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Social distancing in COVID 19 has made people miss group activities like watching movies with friends in the theater. The one good way to do this is Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension that enables you to watch video content with other people and chat at the same time.

What is Netflix Teleparty?

Netflix Teleparty is a Chrome extension that enables you to watch movies with friends. It synchronizes video playback and group chat to Disney, Netflix, HBO, and Hulu. This tool also allows you to stream 1000+ shows together with other people.

Features of Netflix tele party

Here are the important features of Netflix tele party:

This Chrome extension allows you to manage the control of the video.

You can create your streaming party with ease.

Netflix tele party helps you watch TV remotely with your friends without any hassle.

It enables you to customize the extension by choosing an icon and set a nickname.

Offers a user-friendly user interface to set up a watch party.

This Netflix tele party Chrome extension can be used to make watch party for movies and TV.

How to use NetFlix TeleParty

Step 1) Go to Chrome Webstore. Then, download the Netflix extension as shown below.

You can now see a “TP” icon in the extension bar.

The following screenshot shows a selection of FRIENDS web series.

Netflix automatically stores the cookie. This will save your time in entering the credential every time you log in.

Step 4) Starting watch party.

Netflix Party will generate a unique URL of your chatroom. You need to copy it and share it with your friends on any messaging platform.

If you do not like to enable the chat feature, simply uncheck the “Show Chat” check box.

You will see a chatroom at the right corner of the Netflix site. You can start chatting by typing your message in the message area.

Step 6) Changing profile.

Step 7) Go to step 4.

Other Extensions to Consider 1) Scener

Scener is a Chrome browser platform that enables you to watch movies and TV shows without any hassle. It enables you to chat over the audio, video, or text while you watch Netflix with other people.

This extension allows you to quickly create a shared streaming theater. Scener supports Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and many other streaming sites.

2) Kast

Kast is a platform to watch a movie with your friends. This application works for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems. It allows you to share a screen with 20+ people. Kast software enables you to stream directly from the cloud.

3) TwoSeven

TwoSeven is a chrome extension that enables you to watch videos with your friends. This program supports and detects videos from a wide range of websites. It automatically reports the supported video clips that you can enjoy with other people. TwoSeven application can automatically handle video synchronization for you.

Other extensions: FAQ

Yes, it is legal to Group Watch Netflix. You can even share your Netflix account with other people. The only problem is that you cannot watch Netflix together. Therefore, you need to use Netflix Teleparty extension.

There is no official support for group watching in Netflix. That means the solutions highlighted above could stop working without warning.

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How To Watch Star Trek: Discovery On Netflix With Vpn

How to watch Star Trek: Discovery on Netflix with VPN




Unfortunately, Star Trek: Discovery isn’t available on Netflix US and Canada.

However, you can watch it from anywhere with a trustworthy VPN.

On the other hand, not all VPNs are experts at hiding your true location.

If you’re looking for a reliable VPN to watch Star Trek: Discovery, check out our picks.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

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readers this month.

If you can’t watch Star Trek: Discovery on Netflix because it’s not available in your country, we’re here to guide you in the right direction.

Star Trek: Discovery is a TV series that picks up about 10 years before Star Trek: The Original Series. It’s available to the US and Canada on CBS All Access, but you can’t find it on Netflix US and Canada.

Instead, you can watch the show on Netflix UK, Netflix Japan, Netflix Romania, Netflix Netherlands, and other countries.

To do so, you must get equipped with a powerful VPN service to mask your true location and connect to one of the countries above.

How do I watch Star Trek: Discovery on Netflix with VPN?

Download Private Internet Access

Set up PIA on your computer and fire it up

Type Netherlands in the Search box and select it from the results list

Press the big power button to connect to the Netherlands VPN server

Using one of the best quality browsers for Netflix, visit Netflix

Why use Private Internet Access

Developed by Kape Technologies, Private Internet Access is the best VPN for Netflix, including Star Trek: Discovery. It enables you to connect to more than 3,200 servers in 45 different countries, and all of them should work with Netflix.

Privacy-concerned users don’t need to worry because PIA doesn’t capture traffic or request logs. You can safely navigate the web while guarding your true identity.

Private Internet Access is also the best Netflix VPN for Japan, and you can also connect to the Japan server to watch Star Trek: Discovery on Netflix.

What else you need to know about PIA:

Unlocks all popular Netflix libraries, including US and UK

Allows up to 10 simultaneous connections

Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS

Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera

Although PIA doesn’t have a free trial, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Private Internet Access

Watch Star Trek: Discovery on Netflix from any device using this VPN solution.

$2.69/mo. Buy it now

If you’re living or traveling to US or Canada, you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite TV show since you can still watch Star Trek: Discovery with a VPN tool.

Regrettably, free VPN tools rarely work with Netflix. That’s because the company is always looking for ways to ban VPN traffic, and it’s easy to do so when the IP addresses of free VPN services are public. And it can become really frustrating to keep getting Netflix errors with VPN.

But Private Internet Access is different because it’s a paid VPN service. It means that it’s being maintained by a team of professionals that frequently fix the IP addresses which fail with Netflix.

Your connection is not secure – websites you visit can find out your details:

Use a VPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection.

We recommend Visit Private Internet Access

We recommend Private Internet Access , a VPN with a no-log policy, open source code, ad blocking and much more; now 79% off.

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How To Permanently Remove Continue To Watch Message On Netflix

How to permanently remove Continue to watch message on Netflix






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

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After signing up for a subscription to Netflix, you let yourself get carried away by the excitement and start episodes on episodes. You leave many in the middle, waiting to find that series that could capture your heart and, of course, your attention . After some time, however, you realize that all those unfinished episodes remain there, on the Netflix playback list. They are ready to be resumed by simply pressing the Play button.

You have decided to take the situation in your hands and understand how to remove continue to watch on Netflix. You want those “suggestions” to disappear forever.

In this article, we will explain to you how to complete this operation on both versions of Netflix.

based on the browser (for computers)

base on the apps available for the various devices.

The steps that you will read in this article do not provide any kind of modification or unofficial procedure. The deletion of content from the lists of vision is a feature already integrated into Netflix.

Delete Continue Watching on Netflix with these solutions 1. Remove Continue to watch on Netflix from PC

To remove Continue to watch on Netflix using your computer, you need to act on this last aspect. In other words, you have to access the account page from your browser. From there, delete from viewing activities that you want to disable.

Access the main Netflix page from the Internet browser you usually use.

Press the red Login button located in the upper right corner of the page.

Type the credentials associated with your Netflix account in the Email and Password boxes.

If you no longer remember the password to access the service, follow the next steps:

Choose the reset option for your password.

Follow the on-screen instructions carefully to proceed.

Expert tip:

Specify your name, your surname and your credit card number on Netflix.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the recovery process.

Once you have access to your account, follow the next steps:

Press the image of the profile located at the top right.

From the menu that opens, select the Account item.

When you reach the next window, follow the next steps:

Scroll down to find the My Profile section,

Identify, on the next page, the episode to be deleted from the “keep watching” list.

Please note that deleting the episode / series from viewing activity will affect all devices associated with the account. To re-add the episode or series in the “keep watching” section, all you have to do is start playing it again in Netflix.

2. Remove Continue to watch on Netflix from smartphones, tablets and other devices

You don’t use Netflix from your computer but instead you rely on apps for smartphones, tablets, consoles or Smart TVs? Do not worry, erasing episodes and entire series from watching is very easy! We will explain it to you in the following steps:

Start the Netflix app from the device you want to act on

Access it by tapping the Login button located at the top right.

Complete this operation, choose the profile on which you intend to operate by tapping the relative image placed on the next screen.

Tap the icon ☰ placed at the bottom right

Choose the item Account from the menu displayed on the screen.

At this point, it should automatically open a default browser window, which shows the account management page. Scroll down the latter, until you find the box My profile.

Touch the icon in the form of a bin placed next to the episode that you intend to remove from the “keep watching” on Netflix.

Even in this case, the propagation of the change could take up to 24 hours. If your goal is to delete the whole series from the watch list, touch the Hide series link.

You do not have the Netflix app installed but you still want to remove “keep watching on Netflix”? You can follow the next steps:

Browse on this page using the browser that suits you best (eg Google Chrome for Android).

Log in to Netflix.

Press the ☰ button located at the top left.

Select the Account item (located just below the account name and profile picture).

Follow the same instructions we gave you earlier.

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How To Use “Approve With Apple Watch” On Macos Catalina

The Apple Watch has come a long way since it was released over six years ago, with the latest Apple Watch 5 and watchOS 6 integrating into your tech setup like never before. A new feature introduced in the latest macOS Catalina allows for the Apple Watch to perform authentication actions on their Mac.

This feature, known as “Approve with Apple Watch,” provides two solutions. It lets you view the passwords on your Mac (specifically in Safari) whenever you need to type in your password. Secondly, it offers a unique way to approve app installations and other password-protected acts, such as unlocking settings in System Preferences, modifying root files, unlocking a secure Notes file, etc.

To use Approve with Apple Watch, you’ll need the following:

Apple Watch running watchOS 6 or later

Mac running macOS Catalina or later

Auto-Unlock feature enabled

Two-Factor Authentication enabled on your iCloud account.

First, to enable the Auto-Unlock feature:

1. Turn on your Apple Watch and wear it on your wrist. If the watch is not on your wrist, you won’t be able to enable Auto-Lock, as your Mac will not be able to register the device.

2. You’ll also need to have a passcode set on your Apple Watch. If you don’t have one set already, simply open up the Settings app from your Apple Watch app screen and tap on Passcode to set one.

3. On your Mac, open up “System Preferences.”

5. Enable the option to “Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac.” This will require you to enter in your administrator ID and password.

Once this is done, you’ll need to enable Two-Factor authentication on your iCloud account. There are multiple ways to do this: by visiting your Apple ID website, using the iPhone/iPad Settings app, etc. We’ll be enabling it directly from macOS’s System Preferences app. To do so, follow the below instructions:

1. In System Preferences, access your iCloud account.

2. From the left pane, select “Passwords and Security.”

3. Enable the option for Two-Factor authentication.

Once this is done, Auto-Unlock should work automatically on your Apple Watch / Mac. Follow the below example to see how it works:

1. In Safari, if you open a website with a password field, Safari will show you a key icon next to the password (provided you have saved passwords in Safari before).

This works similarly in the System Preferences app. If you need to unlock a specific setting to make changes, simply use the “Approve with Apple Watch” feature to unlock it directly from your Apple Watch rather than typing in your password on your Mac.

As described above, Approve with Apple Watch can save you time in entering in your password.

Did you find this guide useful? Let us know in the Comments section below.

Shujaa Imran

Shujaa Imran is MakeTechEasier’s resident Mac tutorial writer. He’s currently training to follow his other passion become a commercial pilot. You can check his content out on Youtube

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How To Identify Bad Friends: 13 Steps (With Pictures)

You may notice borrowing becomes an issue. They borrow money and never pay you back. Borrow your clothes, property, and never give it back. Or, they return it damaged. They may even let other people use/wear your belongings, without asking you first.

They may also ask for a favor but can never return a favor.

When you tell them that you have something new (clothes, furniture, even friends), see if they pay more attention to you.

This type of person seems to always have an opinion about everything. An opinion is a person’s ideas and thoughts towards something. It is an assessment, judgment or evaluation of something. An egocentric person has no theory of mind, cannot feel empathy for others, and believes everyone sees what he/she sees (or that what he/she sees in some way exceeds what others see). It appears that this is shown mostly in younger children. They are unable to separate their own beliefs, thoughts and ideas from others, and if you share your ideas, they’ll criticize them or ignore you.

A true friendship should never be 1-sided.[1]


This type of person may stay mad at you when both of you have had a fight. This is because they only accept their point of view.

Pay attention to how they tell stories. They’ll start off with beginnings like “Oh my gosh…” and “I can’t believe…”. They’ll often scream “You don’t understand what I’m going through!” They crave attention and steal the spotlight.

This friend might also ask you to constantly “rescue” them, which is a big red flag.[2]

Sidestep the fake. This person smiles in your face, but when around other people, they make you feel small by continuously putting you down verbally. They may also do things such as drugs and deny it. They might promise to call you back, but never do. Always keeps you waiting. Always make excuses as to why they didn’t call you. They never keep their promises, and it’s their hobby to gossip. Listen into their conversations. They’ll likely be talking about you or someone else.

Avoid the snob. This person never acknowledges your ethnicity/culture/opinion. This friend considers you something else, and think it’s alright to insult your heritage using derogatory slang words around you while knowing it offends you. They know you’re uncomfortable and want to encourage it. They’ll often brag about how “rich” or “beautiful” they are, and are spoiled by their parents.

You might notice that these people always need to know everything. For example, you may be talking to another friend about a confidence and she/he was not right there, but comes across the room wanting to know what you’re talking about. Well, okay, that can be nothing; don’t be paranoid. It may be a “close-friend” but a spy could and would go much further, often really trying to overhear conversations, and sneaking to read email, or borrowing cell phones, reading texts, between you and other people.

Spies often lie. They may lie about their name, age, etc. to you.

Be careful of extremes of nosiness. They may soon blackmail or bully you.

If you feel intimidated or threatened by this person, tell an authority or elder you trust.

Pass by the friend who ignores you. This type of “friend” is absolutely infuriating. When you are hanging out with them and other friends of yours, they are always talking to you and start socializing with your friends. However, when you are hanging out with them and their friends, they absolutely ignore you and “forget” to introduce you to their friends. If there are three people on a sidewalk, you, them, and their other friend, you’ll always be the third person walking behind. The third wheel. Every time you try to spark up a conversation he/she ignores you and continues to talk to their friend, or interrupts you and continues blabbing. This is a sign of insecurity masquerading as coolness; it’s unkind and unwanted.

If you say “I’m going to compliment [someone]’s shoes”, they will beat you to it and act like it was their own observation. If you say, “I think [someone] will be good for a job opening I saw”, they’ll chase the person down and suggest applying for the job. If you work with someone like this, they’ll take credit for your ideas and tell the boss about your latest, greatest thoughts, saying: “I was just thinking …” after you explained to them how you arrived at your conclusion. They’ll copy your ideas, your favorites, and your observations. If you are in school with this person, she’ll run to the professor with every brilliant insight you share and pretend ownership. This person is very insecure and needs you to show her the way; she feels entitled to share in all your relationships.


15 Games To Play Over Text With Friends

Playing stimulating VR games or immersive PC single-player games is fun, but sometimes you might want to mess around with something simpler. Games can be too time-consuming and demanding, so why not look for fun games to play over text with your friends?

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most fun texting games to play via SMS. All you need is a smartphone, and it doesn’t even have to be a fancy one. So get creative and have some fun!  

Table of Contents

1. I Spy  2. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is another familiar game usually played face-to-face but works well when played over text messages or chat apps like Whatsapp. Just send a text saying “Never have I ever” and add a statement about something you never did before. Keep in mind that you want to make the game fun, so think about something dirty, flirty, secret, or silly. 

Never Have I Ever is mainly played as a drinking game, which is hard to do through text but think of other fun ways to punish your friends who give a positive answer. For example, ask them to send the silliest photo to the group chat or publish an embarrassing story on social media.

3. Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions is a great party game played by choosing a category from which you would draw questions to ask your friends over text. Spice up the game by inventing a point system and award your friends with simple gifts such as buying a drink for the winner. You can ask questions about movies, music, the gaming world, or whatever you and your friends have in common.

4. Abbreviations

This simple game is played by sending your friends a text message with the abbreviation of a sentence, and they need to guess what the full sentence is. You can use sentences that describe what you are doing at the given moment or what you’re thinking. For example, if you send “IBANI” to your friends, they need to figure out that you’re saying, “I’m buying a new iPhone.” 

This game is as fun as the creativity of your friend, and you can expect to receive even some rude answers. Help your friends out by sending more letters each time they fail to guess your abbreviation.

5. Kiss, Marry, Kill

Name three people, either celebrities or someone you know, or even movie characters, and ask your friends who they would kiss, marry, and kill. Spice up the game by naming someone you know your friend has a crush on or someone they dislike. Be mindful that all of this must be in jest. The end goal is to have fun, not to offend anyone.

6. Emoji Translation

Emoji Translation is one of the best texting games to be played via SMS or group chats. Send your friends a text message entirely made of emojis. Their task is to interpret your message and send back their answer. There are so many emojis available, and the only limit to the game is your imagination. Expect some funny answers and choose the winner based on who came the closest to the sentence you had in mind. 

7. Would You Rather

“Would You Rather” is very popular on Reddit, and it is a perfect long-distance game. Ask your friends fun questions in the form “would you rather x or y” and fill in the blanks with something fun. Here’s an example: “Would you rather fight 100 ninjas with Chuck Norris at your side, or fight Chuck Norris with 100 ninjas by your side?”. Ask your friends to explain their choice and expect to have fun reading their quirky answers.

8. Story Time

Also known as Story Builder, this is a very creative game. As you probably guessed by the name of the game, you and your friends need to develop a story by taking turns writing one sentence at a time. The story can go as long as you wish. You can even build it up over days or weeks and see how far you can take it. 

Alternatively, you can go word by word instead of sentences, but this variation of the “Story Time” game is much longer. Start with something simple such as ”Once upon a time…” and your friends will immediately pick up the game.

9. Where Am I?

Like “I Spy,” the “Where Am I” game is played by texting your friends and asking them to identify your location. You will need to describe your surroundings and what you see via SMS or chat, but keep it simple, so you don’t give away too much information. For example, if you are at McDonald’s drive-thru, simply type “Food, car, clown” and let your friends guess where you are.

10. Truth or Dare

Everyone knows the “Truth or Dare” game, and it can be equally fun when played via SMS or group chats. Ask your friends to choose truth or dare and wait for their answer. If they say “truth”, which is the easy part, just ask them any question. But you will have to be more creative if they choose “dare”. Give them a fun, maybe slightly embarrassing task, and ask for a photo or a video that proves it was completed.

11. Song Lyrics

To play this game, you and your friends need to have at least similar tastes in music. Song Lyrics is a game in which you will text a line from a song and then have your friend guess which song it is from. Afterward, you can go back and forth by texting the next line in the song. 

12. Hangman

Traditionally, Hangman is played with pen and paper, and it is difficult to imagine the game without a little dangling stick figure being hanged. But if you think about it, a hangman usually has six guesses before the whole stick figure is drawn.

Limit how many attempts your friend has to find the correct answer, and you won’t need a pen and paper. Send an SMS to your friend with underscores where letters should be and when they answer with a note in the word you imagined, send the underscores again with a correct letter in the right location.

13. Unpopular Opinion

Not all people are the same, and each person has a different opinion on a particular topic. But some ideas are popular, meaning the majority of people share them. The game “Unpopular Opinion” will allow you to voice different feelings about a movie everyone seems to like, for example. 

Send a text message to your friends, loved ones, or family saying, “Unpopular opinion: the Marvel franchise sucks,” and wait for their answer. Many people take popular and unpopular opinions personally, so be mindful not to offend anyone. In general, they should answer your message with an unpopular opinion after a stark debate.

14. Riddles

Riddles are a versatile game that you can play on any platform. This is perfect for text messages and group chats and especially fun when you play it with your partner or friends. Text them your favorite riddle or get some inspiration from Subreddits. When your opponent gives a correct answer, it’s your turn to answer one.

15. What If?

“What If?” is the perfect game for those with a rich imagination and those who love daydreaming. Put yourself and your friends, spouse, or kids in an imagined situation and ask them what they would do in that given scenario. Their replies might surprise you, and you can learn something new about your loved ones. After they answer, they can either direct the same question to you or ask you a new one.

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