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You can set up port forwarding for Xbox Series and Xbox One to open up your multiplayer experience. We’re guiding you step by step through the process.

This is a beginner’s guide, but it would be best for you to have some prior technical knowledge. Also, we do not recommend port forwarding the Xbox if you don’t need to. So, the initial step is verifying you actually need to do it.

To finish the introduction, we should say the tutorial works equally for Xbox Series and Xbox One.

But if you want a quick answer…

What Ports to Open for Xbox Series X?

Perhaps you already know the steps for port forwarding the Xbox, the PlayStation, a Windows PC, or other devices. It’s similñar for either option.

So, if you want to do it quickly, here’re the ports you can use for an Xbox port forwarding rule: 

Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)

Port 53 (UDP and TCP)

Port 3544 (UDP)

Port 80 (TCP)

Port 500 (UDP)

Port 4500 (UDP)

Port 88 (UDP)

These are the ports you’d choose when adding a virtual server, port forwarding rules, or similar for your Xbox.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, follow the complete tutorial.

How to Set Up Port Forwarding for Xbox?

The Xbox port forwarding tutorial has five general steps:

Understanding NAT Type: The NAT Type configuration comes with the router. “Port forwarding” a device through the router’s admin page allows you to change the Type. 

Adding a static IP to your Xbox: You need a static IP, an address that won’t change, to use on your port forwarding rules. 

Accessing your router or gateway admin page: Port forwarding the Xbox requires accessing the router or gateway admin page. In case you don’t know how to do it, we’re showing you how.

Enabling UPnP on the router: The Universal Plug and Play feature is required to open up the ports. Specifically, it allows network devices to create port forwarding rules. 

Opening a port on your router: You redirect a specific device to specific ports. In this case, the Xbox console will use particular Microsoft network ports. It allows your console to communicate with the Xbox’s network servers. 

Understanding NAT Type

Network Address Translation (NAT) is how a router or gateway translates public IPs into private IPs and vice-versa.

For example, it takes the private IP address of your Xbox and sends it as a public IP to the network so others can share it with you.

There’re three NAT categories, which are innate to the router/gateway and your internet service provider. The category determines how your devices can interact with other devices on other networks: 

NAT TypeOpenModerateStrict




For instance, if your NAT Type is Open, you’ll be able to play and share with any other Xbox, regardless of their NAT Type. But if your NAT is Strict, you’d only be able to communicate with Open configurations. That’s why it’s a limiting feature.

Port forwarding generally changes NAT Type to Open, as it’s the default configuration for Microsoft’s ports. It’s the option we recommend, as it can communicate with Open and Moderate settings, but not Strict.

Testing Your NAT Type Configuration

Let’s check your Xbox’s NAT Type configuration. Port forwarding the Xbox will change the NAT Type, but you don’t always need to change it.

Turn on your Xbox

Press the Xbox button to open the guide

Go to Profile & system

Go to Settings

Go to General

Select Network Settings

Under Current Network Status, check your NAT Type. You can also select Test NAT Type on the right to verify.

If the result is NAT Type 1 (Open) or NAT Type 2 (Moderate), you don’t need to do anything. If the result is NAT Type 3 (Strict), proceed with the tutorial.

The latter is a limiting option that will damage online features such as game chats, online gaming, and streaming. 

Lastly, you’d see a related error on the Network screen: “Double NAT detected.” Ensure you’re not getting it before going through the following process.

Adding a Static IP to Your Xbox

Either via WiFi or ethernet cable, the gateway, modem, or router will assign a dynamic IP address to the console and any other device every time they log in.

Dynamic addresses change every time, so they don’t repeat each other. However, we need to add a static IP, as we need the specific number to use when we add port forwarding rules.

Here’s how to add a static IP address on your Xbox One or Xbox Series.

If the connection doesn’t work, ensure that you only changed the last number on the IP. You can set back the IP in automatic mode, write it down again, and try again.

But then, add 50 to the last digit rather than 100. You can add any number between 50 to 100 until it works. Typically, though, it will work the first time.

In any case, a static IP may improve your Xbox’s connection quality and download speeds.

Accessing Your Router or Gateway Admin Page

If your network has a custom name and password, you or someone else in your household has already accessed the router’s admin page.

You can change the network’s default name and password from the page and configure other sensitive options.

If you have already accessed it, you can skip this section. If you haven’t, but your network uses a custom password and name (rather than the default name and password), you have two options:

Ask the person who created the password for the admin password.

Reset the router or gateway. You can use a pin to push and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds. It’s typically on a small hole in the rear or sides of the device.

If the network uses default settings (like the brand’s name plus a long and convoluted password), here’s what you do:

If you push the device’s reset button, it will reset the device to default, which means you can access it with the default admin and password you’d find on the back of the router.

Regardless, once you navigate to the site, you’ll find a page like this one. You can press login to access the router.

Enabling UPnP on the Router

Every router brand has a different interface, options, and features for its admin page. It means I can’t guide you exactly on what you need to do or where to find the options you want.

However, every router has UPnP, as well as port forwarding rules. However, you may find the latter with a different name.

However, you’d find the option on a very similar menu like this one:

Opening a Port on Your Router

The last step is the Xbox port forwarding itself. It’s also known as adding virtual servers or port forwarding rules. As you’d expect, it works within the router’s admin page.

Essentially, it changes the NAT Type configuration by allowing your console to bypass the router’s firewall. As a result, it will communicate with the Xbox server ports successfully. 

The option is near the UPnP settings. You’d find it as:

Port Forwarding

Virtual Servers

Port Forwarding Rules

Virtual Server Rules


Advanced Applications

Apps & Gaming

Port Range Forwarding

NAT Forwarding

Port Triggering

Let’s see exactly how to do it. Remember, my tutorial follows my specific brand, but you’ll find very similar options: 

These are the ones Microsoft recommends. You must choose the same number for both. Also, because some are UPD and others are TCP, we recommend leaving the Protocol as “All” to avoid issues.

Lastly, remember to Save after you type the information.

Afterward, you can exit the router’s admin page. You’re done with the tutorial.

What’s Next?

You can go back to your Xbox’s network settings and check your NAT Type, as I explained above. You successfully set up port forwarding for Xbox if it’s Open or Moderate rather than Strict.

Otherwise, erase the port forwarding rule / virtual server you added, and place a new one with another port. You can also change the Protocol to something that fits your selection for the new trial.

You're reading How To Set Up Port Forwarding For Xbox Series And Xbox One?

How To Set Up Port Forwarding In Windows

Every now and then you’ll stumble upon an app or game that requires you to do something called “port forwarding.” Without port forwarding, “inbound” traffic and data coming in from the Internet won’t be able to communicate with the app or game, and you won’t be able to carry out certain Internet-based functions of that software. This tutorial shows you how to set up port forwarding in Windows.

Note: you may also need to set up port forwarding on your router, for which we have a separate guide.

Set Up Port Forwarding on Windows

To forward ports in Windows, follow the instructions below:

If you’ve had your PC for a while, you should see a long list of “Rules” in the middle pane, applying to the various apps, services, and software that you allow to deliver traffic to your PC.

You’ll see the protocol type (usually TCP or UDP, though there are various alternatives) as well as the “Local port” – the port in your firewall that you’re allowing the connection through.

The really important one here is the Remote port, which is the port the client (app or software that’s trying to connect with you) is using to connect.

With most apps, as with the images above, a remote port is randomly assigned by the client, so it just defaults to “All ports” on the Windows firewall.

Create New Port Rules

To create a new port rule, follow these steps:

In the “New Inbound Rule Wizard” window, select “Port,” then tap “Next.”

Select “TCP” or “UDP” and enter the specific port number you want to forward. You can also select “All local ports” or specify an IP address or a range of addresses you want to forward the port to.

Select “Allow the connection” and press “Next.”

After completing these steps, the port should be forwarded to Windows, and any traffic that comes in on that port will be directed to the specified IP address.

Tip: now that you know how to set up port forwarding in Windows, you should also make sure these apps are not on your Windows PC, and look at our assessment of Windows Defender and whether it’s good enough to protect your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions Is Port Forwarding Safe?

Port forwarding is mostly safe, but it is dependent on the security of the server and machine at the other end. If, for example, you’re setting up port forwarding to host an online game, it’s worth quickly checking online whether there are security issues with that game or software.

If you set up, say, an online Minecraft server, then you’ll want to make sure that server’s kept up to date and that you and other users on the server are using firewalls and – ideally – NAT.

The key is to know the software that you’re port forwarding to and that it’s a trusted piece of software.

Can I use port forwarding to improve my Internet speed?

Port forwarding does not directly improve Internet speed. However, it can improve the performance of certain network services, such as online gaming or file sharing, by allowing them to bypass certain network restrictions and firewalls.

What happens if I forward a port that is already being used by another program?

If you forward a port that is already in use, it can cause conflicts and may prevent the other program from functioning properly. It’s important to only forward ports that are not already being used by another program.

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15 Best Gaming Headsets For Xbox One

1. Razer Kraken X

The headphone features the 7.1 surround sound technology that delivers positional audio. And with the bendable noise-canceling microphone, it reduces ambient noise so that you can chat with your buddies without any distraction.

Connection type: Analog 3.5 mm

Buy from Amazon ($89.99)

2. HyperX Cloud Stinger Core

Connection type: Analog 3.5 mm

Buy from Amazon ($37.57)

The headphones feature high-quality drivers that sound pretty decent for playing games or chatting with friends on your Xbox One.

Buy from Amazon ($24.99)

4. Corsair HS50

Buy from Amazon ($49.99)

5. EKSA E900

Buy from Amazon ($45.99)

6. HyperX Cloud Alpha

The HyperX Cloud Alpha makes use of the company’s Dual Chamber technology, delivering crisp highs and deep bass that add up to an amazing listening experience. On top of that, the headphones feature a detachable cable, which is something I feel should be a standard feature in all wired headphones.

Connection type: Analog 3.5 mm

Buy from Amazon ($99.99)

7. Sennheiser GSP 300

The microphone on the GSP 300 is mounted onto a rather large boom arm which can be raised when not in use. Raising the microphone out of the way instantly mutes it, which is a nice touch. The Sennheiser GSP 300 also features intuitive volume controls on the right ear cup, which makes on-the-fly adjustments a breeze.

The only downside of the Sennheiser GSP 300 is that it’s a bit too large and heavy, which means that it won’t be as comfortable to wear for long hours, unlike several other headphones on this list.

Connection type: Analog 3.5 mm

Buy from Amazon ($97.75)

8. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas also features a detachable noise-cancelling mic with support for the company’s TruSpeak technology for better audio reception. The headphones are also a great choice for gamers who wear glasses as they feature a ProSpecs Glasses Relief System that allows users to create a small channel in the earcups for the glasses to fit through.

Connection type: Analog 3.5 mm

Buy from Amazon ($99.95)

9. SteelSeries Arctis 7

Audio reproduction, both from the drivers and the mic, is top notch and I’m sure you won’t face any problems on that front. The Arctis 7 features a Discord-certified ClearCast microphone which captures studio quality audio and features background noise cancellation.

The headphones make use of a 2.4 GHz wireless connection, which ensures stable, lossless wireless audio with low latency and no interference. In terms of battery life, the Arctis 7 is rated to last up to 24 hours on a single charge, which means that you won’t need to charge often.

Connection type: USB / Wireless

10. Razer Nari ultimate

One of the coolest features that you get with the Nari Ultimate is its haptic fedback, which means that the headphones vibrate in time with the audio. This really makes the headphones stand out as you can literally feel the in-game audio.

Much like the Arctis 7, the Razer Nari Ultimate makes use of a 2.4 GHz wireless connection, with little to no latency and a stable connection. The only shortcoming of the Nari Ultimate is its mic, which is retractable but doesn’t perform as well as the one on the Arctis 7.

Buy from Amazon ($179.99)

11. Razer Thresher

With the help of quick control buttons, you can fine-tune audio without putting your gaming on a halt. Another feature worth taking note of is the 7.1 surround sound that provides immersive sound quality.

Connection type: Analog 3.5 mm / Wireless

Buy from Amazon ($140.44)

12. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum

The headphones are rated for up to 12 hours of battery life, which isn’t a whole lot when compared to some other headphones on this list, but it’s good enough for any casual gamer. Additionally, the G933 Artemis Spectrum features completely customizable RGB lighting, swappable backlit custom tages and 3 programmable G-keys for executing macro commands.

Connection type: Analog 3.5 mm / USB / Wireless

Buy from Amazon ($169.99)

13. Astro A50

In terms of design, the Astro A50s are comparable to some of the other premium headphones on this list, featuring a comfortable headband and soft, breathable cushions which will allow you to use the headphones for long hours. The microphone on the A50 is also quite good and it is capable of reproducing your voice quite accurately while filtering out the background noise.

Connection type: USB / Optical Audio cable

Buy from Amazon ($214.99)

14. Victrix Pro AF ANC

The Victrix Pro AF ANC has a very gamery design aesthetic with a black and purple color scheme that looks fantastic. The active noise cancellation technology make it a perfect pair for eSports enthusiasts as it drowns out 70 percent of the background noise, allowing you to focus on your game.

Connection type: Analog 3.5 mm

Buy from Amazon ($299.99)

15. LucidSound LS35X

The headphones come with a wireless connectivity option, but you can also use it with its 3.5 mm analog connection or an optical connection. The design of the headphone is remarkably comfortable and it doesn’t clamp down on your head with too much force, which is great for long hours of use. However, because of the loose fit, the headphones don’t do a great job of isolating background noise, so they aren’t an ideal option for noise environments.

Connection type: Analog 3.5 mm / Optical cable / Wireless

Buy from Amazon ($147.99)

How To Fix Most Common Xbox One Errors And Issues

How to Fix Most Common Xbox One Errors and Issues

Let’s get started and explore how you can fix these issues without seeking help from Microsoft or customer support assistance.

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Solutions to Fix Most Common Xbox One Errors Log out and Log In

Starting with the basics, signing out, and then again signing back to your account is one of the most simple hacks that you can try to overcome any Xbox One related issues.

To do so, first launch the Xbox One console.

Now head on to the General tab and then select the “Sign Out” option that’s placed right below your profile info.

Restart your device by using the Xbox One button placed on the console. Sign in to your Xbox account and check if it fixed the glitch.

Check the Power Light

If your Xbox One console suddenly stopped working or if the power went down unexpectedly then here’s what you can try.

First, check the console’s temperature to see if it’s overheating due to malfunctioning. If yes, then turn it off and keep it this way for about 1-2 hours until it cools off.

Live Status

Launch any default web browser on your device, visit the Xbox One Live Status webpage.

Sign in to your Xbox One account to check the live status of your console. Here you see a broad list of services, explore this list to check whether any of the Xbox One services is temporarily down or inactive.

Manually Update Xbox One

Is your Xbox One gaming console experiencing any issues while updating? Well, you can try a manual update instead. Here’s what you need to do:

Tap the Xbox button placed on the controller.

Now hit the RB key three times.

Pick Settings and then switch to the System tab from the left sidebar.

Tap on “Updates and Download” to check whether any update is available for your Xbox One gaming console.

Hard Reset

If any of the solutions mentioned above didn’t work out too well for you, then you can try hard resetting your Xbox One gaming console. To perform a hard reset on Xbox One, follow these steps:

Press and hold the power button on the Xbox One device for about 10-12 seconds.

Wait for a minute until your console completely shuts off.

Now, power on your Xbox One console like you usually do. Although, when you are performing a hard reset, you will see a different green-coloured screen when the console starts up. If yes, then it indicates that your Xbox One has successfully performed a hard reset.

Here were a few workarounds to fix the most common Xbox One errors and issues. By taking the help of these hacks mentioned above, you can quickly resolve Xbox error and glitches without seeking help from the Microsoft customer support.

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How To Control Your Xbox One With Google Assistant in Google Home

Xbox One S vs Xbox One X: Which One is the Best Xbox Gaming Station?

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The Best Xbox Series X Games

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Written By Stan Horaczek

Published Jun 30, 2023 8:30 PM

Optimizing your Xbox gameplay Is your TV ready for this fancy new content?

Plugging an Xbox Series X into that 15-year-old TV you bought on Black Friday is a lot like eating a perfectly cooked wagyu steak slathered in ketchup. The quality is there, but you’re ruining it right before the last step. 

How HD is too HD? What about framerate?

In addition to resolution, the Xbox Series X also offers improved performance when it comes to frames-per-second. High fps TVs offer smoother motion, which looks weird when you’re trying to watch a movie but makes gameplay look much better. The Xbox Series X can output up to 120 Hz (the screen refreshes 120 times each second). Some also support variable refresh rate (often referred to as VRR), which allows the video to adapt to the feed for fewer weird stuttering issues. 

You’ll want to note what your TV can handle and keep your settings in line with what your hardware can actually handle.

The HDMI cable and port actually matters Don’t forget to set up your audio Enable HDR

If your TV doesn’t have HDR, you’re going to miss out on some of the vivid colors and impressive contrast the tech can offer. In the early days of HDR, there was some quibbling over which format would be the winner, but you’re mostly fine buying a TV labeled “HDR” at this point without having to worry much about compatibility issues. Microsoft actually makes HDR rather simple on the Xbox Series X. The Auto HDR feature (which only works on some titles at the moment) can even add some pop to older games if you have it enabled. 

The best Xbox Series X games

Now that your TV is set up for optimal gaming, it’s time to pick some high-end content to feed it. Here in the early days of the console, game makers are still figuring out exactly what settings and options give players the best possible experience. Some opt for maximum resolution to draw out every meticulously crafted detail. Others focus on maximizing framerate for gameplay so smooth you’ll think you’re in the midst of the action. Here’s a selection of games that are great on their own, but also draw out some specific strengths your fancy new box of components offers. 

The best Xbox Series X ray tracing: Watch Dogs Legion

Ray tracing only came to PC games a few years ago. Before that, movie studios used it to make extremely realistic 3D graphics for big-budget pictures. Now, the Xbox Series X supports ray tracing and this crime-happy open-world game does a great job showing it off. It’s particularly noticeable in elements like puddles. Shiny surfaces show authentic reflections as opposed to blurry blobs of color. This was one of the first games to support ray tracing on the Xbox Series X and it’s still a great way to get a feel for how big of a difference the technology makes.

Best for showing off high frame-rate: Dirt 5

You’ll notice the smooth motion associated with high-frame rates the most during fast gameplay. Dirt 5 places colorful cars in mud-laden race tracks that whiz by at an absurd pace. Because the on-screen images refresh faster, there’s less room between each frame, which makes the entire experience feel more smooth. To get 120 Hz support, you’ll need to use an HDMI 2.1 port and high-speed cable, though, so make sure your TV is compatible before you try to notice the difference.

Best HDR: Cyberpunk 2077

Bright lights and vivid colors set against dark backgrounds make the most out of high-dynamic-range (HDR) tech. Cyberpunk 2077 has that by the sackful. This futuristic steampunk action RPG had some issues at launch with bugs (especially on older PS4 and Xbox One consoles), but the developers have released some updates that make the gameplay much more reliable. Even from the start, the graphics have been incredible. Signs pop in the grimy city settings and all that contrast allows the game to really set a convincing mood for your in-game hacking sessions.

Best classic to get a UHD upgrade: Halo: Master Chief Collection

The Halo: Master Chief Collection goes back through the history of the franchise and revamps classic missions and maps that you may have memorized the first time around. In addition to the revamp, this title supports both 120 Hz refresh rates and 4K resolution at the same time, something not every game offers. So, whether you’re throwing your first plasma grenade or your five-millionth, that glowing purple blob of exploding goop will look great and fly through the air with the smoothest possible motion.

Best game for next-level sound: Resident Evil Village

Horror games are scary in the dark and the latest Resident Evil is no exception. If you’re playing with your crummy TV speakers, however, you’re missing out on some truly horrifying sound design. Resident Evil supports Dolby Atmos surround sound, so when that ghoul sneaks up behind you, you’ll hear it breathing down your neck. You’ll be surprised how much that kind of location-oriented audio ups the immersion factor on just about every type of game.

Best Xbox Series X game for kids: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

This is one of the most beautiful video games of all time. You play as an adorable, glowing, magical creature that has to maneuver through a series of detailed cartoony landscapes with a series of simple moves. It’s challenging at times, so it’s better for slightly older kids, but it’s so nice to look at and free from realistic violence that younger kids may just want to watch along as you play. Seriously, this game is great and you should play it.

FAQs Q: When will Xbox Series X be back in stock?

Right now, we don’t know when the shortage will let up, so your best bet for getting a console is to regularly check back at popular stores until you can score one. Whatever you do, you shouldn’t pay a super-inflated price on the secondary market. They will be back in stock eventually. 

Q: What’s the difference between Xbox Series X and Series S?

There are a couple of key differences between Microsoft’s consoles. The $500 Series X has an optical disc drive while the $300 Series S doesn’t. The Series X is also more powerful. It has extra ram and more powerful graphics processing, which allows it to play games at higher resolutions and faster frame rates. If you have a cutting-edge TV or you want to buy something that’s relatively futureproofed, the Series X is the machine to get. 

Q: How much does the Xbox Series X cost?

If you can find one at a retail store, expect to pay $500 for a Series X. Extra controllers will cost you $60 and you should also factor in the price of a $15 Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which gets you access to a ton of free games (many of which are actually good) and online gaming. 

The final word on the best Xbox Series X games

Troubleshooting Xbox One Error 0X800704Cf

Error code 0x800704cf indicates there’s a network problem that’s preventing you from signing in to your Xbox account. The same error may occur when the console can’t launch your favorite games due to network issues.

‘You’ll need the Internet for this. It doesn’t look like you’re connected to the Internet. Please check your connection and try again. 0x800704cf’.

How to Fix Xbox One Error 0x800704cf Check the Service Status

Since this error usually appears when there’s a general network problem, start by checking the Xbox Service Status.

If there’s a known issue that could be triggering error 0x800704cf, it should be on the list. If this the case, wait until Microsoft has fixed the problem.

Try Again

The error could also be triggered by temporary server issues caused by an unusually high number of requests. In other words, the Xbox servers are overwhelmed. Wait five or 10 minutes. These issues usually disappear after a few minutes.

Restart or Unplug Your Modem

If the issue persists, it’s time to check your network. Restart your modem and check if this quick workaround did the trick.

Try unplugging the modem if you haven’t done that in weeks. Unplug the power cable and leave your modem unplugged for three minutes. Then power it back up and check if the error code 0x800704cf is still there.

If you suspect the error is caused by low bandwidth problems, disconnect all the other devices using the network.

Clear Local Xbox 360 Storage

Navigate to Settings.

Select System.

Go to Storage.

Then select Clear local Xbox 360 storage.

Restart your console and check again.

Clear the MAC Address

You can also try to change the MAC address of your console.

Navigate to Settings.

Go to General settings.

Select Network Settings.

Then go to Advanced Settings.

Locate and select Alternate MAC Address.

Clear the current MAC Address.

Restart your console and reconnect to your network. The console should start updating now if there’s a new version available.

Which brings us to the next solution.

Update Your Console

If you’re running an outdated system version, don’t be surprised if your console becomes a bit glitchy.

Go to Profile & system.

Select Settings.

Then go to System.

Select Updates to check for updates.

Go to the Troubleshooting Screen

If the console is not updating correctly, do this:

Take out the power cable and leave your Xbox console unplugged for 3 or 4 minutes.

Then hold the Sync button on the controller and press the Eject button.

While holding down these buttons, press the ON button on the console.

Wait until you hear a second ON sound. You can then release the Sync and Eject buttons.

You should see the troubleshooting screen now.

Select Continue and update your console.

Launch a Game Without Signing In

Other users suggested this quick workaround worked for them:

Sign out and reconnect the console to your network.

Select a random game and launch it.

You will be prompted to sign in once you reach the game’s login screen.

Select your profile, and try to sign in. There should be no error this time around.

Reset Your IP and DNS

Refreshing your IP and DNS may help. Here’s what you need to do:

Navigate to Settings.

Go to General.

Select Network Settings.

Then, go to Advanced Settings.

Select IP Settings.

Set the IP settings to Automatic.

Repeat the same steps for the DNS settings to get a new DNS.

Check the connection.

Reset Your Console

Resetting your console without deleting your games and app may help you to get rid of this error.

Open the guide and go to System.

Then select Settings.

Go to System → Console info.

Locate the Reset console option.

Select it and keep your games and apps.

After the process is complete, you can power cycle your console.

Let us know which solution worked for you.

Update the detailed information about How To Set Up Port Forwarding For Xbox Series And Xbox One? on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!