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iOS 13 Key Features You Must Know About

In this article, we will discuss iOS 13 key features, how to download iOS 13 beta, and iOS 13 compatible devices.

Which devices are compatible with iOS 13 and iPadOS beta:

iPhone 6S and higher

iPad Air 2 and latest

All iPad Pro models

iPad 5th generation and newer

iPad 4 mini and latest versions

Exciting new features of iOS 13 that all iOS users should know about:

New Photos Tool – In iOS 13 Apple adds new photo tab to allow users to remove duplicate photos, highlight best shots and do much more. Moreover, you can now rotate video and apply new filters and video effects.

Portrait lighting inbuilt tool in iPhone’s camera app adds a lighting effect to smoothen skin. It will also allow changing intensity and location of portrait lighting. Nonetheless, you’ll find more editing filters like vignette, vibrance, auto-enhance, and noise reduction.

New camera features in iOS 13

Photos app will arrange photos in YY/MM/Date mode.

As you scroll you can play live photos and videos.

View photos based on each day, month or year.

Swipe-able keyboard – Finally Apple adds a feature called QuickPath Typing to let users trace a word to spell it out. In Android this feature has been there for years. Now is the time for Apple users to try it.

This new feature is useful for one-handed typing and in theory is much faster and accurate.

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Security Features: new privacy feature called Sign in announced. Using this feature user can log into accounts and apps without adding email addresses. This will protect users from third-party tracking. Moreover, users can choose to share or hide email addresses or can ask Apple to create a random email to mask the real email address.

Moreover, now you can choose to share location data just once stopping apps from pinging location when you’re using it.

Optimized battery charging: to improve iPhone’s battery life. This feature will ensure that the iPhone’s battery doesn’t remain fully charged all the time. Lithium-ion batteries (used in iPhone) are said to have longer battery life if not changed above 80%

Besides, these Apple adds certain other tweaks to iOS 13.

Apple splits new OS just for tablets called iPadOS.

Find my Phone and Find My Friends are folders into one single app called Find My.

Siri gets an audio update in iOS 13.

iMessages may work with Dual SIM phones.

Customize Memoji Avatar.

Mute email thread.

Language customization per app.

Send spam calls to voicemail and mute unknown callers.

Reminder app gets updated in iOS 13 and new filtering options like Today, Scheduled, Flagged and All are added.

How to install iOS 13 beta?

Remember to access iOS 13 beta files and to install it you need to have paid Apple developer account. Paid developer account costs $99 annually, it gives you access to publish an app on the App Store for sale.

Since over the air (OTA) file isn’t available for the first beta you’ll need to manually install it.

These are the key features of iOS 13 Apple announced at the annual WWDC developer conference. But, keep in mind Apple often reserves some surprises of the iPhone launch each September. We will keep updating this article as we hear anything new.

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Amazing Things You Must Know About Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Introduction To Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Start Your Free Investment Banking Course

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Step 1: Projections of Income Statement

A simplified Discounted Cash Flow analysis can be created, which projects only the items in the FCFF formula. However, a more rigorous approach pulls such results from a fully integrated three-statement model. In forecasting future cash flows, you should know the sensitivity of cash flow streams over the forecast period. The traditional method of discounting cash flows assumes that cash flows occur at the end of each annual period. It may sometimes be more accurate to forecast cash flows assuming they fall evenly throughout the years.

How Long to Project Cash Flows Depends on the Following:

Industry cycle and competitive structure (operating margins)

Economic cycle

Known significant events

The useful life of the asset (e.g., oil well, mine)

Comfort of forecaster

Allow enough time to reach a normalized or mature level of cash flows which assumes constant growth and capital needs into perpetuity.

While projections become less reliable the further they go, it may be necessary to go out up to 10 years or more to reach a normalized level of free cash flow. 

Sources to Project Free Cash Flows

The free cash flows from a business can be projected using information about the industry in which a business operates and information specific to the business. Various sources, such as research reports, S&P industry surveys, industry journals and manuals, and other miscellaneous sources, can be used. Discounted Cash Flow analysis is an attempt to look at the company’s pure operating results, free and clear of extraordinary items, discontinued operations, one-time charges, etc. It is also extremely important to look at the historical performance of a company or business (margins, growth) to understand how future cash flows relate to past performance.

In summary, Discounted Cash Flow analysis projections should be based on the following:

Historical performance

Company or management projections

Industry estimates

Industry data

Macroeconomic data (e.g., long-term inflation and growth rate forecasts)

Common sense

Projections Using MS Excel

Let us now look at how we forecast the key variables of FCFF in ABC Example (Please refer to the Discounted Cash Flow Excel Sheet provided)

Solutions for the above forecasts

Solutions for the above forecasts

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Projections Reality Check

Confront Sales Growth Assumptions with Underlying Market Dynamics

Be skeptical of projected sales growth curves that look show dramatic improvements versus recent actual performance.

Does the increase in sales reflect a constant market share in an expanding market? If so, why is the market expanding?

Does that assumption agree with industry projections?

If it is an expanding market, why will the company be able to maintain a constant market share? Or does the increase reflect a rising market share in a stagnant market? If yes, why?

Are some firms leaving the industry? Why?

Check the Reasonableness of Margins

Be clear on the actions or events needed to trigger improvements in margins (or reasons for decreases in margins)

Are the margin levels consistent with the structure of competition in the industry?

Any risk of new entrants/substitute products that will drive margins down? 

Capital Expenditures

Watch out for a step-up of production capacity required as sales increase.

Is the Capex level sufficient to support the forecasted increase in sales?

Factor in the impact of industry trends on Capex (e.g., increased environmental expenditures, technology changes, etc.)

What Next?

Now that we have understood the detailed calculations of FCFF, Now in our next article, we will look at the projections of working capital. Till then, Happy Learning!

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This has been a guide to the discounted cash flow analysis. Here are some articles that will help you get more details about the discounted cash flow analysis, so just go through the link.

What You Need To Know About The Acedeceiver Trojan That’s Affecting Some Ios Devices

Stock, non-jailbroken iOS devices appear to be vulnerable to a new security threat; a trojan known as AceDeceiver, which can be installed on an iOS device without the user’s knowledge and without the help of an enterprise certificate. Once installed, it will spread malware and unwanted software to the user’s device.

AceDeceiver only seems to be affecting those located in China at this point in time, but because that could change on the fly, you need to know how to protect yourself so similar threats don’t affect users across the globe in the future.

How the AceDeceiver iOS trojan works

AceDeceiver is the first iOS malware we’ve seen that abuses certain design flaws in Apple’s DRM protection mechanism — namely FairPlay — to install malicious apps on iOS devices regardless of whether they are jailbroken. This technique is called “FairPlay Man-In-The-Middle (MITM)” and has been used since 2013 to spread pirated iOS apps, but this is the first time we’ve seen it used to spread malware. (The FairPlay MITM attack technique was also presented at the USENIX Security Symposium in 2014; however, attacks using this technique are still occurring successfully.)

Apple allows users purchase and download iOS apps from their App Store through the iTunes client running in their computer. They then can use the computers to install the apps onto their iOS devices. iOS devices will request an authorization code for each app installed to prove the app was actually purchased. In the FairPlay MITM attack, attackers purchase an app from App Store then intercept and save the authorization code. They then developed PC software that simulates the iTunes client behaviors, and tricks iOS devices to believe the app was purchased by victim. Therefore, the user can install apps they never actually paid for, and the creator of the software can install potentially malicious apps without the user’s knowledge.

Because the apps can be installed by way of the bogus authentication without user consent, those affected by the trojan are in danger of having their personal data, such as their Apple ID login information, snooped on or stolen.

It’s explained that there were originally three “wallpaper” apps in the App Store between July of 2023 and February of 2023 that managed to pass Apple’s review process and allowed the attackers to obtain a copy of Apple’s DRM authorization code.

Despite Apple removing these malicious apps from the App Store in February, iOS devices remain in danger for their security because the vulnerability still hasn’t been patched in Apple’s DRM protection mechanism and the attackers still have a copy of that authorization code that can be used to install malicious apps.

How it affects users

Users of the infected apps are prompted to install an app on their Windows (not Mac) machines known as Aisi Helper, which claims to be a useful piece of software that could help with restoring devices, jailbreaking them, backing them up, or even cleaning out junk files from them.

Regardless of what it said it would do, Aisi Helper would actually contact a third-party app store that was being controlled by a third-party. It would then enable the attackers behind the third-party app store to use the DRM authorization code they obtained from the official App Store to install malware and apps on the user’s device over the USB connection to the Windows PC without their knowledge.

Specifically, Aisi Helper would automatically install a very specific app onto the iOS device that was tailored to the attackers’ needs, and would ask the user to enter their Apple ID login information to enable more features within the app. These Apple IDs would later be phoned back home to the attackers to keep for their records. This, of course, meant that users Apple IDs were being compromised by the malware.

Who’s still affected?

Again, although it seems to only be affecting some people in certain regions of China, the attackers could always modify their app to affect others anywhere else in the world until Apple officially fixes the DRM vulnerability that the attackers are exploiting.

How to protect yourself

If you use a Windows machine, avoid downloading sketchy software. If you downloaded Aisi Helper, remove it immediately. Those with Macs will be unable to run the Aisi Helper tool, but there’s no telling whether or not this could change in the future.

If prompted to enter your Apple ID for any reason, ensure that you’re entering it into a legitimate Apple app only, and never for a third-party app. Due to App Store restrictions, a third-party app should never ask for access to your Apple ID, so any third-party app asking for it should throw up red flags for you immediately.

Other steps to take, as recommended by Palo Alto Networks, include:

Check to make sure no strange enterprise certificates have been installed on your device

Check to make sure no strange provisioning profiles have been installed on your device

Enable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID

Change your Apple ID password as soon as possible

The security firm also notes that any enterprise certificates or provisioning profiles related to AceDeceiver could have names equal or similar to:




Wrapping up

Another day, another vulnerability. Fortunately, by following Palo Alto Networks’ recommendations above, you can help keep yourself safe from this or similar attacks that may exist. Sometimes there is no way to tell if there are other rogue attacks out there like this one until it’s too late.

Source: Palo Alto Networks via Mac Rumors

Everything You Need To Know About Quibi

Quibi is yet another video-streaming service founded by a titan of the entertainment industry. Jeffrey Katzenberg has some serious Hollywood clout as chairman of Disney during its animation renaissance and co-founder of DreamWorks Animation. While Katzenberg certainly has the credentials, how does Quibi hope to differentiate itself in an already over-crowded field? Read on to find out what Quibi is all about and whether or not you should subscribe.

What Does Quibi Even Mean?

Quibi stands for “quick bites” and doubles as the ethos of the entire platform. Quibi is hoping to pioneer a new way of consuming television. All of the content on Quibi will take the form of short, episodic TV and movies divided into “chapters.” This means that viewers can watch an episode from start to finish in five to ten minutes.

The idea stems from the fact that most people have periodic downtime in their day. Whether that’s on their daily commute to work or while they’re putting together something for dinner, Quibi hopes to fill these gaps in our day with content. Because Quibi is designed to be watched in moments of spontaneity, Quibi is only available on mobile devices.

What Kind of Content Will Quibi Have?

Quibi isn’t going to simply chop up existing TV shows into more manageable run times. Instead, Quibi is investing heavily into original content made specifically for this new format. With approximately $1.75 billion to play with, Quibi is courting big name stars and creative talent to develop their shows. With that sort of cash, Quibi is aiming to cover all of the bases.

Are cooking shows your thing? How about immersive prestige dramas? Are you a reality junkie? Do you love to laugh? What about being scared senseless? Quibi is aiming to scratch virtually every entertainment itch you can imagine.

Furthermore, Quibi will also feature non-scripted content such as documentaries and shows dedicated to news and popular culture. At launch, Quibi will be home to approximately 50 different shows, but expect that number to increase as time goes on.

One of the most interesting facets of Quibi is its unique approach to the way we hold our devices. Quibi employs “Turnstyle,” a sort of pan-and-scan technique that seamlessly makes the best use of your screen real estate, whether you’re holding it in landscape or portrait.

Criticisms of Quibi

Despite being only a few days old, Quibi already has its critics. The biggest complaint about the new streaming service seems to be the fact that Quibi is available exclusively for mobile devices. Because of this, Quibi is not available on TVs in any way, shape or form. There is no Quibi app available for Android TV or other smart TV platforms. Additionally, there are no apps for the Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Roku, game consoles or other streaming boxes. Furthermore, Quibi does not support Chromecast or AirPlay, so you can forget about casting your Quibi shows to your TV.

Quibi Pricing Structure

Unlike other short-form video platforms like YouTube and TikTok, Quibi is a premium service. This means that there is no free option, so if you want to watch, you’re going to have to pony up those credit card details. That being said, Quibi is a bit cheaper than the competition. Quibi subscribers have a choice of two pricing tiers.

The base option is $4.99 per month; however, you’re going to have to sit through the occasional ad. Alternatively, you can opt for the premium tier which will run you $7.99 per month. These prices aren’t exactly cheap, and the folks at Quibi seem to recognize that. Because of this, Quibi is offering a 90-day free trial in the hopes of getting you hooked. But be quick – the 90-day free trial expires at the end of April.

How Do I Get Quibi?

As we mentioned earlier, Quibi has been designed exclusively for mobile devices, and it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. For better or worse, this means that everything Quibi has to offer is going to be delivered to you solely through the screen of your phone.

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11 Hidden Windows 11 Features You Should Know

If you’ve been using the new Windows or even following the Windows 11 news lately, you might know that Microsoft has moved the taskbar to the middle bottom of the screen now. However, Windows 11 also comes with some customizations to the taskbar. Here’s how you can move the taskbar to the left or even at the top with the help of a third-party tool!

5. From the menu, select “Left”.

You can also make folder and settings shortcuts in Windows 11 which will be shown in the start menu next to the Power button. Here’s how to add folder shortcuts to the Start menu in Windows 11:

1. Open Settings on your Windows 11 PC.

If your work involves a lot of typing, just like mine, you can now use the voice typing feature in Windows 11 which makes things quite easy. The Voice dictation is supported on every app and software where you need to type. Here’s how to use this feature:

On any app, website, or software, just hit Windows, and H keys and Voice Typing will feature will be enabled.

Microsoft also announced several new privacy features in Windows 11. One such feature is you can restrict the camera and mic access from specific apps and software. Here’s how to check permissions on your Windows 11 PC and restrict them:

1. Open Settings on your PC.

2. Now head over to Privacy and Security.

5. On the next page, turn off the toggle next to that app from which you want to restrict the camera.

1. Go to Settings and select Systems.

3. On the next page, turn on the Snap Windows features by enabling the toggle.

Just like Android smartphones, Windows 11 now offers clipboard history. So when you copy something previously which you need now, this new feature will help you find all yeh copied text on your PC. Here’s how to use this feature:

On any app or website where you need to paste anything, just press the Windows key and V, and the clipboard will be opened.

Now you can copy from it the text that you have copied earlier. You can also use emojis, GIFs, and symbols from here.

Apart from the above-mentioned hidden features, there are some keyboard shortcuts that you can use on your Windows 11 PC to make full use of its features and also improve your productivity. Here are some important keyboard shortcuts for Windows 11:

Windows + W- Widgets

You can press the Windows key and W key to open the widgets menu.

Windows + A- Quick Settings

Press the Windows and A keys to open the quick settings from where you can access many features like WiFi, Bluetooth, Volume, Battery, etc.

Windows + N- Notification History

Windows 11 doesn’t allow users to continue without a Microsoft account. Well, you can still remove your Microsoft account anytime from Windows 11 and even sign in without a Microsoft account. You can also read our guide on ways to remove a Microsoft Account from Windows 11.

For more details, watch our video on the same topic.

You can also follow us for instant tech news at Google News or for tips and tricks, smartphones & gadgets reviews, join GadgetsToUse Telegram Group, or for the latest review videos subscribe GadgetsToUse Youtube Channel.

Useful Commands For Windows You Should Know About

There are some things on Windows that can only be done from the command line. Some of these functions, simply don’t have graphical equivalents, while others just speed up your troubleshooting tasks. Everyday users usually don’t know how to do it or even what it is, or perhaps they don’t even realize how useful the command line can be. If you are one of these people, this tutorial will show you some benefits of command line tool and convince you to start using it.

All the described commands need to be entered in the command line tool. To start using it, you have to open the Start menu, then type in “cmd” in the search box (without the quotes) and press Enter.

Ipconfig- check your IP address

Inserting the ipconfig command displays your computer’s IP address and other additional information related to our router (default gateway). It comes in handy if you want to know the IP address of your router’s web interface to log on or introduce and changes.

Once you typed ipconfig into a Command Prompt window. you will be presented with a list of all the network applications your computer is connected to. If you’re connected via Wi-Fi, you need to find Wireless LAN adapter. In case you’re connected to a wired network, look for Ehternet phrase.

ipconfig /flushdns- flush the DNS resolver cache

Another handy thing you can do with ipconfig is flush the DNS resolver cache. It can be useful when we have changed DNS address or a system is resolving DNS addresses incorrectly. Windows may not accept introduced changes on the fly due to the storage of information in the cache. To refresh the settings just simply use this command “ipconfig / flushdns”.

Windows comes with a system file checker tool that scans system files for errors and problems. If system files are damaged or have been accidentally deleted, the system file checker will repair them. This option may help you resolve minor problems with some Windows systems.

To use this tool, insert the sfc /scannow command and the system will automatically look for problems.

Cipher- permanently overwrite files

netstat – an – shows a list of network connections and ports

The netstat command is one of the most useful command out there, which displays network statistics depending on various options. The netstat –an command is particularly helpful since it presents a list of all open network connections on your computer, together with ports you’re using and IP addresses you’re connected to.

ping, tracert- solve connectivity issues

The tracert command, in turn, allows you to trace the route it takes for a packet to reach a specified address. If you run tracert chúng tôi you’ll trace the path your packet takes to reach Google and see at what point the problem occurs. If you’re having connectivity problems, tracert will show you where the problem is occurring.

shutdown – create shutdown or logging out shortcuts

Commands can be entered in the command line, but you can also create shortcuts that automatically trigger the command prompt with the appropriate command. We can therefore use the shutdown command that turns off or restarts your computer, and place them on your Start screen, allowing you to more easily access Windows 8 features. This will allow you to more easily shut down Windows without having to use the charms bar on the right side of the screen.

recimg – create your own recovery images

The Windows 8 refresh tool allows you to restore your computer’s system to its default settings on the basis of an original Windows image or image from its manufacturer. However, we can create our own custom recovery image at any time, which can be used in the refreshing process of our computer.

To do this, run the following command recimg /CreateImage C:CustomRefreshImagesImage1 to create a new recovery image. This command creates a custom refresh image named “Image1”, in the “CustomRefreshImages” on C drive. Of course, you can store the custom image in any folder you wish and change its name the way you like.

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