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Choose your best Career Path – Are you still wondering how to choose the right career path? Still confused about making that one life-changing move? Do you feel that you have no direction to go and are in a dilemma about your career decision?

If you answered these questions positively, you need not worry anymore. We are here to help you out with this. Choosing the right career means choosing what you will do all your life.

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This is a major decision in your life. If you make a wrong choice, you will regret it all your life. But you get only one life, which is too short for regrets.

Whether you are a fresher looking for career options or an already employed person considering a major transition in your career, you must understand what you need and aspire for. Therefore you have to make every effort to choose your career and choose it right. Once you know your requirement, finding employment for yourself is not difficult.

To begin with, you have first to know yourself. Knowing yourself is a crucial step in finding out your right career path. It includes learning your skills, qualifications, passions, interests, and above all, your potential and realizing your strengths.

You have to be considerate about all your options and do thorough research before coming to any conclusion regarding your career. We spend much of our time working. It is important to make the right choice for choosing a career.

If you do not give it a fair bit of thought, you’ll probably find yourself doing some mundane job that does not satisfy your goals and needs. In this article, you will find almost everything that will take you a step ahead in choosing the right career.

Career path

A career path begins with a choice—the choice for your profession, a choice to grow and to choose a career path. First, you must realize that following your parents’ footsteps may not necessarily be the right career for you. To understand your need and to know your expectations from your work, you must devise a questionnaire.

This questionnaire should be such that it helps you answer all the confusions you are holding, which is giving you trouble. You can try such questions as:

After you have answered such questions, you’d be able to understand what interests you more, making it all the easier to choose.

With this, you will see common patterns and themes indicating your field of interest. You also have to work on the other specifics to reach your goal.

You will find out that the creative bent of your mind can get you to the right option, or maybe you have more inclination towards something scientific or something related to humanities.

This will unfold all the career options that you should be considering.  After this, you need to map out what you value the most regarding working. You have to know your skill set. You also have to see what you are good at doing.

Passion is the most important requirement to be content with your work. You need to know what it that you enjoy the most is. Always think about what excites and energizes you because you can excel in any field only if you enjoy what you are doing.

Whatever career path to choose, you must make sure that you are passionate because you will probably spend most of your time doing this job. And, of course, you do not want it to burden you.

The thing you need to consider is your skill sets and your aptitude. For any field of work, it is important that you should have the right qualifications and the right attitude to handle the job.

For instance, if you want to be an engineer, it is mandatory that you should hold a degree in engineering. You should be competent enough with the required skill sets and the proper aptitude for the job.

Or maybe if you are inclined towards being a doctor, you should work hard to crack the entrance test and be competent enough to learn all the required skills.

You can also have some college career assessment tests to determine your career preferences. An internship program can be a viable option to consider before you choose a career for yourself.

Taking up an internship can be a great way to test a specific career type. While interning, you can develop an interest in a particular field, and you will also develop the skill set required for that particular internship.

If you enjoy the internship experience, there is every possibility that you may like to work full-time. This can be your prospective career option.

In addition, you can always consider talking to your parents, friends, and teachers and finding a mentor to help you reach the next level in deciding your career.

Help from experienced people is always a viable option to consider. If you have discovered your area of interest, you can try socializing with those already in that field.

You can ask them about the things they like about their job, and they will also familiarize you with the pros and cons of the job. So that you can go home and do some thorough research and then arrive at a conclusion to make it your final career choice.

Apart from all this, you should have inspiration. It is a must that you look up to something that inspires you. If you find something uninspiring, then there is no point in making that option your career choice because, eventually, it will be a failure for you and won’t prove worthy even to consider.

There will always be the typical career options for you, like being a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, or an engineer. But if these are not inspiring, you must think out of the box.

Maybe you should consider unconventional career options that inspire and interest you more than conventional career choices. You do not need to be burdened by adhering to strict career choices.

There are tremendous career options to explore. You only need to find the right options that suit you.

Then there is the most important aspect you must consider while selecting your career path. It’s your lifestyle. You have to find a balance in your life.

Chalk out what kind of lifestyle you want, and then you need to select your career accordingly. You need to make a career plan and know the benefits a particular job will bring you.

Money matters are all the more important. You do not work for free. If you are putting in your best efforts, you must receive the right salary and other benefits.

You have to make your worth count. To reach the right career path, you must do a lot of research. You can use libraries and the internet, meet various people, and consider taking certain tests to determine your perfect career path.

You must learn as much as possible about the qualifications and skill sets. Take help from universities, colleges, and other career development centers across various platforms. This is what gets you going. It is almost like selling yourself.

Employers seek the best possible employees, and you have to be the ultimate choice the employer has to make. You have to be prepared for all sorts of interviews, with your qualifications on the one hand and skills on the other.

After you have gathered all the necessary information about the fields that interest you, you may sit down to analyze according to your perceptions.

You have to assess the knowledge thoroughly you have gained and consider the suggestions from experienced people and then add your own ideas and results to make a final career choice.

You can only do so if, after all the data you have collected regarding the particular career consideration, the option still pleases you and you find it appealing enough to be worth a final call.

Even after this, it would not be too difficult if you had to make some compromises. Because what is life without a little compromise? If, having considered all the above tips, you find the career path worth choosing, step ahead and make your final move.

And you are then sure to reach the zenith in your career with a fair effort and hard work.

In the end, I would say that although the decision regarding the choice of a career path is very difficult, it is not impossible. All you have to do is broaden your mind and vision to see the wide range of options available.

Having done so, it is only a matter of time till you have made that perfect career choice and you are ready to soar high in the sky. Nothing comes easy in life. You have to gear up and try to find the best possible career options for yourself.

You cannot just sit back and think about the best careers. Take the pains and research to find that perfect career path.

It is a decision for life. You cannot take this lightly, and even if you consider a change later in your career, it would be a lot easier because you have already mapped out all the possibilities about what you can do to the best possible outputs.

So you only need to wake up and work smart to reach your aspirations. There is no shortcut to hard work. Be ready to work hard but smart and aspire to reach that goal. Your true efforts are going to take you to heights. Good Luck!

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A 2023 Guide For A Lucrative Artificial Intelligence Career Path

blog / Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Is There a Demand for AI Engineers? Can You Make it a Successful Career?

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According to a PwC report, Artificial Intelligence (AI) could contribute an astounding $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Organizations have already recognized AI’s game-changing capabilities and are using it to improve their efficiency and productivity. The critical role of creating AI systems and applications becomes the all-important job of an AI engineer. Against the backdrop of the growing demand for this position, this blog examines the skills required to become an AI engineer, the ideal artificial intelligence career path, and why it could be a rewarding and exciting field of work for you.

Who is an AI Engineer?

A professional who designs and develops AI-based systems and applications is an AI engineer. They are responsible for developing algorithms and training models, testing and evaluating AI systems, and deploying them in the real world. AI engineers typically have experience with programming languages such as Python, Java, or C++, as well as machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, or Scikit-learn. In fact, they could also be trained in data science, statistics, or computer science. Moreover, good communication skills are extremely important for this role to work effectively with team members and stakeholders and understand the ethics of AI development and deployment.

Why is This Role in Demand

AI engineers play a critical role in helping organizations leverage data to gain insights, automate tasks, and make informed decisions, with the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our lives, from healthcare to transportation. Hence, this growing demand for AI engineers is expected to continue in the coming years and will create plenty of opportunities for those with the necessary skills and expertise. 

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Soft and Hard Skills Soft Skills


AI engineers must be able to effectively communicate with team members, stakeholders, and clients to understand their requirements, share ideas, and explain complex concepts.


AI development is a collaborative effort, and AI engineers must be able to collaborate with data scientists, software developers, and other professionals to build and deploy AI systems.


To solve complex problems, AI engineers must be skilled at analyzing data, identifying patterns, and developing algorithms.


As AI technology evolves, AI engineers must be adaptable and willing to learn new tools, techniques, and methodologies.


AI engineers must be creative and should come up with innovative solutions to problems.

Hard Skills

Programming languages:

AI engineers must be proficient in programming languages such as Python, Java, or C++.

Machine learning frameworks:

They should be familiar with machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Scikit-learn.

Data Modeling:

They have to be skilled in developing and training machine learning models, including regression, classification, clustering, and deep learning models.

Mathematics and Statistics:

They must have a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics, including linear algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics.

Big data technologies:

Because AI applications frequently involve large datasets, these engineers should be familiar with big data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL databases.

Ideal Career Path

The following constitute an ideal artificial intelligence career path for an AI engineer:

Average Salary Across Geographies

Country Average Annual Salary

United States


United Kingdom








Best Emeritus Courses

To summarize, AI engineers play a critical role in developing and implementing AI systems, which are rapidly becoming a necessity for a variety of industries, resulting in high demand for this position. To learn more about this artificial intelligence career path, explore Emeritus’ machine learning and artificial intelligence courses, developed in tie-up with the best universities around the world.  

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How To Create A Walking Path: 8 Steps (With Pictures)

Guide visitors through your property by using walking paths. They will more likely go where you want them to go and avoid areas you’d rather they not be.

Have walking paths that allow you easy access to garden sheds and other utility areas.

Walking paths can lead to an outstanding feature or view. You can position a gazebo,an arbor or fountain at the end of a pathway. Try not to have paths that lead to nowhere.

Walking paths add beauty and visual interest to your garden. They tie your garden design elements together.

Use a measuring tape to calculate how much material you will have to purchase to pave your pathway.

Gently curving paths are visually appealing and interesting for the walker to navigate. Straight walking paths are good for very formal gardens. You might also keep the main access path wide and straight while allowing for smaller, curving adjoining pathways.

Use garden hose or some other material to lay out the shape of your pathway before you begin to dig or pave.


Allow 2 to 3 feet (0.91 m) (60 to 90 cm) in width for the average walker. For two people to walk side by side, the pathway width should be 4 to 5 feet (1.2 to 1.5 m) (1.2 to 1.5 m) wide.

Be sure the path is wide enough for a wheelchair or stroller if necessary.

Make certain your garden path can accommodate wheelbarrows, lawnmowers and other garden equipment.

Your walkways can be simple grassy lanes, made of elaborate stone or a combination of many materials.

Landscape pavers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and prices. Visit your local garden or building supply store to explore your choices.

There are many choices for natural stone as well although this material can be expensive. Flagstone is a good choice.

Stepping stones are a good idea if you part of your walking path is going to be on a slope. On a steeper slope, you can stabilize them with cement.

Think about using mulch or pea gravel for your garden walk. These materials are less expensive but also less durable and will need to be reapplied from time to time. Perhaps use these for less used paths and a more substantial product for your main walkway.

Concrete is a very permanent material to consider although it often looks less attractive than other choices. Stamped concrete might be an alternative. Be sure when using this material that you won’t want to change the location or direction of the path in the future.

Bricks and cobblestones can be used for your path. Or consider a combination of materials such as brick and concrete together.

Make sure the material you use for your walk will be safe. Ensure that the pathway doesn’t become slippery after a rain, for example.

Soften your path with attractive border plants and features such as statuary, large stones or bird feeders. The walking path can be a divider between various gardens.

Provide adequate lighting for walkers using the path at night. You can hard-wire your lights or use inexpensive solar lighting. Spotlights can be positioned in trees to add interest and beauty or placed where there are steps for safety. For occasional lighting to use for an evening party, for instance, use luminaries or string small lights along the pathway.

Clear the area where your path will go of plants and debris and consult with your local building supply center as to how to lay stone or concrete. You might think about using a weed barrier fabric before laying paving material.


Here’s How To Choose A Smartphone With A Good Battery Life

This factor is provided by a number of components that are not only the battery’s capacity. There are more steps that are as crucial and involved. Take a look at these tips if you want your future mobile device to offer you enough autonomy for your requirements.

Let’s start by looking at milliamps

The essential component of the battery in our smartphones is the milliamp. The milliampere—often referred to as milliamps per hour—is the measurement used to describe a mobile battery’s capacity. The initials mAh, which go along with the battery capacity, are typically used to shorten this notion.

Look for this value on the specification sheet when buying a new mobile device. In conclusion, the device will provide more autonomy the more mAh it has. Although this rule is not completely certain because autonomy also depends on other factors, it provides a useful sign.

We are not mistaken when we claim that the rule is not totally true. More mAh does not necessarily equate to better autonomy. The next topic is battery management in mobile operating systems, which brings us to our next point.

Different systems handle the smartphone battery

Google aims to change the fact that battery management on Android varies depending on the manufacturer. The modifications suggested for Android 13 enable the optimization of the battery in terms of the consumption produced by the apps and the various system components. In an ideal world, this control would apply to all developers, allowing us to have reasonable autonomy. In this regard, it is a good idea to examine whether the manufacturers’ customization layers contain a lot of bloatware. As this tends to keep processes open that decrease battery life.

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Look for real tests

Although this argument is pretty clear, you might not have considered it. Do not let the size of the battery be your only deciding factor when choosing a smartphone. Instead, seek for signs of the model’s autonomy. If you’re seeking for Android devices, you can look at the reviews of the smartphones before making the purchase decision.

The battery life of the mobile device is consistently examined in the analyses while it is being used normally. Such as for social media, taking pictures and videos, playing games, browsing the internet, etc. In this manner, you will have an idea of the level of autonomy that it will give you in accordance with your use. Follow all the YouTube reviews if you’re one of those who favor the audiovisual format. DxOMark is a reputable website that provides accurate battery reviews as well.

Manufacturers will occasionally estimate how long their phones will last. Do not base your decision entirely on laboratory testing, though they may provide a useful hint. In the “real world,” batter life looks different.

Fast charging

Fast charge is the only thing that currently qualifies as a trend. The major smart phone manufacturers make the promise that our batteries can recharge quickly. Fast charging doesn’t necessarily increase our autonomy. But if we have some downtime, we can plug in the phone and it will run smoothly for the rest of the day.

Watts reflects the evolution of this type of charging. Fast charging is defined as beginning at 10W. But they have even reached 150W on smartphones like the Realme GT Neo 3. A highly aggressive number that takes just 16 minutes to fully charge the battery.

When choosing the best mobile device for you, consider all of these factors in addition to mAh.

Always go for USB Type-C


As we were able to confirm, a mobile’s autonomy is influenced by a number of other parameters. In addition to the battery’s capacity. Thankfully, we have enough knowledge to select a smartphone that gives us the freedom we require.

You already know what features to look for in a phone with a good battery. To avoid making a bad decision. So your next device will be good for however long you need it. While we wait, we’re hoping that the development of batteries will grant us great autonomy.

How To Choose WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are helpful. But they can also slow a site down, invite hackers and even cause a Google penalty.

These are my top five considerations when choosing a WordPress plugin.

5 WordPress Plugin Considerations

The plugin is vetted by WordPress.

It is popular.

Changelog indicates plugin is not abandoned.

Support participation and feedback indicate a healthy plugin.

It doesn’t overlap with a currently installed plugin.

1. The Plugin Is Vetted by WordPress

Some paid plugins don’t have a free version. But many of the most respected plugins have a paid premium version and a free version that is vetted and included in the official WordPress plugin repository.

The fact that a free version has been vetted by WordPress provides assurance (to me) that there is some kind of quality control.

If a serious issue is discovered with a free plugin, WordPress will remove the download from its repository.

Coding that results in a vulnerability or a state of abandonment is one potential issue. There are many other reasons why a plugin may be removed, as outlined in the WordPress Plugin Guidelines.

It’s not a perfect system and doesn’t 100% ensure that the plugin is safe to install. But it’s generally safer than downloading a plugin that is not available through the official WordPress repository.

Premium plugins may undergo their own private testing. They are generally safe to purchase and download. However, it may be useful to research the testing and vetting practices before purchasing.

2. The Plugin Is Popular

I’m not totally convinced of the wisdom of crowds. However, I do feel a sense of safety in knowing that a WordPress plugin is popular and vouched for by many users.

Popularity by itself does not guarantee that a plugin is without issues. In fact, a few of the most popular plugins have been the sources of near-catastrophic issues or larding up web pages with needless code.

Nevertheless, popularity can (alongside other factors) contribute to an assurance that the plugin is likely safe and works reasonably well.

3. Changelog Indicates Regular Updates

Some plugins may be abandoned. Every plugin’s WordPress page notes when the plugin was last updated.

A plugin might not be updated because the function it performs is relatively simple. But in general, this is a sign that a plugin has been abandoned.

Abandoned plugins should in most cases be avoided.

WordPress is constantly evolving. Installing a plugin that hasn’t been updated could cause conflicts with the current version of WordPress or the version of PHP that your website runs in.

4. Support Feedback Indicates a Healthy Plugin

Every plugin page in the WordPress Plugin Repository has a support page. The support page may provide evidence of a plugin that has ongoing issues.

Typical issues might be that the code conflicts with other plugins. Sometimes the WordPress template may need changes in order for the plugin to function.

The support page will reveal any potential issues you may face before discovering them the hard way.

Plugin Doesn’t Overlap With an Installed Plugin

A common issue I see is when two or more plugins designed to do similar things overlap. This generally happens with structured data and speed optimization plugins.

The usual result is that you have more plugins than you need.

It’s important to use as few plugins as necessary. Overloading your site with plugins can slow down the server.

Even a plugin designed to speed up your site may slow down your site if you are using too many of them at the same time.

Before you install a plugin, think hard about how this plugin will solve your problems. If it doesn’t solve all of them, will installing a second or third plugin cause duplication in functions?

How to Choose a WordPress Plugin

These five considerations are not a complete list. You may want to take other factors including user reviews, the reputation of the company behind the plugin, whether the plugin is over-engineered and slows down the site, and so on into consideration.

Downloading plugins can seem like a shell game, where a pea is placed under a cup and then shuffled around.

Are you making an educated guess or just guessing?

I hope that what I consider important factors for judging if a WordPress plugin is trustworthy will help take some of the guesswork out of choosing a trustworthy WordPress plugin for your site.

Image Credits: Paulo Bobita

How To Choose Email Template Builder?

Emails are part of our everyday lives, used in work and business. Emails are one of the most important ways of communication that we use in our personal life and at work. In business, an email can be used in marketing campaigns when a company wants to talk to its customers. An attractive email draws customers’ attention to a product or service. As a result, it increases conversion, communicates with customers, and engages a company’s audience.

So, in marketing, it is vital to create vivid emails that follow the main purposes of writing. They are necessary to promote a company and interact with the audience. It is never enough to send only text messages without any interactive elements. Customers will not notice such emails with many other letters in their inboxes.

It can be difficult for many people to create bright and engaging emails themselves. You may not have enough knowledge and skills in writing or design. You may write the necessary information without knowing how to format your emails. For this reason, you may need to use an email template builder like stripo.

Criteria to Choose an Email Template Builder But how to choose the best email template builder? 1. Easy work with the builder

An essential criterion for choosing an email template builder is how easy it is to work with it. First, an email builder must have a ready set of formatted email templates. That is the primary purpose of a builder because you will look for ready formatting. Moreover, you should look at how easy it is to control the builder. Look for an intuitive design and clear interface that is easy to scroll. This will guarantee that you can work with the email template builder fast and easily.

3. Organizing your templates

You can choose a ready template in an email template builder or create your own. In any case, when you have many email templates, it is crucial to organize them. To do this, you can use many email template builders’ content libraries. It is vital, so you should for sure look for this factor. You should also look for builders with stock libraries where you can get any template quickly. The builder needs to support different file formats. This will make sure that you can use your emails anywhere.

4. Compatibility

An essential factor in any email builder is its compatibility with different devices and editors. It is not convenient to use your email template only in the builder where you’ve created it. You may waste your time creating a template, and you will not be able to use it anywhere. So, when you choose an email template builder, make sure it can be opened in other editors. You should also make sure that the builder supports many file formats. Otherwise, you may be unable to use the template when contacting your customers.

5. Support and pricing

You may know at once how to work with the email template builder you have chosen. For this reason, you may need to contact customer support. They must answer you in time if you need email formatting urgently. It matters for your business, so customer support needs to answer fast. You should have a support agent who will constantly answer your questions and be reachable. What is more, you should ensure that the pricing packages are affordable for you and are not too expensive.


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