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How To Play Mage In MultiVersus

Mages are incredibly strong in this meta, see how you can play them!

In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to play the mage class in MultiVersus

Mage is one of the more difficult classes to play in MultiVersus, coordination is key for this class to get full output of their kits.

Mages in the game include the likes of: Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry & Rick from Rick and Morty.

Tips on how to play the mage class in MultiVersus

As mentioned before, this class is difficult to master however when practiced correctly your potential to carry games go up massively.

What makes mages so strong?

It’s been mentioned by MultiVersus’ developers that one of the mages, Bugs Bunny is being nerfed after EVO 2023.

This comes to no surprise however, as mages are considerably strong at the moment with their long distance fighting.

Whilst they have projectiles, their crowd control is super strong to allow them to fight up close too. Seems like some balancing is needed!

However, currently with hard-hitting projectiles and strong base damage, they can single handily defeat many characters solo.

Bugs Bunny is in a incredibly strong at the moment, with Tom & Jerry following too.

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How to play as Mage

Following these tips will definitely make you a strong mage player in MultiVersus:

Hitting your projectiles

Source: VGC, 2023

Making sure you are hitting your projectiles is crucial to become a strong Mage player in MultiVersus.

Both mages have ranged projectiles in their arsenal and if not used correctly, you’re and crossing off a big percentage of that kit!

You also need to remember that projectiles have cd (cooldowns) so being able to control them alongside your normal combos is important to output the most damage possible!

Never be one-sided

You should never be one-sided as a mage.

Whilst ranged projectiles can keep you out of action, you want to fight up-close.

Fighting up-close adds more versatility to your playstyle. Being one-sided will never be effective with this class.

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You want to be as disruptive as possible so be encouraged to mix it up every now and then.

Always lead your opponents

As a mage, you will always want to lead your opponents to where YOU want them to be.

This sets up surprise projectile attacks which can catch opponents off-guard followed by some melee combos.

This can be crushing for the opponent who will inflict higher damager is quicker times, so get sneaky!

Understand your character

Source: IGN, 2023

Currently there are only two mages in the game: Bugs Bunny & Tom and Jerry. However they do not play similarly.

Understanding each mage and how they work currently is crucial to understand what type of mage playstyle you prefer.

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Each character has their own feints too, so getting used to feinting as a mage as can definitely be used as strong bait.

So to sum up on how to play mage in MultiVersus, follow these tips:

Hitting your projectiles

Never be one-sided

Always lead your opponents

Understand your character

Following these tips can definitely make you a stronger mage however they are only recommendations.

With MultiVersus having to delay Season One, preseason’s window is still open.

Use this time to craft your playstyle in preparation for competitive play once Season One launches!

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Best Characters To Unlock First In Multiversus

Best Characters To Unlock First In MultiVersus

Stuck on who to unlock first? We’ve got you!

In this guide, we’ll show you the best characters to unlock in MultiVersus.

Source: ProfasiaGaming, 2023

Out of the 17 characters, we have simplified the best characters to unlock once you’ve been granted enough coins to do so.

To make it easier, we will pick one from each class to priortise all classes.

Best Characters To Unlock

Before buying any characters, try them out in The Lab. This allows you choose any character for free and practice against AI.

However if you don’t have a preference of a build these may be of recommendation to unlock first:

Arya Stark: Assassin

Batman: Bruiser / Hybrid

Superman: Tank

Tom and Jerry: Mage / Ranged

Reindog: Support

Before rushing to pick whoever on this list, make sure you have found a good play style!

How you play definitely determines what type of characters you would like to play as they have similar kits and damage output.

Arya Stark

Source: VGC, 2023

Arya Stark of Winterfell is the second-best Assassin in the game, next to Harley Quinn.

This should be an option over Finn arguably as she can scale a lot harder than Finn who can be limited in some aspects.

Knife Thrower is one of the most underrated skills in the game! An excellent recovery skill which can bring her right back onto the stage.

You can also throw it at enemies to dash to them and come in for a quick surprise to which you can follow up with a great combo to even out the damage.

Face Stealer is a very situational ability however when used right in the right time can be devastating for a perfectly executed finish.

Arya is an excellent assassin however she requires mastery, if put in time through the lab and games – you’ll be able to play the character in no time.

You can unlock Arya Stark at a whopping 3000 Coins or 700 Gleamium.


Source: RealSport101, 2023

Vengeance himself.

If you enjoy the bruiser class, Batman is definitely the best out of all the options currently.

Other kits such as LeBron & Garnet do not come close to Batman’s which include smoke bombs and the caped crusader for a sneaky surprise!

Smoke bomb is a great ability to make Batman invulnerable for some time, buying time for Batman in close games.

Bat-bomb can be used effectively when used right, it can be used an excellent finish in aerial positions as it can launch them to their death!

Pairing these with his specials can show Batman is a true skirmish character who excels upfront and in the action which is terrifying.

You can unlock Batman for 2000 Gold Coins or 700 Gleamium.


Source: RealSport101, 2023

The best tank in the game is Superman. Whilst people may believe Wonder Woman is the best in the game I beg to differ!

Currently, Wonder Woman is in a strange spot as she can useful however her cooldowns are rather too high! This can make her vulnerable at times.

Superman is the perfect tank to master the fundamentals of how a tank should work!

Tanks are meant to peel for allies however still output a good amount of damage and Superman does this.

His basic attacks provide an ample amount of power and while synergising with his specials provide a great amount of crowd-control to deal a big blow to enemies.

Meteor Liftoff and Locomotive Charge are two specials that best synergise well as a great combo that deals big damage.

You can also synergise this with Heat Vision which knocks up enemies and thus opens opportunity for aerial attacks, where Superman excels!

A knock on Superman’s kit however may be Ice Breath, whilst it does bring a great amount of crowd-control, it takes very long to proc (programmed random occurrence).

This can leave you very venerable at times.

Nevertheless, Superman is an excellent tank to grab if you enjoy being a tank.

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Superman is currently free to use due to character rotation. Once locked he will cost 2,000 Coins or 700 Gleamium.

Tom & Jerry

Source: Game News, 2023

The best mage / ranged fighter(s) in the game, to put simply.

Tom & Jerry is recommended if you enjoy being distant and striking at range as their kit is built around just so.

The characters have some of the most unique gameplay compared to the fighters.

The specials equipped can be devastating whilst still harassing as they provide great poke such as: Snap Trap, Look Out Below and Rocket Mouse.

With Rocket Mouse, this attaches a rocket to Jerry and uses him as a projectile.

Look Out Below occurs when Tom drops a dynamic stick, one in contact with enemies it will explode for more crowd control.

Snap Trap is a sneaky perk with even more crowd control to where if buffed, it increases the power of the character and the team!

Tom & Jerry have a plethora of skills in their kits that best excels in 2v2 rather than 1v1s due to setup potential.

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You can unlock Tom & Jerry for 3000 Coins or 700 Gleamium.


Source: VGC, 2023

There are not many support players in MultiVersus, however Reindog is one of them and is very good at it.

When using Reindog correctly, it’ll be a surprise to many to how useful the character is.

His kit is very beginner-friendly that includes basic pounce attacks and spinning attacks.

Flying Floop turns Reindog into a ball which can be picked up by teammates to throw to enemies as a great projectile ability.

Love Leash is definitely the best ability for Reindog which brings more survivability for allies.

Pairing this with a bruiser or assassin can be a great pocket for allies to extend and edge closer to more knockouts!

This also makes it extremely hard to finish other opponents due to Love Leash activated

This comes with caution however as Reindog mains will be targeted fairly often!

You can unlock Reindog for 2000 Gold or 700 Gleamium

Again, these are recommendations. The best characters in MultiVersus are the ones you play the most.

So get into the lab and craft the best character you can possible and enjoy open beta until Season 1 launches on August 9, 2023.

How To Play Hls Stream In Html5 Player Video Js

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to play HLS stream in HTML5 video player using video.js.

HTTP Live Streaming, also known as HLS Stream, is a HTTP-based communication protocol which used dynamic or adaptive bit rate for streaming videos. This protocol was developed and published by Apple Inc. in the year 2009 and a wide variety of media player, web browsers, mobile devices and streaming media players support this protocol.

So, we’ll try to use an HLS stream is our video player in the web browser using chúng tôi in the next section of the video.

How to play HLS stream in HTML5 player Video.JS? Example

Consider the code below to add “‘videojs-contrib-hls” in our local project −

Once we’ve included the package required for playing HLS video, let’s add our HLS source in the source tag with its mime type. The HLS stream files usually have .m3u8 extension at the end of the file. And the video mime type for the steams is “application/x-mpegURL”.

Consider the code below to add an HLS Stream source in our video element −

Example 1

So, the complete example of an HLS Stream video player is going to look like this −


video id





“video-js vjs-big-play-centered vjs-theme-sea”

controls preload


















When you execute the above code, you’ll see that a video player is created which plays the HLS stream video file and has a custom theme applied. We’ve also used some standard HTML5 and some chúng tôi specific video options like controls, preload and fluid.

Note − Please make sure to add the correct path of your HLS steam in the source tag.

Now that we’ve understood how to make a basic HLS stream video player using chúng tôi let’s see how we can make this programmatically instead of adding a source tag.

Creating an HLS Video Player using chúng tôi Programmatically

In this section of the tutorial, we’re going to again create a video player to play HLS Steram but this time, we’re going to use video-js functions for the same.

First, we’ll create a chúng tôi player reference and will map it to a video element with the id as ‘my-video’. Then we’ll add the “src” to the created player with the link of HLS stream and its type.

Use the following code to create a player and add HLS Video stream source −




















In the above code snippet, we’ve create a video player reference using video-js function to the video element with id = ‘my-video’. And then we’ve added “src” attribute to the player use the “player.src” method. We’ve passed the source path to our HLS Stream file with extension m3u8 and then we’ve set the type of the files as ‘application/x-mpegURL’.

Example 2


video id





“video-js vjs-big-play-centered vjs-theme-sea”

controls preload





























On executing the above example, we’ll see a video player in our browser which will be playing our HLS Video Stream.

Note − Don’t forget to update the source path of the HLS stream.


In this tutorial, we understood how to play an HLS Video stream in HTM5 video player using chúng tôi We also saw various methods of creating an HLS Stream Video player with the help of examples.

How To Play Podcasts On Homepod

Listening to podcasts from HomePod and HomePod mini is easy and quite enjoyable, so wouldn’t you like to know how to do this? Whether it’s listening to your favorite podcasts or finding new ones, let’s dive in.

Both the HomePod and HomePod Mini are powered by Apple’s Siri voice assistant which means you can get most of the tasks done with just your voice. You may have already used Siri on the HomePod to play your favorite songs on Apple Music and make other requests. The good news is that podcasts can be played on your HomePod in a pretty similar way too. Plus, you have the option to use AirPlay if you’d rather not use Siri all the time, since this allows you to play podcasts on a HomePod through another device.

How to Play Podcasts on HomePod with AirPlay

This method is for those people who’re not too keen on using Siri all the time. You can begin playback by using the AirPlay feature on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Simply follow the steps below:

As you can see, it’s really simple to use your HomePod as the output speakers with AirPlay.

How to Play Podcasts on HomePod with Siri

Using AirPlay to stream audio may be simple, but it’s even easier with Siri, since you don’t have to fiddle around with your Apple device nearly as much. Here’s what you need to do:

You can start off by using the command “Hey Siri, play a podcast.” and Siri will randomly pick and play the latest episode of one of your podcasts.

You can specific the name of the podcast you want to listen to by saying something like “Hey Siri, play the Global News Podcast.”

If you want to listen to the latest episode of a show, you can use something similar to “Hey Siri, play the latest episode of This American Life.”

Listening to the episodes that show up in the Up Next section of the Podcasts app is pretty easy too. All you need to say is “Hey Siri, play my newest episodes.”

Finding and Subscribing to Podcasts with Siri

If a random podcast is being played and you have no clue what show it is, you can use Siri to quickly find it. Just follow these steps:

You can use either “Hey Siri, what podcast is this?” or “Hey Siri, what show is this?” and Siri will name it for you.

If you’re interested in subscribing to the podcast you’re listening to, use the voice command “Hey Siri, subscribe to this podcast.” or “Hey Siri, subscribe to this show.”

Also, you can specify the name of the show that you want to subscribe to. Say something like “Hey Siri, subscribe to TED Talks Daily.” and Siri will get the job done.

Voice Commands for Playback Control

Now that you know how to play and find podcasts using Siri, you may want to learn the commands for controlling the audio playback. Here are some voice commands you can use:

“Hey ‌Siri‌, pause.”

“Hey Siri, play at double speed”

“Hey ‌Siri‌, jump back 30 seconds.”

“Hey ‌Siri‌, skip forward two minutes.”

“Hey ‌Siri‌, increase the volume.”

There you go. Now you know exactly what you need to while listening to Podcasts on your new HomePod.

This is simply one of the many things that you can do with your HomePod. Apart from music and podcasts, HomePod is also capable of playing ambient sounds that can help some users a lot during their bedtime. There are seven different ambient sounds to choose from that play continuously until you manually pause it or set a sleep timer.

Home automation is one of the biggest selling points of the HomePod and HomePod Mini. Sure, your smart speaker delivers high-quality audio for its size, but if you have HomeKit accessories in your house, you can automate their operation using the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. If you’re interested, you can learn more about setting up a HomePod automation right here.


How To Play Darksiders Genesis Local Split

If you are currently trying to figure out how to play Darksiders Genesis using the local split-screen co-op option but can’t find a single option within any of the game menus. This article will show you how to enable/activate local split screen coop in Darksiders Genesis. It will also show you how to resume split screen co-op in Darksiders Genesis if you started a coop game and can’t find where it went.

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Darksiders Genesis is one of the best local split-screen co-op games currently available on PC and console and although it is a few years old it holds its own as a fun game to play while chilling with friends. The only problem with it is that finding and using split-screen coop is anything but easy or convenient. In fact, it’s pretty much the most absurd way I have come across to date to start a local co-op game.

Judging by the fact that you’re here, you’re probably thinking the exact same thing, so I feel your pain. But before we start the guide I want to mention another important thing to take into account when playing split-screen co-op in Darksiders Genesis. And that is that progression doesn’t save as it does in traditional games. If you start a co-op game in Darksiders Genesis and end it, it won’t save your progress as a two-player game, you will have to follow the same process shown below to start a co-op game again. As you’ll see it’s quite inconvenient…

Quick steps for starting a Darksiders Genesis split-screen co-op game.

Open Darksiders.

Start a new game or load a saved game.

Walk around until you find a Summoning stone.

When you find a summoning stone interact with it.

Now the second player needs to press a button on their controller to join the game.

Note: You’ll need to do this every time you play. Even in games saved in co-op mode.

How do you start/play a local split-screen co-op game of Darksiders Genesis?

To start a local split-screen co-op game in Darksiders Genesis, you’ll need to do the following. I know it’s going to seem weird at first but I promise you this works! First, connect a controller or second controller to your device. Then start a new game or resume a saved game as you normally would. When you are in the game, find and locate a summoning stone. They are pink/purple and allow you to call in another player. Check out the image below for the exact thing you’re looking for.

If you are just starting out, you’ll need to walk a little way into the map before you’ll be able to find one. Once you find one, interact with it and the second player will be able to press a button on their controller to join the game. From here on out is business as usual and you can coop till your heart’s content.

So what happens when you finish a game session that you were playing as coop? Well, you have to follow the exact same process you used the first time… For whatever reason the game’s save file doesn’t register that you were playing with two people so it automatically reverts back to one player mode. Thankfully, all you have to do is find another summoning point in order to invite a second player again. Annoyingly though, this might not be in the closest location, so you’ll have to go for a little hunt to find one.

I’ve been playing games for a long time and this is by far the most stupid coop starting system I have come across. That said, the co-op gameplay of Darksiders Genesis is pretty good and should keep you busy for a long while. But! You’ll probably get into a few arguments along the way! Some bits can be a little tricky!

How To Play Crosswordle: Rules And Gameplay Explained

Imagine a world in which Wordle falls in love with Crossword, who has an affair with Sudoku on the side — what kind of chaos would it beget in the game world? You do not have to ponder over it, because such a nightmare already exists, thankfully. Meet Crosswordle, the demon spawn with deviant DNA that will haunt you in your sleep.

And today we are going to dissect it to bones and marrow to unravel the mysterious mechanisms that dictate its game rules.

What is Crosswordle?

Crosswordle is a riff on Wordle created by Reddit user, ymichael along with his wife, by applying reverse principles on the original game. Even though it evokes sentiments akin to the Wordle game by mirroring the acknowledged color indicators (green, yellow, and grey), and a similar checkered grid  Crosswordle is a variant that deconstructs the original to create a Sudoku-esque grid that traps the players in a tangled web of invalid words.

It is hosted as a free game for players at chúng tôi and can be played on any web browser on both PC/Desktop or smart devices. The link opens the “daily puzzle” by default; you even get the option to play unlimited on the various difficulty-based modes. In every scenario what greets you is a grid that appears partially solved but mostly unfinished, only the number of rows varies in relation to the challenge mode.

Even though there is no time limit (apart from the familiar resetting rules of daily challenges), you will see a running timer that keeps track of the time spent on the challenge; this unobtrusively reveals that the goal of the challenge is to complete the puzzle in the shortest time frame… so, no pressure, really. Nope.

Scratching your head in confusion? Worry not, there is a definite order to the craziness of how things are designed in Crosswordle.

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Where to play Crosswordle?

The game of Crosswordle is available for playing online at their official website, chúng tôi Crosswordle is not available as an app on the app stores, including Google Play Store and Apple App Store on Android and iPhone respectively.

Play Crosswordle here:

Crosswordle Rules Explained

Before we jump into a detailed analysis of its idiosyncrasies, let’s review the fundamentals of the game. 

The “solved row”

The green, yellow, and grey tiles on Crosswordle carry the same meaning as they do in the Wordle universe, i.e, they indicate the appearance, occurrence, and frequency of the letters in the game.

Every challenge opens to reveal the final row in a “completely solved” state — the five-letter word that already has one row completely solved (all green). There are also a few stray green and yellow tiles that are blank in essence. 

The “solved row” and the blank “colored tiles” are the only hints given to the player throughout the game. Crosswordle is like a maze that you can unlock with the available keys (“green letters”).

At the same time, there is a discreet parallel formula hiding in plain sight here — the scattered “colored tiles” that you see, they aren’t casually placed there — you are mandated to use only the “green letters” that are available at the beginning of the game in these yellow/green tiles. 

Now, you might think it shouldn’t be that hard to make wrong guesses to arrive at the available answer. Wait until you see the various “error” messages.

Crosswordle “Error” hints

A column when fed with an invalid or wrongly-placed letter gets highlighted with a red border that has a flag in the corner.  It is accompanied by a message at the bottom of the grid expounding the nature of the error. These errors indicate that the letter (its occurrence or position) is incongruous with the game rules.

To put it simply, in the Crosswordle (daily puzzle) 4×5 grid:

there exist “5” compulsory “green letters” in the “solution row”.

The available “green letters” should be appropriately input in the green and yellow boxes in the “guess rows”.

The “grey letters” can not be repeated in independent rows.

We will explore the intricacies of these rules in detail shortly.

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Crosswordle Gameplay: How does Crosswordle work

SPOILER ALERT! The following sections use the Crosswordle Daily Puzzle from February 10, 2023, to demonstrate the rules of the game. The complete puzzle may be revealed at various points to explain various errors, solutions, and



It doesn’t sound so difficult? Think again, because there are some roadblocks you must sidestep to make your way through the game. The challenge is to orient your guesses entirely on the blank-colored tiles in the grid as any random guess would not be accepted by the system.

Let’s play the daily puzzle from February 10, 2023 to see how things work in Crosswordle.

Pro Tip: The keyboard and mouse make playing Crosswordle an inexplicably easier experience on PC. You can maneuver between tiles in all directions using the arrow keys swiftly which also allows you to make quick moves to delete or swap letters to rectify any error flags).

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How to make your moves in Crosswordle

Now, onto making your moves — the blank tiles should be treated according to their color. In a green tile, you can only repeat the corresponding “green letter” from the solution row.

For example, in the puzzle under discussion, the only “letter” that will be accepted in the blank green tile is the “S” that is already available. If you enter any other letter, it contradicts the solution word and hence gets ousted with an error message informing you of the issue.

In the remaining 4 blank tiles, you must apply the same rules — that is, in the “grey tiles” you may enter any of the unused/non-compulsory letters, and in the “yellow tiles” you must enter any of the “green letters” from the final row but in the wrong position to emulate a wrong guess as we see on Wordle.

Now, there is another rule that can not be compromised at all, which is the validity of the word. Every guess word you make should not only comprise of the mandatory and nonmandatory letters, these letters should also form a real word. In case you enter a nonexistent word, you will be slapped with 5 error flags that cry “invalid word”.

To understand this rule, let’s take a look at an accepted guess in the row under discussion. In the screenshot, it can be seen that the word entered by the player is valid — it entails the correct green “S” in the blank green tile; the yellow tiles are occupied by “green” letters from the last row but in the wrong position, and the grey tiles contain letters that are newly introduced by the player (which do not occur in the solution word/final row.)

How to choose your start words

To play Crosswordle, you only need one strategy — imbibe the location of the “blank colored tiles”, observe the available “green letters” and isolate those letters which have the potential to be suitably introduced in the blank yellow and green tiles.

The “green letters” you choose to use in the guessed words play a capital role in sealing your game’s fate. If you zero in on those letters which occur rarely in the positions taken by the colored tiles, it is only an indicator of a doomed round which you will have to redo.

Let’s analyze it through two scenarios, one wrong and one right. In the screenshot above, we see the scenario of a hopeless puzzle. It started with the wrong letter choices made by the player. When the player chose to repeat “P” and “I” in the blank rows, the unavailability of words made of “P” and “I” in the mandated positions caused the grid to be marred with error flags of all kinds — wrong letter, wrong word, wrong position, repeated letter and what not!

In the second scenario, we see a smarter player who has selected “S” and “E” as the letters to be repeated in the guesses. It is evident here that the rules of the game accommodate the use of common letters which frequently appear in various positions in five-letter words. The frequency of letters is a determinant factor in solving Crosswordles in the smoothest way.

The rule of thumb is to begin your solving process from the bottom up. Start from the blank row (Row 3) right above the solved green row with a priority to identify the “frequenting” letters. All the consecutive moves should be made in a similar fashion that satisfies the game rules.

However, to satisfy the game rules, you need to know what all errors get called out in the game.

How to fix red colored errors in the game

There are 7 basic errors on Crosswordle and they are broadcast to the player in a message box to cue rectifications. Let’s take a look at the “errors” and ideas to solve them.

Error #1: Letter doesn’t appear in the final row

Solution: Study the final row and replace the wrong letter in the blank tile with the corresponding right letter. Example (based on the error shown in the screenshot): Replace the “G” in row 3 “green” column 1 with “S” to satisfy the condition presented by the final row.

Error #2: Letter appears in the last row

If you enter a valid “green letter” in a blank “grey tile” of any row, an error message will alert you thus — “This letter is in the final row, so it should not be in this tile”.

Solution: Example (based on the error shown in the screenshot): In Row 3, column 4, “P” is input into a green tile which goes against the given condition twice over (of “P” occurring in the final row/solution word, and P occurring in the second column in the row). To fix the column marked with error (in this case), replace the green letter with a suitable grey/non-valid letter. 

Error #3: Letter appears in the same position as the last row

If you use a “valid letter” in a “blank yellow tile” that mirrors its position in the final row/solution word, you will get the error message — “In this row, this letter needs to be in a different position and should not be in the same position as it is in the final row”. 

Solution: Swap the position of the letter so that it resembles a partially correct letter in Wordle that gets yellow feedback (right letter wrong position). Example (based on the error shown in the screenshot): Change the guess to a word that has “I” in the final position (if any). If there aren’t any valid words available, then your only choice is to re-pick the “green letters” to be used in the guesses.

The rule also applies to “grey letters” in hard mode — you are not allowed to assign the same position to the same letter(green or grey) on different rows.

Error #4: Letter used in a previous row.

If you repeat a non-valid “grey letter” in more than one row, it triggers the error alert — “A previous row already used this letter”.

Solution: You can repeat a valid or non-valid letter twice in the same row but not in two different rows invoking the no-repeat rule in Sudoku. Example (based on the error shown in the screenshot): Replace the repeated non-letter with an acceptable green or grey letter, i.e. change SWEAT to SWEET or replace the conflicting word with a suitable alternative. 

Error #5: Non-valid words

If you enter a non-existent word as an attempt to satisfy the preconditions of the challenge, the system will reject it with the message “Invalid word in this row”.

Solution: Do not enter cooked-up words; reevaluate your letter choices if you can’t form real words with it.

Error #6: Letter used more than it occurs

If you use a green letter more than its total occurrence count in the final row, an error alert is bound to pop up that says “Too many occurrences of this letter in this row”.

Switch the position of the letter to a blank green or yellow tile to form a meaningful five-letter word. In the case of unavailability of valid words, choose a different letter like “I” or “T” from the available “green letters” to form guessed words. 

Error #7: Should use letters previously found

The number of “green letters” that can be used in the guess words is directly proportional to the number of blank yellow and green tiles. If you use more “green letters” than necessary, it will contradict the hint scheme of Wordle that Crosswordle emulates and hence brings this error message — “You must use all previously found letters”.

Solution: Assess the frequency of appearance of the available “green letters” to ascertain which should be carried over as a part of the guess words. This grants you a bulkier word list that helps avoid repetition or surplus.

Let’s assimilate the rules by observing the solved Crosswordle once again.

It is also to be noted that repeating a letter is legitimate if made in the same row; however, If a non-valid “grey” letter is repeated in more than one row it creates an error. There is no restriction of time or number of guesses on Crosswordle. You may enter, re-enter or delete letters or guesses as many times as it takes to form meaningful words in independent rows.

The trick is to be aware of all the letters — which “green letters” have the potential to occupy the blank “colored” tiles? How should you form words so that the grey letters don’t repeat? Constantly question each letter and its occurrence to optimize the guess.

How to share your score

So, now that we have learned to successfully conquer the monster that is Crosswordle, what is the reward? The reward is of course the pleasant and familiar score grid with a record of the duration it took you to solve it [the quicker you solve, the more brownie points you bag]. But, it doesn’t really matter even if you take hours to solve it as long you don’t give up.

The fun doesn’t have to end just there — you can even invite a friend to take on the challenge by hitting the Challenge a friend link. It could become a new daily challenge to see who scored the best time!

Hit Share to copy the score to the clipboard.

Paste the score on the clipboard into the textbox.

You can even add any personalized message to the score data if you wish to. Just tap the text box to input the message.

Finally, hit Tweet to send the post.

That’s it, your Crosswordle accomplishment has thus been tweeted for the world to appraise and appreciate!

What are the different modes on Crosswordle?

Crosswordle has four modes — Daily Puzzle, Easy, Normal, and Difficult. The daily puzzles run a timer to challenge the player’s speed in solving the puzzle and they reset daily to give a universal puzzle to all players. It has a 5×4 grid with unlimited guesses up for grabs.

The easy, normal, and hard modes do not have a timer keeping track of the time spent by a player on a puzzle. Similarly, any number of puzzles can be played by a player on these modes making it deliciously addictive. They are different from each other only on the basis of the size of the grid, hard being the most difficult confronting the players with an intense 6×5 grid — that is a full Wordle in reverse mode! 

Normal mode (similar to Daily puzzle mode) has a 4×5 grid, which is further condensed to 3×5 in Easy mode.

Rules remain the same in all Crosswordle puzzles, your focus should be devoted to satisfying all the rules. To sidestep error alerts, you ought to plan your moves with careful calculation. You can start solving from the top row or bottom but keep an eye on the green and grey letters when you form words. A little tip, forming an alliance with a good online crossword word tool will help you come a long way in this twisted game of crosswordle-ing!


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