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It is an undeniable fact that Meta’s Facebook and Instagram leverage our data for monetary benefits. If you are as privacy-conscious as me and want to know what data Instagram has access to, there is an option to view and download Instagram data from your iPhone. In this guide, I’ll provide a step-by-step guide to the same.

How to view your Instagram data on iPhone

Since Instagram is known for data breaches, they have taken measures to improve your control over the data provided to the social media giant. As its part, they have provided the option to review and make changes to your Instagram data.

Open Instagram and tap your Profile.

Tap the hamburger menu at the top right.

On this page, you can select various options, such as Time spent, Photos, and videos, and see all data you have shared with Instagram. Not only will it show your account’s current activity but also your Recently deleted posts. Now, let’s look at the steps to download these data.

How to download Instagram data on iPhone

It’s very crucial to take necessary precautions before we act upon something irreversible.

Launch Instagram on your iPhone.

Navigate to your profile → Tap the hamburger icon.

Scroll down and select Download your information under Information you shared with Instagram.

Based on your preference, select the type of data you wish to download:

Complete copy: It will include a complete replica of information available on your account. It may take longer to download.

Select types of information: This option will provide you with only the information you request.

For now, let’s request a complete copy.

You can tweak the download parameters to your preference.

Notify: Choose an email address to receive your Instagram data.

Format: Select the type of document, among HTML, or JSON.

Media quality: Designate the quality of media files in your Instagram profile.

Date range: Select a time frame suitable for you.

Monitor or cancel the download request

Wait, there’s more. Once your request to download Instagram data is submitted, you can access or cancel the same in a few simple steps.

Follow steps 1-5, as mentioned above.

Now, you can have an overview of requests that are still not approved.

Once approved, you can download the data or can access the same through the copy shared in your email account.

Alternatively, if you wish to cancel this request, tap Cancel.

That’s it. Now, your request to download will be removed.

How to download Instagram data on Mac or PC

Access Download Your Information menu.

In this instance, enter an Email ID → Choose either HTML or JOSN as your desired format.

Upon submitting your request, you’ll be notified of when the file will be available.


Does Instagram data download include deleted chats? 

No. Downloaded Instagram data won’t include deleted data. You will only receive photos, videos, and messages that are not deleted.

How long does it take for Instagram to send your account data?

Usually, the time taken by Instagram to send your account data depends upon the size of information your account has. According to Instagram, this will take a maximum of 14 days.

That’s it!

Here are some more tips and tricks about Instagram:

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How To Download And Install Bitdefender 2023 On Your Windows Pc

How to download and install Bitdefender 2023 on your Windows PC






To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

With a new antivirus treat fresh out of the oven, Bitdefender is proposing a new era of digital security. In today’s world full of threats and malicious entities that scour the internet, it’s more important than any time before to have complete control over security.

There are many factors to keep in mind, ranging from keeping threats out to keeping yourself safe when you browse the web. It’s not about browsing the web either. Many attackers will try to hijack your desktop or physical device, making life a torment for those that don’t use antivirus protection. BitDefender is also the first big antivirus company to release their 2023 product lineup already, so that’s why we already included them in our list with the best antivirus for 2023.

There are many reasons for which you should get the latest Bitdefender version, but here are just a couple of them:

The latest version

As time passes, more virus threats and hacker attacks will reveal themselves to the world, making it harder and harder for outdated software to keep up with protection. Having the latest version of Bitdefender will ensure that the most recent means of protection are in place. Professional antivirus service providers like Bitdefender work to bring more functionality to their software which means that every new feature has a precise place in the developer’s plan.


There are many reasons for which you should get the latest Bitdefender version, but here are just a couple of them:

The new Advanced Threat Defense feature acts like a guard dog that is able to sniff out any possible threat. Sometimes, threats are disguised as regular processes, but they won’t be able to get passed Bitdefender which can tell legitimate Windows processes from shady or phony ones.

The Safe files feature turns the computer into an impenetrable fortress. To be more precise, it’s like it creates these little bunkers within the system, where your most important and sensitive data can be stored. And just like a real life bunker, no one unauthorized can get in. This will stop hackers from trying to use data present in the system to initiate a ransomware attack.

The Webcam Protection feature makes sure no one can remotely access your webcam. This is pretty much one of the oldest tricks in the book but not being versed in IT, many users still become victims. That can be avoided with Bitdefender which will act as a big wall between your privacy and nosy intruders.

Downloading Bitdefender 2023 for Windows PC

If you want to know more about 2023 edition, we recommend you to visit BitDefender’s website.


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How To Download Your Coinbase Transaction History

In 2023, Coinbase will begin to issue the IRS Form 1099-MISC to US customers.

In addition, US customers were required to report their gains and losses to the IRS.

However, non-US customers will not receive any forms from Coinbase.

Hence, they must download their Coinbase transaction history for local tax obligations.

Users are given the ability to download their transaction history on Coinbase.

But you can only check your transaction history on the Coinbase website and not on the mobile app.

This is because the mobile app does not support it.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to download your Coinbase transaction history (for taxes) on the Coinbase website.

How to download your Coinbase transaction history

To download your Coinbase transaction history, you need to navigate to the “Reports” page on the Coinbase website.

On the “Reports” page, you’ll be able to find your Coinbase transaction history and download a CSV or a PDF report of it.

You can also filter the transaction history to any date.

For example, if you want to download your transaction history from the last 30 days, you can filter it to “30 days”.

By default, your transaction history will be filtered to “All time”.

This means that you’ll get a transaction history for every transaction that you’ve ever made on Coinbase since you’ve joined.

You can also filter it to an individual asset or a transaction type.

Here’s how you can download your transaction history on Coinbase:

1. Sign in to Coinbase

Note: You need to use Coinbase on a desktop/browser to download your transaction history.

The first step is to go to the Coinbase website and sign in to your account.

Firstly, go to the Coinbase website.

You can either do this on a desktop or on a mobile browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome).

However, you cannot download your transaction history on the Coinbase mobile app.

This is because the Coinbase mobile app currently does not support it.

That said, it’s highly recommended that you use Coinbase on your desktop.

Once you’re on the Coinbase website, sign in to your account.

Once you’ve signed in to Coinbase, you’ll land on your dashboard.

If you’re using the mobile version of the Coinbase website, you’ll see a menu icon on the top navigation bar.

On the other hand, if you’re using the desktop version of the Coinbase website, you’ll see your profile picture.

Then, proceed to the next step.

3. Select “Reports”

On the navigation menu, you’ll see multiple options such as your portfolio and prices.

Scroll down the navigation menu until you find the “Reports” option.

Once you’re on the reports page, you’ll see a “Transaction history” tab.

The “Transaction history” tab provides information about the report.

It states that the report includes all orders for all cryptocurrencies you’ve bought, sold, or converted on Coinbase.

In addition, it includes cryptocurrencies that you’ve sent or received.

On the “Transaction history (all-time)” header, you’ll see a “Generate report” button.

5. Generate a CSV or a PDF report

On the pop-up, you’ll see three dropdown boxes including “All time”, “All assets”, and “All transaction”.

Firstly, the “All time” dropdown box allows you to change the date of your transaction history.

By default, the dropdown box will be set to “All time”.

Secondly, the “All assets” dropdown box allows you to filter your transaction history to a specific cryptocurrency.

By default, the dropdown box will be set to “All assets”, which means that your transaction history will include every cryptocurrency.

Thirdly, the “All transactions” allows you to filter your transaction type such as “Buy”, “Sell”, “Convert”, and others.

Under the filters, you’ll see a couple of download options including “CSV” and “PDF”.

It’s recommended that you generate the PDF report instead of the CSV report.

You’ve successfully learned how to download your transaction history on Coinbase!

How do I export Coinbase transactions?

Here’s how you can export Coinbase transactions:


If you want to prepare your gains and losses on Coinbase for taxes, the recommended procedure is to download your transaction history on Coinbase by using the method in this guide.

However, it only includes your Coinbase gains/losses, and not other cryptocurrency exchanges.

If you want to prepare your gains and losses on other exchanges, you have to download your transaction history on their website.

If you don’t want to manually prepare your gains and losses, an alternative is to use a digital tax aggregator like CoinTracker.

A digital tax aggregator will automatically track your investment performance and taxes of your cryptocurrencies so you don’t have to do it yourself.

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How To Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently (2024)

This tutorial shows you how to delete your Instagram account permanently from your iPhone using the official Instagram app or a web browser.

Deleting vs. deactivating your account

Related: How to make your Instagram account private

What happens after you delete your Instagram account?

Deleting your Instagram (IG) account is a permanent action that has the following consequences:

Your entire profile, all the photos, videos, and Reels in it will be removed after you delete your Instagram account. You can’t recover them. So, before proceeding you might want to download your Instagram Reels.

If your Instagram posts are embedded on websites, they will not be accessible.

All your IG followers will be removed. If you ever create a new account in the future, these people will have to find your new account and follow you again.

Comments and likes you made on other IG posts will be removed.

How to deactivate your Instagram account

Here are the steps to deactivate your Instagram account from phone or computer:

Log in to Instagram in a web browser using your account details.

Tap your profile picture.

Tap Edit Profile.

From the bottom, tap Temporarily disable my account.

Select a reason, enter your Instagram password, and tap Temporarily Disable Account.

How to delete your Instagram account

Download your Instagram data before deleting your account

As mentioned, all your IG data like photos, videos, profile pictures are permanently removed after you delete your Instagram account. If you like, you can download your entire Instagram data before proceeding.

From the iPhone app

Some users (usually with considerable followers and posts) see the option to delete their Instagram account inside the official Instagram app.

Here’s how to delete Instagram account permanently from the app:

Open the Instagram app on your phone.

Tap the three lines icon on the top and choose Settings.

Tap Account.

From here, tap Delete account.

You can disable your Instagram account or delete it on the next screen.

From a web browser

Some users don’t have the option to delete their Instagram account using the official app on their phone. If you’re one of them, follow these steps to proceed.

Here’s how to delete your Instagram account permanently from any phone or computer:

Visit the official Instagram delete page in any phone or computer browser.

Login with the account you want to delete.

Select the reason why you want to delete your Instagram account. Here, double-check the username to ensure you’re deleting the correct Instagram account.

Enter your Instagram password to confirm.

How to cancel your account deletion

While following the steps to delete your Instagram account, you will see a deadline in bold letters. You have this 30-day window to change your mind and cancel your account deletion. Simply login to Instagram with your same username and password to cancel your account deletion request. If you fail to act within these 30 days, your account is deleted permanently.

Can I create a new Instagram account with the same username again?

Yes. After deleting your Instagram account, you can make a new account and use the same old username if someone else has not taken it already. You can even use the old username as a new username for one of your other existing Instagram accounts (as long as someone else hasn’t taken that username).

Can Instagram or someone else delete my account for me?

No. Instagram or some other third-party can’t delete your Instagram account. You must have your login details and use that to delete your IG account following the steps mentioned above.

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How To Hide And View Hidden Files In Mac? – Webnots

In our earlier article, we have explained how to view hidden files in Windows and hide files from other users. Similar to Windows, system files are by default hidden in Apple macOS. However, you may need to view the hidden files in many situations. In this article, we will explain how to easily show or hide files in Finder app using Terminal app and other options.

Why You May Need to View Hidden Files?

Viewing hidden files is very useful in many situations.

You want to look for plist files or any other folders in your Library folder. This is Library folder is by default hidden on your Mac.

When using FTP you may need to upload some hidden files to your server.

If you are doing web development with local Apache server setup then you may need to modify server configuration files like .htaccess file.

When you share the Mac with multiple users, you may want to view the files hidden by other users on your Mac. 

How to View Hidden Files in Mac?

Follow the below instructions to view the hidden files on your Mac:

Press “Command + Space” to open Spotlight Search.

Type “terminal” and open the Terminal app.

Copy and paste the below command and hit enter key. 

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

Now, open Finder and you will see all hidden files on your Mac.

Mac will show the hidden files in a dimmed color.

View Hidden Files in Mac

If you want to hide the hidden files, run the following command in Terminal app.

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO How to Hide Files in Mac?

Viewing and hiding the system or default hidden files is easier in Mac as explained above. However, it is a tricky task to hide a users file or folder in Mac. Unlike Windows, you don’t have any graphical interface to hide user files or folders in Mac. There are different methods to hide files / folders created by users.

1. Move Folder and Files to Library Folder

As mentioned, Library folder is a system folder and Mac by default will hide from all users in the Finder app. If you want to keep files hidden from other users then simply create a new folder inside Library folder and store your files. All folders inside Library folder will also be hidden and not visible to users.

Library Folder in Mac

Move your files inside the “New Folder”.

Go to Terminal app and hide all systems files as explained above.

2. Set Visibility Parameter of File

The second option is to change the visibility parameter of a file or folder using Terminal. Launch Terminal app and type the below command to hide the file.

If you don’t know the file path in Mac, just type “chflags hidden” without pressing enter key. Now open Finder app and drag and drop the file or folder to the Terminal next to the command. When dragging, you should see a green + icon and you will see the file path added to the command after dropping the file. If you want to unhide the file, simply change the command to unhidden like below.

3. Add Dot in File Name

You can notice, Mac will hide the files that starts with dot like .htaccess. This is a common behavior as the text after dot is considered as file extension. Therefore, if you want to hide a file on your Mac then add a dot in the front to make it invisible by default. You can unhide and change the name whenever needed.

4. Hide with XCode

The last option is to hide or view the files using Apple Developer Tools.

Go to App Store and install XCode app.

Open Terminal and run the command to hide the file. As mentioned earlier, you can drag and drop the file to add the file path in Terminal.

When you want to view the file, change the capital V to small v and run the command again.

Remember, XCode app needs 6+ GB size on your Mac for installation. Therefore, we do not recommend to install the app only for the purpose of hiding files.

Set File Permission Instead of Hiding

The above explained methods will help you to easily hide or view hidden files on your Mac. However, if you have multiple users on single Mac, the best option is to setup file permission and restrict file access from other users.

This will open the properties of the selected item.

Look at the last option “Sharing & Permissions”. Ensure to select “Read & Write” option only for your account and select “No Access” to “everyone”.

Set File Permission in Mac

In addition, you can also use any third-party file manager app and set a password for accessing your confidential files and folders.

How To Find Instagram Influencers That Work For Your Business

Learning how to find Instagram influencers to work with is an art and a science—but finding the right one can make or break your campaign.

The world of social media is an ever-changing landscape. You can’t just create a profile and expect to grow your following organically. That’s why many businesses are turning to influencers for help in building their audience on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms.

In the last few years, it’s become more common for brands to partner with influencers, especially on Instagram. Influencers can help you to reach a wider audience than if you were only marketing your business on your own. For example, your company might find an Instagram influencer who is already popular with an audience that’s related to yours, like a business that sells makeup would find another influencer selling beauty products. This type of partnership will broaden their brand.

This article will teach you how to find the right influencer for your business’ needs on Instagram specifically: whether it be a one-time campaign or someone who can represent your brand on a regular basis.

Bonus: Download a free checklist that reveals the exact steps a fitness influencer used to grow from 0 to 600,000+ followers on Instagram with no budget and no expensive gear.

How to find Instagram influencers Get clear on your brand values.

What are your brand values? They are the things your brand cares about the most.

These could include environmental sustainability, accessibility, equality, and other causes—or more simple things like high quality dog beds or healthy recipes. Knowing what your brand cares about is important because if, for example, environmentalism is important to you, you’ll want to partner with an influencer who also cares about environmentalism. Your Instagram influencer is going to be representing your brand online, so it’s important that you share values to avoid confusion.

Identify the type of campaign. Do your research.

It is important to do research on potential influencers before making a decision about who to work with. Research potentials by checking out their followers, following them, and asking yourself how they might be able to promote your brand in unique ways that will grow both of your audiences. See if they have experience working with other businesses like yours in the past or ask them questions about why they want to work with you. Ideally they will want to work with you for more than just the money alone.

Post a job listing.

If you are looking for influencers to work with on a regular basis, post the job listing on your website or your social media. Be sure to provide detailed information about what you need and what they will get in return. This will help them decide if it is something that they want to pursue or not. Use your specific industry knowledge and make an educated decision when choosing someone who can represent your brand best, as this will pay off in the long run by building trust among customers and potential clients.

Find out what their goals are.

You want to make sure that the influencer’s objectives align with your business objectives, so this is a good place to start when looking for someone who can represent you well. If they are not working on something similar or if they do not have any interest in your industry, then there will be no point in continuing the discussion and hiring them as an influencer.

Check their audience size.

An Instagram influencer with a large audience (think 100,000+ followers) might be good for brand awareness campaigns, but might struggle with engagement or conversion-focussed campaigns. A smaller influencer (think 10,000-50,000 followers),who focuses on a niche audience related to your industry might be a better fit for those types of campaigns.

Make sure their followers are authentic.

Just in case you were wondering, we tried buying Instagram followers and it didn’t work out great.

Follow hashtags related to your industry.

On Instagram, you can follow more than just other accounts—you can follow hashtags too. When you follow a hashtag, you’ll see all the trending posts that also use that hashtag. And you’ll most likely come across posts by influencers that use that hashtag too.

For example, if you sell ethical fashion, you might want to follow the hashtag #sustainablestyle to see Instagram posts by sustainable fashion bloggers. If someone appears in your feed a lot, and you like what you see, you should consider partnering with them.

Search in Google.

Maybe this seems obvious, but it’s worth mentioning in case you haven’t thought of it yet. Search for the top Instagram influencers in your industry in Google. For example, you could search for “top fashion bloggers” or “top fashion Instagram influencers.”

Make sure to look at more than just the most popular accounts, who probably have tons of partnerships lined up already. But also take note of the average audience size, post types, and engagement that influencers seem to have in your industry so you can set expectations for your own campaign.

Read through their bio.

One step in finding an Instagram influencer is reading through their bio to make sure they’re a good fit for your business. This might sound repetitive by now, but make sure they have followers that align with your target market and brand values. An Instagram influencer’s bio will be a big clue towards both these things. They have 150 characters to tell you everything that they’re about.

Here’s all the most important elements of an Instagram bio.

Take note of what other brands they’re affiliated with.

Does the Instagram influencer in question partner with any other brands in your industry? Then they might be a good fit. They have experience doing brand partnerships and speaking to your audience. But they might not be a good fit if they frequently partner with a direct competitor. Or if their past partnerships haven’t performed well. Or if they are associated with a brand that is going through a PR crisis.

Reach out.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, all you need to do is reach out! A great way to get started is by sending your chosen influencer a direct message on Instagram explaining:

What your business or brand is

Your campaign idea

Why you like their account and/or why you believe they are the right fit

Then politely ask the influencer what their rates are, what their upcoming schedule looks like, and if they would be interested in working with you. Include any special contact info to continue the conversation.

Here’s a guideline for Instagram influencer rates, in case you need some benchmarks to get started.

In conclusion, finding the right Instagram influencer is no easy feat. It requires a lot of research and time spent scrolling through social media. But with these guidelines, you can find the right influencer for your brand’s needs in no time at all and start gaining new followers who already trust you.

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