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Games are probably the best tools to fill the mundane times with joy or destress the tiring minds with refreshed energy. Out of a wide range of genres, horror games have their own charm that stands them apart from the rest. Whether it’s the fear-ridden plot or unexpected twists and turns or the eccentric sounds, they are designed to keep you on edge – compelling you to fight fire with fire!

Having been critically acclaimed by experts and loved by gaming aficionados alike for offering amazing gaming experience, Bloober Team S.A’s “Layers of Fear” has exclusively launched for iPhone and iPad. For those unfamiliar with this highly popular psychological horror game, it first forayed onto the scene in 2023 with a successful launch on Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. And, it soon became a huge hit among die-hard gamers.

What proved to be a game-changer for this horror game was the gripping storyline. But will the mobile version of the game be able to replicate the same success story? Let’s dive right in as I take a close look at this game and whether or not it deserves your time!

Layers of Fear iPhone and iPad 3D Horror Game

A Gripping Psychedelic Horror Game

An unsettling story is what I look most in my favorite horror games. It not only keeps boredom at bay but also ensures I can stay hooked with the gaming for long. And with a unique story of a deranged painter, Layers of Fear has indeed lived up to my taste.

This first-person psychedelic horror game has put more emphasis on story and exploration. It feels great to get into the psyche of the insane painter and discover the secret of his madness.

What’s more, exploring the vast and constantly changing Victorian-era mansion is absolute fun. The masterpiece paintings, amazing architecture, and décor from the 19th century further enrich the game.

New Objects and Interactions Redesigned for iPhone and iPad

To make the gaming more fun, Bloober Team has introduced several new objects and interaction redesigned for iPhone and iPad. The top-notch graphics, coupled with a highly intuitive interface, give it an edge over similar games.

Explore the Environment to Uncover the Dark Secrets

Layers of Fear’s story-focused exploration is well thought out. So, uncovering the details of the painter’s dark and tragic past never feels out of sync. This is probably the prime reason why it keeps the intensity intact at every stage.

The deeper you go into the game, the more dark secrets you uncover. And then there comes a time when you want to unearth everything at one stretch.

Relish Classic Art

Another thing that I have liked in “Layers of Fear” is the classic art. As someone who enjoys original art and music, I have loved playing the game. While uncovering the fears, trauma, and terror that entwine the painter may appeal more to those who like getting into the heart of a story, the impressive classic art can win over most gamers.

The Price and Compatibility

Being one of the most sought after 3D horror games for iOS, Layers of Fear warrants a high price tag of $9.99. As for compatibility, it requires iOS 11 or later. That means you can play this game even on older devices like iPhone 6s and 5th-gen iPad.

Download (No Longer Available)

The Verdict…

Yeah, Layers of Fear is neither for casual gamers who take on gaming only once in a blue moon nor for the chicken-hearted fellows who find eccentric sounds too scary to endure. But for the folks who are into serious horror gaming, it’s right on the money.

Oh, not to mention, if you have already given this game a shot on your Windows PC or macOS device, you would love every bit of it on the iOS or iPadOS device as well. Boasting unpredictable story and several twists and turns, the game looks primed to test not just your skill as a gamer but also your daredevil – without being too frightening.

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Netflix Tips And Tricks For Iphone, Ipad, And Mac

Netflix is undoubtedly one of the best streaming services that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Recently, we wrote about Apps for Netflix that will add a spark to your viewing experience. In addition, we also have an ever-updating list of movies on Netflix to get everything on one page.

Anyways, it’s no mystery that we all struggle to find content that we like on Netflix and that’s just because Netflix has so much to offer. To reduce the surfing and utilize your maximum time in watching the shows you like, below are some handy Netflix tips and tricks that will surely enhance your viewing experience.

Netflix Tips and Tricks for iPhone, iPad, and Mac #1. Like and Dislike feature

Netflix changed their rating system in 2023, and maybe it was a good move. Users can now rate content with Thumbs Up/Down. Make sure you give your thumb up or down if you like or dislike any show or movie.

This will enable Netflix algorithm to sort your feed accordingly. Whether you believe it or not, these thumbs up and down does matter to you. After giving specific numbers of feedbacks, Netflix algorithms start their work and show you shows and movies relevant to the content you have liked.

It’s a general behavior to quit the app once we have completed watching, but next time make sure you do give your thumb to the content you watched.

#2. Profiling

A simple solution to this problem is to create a different profile for different people. Doing so will sort recommendations to respective profile. Combine profiling with thumbs up/down, and you’ll see perfect recommendations suiting your preferences.

#3. Manually making the list

No one understands you better than yourself, not even Netflix’s algorithms. Keeping that thought in mind, Netflix has an option where you can make your list, and it will show you just that. Also, any changes you make in the list will sync across all devices, meaning you won’t need to the hard work again.

#4. Delete viewing history

As mentioned above, most of us share our Netflix with family and friends and the viewing history is visible to everyone. If you care about your privacy, you may be looking for a way to remove this history so other won’t find out what you are watching.

Just in case if you fail to find what exactly you are looking for, it is the time to invoke the lord, the Netflix itself.

You can feed in three title request at a time.

Of course, there’s no guarantee your request will be fulfilled, but at least there’s a ray of hope.

#6. Play the Spin Game

It will randomly select a show/movie to help you decide what to watch and save your time searching. It’s a third-party free service, which also allows you to select shows from Prime, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, etc.

#7. Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

If Mac is your primary device for watching shows and movies, mastering the keyboard shortcuts is a must. Below are some handy ones for your help:

Press “F” to quickly have a full-screen mode and to exit press “Esc.”

Use “Spacebar” to Play/Pause easily

To fast forward movie or show, press “Shift + Right Arrow” and “Shift + Left Arrow” to rewind

You can use “M” key to mute or unmute quickly

To increase or decrease the volume, press Shift + Up arrow or Shift + Down arrow respectively

#8. Shortcuts for iPhone and iPad

There aren’t many shortcuts for iPhone or iPad, but one of the handiest one is fast forward and rewinding using the screen taps.

Just double tap on the right side of the screen while watching on Netflix to fast-forward and double tapping on the left will rewind.

#9. Subtitle Customization

Watching shows or movies in a language that isn’t your primary language is a real tough job. There are subtitles available, but at times they get mixed up with the background color of the movie or show you are watching and maybe you miss the most important line.

#10. Turn off autoplay

You can check/uncheck autoplay option to turn it on/off.

Besides, you can also customize the default quality on this page. If you are viewing Netflix on data, switching to medium or low quality is recommended.

#11. Chrome Extensions for Netflix FindFlix Extension

Install FindFlix

Netflix Party Extension

Let love be in the air, especially if you are in a long distance relationship. With this extension you can sync video playback with friends or that special one; also it adds a group chat option to shares your heart out while watching. It’s free and light on the browser and perfectly does the job for what it is made for.

Install Netflix Party

Netflix Enhancer

No need to open a number of tabs on your browser just find the IMDb ratings or information about the title you are viewing. This one extension does exactly that. It shows you relevant information about the title you are viewing along with IMDb ratings and trailers in same tabs.

Install Netflix Enhancer

#12. Download feature

Alternately, you can swipe right to left and tap on Delete button.

#14. Create your Flixtape

By visiting chúng tôi you can create your own Flixtape. Flixtape is customized playlist made from a theme, or feeling, or mood. Also, you can also share it with your friends and family. To add a little spice, you can even customize the cover of your Flixtape. It’s free and worth a try.

#15. Become Netflix Beta Tester

If you are madly in love with Netflix and would like to have your hands on the new features before anyone else, you may consider getting yourself enrolled as a Test Participant.

To do so, just head over to Accounts → Test Participation and turn ON the switch.

That’s all folks!

Video: Best Netflix Tips, Ticks, and Hacks

Signing Off

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Super Cool Interactive Ipad Game Apps For Kids

1. Kids Preschool Learn Letters

Looking for an that can help your little champ joyfully learn letters? If yes, this highly interactive app could be the right answer.

The app offers ten vibrant games that are designed to make kids learn English alphabets and phonics in a fun-filled way. To make learning more simplified, it provides easy-to-understand understand instructions.

And with a whole host of rewards in the offing, kids feel motivated to learn. My top picks of this app are shadow matching, alphabets, and objects coloring and sequential shells.

As the name suggests, this app is an interactive tutor as well as a sort of game for kids. It teaches spelling, word building, and rhymes while making sure your young one is entertained with great cartoon graphics.

The app uses spelling along with phonetics, which makes it easier for the kid to understand and learn the word. In addition, there’s an alphabet and also an Endless monster to keep your kids engaged. The app is free for limited words and later you can make the purchase for additional features.

3. World Map Challenge! Geography

There is a lot to like in the “World Map Challenge”. If you are willing to make your kid indulge in an interactive geography quiz, this one could be worth trying out. With this app, children can learn about the locations of about 200 countries.

With the fully interactive map, kids can zoom, pan, and tap on the specific elements to find the right answer. To ensure the interaction remains an enjoyable experience, it offers pleasing sound effects.

There are a couple of features that I find appreciable in this app. The multi-player mode and practice mode which bring a lot of joy into learning. What’s more, it also allows kids to keep track of progress and earn stars.

4. Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Here’s an app to help children embark on a lifelong learning journey. It features fun exploration and meaningful play to keep young learners engaged for hours.

Further, all the activities are guided by international early learning standards. The app is also continuously updated with the most cutting-edge teaching practices. Finally, it covers everything from math and science to language, literacy, creative arts, puzzles, and more.

5. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Children between the ages of 2 to 5 will have tons of fun helping monkey pack lunch in this top game for young learners. It’s a collection of seven exciting educational games that teach children about colors, letters, counting, shapes, sizes, matching, and differences.

There are dozens of sounds and voice recordings to keep kids engaged. And they earn sticker rewards along the way to encourage progress. Moreover, it’s been carefully designed for young learners, so it is straightforward and safe to navigate.

6. Bloom

Bloom is a great mix of the instrument, composition, and artwork. The app comes with fabulous controls that help kids create elaborate patterns and unique melodies with ease. It features 12 different mood settings and also allows random mood shuffle.

It allows adjustable delay as well to ensure kids can play it at their own pace. And yes, there is also a sleep timer that automatically stops the apps at a fixed time.

7. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

If it’s time to pamper your kid with interactive songs and lullabies, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” would be a nice pick. The app offers a beautifully designed storybook for kids which they would love to explore while singing along the classy song.

It has also got some galaxy puzzles that are aimed at making children learn spelling and vocabulary. And with the 123 counts, it can even help kids master counting in a fun way.

One of my favorite features of this app is the zodiac memory game that can play a good role in enhancing the cognitive skills of kids. Though this app comes for free, you will need to spend some money to remove limitations.

8. I Spy with Lola HD

I Spy with Lola is a little thrilling clue-based game that helps the kid become sharper through the gameplay. It helps your kid remember stuff and its name in a very interactive, visual and entertaining way.

So, help your kid kick-start the journey to collect a lot of souvenirs and coins from each completed task. And then tell him to make the most of the earned coins to unlock wonderful locations.

That’s all!

What’s your favorite?

Now, let us know the name of the games, which you have picked out for your kid? Also, tell us about the features you have liked in them.

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Best Flight Tracking Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Despite being an avid traveler, I only recently learned about flight tracking apps on iPhone and iPad. These offer the convenience of viewing flight status on the go, getting alerts about delays or cancellations, checking arrivals and departures at any airport, organize travel itineraries, and more. As someone who’s always excited to fly or even spot a plane go by overhead, I had a lot of fun and felt a fair bit of FOMO playing around with these apps. Here’s my take on the best flight tracking apps for iPhone and iPad that every traveler needs.

1. Flightradar24

Out of the apps I tested, this one wins when it comes to interface and features. It boasts a unique interactive world map that displays all the flights occurring in real-time. You can tap a plane for detailed information such as its route, time of departure, estimated time of arrival, aircraft type, speed, altitude, photos of the aircraft, etc.

Of course, you can also search for individual flights using flight number, airport, or airline and filter flights by airline, aircraft, altitude, speed, and more. You can also view detailed weather reports along the selected flight’s route. Further, you can set up custom alerts about emergencies or unique flights nearby.

The most fun feature is the 3D view that lets you see what an aircraft’s pilot sees in 3D. This makes it feel like a flight simulation game and will keep travel lovers engaged. You only get a few sessions of this feature in the free version and will need to subscribe for more.

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $1.49 per month)


2. Flighty

Check out this iOS flight tracking app to log your travels and access all the information you might need. Flighty keeps you informed with customizable and perfectly timed notifications from detailed flight maps to live tracking, delay forecasts, and more.

Further, it’s beautifully designed and a real breeze to use. I especially appreciate that you get Flighty Pro included on your first flight without needing to enter any credit card info or sign up for a free trial. The Pro benefits include push notifications, delay forecasts, calendar sync, and more. Once you experience how this app transforms your travel life, you won’t be able to live without it.

Price: Free


3. The Flight Tracker

Here’s another must-have flight tracker for frequent fliers. You can save and view any flight you want and organize your trips for convenient access. Interactive maps and comprehensive information about your routes will ensure that you’re always in the know and can avoid delays. Further, it also offers aircraft information and seat maps for the flights you’ve saved or are tracking.

Given the plethora of features, the app was slightly tricky to find my way around at first. But don’t let that deter you from downloading it because it’s a mandatory addition to any traveler’s toolkit. You can get insights into airports, see real-time arrivals and departures, stay updated with the latest weather reports, and more.

Price: Free (Membership starts at $1.99)


4. FlightAware Flight Tracker

Here’s another excellent app to see the real-time flight status and tracking map of any commercial flight worldwide. It can also track general aviation in the US and Canada, such as private and charter flights. You need to create an account on the app to access its features.

You can set up custom alerts for flights you’re tracking to stay informed on the go. Moreover, it makes it easy to see nearby flights at a glance and know of any delays. You can choose from four different map views, namely Classic, Streets, Satellite, or Hybrid, plus Weather overlay options. It’s great to see the planes move in real-time on the map anywhere in the world. Tap any flight to see the route play out live on your screen and get relevant details such as timings and gate info.

Price: Free


5. App in the Air

More than a mere flight tracking app, this one’s a personal travel itinerary manager. It offers an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to search and book flights, keep your itineraries and boarding passes, track your miles, and more.

I love it because it’s a convenient and safe place to have all my travel info and access at a moment’s notice. Moreover, it’s available on Apple Watch and within iMessage to quickly share flight details with contacts.

Moreover, the app learns from your travel preferences over time, such as which airlines and routes you prefer, to find and curate the best options for you. It’ll definitely ease the stress in your travel life and help you plan your trips better.

Price: Free ($4.99 for Monthly Premium)


6. Distance Too‪l

Here’s a tool that lets you measure the distance between points on a map quickly and easily. You can also calculate the area for non-overlapping polygons drawn. See the results in metric units for distance (meters, kilometers) and imperial units (yards, miles, feet for altitude).

It’s handy for mapping plots of land/home boundaries, agricultural fields, or any other distances/areas. You can also draw any shape on the map and calculate the area. Further, the Follow Mode allows you to calculate distance or areas simply by moving.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases $3.99)


8. Flight Board

Offering information about over 16,000 airports and 1,400 airlines worldwide, this app is a must-have for frequent fliers the world over. Whether you’re a passenger or a crew member, this app will help you check and keep track of real-time flight status information and details updated every minute.

Price: Free


9. Planes Live

“Planes Live” is designed to let you accurately track planes and helicopters from around the world. You will receive instant alerts for canceled flights, schedule changes, and flight changes. Furthermore, you can search for any flight, location, and airport.

You have the option to add airports and locations to my places to access and track them with ease. Find the weather forecast for any airport or location and make the most of smart filters to track a specific airline or airplane model.

This app is also compatible with multiple languages like English, Arabic, Danish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, and Japanese. Whether you are an airline worker or an aviation enthusiast, you’ll appreciate this informative app with powerful functionality.

Price: Free (Premium starts at $2.99)


Tried any flight tracking apps yet?

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7 Of The Best Game Engines For New Game Developers

Game developers require a platform that provides an expression of creativity and performance without additional plugins or extra purchases. While there are hundreds of cool game engines on the market, few are as popular with new developers as those rendering cross-platform support, using artificial intelligence (AI), and creating immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences.

The following list of indie game engines use the most powerful technologies, have the most vibrant online communities for support, and provide the most essential tools and workflows to take your final output to the next level.

1. CryEngine V

Crytek’s CryEngine V is where this developer remastered one of the gaming community’s most beloved FPS titles: Crysis. Since Crysis titles are known for having impressive graphics, especially when first released, CryEngine boasts numerous features for creating appealing visuals such as Area Lights, DirectX 12 support, Physically Based Rendering, and 3D HDR Lens Flares. CryEngine’s next-level visual tools are evident in titles developed even in the software’s previous versions, such as CryEngine I, in which the Far Cry series was developed.

The latest version of CryEngine supports Windows, Linux, PlayStation4, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, open-source Virtual Reality, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive. According to Crytek, support for mobile software development is underway.

CryEngine is 100 percent free to use but implements a royalty system. It works this way: the first $5,000 of annual revenue per project is royalty-free, then 5 percent of annual revenue exceeding the threshold is paid to Crytek.

2. Unreal Engine 4

Whether your game is meant to be played in Windows, Linux, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, or even the latest Oculus, Hololens 2, Samsung Gear, or Google VR, Unreal Engine by Epic Games provides an unmatched experience. Unreal Engine is by far one of the most popular gaming software and has been around since 1998 powering hundreds of popular games, including the Batman Arkham series, Dragon Ball Z, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Call of Cthulhu.

Having been in the business for so long, Epic has learned a lot from its mistakes. Doing so has allowed it to create the closest thing you have to an error-free, bug-free experience.

Unreal Engine also uses open platforms and a brilliant support system based on tickets as well as a vibrant community to help you in any sticky situation. It is also cross-compatible with other gaming engines such as Unity or Amazon Lumberyard.

The gaming engine is free to use. Once you publish a game, you pay them 5 percent royalties after the first $3,000 per game in a calendar quarter. This is good for someone who just started as a game developer. You don’t have to worry too much about costs, and there is only one catch: access to Unreal’s marketplace is not free.

Unreal Engine 5 Early Access

In 2023, Epic Games revealed Unreal Engine 5 (UE5). UE5 Early Access currently supports the same platforms as Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), such as next- and current-generation consoles, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. However, new UE5 features, such as Nanite and Lumen, are only supported on next-generation consoles and Windows as of this writing.

Nanite and Lumen are two key features that make UE5 distinctive and better for creating immersive in-game worlds. Nanite allows you to import cinema-quality source art with millions of polygons and utilize them multiple times without sacrificing frame rate. Lumen, on the other hand, lets you create realistic scenes where indirect lighting adapts to changes in direct lighting. For example, Lumen’s solution is manifested in scenes when an in-game world’s shadows change angles throughout the day.

Aside from Nanite and Lumen, UE5 also features a new World Partition system, One File Per Actor system, Data Layers, Control Rig, Pose Browser, and MetaSounds, among others.

According to Epic Games, they’re aiming to ship UE5 to the public in early 2023. But if you can’t wait, try UE5 Early Access by visiting its official page and downloading the software.

3. Unity

Supporting more than 25 platforms, Unity is a highly-ranked gaming engine that prides itself on being “the world’s best real-time development platform.” It provides the behind-the-scenes action for some of the most engrossing and imaginative role-playing games, including Escape from Tarkov, Osiris: New Dawn, In the Valley of Gods, Harold Halibut, and Sonder.

While individual users can use Unity for free, the annual Teams subscription plans start at $399 per person. All the games you end up developing are royalty-free.

4. Amazon Lumberyard

Amazon Lumberyard, a fairly new game engine (launched c.2023), is a continuation of CryEngine, which used to power intensive games, including Far Cry, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, and Enemy Front. Amazon has improvised the features to support integration with AWS and hundreds of game-ready assets that can import files from Adobe Photoshop to Autodesk Maya. It also uses its proprietary animation editor to create compelling characters as well as a feature-rich sound engine.

You only have to create an AWS account, and the entire game development is free except for one catch: you need an AWS subscription (pricing varies). Other than that, Lumberyard is free to use, and you “don’t” have to share royalties with Amazon. In terms of features, compatibility, and support, Lumberyard is second to none.

5. GameMaker Studio 2

GameMaker Studio 2 is a 2D game development software from YoYo Games. It’s famed for being the home of games such as Undertale, Shovel Knight, Hyperlight Drifter, Katana Zero, and many other titles. It supports software development for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Raspberry Pi, and HTML5.

GameMaker Studio 2 houses Geography Markup Language and its Drag and Drop visual coding tool to help 2D game developers.

Its key features include its Room Editor, which allows you to add and remove rooms and integrate them into camera controls and design tools. Its Workspaces feature lets you customize and organize your project through spaces where you create and view assets, write code, and design rooms. Lastly, its Object Editor allows you to create and define the behavior of objects inside each room. Using this tool, you can make an element visible, solid, or persistent.

You can use GameMaker Studio 2 for free or upgrade to a Creator, Indie, or Enterprise subscription starting at $4.99 per month.

6. AppGameKit

Are you an indie game developer with a small budget? AppGameKit is a no-frills development solution that supports the best games you can build on Visual Editor. For an all-inclusive deal at $80, you get one of the easiest tools in the market for developing games on iOS, Android, Windows PC, Xbox, Linux, Raspberry Pi, HTML5 browsers, and more.

7. Godot Engine

Godot Engine is a free and open-source 2D and 3D game engine. It provides developers with an extensive range of basic development tools without the fluff of feature-heavy software. It also lets you create custom tools and use its visual editor for improved engine navigation.

However, the best part of Godot Engine is that everything you create using the engine is royalty-free, and you have full ownership of everything that’s in your project.

So if you’re looking to start your game development project and want to make sure you get 100% of everything you worked for, Godot Engine is a great software pick.

Godot Engine also encourages people with the necessary knowledge to help them fix and create features in the software. If you happen to enjoy what Godot Engine has to offer, you can contribute through coding and documentation. You can also contribute by reporting issues within the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions 1. What kind of PC do you need for game development?

However, if you have a 3D game development project planned, having more powerful hardware can help speed up rendering times, improve testing, and support a heavy workload during development.

If you have a specific game engine you want to try, navigate to their official website to find out their system requirements.

2. Do these game engines offer learning resources for beginners?

Most, if not all, game engines on this list offer free learning resources for different levels of game development expertise. You can find resources by visiting the official website of the engine of your choice.

There are also third-party free and paid courses that can teach you how to use specific game engines, with most of them on platforms like Udemy.

3. What are the best free and third-party resources for coding?

There are thousands of content creators that offer content on learning or improving your coding skills. Since this is a necessary skill to develop a game or any other software, learning is essential. Check out this list of the best YouTube channels that offer coding resources.

Natalie dela Vega

Natalie is a writer specializing in tech how-tos and gaming. When she’s not writing, she plays PC games and travels. Here at MakeTechEasier, you will see her write about guides, tips, and solutions for Windows and iOS.

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Best Image Upscaler Apps For Iphone, Ipad And Mac In 2023

Things to know about image upscaler apps:

With image upscaler apps, you can even unblur images.

Many apps are compatible with MacBooks powered by Apple Silicon.

Before suggesting, all of the apps in this list were tested and reviewed by us.

Images are the portal to old times since it has the magical ability to preserve memories. While cameras have come a long way that can now help us take images with rich details, it was not the case years ago.

The probability of images with fewer details and more blurriness was common years ago. However, if you want to solve this and enhance the image quality, then I have come up with the solutions! Here’s our list of the best image upscale apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

What is image upscaling?

Image upscaling, also known as image resizing or scaling, is the process of digitally increasing the size of an image. When you use any AI image upscale apps in our list, the software will add more pixels (details) to the image based on the existing information from the image.

Now that you know what an image enhancer app is and how it works, let us look at the apps to make pictures look better.

1. Pixelup – Editor’s choice

It’s time to say goodbye to those old and blurry photos; welcome Pixelup. You can turn any old, blurry, pixelated, or damaged pictures into crystal-clear HD photos with Artificial Intelligence.

With this application, you can also create AI avatars, color black and white photos, animate them, and even de-scratch old photos.

As for the results too, I was impressed by how good the AI was. It could detect human subjects in the image and improve the detail. Mind you, I used a blurry image with which other apps were struggling, but it was not an issue for Pixelup as it enhanced the image without breaking a sweat!

To save the image or share it on Instagram, you have to watch another ad that can be skipped after 5 seconds, and hence I didn’t find it much annoying. But the images generated have a pretty big watermarked logo that cannot be left unnoticed, and the only way to remove it is to subscribe to premium.


Good image enhancement

Offers additional features

Quick process


Free version leaves watermarks

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)

Compatible Device: iPhone, iPad, & Apple Silicon Mac


2. AI Art & Photo Enhancer – Fast process

With this app, you can easily upscale low-quality photos with just a few taps. You can also use this app to restore old pictures, remove artifacts and increase the sharpening of the picture given.

Apart from the ability to upscale images, this app lets you turn your photo to anime, generate AI art, and try other filters to make it look great.


Easy to use

Does the process pretty fast

Ability to share enhanced images instantly


More free credits could have been given

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $3.99)

Compatible Device: iPhone, iPad, & Apple Silicon Mac


3. PhotoTune – Enhance images in batches

PhotoTune does exactly what the name suggests. It enhances the photo, removes noise, and makes it crystal clear with one tap. It has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface that makes upscale images quick and easy.

Besides upscaling a single image, you can batch-enhance images using the pro version. Also, the app does an excellent job of maintaining color quality while improving image quality.


Batch image enhancement

All features are free to use

Quickly enhances images


Watermark in free version

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)

Compatible Device: iPhone, iPad, & Apple Silicon Mac


4. Remini – AI photo enhancer

With Remini, you can turn low-resolution, grainy, and damaged photos into clear, sharp, high-definition images. Thanks to the app’s AI technology, you can instantly get results. In addition, you can repair your old, blurry photos to turn them into amazing images that you’ll be tempted to instantly share on social media.

Moreover, the team promises to add new features to the app over time. Another great feature of this app is that users can use it in multiple languages, so you can be more familiar with its features in a language of your preference!

Apart from increasing the image quality, you can also use Remini to create AI avatar to see yourself in a different style. Also, I’m in love with the beautiful app UI. As for image enhancement, it does a pretty good job.


Beautiful UI

Supports multiple languages

Offers additional features


Image enhancement affects overall color accuracy

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)

Compatible Device: iPhone & iPad


5. AI Enlarger – Simple UI

With this app, you can finally say goodbye to those old pixelated and blurry photos for the rich in detail, clear, sharp, and vibrant images. The AI Enlarge app has a simple UI that can easily help you choose the feature. Once you select an image, choose the resolution you want to increase and hit the button.

Wait for some time, and voila! The enhanced image is here! However, I do think that the team should work on improving the quality. The app also includes a variety of image enhancement tools, such as color optimization, noise reduction, deblurring, and sharpening.


Simple UI

Increase quality to up to 8x

Multiple features to choose


Image enhancement can be worked upon

Only 5 free credits

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $5.99)

Compatible Device: iPhone, iPad, & Apple Silicon Mac


6. MintAI – Photo Enhancer

Not every moment is meant for photos, and not everyone knows to take them without shaking the camera. For them and those who want to revive old images, you can use the MintAI app.


Good UI

Visible results

Many features to checkout


Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $3.99)

Compatible Device: iPhone, iPad, & Apple Silicon Mac


Enhance your memories!

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