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Credit card processing fees can be one of the biggest hidden costs that companies face, taking a sizable cut from sales and making it harder to stay in profit – but one company has managed to completely eliminate these fees for their clients and help them keep more of their money.

Versa Business Systems, based in Maryland, provides loans to businesses of all sizes to achieve their goals, no matter their industry. A team of highly experienced professionals, it offers a sweeping set of services that includes working capital loans, help with cash flow, unsecured business loans, receivables financing, lending for commercial real estate purchases, and more.

But the company’s ability to help businesses no longer have to pay or worry about credit card fees is what’s particularly catching the eyes of their rapidly-expanding client list. Their approach often has savings of 99% with its wavit program.

Increasing Profits For Other Companies

Owner Shaheen Mazloom says Versa Business Systems, launched in 2023, has already helped more than 150,000 clients benefit from no longer paying the fees, including Harrah’s Casino, Aria Casino, Dairy Queen, Wienerschnitzel, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Stars, Arizona Diamondbacks, Oakland Athletics, World Series Of Poker, Farmers Insurance and many more.

“We help small businesses get rid of these fees altogether,” says Mazloom. Versa Business Systems does so by signing companies up for its wavit cash discount program, which costs just $39 a month for unlimited free credit card processing. “Within just a couple transactions, the program membership pays for itself,” Mazloom adds.

One of the biggest challenges that startups, independent companies, family businesses, and others face is the amount of money that they have to hand over to credit card companies. Whenever a customer pays by swiping their card, the likes of Visa and MasterCard automatically take a percentage. The result can make lower-value transactions almost unprofitable, while higher-value sales can send large amounts to the card companies.

“As financial industry professionals, we understand the challenges small businesses and startups face in raising finances, including high credit card fees,” says Mazloom.

The Credit Card Processing Fee Epidemic

The fee problem is only getting worse in North America, as highlighted by a recent class-action lawsuit in Canada against Visa and MasterCard. The litigation and a pending multimillion-dollar settlement aim to resolve claims that the companies impose excessively high transaction fees with little to no way for businesses to escape them. Any retailer or other company that has had to pay the fees since March 23, 2001, might be eligible for a refund and the ability to pass the costs to customers in the future.

“Ending up in a courtroom should always be a last resort no matter the issue, and our wavit system is a simple and affordable way for small businesses to stop handing over their hard-earned profit to credit card companies,” says Mazloom.

Providing A Risk-Free Way To Increase Profits

Companies can sample the wavit program with the ability to switch back to traditional credit card processing if they prefer, with no early termination fees. Flexibility in testing out different solutions is an inevitable part of any small business’ journey, and Mazloom is confident that businesses that want to easily increase their profit margins will stick with Versa’s program once they realize how much of a no-brainer it is.

“Our mission statement is to help businesses maximize growth and increase cash flow by providing a wide range of capital solutions and eliminating their credit card processing fees. And our wavit program meets all of those goals,” says Mazloom.

This article is a paid partnership with Versa Business Systems.

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How To Remove Credit Card From Google Play

How to Remove Credit Card From Google Play Remove Payment Method From Google Play

There can be several reasons why you want to remove the credit card from Google Play. You might have stopped using an Android phone and switched to iPhone. You might want to put a check on your expenses that you make on Google Play. And most importantly the card that was added earlier is now expired and you wish to remove it. But removing a payment method from Google Play is not easy as adding one.

So, as there is no clear option available on Google Play to remove the credit card details therefore we have simplified this by providing you the detailed steps on how to remove credit card from Google Play.

How to Remove Credit Card From Google Play

1. Tap on the Play Store placed on the home screen of your phone to launch the Google Play Store app.

2. On Google Play app tap on the menu icon(3 parallel lines) located at the top left corner of the app screen.

3. Now from the menu tap on the option Payment methods

4. On the Payment methods screen, you will see all your added cards and other payment information. Now scroll down to the bottom and under more options tap on more payment settings.

5. This will open a new browser window on chrome and Google payment center page will open. (If you asked for sign in then type in your Google Credentials that are linked to Google Play Store account)

6. Now under Payment methods you will find all your cards and other payment methods that you have linked to the Google Play account.

7. Select the Credit Card and tap on the Remove option at the bottom of the card.

8. A new browser window will open for the confirmation of the removal of the card. To remove that card, tap on the Remove button. This will remove the credit card permanently from Google Play.

Please note that removing the card means you can’t use it as a payment method for any Google services or app. To do so you have to add the card again as a payment method.

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About the author

Varun Tiwari

5 Costly Credit Card Security Risks

While necessary to accommodate customers and boost revenue, accepting credit card payments carries risks for business owners. 

Credit card security threats include untrained staff, not understanding fake credit card clues, not verifying identity, storing customer data for later charges and refunding cash on a credit card transaction.

Your credit card processor can help mitigate credit card security risks. 

This article is for small business owners who want to limit the potential security risks of receiving credit card payments.

Today’s small businesses understand they must accept credit cards to accommodate consumer preferences, keep valuable customers and compete in a competitive market. However, accepting credit cards in person carries specific risks many entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t expect. Overlooking these risks can lead to stolen customer information, lost revenue, fines and having your credit card acceptance privileges revoked.

We’ll outline five card-present security risks businesses must understand and share tips on choosing a credit card processor to help you mitigate security threats. 

Credit card security risks

Accepting credit cards increases profits and creates operational efficiency. However, small businesses face security risks when they accept credit cards in person. Here are the top five security risks of accepting credit cards in person and how businesses can limit their risk.

1. Untrained staff can increase credit card security risks.

Busy small business owners may not realize that they and their teams don’t understand how to handle credit card transactions properly. This leaves your business vulnerable to fraudulent transactions and the possibility of legal action.

It’s crucial to create effective employee training programs to show employees how to handle credit card data and recognize fraudulent transactions. “Make sure you and your employees know the rules of how to handle credit card data,” said Vikas Bhatia, founder, CEO and chief risk officer of business cybersecurity firm JustProtect Inc. “Protecting your customers’ data is not only good business — it’s the law,” he noted.


Incorporate credit card handling best practices into new hire training, and hold periodic workshops to ensure your entire team understands new threats and developments.

3. Missing signatures and verification issues can be security risks.

A missing signature is another issue often overlooked when accepting credit cards in person. This issue is less prevalent because card networks no longer require signature verification if businesses have an EMV-compliant credit card reader. With EMV cards (also called chip cards), the card information is stored in a chip instead of a magnetic stripe.

While EMV is an effective fraud-prevention system, some businesses, such as restaurants, may still need customers to sign a receipt when adding a tip. Additionally, businesses without an EMV-compliant card reader may run cards manually. 

In these cases — or in any case where you’re suspicious — check for a signature on the back of the card and request identification. 

Did You Know?

The best POS systems allow merchants to choose receipt signature options like always requiring signatures, never requiring them or only requiring them for transactions over a specific amount.

5. Cash refunding credit card purchases is a security risk.

Your business could lose money if credit card returns aren’t processed correctly. For example, if the purchase was made on a credit card, the refund should be issued to that card, not in cash. 

“Many businesses allow a customer to make purchases on a card and then return the item for cash as opposed to refunding it back to the card,” Black said. The problem is that the original purchase may have been completed using a stolen credit card, with the fraudsters returning the items to get the cash.

The best credit card processing companies for security

Some of the best credit card processors include security features to protect businesses from fraudulent credit card activity. Here are a few to consider: 

Clover: Clover is our pick as the best credit card processor for new businesses. With Clover, businesses can access fast credit card processing and feature-rich, highly customizable point-of-sale (POS) software and equipment. Several pricing plans — including one for less than $10 per month — offer business owners choices and flexibility. You can use a virtual terminal or e-commerce interface without buying hardware if your business doesn’t need a POS system. However, Clover charges several fees other credit card processors do not, including a significant termination fee upon cancellation for customized software solutions. To learn more, read our in-depth review of Clover. 

Stripe: Stripe is our pick as the best credit card processor for online businesses. Stripe’s customization options include tools, features and plug-ins for various online companies, including POS systems and merchant accounts. There are no setup, cancellation or account maintenance fees, and Stripe is considerably less expensive to use per transaction than PayPal. However, Stripe’s credit card readers are mandatory and not free. Small business owners should also consider the added expense of needing third-party professional support for setting up Stripe’s customized features, calculating taxes and penalties for bad transactions, such as a $15 fee per chargeback or suspended user accounts. Check out our comparison of Stripe vs. PayPal to compare the solutions. 

ProMerchant: ProMerchant is our pick as the best credit card processor for high-risk businesses. Businesses with less-than-ideal credit or in perceived high-risk industries like tobacco, gambling, pawn shops and alcohol sales, including trendy neighborhood wine bars and family-friendly breweries, could find the right fit with ProMerchant. It offers specialized solutions for restaurants and retail and various services for e-commerce and other businesses. There are no early termination or monthly fees, and ProMerchant offers free hardware. Plus, it has established a reputation for exceptional customer service. However, ProMerchant is a relatively new credit card processing company. It doesn’t have a long track record or many customer testimonials. The processing fee structure isn’t public, so you must contact the company for a quote. Read our full ProMerchant review for more information.

Prepare your business for in-person credit card security risks

Whether you own a restaurant, store or another brick-and-mortar business, there will always be operational risks. Prepare your business by following industry security standards and keep your staff trained and up-to-date on credit card processing requirements, best practices and scams. When you take prevention measures and invest in the right credit card processing companies to protect your data, your business will benefit from the rewards of credit cards while mitigating the risks.

Sarita Harbour contributed to the reporting and writing of this article. Some source interviews were conducted for a previous version of this article.

How To Get Sling Tv For Free, No Credit Card Needed

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

If you want a new way to watch live TV and your favorite TV shows on demand, Sling TV can be the best way to do this. It might not be a service that you have heard of, but it has been around since 2023. There is plenty to watch on Sling TV, so check out our guide below, which will show you how to get a Sling TV free trial.

So, what is Sling TV?

Sling TV is a streaming service that allows you to watch all of your favorite TV channels on your favorite devices. It offers both live TV and on-demand content. There are several options to choose from, which are essentially different channel packages.

Sling Orange will cost you $40/month and will give you 31 channels to choose from, while Sling Blue will provide you with 39 channels for the same price. However, the channels you get will vary between packages, so your choice will depend on your watching preferences.

Try Sling Freestream

Did you know Sling TV has a free version of its app? It just so happens to be hidden from plain view. It’s called Freestream, and it’s an ad-supported version with less content. It’s still a great way to enjoy some content without paying. Let’s show you how to access Sling TV Freestream without even creating an account.

This process is the same on both Android and iOS.

How to get Sling Tv Freestream:

Download the Sling TV Android app or iOS app.

This will open the app. You’re in!

How to get your Sling TV free trial How to get Sling TV for half off:

Go to the Sling TV homepage.

Pick your plan and add it to your cart.

Follow the instructions to pay for the plan.

Get Sling TV free trial with a virtual credit card

Do you ever forget to cancel your subscriptions before services charge the full-price monthly fee? It happens to me all the time. This is why there are services that offer temporary virtual cards. You can create and add funds to these cards or connect to your account. After you grab your free trial, you can cancel the virtual card to ensure you won’t get charged when the time comes.

Plenty of financial apps and banks offer virtual cards. A very popular service that offers virtual debit cards for this purpose is DoNotPay. Others include Revolut and Wise. Additionally, some banks like Citi, Capital One, and US Bank offer these services to their customers.


There is currently a three-day free trial for Sling TV. The website may specifically target you. We don’t know how Sling TV decides who to offer this to, but we’ve seen 1-month free trials show up from time to time, randomly.

Yes. Sling TV free trials only last for a pre-determined time. If you happen to get a trial period, you will be billed automatically after the agreed trial period ends.

It depends. If you’re using Sling TV Freestream, your content selection will be very limited. This service is also ad-supported. If you get the trial period, you can use the service you signed up for, without limitations, until the trial period ends.

Verizon used to give Verizon Wireless and internet customers a couple of months of Sling TV for free, back in 2023. This offer has since expired, and there seem to be no services, credit cards, or companies that offer Sling TV as an incentive to stay as a customer.

People are trying to fool the system all the time, and trying to get multiple free trials is definitely a common thing. Sling TV only offers free trials to new subscribers, so chances are it will not give you a second one. Standard methods for finding out if you’ve been a subscriber in the past include IP address tracking, credit card info, email, and more.

If you’re looking for an alternative, YouTube TV is the biggest competitor. Check out our Sling TV vs YouTube TV comparison to see which one is better for your needs.

How To Delete Woocommerce Plugin Completely? – Webnots

WooCommerce is one of the popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress site. The popularity comes due to the fact that Automattic the company behind WordPress is the same developer for WooCommerce. In addition, many popular themes offer WooCommerce as a bundled plugin with integrated theme function. We are using WooCommerce on our site from 2023. Here is why we decided to delete and the complete process of deleting WooCommerce from your WordPress site.

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Why to Delete WooCommerce?

Though popular, WooCommerce has many problems in terms of usability.

It slows down the site with too many scripts and options. Learn more on how to fix slow WooCommerce store with admin Ajax problem.

The plugin adds many custom fields in wp_postmeta table. If you see the table grows bigger, then WooCommerce is the culprit to blame (assuming if you are not using any other plugins that add meta data).

Surprisingly it is not easy to migrate the store to another site or subdomain or subdirectory.

It adds 20 SQL tables in the database, occupying much of DB storage.

The latest WooCommerce version includes the “Analytics” section. This will add more pressure on the server in addition to already heavy plugin.

It creates lot of transient and log files which you need to cleanup regularly.

The bigger problem in our case is the migration. We use 2K+ blog posts with 50+ WooCommerce products. With this situation, WooCommerce slows the site almost 1 second and occupy 50% of database size. In addition, we have to allow user registration only to accommodate WooCommerce customer registration. This is inappropriate for us to keep the plugin on the main site that affects 95% of other content. Therefore, we decided to move the store section to subdirectory.

Again, we get struck as the migration process is so complex that makes you frustrated.

How to Delete WooCommerce Plugin Completely?

Being said all the above facts, WooCommerce will add tons of backend stuff to your WordPress installation. You have to get rid all those stuffs to completely remove the plugin.

Cleanup WooCommerce data before deleting the plugin

Delete customer details from “Users” section of admin panel

Deactivate and delete the plugin from admin panel

Remove custom fields from wp_postmeta table

Delete database tables using phpMyAdmin

Check and delete files from backend

Let us explain each step in detail.

Quick Way

Before we explain the detailed way, there is a quick solution to get rid of WooCommerce data completely. Edit your chúng tôi file through FTP or File Manager and add the following line:

define(‘WC_REMOVE_ALL_DATA’, true);

Make sure to use straight quotation marks and add the code just above the /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */ line in the file. After that, deactivate and delete the plugin from your admin panel. Later, you can again go back and remove the above code from wp-config file. This will completely delete all WooCommerce data from your WordPress installation.

If you want to manually delete the plugin then follow the below instructions.

1. Cleanup WooCommerce Data

When you decided to delete the plugin, first delete all relevant data from the admin panel.

Cleanup WooCommerce Store

2. Delete Customer Details

When a user purchase a product through WooCommerce store, WordPress will create a user account with “Customer” as a role. You have to delete all customer users on the site after deleting the plugin.

3. Delete WooCommerce Plugin

Deleting the plugin will only remove the plugin files from your site. However, there are many integrations created by the plugin needs manual effort.

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4. Remove Custom Fields

WooCommerce uses hundreds of custom fields for different actions. WordPress will store all these custom fields as meta keys in wp_postmeta table that you need to delete manually. Ensure to delete ONLY WooCommerce custom fields to avoid affecting other functions on your site. Unfortunately, we could not find any custom field list for WooCommerce. Here are the meta keys we found in postmeta table we found on our database.

free_shipping_order_shipping_tax_crosssell_ids_shipping_country_shipping_postcode_completed_date_shipping_first_name_order_total_backorders_shipping_last_name_date_completed_order_shipping_tax_shipping_companyusage_limit_per_userusage_limit_shipping_address_1usage_countproduct_ids_shipping_address_2product_categoriesPayer last name_shipping_cityminimum_amountmaximum_amount_shipping_statelimit_usage_to_x_items_product_attributes_order_shipping_refund_amount_purchase_note_sku_product_image_gallery_sold_individually_upsell_idsindividual_usecustomer_email_customer_ip_address_customer_user_agent_customer_user_tax_status_tax_class_order_tax_prices_include_tax_cart_discount_tax_wc_rating_count_wc_average_rating_billing_country_billing_first_name_billing_last_name_billing_company_billing_address_1_billing_address_2_billing_city_billing_state_billing_postcode_billing_email_billing_phone_billing_country_order_version_order_currency_order_key_sale_price_dates_from_sale_price_dates_to_min_variation_price_max_variation_price_min_price_variation_id_max_price_variation_id_min_variation_regular_price_max_variation_regular_price_min_regular_price_variation_id_max_regular_price_variation_id_min_variation_sale_price_min_sale_price_variation_id_max_sale_price_variation_id_max_variation_sale_price_regular_price_sale_price_sale_price_dates_from_sale_price_dates_to_pricecoupon_amount_created_via_recorded_coupon_usage_counts_downloadable_download_limit_download_expiry_downloadable_files_cart_discount_cart_discount_tax_paid_date_payment_method_payment_method_titlePayment type_stock_status_manage_stocktotal_sales_recorded_salesis_vat_exemptPayer PayPal addressPayPal Transaction Fee_paypal_status_transaction_id

Follow the below instructions to delete them from your database.

Login to your hosting account and open cPanel.

Search and open phpMyAdmin app.

It will open the database of your site with all table details.

Go to “xx_postmeta” table where xx is the table prefix you used during WordPress installation process.

We recommend you to take the backup beforehand and browse the table for finding the available custom fields on your site.

You can use SQL query to first find the number of occurrences of any field before deleting.

For example, use the below query in the textbox under “SQL” tab to find the meta keys that contains “ship”.

SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE `meta_key` LIKE ‘%ship%’

Check Meta Keys from Post Meta Table

Once you confirm the selection, edit the query like below to delete them from your database.

DELETE FROM wp_postmeta WHERE `meta_key` LIKE ‘%ship%’

You can directly use the delete query, if you know the correct meta key value (custom field value).

5. Delete Database Tables

Unfortunately, deleting the plugin will not delete the database tables in the backend. When you are in phpMyAdmin section of cPanel, select the WooCommerce tables and delete them manually. Below are the table we found in the database:


Delete Table from Database

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6. Delete Files

The last step we believe is to delete the residual files created by WooCommerce plugin.

Final Words

Many users delete the plugin from the admin panel and assumes that is enough. Unfortunately, it is not and you have to manually remove all the traces. Leaving the residual database and file content will continue to impact the size and loading speed of your site.

Pdf Wiz – Completely Free Easy

PDFs are useful for cross-platform compatibility, but they can be a pain to work with. If you want to edit in Word or include a PDF in a Powerpoint presentation, you have to convert it or use special software.

There are plenty of tools and websites that can do the job for you, but they have wildly different results and are sometimes locked behind a payment wall.

It’s very hard to find a service that can convert all your PDF files for free while still maintaining a high quality. Thankfully, I recently put PDF WIZ through its paces and found that its performance was very impressive.

Note: This is a sponsored article and was made possible by StarzSoft. The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author who maintains editorial independence, even when a post is sponsored.

How Easy Is PDF WIZ to Use?

One of the best features of PDF WIZ is how easy it is to use. When I use online converters, they often have cluttered UIs and different options that may not work the way I want. Plus, who knows what’s going on in the back end — maybe the website is keeping tabs on everything I upload!

When I installed and booted PDF WIZ, I was pleased to see all of its features on one large, easy-to-scan page. Each section is divided up into subsections underneath, which allows for further refinement of what you want.

Converting PDFs to Other Files

How does PDF WIZ fare when converting a PDF file into another format? To test this, I went a little harsh on the program and put through a complicated PDF file to see how PDF WIZ handled it. If you want to try along at home, the file I used was the “2023 Forcepoint Cybersecurity Predictions Report”.

When I converted this PDF to Word using PDF WIZ, it did a good job of keeping up with the complicated design. There were some visual oddities, but these appeared to be limitations of Word rather than PDF WIZ itself.

Despite the weird visual problems, the actual text of the PDF file was totally readable. If you’re not worried about preserving the PDF’s design and want just the text, this converter works very well.

Things are more impressive with the Powerpoint conversion, as the program managed to replicate the PDF pretty spot-on. I wouldn’t feel bad about performing a presentation with it whatsoever!

Converting Word Documents into PDFs

For this, I downloaded a 1MB sample Word document which has a good amount of formatting and image usage. When I put it through the converter, it produced a PDF file that mirrored the Word document very well with only minor visual differences. As such, this makes PDF WIZ very useful for converting documents for a web-friendly PDF format.

PDF WIZ’s Other Functions

As well as conversions, PDF WIZ can perform other PDF-related functions. For example, you can split a PDF into separate documents per page, merge two documents together, extract every image from a PDF file into a folder, and compress a PDF down. These all worked very well, and I was impressed with the scope this software could achieve.

A True Wiz

Overall, PDF WIZ really knocked it out of the park for me. It was totally free without any additional things to buy, no premium modes, and no usage limits under a subscription model. It was very easy to use and the results were better than some of the larger PDF converter websites I’ve seen on the Internet.

Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.

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