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Microsoft Edge server asking for username and password [Fix] Fix the Edge credential issue for good from your Credential Manager




If the Microsoft Edge server is asking for your username and password, it may be a sign of malware.

If you want to fix this problem, you might want to take a look at the Credential Manager.

You can also opt for another browser with an integrated VPN in order to solve the issue.

Instead of fixing issues with Edge, upgrade to a better browser: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Edge;

Enhanced privacy: Free and unlimited VPN integrated;

⇒ Get Opera One

Since its introduction to Windows 10, Microsoft Edge has become one of the best browsers on all devices. This built-in browser is far from being a same-level competitor with Chrome and Firefox.

Every good few traits are shadowed by a few issues, which isn’t something anyone wants to deal with daily.

Not necessarily deal-breakers, but things like the Microsoft Edge server asking for username and password every time you run it can be a drag. Don’t worry. We have a fix for you.

Why does Edge keep asking for my credentials?

If Edge keeps asking for your username & password or other credentials, it is most likely due to malware. This virus can hijack the operation of your browser, leading to an error.

Another reason, especially when Edge is prompting for credentials on the intranet, is the activity of your credential manager. So, the causes are not far-fetched.

Quick Tip:

One good alternative to try is Opera, a lightweight browsing tool built using the Chromium engine, just like Edge. The big difference is that Opera is a privacy-oriented browser, thus a password keeper.

However, the built-in password manager makes Opera shine in this situation. You can easily access and manage the encryption, eliminating the need always to remember your credentials.


Provides one master password for all your accounts to avoid this never-ending loop of login.

Free Visit website

How do I stop Edge from prompting for password? 1. Scan for malware and remove PUPs

This is quite a rare occurrence on any personal computer. On the other hand, it can happen from time to time on a shared PC.

Of course, it’s important to know whether this is a legit Windows prompt or if some adware is trying to hijack your PC.

That shouldn’t be that hard, as the prompt Windows shouldn’t be distinguishable from the Edge interface.

If unsure, ensure to uninstall all suspicious third-party applications and scan for malware. And there is no better tool than dedicated software like ESET Internet Security.

Just install it, run a scan, and wait for the result. Once the scan is complete, you can decide what the antivirus does with suspicious files found.

Performing these actions regarding Windows security might fix the Microsoft Edge credentials problem.

Alternatively, if you need another efficient antivirus software, you can benefit from valuable anti-malware features anytime.

2. Check the Credential Manager

In the Windows Search bar, type Credential and open Credential Manager.

Open Web Credentials.

Remove the password from credentials, and you should be good to go.

The Credential Manager is a function that allows users to visualize their sign-in info to different websites, apps, or networks.

Running this feature to review your Microsoft Edge credentials is an easy method that might help you solve the login prompt issue.

The Microsoft Edge keeps asking for credentials issues that can quickly sap the fun of your browsing session. But, with the fixes above, you should be able to solve the problem for good.

Do you want to know how to fix Microsoft Edge if it won’t close? Check our detailed guide on the topic to get it done quickly.

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Microsoft Edge Deployment Guide For Business

Internet Explorer, which once ruled the market, is going to be discontinued. However, Microsoft is doing everything it can to regain those lost users and “Microsoft Edge” is their new bet. Since Internet Explorer is on the way out, it is time for businesses to migrate to Microsoft Edge. This Microsoft Edge Deployment Guide for Business will help you with just that!

Microsoft Edge Deployment Guide for Business

Keeping numbers aside, Microsoft Edge is not bad a browser. It’s just that the competition has conquered the market in a way that it’s very tough for a sea of users to switch back.

Just like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium and you can use Bookmarks of many different browsers in Edge. So, Microsoft Edge is not an alien browser, if you were using Chrome or any other browser for that matter you won’t find it completely peculiar.

Microsoft Edge is now faster, more secure, and has all the other frills that you need in a daily browser.  But if we are going to use Microsoft Edge for Business, entrusting your privacy with Edge can make you skeptical. So, to confirm this, you can check the source code of Chromium as it is open-source.

Edge for Business gives the admin control over all the other clients. The System Administrative controls the administrating settings and updates.

Read: Group Policies to configure Redirection to Microsoft Edge.

IE Mode in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, as you may know, uses the Chromium algorithm to render most of the sites. However, to render legacy sites, it uses the Trident (MSHTML) engine from Internet Explorer 11. Because of this, it supports even archaic sites.

But to use this, you need to enable Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge.

Deploy Microsoft Edge for Business

These are the two ways by which you can deploy Microsoft Edge for Business.

By Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

By Intune

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

In the latest version of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, there is deployment flow for MS Edge. So, it will summon every required information in the process by itself saving some of your time and labor.

So, to deploy Microsoft Edge, follow these steps.

Open Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager and from Software Library, select Microsoft Edge Management.

Now, follow the on-screen instructions to deploy Microsoft Edge.

This is how you deploy Microsoft Edge. However, this is not the only method, if you are familiar with Intune and want to use that to deploy the browser, read the next section.

Read: Use Group Policy to disable Internet Explorer 11 as a standalone browser.

2] By Intune

Microsoft Edge is fully integrated with Intune and you don’t need to download any installation package to get started with it. So, let us see how to deploy Edge with Intune.

Login to Intune with your Microsoft account.

Keep moving further and configuring the deployment the way you want.

This is how you deploy Edge with the help of Intune.

Which Edge channel to choose

By looking at the steps to deploy Microsoft Edge, one question may have piqued your curiosity, which channel should I choose? So, let us answer this question by looking at each of them simultaneously.

The following are the three channels of Microsoft Edge for Business.

Stable Channel

Beta Channel

Dev Channel

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Stable Channel

Stable Channel is for the masses. It is the most complete version of the browser and, in most cases, it is subjected to broad deployment. It is what most clients will work on, so, you may have to do deploy them in abundance.

It gets updated from Microsoft every six weeks adding more features to its arsenal. However, the security updates arrive when needed.

Read: Redirect sites from IE to Microsoft Edge using Group Policy.

2] Beta Channel

Beta software, as you may know, is software in its testing stage, it is crude and not very stable. Beta Channel of Microsoft Edge is no exception.

You deploy this channel to a small set of individuals looking to test the software and inform the developers to reform the software before getting the Stable update which you are going to deploy to the masses.

They get updated every six weeks and the current version of the channel will only be supported until the next version comes out.

3] Dev Channel

Last but not least, we have Dev Channel. It is a cruder version of Beta Channel and provides you with an opportunity to try and test the upcoming features. Many enterprises do not deploy this but if you want you can assign a set of client users to work on this channel and keep your company informed about the next Beta release.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you in getting all the required information about Microsoft Edge for Business.

How To Lock Edge Browser With Password? – Webnots

The latest Chromium based Edge browser comes with lot of useful features. Microsoft also planned to integrate the Bing AI chat bot within Edge sidebar soon. You can easily manage all login passwords with in-built Edge password manager. However, there are no default options to lock Edge browser with password. If you want to lock the browser from unnecessary access, here is a browser extension that can help you with that.

Locking Edge with Password

There are many reasons you want to lock Edge with password.

You do not want someone to view your browsing history.

Block the browser access to all other users on your computer.

Prevent accidentally opening webpages by your kids. Remember, Edge also provides a Kids mode for this purpose.

As you may know, it is possible to install Chrome extension on your Edge browser. So, you have wide range of extensions both from Edge Add-ons site as well as from Chrome Web Store for locking Edge browser.

Lock Edge with Add-on

Select “Extensions” menu from the list.

Open Edge Extensions Setting

You will see a puzzle icon appears next to the address bar with a dropdown and select “Open Microsoft Edge Add-ons” option.

Open Microsoft Edge Add-ons Site

This will open Edge Add-ons store and search for “browser lock” extension.

Find Browser Lock Edge Add-on

Confirm the installation by selecting “Add extension” button.

Add Browser Lock Extension in Edge

The extension will be installed in Edge and you will see a notification from the extensions icon as shown in the below screenshot.

Browser Lock Extension Installed in Edge

Enter New Password to Lock Edge

Password Saved for Unlocking

Unlocking Edge with Password

After setting up password, close all Edge tabs and windows. Relaunch the browser and you will see the Browser Lock extension prompt you for the password to unlock.

Browser Unlocked for Browsing

The extension will not allow you to proceed further if you enter incorrect password.

Resetting the Lock Password

If the set password is known to someone else, you can easily reset it anytime.

Select “Extension options” menu to go to password reset page.

Go to Extension Options

Enter your old and new passwords to reset the unlock password for Edge.

Reset Password for Unlocking

Forgot Unlock Password

Disable or Remove Password Lock Extension

Confirm the action by again selecting “Remove” button to delete the Browser Lock extension from Edge. You can again install and set a new password (which you can remember) as explained above.

Disable InPrivate Mode Access and Force Password

Browser Lock Extension Settings Page

Other Chrome Web Store Extensions for Locking Edge

As mentioned, you can also try Chrome extensions in Edge for this purpose.

Open Chrome Web Store from Edge

Confirm the action to allow extensions from other stores. When you are in Chrome Web Store, search for “browser lock” to find and install Browser Lock Chrome extension on Edge. Though this extension has a same name as Edge add-on, it is from a different developer.

Install Browser Lock Chrome Extension in Edge

It works similar to Browser Lock Edge add-on and allows to set password for unlocking Edge. You can also reset the password and allow in InPrivate mode as explained above.

Use Browser Lock Chrome Extension for Locking Edge

Final Words

Since Browser Lock extension is officially available in Edge add-on store, you can consider it as safe to use. However, do not allow it in InPrivate mode to make sure you are not locking out yourself. If you do not like this add-on, you can try the Chrome extension with the same name.

Microsoft Sql Server Rdbms Review

The relational database management system (RDBMS) market brims with providers, but Microsoft SQL Server is one of the longest-standing, most popular, and most consistent competitors on the market. 

For a legacy product that has been around for 30+ years, Microsoft SQL Server has stayed relevant by tacking on new features in cloud and edge computing, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) over the years, while also offering an extensive count of Microsoft and third-party integrations to round out its features.

See below to learn more about the RDBMS:

A database management system is software or a software family that organizes and manages data across databases. DBMS software can organize, categorize and label data, as well as elements like column headings and files, to simplify the data analysis process.

Relational database management system (RDBMS) software is a specific type of DBMS that shows relationships between data entries via tables. The relations across tables are managed through RDBMS software, allowing data to be cleaned and updated over time.

Database management systems should always move beyond the basic organization of databases, making sure that data analysts can efficiently analyze and create analytics reports on their most important data sets, according to Microsoft.

See more: What is a Database Management System?

With the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2023, Microsoft expanded on its offerings in the areas of big data clustering and intelligent query processing (IQP). 

Big data clusters help with streamlining data collections in a variety of ways, like building a shared data lake of both structured and unstructured data, preparing data to train artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools, and making cross-platform dissemination of data possible among both internal and external database hosting platforms. 

Intelligent query processing focuses on lifting some of the stress on database administrators who spend significant time adjusting their database and tweaking queries. IQP ensures their work does not interfere with memory or overall performance of corporate data. The function allows the system to postpone decision making during periods of optimization, execute on queries via batch mode, and remember past query performance while adjusting in real-time to unexpected query scenarios.

These are some of the other top features of Microsoft SQL Server:

High availability and recovery

Compatible with Microsoft and Linux operating systems

End-to-end mobile business intelligence (BI)

Built-in security and compliance tracking

Data encryption and role filtering

Data masking 

Data virtualization

On-premises and cloud options

Microsoft SQL Server offers several built-in integrations, but the product is also friendly with most APIs. Within the SQL Server toolkit, you’ll find SQL Server Integration Services, the primary tool that assists in data warehousing, migration, and communication across internal and external platforms. 

Here are examples of the integrations that are possible:

Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Azure Cosmos DB




Apache Spark




IBM Cognos Analytics


Streamlined installation/deployment is available through the Installation Wizard in all packages.

User community forums and Microsoft customer service help troubleshoot a variety of issues.

Microsoft has been in the DBMS market since 1989 and releases new versions with new features every few years.

Microsoft offers flexible pricing packages that generally cost less than other top DBMS competitors.

This DBMS software is used by companies in a variety of industries and with varying levels of data expertise. Some users rely on Microsoft SQL Server for the setup and ease of use provided by the Installation Wizard, templates, and user forums. Others prefer the tool’s openness to custom-coded applications and integrations. 

Here’s what several users have to say about their experience with SQL Server and how they use it:

“I have been using SQL Server for many years. It provides me with the flexibility and reliability required for building various database applications. I’ve been amazed by SQL Server 2023’s new features like the Intelligent Query Processing and Big Data Clusters. Most of the features are easy to use, and I always check the community forums when I need to resolve an issue.” -IT administrator in the manufacturing industry, review of Microsoft SQL Server at Gartner Peer Insights

“[We like] its flexibility and its ability to integrate with various data sources as well as its supported functions such as automation through SSIS packages or reporting through SSRS. We also have a high level of support through other services that can integrate with MS SQL Server, such as Tableau, amongst other things for more refined reporting.” -Analyst and developer in the communications industry, review of Microsoft SQL Server at Gartner Peer Insights

“We needed a mature RDBMS to support both our critical and less critical applications. Also an RDBMS that is used by a large number of organizations all over the world with an active community to support the product. SQL Server seems to have all these features.” -Head of database operations in the finance industry, review of Microsoft SQL Server at Gartner Peer Insights

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Microsoft SQL Server performs well in most user review categories, and it particularly shines in the areas of administration/management, security, and dealing with multiple data types/structures. 

Overall, users give the product a 4.5 out of 5 at Gartner Peer Insights. 

Across 10 categories, users give it scores ranging from 4.3 to 4.6.

As far as weaknesses for the platform go, several users note it can take a long time to load queries on SQL Server, which can slow functionality and overall performance for database administrators. 

Others express some concern about a lack of support infrastructure for new features when they’re rolled out, making it difficult for them to benefit from the features. While these concerns have mostly focused on older features like PolyBase, many more recent add-ons have received positive reviews.

Microsoft offers several different pricing packages for SQL Server depending on an organization’s size and needs, including free versions like Developer and Express. 

The Enterprise version comes with the highest list price, but many users explained that few organizations will need DBMS capabilities beyond those included on the lower-level and standard packages.

Although these numbers may vary based on the sales channel and purchase, these are Microsoft SQL Server’s pricing packages: 

LevelPriceSubscription Rate


WebCheck for pricingN/A


Big data node cores: $400/year

Big data node cores: $400/year

Big data node cores: $400/year

Big data node cores: $400/year

(Source: Microsoft) 

The database management system market has experienced healthy growth for many years, reaching a market value of about $58.4 billion in 2023. 

The global DBMS market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.81% between 2023 and 2026, with a predicted value of about $126.9 billion by 2026, according to Expert Market Research. 

While this growth is coming from all types of businesses, much of it is attributed to companies that work with growing pools of e-commerce and social media data. 

These are some of Microsoft SQL Server’s top competitors in the DBMS and RDBMS market:

Oracle Database

Amazon RDS







InterSystems IRIS


More on Top DBMS Tools: Best Database Management Software 2023 

Microsoft Edge Vs Google Chrome – Webnots

Web browsers are face to the internet on our computer. You need browsers to perform daily tasks like searching for information or checking emails. Considering your work and functionality requirements, you can choose the browser which best caters your requirements. As we all know there is a long list of available browsers, the popular ones include Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge as both of them have to offer great support for their users.

Microsoft offers Edge is a default browser in Windows 10 replacing the iconic and ill-fated Internet Explorer. Whereas Chrome is a benchmark browser from Google that works of all platforms. Both of them having their own respective perks and features, but still there is a lot of space to compare and choose the best suitable browser.

In this article, let us do some comparison between Edge and Chrome about performance, capability and features.

1. Brief introduction Microsoft Edge

Although Microsoft Edge is a new browser, it still delivers great performance and efficiency for Windows users. With a wide range of features and growing extension library, Edge is now linked with Windows 10 internal tools such as OneNote and Cortana. Furthermore, the browser is safer and secure as it features powerful anti-phishing technology as well.

The browser now features tab casting and accessibility restrictions for websites along with the facility of Windows Defender Guard Application.

Google Chrome 2. Performance

On certain occasions, Chrome will crash like when you have large number of open tabs. Here we have not noticed Edge crashes like Chrome.

Learn more on how to fix slow Edge and Chrome browsers.

3. Features

Starting with exciting and helpful features of Google Chrome, you can now create multiple accounts, sync data automatically and take benefit from the built-in PDF viewer. On the other hand, Edge lets you to browse easily through their casting feature which makes it simple to pin websites over taskbar, manage website permissions and edit URLs as well.

Similar to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge allows you to avail automatic form fill facility, mute tabs and clutter free printing. Furthermore, Edge now has improved eBook reading experience and annotation feature combined with complete Cortana support as well.

4. Security

Although both of the browsers are developed with high end security protocols, we could find no certain weakness or data handling threats for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. According to the cybersecurity reports available online, Microsoft Edge has to offer the strongest browser security and is faster as compared to Google Chrome.

Though Google Chrome is popular among individual users across world, it is yet to be recognized in corporate world. This is not mainly due to Chrome’s security; it completely depends on company’s ability to shift the interfaces they have with Edge to Chrome. For individual users, Chrome’s malware scanner and cleanup tool are good tools to protect the computer from malicious sites on the internet.

5. Design and User Interface

Google updated Chrome to a sleek design with version 70 making it more appealing than ever. It is also very easy to use similar functions on Mac and Windows without getting lost. There are some annoying features still left over like no option to remove the history thumbnails on the new tab page.

Edge has a blended app design to mix with Windows 10 interface. Unfortunately Windows 10 still offers Internet Explorer 11 making it two browsers. Many of the corporates and governments still use IE11, as they can’t upgrade all their systems to match with Edge. Also when you want to repair Edge, you need to navigate to Windows settings for doing that. This makes very clear the entire user interface depends on Windows 10 platform instead of making platform independent browser.

In our opinion, browser can’t succeed globally when it depends on a platform like Edge on Windows and Safari on macOS. This reflects clearly in the browser’s market share that 65% of users use Chrome while less than 15% of the people uses Edge. This is the fact despite Windows 10 being used by 40% of the desktop users.

6. Developer Friendly

Both the browsers offer developer console for analyzing and auditing web pages. Edge has simple developer console, as Microsoft is the main developer of the browser. While Chrome has end-to-end developer console integrated with many useful features.

Unfortunately Edge does not support some of the latest CSS attributes and has very few experimental features. On other hand Chrome has different channels for releasing developer and canary version in addition to large number of experimental flags that you can try directly on the stable version.

7. SEO Features

Chrome developer tools has an integrated SEO auditing feature with Lighthouse extension. You can do the SEO auditing directly from the browser. Also Google pushes webmasters to improve the page loading speed on Chrome by referring the Chrome User Experience report.

Edge is not much relevant to SEO, as Microsoft don’t link Bing and Edge in any terms.

8. Extensions and Themes

Google has a dedicated Web Store for Chrome offering thousands of themes and extensions for free as well as premium. Though these extensions tend to slow down or cause other problems, you may find them very useful for doing your chores.

Microsoft by default discourages using extensions to protect the browser from unnecessary vulnerabilities. Even you want to install, there are hardly few you could find in Windows Store making them not attractive.

Similarly you can find large collection of theme for Chrome browser while Edge has not many options.

9. Integration with Apps

Since extensions are not supported as an important function, Edge lags in integrating with the popular Microsoft productivity tools like Skype or Office packages. On other hand, Google make use of Chrome as a marketing platform by adding Gmail and apps on the home page.

Since Gmail is the most popular mail application, users tend to use Chrome and sync the activities using single sign on feature.

10. Availability on All Platforms

Microsoft does not offer Edge on macOS. Also, Edge app was released very late on Android and iOS devices. Google’s major strength is to have Android and iOS apps from long back. Most importantly, once you sign in to one of the app, Google will automatically use the details when you use Chrome on mobile devices.

Though this will touch upon privacy, it offers an easy way to use the browser as a single user.

11. Privacy Conclusion

By comparing performance, security and efficiency of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, we have found that both of these browsers deliver high end adaptability and unique browsing experience. Considering your work requirements and adaptability aspects, you can choose any of the browser by focusing on the aspects as explained in this article.

In our opinion, Edge is the best browser when you strict your activities within Windows 10. Chrome makes your world bigger with easier integrations with Google’s top apps like Gmail. Also Chrome supports all the latest web developments and offers platform independent experience. This makes Chrome to stand out in the crowd and attract most users towards it.

Fix Microsoft Edge Keeps Opening Multiple Tabs

Does Microsoft Edge keep opening multiple tabs on startup? If yes, the solutions provided in this post will help you fix the problem. According to some users, Edge is opening some random web pages in multiple tabs on startup, whereas, some have reported that Edge is opening hundreds of tabs on the Microsoft Help page. Users have also scanned their systems with antivirus and antimalware software but the software did not show any threat.

Fix Microsoft Edge keeps opening multiple tabs

If the Microsoft Edge browser keeps opening multiple tabs or windows automatically on its own, by itself, here are the steps you need to take:

Change Edge startup settings

Clear Edge browsing data

Run anti-malware scan

Repair or Reset Edge

Download and reinstall Edge.

1] Change Edge startup settings

There is a setting in Edge using which you can make Edge open your favorite websites every time you launch Edge. Check if you have enabled this feature in Edge or not. The steps to do that are as follows:

Launch Microsoft Edge.

Select Start, home, and new tabs category from the left side.

Select Open the new tab page under the When Edge starts section.

Restart Edge and check if the problem persists.

2] Clear Edge browsing data

You can try clearing Edge browsing data including cache, cookies, and history. This will let you know if the problem that you are currently experiencing is occurring due to the corrupted cache and cookies or not. Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys to open the Clear browsing data window in Edge.

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3] Run an anti-malware scan

AdwCleaner is a good free 3rd-party tool that can scan your browser for infections. Use it to scan your PC.

You can also use Microsoft Safety Scanner or some Standalone On-demand Antivirus Scanner.

4] Repair or Reset Microsoft Edge

One effective solution to fix the problem that you are currently experiencing is to reset Edge settings to default. If your system is running on Windows 10, you will find the option to reset Edge in the Windows 10 Settings app.

In Windows 11 Settings, the option to reset Edge is not available. Hence, you can reset Microsoft Edge settings to default directly from the Edge browser.

The above process will restore the default settings. Hence, after resetting Edge, it should not open multiple tabs on its own on startup.

5] Download and reinstall Edge

If nothing helps, you can download Edge browser setup from chúng tôi and fresh-install it.

How do I stop Edge from opening multiple tabs?

If Edge is opening multiple tabs on its own on startup, you should check its settings. Microsoft Edge has an option that lets users make Edge open their favorite websites on startup. Another cause of this problem is virus or malware infection, Therefore, you should run an antivirus and antimalware scan.

If the problem persists, re-register Microsoft Edge or reset its settings to default to fix the problem.

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Why does my browser keep opening new tabs?

If your browser, like Firefox, Chrome, etc., keeps opening new tabs by itself, you should run an antimalware scan. If your antimalware software does not find any threat in your system, there might be a problematic extension causing the problem. To check this, disable all the extensions one by one and then check if the problem disappears. This is a time-consuming process if you have a lot of extensions but it will help you solve your problem.

Hope this helps.

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