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Regarding adopting cutting-edge technology, gaming has always been on the cutting edge. Casinos and sportsbooks have been eager to embrace new platforms and technology to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of online gambling.

Cryptocurrency gaming is no exception. New casinos and sportsbooks that take Bitcoin and other digital currencies have been popping up over the last several years. More and more games and features are being introduced at almost every Bitcoin casino all the time, making them better and better.

Nowadays, you don’t have to settle for a basic Crash game. Nowadays, a crypto casino’s experience matches that of a typical online casino. It’s also worth noting the emergence of Ethereum gambling. A few casinos and sportsbooks do accept the currency, despite it not being as widely recognized as Bitcoin in other locations.

It’s just a matter of time until the Metaverse becomes more widely accepted and ETH is used in gaming. And the numbers back it up, too: Crypto gaming is a multi-billion-dollar industry that is growing at a rapid pace.

Why Is Crypto Gambling a Long-Term Trend?

Gambling’s future will almost be constructed on top of the blockchain. It’s hard to see how conventional online gambling sites can compete for the long-term with the technology’s benefits, such as transparency, security, and decentralization.

There are, of course, still a few obstacles to be surmounted. Some people are still hesitant to use Bitcoin and Ethereum as a form of payment because of their volatility. But as technology progresses and more people become engaged, these problems will begin to disappear.

As time goes on, crypto gaming will only grow in popularity. It has a number of benefits, including:

Casinos with reduced operational expenses have smaller house edges and better RTPs. You’re getting more bang for your buck this way.

The transactions are streamlined and secured. Waiting days for your money to be withdrawn is unnecessary.

There is increased safety and protection. As long as you’re playing at a trustworthy casino, your personal and financial details are secure on the blockchain.

Governments can’t shut down crypto casinos, and the fact that the industry is decentralized means that the casinos might share their profits with their customers.

What’s in Store for Crypto Gambling in the Future?

The revolution in gambling is already here, thanks to blockchain technology. In the years to come, we believe the following trends will emerge:

Casinos in the Metaverse

Gamers are going to have a major influence on gambling in the Metaverse as the Metaverse rises. Casinos will then be able to provide a more realistic gaming experience by allowing players to design their own virtual worlds.

Imagine being able to stroll around a casino in virtual reality, meet other players, and compete against them in games. Playing poker and learning to control your poker face is another option. There is no limit to what can be achieved.

Non-Centralized Gambling

Since crypto gaming is decentralized, it has a lot of benefits over traditional gambling methods. All the money and game control are spread out among several different entities, not just one.

While this makes the company more resistant to government control, the prospect of sharing earnings with users also opens up. As far as we’re concerned, decentralized gaming is the future.

A Greater Degree of Control

On the other hand, the sector might potentially anticipate additional regulation. Governments will begin to take notice of crypto gaming as it grows more widespread. As a result, we expect that more nations will pass laws regulating cryptocurrency gaming.

As long as you don’t mind it, you’ll be fine. Regulated markets are more likely to be accepted by the general public. Regulated markets often lead to greater innovation and better goods for consumers, as we’ve seen with online gaming.

Gambling’s future is both fascinating and mysterious. Time will tell what the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency gaming will look like in a few decades.

Still, as casino enthusiasts, we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!

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How Digital Payment Technology Is Changing The Way Online Casinos Offer Bonuses

For instance, digital wallets can now be used to deposit funds into an online casino account and then activate certain promotional offers that would otherwise not be available through more traditional means. Similarly, cryptocurrency payments have also become increasingly popular in recent years due to their security and anonymity features. 

What are types of online casino bonuses?

Online casinos offer a variety of bonuses to attract new players and keep existing ones engaged. Bonuses can be classified as either non-sticky bonus or sticky bonus. Some of the most common types of online casino bonuses include welcome bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, loyalty programs, and referral bonuses. Welcome bonuses are usually offered as a percentage match on your first deposit up to a certain amount. No-deposit bonuses are free money offers that don’t require you to make any deposits in order to receive them. Reload bonuses are similar to welcome bonus offers but they’re given out when you make subsequent deposits after your initial one. Loyalty programs reward players for their continued play at an online casino by offering them points or other rewards based on how much they wager over time. Referral bonuses are given out when you refer friends or family members to an online casino and they sign up and make a real money deposit.

What types of digital payment technologies are most commonly used in online casinos?

Online casinos offer a wide range of digital payment technologies, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. Some of the most commonly used payment methods in online casinos are debit and credit cards. They are fast, secure, and widely accepted by most online gambling sites. E-wallets such as PayPal or Skrill are also popular among players due to their convenience and security features. Prepaid cards can be used for making deposits without revealing any personal information. Bank transfers are another reliable option for making payments at online casinos but they usually take longer than other methods. Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular among casino players due to its anonymity and low transaction fees.

What types of online casino bonuses are most affected by digital payment technology?

Digital payment technology has had a major impact on the types of online casino bonuses available. One of the most popular bonuses is the no-deposit bonus, which allows players to play without having to make a deposit. This type of bonus is becoming increasingly popular as digital payment methods become more secure and reliable. Other bonuses that are affected by digital payment technology include welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, loyalty programs, and cashback offers. 

When players make additional deposits into their accounts, they are given reload bonuses. Such bonuses can help them continue playing for longer periods of time. Loyalty programs reward players for their continued patronage with points or other rewards that can be redeemed for prizes or cashback offers. Cashback offers provide players with a percentage of their losses back in the form of real money or bonus funds. All these types of online casino bonuses have been greatly impacted by digital payment technology, making it easier than ever before for players to enjoy their favourite games from anywhere in the world.

How Technology Is Changing The Future Of Logistics

The evolution of technology is pushing the boundaries and changing how the world does business. Today, we’re accustomed to everything being online and right at our fingertips for immediate access.

Through Amazon, the pioneer of fast-paced delivery service, it’s possible to receive a package less than an hour after ordering, depending on where you live. Improved technology has also increased productivity in the supply chain, minimizing costs and errors.

How Technology is Changing the Future of Logistics Shipment Tracking Systems

Previously, customers booked shipments, received an estimated delivery date, and then were left in the dark, unless they decided to make a phone call.

Nowadays, web and software improvements enable customers access to transport and monitoring systems 24/7. Does this improve the user experience, but also saves money and time for your provider too. Shapiro provides Shapiro 360°, a dispatch monitoring system tailored to our clients that allows them to track and manage their own shipments.

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Internet of Things (IoT) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Can you presume years ago that you would have the ability to turn in your ceiling fan in the smartphone? These days, many devices are created out of built-in Wi-Fi capacities and detectors, from mobile phones and ceiling fans into automobiles. The simple accessibility to Wi-Fi as well as also the internet connects everyone to all, and that’s why it’s called Web of Things.

IoT is opening up many opportunities for its distribution chain, like reducing delays and costs by preventing risks. Sensors are constructed to cabs, freight ships, trains, etc., and link into an alert system or dispatcher that’s tracking and monitoring. These detectors procedure and transmit the data to the team who subsequently gains insight into concealed dangers and comprehension. Though IoT is not a totally new technology, it continues to affect the potential for logistics, enabling for a more precise in-transit visibility and shipping of products.

RFID technology, which has also been used for a couple of decades, is a favorite labor-saving way provider can monitor their stock. A label or detector is set on the merchandise and radio waves have been sent out.

The information is subsequently received and processed from the corporation. Comparable to RFID tags are barcodes, but the exceptional speed of data delivery and information processing systems of RFIDs is much more attractive to companies as well as the way technology is shifting.

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Autonomous Trucks and Drones

A universe where a pc pushes you from Point A to Point B or you get a bundle from a flying unmanned aerial car sounds just like something from a film, but this is where we are headed. Autonomous automobiles are already a fact with trucks perhaps not too much behind.

Embark and Uber have made long hauls employing autonomous trucks, with Tesla releasing a track that season. While it was not completely driverless, using a driver in the passenger seat to track the computer, it’s a massive step in these breakthrough technologies and has the capability to increase efficiency in the shipping procedure.

Amazon has declared the future of bundles being delivered directly to the doorstep by drones, known as Amazon Prime Air. Drones deliveries continue to be a couple of years out because of regulatory measures and related costs, however, the idea of not needing to sit during a predetermined time period waiting to get a bundle is really attractive.

Enhanced GPS Accuracy

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Social Media

Who does not check some kind of social networking platform daily? The ability of social networking is refining the logistics business and surgeries as a whole.

These programs are getting to be the easiest and most effective way for organizations to communicate with clients, conveying urgent info, business news, and client answers quickly. Based on Hootsuite, 59 percent of Americans that have social networking accounts agree that customer support through social networking has made it simpler to get queries and concerns solved.

To stay competitive and improve efficacy, keeping up with the most recent technology is essential. The logistics business is profiting immensely from the most recent technology and will continue to rise as more improvements are made. The discoveries in technology will continue to push the bounds for a long time to come.

Quality Online Casinos Redefined:leads The Way In New Zealand’s Online Gambling Scene

Discover Quality Online Casinos with 1080Facts Website

The 1080Facts website is a comprehensive online platform that specializes in offering exhaustive reviews and information on a wide range of gambling-related topics, including quality casinos. Established with the mission of becoming the go-to source for gambling enthusiasts, the website has gained a dedicated following and earned a solid reputation for its detailed coverage, expert analysis, and insightful recommendations tailored for both newcomers and seasoned gamblers. With a focus on various aspects of gambling, such as online casinos, sports betting, poker, and lottery, the 1080Facts website provides up-to-date information and guidance on responsible gambling practices, industry trends, legal updates, and the latest developments in gambling technology. The website chúng tôi also offers reviews and comparisons of the best online gambling platforms, examining factors such as game selection, bonuses, payment options, and customer support. By delivering a wealth of valuable content to its users, the 1080Facts website continues to establish itself as an authoritative and trustworthy resource within the gambling community.

How 1080Facts rate quality casinos

1080Facts experts, therefore, deal with each individual provider in depth. During the review, particular emphasis is placed on the quality criteria explained below.

Security and respectability at quality casinos according to 1080Facts

Security flaws in online casinos are an absolute no-go and players should definitely keep their hands off websites where there is even the slightest doubt that security is not 100% guaranteed at all levels. 1080Facts, therefore, pay close attention to the following points:

1. Independent regulation and licensing: All reputable online casinos are regulated by at least one national gambling regulator. Authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority or the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner guarantee that the casinos they license operate reputably and fairly.

2. Data encryption: Wherever deposits and withdrawals are made on the Internet, 100% reliable data encryption is of utmost importance. Reputable casinos therefore work with appropriate data protection companies, which provide their SSL encryption of 128 or 256 bits.

3. Player experience and customer complaints: While certificates and seals of approval shed light on one side of security standards, the personal experience of other players should not be underestimated. How a casino reacts to complaints and criticism reveals a lot about the respective provider. 1080Facts, therefore, looks at the opinions of other players as well as the problem-solving skills of the casinos.

Games and software at quality casinos according to 1080Facts

Every online casino impresses with its individual offer and a large number of games does not always mean that the game offer is really good. In our tests, we therefore also pay attention to which game providers produce the games. Also, all games should be equipped with fair payout ratios and odds.

1. Number and game selection: Of course, every player is happy about a particularly high number of casino games and casinos often use their gigantic game selection as a reason for their self-promotion. However, the sheer number of games does not say everything about their diversity. We therefore also look at how many different types of games there are.

2. Software from renowned manufacturers: In addition to the number of games, the quality of the games is also extremely important. Some developers in the industry such as Microgaming, NetEnt or Playtech have earned a good reputation in this regard over many years. When casinos cooperate with these and other qualified providers, you can look forward to guaranteed high-quality games.

3. Payout ratios of offered games: Playing in the casino should not only be fun but in the best case also bring monetary winnings. However, both online casinos and the various game developers set their very own payout ratios. The lower the house edge, the more money is paid out to the players.

4. Progressive Jackpots: Progressive jackpot pokies have become one of the most popular online gambling games because unlike in standard online slots or online roulette, millions are regularly possible as winnings. Games like Mega Moolah or Age of Gods are therefore the most sought-after by players.

Bonuses and promotions at quality casinos according to 1080Facts

1. Amount and fairness of the welcome bonus: The welcome bonus is usually the first thing that catches your eye on a gambling website. But when is $1,000 better than $100? We examine the bonus terms and conditions of every online casino down to the smallest detail to assess whether you actually benefit from a welcome bonus or not.

2. Offers for existing customers: A bonus offer upon new registration is always a nice extra, but long-term players should not miss out either. Online casinos that organize weekly or monthly special promotions, for example, score points with us, especially if the bonus conditions remain fair and realistic.

3. Loyalty points and VIP club: A common reward system for frequent players is a typical loyalty points system or a VIP club. Especially for high-rollers, it is a brilliant extra to be able to claim numerous extras by playing frequently at online casinos. But even as a beginner, you can definitely benefit from the best casinos.

Deposits and withdrawals at quality casinos according to 1080Facts

While online casinos can be a lot of fun, as a player you naturally want to take home winnings. For this, it is of great importance on which way you can deposit as well as withdraw real money. Here, too, security is of course at the top of the list. Here is everything we pay special attention to:

1. Selection of the most popular payment methods: Every single person uses individual payment methods in their everyday life. Not everyone has a credit card or account with various e-wallet providers. So the wider the choice in casino payment methods, the better for you as a customer, especially if the casino does not charge unnecessary fees for payments.

2. Deposit security: When you deposit money online, you naturally want to be quite sure that the amount will arrive where you want it to. Therefore, payments must definitely be encrypted and made through reputable payment institutions. Be sure to stick to reputable payment services to be doubly secured.

3.Choosing methods for withdrawing winnings: In most cases, for security reasons, winnings are only paid out via the method that was used to deposit. While one would like to have a lot of flexibility here as well, it is only good if double security is granted especially when it comes to payouts. However, bank transfers and credit card are always possible with good providers.

4. Speed and reliability of requested payouts: When you win money at the online casino, you naturally want to see your winnings in your own account as soon as possible. The best casinos will make every effort to process your withdrawal as quickly as possible. However, keep in mind that some providers allow themselves an additional pending period in which all payments are checked again.

Mobile gaming at quality casinos according to 1080Facts

More and more casino players prefer to play their favorite gambling games online via smartphones or other mobile devices. As our smartphones and co. are getting better and better, casinos and game developers naturally have to follow suit in their game quality. 1080Facts therefore pay particular attention to the following qualities:

1. Variety of availability of mobile games: The majority of smartphone users can be categorized as either Android users or iOS users. However, in addition to these two main operating systems, there are others that are popularly used, and online casinos should be available on every conceivable mobile device as best as possible to allow all players to participate. The game quality should be optimized for all operating systems.

2. Apps or mobile website: Also important is how exactly players can access the casino in question. It is best if there is both a website adapted to mobile devices and an app. Not all casinos currently offer apps, but more and more players want one for even faster access from their smartphones. At the very least, however, the casino offer should be available quickly and not take a long time to load.

Customer service at quality casinos according to 1080Facts

Good customer service is just as important in an online casino as it is in a real casino, and here too, the customer is king. Not only should you be able to get in touch with an employee within the shortest possible time, but he or she should be sufficiently trained and competent and, in turn, ensure the highest level of security.

1. Accessibility and competence: Of course, it is best if an online casino offers 24-hour customer service so that you never have to wait for help if you have urgent problems or questions. However, with very popular online casinos, a few minutes of waiting time is not uncommon and quite acceptable.

3. Data security: Not only when depositing and withdrawing, but in any communication you naturally want the best possible protection of their data. On the one hand, good customer service should therefore work with encryption, but on the other hand, it should also take sufficient measures to ensure that no one else receives information about your account.

4. Measures for player protection: Another indispensable topic that customer service must be able to deal with is the safety of players in terms of problem gambling behavior and gambling addiction. Not only should reputable casinos be able to recognize conspicuous gambling behavior, but in an emergency they should also be able to refer players to reputable offers of help.

As you can see, there are countless things you should pay attention to when choosing the perfect online casino for you. 1080Facts simplify the decision for you, because they regularly review online casinos that want to compete on the net. You can find the best casinos 1080Facts page as well as here on our info page about quality casinos.

Popular online casino games

In the following, we would like to briefly discuss the individual games. You can find more detailed information, rules and strategies for the individual games in our casino guide.

Blackjack: Defeat the dealer with your cards. The game is easy to learn and with the perfect strategy you can significantly increase your chances of winning. It might be worth taking a look at our Blackjack strategies page.

Roulette: Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games and not without reason: the game is easy to learn for beginners, but also offers all kinds of strategic possibilities for experts. So you won’t get bored with this table game anytime soon!

Baccarat: Baccarat is a rather less-known casino game. But don’t worry if you don’t know it yet! This game is also very easy to learn thanks to our Baccarat rules and thus offers a pleasant change to the well-known classics such as Blackjack or Roulette.

Poker: This popular card game is experiencing a boom both online and offline. The game can quickly seem overwhelming for beginners. To learn the rules of poker, however, there are helpful instructions on chúng tôi which offer support to newcomers.

Live casino: The term live casino covers all table games with a real croupier that are broadcast live online. In this category, you will find well-known table games such as blackjack or roulette, but also various game shows.

Pokies: The flashing pokie machines are an integral part of every casino and online casino. Whether ancient Egypt, deep sea or fruit pokie: with 1080Facts pokie finder you will surely find the perfect casino game in our large selection of pokies games!

Quality casinos on 1080Facts’s opinion

👑 Royal Vegas Casino – Huge selection of games and generous welcome bonus package

🌀 Spin Casino – Impressive game variety and a rewarding loyalty program

🌃 SkyCity Casino – A land-based casino experience online with great game offerings

🍀 Lucky Nugget Casino – Long-standing reputation and enticing bonuses for new players

🦁 LeoVegas Casino – Award-winning mobile casino with an extensive game library

🏰 Spin Palace Casino – Well-established brand with a focus on high-quality gaming experience

💎 Platinum Play Casino – Wide range of games and attractive promotions for players

🎉 All Slots Casino – Emphasis on slots, but also offers table games and live dealer options

🎮 Gaming Club Casino – One of the oldest online casinos with a solid reputation

🌌 Cosmo Casino – Offers a unique welcome bonus and access to popular progressive jackpot games

Royal Vegas Casino – Huge selection of games and generous welcome bonus package

The Royal Vegas Casino logo on the blue background already indicates that this casino is a provider where you can enjoy exciting game creations from top developers. Let’s explore the online casino more profoundly with the help of our Royal Vegas Casino experiences!


Casino provider licensed in New Zealand

Very clear site that is easy to navigate

Only established game developer names in the portfolio

Reliable customer service that you can contact on all possible channels

Fair bonus conditions

Game offer still expandable

Deposits limited to 1,000 NZD

No loyalty or VIP program

Royal Vegas Casino Bonus

As a new customer of the online casino, you will be welcomed quite warmly at Royal Vegas Casino. The first deposit is doubled up to a value of 50 NZD, and you can start your unforgettable gaming experience with $100.

But also regular players are not neglected according to our Royal Vegas Casino experiences with this provider. Up to 40 free spins beckon to them every Wednesday, whereby the exact number is linked to the amount of the stakes. The pokies machines for which the cash spins are valid change every week, so there is a lot of variety in the bonuses. Moreover, on Fridays and Sundays, regular players are rewarded with an additional 60 free spins for three of the casino classics.

A special feature of Royal Vegas Casino’s bonus offers is also the mobile bonus, which you get when you install the provider’s in-house app. This amounts to $20 after the mobile deposit.

Terms and conditions

As in any other online casino, Royal Vegas Casino’s bonus offers are also linked to certain terms and conditions. In order to provide you with unbiased Royal Vegas Casino experiences, we have studied them in detail. Here we have summarized everything you need to fulfill in order to benefit from the generous promotions:

To claim the 100% welcome bonus, you need to make a minimum deposit of $10.

The deposit bonus is valid for 30 days after it is credited. During this time, the bonus conditions must be met in order to withdraw bonus funds and winnings.

The bonus money must be wagered 35x.

When playing through, there are no restrictions regarding the games and the payment methods used.

The number of free spins on Wednesday depends on the sum of the stakes. From $25 wagered you get 20 and from $50 40 free spins credited. After receiving the free spins, you have only 3 days to make use of them. Otherwise, they will expire.

The free spins offer on Friday and Sunday is linked to a minimum deposit of $10 and a wager of at least $50. Here, too, the period is limited to only 3 days.

The validity of the mobile deposit bonus is significantly longer at 90 days. However, this mainly applies to sports betting, whereby only bets with a minimum odds of 1.9 are eligible here.

Royal Vegas Casino Games



Evolution Gaming

Red Tiger

Royal Vegas Casino’s games number around 3000 and you can filter by a specific game or game type using the search engine. The search engine on the website needs some work, but you can navigate easily without it, as the transparent categories make it easy to find your way around.

Spin Casino – Impressive game variety and a rewarding loyalty program Advantages

400% bonus

100% legal in New Zealand

Multiple payment methods available

Lower RTP values

Spin Casino is one of the best known and most popular online gambling sites in New Zealand.

Spin Casino Bonus

Spin Casino attracts with a pretty attractive welcome bonus, which is perfect for smaller budgets. After all, you really don’t see a 400% bonus in an online casino every day. However, the maximum bonus amount is a modest $40. So you can deposit $10 and play with $50. Thus, the casino bonus from Spin Casino gets the rating “small but nice” from us.

What we like better, however, is the fact that there are 30 free spins for Book of Dead on top. For a deposit of $10, this is a decent offer together with the bonus money, even if high rollers will not be satisfied with it.

The welcome bonus at Spin Casino is divided as follows: On the first deposit there’s: 400% up to 40 NZD + 30 free spins.

Spin Casino Free Spins

The free spins from the Spin Casino welcome bonus are given out in packages of 10 spins each on the 3 days following the deposit. You can use the spins for the hit slot Book of Dead.

Apart from the welcome package, you can expect some other benefits at Spin Casino. For example, raffles and tournaments are held regularly and all players of the site can participate in them.

A loyalty program is also offered at Spin Casino. You will be included in it when you make a bet at Spin Casino for the first time. After that, you earn points for every real-money wager and can exchange them for rewards at the end.

Spin Casino Games

Spin Casino’s game selection is somewhat limited. There are just under 200 titles available. However, you can find some great slots at Spin Casino, such as the classic Book of Dead or Sweet Bonanza. With developers like NetEnt and Big Time Gaming, the quality of the pokies is guaranteed.

SkyCity Casino – A land-based casino experience online with great game offerings Advantages

PayPal available

Over 2000+ casino games

Many live dealer game developers

With Crypto there is no minimum withdrawal limit

High turnover requirements

Few game providers

The casino is operated by SkyCity Entertainment Group and offers a variety of gaming options for players within New Zealand. In this review, we will provide an overview of the SkyCity Casino experience.

SkyCity Casino Bonus

As a new player at SkyCity Casino, you may be curious about the available bonuses. Although some casinos face high taxes and costs that limit their promotions, SkyCity Casino offers a generous welcome bonus to all new players. Currently, the bonus is a 100% match up to a maximum of NZD100. For a casino of this caliber, the bonus is quite competitive, even if some players might find it relatively small.

Other Advantages at SkyCity Casino

In addition to the welcome offer, SkyCity Casino provides several other benefits to its players. For instance, there is a reload bonus currently set at 66% up to NZD100, allowing you to earn bonus money on the site even after your initial deposit.

Furthermore, SkyCity Casino offers an annual birthday bonus to celebrate your special day.

SkyCity Casino Games

Although SkyCity Casino primarily focuses on slot machines, its gaming floor also includes various table and card games, as well as live dealer games. Unfortunately, jackpot slots are not currently available. When it comes to the selection of slots, SkyCity Casino offers hundreds of options spread across categories such as book-themed, Egyptian, and fruit pokies.

However, the list of game developers at SkyCity Casino is somewhat limited. You won’t find games from popular providers such as NetEnt, Play’n GO, or Microgaming. While there are some quality developers like Merkur and Pragmatic Play available, other casinos may offer a broader range of options.

Lucky Nugget Casino – Long-standing reputation and enticing bonuses for new players Advantages

200 FS Bonus

Many promotions

24/7 live chat

No match bonus

Few games

If you enjoy an exciting casino experience, Lucky Nugget Casino may be the perfect choice for you! This New Zealand-based casino offers a thrilling gaming environment, and today we’ll share our insights about it. Read on to find out if Lucky Nugget Casino meets your expectations and if there are any drawbacks.

Lucky Nugget Casino Bonus

For many players, the casino bonus is a crucial factor when choosing an online gaming site. While software and game selection are important, new players often look for a substantial bonus. Lucky Nugget Casino offers an attractive bonus for newcomers.

New players at Lucky Nugget Casino can claim a 200 free spins bonus. These spins are awarded in increments of 25 spins per day, starting on the day of deposit. Unfortunately, there is no match bonus available at the moment, but the casino may expand its offerings in the future. The welcome bonus at Lucky Nugget Casino is structured as follows: 200 free spins!

Lucky Nugget Casino Free Spins

Lucky Nugget Casino free spins are released over the first eight days after making a deposit, giving players the chance to enjoy some of the best video slots available. Each spin is valued at $0.10, and the free spins can be used on specific pokies, which you’ll find in your account when the offer is available. While the number of free spins is impressive and comparable to top online casinos, a match bonus is missing, which would provide bonus credits on your initial deposit.

Lucky Nugget Casino Games

At Lucky Nugget Casino, the game selection is somewhat limited, with just under 200 slot games available. These games are provided by the following developers:



Play’n GO

Pragmatic Play

Push Gaming

Table games, live dealer titles, and jackpot pokies are offered at Lucky Nugget Casino. Moreover, pokies enthusiasts will still find a solid selection of high-quality games to enjoy and have a great time playing.

LeoVegas Casino – Award-winning mobile casino with an extensive game library Advantages

Great welcome bonus

Extensive knowledge, reliability

Availability of multiple currencies

24 hour live chat support

No live casino

No jackpot pokies

LeoVegas Casino is a popular online gambling platform in New Zealand, offering a wide range of games and promotions to its players. Be prepared for an exciting gaming experience at LeoVegas Casino. In this review, we have thoroughly tested the casino and will share our findings with you.

LeoVegas Casino Bonus

Firstly, we examined the LeoVegas Casino bonus. New players are greeted with a welcome bonus that offers a 100% match up to NZD300 in bonus credits for their first deposit. Additionally, there are 100 free spins included, making this a very attractive bonus offer.

Here is the LeoVegas Casino welcome bonus at a glance:

First deposit: 100% bonus up to NZD300 and 100 free spins.

LeoVegas Casino Free Spins

The free spins from the LeoVegas Casino welcome bonus are distributed in packages of 10 spins each. You will receive the spins automatically in your account and can use them on specific slots on the site. The spins have a value between $0.10 and $0.25 each. It’s essential to activate the free spins within 24 hours; otherwise, they will expire.

LeoVegas Casino Games

While LeoVegas Casino has a limited selection of live casino games and jackpot slots, there is still a broad range of slot games available. The casino offers just under 500 games from various well-known providers, including:


Merkur Gaming

Play’n GO

Pragmatic Play

Push Gaming

Red Tiger Gaming

Synot Games

As you can see, despite the smaller selection of developers, there are still some big names represented. Overall, LeoVegas Casino’s collection of slot machines is impressive compared to most other online casinos and offers numerous high-quality games for players to enjoy.


Are Biometrics The Future Of Online Banking?

What Are The Incentives?

Some of the most secure banks right now use token-based authentication. You get a token that generates a special number which you use alongside your password to log in to your account. Sometimes, the token number is all you need. This makes it very difficult for thieves to get their hands on your funding, short of stealing the token device that is sitting (presumably) at home on your desk. Still, people who are close to you and have access to your home will be able to access your account without your consent.

Here’s where biometric authentication kicks in … It is meant to resolve two problems:

Other people can still use your token device, but they’re less likely to be able to reproduce your body. Your account is locked down by you, quite literally.

It’s inconvenient to have to scramble for a device that you can easily lose then type a different string of numbers every time you have to log in. Biometrics makes it easier for you to enter, but much more difficult for thieves.

So, we’re done, right? Not really…

The Issues Plaguing Biometric Authentication

While it’s relatively easy to put your finger on a device, it’s also easy to “scan” your fingerprint and reproduce it in a way that allows a stranger to impersonate you. See the video below for an example using the iPhone 5s.

While it’s easy to bypass fingerprinting, iris scanning may be more secure due to higher amounts of differentiation and a less reproducible medium for identification. However, it is cost-prohibitive and bulky. You can’t make such a thing mainstream just yet.

Ideally banks will be using a combination of fingerprints and passwords (if one is stolen, the other would still be required to enter an account). Using fingerprint recognition alone would eventually lead to predatory thieves that collect people’s fingerprints to steal funds.

Exploring Other Types of Biometrics

Here’s an idea: Why don’t we consider other things about the body that are unique and difficult to reproduce, yet allow for the same (or higher) level of convenience for the customer logging in? Nymi has a promising answer to this with its wristband, which uses your heart’s unique electrical pulses to verify your identity. If someone steals the wristband, there is still no way to reproduce the effect that would impersonate you. There would be no “print” left to imitate.

Voice recognition is also being looked at, which could sample several different aspects about your voice (up to and including your accent) and determine whether you are indeed you.

Miguel Leiva-Gomez

Miguel has been a business growth and technology expert for more than a decade and has written software for even longer. From his little castle in Romania, he presents cold and analytical perspectives to things that affect the tech world.

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Best New Bitcoin Gambling Sites 2023 – Compare Crypto Gambling Sites

Online gambling has indeed maintained a remarkable growth over the last few years. The report shows that the market size will reach $19.16 billion in 2027, up from $13 billion in 2023. This trend will continue, considering there are new Bitcoin gambling sites finding their way to the market.

Of course, New Bitcoin gambling sites have gained a lot of popularity because of the exciting benefits they offer. For example, they are anonymous, meaning you can gamble online without being noticed by people around you. New BTC gambling sites also provide you with competitive casino bonuses and the newest casino games in the industry.

Since there are many new Bitcoin gambling sites in the USA, we review the sites on your behalf and recommend the best to you. Our experts check key areas like promotions, safety, betting options, customer support, mobile gaming, and much more. Keep reading this guide and discover more about the best new Bitcoin gambling sites in the USA.

The Best New Bitcoin Gambling Sites in the US Ranked

Here we don’t recommend any new Bitcoin online gambling sites we come across. For a site to appear on our Bitcoin gambling sites list, it must pass our review criteria. Our review criteria involve checking key casino areas like available betting options, bonuses and promotions, mobile gaming, support, etc.

Here are our top 10 new Bitcoin Gambling sites we recommend you give a try in 2023.

Lucky Block – Best new Bitcoin gambling site in 2023

BC.Game –  Top new BTC gambling site

Cloudbet – Best new Bitcoin sportsbook

Punt Casino – Best new Bitcoin online casino in 2023

Mbit – Bitcoin casino with the best match bonuses and free spins

Wild Casino – New Bitcoin gambling site with the best Bitcoin deposit bonuses

chúng tôi – New Bitcoin gaming site with over 5000 crypto casino games

Bitslot – Best new Bitcoin casino with instant deposits and withdrawals

Ignition Casino – Best new gambling sites for betting on sports and poker

Xbet – The best new Bitcoin site for in-play betting

Café Casino – Best live casino games for USA players

Best New Bitcoin Gambling Sites in the USA Reviewed

As we mentioned earlier, we don’t recommend any BTC gambling sites we come across. Before we put a site on our list, we must review it to see whether it deserves your time and money. For example, we must first check the legal background, available betting options, promotions, support, etc.

Here are our top 5 new Bitcoin sites in the USA reviewed:

1. Lucky Block – Best new Bitcoin gambling site in 2023

Although this gambling site only recently launched at the end of 2023, Lucky Block has already become a leading Bitcoin online gambling site. Players can find all their favorite traditional casino games provided by top industry game developers, as well as an excellent live casino section with over 500 tables.

Lucky Block does not only offer a great casino experience, but also an expansive sportsbook with lots of eSports options. You can bet on nearly any sport or popular eSport available. This bitcoin gambling site is regulated and licensed by the Government of Curacao to operate gaming services.

Bonuses and Promotions

This online bitcoin gambling site offers something even better than a welcome bonus – 15% cashback for 7 days to all players. On top of that, Lucky Block also sends $10,000 in their own cryptocurrency LBlock to random accounts on their gambling site. They also offer high roller bonuses and VIP bonuses – all of them are without wagering requirements.

Betting Options

Lucky Block has the most established gambling selections out of all the best bitcoin gambling sites. They offer north of 5,000 casino games, over 35 sports and 15+ eSports to their players. The casino section consists of high quality games provided by top game developers in the industry. You can find about 4,000 slots, 200+ table games, 30 game shows, around 30 jackpot games and over 200 exclusive games.

Within this bitcoin gambling site’s sportsbooks section, you can find the most popular sports to wager at like American football, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Formula 1, Volleyball and many more.

You can also find the most usual eSport games to place your bitcoin bets at like CS:GO, Valorant, NBA 2k, League of Legends, Starcraft, Rainbow Six and a lot more. Lucky Block offers highly competitive odds from market leading odds providers like Betradar, Betgenius, Oddin and Digital Sports Tech.

Other Payment Options

This bitcoin online gambling site does not only accept Bitcoin, they also accept cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Tether and Cardano – all crypto payouts will be finalized within one hour. They also offer wire transfer, credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay. However, it may take up to 48 hours for the withdrawals to be finalized.

Mobile Gaming

If you’re looking for a bitcoin gambling site that doesn’t compromise on quality, no matter what platform you’re playing on, Lucky Block is the perfect choice. They have seamless compatibility between desktop and mobile devices so players can play anywhere and at any time.

Customer Support

Lucky Block offers excellent customer support that is available 24/7 via live chat and email. We tested the efficiency of their customer service against some of the most common problems you may encounter when playing on an online bitcoin gambling site – Lucky Blocks team performed admirably. Unfortunately, there is no phone number connected to this gambling site’s customer service.

Pros and Cons Pros:

Fast payouts

Great betting & casino options

15% cashback

Effective customer support

No wagering requirement


No telephone support

No welcome bonus

2. chúng tôi – Top New BTC Gambling Site

BC.Game is one of the best Bitcoin gambling sites that we highly recommend you sign up with. The casino went live in 2023 and operates with a gaming license granted by the Government of Curacao. Besides that, the casino provides you with more than 5000 gaming titles, including slots, table games, and live games.

BC.Game also has a sports betting section featuring over 25 sports across the world. In terms of bonuses and promotions, the casino is second to none. You can rest assured of getting crypto deposit bonuses on your first four deposits.

Bonuses and Promotions

BC.Game is second to none when it comes to offering bonuses and promotions to US players. Once you register a gaming account with this site, you will get crypto deposit bonuses on your first four deposits. The deposit bonuses waiting for you are as follows:

First deposit bonus – 180% match bonus up to 20,000BCD.

Second deposit bonus – 200% match bonus up to 40,000BCD.

Third deposit bonus – 220% match bonus up to 60,000BCD.

Fourth deposit bonus – 240% match bonus up to 100,000BCD.

Besides the first four crypto deposit bonuses, you can expect to receive regular offers as you keep playing.

Betting Options

BC.Game is close to the best when it comes to game selection. As a player here, you will explore over 5000 online casino games. You will immerse yourself in games like slots, table games, video poker, and live games.

The gambling site also has a sports betting section with over 25 sports. You can rest assured of betting on sports like Football, Golf, American Football, Tennis, Boxing, Baseball, Handball, Cricket, and more. And if you love in-lay betting, BTC gambling on the NFL, and Lotteries, chúng tôi has got you covered.

Other Payment Options

Bitcoin is not the only payment method available at BC.Game. You can also use other payment methods like Dogecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Tron, and Cardano. And don’t forget, these payment methods are safe, secure, and instant.

Mobile Gaming

BC.Game is designed with USA mobile players in mind. You can download native mobile apps and bet on sports or casino games while on the move. Alternatively, you can access the casino directly from your mobile browser and play games on the go. The compatible devices include Android, iOS, and Windows.

Customer Support

There is nothing that can stop you from gambling at BC.Game. The support team is available 24/7 and will address all your questions instantly via live chat. There is also an email support option you can use to ask technical questions. But if email and live chat is not your thing, you can find help in the FAQ section.

Pros and Cons Pros:

A wide range of payment options

Over 5000 crypto casino games

Fantastic VIP program

24/7 customer support

Instant deposits and withdrawals


No phone support

Small withdrawal fees

 3. Cloudbet – Best New Bitcoin Sportsbook in 2023

Cloudbet is one of the newest and most legit Bitcoin gambling sites we recommend you register with. The gambling site went live in 2013 and is one of the most generous Bitcoin gaming sites you will ever come across. As a new player here, you will get a 100% match welcome bonus on your first deposit.

Cloudbet is also home to hundreds of casino games powered by prominent game makers. From slots to jackpot games, table games, and live games, the casino has every casino game you could think of. Better still, the casino offers you sports that are available in both pre-match and in-play betting.

Bonuses and Promotions

Cloudbet is one of the most generous gaming sites in the USA. As a new patron, you will get a 100% match bonus of up to 5BTC on your first deposit. This is the welcome package, and you can trigger it by depositing 0.001BTC or more.

One thing you need to note is that the welcome bonus is released in increments of 0.001BTC. Additionally, the welcome bonus is only valid for 60 days from the date of activation. This means that you must earn bonus points and release the bonus within 60 days. If you don’t, the casino will forfeit your bonus.

Betting Options

Cloudbet has a casino and sports betting section. In the sports betting section, you will find over 25 popular sports, including Football, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, and Boxing. Moreover, the sports are available for both pre-match and in-play betting.

On the other hand, the casino section features hundreds of games from established game developers. You will find the games in the categories of table games, slots, jackpot games, and live games. The game providers in partnership with the casino include ELK, Nucleus Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Spinomenal, etc.

Other Payment Options

Cloudbet is a crypto gambling site. In other words, the gambling site supports cryptocurrencies only. On top of Bitcoin, you can use other options such as Tether, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, MoonPay, and Chainlink.

The above banking methods are SLL encrypted, meaning you can rest assured of making safe deposits and withdrawals. Besides, they allow you to make instant deposits. Withdrawals are also instant after processing.

Mobile Gaming

Currently, Cloudbet doesn’t provide US players with downloadable mobile apps. However, the website is optimized for Android and iOS mobile usage. With this, you can bet on your favorite sports and wager on online casino games in the palm of your hand.

Customer Support

Cloudbet Casino’s customer support team is available around the clock. So, if you have any gaming questions, you can get them solved at any time of day and night. For urgent gaming questions, we recommend you use live chat as it is instant.

In case the issue at hand is technical, you can email the support team. You can also get in touch with support representatives on Facebook and Twitter. And remember, the agents are friendly and helpful, so there is nothing to worry about.

Pros and Cons Pros:

Over 20 sports

Impressive welcome Bonus –Up to 5BTC

Live betting available

24/7 customer support service


There is no phone support

No native app for Android and iOS

4. Punt Casino – Best New Bitcoin Online Casino in 2023

Punt Casino launched in 2023 and operates under Effice Group N.V, a gaming company licensed by the Government of Curacao. Besides that, the casino provides you with over 1000 games from well-known software developers. Whether you love new Bitcoin slots, video poker, or table games, they are here.

Punt Casino is also generous to new and existing casino players. As a new player, you will kick off your gaming journey with a whopping 6BTC+$25 free chip. In terms of mobile gaming, security, and customer support, the casino is second to none.

Bonuses and Promotions

Punt Casino provides you with crypto deposit bonuses on your first three deposits. Altogether, you will get 6BTC+$25 free chip. To claim the first deposit bonus, you must make a minimum qualifying deposit of $10 or more. On the other end, you must deposit at least $20 to claim second and third deposit bonuses.

First deposit bonus – 125% match bonus up to 3BTC+$25 free chip. Use code

Second deposit bonus – 75% match bonus up to 1BTC. Use code

Third deposit bonus – 75% match bonus up to 2BTC. Use code

Betting Options

If you are looking for Bitcoin gambling sites with slots, look no further than Punt Casino. Here at Punt Casino, you can play over 1000 slot games from providers like BetSoft, Reevo, KA Gaming, Tom Horn, Dragon Gaming, etc. And if you love card games, the casino has table games and video poker for you.

Other Payment Options

Punt Casino supports crypto payment methods only. In addition to Bitcoin, you can use other payment methods like Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. These payment methods are safe, secure, and fast.

With the available cryptocurrencies, you can make a minimum deposit of $9 per transaction. On the other end, the minimum you can withdraw per transaction is $100. And don’t forget, depositing and withdrawing money is completely free.

Mobile Gaming

Punt Casino gives you a chance to enjoy playing casino games from wherever you are. Besides playing on desktop computers, you can play on both Android and iOS devices. Plus, you don’t have to download any mobile apps in order to play on these handheld gadgets.

Customer Support

Punt Casino’s customer support team is within your reach 24/7. So, if you face any hitches, you can get them solved at any time. For urgent queries, you can use the live chat, which is instant. You can also use the email support option for all technical issues.

Pros and Cons Pros:

Impressive deposit bonuses for new players

Transactions encrypted using 256-bit SSL technology

24/7 customer support

Over 1000 casino games

No deposit and withdrawal fees


No Android and iOS apps

No phone support

5. Mbit – Bitcoin Casino with the Best Match Bonuses and Free Spins

Mbit is one of the new Bitcoin gambling sites with the best match bonuses and free spins for US players. The casino made its online debut in 2014 and operates under Dama N.V, an online gaming company licensed by the Government of Curacao. As a player here, you will enjoy playing over 2000 Bitcoin casino games, including slots, table games, and live games.

The casino also provides you with lucrative offers, including a welcome bonus of up to 4BTC+300 free spins. And if you love mobile gaming, Mbit is your perfect gambling destination.

Bonuses and Promotions

Mbit Casino doesn’t want you to have issues with wagering bankroll when you sign-up. The moment you register a new gaming account, you will get a welcome offer of up to 4BTC+300 free spins. The casino will split the welcome offer across your first three deposits. And to claim each of them, you only need to deposit at least 0.002BTC or 2mBTC.

First deposit bonus – 75% match bonus up to 1BTC+75 free spins.

Second deposit bonus – 100% match bonus up to 1.5BTC+100 free spins.

Third deposit bonus – 125% match bonus up to 1.5BTC+125 free spins.

As an existing player, you can rest assured of receiving Bitcoin reload bonuses, free spins, and VIP rewards.

Betting Options

Mbit Casino has a rich gaming library. In particular, the library houses over 2000 Bitcoin casino games, including online slots, video poker, table games, dice, live games, and keno. The games are from prominent game suppliers such as Evolution Gaming, Amatic, Habanero, Microgaming, and Play N Go.

Other Payment Options

The only deposit and withdrawal methods you will find at Mbit Casino are cryptocurrencies. Apart from Bitcoin, you can use other payment options like USDT, XRP, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. These payment options are free of charge, and you can use them to make instant deposits and withdrawals.

Mobile Gaming

Mbit Casino is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Therefore, you can play slots, table games, and live casino games on your mobile devices. Moreover, you can play on mobile devices without installing any mobile apps.

Customer Support

In terms of customer support service, Mbit Casino doesn’t disappoint. You can ask all gaming questions you have 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The support options you can use include live chat and email. There is also a help center with an extensive FAQ section.

Pros and Cons Pros:

Generous match bonuses and free spins for new players

Over 2000 Bitcoin casino games

Instant payouts

24/7 customer support service


No native mobile apps

No phone support

6. Wild Casino – New Bitcoin Gambling Site with the Best Bitcoin Deposit Bonuses

Wild Casino went live in 2023 and is one of the best new Bitcoin gambling sites in the USA. Besides that, the casino is operated by chúng tôi an online gambling company licensed by the Panama Gaming Commission. As a player here, you have a chance to play over 400 real money casino games, including table games, video poker, slots, and live games.

Wild casino also provides you with some of the best crypto deposit bonuses in the USA. When you make your first five deposits using cryptocurrencies, you will get deposit bonuses of up to $9,000. And remember, you will get numerous promos as you keep playing.

Bonuses and Promotions

Wild Casino bonuses and promotions are second to none. As a new casino player, you will get a whopping $9,000 in deposit bonuses. The deposit bonuses are available on the first five-ever deposits made using cryptocurrencies. They include:

First deposit bonus – 300% match bonus up to $3,000.

Second deposit bonus – 150% match bonus up to $1500.

Third deposit bonus – 150% match bonus up to $1500.

Fourth deposit bonus – 150% match bonus up to $1500.

Fifth deposit bonus – 150% match bonus up to $1500.

When making the first deposit, you need to use promo code CRYPTO300. On the other side, you need to use promo code CRYPTO150 when making second-fifth deposits.

Betting Options

Wild Casino has an online casino section only. Plus, the section has over 400 games in the categories of roulette, slots, video poker, live games, and specialty games. And if you love BTC gambling on blackjack, Wild Casino has got what you need. The providers of these online casino games include big names like Rival Gaming and BetSoft.

Other Payment Options

Wild Casino provides you with both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Apart from Bitcoin, you can choose from other options like Dogecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Litecoin, Tether, and Tron. On the other hand, the fiat currencies you can use include Discover, American Express, Bank Wire Transfer, and Mastercard.

Mobile Gaming

Wild Casino is mobile-optimized. To this end, you can play slots, video poker, table games, and live games on Android and iOS devices. Moreover, you can play directly from your mobile browsers without installing any apps.

Customer Support

Wild Casino’s customer support representatives are available 24/7. Aside from that, they are friendly, experienced, and helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach the representatives via live chat and email.

Pros and Cons Pros:

Generous crypto deposit bonuses

A wide variety of payment methods

Casino optimized for mobile usage

24/7 customer support

Instant payouts


No sports betting section

No phone support

New Bitcoin Gambling Sites Comparison

Bitcoin gambling sites in the USA are different in terms of what they offer. For example, some have sports betting while others don’t. Also, some new Bitcoin gaming sites have mobile gaming apps, poker rooms, and lotteries, while others don’t.

Here is the table showing you how our top 10 new Bitcoin gambling sites compare:

Choosing the Best New Bitcoin Gambling Site

With so many New Bitcoin gambling sites out there, choosing the best ones can be an uphill task. But that should not bother you anymore; we have done the research for you. Our experts take a closer look at key casino aspects before recommending any new Bitcoin casino to you:

Here are the criteria we use when choosing the best new BTC gambling sites:

Licensing and regulations – We want you to enjoy playing casino games and betting on sports in a safe and secure gaming environment. For that reason, we check whether our New Bitcoin gambling sites are licensed or not. Specifically, we check licenses from well-known authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao, UK Gambling Commission, etc.

Bonuses and Promotions – Here, we don’t recommend new Bitcoin gaming sites that don’t offer you generous bonuses and promotions. Our experts only approve top Bitcoin gambling sites that offer you incentives like welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback bonuses, etc.

Safety and security – The safety of your money and personal data are important. To this end, we check security protocols like 128-bit SSL and 255-bit SSL before recommending any sites to you.

Betting options – We only recommend new Bitcoin sites that offer you a variety of betting options. For instance, we recommend gambling sites that offer you BTC casino games, sports, poker, and lotteries.

Mobile gaming – A new BTC gaming website that is mobile responsive is a plus. When choosing our gambling sites, we check whether you can play on Android and iOS devices.

Customer support – We also don’t overlook the customer support service that you will receive at new Bitcoin casino sites. Precisely, we check the available support options and whether you will get 24/7 customer support or not.

The Benefits of Using Bitcoin to Gamble Online

New Bitcoin gambling sites are indeed the real deal for modern casino players. These gambling sites offer you benefits you wouldn’t enjoy at conventional gaming sites. When you join the best BTC gambling sites USA, you will enjoy benefits like:

Bitcoin deposit bonuses – Most new Bitcoin gambling websites will give you bonuses when you deposit using Bitcoin. This is not the case with traditional payment methods.

Security – When you store your Bitcoin in the right crypto wallet, you will never lose money to hackers if you use the largest crypto wallets. Some traditional methods, like e-wallets, can be hacked easily.

Privacy – If you like privacy, you should probably check a new casino that accepts Bitcoin. With Bitcoin, you can play without disclosing your personal details.

Instant deposits and withdrawals – Bitcoin allows you to fund your gaming account and withdraw winnings instantly. With traditional payment methods like credit cards, you have to wait for up to 5 days to get your winnings.

Bitcoin Bonuses New Gambling Sites Offer in the US

If you are on the hunt for new Bitcoin Gambling sites with bonus offers for new players, look no further. Our list features new USA gambling sites that provide you with generous Bitcoin deposit bonuses when you sign-up. Some of the welcome offers you can expect are as follows:

Match bonuses – This is the main deposit welcome bonus you will receive from our new USA Bitcoin gaming sites. For example, Game, which is one of our top new Bitcoin sites, provides you with match bonuses of up to 240% on your first four deposits.

Free spins – Our new Bitcoin gambling websites also offer you free spins when you deposit using Bitcoin. For instance, chúng tôi provides you with up to 300 free spins with no wagering requirements.

Reload bonuses – Bitcoin deposit bonuses are not limited to the first deposit only. You can also expect Bitcoin deposit bonuses as you make more deposits. For example, Wild Casino provides you Bitcoin deposit bonuses on second, third, fourth, and fifth deposits.

New Bitcoin Slots Casino Sites in the USA

If you are looking for new Bitcoin Gambling sites with slots in the USA, we have got you covered. All new online Bitcoin gambling sites we have listed on this page provide you with a variety of slot machines. They provide you with slot machines like progressive jackpot slots, video slots, classic slots, themed slots, etc.

Here are the top 6 new online Bitcoin gambling sites you can join and play BTC slots.

Lucky Block – Lucky Block offers over 4,000 BTC slots to their players from market leading slot developers.

Game – BC.Game houses over 4000 BTC slots. You can play popular BTC slots like Wild Cash, Dragons Fire, Gold Party, Super Joker, Tree of Riches, etc.

io – also provides you with over 4000 online slots. You can play top titles like Book of Dead, Mega Moolah, Hand of Anubis, Gates of Olympus, Starburst, and more.

Wild Casino – When you join Wild Casino, you will play over 370 online slots. Your gaming options include Trinity Reels, Winds of Wealth, Four Mighty Beasts, Captain Quest, etc.

Mbit Casino – Mbit Casino hosts over 5000 BTC online slots. Whether you like Cash Pig, Book of Light, Winds of Wealth, or Lavish Joker, they are all here.

Punt Casino – Punt Casino has some of the best BTC online slots in the US. The best real money slots worth your time include Black Gold, Alchemy Book, Animal Zodiac, Bubble Dreams, and many more.

New Bitcoin Betting Sites in the USA

Our new BTC gambling sites in the USA also offer you sports betting. Plus, they cover all sports in the world as well as betting markets. The best new BTC sports betting sites worth your time and money include:

Lucky Block – Here, you can find the most extensive bitcoin betting site – with over 30 fan favorite sports and 15+ eSports with highly competitive odds.

Game – When you join BC.Game, you will get a chance to bet on over 25 sports, including American Football, Handball, Horse Racing, Tennis, and many more.

Cloudbet – Cloudbet has over 25 sports that are available for both pre-match and live betting. Whether you like Baseball, American Football, Soccer, Basketball, or Football, they are all here.

io – Winz Casino also has a sports betting section featuring sports like Tennis, Football, Basketball, Gold, Boxing, and others.

Xbet – Xbet is home to sports like Motorsports, Cycling, Darts, Cricket, MMA, and Football. These sports have some of the highest odds on the market.

Ignition Casino – Ignition has a sports betting section, especially for players who love BTC gambling on the NFL. The sports you can bet on include Football, American Football, Soccer, Baseball, Handball, etc.

New Bitcoin Online Poker Sites in the USA

Some of our new Bitcoin gaming sites in the USA also have online poker rooms. To this end, you can play your favorite poker games without visiting any brick-and-mortar casino. Our new Bitcoin online poker sites also provide you with the most popular poker variants in the industry.

Here are some of the best new online poker sites you can join:

Ignition Casino – Ignition Casino has an online poker room featuring poker games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, No Limit Texas Hold’em, etc. The casino also has fantastic poker tournaments such as Knockout Tournaments.

Do New Bitcoin Gambling Operators Offer Mobile Apps?

New Bitcoin gambling gaming sites like the ones we recommend have mobile gaming apps. So, if you are sick of playing on desktop computers, you can install the apps and play on Android and iOS devices. And remember, the apps have features similar to the ones on the desktop version.

Here are the top new Bitcoin mobile gambling apps you can try out:

Lucky Block – This bitcoin gambling operator does not offer a downloadable app, however they do offer an unmatched mobile experience from their website.

Game – BC.Game has downloadable mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. With these apps, you can play casino games, sports, and lotteries on the go.

Ignition Casino – Ignition casino’s mobile apps are also available for Android and iOS devices. Besides that, the two apps allow you to play online poker, bet on sports, and wager on online casino games.

Xbet – Xbet mobile gaming apps work on handheld devices such as Android and iOS. Once you install the apps, you can play lotteries, casino games, and sports while on the move.

How to Buy Bitcoin and Deposit at a Bitcoin Gambling Site

Buying and making deposits with bitcoin at new Bitcoin gaming sites is simple and quick. You only need to download a crypto wallet and create a gaming account. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do it in minutes:

1. Create a crypto wallet – This is the step where you download your preferred wallet where you will store your Bitcoin.

2. Convert your funds – Since you have your crypto wallet ready, you can transfer funds and convert them to Bitcoin.

3. Create a gambling account – Choose a new Bitcoin gambling site from our list and create a gambling account.

4. Make deposits – After creating a gambling account, head to the cashier, choose Bitcoin as the payment method and enter the amount. You will also go to your Bitcoin wallet and confirm the transaction.

Is Online Gambling with Bitcoin Legal in the US?

Playing at new Bitcoin casinos in the US is legal and legit. However, it depends on the state you come from. Some states have legalized online gambling with Bitcoin, while others have not. To this end, you need to check what the laws state before you register with new Bitcoin gaming sites.

You also need to check whether new offshore Bitcoin gaming sites are licensed or not. Be sure to check licenses from authorities like MGA, Curacao, UKGC, etc.

The Best New Bitcoin Gambling Site in the US

From our reviews, we can say that Lucky Block is the best new Bitcoin gambling site in the US. The site has a great bonus system in place where everyone gets a 15% cashback for 7 days, and random players will receive $10,000 airdrops in LBlock cryptocurrency. They also offer countless VIP & High roller bonuses. All bonuses are free from wagering requirements.

Lucky Block also stands out with a wide variety of betting options. Whether you like sports, casino games, or lotteries, you will get them here. And don’t forget, the gambling site is mobile-friendly, and you can reach the customer support team 24/7. However, for players in the US you may need a VPN to access their bitcoin gambling site.

Frequently Asked Questions Are new Bitcoin gambling websites legal and legit in the US?

Yes, the new Bitcoin sites that we recommend are licensed and regulated by world-class authorities.

What Bitcoin deposit bonuses can I expect to get?

You can rest assured of getting Bitcoin deposit bonuses like Match bonuses, free spins, and reload bonuses.

Is Bitcoin a safe payment method?

Yes, Bitcoin is encrypted using the latest SSL security protocols.

What Bitcoin casino games can I play at new Bitcoin gaming sites?

You can play BTC games like slots, video poker, table games, jackpots, and live games.

Are Bitcoin withdrawals instant?

Update the detailed information about How Is Crypto Gambling Changing The Future Of Online Casinos? on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!