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The Apex Legends infinite-loading screen bug isn’t one most player experience on a regular basis, but it isn’t the least common issue either. When it happens, you can’t get past the initial loading screen on the game; therefore, you can’t actually play or access your content. Like many issues with modern games, the cause won’t be immediately obvious. You’ll have to try a few different solutions to find a cure.

What Causes Infinite Apex Loading Screens?

A few common causes might be the cause of the Apex loading screen problems. Start with these issues that have fixed the screens for other players so you can get back to your path to Apex championship.

Connection Issues: There could be a problem with your internet, game platform, or Apex itself. When the connection between each of them isn’t working correctly, it will stop Apex from working and could result in unending loading screens. For example, once Steam’s authentication service for Apex went down, Steam players could not connect. Instead, they logged on and were met with infinite loading screens.

Corrupted Files: The game files themselves could be damaged or even missing. You can try to repair or reinstall the game to fix this issue.

Outdated System Software: Your game or platform may need an update. Sometimes updates include bug fixes to address issues that cause problems like an infinite loading screen.

Other problems can also be responsible for infinite Apex loading screens. Make sure you check all the potential fixes before you attempt to reinstall, especially because it might not solve the problem if one of the issues outside the game is causing it.

How to Fix Apex Loading Screens

To fix Apex infinite loading screens, check for the simplest reasons the problem could be happening before moving on to the more involved and rare causes. Once you find the right one, you can start playing and stop troubleshooting. 

Check Server Status

Check Apex and your platform’s server status to see whether they’re experiencing issues. Everyone should check Apex itself, but you only need to check Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox if you connect to Apex through those services.

You should also check the Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam server status if applicable. If everything is working, then you know the problem is likely on your end. 

Restart Everything

If the servers are functioning properly, try restarting your game and your computer or console to see whether it makes Apex pass the loading screen the next time you turn it on. Since it’s stuck in a loading screen, you won’t be able to shut it down like usual.

PC Xbox PlayStation

You should also look for any updates for Windows or your console software.

Once the game restarts, if the infinite loading screen is still happening, you’ll have to continue to try other troubleshooting options. 

Restart Your Internet

Restarting your internet and flushing your DNS will help ensure there’s nothing wrong with your connection creating the unending loading screens on Apex.

If that doesn’t work, try a few other solutions. 

Unplug Unnecessary Devices

Some Apex players found that USB devices plugged into the computer were the cause of their problems. Once the right device was unplugged, Apex would start and get past the unending load screen like normal.

Try removing USB devices one at a time and loading Apex to see whether it works. 

There might be a problem with your game files if it’s still happening after you’ve attempted the rest of these fixes.

Repair the Game Files

You can repair the game files without deleting and reinstalling the entire thing. The option looks for damaged or missing files and replaces them, so the installation is good again.

On Steam

You need to be connected to the internet during this process in case Steam needs to download clean copies of the files you’re missing.

On EA App

If your game was missing files or corrupted, this might fix it and let you play again. If not, continue to the next suggestion.

Clear Save Data on Xbox

One suggestion that Microsoft recommends for Xbox users is to clear the data saved on their Xbox. It shouldn’t remove the data stored on the cloud, which you can re-download after you’re done.

Once you reopen Apex while you’re connected to the internet, the saved data in the cloud should download. 

Reinstall the Game

If all else fails, reinstalling the game completely has worked for some Apex players. While it will take quite a while to re-download the entire game, it means you’ll be able to play again.

One caveat: players who reinstalled the game would sometimes encounter the same error later and have to reinstall again. If it’s repeatedly happening, reach out to EA to see whether they can help address your problem. Sometimes it means waiting awhile for a patch that addresses a known issue that isn’t fixed yet. 

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How To Change Servers On Apex Legends. (Manually Choose Apex Legends Server)

If you are playing Apex Legends but are super frustrated by the fact that you can’t choose your own server/servers. This article will show you how to bring up the server selection list on your gaming machine, either computer, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One.

How to Change Your Name in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends launched a couple of weeks ago to raving reviews and shortly after skyrocketed to the top of streaming services around the globe. Although it was thought that the hype would die off and users would return to their old battle royale titles, like Fortnite and PUBG, that hasn’t been the case, at least not yet.  

Sadly, on PC Apex Legends hasn’t been running as well as it should with an assortment of issues making the game near unplayable on most PC builds. Constant crashing, FPS fluctuations and driver issues have been the main causes but there are also potential memory leaks to worry about as well.

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Can You Change Servers on Apex Legends? YES! (Xbox PS4, & PC)

If this change stays after you have closed the game cannot be checked, so it’s best to make the change each time you start Apex Legends. Generally, Apex Legends will pick the optimal server for your connection and location, but it’s nice to know there’s an option to manually select your own server.

Xbox & PlayStation 4.

For consoles, both Xbox and PS4 the process is a tiny bit different but it will require you wait for the same amount of time. On PS4 press X then O a few times to exit back to the main screen, once you are back on the main screen you will see the Data Center option. On Xbox press A then B a few times to exit back to the main screen, once you are back on the main screen you will see the Data Center option.

Note: If you are playing the game in a language other than English, you may not see Accessibility Options but you can still press Escape or Back after the time limit and the Data Center option will appear.

Before you head off on your next Apex Legends marathon, make sure you check out some of our other Apex Legends articles.  

How to Hide a Players Pings in Apex Legends (Hide/Mute Teammate/Player Pings)

How to Play Incoming Text Chat as Speech in Apex Legends.

How to Convert Incoming Voice Chat to Text in Apex Legends.

Another Suggestion While You Have Apex Legends Open.

Make sure you check out the following Apex Legends article which will show you how to disable the games default setting that shares usage data and system information with EA. Although this information is very helpful for optimizing the game early on, it is something you are probably going to want to disable as soon as possible.

How to Disable Data Collection in Apex Legends. (Apex Legends Usage Sharing)

Bluestacks Is Stuck On Starting The Engine Screen

BlueStacks is among the popular android emulators that let users install and run android apps on their computers. The app is completely free and available for both Windows and Mac. You can download it from its official website. After installing BlueStacks, you can access Google Play Store directly from your Windows device and install all the android apps and games on your Windows PC. Sometimes, BlueStacks gets stuck on Starting the Engine screen. If you are experiencing such an issue with BlueStacks on your computer, the solutions listed in this post may help you fix it.

In order to run a particular software on your Windows computer, it should fulfill all the hardware requirements. You will also experience this problem if your system is not compatible with BlueStacks. Therefore, before you install BlueStacks on your system, it will be better if you check the hardware requirements for BlueStacks from the official website.

BlueStacks is stuck on Starting the Engine screen

If BlueStacks gets stuck on Starting the Engine screen and is not proceeding further, you can try the solutions explained in this article to get the issue resolved. Before you proceed, we suggest you try the following quick fixes and see if they help:

Restart your computer.

Kill unwanted background processes and applications to free up some RAM.

Check if your system is running on the latest version of Windows 11/10. If not, install the latest Windows 11/10 updates.

Repair the corrupt system files by running the SFC and DISM scans.

If after trying the above quick fixes, you still experience the same issue again, you can proceed towards the troubleshooting methods described below.

Enable Virtualization

Allocate more CPU cores and RAM to BlueStacks

Disable your antivirus temporarily

Update your graphics card driver

Let’s see all these solutions in detail.

1] Enable Virtualization

To use BlueStacks, your Windows computer should support the Virtualization technology. If your computer supports Virtualization, you have to enable it. Computers of different brands have different methods to enable Virtualization. After enabling Virtualization, launch BlueStacks and check if it gets stuck on Starting the Engine screen this time or not.

2] Allocate more CPU cores and RAM to BlueStacks

If your system supports Virtualization and despite enabling Virtualization, you are still experiencing the same issue with BlueStacks, allocating more CPU cores and RAM to BlueStacks may fix the problem.

The following steps will guide you on how to allocate more CPU cores and memory to BlueStacks:

Launch BlueStacks 5.

Select the Performance category from the left side.

Allocating the higher CPU cores and memory to BlueStacks will boost the performance of apps and games running inside BlueStacks. But this will also increase pressure on your CPU and RAM. This may affect the performance of the laptops with low configurations, say 4 CPU cores and 4 GB RAM. In this case, if you run another application in parallel to BlueStacks, your system may hang or freeze. On the other hand, increasing the number of CPU cores and RAM for BlueStacks will not affect the laptops with a good configuration, say the laptops with 8 or more CPU cores and 8 GB or more RAM.

Do not allocate all the CPU cores and entire memory to BlueStacks. While increasing the CPU cores and RAM for a particular app, always select a value lower than the total number of CPU cores and RAM your system has.

3] Disable your antivirus temporarily

Your antivirus might be interrupting the working of BlueStacks. To check this, first, disable your antivirus software temporarily and then launch BlueStacks. If BlueStacks does not get stuck on Starting the Engine screen, your antivirus is preventing BlueStacks from working properly. In this case, you can disable your antivirus while using BlueStacks and enable it again after exiting BlueStacks.

4] Update your graphics card driver

You may also experience this issue with BlueStacks if your graphics card driver is not up to date or corrupted. In such a case, updating the graphics card driver fixes the problem.

When it comes to updating the graphics card driver, Windows 11/10 users have the following options:

Installing the latest version of the graphics card driver via Windows Optional Updates feature.

Visit the official website of the graphics card manufacturer, download the latest version of the graphics card driver, and install it manually on the system.

Update the current version of the graphics card driver without uninstalling it via the Device Manager. In this case, you have to follow the below-listed steps:

In the Device Manager, expand the Display adapters node.

Now, select the Search automatically for drivers option to let Windows install the latest version of the driver automatically.

This should fix the problem.

How do I fix BlueStacks stuck on startup?

The problem of BlueStacks getting stuck on startup or on initializing screen might be occurring due to a minor bug in the software. In such a case, uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of BlueStacks may fix the problem. Apart from that, you can also try running BlueStacks in compatibility mode and checking its administrative privileges.

Why is BlueStacks not working on Windows 11/10?

If BlueStacks is not working on your Windows 11/10 system, first, you should check whether or not your computer fulfills the minimum hardware requirements for BlueStacks. If despite having the compatible hardware, BlueStacks does not work on your system, you can try a few more things, like enabling the Virtualization, updating your graphics card driver, etc. If nothing helps, uninstall and reinstall BlueStacks after downloading the latest version from its official website.

If BlueStacks is not starting when Hyper-V is enabled, you should check and configure the settings of Hyper-V.

Hope this helps.

Images Not Loading On Iphone? Here’s How To Fix It

In rare situations, images on your iPhone may not load in certain apps like Messages, Safari, WhatsApp, or others. This guide shows you how to fix this issue and ensure images start showing properly.

General fixes for images not loading on iPhone

Images often may not load due to minor problems, and the following basic tips should take care of those.

Check your internet connectivity

Secondly, if you aren’t on Wi-Fi but cellular data, open the Settings app, then tap Cellular. Here, scroll down and ensure the app’s toggle is activated. If it’s off, that means the app can’t use cellular data, and thus it doesn’t load images due to not being connected to the internet.

Some apps and services may not work correctly with a VPN. So, if you’re using a VPN on your iPhone or router, turn it off.

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Restart your iPhone

When images are not loading due to temporary issues, turning off your iPhone and turning it back on should help.

Restart your Wi-Fi router

If you are experiencing general issues with your Wi-Fi connection at home, an easy fix may be to restart the router. To do this, you can either press the power button or simply unplug the router. Either way, leave the router powered off for 30 seconds. Turn the router back on and wait for your device(s) to reconnect, then check to see if images load properly.

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Ensure sufficient free space on iPhone

Images and videos may not load or download in several apps like WhatsApp and iMessage if you don’t have adequate free space. Plus, due to insufficient space, you might see an increase in the number of random app crashes.

To fix this, make sure you free up some local storage of your iPhone. The easiest way to do that is by deleting apps, photos, videos, and songs.

Must see: 40+ ways to save storage space on iPhone and iPad

Reset network settings (as the last option)

Resetting your iPhone’s network setting is another handy option that fixes network issues that may be preventing images from loading successfully. However, before you reset your iPhone’s network setting, make sure you follow the other methods listed here. If they don’t work out, go ahead and reset the network settings.

Fix images not working in iMessage

With iMessage, you can send and receive photos and videos. Plus, it has an #images iMessage app that lets you find and send GIFs to spice up conversations. Here’s how to fix the potential issues that may cause images and/or GIFs from loading properly in iMessage.

Ensure iMessage is enabled

Related tutorials to help:

Force quit and reopen the Messages app

Here’s how to force quit and open the Messages app to fix images not loading in it:

On iPhone with Home button:

Double press the Home button to see all your open apps.

From here, swipe the Messages app card all the way up to close it.

Wait for 15 seconds before reopening the Messages app.

On iPhone with Face ID:

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold to see all your open apps.

From here, swipe the Messages app card all the way up to close it.

After about 15 seconds, open the Messages app.

Doing this should fix the issue and now you should be able to send and receive images via iMessage. Plus, trending GIFs should load when you tap the #images app icon in the iMessage conversation.

Check #images availability

As per an old 2023 Apple Support page, #images inside iMessage is available only in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, India, Singapore, Philippines, and Japan.

If you live in one of the other countries, you may not see the #images iMessage app. In this case, you can use third-party apps like GIPHY to search and send funny GIFs and memes on iMessage.

Check iMessage system status

Image issues in iMessage can also be due to some error or maintenance on Apple’s end. Go to Apple’s official System Status page and make sure iMessage has a green dot. In case it shows a yellow or red shape, please wait for a while until Apple fixes the iMessage outage.

Enable and disable #images

Here’s how to turn off #images and turn it back on. Doing so should help fix the issue and start loading the GIFs again.

1) Go to an iMessage conversation. From here, swipe left on the bottom row of iMessage apps and tap More.

2) Tap Edit.

3) Tap the red minus icon next to #images, and tap Remove from Favorites.

4) Next, turn off the toggle for #images to disable it.

6) You’ll no longer see the #images app in the row of iMessage apps. Now, restart your iPhone.

7) Go to an iMessage conversation, swipe left on the bottom row of iMessage apps, and tap More.

8) Tap Edit.

9) Enable the toggle next to #images. It should automatically move up under the Favorites section.

11) Now, tap the #images app icon, and it should load the trending GIFs. Find a suitable GIF and tap it to send it via iMessage.


Finally, you can use third-party alternatives if Apple’s #images isn’t available in your country or you can’t get it to work. One such app is GIPHY which has an iMessage app version letting you see and send GIFs straight from the messages conversation screen.

Here’s how to use GIPHY or other compatible GIF apps inside iMessage:

1) Download GIPHY from the App Store and sign in. You can use Sign in with Apple to accelerate things.

2) Open the Messages app and go to a conversation. Swipe left on the row of iMessage apps, and you should see the GIPHY app icon. Tap it to see GIFs and send them via iMessage.

Note: If GIPHY says Unable to load images, force quit the Messages app and reopen it. Also, make sure your iPhone has a working internet connection.

Fix images not working in Safari

When you visit a website in Safari, do you notice that images are not loading? If yes, the following solutions will fix the issue.

Force quit the Safari app

Follow the same steps as above (Messages app method) to force quit the Safari app and reopen it.

Check images on another website

Often images not loading in Safari can be due to issues from one particular website, and not indicative of a broader problem. Maybe its server is overburdened and thus it can’t deliver images appropriately. Or, the image is unoptimized and huge in size, thus taking ages to load or failing to load fully.

To check, visit any other website like chúng tôi or chúng tôi Do you see pictures on these sites? If yes, the problem is most likely related to that particular website. You can wait until the site’s administrator fixes the issue.

Clear Safari browsing data

In some cases, images on all websites or a particular site may not load until you delete your Safari browsing data (history, cache, cookies, etc.)

Here’s how to delete Safari data to fix images not loading on web pages:

1) Go to iPhone Settings and tap Safari.

2) Scroll down and tap Clear History and Website Data.

3) Tap Clear History and Data to confirm.

You have successfully deleted Safari browsing data from this device and your other devices with the same Apple ID.

Fix images not loading in other apps

Here are two potential solutions for images not loading in any iPhone app.

Is the image still available?

Sometimes, an image may not load because it is no longer available to download. Thus, you might see an error. This often happens in apps like WhatsApp, where old images may be deleted and hence no longer available. In this case, ask the sender to resend it.

At times, the third-party app may have bugs that prevent it from rendering and showing images correctly. To fix this, open the App Store and update the app.

Delete and reinstall the app

In case the images still fail to load and display correctly, delete the app and install it again. This should fix the issue.

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Opera Browser Stuck In Full Screen Mode: 3 Ways To Fix It

Opera Browser Stuck in Full Screen Mode: 3 Ways to Fix It The issue isn’t specific and is not related to a particular website




Multiple user reports can be found about the Opera browser stuck in full screen mode.

Because of this error, the users aren’t able to come out of the Opera browser and surf the web.

This guide lists down some of the most effective methods that have helped users fix the problem at hand. For example, use the context menu.

Opera is one of the most popular internet browsers next to Google Chrome. With in-built features such as VPN, speed dial, and sidebar to access apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, a built-in ad blocker, etc., it is a versatile package if you are looking for one.

There are other features as well, including a floating video player, tab previews, Opera Turbo for saving data while surfing, battery saver mode that uses fewer resources, and much more.

While all these features have made Opera a sort-after web browser, there are a few glitches or issues that have been troubling Opera users for quite a while.

While you might think using the dedicated option or button will fix it, unfortunately, that hasn’t helped multiple users.

Thankfully, this guide is here to help you if you are facing the Opera browser stuck in full screen mode issue. Let us get into it.

Why can’t I exit Opera full screen mode?

After our research, we found out that the reason for this Opera browser being stuck in full screen mode isn’t anything specific and is not related to a particular website.

Notably, users are facing this issue on any website, even on the homepage. The error is so severe that when Opera is reopened, it stays in full screen mode and doesn’t come out of it.

We have a list of some common reasons that would probably be the reason for this problem in the Opera browser:

There is some glitch in the current Opera version

Your PC is infected by a virus or malware

Some important files are missing

The full screen shortcut isn’t selected in the Opera browser

Note that these are only a few reasons that could potentially cause the Opera browser to get stuck in full screen mode.

We have deduced some working solutions that have helped multiple users fix the Opera browser stuck in full screen mode error, which you will find in the below section.

Expert tip:

To benefit from all the Opera features and get the best experience possible, make sure you always use the latest version. A corrupt or old browser may give you some headaches.

The current version of Opera gives you multiple options on how to enter and close full screen. Plus, it includes a battery saver, an adblocker, and many other useful and performance oriented features.


Get the latest Opera version from the official website for seamless, bug-free browsing!

Free Visit website

How can I get out of full screen mode in Opera browser? 1. Use shortcuts

To enter full screen mode in the Opera browser, all you need to do is press the default keyboard shortcut F11. Similarly, you need to press F11 again if you wish to exit full screen mode. Since this isn’t working for several users, you can try the below solutions:

You can try pressing the Alt + Space buttons. This will open a context menu on top, from where you can select Minimize, Maximize, or Close options.

Alternatively, you can try pressing Win + D keyboard shortcut to go back to your desktop home screen. Once you are on your home screen, you can close the instance of Opera.

2. Reinstall Opera

Reinstalling fixes most of the problems, and it might do the same for you and fix the Opera browser stuck in full-screen mode error.

You can either restart your PC or use the steps mentioned in the first solution to go back to the desktop home screen. From there, you can follow the above steps to reinstall the Opera browser on your PC and hopefully fix the problem.

3. Use the context menu

If the above solution, for any reason, doesn’t work and you are still stuck in full screen mode, then you can try the good ol’method of exiting the full screen mode from the context menu.

Although for some, the context menu also doesn’t work, you can give it a try and hopefully fix the Opera browser stuck in full screen mode issue.

Is there a shortcut for full screen mode?

Yes. By default, F11 is the shortcut to enter or exit full-screen mode in the Opera browser. The best thing is that you can change it as well.

How do I change screen size in Opera?

That’s it from us in this guide. We hope the solutions in this guide helped you resolve the issue of the Opera browser being stuck in full screen mode.

Still experiencing issues?

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How To Fix Twitter App Not Working Or Loading On Iphone

Is Twitter not working or loading on your iPhone? Well, if this is the case, you have come to the right place to fix this issue. But before you do that, you should know that there are various reasons why Twitter stops loading. It may refuse to show tweets because the servers are under maintenance, or there is a problem with your internet connection, or you have been logged out of the app, or the Twitter app is stuck and thus refusing to load new data, etc.

So, whatever be the reasons for Twitter not working on your device, we have a list of fixes that will solve the problem you are facing. Happy tweeting…

1. Force Kill the Twitter App

Sometimes when an app does not work, does not load data or hangs, it is okay to force kill it. To force kill the Twitter app on your iPhone:

Step #1. For the iPhone without Home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold. For the iPhone with Home button, quickly double press the Home button. You will see cards showing all open apps.

Now open the Twitter app again. This should fix the Twitter not loading issue.

2. Check Internet Connection

In case you are on Mobile Data and you are able to browse other websites and apps but not Twitter:

Step #1. Launch the Settings app and tap on Mobile Data/Cellular.

Step #2. Scroll down and see that the toggle next to Twitter is ON (that is, it shows green).

You may also turn Wi-Fi OFF and then back ON. If your phone has issues related to network settings, see #9 mentioned below.

3. Restart your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone is an easy way to fix many small issues. It is recommended that you do so at least once every week. If your Twitter app is not working, restart your iPhone and relaunch the Twitter app.

App updates introduce new features as well as fix existing bugs and issues. To update the Twitter app on your iPhone:

Step #1. Touch and hold the App Store icon. Now tap on Updates.

Step #2. If there is a pending update for the Twitter app, tap on UPDATE next to it.

5. Uninstall and Re-install the Twitter App

None of the above solutions worked for you? Well, now you could try a fresh install of the Twitter app. To uninstall it, touch and hold the Twitter app icon until you see a small cross in the top left of the icon. Now tap on the cross and tap Delete.

To install the Twitter app, launch the App Store, and tap on Search. Now type ‘Twitter‘ and download the app by tapping on the little icon that looks like an arrow coming down from a cloud.

6. Restart your Wi-Fi Router

Sometimes restarting your home Wi-Fi router helps too. To restart, you can use the button on your router or use the wall plug switch to turn it OFF and then ON.

7. Try Connecting to Different Wi-Fi Network

If the problem persists, try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network and see if it helps. It has happened with me that, at times, a site like WordPress or Amazon stops to load on a particular network. After I switch network (or use a VPN on the existing network), it starts working again. You may give these solutions a go.

Apple is one of the few companies which brings regular updates and also keeps publishing new software updates for iDevices. You should make use of it. To see if your iPhone has a pending software update launch the Settings app and tap on General ⟶ Software Update. If you see an update available, tap on Download and Install.

9. Reset Network Settings

Resetting the network settings will also erase your Wi-Fi passwords, Location settings, Bluetooth devices, VPN settings, etc. But it won’t delete any of your data.

To reset network settings:

Step #1. Launch the Settings app and tap on General ⟶ Reset.

Step #2. Next, tap on Reset Network Settings ⟶ Enter the password. Now tap on Reset Network Settings to confirm. After this, the network reset process will begin.

10. Check for Twitter Server Working Status

It has happened multiple times with many users that everything from their end, like the network connection, the iPhone, other settings are correct or work perfectly. However, the Twitter servers are down or under maintenance, or not responding. To check this, you may search for something like ‘Is Twitter Down‘ or ‘Twitter Server Status‘ and see if other people are also facing a similar issue.

When many people are not able to use Twitter, this might equate to the Twitter server(s) being under maintenance. Usually, it is fixed within a few minutes to a few hours. If this is the case, you will have to wait. You may try using Twitter after some time.

Summing up…

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