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Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro webcam first for Mac from company

Mac-owners, cease your ongoing protests against the cold-shoulder of Logitech.  The peripheral company has announced its latest webcam, the Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro webcam for Mac, and while it may resemble just about any other recent model from Logitech’s range, in actual fact it’s the first they’ve made that’s Apple-compatible. 

It’s a reasonable first attempt, too.  Autofocus (using a ‘voice coil motor’ rather than the usual stepper motor, for faster focusing even down to just 10cm distance; Logitech say sub-3s autofocus compensation speeds), a 2-megapixel sensor and Carl Zeiss optics all put the Vision Pro near the top of the chart. 

If you’re looking to chat via Skype or other instant messaging apps, Logitech are promising VGA quality footage at 30fps.  Alternatively, it can capture 720p high-definition for recorded clips.  There’s also a built-in microphone, and the company’s RightLight 2 system for low-light situations.

Available from the beginning of July in Europe and the US, the Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro webcam for Mac is expected to retail at $129.99.

Press Release:

Logitech Unveils First Mac-Compatible Webcam with Premium Autofocus Technology, Carl Zeiss Optics

Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac Delivers Image-Perfect Detail, Exceptional Video Calling with iChat and Skype

FREMONT, Calif. –(Business Wire)– Jun. 24, 2008 To help you stay close to those who matter most, Logitech (SWX:LOGN)(NASDAQ:LOGI), the world’s leading manufacturer of webcams, today unveiled its first Mac(R)-compatible webcam with premium autofocus technology and Carl Zeiss(R) optics: the Logitech(R) QuickCam(R) Vision Pro webcam for Mac. The new Logitech webcam delivers image-perfect detail and clarity, and exceptional video calling with iChat(R) and Skype(R).

To deliver image-perfect detail and clarity, the Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro webcam for Mac combines Logitech’s premium autofocus technology with Carl Zeiss optics. The new Logitech webcam uses a voice coil motor for its autofocus system, instead of a stepper motor. Focusing is fast and fluid — crisp even in extreme close-ups only 10 cm from the camera lens. Logitech’s autofocus system compensates for changes in image-edge sharpness and refocuses images in less than three seconds. And through its exclusive collaboration with Carl Zeiss, Logitech ensures that the lens meets the world-renowned Zeiss standards for design and manufacturing to achieve superior sharpness in a compact, lightweight design.

The 2-megapixel sensor helps the Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro webcam for Mac capture video images in high resolution. It is assisted by Logitech’s RightLight(TM)2 Technology, which enables the webcam to adjust intelligently in dim or harshly backlighted situations.

Optimized Experience for the Mac

When you and your loved ones use the new Logitech webcam with iChat or Skype, you can enjoy VGA-quality video at up to 30 frames per second — four times as sharp and twice as smooth as any other video-calling solution — at no additional charge.

The new Logitech webcam is also plug and play right out of the box, so you can make a video call immediately — no software required. When using your webcam to capture video to store on disk or send to friends, the QuickCam Vision Pro records sharp video clips in the 720p high-definition (HD) video format (960-by-720 pixels).

Complementing the style of your Mac computer, the new webcam for Mac computers presents a black-and-silver profile with a prominent built-in silver microphone.

Pricing and Availability

The Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro webcam for Mac is expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in July. The suggested retail price in the U.S. is $129.99.

About Logitech

Logitech is a world leader in personal peripherals, driving innovation in PC navigation, Internet communications, digital music, home-entertainment control, gaming and wireless devices. Founded in 1981, Logitech International is a Swiss public company traded on the SWX Swiss Exchange (LOGN) and on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (LOGI).

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Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse Review

The G Pro Wireless is Logitech’s pièce de résistance, it’s ultimate gaming mouse built for competitive gamers. It combines their latest HERO (high efficiency rated optical) sensor and Lightspeed wireless technology into a sleek and simplistic design that has just a hint of RGB lighting.

Wireless mice now champion functionality and battery life so the fact Logitech has stripped this mouse down is great. Its simple smooth finish paired with ambidextrous qualities make this a superior wireless mouse for all. It is very expensive but compatible with the Logitech Powerplay mouse pad which would see your G Pro never run out of battery. The G Pro has Logitech’s innovative Lightspeed Wireless technology which has improved the latency, connectivity, and power of the mouse. With the mouse getting a 1ms report rate the G Pro has the same responsiveness as wired mice.

I was slightly skeptical of the Logitech G Pro at first, whenever a gaming mouse or any product, in general, has a largely positive influence across the web I become very hesitant to jump on board the bandwagon. So, when the mouse arrived at my door, I already knew it was going to have to shine extra bright to get into my good books, and it did. The Logitech G Pro is a sleek beauty that performs above and beyond what you would expect, but it does come with a price and a considerable one at that.




Lightweight – the Logitech G Pro comes in at just 80 grams

Comfortable & Ambidextrous – fantastic design and shape

Great sensor performance – the hero sensor works wonders




Expensive – at more than £100/$100 it won’t fit everyone’s budget

Medium size – some people will find the G Pro Wireless too small for their hands





Mouse Stats

Sensor: Hero Optical

Weight: 80g

Size: Medium (12.5 x 6.35 x 4.0 cm)

Game Types: All

Option: Bottom plate (- 3g)



Hand Size Guide






What’s In The Box?

If you’ve purchased a Logitech mouse in the past you would have noticed the no-fuss style packaging they normally feature. With the high-end G Pro though you are getting something a bit more sleek and stylish.

Inside as standard, there is:

Warranty and User Guide.

Charging Cable.

USB adapter.

2 Extra Buttons.

2 Extra Button Covers.

Weight and size are undeniably important when it comes to high-end mice. Logitech has done some excellent work to shave off as much weight as possible with the G Pro. They have stripped some features back and produced a 1mm thin outer shell, which is extremely lightweight but still solid. They achieved this structural strength with an innovative ladder-chassis under the cover. The total weight is approximately 80 grams, which would be light for a wired mouse nevermind wireless! The G Pro is considered to be a medium-sized mouse and for me is slightly too small sitting at 12.5 x 6.35 x 4.0 cm. That being said I can still comfortably use a palm or claw grip effectively while gaming with this mouse.

The majority of serious players who use this mouse find the weight and symmetrical shape to be ergonomically engineered for long gaming sessions. I personally have large hands (19 x 11 cm) and the G703 is the Logitech mouse that fits in my palm the best. Despite the size of this mouse though it’s very nice to use and its ergonomic design is better than other ambidextrous mice on the market.

Logitech g Pro is one complete plastic shell and feels like a similar material used for the G603. It’s smooth all over and for the price, I’m not sure why.  I think a slightly more grippy texture on the sides like the G703 would have been a nice feature to add as it’s smaller than most medium-sized mice. Its simplistic design is elegant but the ambidextrous shape didn’t feel as satisfying as the G903. The G Pro has been streamlined and you can see why some are calling it the ‘Logitech FK’. It’s fairly narrow, has a low profile body, and barely requires any force to move around the pad.

Features And Performance

As gamers, we are always after greater performance from our peripherals and it would seem Logitech had this in mind when putting together the G Pro. With the arrival of next-gen sensors like the HERO 16k, you can have extra confidence in fast movements. This sensor tracks seamlessly at speeds of over 400 IPS without spinning out. The sensor claims 10x less power than previous ones like the PMW3366 helping with its battery life.

Aside from lag and battery issues we try to avoid, the responsiveness of a mouse can really make the difference between consistently coming out on top, and losing those aim duels/ team fights. Although for a long time wired mice were preferred due to having better response times, Logitech has made this a redundant factor with their Lightspeed wireless technology. Logitech boasts a report rate of 1000 Hz or 1ms and it would be impossible for anyone to notice any difference in response between wired and this mouse.

The mouse comes with 5 preset DPI values you can change quickly using the button on the bottom. The preset options aren’t for everyone though and the DPI is easily customized in Logitech’s software where you can change the values from 100 to 16000.

The Logitech G Pro uses a lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) rechargeable battery that is lightweight and has a staggering battery life of 48 hours with the default lighting. However, gamers have the choice of turning off the RGB lighting to extend this to 60+ hours. The mouse contains onboard memory which means you can store your profiles on the mouse its self, making the transition from home to arena less hassle.

The G Pro comes with a USB cable to charge which can be used while playing if necessary. There is also a dongle receiver stored in the compartment at the bottom of the mouse that can either go straight into your machine or the desktop USB extender if you prefer. Now if you hate wires don’t worry the G Pro is compatible with Logitech’s Powerplay wireless charging mat. When plugged in, charging time may take around 30 minutes but it essentially offers endless power. It’s worth noting that the mouse will automatically stop charging, so you can plug it in when you’re away from your computer or between gaming sessions. You can also monitor the progress through the software.

Other software features:

RGB lighting effect customisation

DPI Customisation

Device Synchronisation

Remap Buttons

Create Macros

Mac Pro And Pro Display Xdr Now Available To Order From Apple Online Store

Six years since the computer was last updated, and more than two years since the modular high-end revamp of the Mac Pro was promised, Apple today released the Mac Pro and accompanying Apple Pro Display XDR, which start at $5999 and $4999 respectively. First configurations ship December 18th.

The Mac Pro base starts at a rather measly 8-core 32 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD config but can be specced to up to insanely high-end internals, accompanied by an insanely high price, aimed at true professional environments like video editing bays.

One of the issues with the previous trashcan Mac Pro design was that it offered little opportunity for internal upgradability, and the cylindrical design hampered how much heat the components could generate, which meant Apple could never give it more powerful GPUs. The new Mac Pro is a direct answer to those complaints, harkening back to the old ‘cheesegrater’ design, with a new case that has a swathe of internal space and bays, combined with great heat dissipation and airflow.

This means the Mac Pro can support a 28-Core Xeon CPU, up to 1.5 terabytes of RAM, up to 4 beefy graphics cards running at once, and an 8 TB internal SSD. The Mac Pro motherboard features a total of 8 PCI Express card slots. Apple’s ‘MPX cards’ take up two of these slots for maximum performance but an MPX enclosure is not mandatory.

Apple also developed a special Afterburner accelerator card that is squarely aimed at video professionals. The card speeds up ProRes and ProRes video codecs which converts into direct performance gains in workflows like Final Cut Pro when working on projects in those formats.

All of this power is contained in a custom chassis, with an aluminium metal cover that can be removed for easy access to the components. The chassis features handles so it can be easily picked up and moved around, and Apple is even offering wheels as an additional purchase. A rack-mountable Mac Pro configuration is also being made available.

The Pro Display XDR costs $5000 to start with a matte nano-texture screen finish available for an extra $1000. The 1600 nit peak brightness and 1000 nit sustained brightness make this 32-inch 6K display rival reference monitors which usually sell for in excess of $20,000. The Pro Display XDR offers 10-bit color depth and P3 wide color gamut, wide viewing angles, with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. The ‘eXtreme Dynamic Range’ comes from a sophisticated backlighting system made up of 576 individual LEDs, which can be locally turned on or off, rather than one large backlight found in typical desktop displays.

The pro price tag doesn’t stop with the monitor itself; Apple’s display is sold without a stand. The adjustable and rotatable Pro Stand from Apple costs an extra $999 and if you already have a stand that you want to use with the Pro Display XDR, the Vesa mount is still an additional $200.

You can order the Mac Pro and Pro Display from the Apple Online Store right now.

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Ipad Pro Unboxing And First Impressions

Today we’re taking a look at the iPad Pro. On the surface, it may look like a giant Netflix machine, but well… it kind of is. This is the biggest iPad ever without a doubt, that packs a 12.9-inch display and obviously has a much larger footprint when compared to the iPad Air 2, this is larger by 78 percent actually. But enough with the small talk, let’s take a look inside of the box..,

As far as specifications go, Apple’s iPad Pro is packing the A9X processor inside, with 4GB of RAM, and either 32GB or in my case 128GB of internal storage. As I mentioned, there’s a 12.9-inch display with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 which is good for 265ppi.

Check out our iPad Pro unboxing and impressions video below:

The display is pretty clean as well. It’s obviously not as pixel dense as some of the smartphones we look at, but it’s on point with a Retina MacBook Pro. The technology for the display makes it extremely power efficient as well, at least according to Apple. The display features a variable refresh rate that can detect when the content on it is static. From there is drops the refresh rate from 60 to 30 in order to save power.

Taking a look at design, this thing is massive. Like really big. Luckily, it’s not as thick as it is big. It comes in at just 6.9mm and weighs 1.57 pounds, which isn’t too bad at all. Along the bottom end, you’ll find a Lightning port for charging, and surprisingly here, Apple has implemented four side-firing speakers inside of the iPad Pro (2 on each end) for a rich multimedia experience.

On one side you’ll find the volume buttons and a couple of microphones, while the other is home to Apple’s new Smart Connector, which can be used for accessories like the new Smart Keyboard, which is actually not available to ship immediately at launch, but third-party manufacturers like Logitech have swooped in to save the day. And if you really want to be that guy, there’s an 8-megapixel camera on the backside, capable of up to 1080p video recording. Trust me though, you don’t want to be that guy. Also, around the front, there’s a 1.2-megapixel camera, making it great option for Skype and FaceTime calls.

So basically, when the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector makes contact with a supported accessory like Logitech’s CREATE keyboard case, it powers and charges the keyboard so you’ll never have to worry about that. Pretty neat feature in my opinion and also one of the things that makes the iPad Pro a bit different than the other models. And obviously because the iPad Pro is so large, a keyboard case like this will actually have full-size keys, which is miles better than typing on something cramped in a smaller form factor.

Apple also makes the iPad Pro useful for a wide variety of other people with Apple Pencil, and I’d love to share my experience about this with you, but unfortunately this too was not available to ship instantly at launch.

I think the iPad Pro is a nice idea overall, but the main issue here is that it runs iOS instead of something that may be a bit more useful to “professionals” like you know.. maybe OS X? The truth is, that even Microsoft’s Surface may appeal to anyone looking to get more out of productivity than iOS has to offer, but that doesn’t make this a bad product. Having laptop-like screen real estate in a tablet form-factor is a nice thing. Especially when paired with a full size keyboard. Drop in the rich multitasking found in iOS 9 and you’ve got something that can definitely appeal to a lot of people. And you know what? Sometimes folks just don’t want to deal with a desktop operating system.

For me, the iPad Pro feels pretty well-built and obviously the quality is on point with what you’d expect from Apple. That being said, it’ll take me some time to figure out whether or not this huge tablet is something I need in my life, but I’ll definitely give it a shot. What do you think about the iPad Pro? Did you pick one up?

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Best Webcam Covers For Laptops In 2023

While the internet has infinitely enhanced our lives, it comes with its pitfalls, such as the risk of privacy violations. Did you know? The webcam on your computer is susceptible to attacks from hackers who can gain remote access to it and spy on you. Moreover, some malware or suspicious apps can turn on your camera without you ever knowing. Yes, even the indicator light can be deactivated through unscrupulous means. So, it’s wise to cover up your computer camera when you’re not using it.

While tape works, it can leave scratches and damage your display. Instead, go for these best webcam covers for laptops to protect your privacy and your device.

1. CloudValley webcam cover slide [2-pack]

This ultra-thin matte black webcam cover features a subtle metallic design that complements your laptop’s beautiful aesthetic. Installation is a breeze thanks to the small, clear adhesive strips that give you better control during placement.

It’s compatible with various MacBook Pros and other laptops, too, without causing any damage to the display. Further, it completely blocks the outside light and gives a black screen when the camera is covered. At the same time, the slide moves easily to expose the camera when needed.

Check out on Amazon

2. EYSOFT webcam cover 0.7MM thin

Here’s another moveable slider design webcam cover to protect your privacy. It can be opened or closed with just a quick finger movement. And the adhesive can be easily applied and removed from the device without any traces.

It’s extremely thin and durable: measuring only 0.022 inches in thickness, which will not interfere when closing the lid of your laptop. It adheres with double-sided tape and can be removed when needed.

Check out on Amazon

3. BLOCKED webcam vinyl covers

Check out these solid vinyl webcam covers that will not fade over time. They are made in the USA and leave no sticky residue. Further, it does not even cause any scratches or damage to your laptop.

The covers are opaque and do not allow any light through. Moreover, with 57 different sizes in the pack, you can also use it on smartphones, tablets, smart home devices, smart TVs, & game consoles.

Check out on Amazon

4. COOLOO webcam cover slide

Here’s another excellent webcam cover with a super-thin design and perfect curved edges for a precise fit. It also comes in various sizes, which means it can be perfectly combined with your devices.

Further, it is only 0.022 inches thick and does not feel its existence when the laptop lid is closed. It is incredibly durable and has a strong nano gel that provides a durable and reliable attachment between your devices and webcam cover. Also, the adhesive will not leave any traces.

Check out on Amazon

5. Cimkiz metal magnet web camera cover

Protect yourself with this extremely thin and well-designed product that’s just 0.027 inches for the perfect fit. It’s made up of durable 3M adhesive sticks that provide a secure attachment on different devices.

Installation is effortless because you can effortlessly tear off the protective film at the back and then align the cover with your webcam. Press firmly for 15 seconds for a strong seal that will stand the test of time.

Check out on Amazon

6. Ehunt ultra-thin metal webcam cover

Protect your privacy unobtrusively with this sleek webcam cover. You can conveniently move the slider to open and close the camera as needed.

It is only 0.027 inches in thickness, so it won’t interfere when you shut your laptop screen. Moreover, since it’s made of super-thin metal, it will withstand wear and tear to last a long time.

Check out on Amazon

7. Dcreate laptop webcam cover

This webcam cover has got a slightly different design but is equally useful to keep out prying eyes. It’s a little tricky to install at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes effortless.

Further, it boasts an enhanced adhesive formula made by 3M to ensure that the cover stays on. It is extremely thin to ensure that you can seamlessly close your laptop’s screen.

Check out on Amazon

8. Elimoons ultra-thin laptop camera cover

I loved the super-thin-designed precise edges of this cover that is sure to fit your camera lens with ease. It is only 0.027 inches thick and will not interfere when you shut your laptop screen.

It is easy to install and durable because the strong Nano gel provides a secure seal between your device and the camera lens. Plus, when you need to remove it, no ugly marks are left by the adhesive.

Check out on Amazon

9. Bungajungle real wood webcam cover

If you want a unique and eco-friendly product for your laptop webcam, check out this handcrafted cover made of sustainably harvested wood. The subtle design will complement the beautiful aesthetic of your MacBook or other laptops.

Moreover, since it is wooden, it eliminates the possibility of scratching your screen or keyboard area. The product also comes beautifully packaged with clear instructions. It’s a perfect blend of convenience and sophistication.

Buy it from Etsy

10. Anti-Spy Guru webcam cover

Safeguard your digital life with this simple and inexpensive solution to cover your webcam whenever it is not in use. The 0.7 mm ultra-thin design ensures you can close your laptop without any interference. The sticky part will not smear or smudge your display, which adds to the convenience of using it.

Buy it from Anti-Spy Guru

Secure your privacy with the best webcam covers for laptops!

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Removing Macitnow From Your Mac

In this article, we ask what are the symptoms of a MacItNow “infection” and how can you remove this despicable and sneaky sales tool from your computer.

Foot in the Door

But worse than having inserted itself into your system, it can also be a convenient pipe for other types of spyware into your machine. Besides, it is incredibly annoying.

Symptoms and Causes

MacItNow commonly gets into your machine via “downloaders” or other “helpful” programs which seem to do nothing except assist you to download files. Of course, they are doing something else too.

Websites use adware like MacItNow to monetise their sites, so the bottom line is to be very careful what you agree to download. That said, adware happens even if your browsing is pure. A good policy is that when installing software (and you are unsure of how safe it is) to choose Custom or Advanced install options so you can check any additional bundles being sneaked in.

A well regarded remover is Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool for Mac. This is a good standard tool (and free!) which is easy to download and install and covers you for the basic threats.

Removing MacItNow

So the first thing to try is removing the threats automatically if you can without having to load and reconfigure every browser on your machine. Install Bitdefender Adware Remover and start it.

The software will now scan your browsers for errant extensions and delete them. It will announce when it’s finished.

Lastly Nuke it from Orbit (only way to be sure)

If that first step was unsuccessful, then you have to go deeper. The final step is to remove MacItNow extensions from your browser manually.

On all browsers: Check for an application called “MacItNow” and delete it. Obviously they are starting to rename the app as it’s too easy to find, but look in your apps directory for any suspicious apps. Do a little research on Google to confirm you’ve found a bad guy before you wipe an app you actually need.

If you want to prevent any extensions being installed at all, move the Extensions On/Off slider to Off.

Disable and Delete any suspicious extensions.

Disable and Delete any suspicious extensions.

Once you’ve done that, make sure you check regularly for adware even before you get any alarming or annoying symptoms.

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