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A Blue Screen error occurs on the Windows system after a system crash. The blue screen pops up unexpectedly, forcing you to restart the system in the middle of your work.  The error is an unpremeditated sign and is quite frustrating when you find it hard to debug the problem. Fortunately, there are many handy tools like the Windows Debugger Tool (Windbg), which allows you to read the error report for troubleshooting and solve the BSOD error.

Causes of BSOD error

The BSOD error is displayed when your operating system reaches a threshold limit where the system is vulnerable and can no longer function safely. BSOD usually occurs for several reasons like faulty drivers, corrupted Windows registries, overheating, misconfigured device drivers, corrupted files, outdated drivers, overclocking, bad software and other system hardware issues.

Fixing BSOD error

The Blue Screen error, also called a Stop Error causes your Windows system to stop completely, and you may have to reboot the system to continue to operate.

However, before the reboot, it is recommended that the users note the error code displayed on the blue screen. That being said, the BSOD error pops up mostly when your system is unable to recover the kernel-level error. The error message usually displays a whole load of crash information with driver data associated with the error and other information with their possible fixes.

What is Windows Debugger Tool (Windbg) New features of WinDbg

Simpler and less intimidating

WinDbg is often found quite intimidating, but the new version is said to be less intimidating with a better and simple interface. The tool is specifically re-designed for beginners to help them understand.

Earlier, it was a bit difficult for the new users to get convenient with the toolbar or menu. But, the new version has a Ribbon that includes which currently is plain, but will soon be getting the specific contexts while you are debugging.

The new File Menu is simpler, and users can easily select the options before they start with the debugging session. The attached dialog is also made simpler and more organized now. You can also launch some background tasks or your Store App without setting up with PLMDebug.exe.

Improvements and Modernizations

After quite a while, WinDbg has some quality improvements and modernization which include a darker theme, some window improvements, and the recent targets.

Dropping the glaring brightness, WinDbg now comes with a dark theme which is preferred by most of users. The new version of WinDbg now will remember all your settings and the recent debugging sessions instead of having your IP and KDNET on a sticky note on your monitor. All your recent sessions will now be logged in the File Menu as your recent target list.

Microsoft has now made the windows more synchronous and also lets the users cancel the loading by running another command. There are various other window improvements listed too.

Data model

Data model up until now was accessible only through the dx command and JavaScript, but with the WinDbg preview, the data model is more extensible, powering the locals and watch windows. JavaScript extensions and NatVis will now be reflected in those windows.

WinDbg preview comes with a new window termed as a modal window which will help you with your own modules window with @$scurssion.Modules. It will also show up the results of any model query in a table or a hierarchy view.

The WinDbg comes with a built-in scripting environment where you can write and execute your NatVis and JavaScript directly from the debugger.

While the new features and improvements are announced by Microsoft via their blog, the WinDbg is still a preview version and comes with some restrictions. Only the devices running Windows 11/10 can install it via Windows Store.

The workspace of the new WinDbg Preview has changed a lot and is quite different and better from the previous version, but since it is a preview version, there might be some bugs and errors, too, which will be taken care of.

How to use Windbg Installing Windbg

Download the standalone Windows 10 SDK here.

Run the installer and choose the default installation path.

Accept the license and select the feature Debugging tools for Windows to install the debugger.

Using Windbg to debug a Blue Screen error

Go to Start and type WinDbg (x86).

WinDbg will now analyze the file and Wait till the Debuggee not connected disappears at the bottom of the window.

Once you identify the problematic driver, you can choose to either update or reinstall the problematic driver from the manufacturer’s web page in order the fix the problem.

Hope this helps!

This has to be done each time you open WinDbg – unless you save the Workspace for later use.

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How To Troubleshoot Office Activation Problems And Errors

All paid products from Microsoft go through the Activation process. While most of the time it works, sometimes there is a problem. In this guide, we are looking at some common solutions to troubleshoot Office activation. It covers Office 365, Office 2023 and Office 2023 and Office 2013. We will look at the following:

Check Office subscription status or an active license

Make sure to use the right account

Use Microsoft Office Activation Troubleshooters

Use a valid key, and where to find the key in your account.

Troubleshoot subscription notice.

Switching Office 365 subscription plan

Installing Office for two different countries

Office HUP account

Troubleshooting Office activation issues

1] Make sure you have an active subscription or an active license

Make sure you have an active subscription. When your subscription expires, Office products will have reduced functionality. You should also get an error message asking to renew the subscription. Go to chúng tôi and check subscription status under orders.

2] Use the same account to activate Office with which you made the purchase

You may have multiple Microsoft account. You might have accidentally used a different account to buy Office subscription, and have a using other to activate it. Make sure to use the right account to activate the subscription. In case you have accidentally renewed subscription with some other account, use that for Office to enable it.

3] Microsoft Office Activation Troubleshooters for Office 2023 & Office 365

Read our in-depth guide on how you can use the Office Activation Troubleshooter to fix usual problems around activation.

4] Use the right Key, and here is how you can find it

Next, go to Online Microsoft Store and sign-in with that account.

You can use this to activate Office. In case you bought Office 365 or any other online version, all you need is active subscription and sign-in with it.

Read: How to uninstall Microsoft Office Product Key.

5] A subscription notice appears when I open an Office 365 application

Here is a list of a subscription notice you can get. It usually appears in red or yellow. The common reasons behind it are either your subscription has expired, or payment has failed on renewal, or an update is required. The last one appears when subscription type changes.

The messages will have enough information to help you understand the exact problem.

Renew your subscription or Subscription expired

Product Deactivated

Couldn’t Verify Subscription

ACCOUNT NOTICE or UPDATE REQUIRED: Your Office 365 subscription has a pending change

ACCOUNT NOTICE. We’ve run into a problem with your Office 365 subscription and need your help to fix it.

Unlicensed Product or a different activation error.

If your computer is part of an enterprise, ask your IT admin to troubleshoot Office activation.

7] “Account Notice” appears in Office after switching Office 365 plans

Many a time consumers change their Office plans. You might have moved from Office 365 Professional to Home or vice versa. It is possible that you might have to install the version of Office that comes with your new plan. Sometimes it takes 1-3 days or even more for the client to realize it.

Depending on the message, you will be given the option to sign-in or update the application.

8] Error when installing Office for two different countries

This error occurs when using Office 2013. When you change region or country, you need to buy a separate copy for each of them. The best way is to use two different accounts. Switch when you need to switch the country or region.

When it comes to Office 2023, you need to install a LAP or Language accessory pack for Office 2023. Once installed, you can switch the settings. However, you cannot run two instances of Word or Excel or anything else in two different languages. Once the language is installed, you can configure your active Office language.

Steps to change Language accessory pack for Office 2023

Select the language in which you want to edit the document. You can add multiple languages, and set one as default.

The default language is used for editing and proofing

Restart all Office programs for changes to take effect.

Microsoft HUP benefit

We hope these tips help you troubleshoot Office activation problems.

Clfs.sys Blue Screen Of Death: 6 Methods To Fix This Error

Clfs.sys Blue Screen of Death: 6 Methods to Fix This Error Easy ways to fix the BSoD




The chúng tôi error is often the result of severe problems with the driver software or with your computer’s hardware.

If you’re getting the chúng tôi error message in Windows 10, make sure to test your PC for faulty hardware.

Using a third-party solution for BSoD problems can help you with the chúng tôi is missing error.

To get rid of the chúng tôi BSoD issue, try to update the related drivers and run a security scan.

Getting the chúng tôi error message on a blue screen is a common Windows 10 issue that most users have trouble fixing.

You are in luck because you will see below a quick tutorial about the steps you need to take to solve it.

Let us first explore some possible reasons you may have gotten this error.

What is a CLFS SYS error?

This error is related to the CLFS driver for this system on your operating system.

This driver helps provide recovery support and operations of transactional files on the OS. This error will typically occur for any of the following reasons:

System conflicts – These may be conflicts between hardware and software.

Driver issues – In most cases, this refers to corrupted drivers and outdated system or program drivers.

Malware – Virus contributes to almost all kinds of issues on a computer, including chúng tôi blue screen error.

Corrupted files – System files are essential in carrying out specific functions on a computer. When they become corrupt, you may expect issues such as this BSoD.

What is clfs.sys?

CLFS stands for Common Log File System. This file system is an essential part of the Windows 10 OS, and its primary function is to log files and record OS events and activity.

We will show you some of the best solutions if you encounter a chúng tôi blue screen problem.

How can I fix chúng tôi blue screen error? 1. Run a security scan

Open your antivirus and do a full system scan for any malware or viruses.

Usually, when your system registries are damaged in any way, thus getting the chúng tôi blue screen, a virus, or a malware infection might cause the error message.

After the scan is completed, reboot the Windows 10 computer. Then, check and see if you still get the same chúng tôi error message.

2. Update chúng tôi related drivers

Updating drivers manually can be time-consuming. Instead, we recommend using a tool that automatically updates your drivers. Using such a tool will eliminate the possibility of downloading the wrong driver version.

More so, using a dedicated driver update tool will enhance your PC performance at maximum due to renewed device drivers.

In conclusion, updating drivers with this lightweight automated solution and resolving hardware issues efficiently is more beneficial.

⇒ Get Outbyte Driver Updater

3. Restore your system to a previous point

Note: System Restore is a built-in tool to help you fix corrupted system files. With this utility, you can restore Windows 10 before the error occurs.

4. Run an SFC scan

Note: If a virus or malware has corrupted your system, the System File Checker can try to repair the affected files. This built-in solution will scan system files and replace any corrupted ones with a cached copy. 

5. Run a disk check

Note: This process will check your disk for any errors it may have on it and try to fix them.

6. Check if your RAM is corrupted

Download the Windows MemTest86 USB image.

Extract it from the ZIP file on your PC.

Insert an empty USB stick into your computer.

In the extracted folder (MemTest86), run the imageUSB tool and choose your USB stick so it becomes bootable.

Restart your PC with the USB drive as the main bootable device.

Follow the commands from the screen while MemTest86 checks for memory issues.

Note: MemTest86 is a free memory testing program; you have to boot this one from a USB flash drive. The software can test your RAM for all kinds of issues.

You have above a couple of options to try to fix your chúng tôi error message in Windows 10.

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How To Use The Privacy Badger Chrome Extension To Stop Web Trackers

Did you ever notice any specific ad following you across devices though you’re not looking for any similar product or services anymore? If you find this concerning, Privacy Badger Chrome Extension is your best bet.

So far there shouldn’t be any objection from your end. But the issue arises when some extra-smart digital marketers or web data analytics agencies track you using web trackers not just on a specific website but wherever you go using the internet. Many internet users like you consider this a serious privacy violation.

Though most online ad agencies and marketers don’t do this. Also, no shortage of creepy marketing agencies blatantly use web trackers to track users without their consent. If there is any consent from your end, you may not know that too!

To teach such spooky web analytics and marketing agencies a lesson on internet ethics and user data privacy, you must install the Chrome Privacy Badger add-on. Read on to find out more about the extension like what it is, how to use Privacy Badger Chrome, etc.

What Is the Privacy Badger Chrome Extension?

Privacy Badger is a web browser add-on that stops all third-party trackers from tracking your activities on the internet. For example, you visit a website and interact with its products or services.

And that’s not the end of it! The same ad may shadow you whether you visit a tech blog, read some news on Google News, and so on.

The Privacy Badger Chrome Extension blocks such persistent web trackers so that third-party websites can’t track you and violate your privacy rights.

It uses an algorithmic approach to understand the behavior of malicious web trackers. Then, it blocks the access at some point and the third-party entity who might be tracking you sees that you just vanished from their radar.

How to Get the Privacy Badger Chrome Extension

You can install the extension Privacy Badger on your Google Chrome browser by visiting this Chrome Web Store link. Once there, follow these steps to activate Privacy Badger for Chrome:

Chrome will install the extension however it won’t show up instantly.

Not on Google Chrome but like what you see here? Not a problem at all! You can get the Privacy Badger browser add-on for the following web browsers compatible with Windows PC or Mac:

At the time of writing, the Google Chrome browser for smartphones and tablets doesn’t support the installation of extensions. However, if you’re insisting on using this privacy protection tool on mobile devices, you can use Mozilla Firefox as the browser and download the extension by visiting this link.

If you use MacBook or iMac and also prefer Safari over all other web browsers, you must know that the extension isn’t yet available for Safari. However, Safari on macOS encounters very less web tracker-based monitoring of users across the web when compared with Windows 11 or 10 operating systems.

How to Use the Privacy Badger Chrome

Once you’ve installed the extension for Chrome, follow these steps to use the tool:

It would show No trackers blocked if there aren’t any trackers to block.

When the tool blocks any tracker, it would show here.

Since there’s an AI working in the back end, you don’t need to do much on the app interface. However, you may want to familiarize yourself with its Settings and the steps are as mentioned here:

On the Privacy Badger Options page, you get the tabs like General Settings, Disabled Sites, etc.

In the General Settings tab, you can check mark the Learn to block new trackers from your browsing check box to enable AI learning.

The Disabled Site tab lets you add site addresses to let the tool know that you don’t want it to prevent trackers from the excluded URLs.

Now, keep browsing many websites after installing the tool.

You’ll see a number ticker keep on increasing on the Badger icon as it blocks more persistent trackers across many locations on the internet.

Privacy Badger Extension Features

Find below its features that make personal privacy possible while browsing the wild internet filled with web trackers and other spyware to spy on you:

1. AI-Based Learning Engine

You don’t need to keep a list of URLs and trackers to be blocked. This privacy extension is an artificial intelligence (AI) based program that automatically blocks trackers when the originating website doesn’t respect multiple DNT requests.

2. Blocks the Toughest Sneaky Trackers

On the other hand, Privacy Badger efficiently blocks all these sneaky trackers if they violate multiple Global Privacy Control (GPC) signals and DNT instructions.

3. It’s Not an Ad Blocker

4. Manage Your Own Data

Suppose, you used the tool for years and now need to switch devices or re-install Windows 11. Since the tool is an AI-based program, it’ll take some time to learn after a fresh installation.

Hence, to avoid this delay, you can export a copy of the existing Privacy Badger AI data and import that into the new operating system’s Chrome browser.

5. Advanced Tracking Domains Management

For research and development purposes, you can add domains for exclusion from the monitoring by entering the domains within quote marks in the Search domains field.

6. Replace Social Media Tracking Widgets

Chrome Privacy Badger: Final Words

Now you know how to tie the loose ends after you visit a website that’s filled with sneaky and persistent trackers that don’t let you go off the radar. Just install Privacy Badger and experience the difference.

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Sidecar Not Working? How To Troubleshoot

Apple’s new macOS operating system (Catalina) let you use your iPad as a second screen for your Mac if your Mac and iPad models support this feature called Sidecar. You can also use this feature wired or wirelessly. Sidecar also lets you use your Apple Pencil.

This article reports common Sidecar problems and explains what to do when Sidecar is not working properly.

Basics and Requirements

MacBook Pro – 2023 or later

MacBook – 2023 or later

MacBook Air – 2023 or later

iMac- in 2023 or later

iMac Pro

Mac mini – 2023 or later

Mac Pro – in 2023 or later

You also need to have a compatible iPad running iOS 13 or later. The following iPad models are compatible:

iPad Pro: all models

iPad (6th generation) or later

iPad mini (5th generation)

iPad Air (3rd generation)

On your Mac and iPad, you must sign in to iCloud using the same Apple ID. Here is how:

On your Mac and iPad, Wi-Fi must be turned on. Here is how:

On both devices, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled. Here is how:

Handoff must be turned on your iPad and Mac. To turn on Handoff,

Your iPad and your Mac must be close to each other.

Make sure that your iPad’s and Mac’s software is up to date. Check for updates:

How to update your iPad

How to update your Mac

Two-factor authentication must be enabled.

Sidecar Problems Troubleshooting

So you reviewed everything above, and you’re still having some issues using Sidecar as expected.

Please try each step one at a time until you resolve your issue.

Try moving your iPad closer to Mac and try again.

If you are using a VPN service either on your Mac or iPad, try disabling it and then try again.

Restart your iPad and your Mac.

Force restart your iPad. You can do that by pressing and quickly releasing the Volume Up and then Volume down buttons and then press and hold the power button until you see the Apple logo.

Turn off Handoff on both devices and turn it back on. Here is how:

Reset Network Settings on your iPad. Please note that this will erase your network settings such as your Wi-Fi passwords. Here is how:

Tap Reset Network Settings

On your Mac, turn off Wi-Fi and wait a few seconds and then turn it back on.

Sing out of your iCloud account and then sign back in.

See also: macOS: “WiFi: No Hardware Installed Error”, Fix

Common Error Messages: Unable to Connect to “X’s iPad. The iCloud account does not use two-factor authentication.

As the error message implies, you need to turn on two-factor authentication in Settings. Here is how:

Sidecar works but Apple Pencil does not

Is your Apple Pencil unresponsive? it is possible that your Apple Pencil is not being recognized when using it with Sidecar. We wrote an article on troubleshooting Apple Pencil. Please read that.

Unable to play videos in the TV app on your Mac when you’re using the Sidecar feature

Quit the TV app and reopen it again.

Poor colors when using Sidecar

Try turning off True Tone on your Mac. Here is how:

Uncheck the True Tone checkbox.

iPad does not show up in the ‌AirPlay‌ list or there is no Sidecar setting

Make sure that your iPad and your Mac devices are compatible with the Sidebar feature. See the list above.

The device Timed Out.

If you are having issues, you may want to contact Apple.

Bluestacks Is Crashing My Pc: 7 Ways To Fix Blue Screen Issues

Bluestacks is Crashing my PC: 7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen issues You may need to boot into safe mode to isolate the error’s trigger




Many users can enjoy playing Android games on PC using the BlueStacks emulator.

However, you may encounter the Blue Screen of Death error and may be required to check the Hyper-V feature.

We recommend performing a fresh install, but you should do this as a last option.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Android emulation is possible on Windows, but many users reported Blue Screen of Death errors while using the BlueStacks software.

This can be a big problem and cause stability issues with your PC, but in this article, we’ll show you how to fix this problem.

Why does Bluestacks keep crashing?

Users have noticed this error, and it is triggered by a few different elements, the most common being:

Outdated or corrupted drivers – Curropt drivers are a huge factor and sometimes will even mean that the BlueStacks engine won’t start. We discuss how to fix this below.

Errors in the Hyper-V feature – If the BlueStacks isn’t opening or constantly crashing, it’s possible that there’s an issue with the virtualization and everything is not configured correctly.

Third-party applications – Third-party applications can cause this error to appear, which will require a detailed fix in some cases.

Compatibility issues with antivirus – While antivirus software keeps you safe, it may not interact with some legitimate applications in some cases. You should use only the best antivirus software.

Blue Screen of Death errors can be pretty problematic, and sometimes these errors can appear in different variations while using BlueStacks, including:

BlueStacks keeps crashing Windows 10 – Sometimes BlueStacks can keep crashing on your PC. This can occur due to the Hyper-V feature, so be sure to disable it.

BlueStacks BSOD memory_management – Third-party applications can cause this error to appear. You will have to identify and eliminate the trigger applications.

Blue screen after installing BlueStacks – Your antivirus can also cause problems with BlueStacks to appear.

BlueStacks quit unexpectedly – This is very similar to the restarting error, and just like it is with other variations, you should try some of the solutions recommended below.

How can I fix Bluestacks crashes on PC?

Before you go into any of these solutions, you may decide to change emulators altogether. However, many users who have switched to get LD Player have had a positive experience.

1. Use a professional solution

The BlueStacks Blue Screen of Death error will prevent you from having an excellent gaming experience. However, after fixing this problem, you can enjoy playing the best Android games on your computer.

We recommend you use a professional solution that offers you many benefits. First, it safely repairs and secures your computer, bringing it into an optimized state.

2. Disable the Hyper-V feature

A tested and reliable solution is to disable Hyper-V Windows feature on your device in order to repair Bluestacks crashing errors really fast.

1. In the Search field, enter Windows Features. Select Turn Windows features on or off.

3. Restart your PC to apply the changes.

3. Reinstall the BlueStacks software

A Blue Screen of Death can sometimes appear while using BlueStacks if the installation is damaged. To fix this problem, users are suggesting reinstalling the software entirely.

Expert tip:

This is an excellent uninstaller software, and it can remove any application from your PC and all its files and registry entries.

By using the uninstaller software, you’ll ensure that there will be no traces of Bluestacks on your computer, and you will be ready for a fresh install.

4. Reinstall your graphics card drivers

If you find this process tedious, you can always use third-party tools to update all your drivers automatically.

Try out a highly-efficient software such as Outbyte Driver Updater that updates all your drivers, including the ones for your graphics card. It’s simple, fast and secure technology allows it to improve the performance of your graphic card.

5. Disable or uninstall your antivirus

If you’re getting Blue Screen of Death on your PC while using BlueStacks, the problem might be related to your antivirus software.

If the problem is still there, you must uninstall your antivirus and try rerunning BlueStacks.

6. Try running BlueStacks in Safe Mode 7. Perform a Clean boot

Once your PC restarts, check if the problem is still there. If the Blue Screen of Death doesn’t appear anymore, one of your startup applications or services was certainly causing the issue.

To pinpoint the cause, you must enable the disabled applications and services.

Once you find the problematic application, remove it, or keep it disabled to prevent this issue from reappearing.

You should note that there are a few variants to this error, including, BlueStacks crashing on Windows 11 and BlueStacks 5 crashing on Windows 11. But these solutions should work for any of these.

We hope that our solutions helped you solve this problem and if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the Comments section below.

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