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High CPU Usage in Roblox: 5 Ways to Fix It No more high CPU usage in Roblox with these tricks




Roblox is a browser-based game and sometimes, it can consume more than the expected amount of CPU especially if your hardware requirements are subpar.

To reduce the high CPU usage, you should consider upgrading your OS or switching to a gaming browser.



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Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

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readers this month.

High CPU usage in Roblox is a common issue that causes FPS drops and stuttering in games. It can even cause the game to crash. The game can be quite resource-intensive when playing with lots of people or using a lot of graphics. 

This article will take you through some of the most common causes of high CPU usage in Roblox and how to fix them.

Why is the game using 100% of my CPU?

If you’ve ever run a game and seen the CPU usage shoot up to 100%, you might have wondered how this is possible. It’s not that the CPU is being used so hard by the game that it can’t handle any other tasks, but rather that it uses all available cores to run itself.

This can happen for a variety of reasons:

Old game – You’re probably playing an older game that hasn’t been optimized for modern hardware. You can upgrade your CPU or play games optimized for old processors.

Outdated OS – Older OSes don’t include support for multi-core processors. This will help reduce CPU usage when running these old games so the best option is to upgrade your OS.

Resource-hungry game – Some games just require more processing power than others and will demand more resources than your computer can provide.

That being said, games that use 100% of your CPU are not necessarily bad. The reason they’re using so much CPU is to achieve the highest possible frame rate. 

So just how much CPU should Roblox use? If you have a high-end gaming PC or laptop, then there’s nothing to worry about when running Roblox. 

However, if your PC or laptop is below average and you want to play the game without issues, then it’s better that you know what kind of hardware and system requirements Roblox requires before playing it for the first time.

How do I limit Roblox’s high CPU usage?

Some basic things you can do to reduce CPU usage in Roblox include:

Ensure your PC meets the minimum system requirements to run Roblox.

Close all other programs running on your computer while playing Roblox as they might be using up some of your computer’s resources.

Uninstall any unnecessary programs.

1. Adjust your graphic settings 

If you have an old PC or laptop, then it’s possible that your computer may not be able to handle high graphic settings in Roblox. This will make your programs compete for the available CPU.

Expert tip:

2. Disable Hardware Acceleration 

Hardware acceleration basically improves the performance of graphics and sound but takes up more resources at the same time causing high CPU usage in Roblox. The steps to disable it will be different for each browser, but with this example, you get the main idea.

If you don’t know which drivers are causing problems on your PC because they’re not working properly anymore, manual updates can be time-consuming and still end up in a disaster. Luckily, there are other ways to approach this issue – a third-party tool.

Outbyte Driver Updater is a powerful yet simple Windows driver updater tool. It can help you easily update your outdated display card drivers, network card drivers, and other hardware drivers to their latest versions.

Boost your gaming experience and use Outbyte Driver Updater to keep your drivers updated at all times.

Free Trial Download now

4. Check for malware Is Roblox using CPU or GPU?

Roblox is not a game that uses graphics cards to render graphics although, in some instances, you may experience Roblox with high GPU usage. Normally, it uses your computer’s CPU to process the graphics, which means it’s less dependent on your graphics card.

That being said, if your computer doesn’t have a good processor, you’ll notice lower framerates in Roblox games. If you want to improve your framerate in Roblox, one option is upgrading your CPU. 

Another option would be to make Roblox use GPU instead of your CPU especially if you have a multi-core processor. You can turn on hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling to take off the load on your CPU if Roblox CPU usage is high.

And as we wind up, you can also reset your browser or switch to gaming browsers if you’re still facing high CPU usage issues with Roblox.

We also have a solution for when you experience high ping and lag in Roblox so feel free to check our comprehensive article on the same.

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Windows Widgets High Cpu Usage: How To Fix It On Windows 11

Windows Widgets High CPU Usage: How to Fix it on Windows 11




The most common reason for high CPU usage is that your computer is running too many applications at once.

Windows 11 is a feature-packed OS and without enough memory, the widgets could end up consuming too much CPU.

A simple reboot of your system can get rid of temporary files and solve the high CPU usage problem.

If you notice that one particular app is using an unusually large amount of resources on your PC, then you should consider closing it or uninstalling it to make your PC run more smoothly again.

Windows 11 has a built-in widget platform and can contribute to high CPU usage. These widgets can be used to display the weather forecasts, sports scores, and clock.

Whereas they may be useful to some extent, some users complained that Windows 11 Widgets are using too much CPU. This widget issue is most common on Windows 11 devices, but older versions of Windows can also experience this problem.

The widgets are a useful feature that provides you with information at a glance. But, sometimes, when the Widget panel is open, it starts consuming CPU or memory and the system performance drops down.

The CPU is the brain of your computer. It performs all the calculations and processes that your machine needs to function, so if it’s running unusually slow, you may want to investigate the issue.

If a widget is using up most of your computer’s resources (CPU, memory, disk space, etc.) then you should turn it off because that means it is using up all of the resources that could be used by other processes, thus slowing down your computer.

There are several causes of high CPU usage. It may be that you have installed too many programs on your computer and they are taking up too much space. The best solution to this problem is to uninstall some of those programs from your computer.

It is also possible that there has been an infection on your system that has caused the files to become infected with viruses or spyware. This will cause the computer to run more slowly and use more resources than normal

Does Windows 11 use more CPU than Windows 10?

Windows 11 is more demanding than its older siblings. This is quite evident in the minimum system requirements. 

The OS has also been designed with security in mind. It includes built-in antivirus and firewall protection, as well as a host of other security features.

Another reason why Windows 11 uses more CPU is that it has several features that were not possible with Windows 10. The inclusion of new application programs has been designed for use only with Windows 11.

With the widgets on Windows 11, it is likely to take up more CPU than Windows 10. If you want to stop your CPU from using too much energy, you will need to turn off some of the features that cause it to do so.

For example, you can tweak the Power Management settings which allow the computer to turn off when it’s not in use.

Be sure to check out the differences and similarities between Windows 10 and Windows 11 to better understand the two operating systems..

What can I do to fix Windows 11 widgets high CPU usage? 1. Disable widgets from Task Manager

Expert tip:

The tool also works in the background and keeps your drivers always up-to-date. It automatically scans your PC for devices and checks if there are new versions of their drivers available.

3. Run a system scan  4. Run DISM command 5. Run SFC command How can I check for CPU usage in Windows 11?

At some point, the performance of your PC will prompt you to check what is consuming too much CPU so you can disable it.

There are many reasons why Windows 11 runs slow, and there are many possible solutions. For example, some programs may require more system resources than others. It is possible that your computer might be running slow because it has an outdated driver or software.

To get to the root of the problem, you will need to check the CPU usage. Here’s how to check your CPU usage in Windows 11:

Do widgets drain battery?

Apart from CPU consumption, another common question that comes up often is whether widgets drain batteries.

Most obviously, if you run more software, the more work your computer will do, and so the faster its battery will drain.

If you are using a widget, it’s a good bet that the app that created it is running in the background, occasionally waking up to update itself.

Depending on what the widget does, and how often it does it, this can use up more battery than you want. If the widget is a clock, for example, the app might be waking up every couple of minutes to update its display. 

While it isn’t necessary to delete all of your widgets, it’s best to keep only those that you absolutely need. If you have widgets for weather apps or social media apps that you don’t use very often, consider deleting them from your home screens.

You can also apply some of our recommended solutions to make your Windows 11 faster and more responsive.

We also have an excellent guide on software you can use to fix high CPU usage and save yourself some of these troubles.

If your widgets were consuming a considerable amount of CPU, we hope this article has offered efficient solutions and your PC’s performance has improved.

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Igfxext.exe Module High Cpu And Memory Usage

There are many services and programs that run in the background while we use our PC. These services help run the PC smoothly and do various functions. They don’t normally use high CPU or memory. They use only a minimal portion of it and leave the rest for the programs we use. Some users are seeing igfxext.exe module high CPU and Memory usage on their computers. In this guide, we have a few solutions that can help you fix the issue.

What is the Igfxext module?

Intel Graphics External Display Switching module or igfxext module is a necessary software component of the Intel Common User Interface developed by Intel. This module helps in using external monitors for a Windows PC by switching the graphic output from the original display to the external display.

igfxext.exe module high CPU and memory usage

If you are seeing high CPU and memory usage by the chúng tôi module on your PC, these are the fixes you can employ to fix the issue.

Run a malware scan

Update Intel drivers

Uninstall recently installed programs

Install Intel Driver & Support Assistant

Run SFC Scan

Run System Restore

Disable it from the Startup list

Let’s get into the details of each method to fix the issue.

1] Run a malware scan

Generally, chúng tôi do not use much CPU or memory. If you are seeing a sudden spike in the CPU and memory usage, you should run antivirus and malware programs to detect it and remove it.

Read: How to use Avast Boot Scan to remove Malware from Windows PC

2] Update Intel drivers

There is a possibility that the issue is caused by corrupted or outdated Intel make drivers on your PC. They need to be updated to the latest versions. You can either update your drivers manually via the Device Manager, or you can get the driver updates on the Optional Updates section under Windows Update. You may also download the latest version of the driver from the manufacturer’s website.

However, in this case, the best way would be to use Intel Driver & Support Assistant. Intel Driver & Support Assistant is a program by Intel that helps you install or update the intel drivers available on your PC and use support if you face any issues. It might find the cause of the issue and fix it by installing necessary components or updating the drivers.

3] Uninstall recently installed programs

If you are seeing the high CPU and memory usage of the chúng tôi module after installing a program on your PC, uninstall that program to fix the issue. The recently installed program might be conflicting with the module and might be resulting in the usage of high CPU and memory.

5] Run SFC Scan

The error might also have been caused by missing or corrupted system files. You need to run an SFC scan to detect and fix them automatically. Chances are high that, this might fix the issue if it is caused by any missing or corrupted files.

6] Run System Restore

If none of the above solutions help you fix the issue, you need to perform a System Restore to take your PC back to the point where it is working perfectly without any issue.

To perform System Restore,

Press Windows key + R. to open the Run dialog.

In the Run dialog box, type rstrui and hit Enter to launch the System Restore Wizard.

At the next screen, check the box associated with Show more restore points.

Now, select a restore point prior to when you noticed the issue on your device.

This will restore your PC to a good condition where everything was okay.

7] Disable it from the Startup list

These are the different ways you can use to fix high CPU and memory usage by the chúng tôi module.

Is Igfxext exe a virus?

The chúng tôi file is not a virus but a software component of Intel Common User Interface by Intel. It is a necessary component if you use external monitors on your PC. The legit file chúng tôi is typically located in the following folders:



If located elsewhere it could be malware.

Read: How to fix 100% Disk, High CPU, High Memory usage in Windows.

Kernelmanagerd Causing High Cpu Usage & Battery Drain

When there is a process on your Mac that runs constantly and has a high CPU usage, your system will be taxed. Your computer may run more slowly, your fan may be running constantly and loudly and your Mac’s battery will drain quickly. Some users are reporting that, after upgrading to macOS Big Sur, a process called kernelmanagerd is using a high percentage of their CPU. In this article, we will tell you what this process does, and how to resolve the problem.

See also: Wi-Fi Not Working after Big Sur Upgrade

If your Mac is having issues with short battery life, has a fan that is running constantly your problem might be the KernelManagerd process. To check this, take a look at your processes in Activity Monitor:

If you find that your problem is a process called accountsd, see: Mac Running Slow, Noisy Fan: accountsd High CPU Usage.

What is KernelManagerd

KernelManagerd is the kernel extension server.

See also: Mac Spotlight Search not Working after macOS Upgrade, Fix

What is Causing the Problem

Often this problem is being caused by incompatible software. If you are experiencing the issue of having KernelManagerd using too much of your CPU, you will need to look for third-party apps that you have installed that need to be either updated or deleted. The following apps have been reported to cause this issue:




Karabiner Elements

Bit Defender

See also: “HPDeviceMonitoring.framework” will damage your computer, Fix

How to Find Incompatible Apps

If you don’t have one of the apps listed above installed on your Mac, you may need to look further to find the incompatible software. Many of the apps causing issue are anti-virus/anti-malware apps, so if you have such software installed on your Mac, this should probably be the first app you investigate.

See also: What to do if Mail or other Apps Quit Unexpectedly on Mac

Your KernelManagerd problem is likely caused by a third-party kernel extension. These kernel extensions (kexts) can be found in


To view this folder

Open a Finder window. From the menu bar at the top of your screen, select Go. Select Go to Folder from the dropdown menu.

Type /Library/Extensions into the text field.

You will see a list of files with the .kext file extension. For example, mine looks like

You may ignore the following files, if you see them:





You will want to investigate the other files you see in your list. For me, chúng tôi comes from my printer software and chúng tôi comes from Samsung Kies. You should be able to find information on your .kext files with a Google search.

How to Fix the Problem

First of all, after you have identified the app origin of your kexts, you will need to decide if you should uninstall the software or update it. You may go to the app’s website for more information on compatibility and available updates.

How To Uninstall

For more information, see How To Uninstall Apps On Your Mac.

Other Options

If the troubleshooting tips here weren’t able to help you solve your problem with your Mac, you can contact Apple Support.

For some users, the only way they found to solve their issue was a clean install of macOS. This erases your entire disk, so this should probably be the last thing you try. Don’t forget to make a full backup before you begin.

See also: How to Downgrade from MacOS Big Sur to Catalina

Reinstall macOS

See also: The Disk “Macintosh HD – Data” Can’t be Unlocked, Fix

Recover Data from a Time Machine Backup

If you made a Time Machine backup, you can use Migration Assistant to transfer files from your backup. Note that whatever was causing the problem originally is likely part of your backup. Consider, especially, third-party apps before you reinstall them.

Recent Articles:

Deferred Procedure Calls And Interrupts Service Routines High Cpu Usage

If you ever notice that your system has started freezing or has gone slow, then the issue could be with high CPU usage. In this case, we suggest you check the Task Manager for the process causing high CPU usage. If this process is Deferred Procedure Calls and Interrupt Service Routines, then please read through this article for the resolutions.

Deferred Procedure Calls and Interrupts Service Routines High CPU usage

The Deferred Procedure Calls and Interrupt Service Routines is a mechanism in your Windows computer that will defer tasks of lower priority to a time suitable and simultaneously prioritize high priority tasks and start running them immediately. In some cases, it can cause high CPU usage. There could be two reasons for high CPU usage due to the Deferred Procedure Calls and Interrupt Service Routines mechanism. The first one is when the drivers are obsolete or corrupt, and the second one is if the high-priority tasks are necessary.

You need to make sure that all the hardware drivers and chipset drivers on the computer are updated. Try the following solution sequentially to resolve the problem in discussion:

Let the task run

Reinstall Network drivers

Update drivers using the Intel Driver and Support Assistant or AMD Driver Detect

Update BIOS

Troubleshoot on Clean Boot State

Run DISM to repair corrupted System Image

1] Let the task run

Since the Deferred Procedure Calls and Interrupt Service Routines plays high priority tasks, it is quite possible that the required tasks are important for your computer. In this case we would request you to leave your system idle for a while and let the high priority tasks complete themselves naturally. However, if your work is important and the high CPU usage is preventing the same, please read further solutions.

2] Reinstall network drivers

The next solution is to reinstall the network drivers. The procedure to the install network drivers is as follows:

Press Win+R to open the Run window.

In the run window type the command chúng tôi and hit enter. This will open the Device Manager window.

In the Device Manager window expand the list for Network Adapters.

After this the boot your system while keeping it connected to the Internet. The network drivers will install themselves.

3] Update drivers using the Intel Driver and Support Assistant or AMD Driver Direct

The best way for updating drivers in a Windows computer is to use the Intel Driver and Support Assistant or AMD Driver Direct. You can download this software from chúng tôi Simply search for the same in the Intel search bar at the top right corner and download the tool on your system. Then run the Intel Driver and Support Assistant. This will update all drivers including the network drivers to the latest version.

4] Update BiOS

If the BiOS is old, the issue in discussion can occur. In this case, you can update the BiOS. First, you would have to check the version of BiOS of the computer. Next, you would have to check the model number of your computer. Lastly, you can download and install the latest version of the BiOS from the manufacturer’s website. The last two steps are brand-specific.

5] Troubleshoot on Clean Boot State

In case the process causing high CPU usage is triggered by a third-party software, then the best solution would be to reboot your system in the clean boot state. In this state, no third-party software will launch at startup and you can check for high CPU usage in that case. It will help isolate the cause.

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6] Run DISM to repair corrupted System Image

If a few system files are missing or corrupt, then the process would run in an endless loop trying to find the files. A good method to overcome this problem is by building the files again. This can be done by running the DISM tool to repair the system image.

How much CPU usage is normal?

Usually, 10% CPU usage is considered normal. However, you will not notice your system hanging or freezing even up to 80% CPU usage. Basically, it depends on a lot of factors like the available space on your computer, RAM of your computer, the size and number of software products in your system.

Can virus cause high CPU usage?

Yes, viruses and malware can cause high CPU usage. Rather, viruses and malwares are designed by cyber criminals in a manner to interrupt system processes as much as possible. Also, these viruses and malware can disguise themselves as genuine software products and cause high CPU usage and harm to your computer.

Does high CPU usage damage your system?

High CPU usage can impact a computer in more than one ways. One of the problems it causes is that it pushes the fan to run faster to vent more heat. When the limit is reached, the CPU heats up. It impacts internal components, especially the motherboard.

Why Is My Cpu Fan Loud? 9 Ways To Fix It

Computer Fans are the only moving component on an air-cooled system. Therefore, if you don’t use an HDD, the fans on your system make the only noise. On idle, these fans should not make much noise. However, it is a cause for concern if you hear noise from the fans even when the system is idle.

Generally, when the system overheats, these fans spin at a higher RPM to keep major components cool. In the case of CPU, its temperature will rise under high usage. So, when the thermal sensors measure extreme temperature, your CPU fans spin faster to keep the CPU temp under the limit.

Besides this, improper cable management and inadequate airflow in the system can also cause it to heat up, increasing the fan’s RPM. Therefore, in this article, we have listed a few reasons your CPU fan is loud and ways you can fix them.

A fan on an overheated system causes to spin fan blades at a higher RPM (Rotations Per Minute). Another reason might be due to wires from the internal component touching the fan blade. This can make a loud and annoying noise when using the PC.

Besides this, here are a few reasons your CPU fan is so loud.

Overclocked System

High system temperature

Improper connection of fan header

Internal cable touching the CPU fan

High CPU usage

Poor system airflow

CPU fan speed set to high RPM

Dust settled on the heat sink

Physical damage

If you are facing loud noise due to an overheated CPU, lowering its temperature may automatically lower any noise from the fan.

Try performing the necessary measures to cool down your CPU before performing the solutions mentioned below.

The first thing that you might want to try is clearing all the background task using the Task Manager. On high CPU usage, your CPU will reach a high temperature. This results in the CPU fan to spin at a higher RPM than normal. And this increases noise from the CPU fans. Clean unnecessary background to see if it reduces fan noise.

Underclock your CPU if you have overclocked it to make the CPU fan produce less noise

Another thing you can try is lower fan speed using Fan Control software or through the BIOS itself. Lowering the fan speed will lessen the noise from the fan. However, you may face high system temperatures when you lower your fan speed.  

Below are the steps to lower fan speed using the BIOS.

A system with a higher overall temperature can also have a CPU that is overheated. This, in turn, will increase the CPU fan’s RPM, making it louder.

Manage the intake and exhaust fan in your system so there is a good amount of airflow. A good way to adjust fans is to set the same number of intake and exhaust fans. Here are some things you can do to maintain good airflow in your desktop PC.

Manage internal cables.

Clean CPU case vents and fans

If the computer’s CPU fan is not connected to the correct fan header on the motherboard, the fan may spin at its maximum RPM.

The CPU fan header on the motherboard works with the thermal sensors. This helps the system adjust the CPU fan’s RPM according to the temperature. So, when you connect the CPU fan to a different header, there is nothing that controls the CPU fan. And it will spin at its maximum RPM, making it louder.

Make sure that the cable from the CPU fan is connected to the CPU_FAN header on your motherboard.

A heatsink with dust particles poorly dissipates heat from the CPU. Fan running on default RPM does not cool the heat sink. So, due to the rise in CPU temperature, the motherboard runs the CPU fan on a higher RPM to cool it down.

Therefore, your CPU fan will keep running at a higher speed unless you clean the heat sink itself. You can use a can of compressed air to clean the compartments in your heat sink.

If there is no cable management inside the PC, cables are bound to touch the fans. When it does, it will make a distinctive noise. However, this sound is different from the sound it makes when the fan spins at a high RPM.

Open the desktops side panel and remove any obstacle from the CPU fan to check if it solves the issue with the noise.

If none of those as mentioned earlier solutions work, it is most likely that the CPU fan itself is at fault. Damaged CPU fans may cause the blades to always spin at maximum RPM. Therefore, try replacing the damaged CPU fans to see if it fixes the issue.

Finally, if the CPU is outdated, it may use a lot of resources, making it run at extreme temperatures. This will result in CPU fans running at a high RPM as well. Thus, making the fan noisy.

Although you can fix this issue, getting a newer version of the CPU chip can be expensive. A newer generation of CPU chips will give your PC a performance boost without taking much processing power.

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