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What they did differently

Traditionally, camera modules come with their own image signal processing (ISP) logic that is charged with processing the data gathered from the sensor, such as de-noise, sharpening or color correction. Modern application processors also typically embed one or more ISPs, in some cases DSP is used.

This tried and tested hardware setup serves its purpose and usually offers a good balance of cost, performance, area, and power requirements, which are all important points to consider when designing a mobile devices.

GPU acceleration and performance

As you have probably noticed, ARM is quite big on the heterogeneous concept, whereby specific computational tasks are assigned to the most efficient type of processor. HUAWEI’s HiSilicon Kirin 935 SoC, found inside the HONOR 7, is an excellent example of this type of processor design, with two clusters of quad-core Cortex-A53 cores at different speeds, combined with a Mali-T628 MP4 GPU.

When it comes to image processing, there are a lot of complex computational tasks that take place over multiple pipeline stages and often in parallel. Even processor that appear to be simple, such as de-noise, contain many steps, from detection to blurring and filtering. These types of filters play a core role in mobile devices, in order make up for the small image sensor sizes and compensate for noise in low light environments. Most photos are taken in challenging lighting conditions and it is essential that a mobil device is able to cope with this to ensure a good end-user experience.

We can spot reference to OpenCL at the HONOR 7’s launch presentation. Now we know what it’s all about.

High resolution images have a huge chunk of data to process, which has to be done very quickly if we want a real-time output. This sounds like a pretty suitable task for a graphics processing unit with higher memory bandwidth, which are used to dealing with lots of pixel data for functions such as UI drawing and gaming.

ARM and HUAWEI worked together to optimize the GPU acceleration processing pipeline, fine-tuned interoperation between the CPU and GPU, and tied it all together with the existing camera hardware. Don’t ask me exactly what they did, but the end result apparently produced a twofold increase in performance by using the GPU.

Lots of other uses

Heterogeneous processing and GPU compete has plenty of other potential use cases and benefits, and development into this type of processing is well under way.

Heterogeneous processing isn’t always about more hardware, instead its about picking the most suitable piece out of what you have.

ARM envisions a range of target applications, from computational photography to computer vision, deep learning, and new multimedia codecs and algorithms. Outside of ARM, other companies have also been opening up their technologies to work with OpenCL and Mali GPUs. Examples include gesture and face tracking applications from eyeSight Technologies, the implementation of an OpenCL imaging library for Mali by Omnivision, camera middleware by ArcSoft and ThunderSoft, as well as HEVC and VP9 decoders by Ittiam Systems, and many more.

We are only beginning to scratch the surface of the potential of heterogeneous computing. I expect that other OEMs will implement similar or entirely new functions that mix and match hardware and this will contribute to furthre improving devices and end user experiences. What HUAWEI accomplished with the HONOR 7 is an exciting milestone in the adoption of this technology and will no doubt impact the broader adoption of GPU compute for key visual computing use cases and applications.

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Honor 9 Lite Update: Emui Available In China With Camera And Bluetooth Improvements

Latest news

June 07, 2023: The Honor 9 Lite is receiving a new EMUI update in China with improvements to the camera, Bluetooth connectivity, and bug fixes.

You must be coming from EMUI in order to receive the latest OTA update. Once installed, your Honor 9 Lite should enjoy improved camera performance and stability for better photo quality in certain scenarios, fixes for issues of static when Bluetooth headphones are used in certain scenarios and WeChat payments occasionally cannot be used when App twin is enabled.

The update also improves system performance and stability, so be sure to grab it once the OTA arrives.

March 15, 2023: A new update is seeding in China for the Honor 9 Lite with model numbers LLD-AL00, LLD-AL10, and LLD-TL10. The update is arriving as EMUI, bringing along a new Android security patch for February 2023 alongside other bugs fixes and improvements.

The OTA update will take time to reach all units and even maybe even longer to arrive in other markets across the globe.

If you are using this same variant but with EMUI 9.0 beta on board, a new update to EMUI is available too. However, you must have at least EMUI or installed on your device in order to qualify for the latest Pie beta.

February 19, 2023: The Honor 9 Lite is receiving a new update in India. The update tags along a number of goodies, beginning with a new security patch for January 2023. The update also adds support for ViLTE, a feature that lets Indian users of the device make video calls over LTE. This can be done natively from the device’s phone app.

The new Honor 9 Lite update also introduces gestures for navigation in line with the upcoming Android 9 Pie. You can find this feature under Settings – System – System Navigation. The update weighs 368MB and comes with two versions depending on your current version.

If your current EMUI version is, the incoming update has version For those currently on build, watch out for an OTA with version

Original article below:

Huawei Honor 9 Lite is by far one of the best budget smartphones of 2023. Heck, despite its early 2023 launch in India, the phone still holds a spot in our list of the best Android phones available on a budget and to maintain optimum performance, Huawei rolls out regular software updates to improve the security, fix bugs as well as introduce small, but nifty features to the device.

On this page, we help you keep track of these updates for the Honor 9 Lite as and when they are released and what they add to the device as well as provide some answers to one of the biggest questions regarding the Honor 9 Lite: When will Android 9 Pie update arrive?


Date EMUI and Android OS version Changelog

04 June 2023 Improved camera performance and stability for better photo quality in certain scenarios, fixes for issues of static when Bluetooth headphones are used in certain scenarios and WeChat payments occasionally cannot be used when App twin is enabled, improves system performance and stability

15 Mar 2023 A second Android 9 Pie beta with optimizations, bug fixes and system enhancements

13 Mar 2023 February 2023 security update, bug fixes, and system optimizations

19 Feb 2023 January 2023 security patch, ViLTE and gesture navigation support

13 Feb 2023 First EMUI 9.0 beta based on Android 9 Pie released for models LLD-AL00, LLD-AL10, and LLD-TL10

29 Jan 2023 Android 9.0 Huawei has opened the beta recruitment program into EMUI 9.0 beta based on Android 9 Pie in China for models LLD-AL00, LLD-AL10, and LLD-TL10. At least EMUI is needed to qualify for the Pie beta update

05 Dec 2023 November 2023 security patch

22 Oct 2023 September 2023 security patch

29 Sep 2023 Update 187  brings August 2023 security patch, GPU Turbo, fixes for call recording issue, and more

29 Sep 2023 September 2023 security update, WeChat payments using the fingerprint scanner, and bug fixes

29 Aug 2023 August 2023 security patch, GPU Turbo, fixes for call recording issue, and more

08 Aug 2023 July 2023 security update, Maintenance mode to HiCare, Automatically keeps photos deleted in third-party apps in Recently deleted, Improves the accuracy of identifying unknown numbers for improved call and message blocking, Optimizes the screen recording feature, and Optimizes the UI text display of certain filters when editing a picture

17 July 2023 Installs call recording feature, Party Mode APK, and fixes performance issues

20 June 2023 June 2023 security update

05 May 2023 May 2023 security update

26 March 2023 March 2023 security update

01 March 2023 February 2023 security update and adds AR lens in the camera app

Android 9 Pie update expected in Q2 2023

Beta update available in China

The Honor 9 Lite (review) is one of the first budget phones to launch with Android 8.0 Oreo preinstalled. We don’t expect an update to Android 8.1, but we do know EMUI 9.0 is coming based on Android 9 Pie. In fact, those in China can already download and install the beta version, but only if you registered for the program.

Given that it runs Oreo out of the box, the Honor 9 Lite has Google’s Project Treble on board. It is possible this feature is behind this hurried rollout of the OS, which is the exact thing it was meant for.

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Honor 20 And Honor 20 Pro Are Here: Everything You Need To Know

Our verdict: HONOR 20 Pro review: Everyday luxury

Seeing quadruple

HONOR usually reserves its major camera upgrades for its true flagship View range, but the HONOR 20 series — or more accurately the HONOR 20 Pro — represents a significant leap forward for the HUAWEI sub-brand.

Following on from the HUAWEI P30 Pro, the HONOR 20 and HONOR 20 Pro feature a quad-lens rear camera set-up. The HONOR 20 Pro has clearly enjoyed the most care and attention in the photography department and features the most comprehensive camera suite we’ve seen so far from HONOR.

The HONOR 20 Pro’s main camera is the same 48MP IMX586 sensor we saw on the HONOR View 20, as well as multiple other 2023 phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro, ASUS Zenfone 6, realme X, Redmi Note 7 Pro, and many more.

This is the most comprehensive camera suite we’ve seen so far from HONOR.

There have been some key upgrades, however, most notably the shift to a much larger f/1.4 aperture for improved low-light performance. HONOR says light reception has improved by up to 60 percent against versions of the sensor with a more typical f/1.8 aperture.

The 48MP sensor also powers two of the HONOR 20 Pro camera’s headline features — AI Ultra Clarity Mode and AIS Super Night Mode.

AI Ultra Clarity Mode is an optional shooting mode that utilizes the Kirin 980 SoC’s dual-NPU and dual-ISP to capture and merge multiple shots into a single 48MP photo with more vivid colors and improved contrast. In regular shooting modes, the 48MP sensor uses Light Fusion — HONOR’s fancy way of saying pixel binning — to combine four pixels into one for an effective 1.6μm pixel size.

What is pixel binning? Everything to know about this photographic technique


AIS Super Night Mode is exactly what it sounds like: a mode for capturing better images at night or low light with less blur leveraged by the AI Image Stabilization (AIS) tech we’ve seen across various HUAWEI and HONOR phones.

The other two sensors inside the main vertical module are a 16MP super-wide angle lens (f/2.2) with a 117-degree field-of-view, and an 8MP telephoto sensor (f/2.4) with OIS. The latter supports up to 3x optical zoom, 5x hybrid zoom, and 30x digital zoom and also enables a moon shot mode. What is it with HUAWEI/HONOR and the moon?

Finally, the fourth sensor tucked away to the right of the main module is a 2MP macro camera (f/2.4) that can take photos up to 4cm away from your subject.

From the visual appearance to the sensors, it’s fairly obvious HONOR has taken some cues from the P30 Pro when designing the HONOR 20 Pro’s camera suite. It may not be quite as experimental as the P30 Pro’s ambitious set-up, but for those that can’t afford HUAWEI’s flagship, the HONOR 20 Pro could be an attractive and affordable alternative.

As for the regular HONOR 20, it retains the macro and super-wide angle sensors but drops telephoto shooter for a 2MP depth assist sensor (f/2.4) and downgrades the 48MP main sensor to an f/1.8 aperture. The selfie camera, meanwhile, is a 32MP high-res shooter (f/2.0) on both variants.

The lack of a headphone jack is disappointing.

With some OEMs reviving the headphone jack, especially for mid-range phones, it’s strange to see HONOR abandoning the port and restricting users to USB-C and wireless audio options. When asked about the reason behind the move, an HONOR spokesperson cited industry trends towards a more streamlined design without the jack and noted its omission makes the HONOR 20 and HONOR 20 Pro look better from a marketing perspective. Make of that what you will.

More for less

The HONOR 20 and HONOR 20 Pro are powered by the same HiSilicon Kirin 980 processor that’s been a staple of HONOR and HUAWEI phones since the Mate 20 series debuted in late 2023.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 vs Exynos 9820 vs Kirin 980 (Video)


The HONOR 20 Pro is backed by 8GB of RAM and 256GB non-expandable storage as standard, while the regular HONOR 20 comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB non-expandable storage.

The HONOR 20 Pro also has a larger 4,000mAh battery compared to the HONOR 20’s 3,750mAh cell, though both support 22.5W charging for topping up to 50 percent in 30 minutes.

For gaming, the HONOR 20 and HONOR 20 Pro support GPU Turbo 3.0 for improved frame rates in 25 games, including Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, Vainglory, Arena of Valor, NBA 2K18, and more. HONOR also worked with the Fortnite team to optimize the virtual 9.1 surround sound experience, and the HONOR 20 Pro specifically has graphene cooling to keep things running smoothly.

Price and availability

An Interdisciplinary Approach To Teaching Climate Change

There’s a great need for rigorous, relevant, and impactful learning about climate change, one of the most important issues facing our generation. When interdisciplinary learning and student choice are incorporated, students can attain a more enduring understanding of climate change, think innovatively, and transform their ideas into meaningful civic action.

Our project: rising Sea Levels

For “The Water Line Project,” students researched how 10 feet of rising sea levels would impact 23 coastal states in the United States. From their research they created a presentation and shared their knowledge with their class in a think-pair-share model. They also shared their research and learning with community members within and outside of the school. 

The “Water Line Project” bulletin board had printed research slides, a map of the United States marked with paint to visually represent land affected by 10-foot rising sea levels, and papier-mâché sculptures. Based on their research, students picked one animal or insect that rising sea levels would negatively affect. Using recycled newspaper and wheat paste, they created three-dimensional papier-mâché sculptures and attached them to the same bulletin board. The public display of learning allowed students the opportunity to engage the larger school population in an interactive and authentic way.

At the heart of every great project is student choice. When students have choices in their learning and how they demonstrate it, they’re more engaged, invested, and able to see the relevancy and application of their learning.

“The Water Line Project” allowed students the opportunity to investigate and use their curiosity to generate their own questions, which they used to guide their learning. Students could choose which state they wanted to research and what insect or animal to focus on. Many students picked their state based on personal experiences, such as having family or traveling there; they chose their animal as a result of research of adaptations and ecosystems within that location. 

One way to help students begin to unravel the complexity of peer-reviewed research and data is to create teacher-guided research pathways. Using thoughtful structures, intentionally choosing where students can explore openly, and having limits scaffolds knowledge, allows creativity to flourish, and encourages student ownership of learning.

“The Water Line Project” used the online learning platform Canvas and research pathways where each subtopic of climate change, such as shrinking of the Arctic ice, deforestation, and thawing of permafrost, had its own webpage that included a wealth of resources, such as videos, articles, and guided data platforms such as that of NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) or the “Sea Level Rise Viewer” from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). In addition, an embedded Padlet allowed students the opportunity to share their research with other students from different sections and different academic years.

The goal of using informational text and interpreted data is to teach students to question bias, consider multiple perspectives, and embrace ambiguity. This is often difficult for students and requires strategic questioning and planning. One strategy is to begin with statistics that are relevant to a student’s experience. For example, in “The Water Line Project,” students could look at the impact of rising sea levels on an area of interest, like sports stadiums, art museums, and national and state parks, as a starting point for their research. From that point, students refined their research and had to focus on certain data points. 

Giving students the opportunity to look critically at data and to consider the context with which the data is being analyzed opens up the conversation to begin framing future research and information. 

When students feel empowered to share their learning with a wider audience, they begin to see themselves represented and reflected in their communities as agents of change. This brings relevancy to their learning, since they can apply it to many different aspects of their lives.

Use The Onion Framework To Approach Complex Formulas

Complex Formulas? The Onion Framework? Huh?

I’m talking about the idea that complex formulas in Google Sheets are a lot like onions.

They have layers.

And they sometimes make you cry!

The Onion Method For Complex Formulas

What I mean by this is that you build your formulas in a series of steps, and only make one change with each step.

The Onion Method is a framework by which to approach hard formulas, and consists of these three elements:

Put each new step of the formula in a new cell

Label each step with a simple “Step 1”, “Step 2”, etc. in adjacent cells

Change the background color of each formula cell, so they can be easily found

This lets you see the formula progress in an incremental way and is really helpful when you’re building or tyring to understand complex formulas.

Sometimes a step might result in an error (typically a #N/A or #REF!), but that’s ok, provided it gets fixed in a subsequent step, as shown in this SUMPRODUCT example:

Each of these intermediary formulas in the above image moves us forward incrementally, until the final answer is obtained in step 6.

Similarly, if you’re trying to understand complex formulas, peel the layers back until you reach the core (which is hopefully a function you understand!). Then, build it back up in steps to get back to the full formula.

Example 1: Building Complex Formulas With The Onion Method

Let’s start with this job positions dataset and use the QUERY function to summarize the results:

Step 1

Setup the first, simple QUERY formula to select columns A and B:




"select A, B"


This doesn’t change the data, but it’s always a good idea to set up a basic query first to ensure you have the correct dataset selected as the input to your QUERY function.

Step 2

Summarize the data by job position, using a GROUP BY clause in the QUERY function:




"select A, sum(B) group by A"


Step 3

Filter out the blank rows using the WHERE clause: “is not null”, as follows:




"select A, sum(B) where A is not null group by A"


Step 4

Use an ORDER BY clause to sort the table by total in descending order:




"select A, sum(B) where A is not null group by A order by sum(B) desc"


Step 5

Fix the header of the total column using the LABEL clause:




"select A, sum(B) where A is not null group by A order by sum(B) desc label sum(B) 'Total Positions'"


Good work!

We’ve created a pivot table using the QUERY function rather than an actual pivot table. Building it in steps, where the formula evolves slightly with each step, was key to making this work.

Let’s continue, and see how to add a total row to this QUERY formula.

Step 6

Using array literals, add a placeholder line for the total row:




"select A, sum(B) where A is not null group by A order by sum(B) desc label sum(B) 'Total Positions'"






Step 7

Our final step is to convert this placeholder to an actual formula, to give the correct total. As with the data input to the query function, we leave the range reference open-ended to ensure it remains dynamic and will include new data automatically:




"select A, sum(B) where A is not null group by A order by sum(B) desc label sum(B) 'Total Positions'"






The result is:

Example 2: Deconstructing Complex Formulas With The Onion Method

If you’re trying to understand complex formulas in Google Sheets that someone else has shared with you, you can still approach it with this Onion Method.

Simply peel back the layers until you reach the innermost function. Copy that into a new cell and start from the inside and work out, building up to the full formula again.

Let’s see an example.

Suppose we’re given this worksheet with US State names:

And we’re also given this formula:










which gives an output of Texas.

But how does this formula work?

Applying The Onion Method, we peel back the layers to the core function and then build it up in steps again.

Step 1

In a new cell, add the innermost MATCH function:








Step 2








which outputs an array of the position of the first occurrence of the words in column A. We see a 2 next to every occurrence of Texas for example, because the first time it occurred was in position 2.

Step 3

Now, we wrap it with the MODE function to find the most frequently occurring position:








By definition, the MODE function takes a range of numbers for input and finds the most commonly occurring value.

However, what happens if we have a range of text values and want to find the most frequent?

In this case, MATCH has been used to create a range of numbers for the MODE function.

By now, we’ve probably deduced that this formula finds the most frequent word in a list.

Step 4

Finally, we can retrieve the actual text value, i.e. the most frequent State name, by adding the INDEX function to get the full original formula, like this:










This will give the output Texas in this specific example.


Another Example To Deconstruct Complex Formula

Here’s another example of the Onion method to deconstruct complex formulas:

Get A Unique List Of Items From A Column With Grouped Words

Complex Formulas Onion Method Template For Your Use

This template contains both examples from this tutorial.

Complex Formulas Onion Method Conclusion

The Onion Method is a framework that allows you to approach complex formulas in a systematic way.

Even if you’re presented with an “impossible” challenge to answer or an “impossible” formula to decipher, just follow this framework. If required, peel back the layers and then work from the inside out in an incremental fashion.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your understanding of challenging formulas broadens and deepens. You’ll encounter and understand brand new functions that you’ve never heard of before. Plus, you’ll find out all sorts of secret tricks with existing formulas.

Who knows, you might even cry tears of joy instead of despair…

Best Cases For Honor 8X

Huawei recently announced its plan to launch the successor to the very successful Honor 7X globally. The Honor 8X is all set to hit the world market as we speak with its 6.5″ inch 19.5:9 aspect ratio bezel-less display. Slated to be priced very competitively in the mid-range despite great cameras, AI capabilities, and good overall specs, the Honor 8X is clearly here to make a name for itself.

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When you buy an almost bezel-less phone like this, it almost becomes like an obligation to buy a protective case to safeguard the phone’s screen. However, encasing your phone need not necessarily conceal its beauty, as there are some great cases that even enhance your phone’s looks while providing the protection it deserves. Here is a list of such cases available in the US and Indian markets.

For the US customers

KuGi Ultra-thin Clear Case

This ultra-thin clear case from KuGi is made out of flexible TPU for strong protection against scratches and bumps. The clear case never comes in the way of showcasing your Honor 8X phone’s beauty while safeguarding it at the same time. Being ultra-thin, it is easy to slip into pockets and prevents your phone from becoming bulky.

Buy on Amazon ($8.50)

Ouba Clear Case Case with Hard Back

This dual-layered clear case from OUBA is great at providing shock-resistance because of its flexible TPU frame and hard back-panel. Raised edges provide additional protection from scratches to the camera and screen when the phone is placed upside down. The case snugly fits your Honor 8X phone and you get access to all its buttons without having to take it off.

Buy on Amazon ($7.99)

Zeking Lightweight Clear Case

This clear case by Zeking is exceptionally lightweight because of its 1.5mm thickness. However, it is still capable of providing safety to your Honor 8X phone from scratches, accidental bumps, and drops. Reinforced corners provide additional protection to the screen and camera. The slim and transparent design enables you to flaunt your phone’s good looks while keeping it safe too.

Buy on Amazon ($4.96)

Anccer Slim Hard Case

Buy on Amazon ($11.99)

Sucnakp Flexible, Anti-Fingerprint Soft Case

This protective case by Sucnakp is very easy to install and protects your Honor 8X phone’s screen and camera using raised bezels. Easy to clean, this case is anti-fingerprint so you never have to worry about smudges ruining your phone’s aesthetics. Made out of soft TPU, this case fits your phone perfectly and the cutouts ensure all the ports and buttons are accessible throughout.

Buy on Amazon ($7.98)

Scheam Shock-Resistant Hard Case

This flexible plastic back case from Scheam is anti-bump and protects your Honor 8X phone from all corners. The shock-resistant case mitigates impact arising out of accidental drops and scratches. Made out of hard plastic, this case is lightweight and doesn’t add much bulk to your phone. The textured back ensures a firm grip that lessens the probability of the phone slipping out of your hands.

Buy on Amazon ($6.99)

Fancart Leather-finish Rugged Case with 360-degree protection 

Buy on Amazon ($7.99)

Cocomii Iron Man Armor Case with Kickstand

Give your Huawei Honor 8X the iron suit it deserves with this Cocomii protective case! The dual-layered case features soft TPU and hard polycarbonate bumper frame that intelligently absorbs shocks arising from drops and bumps for military grade protection. An integrated kickstand lets you enjoy multimedia hands-free.

Buy on Amazon ($9.99)

FoneExpert Rubberized Case with Kickstand

This heavy-duty rugged case from FoneExpert is made out of soft TPU which ensures your phone is protected all-round from occasional drops in addition to daily wear and tear. An integrated kickstand helps you enjoy multimedia on your Honor 8X phone with a totally hands-free experience. Rubberized material ensures great grip and easy access to buttons and ports.

Buy on Amazon ($4.99)

RUIHUI Luxury Leather Wallet Case with Card Slot and Stand

This leather wallet case from RUIHUI not only looks luxurious but also protects your phone with the snugly fitting TPU bracket that holds the phone in its place. The leather flap ensures full-screen protection for your Honor 8X phone and a strong magnetic lock ensures the phone remains enclosed when not in use. A card slot and viewing stand further enhance this case’s usability quotient.

Buy on Amazon ($9.98)

TOTOOSE Vintage Wallet Case with Card Slots and Dual Stand 

This case by TOTOOSE is handmade from premium PU leather for a rich finish. You get three card slots in addition to a sleeve where you can keep some cash in the case itself. Dual stand ensures you can watch multimedia in both portrait and landscape mode hands-free on your Honor 8X phone. This vintage style wallet case also provides full-screen protection in addition to shock absorption.

Buy on Amazon ($8.99)

Simicoo PU Leather Flip Case

If you’re on the lookout for a leather case that doesn’t make the phone bulky, then this ultra-thin case by Simicoo is perfect for you. The TPU inner protects your Honor 8X phone from shocks and the magnetic flap ensures your phone’s screen is never left exposed to scratches when not in use. The convertible stand and card slot ensure you’re ready for both entertainment and business on the go.

Buy on Amazon ($10.89)

Fancart Battery Case

If you’re someone who’s constantly on the move and requires charging your phone every time you find a power socket, then this Honor 8X battery case is for you. Now charge your phone on the go without having to connect your phone to a bulky power bank. LED light indicator with four modes indicates the charging process.

Protective features ensure your phone doesn’t overcharge and extends your phone’s battery life significantly. A non-slip design ensures your phone stays securely connected to the case.

Buy on Amazon ($28.99)

Fusutonus Battery Case

This charging case by Fusutonus ensures your phone never runs out of juice with its high capacity 5200mAh lithium-ion battery charging case. LED indicators let you know the case’s charge level and the ergonomic design offers a strong grip. It also protects your Honor 8X phone from daily wear and tear as well as scratches.

Internal circuits protect your phone from overcharging, making this battery case a great choice if you travel a lot and don’t have ready access to power socket all the time or don’t like to carry bulky power banks everywhere you go.

Buy on Amazon ($25.99)

For Indian Customers

Solimo Clear Case

If you’re looking for a case that doesn’t hide your Honor 8X phone’s beautiful aesthetics and protects it at the same time, then this clear case from Solimo is worth a look. This case is durable, tear and slip-resistant, and protects your phone’s screen and camera with its raised edges. The color doesn’t change to yellow even after extended use.

Buy on Amazon (INR 149)

MTT Full Body Hard Case with Rubber coating

This rubberized matte hard case by MTT snugly fits your Honor 8X phone with its slim construct to give your phone a pleasing look. Your phone is strongly protected from all angles despite being lightweight. The rubber coating at the back provides superior grip that prevents accidental drops. The additional groove surrounding the camera protects it when the phone is placed on a flat surface.

Buy on Amazon (INR 199)

Instanttool Heavy-duty Rugged Case

This rugged case made from flexible TPU by Instanttool provides 360-degree protection for your phone with its form-fitting design. No need to worry about accidental drops, bumps, or even scratches if you choose to secure your Honor 8X with this heavy-duty protective case. Perfect cutouts ensure you have access to all your phone’s ports and buttons.

Buy on Amazon (INR 659)

TARKAN Heavy Duty Shockproof Armor Case with Kickstand

Buy on Amazon (INR 399)

Tarkan Vintage Leather Flip Case with Card slot and Stand

This specially designed case by Tarkan is for those who like the classic leather feel. The inner is made out of soft TPU that safeguards your precious Honor 8X phone from bumps and drops. It uses auto-pressure closure technology instead of magnets to secure your phone in its flaps. It also features a card slot and a convertible stand for you to enjoy multimedia hands-free.

Buy on Amazon (INR 399)

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