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What is pay later?

Pay later is a recent trend. It gained a lot of popularity during the pandemic. Pay later is also called buy now pay later (BNPL). It is a short time loan to buy an item, receive it immediately, but pay for it over time, in installments, after an upfront payment. The system usually involves fixed payment plans with no interest. This can be a helpful option for many users who may suffer from some temporary financial difficulty. A number of companies, such as Affirm, Klarna, and PayPal, offer this at participating physical and online retailers.

How Apple Pay Later works

Apple Pay Later enables users to finance purchases up to $1000 by breaking the purchase amount into four equal payments over a six-week period. The first payment is due at the time of the transaction. After that, the rest is due every two weeks. This means that the purchase is paid for over 6 weeks. It can be used for purchases between $50 and $1000. To sum it up, Apple Pay Later is a short-term, interest-free loan offered by Apple Financing to Apple Pay users.

Is this different from Apple Card monthly installments?

They are different:

You can use the Apple Card monthly installments only for select Apple products. Apple Pay Later is not limited to Apple Products.

Apple Card installment plans can range from six months to twenty-four months. This depends on the product.

You pay no interest.

Installment payments are paid with your Apple Card, while Apple Pay Later needs to be paid by a debit card added to Apple Pay in the Wallet app.

What you need to use Apple Pay Later

The following conditions are required to be met:

You need to be at least 18 years old.

You must be a US citizen or lawful resident.

Apple Pay needs to be set up with a debit card. As I stated above, payments must be made with a debit card, not a credit card.

You are required to be using two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, as you probably are already.

You will need an iPhone or iPad with the latest version of iOS or iPadOS.

How to use

First, you will need to set it up. It will be available for all users soon. To set it up, follow these steps:

Set up

Tap the add (+) button located at the top-right corner of the screen.

Tap Set up Apple Pay Later. Then follow the onscreen instructions. You will be asked to enter the loan details. When you are done, Agree & Apply.

You will then be asked to review the payment plan. Then tap Add to Wallet.

You have 30 days to use this loan if you are approved.

Use later at checkouts

After you set it up, you can also apply for a loan during checkouts. Here is how:

At checkout, select the Pay Later tab instead of the Pay In Full tab.

Review the payment details, tap Continue and follow the onscreen instructions.

Other important details

Applying for this loan won’t impact your credit score, but if you do not pay or if your payment is delayed, your credit score may be affected.

There are no fees involved unless your debit card bank charges some fees.

If your loan does not get approved, you can lower the amount you are asking for and try again. If you are rejected, your credit score will not be affected.

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How To Use Variable Pay In Your Small Business

What is variable pay?

Variable pay comprises extra wages that you pay to sales employees when they hit certain performance marks or make more sales. For example, if your sales agents earn a certain amount of extra pay every time they make a sale, these additional wages are variable pay. 

The word “variable” reflects the fact that sales employees rarely, if ever, earn the same amount of this pay per payroll cycle. Conversely, base salaries are constant and don’t vary between pay cycles. Together, an employee’s base salary and variable pay are known as the employee’s pay mix.

Key Takeaway

Variable pay is the extra money your sales agents earn atop their base salaries for hitting certain performance marks.

What are the different types of variable pay?

Variable pay falls into three categories: commissions, bonuses and management by objectives (MBOs).

Editor’s note: Looking for the right payroll service for your business? Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you about your needs.

How do you implement a compensation plan?

Once you know whether a commission, bonus or MBO variable pay plan best suits your small business, you’ll need to go about implementing it. Doing so is typically an easy process, but it requires some tact and care to set up equitably. There are three key things you should keep in mind as you implement your plan.

1. Tie incentives to what your sales agents can control.

Let’s say your sales team interacts directly with customers. In that case, a commission structure might be easy to set up: You’ll just multiply each agent’s total sales by your commission rate. 

However, let’s say your team mostly makes business-to-business (B2B) sales, but your company also makes business-to-consumer (B2C) sales that mostly result from effective storefront placements. In that case, tying commissions to consumer purchases may fail to incentivize your team. Instead, tie your commissions to the B2B service of selling B2C products in bulk to retailers for resale. This way, you give your sales team a fair shot at earning variable pay.

2. Offer variable pay based on employee (not team) performance.

A team that performs poorly might have one or two star players. You should reward these agents with variable pay of their own instead of tying their commissions and bonuses to the team’s performance. 

3. Give employees with more direct sales influence greater variable pay.

Let’s say your sales team consists of employees who each handle one of the following: lead generation, early calls with prospects and deal closing. Each of these parts of the sales cycle has a different influence on the sale. Lead generation is less directly tied to sales than early calls, which in turn have less impact than closing conversations. Each of these roles should be tied to variable pay that reflects these distinctions.

For example, let’s say a $10,000 sale involved three people. One person generated the lead, one person initially reached out and one account executive ultimately sealed the deal. You could pay each of these people 1%, 2% and 3% commissions, respectively. That rate comes to $100, $200, and $300, or $600 total. That’s less than the $900 that would come from paying all three people 3% commissions.

4. Use payroll software. 

The more sales your team makes, the harder it can be to track sales and commissions for each employee. Payroll software can minimize these errors while streamlining your commission calculations and payments. 


Visit our reviews of the best payroll software to learn how these systems allow you to incorporate commission into paychecks. Read about how QuickBooks stacks up against Gusto Payroll.

Nvidia Reflex Low Latency: What Is It & How To Use It

NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: What Is It & How to Use It Boost your game’s performance with this handy tool from Nvidia




NVIDIA Reflex is a frankly underrated app that can boost the performance of a select few games.

It even has the added benefit of lower latency resulting in games that perform much better than without it.

To enable it, all you have to do is go into a game’s settings and turn it on.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

NVIDIA Reflex, also known as NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency, allows GeForce GPUs to optimize PC games, such as lowering latency for smoother gameplay.

The Reflex app is available through NVIDIA’s developer website, and it can a little complicated to use. It’s meant more for developers and not the everyday gamer. But with some instructions, anybody can use it.

What are the benefits of having low latency in video games?

Before going into how the Reflex app works, it’s important to explain why low latency is a good thing. This term is thrown around a lot among PC gamers, but you may not know what it means:

It increases the polling rate on your mouse and keyboard – The polling rate is how fast a mouse and keyboard communicate with the computer. The higher the rate, the faster the accessories are.

Low latency reduces the chance of a connection loss or delay – A connection loss or delay can ruin a game and result in a loss. That’s why it’s important to maintain a consistent connection.

High performance means there’s a chance to experience lag – Like connection losses, lag can ruin a game. You may also have to adjust your PC to get rid of annoying lag.

For the purposes of this guide, we’re going to use the game Naraka: Bladepoint, as it’s one of the few titles that work with NVIDIA Reflex. The full list of compatible games is available on NVIDIA’s website.

How can I use NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency?

The first thing you should do is go to NVIDIA’s developer website and download Reflex. Then you install it. Be aware that the app isn’t perfect. Some players have experienced issues:

Some games may feel choppy, meaning they’re not running as smoothly as they should. If you experience this, you’ll have to disable the Reflex app.

The app and game may be incompatible with the hardware. If your CPU and GPU can’t keep up, there will be a bottlenecking issue which also results in bad performance.

You also need to ensure the app is properly configured to the GPU. Otherwise, low latency mode will increase the latency.

Before enabling NVIDIA Reflex, updating your computer’s drivers is the first thing you should do.

As an alternative to the manual process, we recommend you try a specialized software that will proceed with this procedure automatically.

Sometimes, malfunctioning drivers can cause multiple system errors.

If this happens to your PC, you may need to update or reinstall certain drivers entirely. As the process is not quite straightforward, we recommend using a reliable driver updater for the job. Here’s how to do it:

Download and install Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch the software.

Wait for the app to detect all faulty drivers.

Now, it will show you all the malfunctioning drivers listed to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Secure your Windows PC with Outbyte from various errors caused by problematic drivers.

Free trial Download now

Disclaimer: this program needs to be upgraded from the free version in order to perform some specific actions.

2. Enable NVIDIA Reflex

According to NVIDIA, this is all you have to do to enable and use Reflex on games. To configure it, you’ll have to use GeForce Experience mid-game.

3. Configure via GeForce Experience 4. Turn on Low Latency Mode How can I improve my computer’s gaming performance?

If you want to take your computer’s performance to the next level, there are two main ways to go about it. You can turn on Windows Game Mode to get more out of your Windows 11 machine.

That said, the feature has been known to be a resource hog, so you should learn how to turn it off. It’s not too hard, but navigating a Windows 10 Settings menu can be tricky.

You can also use overclocking software to push your computer past its limits. However, overclocking for too long can cause long-term computer damage.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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Data Automation In 2023: What It Is & Why You Need It

What is data automation? 

Data automation refers to optimizing data uploading and delivery procedures using automation tools that eliminate manual work. The traditional practice required manual labor from the IT department to manage and administer data updates on open data portals. Sometimes the responsibility would fall on the employees in different departments that had to handle the data while carrying on their other duties. The manual process is time-consuming and labor-intensive for enterprises. In addition, manual handling of data is error-prone and can affect strategic business insights derived from the data. Hence, data automation is a vital tool for any enterprise looking to upgrade its data integration to a more efficient level.

Do you need data automation in your business?

There are four clues to look for when deciding if you need to automate data automation in your business:

What are the approaches to data automation?

ETL is one of the most common data engineering approaches used by data professionals. According to the procedure, the data automation process includes three steps based on the function of the used tools. These three stages are commonly known by the abbreviation of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load). These stages include:

Roadmap to Data Automation 

Identify problems: Determine where the repetition occurs and prioritize the data sets based on their added value. It is significant to prioritize the datasets that create the most value for the company as they take more manual effort. 

Define data ownership within the organization: Determine which teams will handle different stages of the data automation process. There are three main approaches to data access and processing within an organization: 

With the centralized approach, the IT team handles the data automation process from A to Z. 

In a decentralized method, each agency processes their data, from extracting the data from source systems to loading them to data portals. 

There is also a combination of the two methods. The hybrid method allows different departments to work with the IT team. IT teams are responsible for loading the data into data portals through a hybrid approach.  

Define the required format for your data transformation: Define the required format for your data transformation. It is crucial to have a set data format policy, to secure data coherence for better insights. Moreover, ETL tools require users to define the preferred formatting of the data categorization.

Schedule updates: Dataset update allows businesses to make better decisions on their operations. Hence, It is crucial to schedule updates for consistent and up-to-date data for datasets. 

Determine the right vendors for your operations: Businesses can rely on automation consultants’ expertise to help them identify the best vendor according to the business needs and the business structure. 

Explore our ETL tools list if you believe your data integration tasks may benefit from automation.

To gain a more comprehensive overview of workload automation, download our whitepaper on the topic:

Contact us for guidance on the process: If you need more customized recommendations.

Cem regularly speaks at international technology conferences. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.





What You Need To Know Aboutas Microsoft Brings It Out Of Preview

Since May 2023, Microsoft’s revamped chúng tôi has remained in preview. That’s over as of Wednesday, and Microsoft has added some new plugin capabilities to go along with it. 

Once known as Hotmail, Microsoft’s new chúng tôi is now built upon Office 365 technology, and the company has begun adding useful plugins on top of it—plus some fun, if impractical, GIFs from chúng tôi These same plugins are also available to some users of the Outlook desktop apps, though you’ll need to download them as separate plugin apps from Microsoft’s online store.

If you’ve already participated in the preview of Microsoft chúng tôi you probably won’t find much that’s new. For millions of others, though, things will change. In a blog post, Microsoft said that the new look and feel is going live for users in North America. Users in other geographies will be transitioned over the next few weeks. One note for users of the Mac version of Outlook 2023: you’ll need to delete your chúng tôi account, then re-add it, to see the changes.

Why this matters: While it’s sort of a pain to load up a dedicated browser tab for email and other Microsoft online apps, it can be worth it. Sure, your data is “trapped” in the cloud, but it’s also saved constantly, minimizing the traditional risks from PC crashes or hard drive failures. Microsoft often pushes some of its new features online before it migrates them to its dedicated apps.  

If you’re seeing the chúng tôi service for the first time, however, be aware that Microsoft has made a number of changes over time. Windows 10’s Mail app is a fairly basic way to send and receive email. The new chúng tôi by contrast, is even more sophisticated, in some ways, than Microsoft’s dedicated Outlook apps.


Mentions now flag your email to whoever you choose.

For one thing, chúng tôi now pays attention to the people you email with most, so expect to see a list of the your most frequently accessed contacts. We haven’t seen Microsoft add Facebook-style Likes in yet, but the complementary Mentions (an “@” character, then a person’s name) will flag that email as important for a particular user. You can also set your own flags, and pin email to the top of your inbox.

As you write an email, Outlook now supports emoji and can also make any embedded pictures pop a bit more with some image creation tools.

Email as a hub

Microsoft has also begun to recognize that an email itself has a certain weight to it; if we send an email, it usually means something—there’s a document attached to it, for example, or it may include a formal request for assistance. chúng tôi now launches complementary Microsoft cloud services, alongside email.


Microsoft’s revamed chúng tôi allows you to open and work on a Word document right next to the email that discusses it.

For example, if you send a Word document, you don’t need to send the actual document; instead you can send a copy of the file that’s already stored in OneDrive, rather than downloading and re-uploading it to the chúng tôi service. (This works for Box and Dropbox, too.) And if you receive a Word document, Word Online will open the document in an adjoining pane, so you can work alongside it. 

Those are just the Microsoft-authored tools. A number of plugins now can be triggered right from the menu bar at the top of the screen. Did your buddy send you a teasing reminder that you skipped out on the check? Tap the PayPal icon at the top of the screen, and a sidebar pane will open and allow you to settle the bill. 

Microsoft’s added similar plugins for Uber (a code, OutlookLove, allows you to get a $20 discount), Wunderlist, Evernote, and Boomerang. You can also now embed cat GIFs with Giphy, and check out online reviews at Yelp. If you use the dedicated Office apps like Outlook 2023, you can get most of these via downloadable plugins at the Office Store. 


Look at the top of the Outlook screen for a list of plugins to integrate with your email.

Microsoft said moving chúng tôi to the Office 365 platform will help all the platforms work together better, but its online apps have always been test beds of sort for new features. Expect that to continue. “Email remains the backbone of digital communications in today’s world and we’re committed to making email awesome with Outlook experiences at home and at work—across all the devices you use,” according to Javier Soltero, vice president of the Outlook team, in a blog post. “Today’s milestone with chúng tôi is one more key step in that journey, and you can expect to see more improvements and enhancements over the coming months.”

What Is Center Stage On Ipad And How To Use It?

Video conferencing is such an integral aspect of our lives that we expect apps to deliver standalone results. And Apple did exactly that by introducing Center Stage in the M1 Chip-powered iPad Pro launched earlier in May 2023. This will enable users to video call on FaceTime and other such apps seamlessly!

With Center Stage, you can basically move across the room while having a FaceTime session, anywhere within a 122-degree angle-view of the camera lens, and it will keep you centered in the frame. 

Cool, right? Something we wished for was a feature on our video call sessions for a long time. Now, you can conduct cooking tutorials, attend meetings, or perform any activity while video calling without worrying about your focus in the frame! How? Read on to find out.

What is Center Stage on iPad?

With the Center Stage technology, Apple aims to elevate video calling further. Considering the current situation, this is much needed.

With its help, the iPad Pro’s camera will stay focused on your face without any noise despite your movements (i.e., moving from one spot to another within negligible distance) or random things going on in the background. Well, I’m not saying it would be a portrait mode with your video call experience, but it will manage to focus on you.

How does Center Stage work?

iPad Pro’s Center Stage technology works with the help of two features: the TrueDepth camera system and the M1 processor. The TrueDepth technology enables the all-new 12MP ultra-wide front camera to get your wider shot even when you move around; whereas, the machine learning capabilities of M1 help the camera recognize your face despite movements.

Thus, creating a more engaging experience. Moreover, when more people join in the frame, it adjusts and zooms out the frame so that everyone fits in just right and gets equal attention.

Don’t feel left out, y’all; the new iPad Pro is here to give you all the attention you could imagine.

Which iPad models support Center Stage?

Center Stage is only accessible on the latest line-up of iPad models launched in 2023, excluding iPad Air. That means you can use this feature with the following:

iPad (9th generation)

iPad mini 6

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th generation)

iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation)

Center Stage is compatible with these models owing to the ultimate combination of the latest iPadOS, powerful bionic chips, and 12MP Ultra-wide, depth camera, making person-centering possible.

How to enable or disable Center Stage on iPad

There are two ways to activate Center Stage on iPad. One way is to enable it in the supported video chat apps directly, and another way is to turn on the feature during a FaceTime call. Let’s look at both.

1. Turn on Center Stage on any video calling app

Open Settings.

On the left sidebar, scroll down and tap FaceTime (or any video chat app, like Zoom or Google Meet).

Toggle on Center Stage to enable it.

Note: To disable, follow the above method and toggle off Center Stage. The gray toggle signals that the feature is turned off.

2. Enable Center Stage during a FaceTime call

For iPadOS 14:

Start a FaceTime call.

Now, swipe up from the screen’s bottom to access Control Center.

Tap Center Stage to turn it on.

For iPadOS 15:

Get on a FaceTime call.

Now, swipe down from the screen’s upper right corner to open Control Center.

Tap Video Effects.

Next, tap Center Stage to activate it.

Note: To disable, follow the above method and tap Center Stage to turn it off.

As the name suggests, the Center Stage technology is here to keep you the center of attraction. This means the TrueDepth Camera will work its best on keeping you in focus, even if you move.

It will not blur out activities going on in the background. And this is why it is not similar to Portrait Mode photography. 

Once the gadget is available in the market, the hands-on experience will give a broader perspective on how focused we are talking about. But, one thing is for sure, the interactions with faces shot in wider angles will get bigger and offer us a seamless experience. 

Video: Understanding Center Stage on iPad

With the ongoing pandemic leading to an almost permanent WFH culture, the Center Stage technology is the need of the hour. It will have a massive impact on our video call experience.

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