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Snapchat is a great platform for sending discrete, timed videos and photos to friends and family. You can share candid scenes and important messages, safe in the knowledge that the content you share can’t be saved unless you allow it. 

Unfortunately, that isn’t always a good thing, especially if you’re looking to save a Snapchat video yourself. If you want to know how to save Snapchat videos, you’ll need to be aware of some limitations. This guide has everything you need to know about saving Snapchat videos.

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Can You Save Snapchat Videos?

It is possible to save Snapchat videos, depending on the source. If you created the videos yourself, you can export them to your camera roll so you can keep them indefinitely and use them outside the platform. This works for both Android and iPhone devices.

You can also export videos you receive from other users, but only if they’ve sent the videos as attachments in a Snapchat text chat. You can’t save short, timed, and full-screen Snapchat videos in the app itself. You also can’t save videos that appear as part of a user’s Snapchat story. 

You can only save these videos by taking a screenshot or a screen recording using a mobile screen recording app. However, trying to take screenshots or recordings like this will alert the other user.

Snapchat is a platform for disposable videos, so you’ll need to be careful if you try to save Snapchat videos when you shouldn’t. Not only can this alienate your relationships with the video senders, but it may also be viewed as harassment and place you in breach of Snapchat’s terms of service.

Saving Your Own Snapchat Videos

If you’ve recorded a video (or taken a photo) in the Snapchat app, you can easily save it before it’s sent on both Android and iPhone devices.

To do this, open the Snapchat app and record a video by pressing and holding the Record button in the center of the app’s camera view.

    To save a Snapchat video you’ve recorded, tap the Download button in the bottom-left corner.

    The recorded video will now be available in your device’s camera roll for you to use elsewhere.

    How to Save Your Own Snapchat Story Videos

    Snapchat Stories provide an overview of the last 24 hours for that user, showing a curated list of activities, messages, and more. You can export these videos, but you can only do this before the videos expire, unless the videos are set to be saved automatically to your Snapchat Memories section.

    To save a Snapchat Story video, open the Snapchat app and tap the Bitmoji or Story icon in the top-left corner.

      In the Stories section of your Snapchat user profile, you can choose to save a single Snapchat Story video or an entire day’s worth of Snapchat Story videos at once. To save Story videos from a whole day, tap the three horizontal dots menu icon next to the My Story section.

        In the bottom menu, tap Save Story to save the videos to your camera roll.

          If you want to save an individual Snapchat Story video instead, tap the individual video listed under the My Story section in your user profile area to view it.

            Tap the hamburger menu icon in the top-right corner to access the settings for that video.

              To save the Story video, tap the Save button at the bottom.

              As with videos you take privately, any videos you save from your Snapchat Story will be exported to your device’s camera roll.

              Save Attached Snapchat Videos From Other Users

              If you receive a video as an attachment in a Snapchat text chat, then you can save and export it (assuming you have permission to). Doing this will alert the sender, so you should only do this if you’ve received permission to do so.

              To save an attached Snapchat video, open the Snapchat chat, then tap and hold the attached video. In the pop-up menu, tap the Save to Camera Roll option to export the video.

              This will save the video to your camera roll for you to use elsewhere.

              Save Full Screen Snapchat Videos and Stories

              Unlike attached Snapchat videos, you can’t save full screen Snapchat videos sent from other users. These are “typical” Snapchat messages that are temporary as intended. Likewise, Snapchat Stories from other users can’t be saved by other users within the Snapchat app itself.

              The only way around this problem is to use a mobile video recorder (or to take a screenshot if you want to save a picture instead). If you do this, the other user will be immediately alerted, and there isn’t any way around this without breaking Snapchat’s terms of service.

              iPhones have built-in screen recording technology, while Android device owners with Android 9 or less will need to install a third-party app like AZ Screen Recorder. Android 10 device owners can use the built-in screen recording feature instead.

              Android 10 users can begin a screen recording by swiping down their notifications menu and tapping the Screen Recorder icon. With this mode active, you can then play a received Snapchat video or Snapchat Story to record the content you wish to save before tapping the Screen Recorder icon again to stop recording.

                With screen recording enabled, open the Control Center by swiping up from the top-right corner (or bottom, depending on your iPhone model). In the Control Center, tap the white circular icon, then tap Start Recording to begin the recording process.

                  Record the received Snapchat video or Snapchat Story, then re-open the Control Center. From there, tap the red circular icon again to stop the recording.

                    As mentioned, Android 9 (and older) users will need to install an app like AZ Screen Recorder to record other user’s Snapchat videos and Stories. In the AZ Recorder app window, tap the Record icon in the bottom-left to begin recording.

                      With the app recording, open the Snapchat Story or video to play and record it. Return to the app, then tap the Record icon again to end the recording and save it to your camera roll.

                      Making the Most of Snapchat

                      Now that you know how to save Snapchat videos, you can begin to save your most important memories. You can take this a step further by using Snapchat’s own Memories section to view a list of previously saved Snaps. Do this by swiping up from the bottom in Snapchat’s camera view mode.

                      The platform isn’t for everyone, so if you’re worried about your safety, then make sure that you’ve implemented the best Snapchat privacy tips, including hiding your details from unknown users. You can also change your Snapchat username or, if you want to, delete your Snapchat account and wipe your data entirely.

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                      How To Make ‘How To’ Videos

                      How to plan, create and market a ‘how-to-video’

                      ‘How to’ videos are one of the most popular video types on the net, so should always be considered as part of your content marketing efforts. They are an accessible format that can be applied to marketing many types of businesses. Essentially what you are doing is explaining how to do something that your people in a business are skilled in and knowledgeable about as it relates to your products and services.

                      All ‘how to’ videos are different, but we have developed a formula that can be applied regardless of the subject. Work through these steps to get the best results with your ‘how to’ video.

                      1. Planning the video What do your customers need help with?

                      There is approximately no point in making a how to video about something that everyone knows how to do. In the planning phase you need to research and define the common problems your customers face. This will enable you to pitch a perfectly useful video to a perfectly interested audience.

                      Two birds, one stone: make connections

                      While you are researching common problems, make a note of all of the blogs, social media pages and websites you come across that relate to your ‘how to’ video. If you are particularly on the ball you will build some relationships at this stage. Tell them you are making this video and ask them if they are interested in seeing it and sharing it when it is ready.

                      Learn from other people’s mistakes

                      Look around at what other videos have been made on the same or a similar topic. Analyse what works and what doesn’t as well as what is missing. Use this information to inform how you produce your own video.

                      2. Production of the video Choosing an on-screen presenter

                      There are two main things to consider here. Firstly, they need to work well on camera and be approachable and easy to listen to. Secondly, they need to know what they are talking about and be confident and passionate about what they are explaining. If they are none of those things, your audience will disconnect.

                      Production quality

                      In the following video, we don’t have an on-screen face. It is a very short video, which gets to the point and skips over the parts that will be of no interest to the audience.

                      Pace and length

                      Pace is extremely important and you will determine the pace in the edit lab. Get it wrong and people will switch off. The pace will depend on the information you have decided to share in your video. Avoid stating the obvious. Cover the important bases and spend more time on the complicated elements. Skip over or increase the speed through the obvious parts – this will have a stylistic impact. We think that shorter videos are more effective, as long as you have covered all necessary bases.

                      I found numerous different videos on ‘how to tie a bow tie’. This was my favourite because it was shortest. Very DIY but it does the job. One video lasted over 9 minutes – needless to say I didn’t watch it all.

                      3. Marketing the video Testing on an audience

                      Before letting your video free into the public domain, test it on some small audiences for feedback. This will give you the audience perspective to work with. It will help you make decisions about which parts are adding nothing and which elements need more elaboration. You cannot underestimate the value of this part of the process – you might think your video is great but you are making it for other people to watch…

                      Distribution routes

                      Your obvious starting point is your existing network including your mailing list and your social media followers. Related blogs and websites are a perfect target audience and if you already have relationships with them this process should be a lot quicker and easier.

                      Video SEO

                      There are a number of things you can do to give your video the best possible chance of appearing in search engine results. These include a consideration of the page on which you embed your video, where you host it, keywords in titles and descriptions and also creating closed caption subtitles for the video.

                      For more information about video SEO see My Web Presenters guide to video SEO basics.

                      So there you have it. Tick all of those boxes and you should be on your way to enlightening the world with your ‘how to video’.

                      Snapchat Premium: How To Make A Snapchat Premium App?

                      What is the Snapchat premium app? How to make a premium Snapchat account? Read this blog to learn about premium Snapchat app features and related questions.

                      As of now, along with Instagram and LinkedIn, there is one more popular social media platform called Snapchat with over 319 million daily active users – people find their way of entertainment as it offers a fast and fun way to share the content with their friends and family.

                      The synergy (in numbers) has quickly made hundreds of thousands of businesses think about Snapchat marketing or at least reimagine it as a great tool for businesses to connect with a large audience and earn revenue.

                      That’s how I see it – …and earn revenue. Because video content is the easiest to understand because people see your product with their eyes and thus it is easiest to interest them. And for this, the company only needs to shoot a video, merge videos online together, and load it into the application.

                      Launched in September 2011, the Snapchat application is quickly adopted and used by significant age-group people and most likely ones are the youngest. However, its popularity spurred rapidly when Snapchat Inc. brought a new feature called ‘Snapcash’ now abbreviated as Snapchat premium.

                      So, if you are hearing the hype about a premium Snapchat app or account and how to create Snapchat streak ideas, the chances are indeed searching for “how to make a premium Snapchat account” or “what is the Snapchat premium app” is not so far a debate.

                      What Is Snapchat Premium?

                      If you’re not a Snapchat user, you may be triggering yourself to know about the Snapchat premium account. But, the truth and the limelight fact is that there is no such thing – As snapchat premium.


                      Snapchat premium is just a feature that allows you to restrain your content to limited or selected snap-viewers with privacy. In more simple words, to obtain a premium Snapchat account, just go to the Snapchat setting and change all your settings subject to only my friends.

                      And did you know that this discrete feature totally exploited the flirty influencers, porn stars, and scammers?

                      Let’s view the differences between Snapchat’s basic and premium features offered to the users.

                      Snapchat’s Basic Features Overview:

                      Core functionality: Filters, lenses, and stickers along with friend emojis.

                      Stories and Discover: Discover breaking news and exclusive, original shows.

                      Messaging: Stay in touch with friends through live messaging or share your day with group stories.

                      Spotlight: Spotlight showcases the best of Snapchat.

                      Snapchat’s Premium Features Overview:

                      Snapcash: Switch to a premium Snapchat account and earn money.

                      Privacy: Share content with 100% privacy and end-to-end encryption technology.

                      Private Profile: With Snapchat premium you can private your profile and authorize the selected people to view your account.

                      Remember, you may call a premium Snapchat when a person makes his account premium through settings positioned on privacy and sharing authority only with some friends and certain people.

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                      A Guide To Make A High-Premium Snap

                      Snapchat is a mobile app used for messaging for Android and iOS devices. Messages other than the form of chat are snap. Typically in video and photo illustration. And when you share a snap to a limited number of friends with a privacy notion it is represented as a premium snap.

                      Making a premium snap is not free, you have to put a fee like five dollars to ten dollars in the monthly format. It is like a monthly subscription. And this heat makes millions of dollars annually from this subscription. Generally, premium snap includes adult content which is why it is kept private.

                      20+ Snapchat Premium App/Account Questions and Answers

                      I have covered the most asked general questions related to the Snapchat premium account. Reading these will help you understand the premium Snapchat app effectively.

                      How can you create a premium Snapchat?

                      You can create any snap into a premium by paying a fee running from $5 to $10. Premium Snapchat is used for various reasons. Examples include the sharing of adult and sexual content, privacy concerns, exchange of critical business information, and other things. Many entities use the premium feature of Snapchat because of the compensation module and privacy.

                      How to use a premium Snapchat app?

                      Like I said earlier, premium snap includes sensitive content and accumulates compensation benefits. You may use premium Snapchat to promote your critical and sensitive snaps with the ability to be hyped to selective users to watch your content and send you messages.

                      What is premium Snapchat and how do I sign up?

                      Snapchat is interesting, but premium Snapchat is more interesting. Here’s the step on how to make your Snapchat premium.

                      Go to the setting of your Snapchat application.

                      Change the Who Can View to ‘friends only’. You may find it under the privacy option.

                      Go to the contact setting and change it to friends only. This enables your account for private messaging.

                      At last, make your story set to friends only. This will enable you to only allow your subscribers to see the stories you post.

                      These steps rectify making the Snapchat account premium. Making a Snapchat premium isn’t free, you have to pay a subscription fee.

                      How to get snapchat premium for free android?

                      Snapchat is free for all to share loving moments with your friends and family. It is available on the Google Play Store free of cost with In-app purchases feature to make most of Snapchat functions.

                      How to get snapchat premium for free iPhone?

                      You can download the latest version of Snapchat for iPhone for free from the Apple Store. Currently, it is standing in the first position in the ‘Photo & Video’ category.

                      How to earn money using a Snapchat premium account?

                      Snapchat is quite popular because of the premium feature it offers to its users. As premium Snapchat users have the freedom to share and add up to 18 videos and images with an option to ‘Who can watch’ and ‘Who can message’. Each time your post gets viewed on your shared premium post, you get compensation.

                      How can I change the setting on my premium account?

                      You can make your Snapchat account premium by manipulating some aspects of the settings. In order to make your account fully premium, change your privacy, contact, and story setting to ‘friends only’.

                      What is the best way to use a premium Snapchat account?

                      Snapchat was invented to provide users with a loving and fun-way messaging experience. But today, more than that it has become a source of earning. Premium Snapchat lets people view your private snap and will pay you. Many celebrities and actresses are using the premium Snapchat app, and they get compensated for the posts they share.

                      What are the various payments for a Snapchat premium account?

                      Paying for a premium Snapchat account is fun and can be made in various methods. The popular payment method includes PayPal transactions, MoneyGram among the various other payment channels.

                      How to make Snapchat premium?

                      First of all, there is no difference between standard Snapchat and premium one. Additionally, you don’t need to install any extra app to leverage the benefits of Snapchat premium. Instead, you just need to tweak your account setting to make it happen. Go to the app setting and change the concerned requirement to the ‘my friends only’ feature while paying a minimum amount of $10.

                      How to use a premium Snapchat?

                      You can use premium Snapchat for a variety of concerns. In case you want to make your snap premium, just select the post or snap and change its setting to private while paying some fee.

                      How to adjust the setting of the premium account?

                      If you are new to the Snapchat app, you may be wondering how to adjust the settings for the premium account access. It is simple, go to the settings of the Snapchat application from where you can control privacy, post view, audience, and messages – set them all to ‘Friends only’ view.

                      How do others get access to premium Snapchat?

                      Peculiarly, premium Snapchat content is designed for specific people (defined by its owner). Those people get notification about the same and if they’re interested they watch your snap and like it by paying the amount which the account asks them to pay.

                      What is the best premium Snapchat?

                      It would not be wrong to say that Snapchat is one-of-a-kind. However, there are many applications much similar to Snapchat in terms of messaging and user interfaces like Instagram, OnlyFans, and Tik-Tok. Besides, Snapchat tests tik-tok navigation for exploring public content to enhance experiences in a niche.

                      How do you cancel premium Snapchat?

                      It is simple to cancel a premium snapchat account. Users who don’t want to see premium snapchat anymore can simply unsubscribe by tapping or holding down on a story from the account and unmark Subscribe to restrict the premium snap view.

                      How to pay for someone’s premium Snapchat?

                      Users who showed interest in premium content and wish to watch, likely have to pay before watching. Simply tap or hold down the story to open payment information.

                      What is premium Snapchat and how does it work?

                      Premium Snaps work differently than standard Snapchat. In premium, you have a feature to post 18+ photos and videos and can earn when users show interest in watching premium Snapchat accounts.

                      Where I can download the premium Snapchat?

                      You can watch and download any premium Snapchat of your favorite content creators from the “discover” section.

                      What are some hidden Snapchat hacks and features?

                      Snapchat is not a tricky application, instead, a one-to-one top messaging app with more than 360 million daily active users, has some meaningful hacks and fun features as mentioned below:

                      Use Snapchat for voice and video calls.

                      Integrate Shazam to identify any song playing around you.

                      Search for stories all over the world.

                      Turn on two filters at once.

                      Design videos go in fast-forward, slow motion, or rewind.

                      What website to use to start a premium Snapchat account?

                      Other than the Snapchat app for Android and iOS, you may refer to the official Snapchat website to get started with a Snapchat premium for fun and more.

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                      Snapchat Premium App: Conclusion

                      I think I have cleared the misconception between Snapchat and Snapchat premium as most social media users find it unlike. Additionally, with the questions’ answers, you might gain intensive knowledge about a premium snapchat account.

                      So, go on, take your phone and install Snapchat to experience a new way of fun and entertainment. Thanks for reading this blog 🙂

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                      How To Use Snapchat On Android

                      Snapchat is one of the hippest messaging services around, but it can be confusing to use. I know I had a hard time understanding it at first. In this post we will teach you everything there is to know about Snapchat. There’s more than naughty sexting to it (though that’s a key part), so let’s get started.

                      10 best messenger apps and chat apps for Android

                      App lists

                      What is Snapchat? Snapchat terminology

                      Every app has its language, and Snapchat is no exceptions. Let’s run through the main Snapchat terms you need to learn to use this app effectively and know what your friends are talking to you about. 

                      Snap: A Snap is a picture or video you send through Snapchat. It can be sent to multiple users and will be deleted once viewed. 

                      Stories: While also temporary, stories last longer than regular snaps and chats. Stories can be viewed as many times as users wish, but only for 24 hours. Stories are also shared with all your friends. 

                      Chat: Snapchat uses chats for more private conversations. It is a basic instant messaging feature, but messages also disappear after being viewed. 

                      Memories: Memories make it possible for users to save snaps for future usage. This is the only way to keep content around without it being deleted. 

                      Filters: Snapchat filters make it possible to alter the mood of your image. These can change hues, saturation, shadows, and more. 

                      Lenses: Lenses are animated special effects you can add to your shots. 

                      Snapcode: Snapcodes are QR-style codes used for easily adding friends. 

                      Bitmoji: A Bitmoji is Snapchat’s version of an avatar. This icon shows an animated character you can customize to look like you. 

                      Snap Map: Snap Map is a section of the app that shows your location, as well as your friends’. 

                      Download the Snapchat app

                      You have to download it first! Once you have downloaded the app, then you can sign up (or sign in) and add friends on your contact list that may already be on Snapchat.

                      Sign up or log in

                      Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

                      If you already have an account, simply input your username and password. Those looking at this post might not have one, though. If that is the case, follow instructions below to get yourself a Snapchat account. 

                      Open the Snapchat app. 

                      Hit the “Sign up” button. 

                      Enable requested permissions. 

                      Input your first and last name. 

                      Input your birthday.

                      Find a username that hasn’t been taken. 

                      Create a password. 

                      Type in your email address. 

                      Enter your phone number. Wait for the verification number to come through as a text message. Input the verification number. 

                      You are set! 

                      Navigating the Snapchat app

                      Once you’ve set it up, the application will take you straight into the fun. Snapchat will access your camera and present you a live feed of the view as the home screen.

                      The buttons on the top-right corner allow you turn the flash on, flip to the selfie camera, or add friends to your snaps. You can also expand these settings to display timer and grid options. 

                      There’s an icon with your Bitmoji in the top-left corner. This is the main menu, so to speak. In here you can find your settings, contact info, stories, Bitmoji options, and more.

                      There’s a couple icons on the bottom, to the right and left of your shutter button. These will take you to your messages and the Discover section.

                      Swipe down from the home screen to access the Snap Map. Lenses will be to the right of the shutter speed, while the icon below the shutter speed displays memories. 

                      Taking and sending a Snap

                      You can take a picture by tapping the shutter button in the home screen. Pressing and holding this button will take a video clip. Taking the actual photo or video is only half the fun; there is plenty of editing power to make an ordinary shot look fun and dynamic.


                      Tap the smiley face next to the shutter button to access Snapchat’s Lenses. These make it possible to add a little flare to your images or videos with animated filters. Many of these can analyze your face and change your appearance. You can turn into a puppy, rock a beard, have horns, and more. Some of them are interactive and react to certain actions, such as opening your mouth. Others also support more than one person in the frame. 


                      The sticker function can be accessed in the editing page. It looks like a sticky note. Press this button to open up a whole page filled with stickers, simply tap on the one you want.

                      To move it around, simply drag it with your finger. If you happen to be working with a video, you can stick it to anything, even if the subject is moving. Simply tap and hold on the sticker, drag it to the object in the video you want it to stick to. Let’s say it’s my eye. Once located, one can let go of the sticker, and it will follow whatever you placed it over. In this case, my eye.


                      Adding a text is just as simple. Just tap on the “T” button and you will be allowed to write anything on a shadowed area. Once done, get rid of the keyboard and you can drag the text area around to your will.


                      The pencil button in the editing page makes it possible to draw over your images or clips. You will get a variety of color options. Simply draw anything with your finger after choosing a color. A refresh button also makes it possible to start your drawing over.


                      The scissors icon lets you cut sections of your content and overlay them in your Snap. Select the scissors icon, outline the area you wish to cut, and drag it around to place it in your desired area. 


                      The paper clip icon makes it possible to attach a URL to your Snap. Simply tap on the paper clip, search or paste a URL, and attach. 

                      Time limits

                      You can set a time limit on your snaps. Simply tap on the timer icon and choose your preferred option. 

                      Change filters

                      Once you have taken an image, simply swipe left or right in the editing page. This will add a filter to your photo or video. 

                      Saving Snaps with Memories

                      It used to be that when you took a Snap, it would disappear quickly. Now you can save any Snap you make with the Memories feature. All you have to do is tap on the “Save” icon at the bottom-left of the screen after you finish editing your Snap.

                      To access the Memories feature and see your saved Snaps, hit the icon right under the shutter button, in the home screen.

                      How to upload videos to Snapchat

                      Viewing a Snap

                      To view a Snap simply follow the steps below. 

                      Open the Snapchat app. 

                      From the home screen, swipe from left to right to enter the Friends page. 

                      New Snaps will be here, along with chat messages. 

                      New snaps can look either red or purple. Red Snaps have no audio, while purple ones do. 

                      Tap on the Snap to open and view it. 

                      Double tap on the Snap to view it once more (last chance!). 

                      The Snap is gone! Unless you took a screenshot, that is. Remember, your friend will be notified if you immortalize the Snap with a screenshot. 

                      Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

                      Publishing a Story

                      As mentioned above, stories are pretty much Snaps that are available for 24 hours. This means posting a Story is very similar to Sending a Snap. Here is how to do it. 

                      Open the Snapchat app. 

                      Shoot your picture or video. 

                      Edit your content. 

                      Instead of pressing the “Send To” button, hit the “Story” icon in the bottom-left corner. 

                      Alternatively, you can do it this way:

                      Open the Snapchat app. 

                      Tap on the Snapchat avatar icon in the top-left corner. 

                      Under “Stories,” select “Add to my story.”

                      Shoot your image or video. 

                      Edit the content. 

                      At the bottom you will see a “My Story” section. Tap on it to access more options. 

                      Here you can create groups, add friends, make the story private, and more. 

                      Tap on the Profile button, which you can find on the top left of the Profile screen.

                      Tap on the menu icon (the three horizontal dots) to the right of your Story

                      Tap on the Stories Settings section.

                      Tap on the Save icon to save your Story to Memories.

                      There’s also the option to save an individual Snap from a Story to Memories:

                      Tap on the Profile button.

                      Tap on the Story’s name.

                      Tap on the individual Snap you want to save.

                      Tap on the Save icon to save that Snap to Memories.


                      How to save Snapchat videos on Android

                      Note: We decided not to focus too much on the voice and video calls here. It’s simply not a feature many go to Snapchat for, but it’s there, just in case you would like to.


                      How To Delete A Snapchat Account

                      Snapchat may not be the largest social media platform in the world, but it’s still very popular, especially among the younger generation.

                      It offers lots of creative features from selfie filters to fun stickers, Snapchat cameos, quirky lenses and even turning your face into a cartoon. All of these allow you to send fun and creative snaps quickly to your family or friends, but you can also look at specialty content to keep yourself entertained.

                      Table of Contents

                      One of its best features is the ability to send self-destructing messages, pictures and videos that disappear within seconds after posting them, which is a savior especially when you accidentally share potentially embarrassing snaps.

                      As exciting as the app sounds though, it’s not for everyone. If you made a Snapchat account just for fun, for example, to find out what it’s like or to understand the hype around the app, or you’ve had your account for a while now but for whatever reason, you want to chuck in the towel, we’re going to show you how to delete a Snapchat account permanently.

                      Reasons To Delete a Snapchat Account

                      For many users of any social media or online platform, privacy is a big deal. Snapchat has been known and prides itself on user privacy, which is one of the reasons why it grew in popularity.

                      Snapchat also announced App Stories in April 2023, a feature that allows users to share content from their cameras to another app’s ‘Story’, and this posed many questions on user privacy as the data is meant to be temporary as it has always been.

                      This and other reasons have led to some of its users wanting to delete their Snapchat account for good because there’s no telling whether a similar scandal would erupt if their data is accessible to other apps.

                      How To Download Your Snapchat Account Data

                      Before you delete your Snapchat account, you may want to get a full breakdown of all your Snapchat data such as your account information, overview of your friends, login history, profile data, Snap history, location and search history.

                      If you have a verified email address, take these steps to download your Snapchat data:

                      How To Delete A Snapchat Account

                      Select Delete My Account. You’ll get some information on your screen about your decision to delete your Snapchat account and how to go about it. 

                      Next, go to the Accounts Portal on your browser, and enter the username and password of the account you’d like to delete.

                      The deletion process is the same, whether you’re using Snapchat on an iOS or Android device, but to remove the app from your phone or tablet/iPad, you don’t need to sign out first – just delete it. 

                      For iOS devices, downpress the Snapchat app icon and press the cross symbol and select Uninstall. For Android devices, downpress the app and select Uninstall or drag it up to the trash icon or Uninstall button. 

                      Note: You can’t delete a Snapchat account from the mobile app; it only works on the desktop version of the app. If your priority is to delete the Snapchat from your device, you can uninstall the app as you would with any other.

                      Snapchat has a 30-day window where your account will be deactivated before your profile and everything about it including snaps, chats, stories, and other data will be deleted permanently. However, Snapchat may retain some of your personal data for legal, business, and security reasons, for example if you made purchases through Snapchat or when you accepted its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

                      This “cooling off” period is provided in case you change your mind and decide to reactivate your account, in which case you should hold onto your username and password. 

                      During the deactivation phase, your friends list won’t be able to contact or interact with you on Snapchat. Once deactivated, you won’t be able to log in to your account with your email address, and you can’t change your password either.

                      How To Reactivate Your Snapchat Account

                      You can resurrect your Snapchat account any moment within 30 days by logging back in to the Snapchat app with the username and password you held in the previous steps. You’ll get a message asking you to confirm the reactivation, so tap Yes. 

                      This process may take up to 24 hours before your account can be reactivated, but you will receive an email letting you know when your account is ready to use again.

                      Erase Your Snapchat Existence

                      We hope you now know how to delete a Snapchat account. If you want to quit all your social media platforms, we have simple guides that can help.

                      How To Create Animated Videos Using Videomakerfx

                      Most businesses already know that not using video is no longer an option. Did you know that 87% of online marketers use video as part of their digital marketing strategy? If your company isn’t using video, you are missing out on a lot of eyeballs on your business message. 

                      This high demand for videos has resulted in many companies offering programs to make creating videos easier. VideoMakerFX, a template-based video builder for Windows and Mac, is an example of one such software program. 

                      Table of Contents

                      It is easy-to-use and helps marketers and business owners create animated videos to promote their message in an engaging and visually appealing way. With VideoMakerFX, you can create animated videos such as:



                      Kinetic text

                      Logo openers

                      Corporate presentations

                      Photo showcases

                      Lower thirds, and more

                      Although it is not a free program, it is only a one-time fee of $27, including full developer rights. Below is a tutorial on how to create a video using VideoMakerFX.

                      Getting Started

                      After you purchase and download VideoMakerFX, launch it from the Windows Start Menu. If you are using a Mac, launch it from the Applications folder.

                      After you log in, you will see an intuitive dashboard. See the large arrow pointing to Create project and the description that tells you very clearly how to get started. It says Create a New Project or Open Project to get started.

                      Create a New Video Add Slides To Your Video

                      In the pop-up window, see the Slide Theme options on the left for you to select. Within each theme, there are more possible layouts.

                      The main product comes with many templates. However, you can also purchase additional packs. They even have a membership site where you can get new slides every month.

                      But there is so much you can do with the basic program. So this article will focus on the main software. If you choose to use all the layouts from one template, this is the easiest way to create your first video.

                      When you select all the layouts in a theme, they will show up on your storyboard.

                      Edit The Slides

                      You will notice many areas where you can make changes to the text. See the arrows under Movement enabled. If you want to move a text area up, down, left, or right, select the Text area, tick off the Movement enabled box and use the arrows to reposition the text.

                      If you want to add text that doesn’t fit into the space provided, you can make the font size smaller.

                      You can also change the font type, size, color, text alignment, transparency, slide delay, background effect, and text effects. Play around with the different options to see what you like best.

                      To change the text, put your cursor in the area that says Your Text, remove what is there and add your own.

                      Change Images

                      Some slides only have a background image. See the screenshot below.

                      You can replace the background image by:

                      Browsing for a file on your computer

                      Choosing one from the gallery provided by VideoMakerFX

                      Clearing the image if you don’t want to include one

                      See the screenshot below to get an idea of the available options provided in the gallery.

                      Some of the slides have additional areas where you can add images in addition to changing the background.

                      Modify Shapes

                      You can also turn the shapes on or off, change the color, and move them around on the slide. Tick Enable on and off to see which ones can be changed.  

                      See in the screenshot below that the background of the image is now blue.


                      There are two sets of animations, but not all slides offer both. For example, the slide below with the character only provides options for Animation 1.

                      Note that you can select one of the nine options and move it around using the arrows (circled below). You can also choose not to use any animations.

                      For the slides that come with two sets of animations, the process is the same as described above. 

                      Change the Slide Time Length

                      Each slide comes with a standard amount of time allotted to it. You can also delay the slide or end the delay, which will add time before the side begins or make it last longer (see circled area below).

                      Add Audio

                      If you have your own file (it must be .mp3), you can upload it as well. You can add a voiceover file to any music or use it alone by uploading the .mp3. 

                      Note that there are separate setting options with the same controls for a music file and a voiceover file. 

                      Preview Your Video Export Your Video

                      It’s now time to render or export your video. Select Export project from the top bar navigation. Browse to select the directory and filename of your exported video file. 

                      You can also select the size with 1280 x 720 (HD) being the highest resolution. Pay attention to the Quality option. The default setting is Average. You will get the best quality – but it will take longer to upload – if you choose the Perfect option.

                      The directions above show you how to create a simple video using one of the many templates from VideoMakerFX.

                      The more you use the product, the easier it will become. With experience, you will learn how to mix and match Slide Layouts from different Slide Themes to create a unique video that doesn’t look exactly like the template.

                      Update the detailed information about How To Save Snapchat Videos on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!