your computer for the GPO settings to apply.

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Can I run GPUpdate Force without admin rights?

The gpupdate command, as well as the gpupdate force, can be run on a local computer, hence they don’t necessarily require admin rights. However, in some cases, due to GPO settings, you may not be able to run the command on your local computer, and you will need to contact your admin to force changes.

How long should a GUpdate force take?

When you run the GPUpdate /force command, the changes to the Group Policy aren’t implemented right away; instead, they may take up to 2 hours.

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