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MiFi OS debuts on Novatel MiFi 3352: widgets, GPS-apps & more

More details on the Orange Mobile WiFi 3352 are out, and it seems there’s more to this MiFi than meets the eye.  An update to the original MiFi 2352 we reviewed all the way back in June 2009, the MiFi 3352 debuts Novatel Wireless’ MiFi OS, the customizable widget, app and content platform the company has been promising us for a while now.

MiFi OS is a browser-based platform that allows access to programs running on the 3352’s separate applications processor, rather than demanding those apps be installed to the WiFi-connected client (whether PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet).  At launch, it will run apps for data usage, GeoSearch, GeoWeather and SMS capabilities, but the company is hoping more developers will jump on board; previous MiFi units had Eye-Fi and other functionality.

As for the 3G network sharing itself, the MiFI 3352’s modem supports up to 7.2Mbps downlinks and can support up to five simultaneously WiFi-connected devices with a roughly 10m range and 5hr battery life.  It also has a microSD card slot (up to 32GB cards supported) the contents of which can be accessed by all the WiFi clients.  More pricing details here.

Press Release:

Novatel Wireless Commercially Launches MiFi OS with New MiFi 3352 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot

SAN DIEGO, CA, November 3, 2010 — Novatel Wireless, Inc. (Nasdaq: NVTL), a leading provider of wireless broadband access solutions, today announces its new Intelligent Mobile Hotspot — the MiFi 3352 — which comes pre-loaded with Novatel Wireless MiFi operating system (OS), widgets and applications support. This will enhance both the intelligence of the device and the user experience through applications capabilities across users’ Wi-Fi devices of choice. The device is today launching commercially in the UK with Orange under the name Mobile WiFi.

Novatel Wireless MiFi OS complements on-the-go Internet connectivity with a number of value added applications. The MiFi OS delivers a browser based Web user interface (UI) for quick intuitive access to MiFi resources, widgets and on-board applications and content.

The MiFi customers will also benefit from an improved user experience giving customers freedom from having to install and maintain software on every device that connects to the MiFi hotspot. Rather than installing applications for each connecting Wi-Fi device (notebooks, netbooks, tablets) the applications reside on the MiFi 3352 device and no installation is necessary on the connecting devices. Easy access through the Web UI is provided regardless of device connecting to the MiFi 3352.

Speaking about the UK launch, Phil Roberson, Director of Devices for Everything Everywhere, the company which runs Orange in the UK said, “We’re excited to be rolling out the world’s first truly intelligent mobile hotspot. One of the key drivers for differentiation is the operating system and the simple access to new widgets and apps on the mobile WiFi. As a result, this new device complements our mobile broadband offering perfectly.”

Orange’s Mobile WiFi operates on Orange UK HSPA network and offers simultaneous Wi-Fi connectivity for up to five devices or users. At launch, it will feature widgets such as data usage, GeoSearch, GeoWeather and SMS capabilities.

“We’re thrilled to introduce this industry first with such an innovative UK operator,” said Rob Hadley, chief marketing officer for Novatel Wireless. “Orange’s Mobile WiFi with intelligence and added capabilities fits perfectly with Orange’s mobile broadband portfolio and we’re proud to support this launch in the UK.”

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Windows Widgets High Cpu Usage: How To Fix It On Windows 11

Windows Widgets High CPU Usage: How to Fix it on Windows 11




The most common reason for high CPU usage is that your computer is running too many applications at once.

Windows 11 is a feature-packed OS and without enough memory, the widgets could end up consuming too much CPU.

A simple reboot of your system can get rid of temporary files and solve the high CPU usage problem.

If you notice that one particular app is using an unusually large amount of resources on your PC, then you should consider closing it or uninstalling it to make your PC run more smoothly again.

Windows 11 has a built-in widget platform and can contribute to high CPU usage. These widgets can be used to display the weather forecasts, sports scores, and clock.

Whereas they may be useful to some extent, some users complained that Windows 11 Widgets are using too much CPU. This widget issue is most common on Windows 11 devices, but older versions of Windows can also experience this problem.

The widgets are a useful feature that provides you with information at a glance. But, sometimes, when the Widget panel is open, it starts consuming CPU or memory and the system performance drops down.

The CPU is the brain of your computer. It performs all the calculations and processes that your machine needs to function, so if it’s running unusually slow, you may want to investigate the issue.

If a widget is using up most of your computer’s resources (CPU, memory, disk space, etc.) then you should turn it off because that means it is using up all of the resources that could be used by other processes, thus slowing down your computer.

There are several causes of high CPU usage. It may be that you have installed too many programs on your computer and they are taking up too much space. The best solution to this problem is to uninstall some of those programs from your computer.

It is also possible that there has been an infection on your system that has caused the files to become infected with viruses or spyware. This will cause the computer to run more slowly and use more resources than normal

Does Windows 11 use more CPU than Windows 10?

Windows 11 is more demanding than its older siblings. This is quite evident in the minimum system requirements. 

The OS has also been designed with security in mind. It includes built-in antivirus and firewall protection, as well as a host of other security features.

Another reason why Windows 11 uses more CPU is that it has several features that were not possible with Windows 10. The inclusion of new application programs has been designed for use only with Windows 11.

With the widgets on Windows 11, it is likely to take up more CPU than Windows 10. If you want to stop your CPU from using too much energy, you will need to turn off some of the features that cause it to do so.

For example, you can tweak the Power Management settings which allow the computer to turn off when it’s not in use.

Be sure to check out the differences and similarities between Windows 10 and Windows 11 to better understand the two operating systems..

What can I do to fix Windows 11 widgets high CPU usage? 1. Disable widgets from Task Manager

Expert tip:

The tool also works in the background and keeps your drivers always up-to-date. It automatically scans your PC for devices and checks if there are new versions of their drivers available.

3. Run a system scan  4. Run DISM command 5. Run SFC command How can I check for CPU usage in Windows 11?

At some point, the performance of your PC will prompt you to check what is consuming too much CPU so you can disable it.

There are many reasons why Windows 11 runs slow, and there are many possible solutions. For example, some programs may require more system resources than others. It is possible that your computer might be running slow because it has an outdated driver or software.

To get to the root of the problem, you will need to check the CPU usage. Here’s how to check your CPU usage in Windows 11:

Do widgets drain battery?

Apart from CPU consumption, another common question that comes up often is whether widgets drain batteries.

Most obviously, if you run more software, the more work your computer will do, and so the faster its battery will drain.

If you are using a widget, it’s a good bet that the app that created it is running in the background, occasionally waking up to update itself.

Depending on what the widget does, and how often it does it, this can use up more battery than you want. If the widget is a clock, for example, the app might be waking up every couple of minutes to update its display. 

While it isn’t necessary to delete all of your widgets, it’s best to keep only those that you absolutely need. If you have widgets for weather apps or social media apps that you don’t use very often, consider deleting them from your home screens.

You can also apply some of our recommended solutions to make your Windows 11 faster and more responsive.

We also have an excellent guide on software you can use to fix high CPU usage and save yourself some of these troubles.

If your widgets were consuming a considerable amount of CPU, we hope this article has offered efficient solutions and your PC’s performance has improved.

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How To View Gps Coordinates Of Any Location On Iphone

To specify an exact location on a map, we have come to use addresses, landmarks or other easily identifiable spots as waypoints for our orientation. It’s common sense, right? Right. Except that the concept of reading a geographic map through a prism of man-made constructions is pretty flawed. This is especially true when you use various different services like Apple and Google Maps, who often yield inconsistent results for the same addresses, places and whatnot.

Enter latitude and longitude, the most reliable and unalienable GPS coordinates you can deploy to pinpoint a location. The best thing about them? Not only are they universally used and there’s unique codes for both your and your neighbour’s house, but they are also consistent no matter the mapping service you use.

In the spirit of that, the following piece will teach you how to show the GPS coordinates of any location on iPhone so that you can respond something like ’37.3305, -122.0296’ next time your friend asks for your whereabouts. And if you’re curious how to find that GPS location in Maps, we will demonstrate that too!

How to show GPS coordinates on iPhone

The first thing we want to look at is how to view the GPS coordinates of a specific location from your iPhone. There sure are apps in the App Store to do that, but we always prefer using stock application when possible.

1) Open Apple’s Maps on your iPhone Home screen.

2) Navigate to the location you want to glean latitude & longitude data from. That could be through manipulating the map manually or using the search bar at the bottom of your interface.

3) If you have arrived at the desired location by way of browsing and pinching, simply hold a finger down on the map until a red pin drops. If you have searched the location instead, you will have to discard the search result first by touching the nondescript x icon seen below. Thereafter, drop the pin manually as discussed prior.

4) With the red pin in place, pull up the bottom card corresponding to the red marker by scrolling up in order to reveal more information about the location. 

5) There they are, black on translucent white, you can see the GPS latitude and longitude coordinates!

Unfortunately, Apple has not given us a quick way to copy and paste these lengthy 6-7 digit codes, meaning you will have to note them down or type them by yourself over in iMessage, the Notes app or wherever you see fit. The reward? The accuracy of the location data is through the roof!

How to find a location based on GPS coordinates

Let’s turn the tables for a second and assume you are on the receiving end of a rather cryptic message reading ‘40.697, -74.0409’. How do you understand latitude and longitude coordinates and translate that into a specific location in Maps? Easy!

2) Next up, humorlessly key in the digits (without observing a certain format), followed by the Search command.

3) Watch the magic unfold… it’s Ellis Island!

That’s it, you’re now an expert on transmitting and reading GPS coordinates! If you have any questions regarding the process, don’t hesitate to drop us a question. Conversely, if you are up for it, I would suggest a practice round: how about utilizing your newly acquired skills to track down 1) 25.0112, 54.9865 or 2) 32.2677, -64.7834 in Maps?

Give it a spin and let us know where you wound up!

Microsoft Debuts Beta Of Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft today launched the public beta test of its latest bid to retake the initiative in the browser wars, highlighting its upcoming Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) at a gala in San Francisco on Wednesday.

The event marked IE9’s official release to prospective testers by Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) corporate vice president of IE, who spent much of his half hour onstage at the event showing off the new browser’s user interface redesign.

With IE9, “we’re using the whole PC to browse in a way that puts sites at the center of your experience,” Hachamovitch said. “The browser is the backdrop of the Web [and] the Web is about sites, not the browser.”

To that end, Hachamovitch demonstrated IE9’s new UI — which looks stripped down but boasts a number of robust new improvements. For instance, it includes features such as HTML5 hardware-accelerated graphics and a new JavaScript engine dubbed Chakra, both meant to increase display speeds. In his demo, the browser continued to display complex animations even while moving windows around the screen or using the Aero Snap window-resizing feature of Windows 7.

Additionally, the new IE9 UI only displays the controls needed to browse, and favorite sites can be pinned to the task bar. It also supports another Windows 7 feature — jump lists — for handling common tasks without having to open a browser window.

“The clean, new design puts the emphasis on sites, not on the browser,” Hachamovitch added.

Another new IE9 feature, called One Box, incorporates search into the address bar, company statements said.

IE9’s download manager also implements Microsoft’s Smartscreen anti-spam and anti-malware filter, which uses reputation data to suppress warnings for safe, frequently surfed sites while showing more severe warnings for questionable sites.

In a move to tackle problematic plug-ins, a new Add-on Performance Manager notifies the user if an IE add-on is taking an unusual amount of time to execute and slowing down the browser experience. Similarly, a hang recovery feature isolates a crash to limit its impact to only the affected tab.

“Add-ons cause 75 percent of all [browser] crashes,” Hachamovitch added.

But IE9 also offers improvements for site developers, not just end users. Microsoft has spent the past six months hammering home its contention that IE9’s standards compliance is second to none — a message it’s been promoting with four platform “previews” since March meant to inspire developers to create sites and add-ons using IE9.

It’s an important launch for Microsoft, which has been witnessing a slow decline in the use of its browser for the past several years, falling from more than 90 percent market share to 60.4 percent, according to Web analytics firm Net Applications. Competitors like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, meanwhile, have been able to make successful headway in the space.

But one factor in Microsoft’s favor might be that more recent evidence suggests IE’s slide may be leveling off, according to Net Applications data.

In any case, reversing Microsoft’s market share slide is a major goal of IE9, and Hachamovitch highlighted several indicators of likely success for the new browser — such as the fact Microsoft has more than a billion customers for its products worldwide, and that 2.8 million users had already downloaded the IE9 platform previews.

The beta of IE9 is available for download from Microsoft’s Beauty of the Website in 33 languages, the company said.

Stuart J. Johnston is a contributing writer at chúng tôi the news service of chúng tôi the network for technology professionals. Follow him on Twitter @stuartj1000.

Gps Fleet Management Service Reviews

Editor’s Score: 90/100





Refresh time




Customer service


Why Azuga Is Best for Improving Driving Standards

In the age of live video streaming and ubiquitous social media activity, examples of poor driver behavior can tarnish the reputation of any business. Even a brief live video of a vehicle bearing your firm’s branding being driven aggressively, erratically or inappropriately could create a public relations problem. Effective recruitment and regular refresher training go a long way toward optimizing driving standards, but Azuga offers features and services that help to reduce this burden using a series of rewards and incentives. 

Chief among these features is a competitive table that scores drivers based on how safely they perform their duties. A scoreboard ranks drivers in a standards-based table and lets them see how their results compare with their colleagues’. The best performers are offered quarterly rewards from 15 retailers and brands — such as Domino’s, TGI Fridays and Amazon — adding a fiscal incentive to going easy on the brake pedal or meeting fuel efficiency goals, which can be set individually for each driver. These rewards-as-a-service gift cards can be sent directly to a high-performing driver’s smartphone. Meanwhile, the company offers courses and training, including knowledge checks and guidance on avoiding aggressive driving, for repeat offenders.

Key Takeaway

Azuga incentivizes drivers to optimize their behavior, using techniques that other GPS platforms don’t currently offer.

The Azuga dashboard can be accessed on computers and mobile devices. Source: Azuga


Drivers are incentivized to improve their behavior behind the wheel.

You can self-install Azuga’s plug-and-play devices within minutes.

Azuga offers a plethora of online resources and training.

The customer support team is helpful and easily accessible.


Azuga contracts run for a minimum of two years.

The company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau.


There are several factors to consider when you’re looking for an easy-to-use GPS fleet tracking system. The hardware should be easy to install and learn, and it should be supported by flexible and scalable plans alongside a customer service team that is easily accessible and ready to help. Azuga checks all of those boxes, in addition to offering a robust set of fleet management features. 

Location details refresh every two minutes by default, though this can be brought down to 30 seconds; Azuga can even reduce the refresh rate to 15 seconds for a small additional fee. The constantly updated fleet data visibility contrasts with some rival platforms that project where a vehicle will be at a given moment based on past movements, giving an unrealistic real-time picture of their precise locations.

Did You Know?

Drivers and fleet managers can message one another directly within the platform, thereby streamlining communications.

Azuga’s plug-and-play hardware can be installed within minutes. The dashboard is easy to navigate, doesn’t require lengthy training sessions, and can be accessed via a computer or mobile device. Following an update at the end of 2023, the latest v2.0 dashboard is cleaner and more responsive than its 10-year-old predecessor. It offers welcome new features, like the ability to overlay geofence boundaries, and Azuga also introduced the location-sharing feature that’s already offered by competitors such as Force by Mojio. A time-limited link can be sent to clients, allowing them to track a delivery or vehicle in real time, which is ideal for sensitive appointments or perishable goods.

It’s easy to grasp that vehicles shown in red on the Google Maps interface are committing harsh driving, orange vehicles are idling and green ones are proceeding normally. The ability to overlay live weather and traffic data is another new feature for 2023, and one that may explain delays or a lack of movement by specific vehicles. If there’s anything you’re not clear about, you can reach Azuga’s knowledgeable customer support representatives by phone, email, web chat or a ticketing system.

Azuga’s plans are customizable, allowing you to select the fleet management features you need. Alongside this welcome flexibility, we found the dashboard simple to navigate. You can access the dashboard via a computer or mobile app, allowing you to manage your fleet from anywhere.

Did You Know?

Azuga allows you to conduct vehicle inspection reports by using smartphone photos to report defects.

Azuga offers simple hardware, like plug-and-play vehicle trackers and dual-facing dashcams. Source: Azuga

Azuga Features

Tracking hardware

Azuga plug-and-play tracking devices can be installed and activated within minutes.

Driver safety

Users can add personalized safety coaching and a feature that blocks mobile usage while someone is driving.

Maintenance and optimization

Users can access fuel card integration and Azuga FuelSaver, plus discounts on tires and maintenance.

Alerts and reporting

Users can view live, scheduled and customized reports.

Mobile app

Azuga has a feature-rich mobile app for drivers and admins.

Tracking Hardware

Azuga offers plug-and-play fleet tracking devices that are easy to install via the vehicle’s OBD II ports, though you can also hardwire devices into place if you prefer. You can choose from a long-life asset tracker or a rechargeable tracker. We were impressed with the asset tracker’s five-year battery life; standard devices last six months on one charge.

Azuga’s trackers are easy to install, keeping you updated on where your vehicles and other assets are at all times. Even the OBD II devices are accurate to within 5 feet, which is useful in built-up areas where multiple deliveries might be scheduled for the same street. The front- and rear-facing dashcams record in high definition, with integrated microphones (which administrators can disable) and the ability to record 15-second clips. The AI technology recognizes eating and smoking, while a dedicated parking mode records break-ins. Footage is available for up to 12 months, but older clips may be accessible upon request. Dashcams are now chosen by 75 percent of Azuga customers.

If you want drivers to be able to drink water on the move or ring clients with ETA updates, you can deactivate these actions from triggering alerts. That’s especially beneficial for long-distance drivers, and it’s another example of how adjustable Azuga’s settings are, even if it might take a while to get the software configured to your optimal preferences.

Azuga lets you track drivers’ performance with driver scorecards. Source: Azuga

Driver Safety

Azuga provides excellent driver safety features, including driver scorecards, which are common in the fleet tracking industry. This is one of the few GPS fleet tracking services to share scorecard information, so both the administrator and the driver can see the driver’s performance. Additionally, users can view real-time alerts on hard-driving behaviors, like acceleration, harsh braking (which is usually a direct result of inattention), speeding and excessive idle time. It’s even possible to have reversing noted, which is ideal for businesses whose trucks aren’t allowed to reverse for safety reasons. Azuga also offers a unique add-on that lets you block drivers’ smartphone use when they are driving.


If driver safety is your top concern, you can add on Azuga Coach, a personalized video-based safety coaching feature. This can be sent to specific individuals, such as speeding drivers, through the platform’s admin portal.


Azuga will immediately flag any unplugged OBD II devices, in case drivers are trying to manipulate or cover up their telemetry data.

Key Takeaway

Azuga’s pricing is customizable. There is a one-time device fee, plus a recurring monthly service fee that depends on the features you want.

Azuga Setup

Azuga offers plug-and-play devices that you can easily install yourself. You simply insert the device into the OBD II port of your vehicle, wait two minutes, turn on your vehicle and leave it to idle for a couple of minutes. When the LED starts flashing and changes color, the device is ready to track your vehicle and driver data.

Once the hardware is installed, it connects with the vehicle’s computer and GPS satellites to gather data on the vehicle and its location. That information can be accessed instantly via Azuga’s easy-to-use software. A software update late last year introduced unlimited usernames and passwords, thereby improving the platform’s flexibility.

Azuga Customer Service

We found Azuga’s online resources quite helpful. The company’s website is filled with blogs, webinars, videos, documentation, success stories, open API documentation and an ROI calculator. If you still have questions about Azuga’s services, you can access product training resources.

If you’re looking for more personalized support, you can reach out to an Azuga customer support representative via phone, email, web chat or a ticketing system. When we posed as a small business owner and contacted Azuga to test its customer support, we were pleased with the promptness of the representatives and the assistance they provided. The visual pricing form on the website is highly intuitive, guiding people with limited industry knowledge through three screens to assemble a customized fleet pricing quote, though you must provide your contact details to receive the findings.

Azuga Drawbacks

One potential downside of Azuga is that it requires a 36-month contract if you’re signing a dashcam contract, as most clients do nowadays. This length is relatively standard in the fleet tracking industry, but it does involve a substantial commitment. If you are looking for a fleet tracking solution with month-to-month terms, consider our review of Force by Mojio. Alternatively, you could shorten the commitment by signing up for a GPS-only contract, which has a minimum term of 24 months.

Another drawback of Azuga is that it isn’t accredited by the Better Business Bureau. While this isn’t a dealbreaker for us, we do like to see our best picks accredited. However, Azuga does have a positive reputation on other review sites.

Depending on your industry, you might be disappointed that Azuga only offers vehicle tracking devices. You can’t add them to containers as you can with FleetUp’s array of solar- and battery-powered tracking devices, which even include temperature sensors.


Finding the right GPS fleet tracking system can be tough, which is why we did some of the hard work for you. We spent hours researching and analyzing GPS fleet tracking systems to identify the top solutions on the market. We looked at hardware, features, pricing and contracts, usability, refresh times and customer support. We even got hands-on experience with demos and product videos when possible. When searching for the best GPS fleet tracking system for ease of use, we focused on features such as hardware installation, flexibility, scalability, software usability and customer support. For Azuga, we also paid attention to its driver incentivization schemes, which are unique in the industry.

Azuga FAQs How do I use Azuga?

Azuga is simple to install and use. First, you plug the Azuga GPS tracking device into the OBD II port of your vehicle. The tracker instantly begins tracking and recording vehicle and driver data and integrates it with the Azuga platform. You can then use a computer or mobile device to view the recorded data.

What is Azuga fleet management best for?

Azuga is an intuitive telematics solution designed for businesses that want a customizable and easy-to-use platform. It can serve businesses of all sizes and sectors, though marketing literature profiles it as being optimal for industries such as plumbing, telecom and trucking. Azuga reps describe the platform as being equally suitable for single-vehicle businesses and fleets of 10,000 vehicles.

How easy is Azuga to set up?

Azuga offers plug-and-play tracking devices, so setting up your platform is simple. However, if you do need help with Azuga’s hardware or software, you can access the company’s comprehensive online resources and customer support.

Is Azuga a big company?

Following its 2023 takeover by Bridgestone, Azuga has expanded to become the fifth-largest GPS company worldwide, with 10,000 customers and 340,000 registered vehicles covering around 3 billion miles per year. Azuga is still smaller than competitors such as Samsara and Verizon, but its scale is reassuring in terms of its long-term commitment to the market. 

Overall Value

We recommend Azuga for …

Firms that want to use every possible mechanism to improve driving standards.

Companies that are looking for a fleet tracking solution that is easy to learn and use.

Businesses that want access to 24/7 customer support.

We don’t recommend Azuga for …

Businesses that need hardwired vehicle trackers.

Startups that are looking for short-term or month-to-month contracts.

Companies that require up-to-the-second tracking.

Dr.fone – Virtual Location: A Wise Solution For Fake Gps Location On Iphone

GPS has made our lives easier, from tracking routes, food deliveries, rides, loved ones to location-based AR games. Although in hindsight, there are some minus points too. For one, most apps and games limit their services to specific locations, making it difficult for certain people to access them. This is where Dr. Fone’s Virtual Location iOS comes into play.

The app transports you to a virtual location of your choice without hassle. And since it is boasting an amazing promotional discount, I believe it’s the perfect time to review it.

Why Should You Use chúng tôi – Virtual Location (iOS)

As the software’s name suggests, the chúng tôi – Virtual Location helps you fake the iPhone’s GPS location. So with the location changer, you can physically be at your office or home, but virtually you can be anywhere in the world.

But why would you and the device need such a superpower? There are some potential uses; let me explain those briefly before moving ahead and testing the app.

When & Why Would You Fake Your Location

While it might smell like some fishy business, there are some legit reasons for faking location on iphone.

Location-based games – If you are into games like Pokemon Go, the idea of catching new pokemon without leaving the house seems a boon, right!

Work assignments – No, not to fool your boss. GPS spoofing is useful for app developers, researchers, SEO managers, and more who perform geo-specific testing.

Security & Privacy – Such software can be convenient whether you want to hide or fake your location to various social media apps or a stalking-ex.

Show off – Check in to a country, resort, or restaurant miles away from you to trick your friends and family.

Note: Location changer might not assist you in circumventing geo-restricted websites. You will also need a good VPN to fool strict sites like Netflix, Disney+, etc.

Problems that You might Face with GPS Spoofing

Due to Apple’s strict security rules, faking locations on the iPhone can be tricky. A simple yet risky technique is jailbreak, and surely you don’t want that.

The next option is to have a thorough knowledge of Xcode and an iOS developer account, but even that’s not feasible for all. So, the last and simplest resort is to employ an app to do so.

However, a wrong app can make things worse. It could lead to permanently harming your location setting, security breach, or frequent crashes and freezes. Thankfully, there are a few dedicated apps like iSpoofer, iTools, & Dr.Fone, to help.

But what I particularly enjoy about chúng tôi are its intuitive interface and efficient features. Dr. Fone provides multiple options for GPS spoofing; you can:

Teleport iPhone GPS to anywhere in the world

Simulate GPS movement along a route with multiple stops and speed that you feel fit

Make the GPS movement more flexible via a handy Joystick

Manage location on up to 5 devices

How to Fake iPhone GPS Location with Dr. Fone – Virtual Location (iOS)

And that’s it! It barely took me a minute to mock the location of my iPhone. I used Find My to check my device’s location and confirm the changes. As you can see from the below screenshots, my Macbook was sitting in India, while the iPhone connected to it is roaming the Apple Park, Cupertino!

If you want to check how the other methods work, check out these detailed guides from the developers.

How Well does Dr. Fone – Virtual Location Perform?

I will undoubtedly repeat myself in this section, Dr. Fone- Virtual Location is rapid & easy-to-use. Plus, features like simulated GPS and joystick control are the cherry on the top.

My device got stuck at a far-flung location once during multiple tests, but a quick reboot resolved the issue. I couldn’t find a fault in terms of the interface or processing. And I expect nothing less from Wondershare, the developers and the software have proven its mettle in previous reviews as well.

It is on the spectrum’s steep side in terms of price, especially if you are going for a 1-month license. But there’s a special discount running on Dr. Fone – Virtual Location till Jan 7, 2023.

Price (excluding discount):

Monthly License – $12.95 /month

Quarterly License – $8.31 /month, $24.95/Quarter

Yearly License – $5.82 /month, $69.95/Year

During the sales promotion period, you can get the yearly license at just $45.47


Mac: Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra),10.14 (macOS Mojave) and later

Windows: Win 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Download chúng tôi – Virtual Location

You may also like to read iToolab AnyGo – Easily Simulate Any GPS Location on iPhone.

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