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Google has released its annual list of top searches around the world, including overall searches and searches in various categories.

Top queries reflect everyday questions, as well as the people and events that made headlines in 2023.

Certain events led to people searching for how to improve their everyday lives, Google notes.

For example, the passing of iconic celebrities resulted in an influx of searches for “how to be a good role model.”

Similarly, when first responders rescued a team of soccer players from a cave in Thailand, searches for “scuba diving lessons near me” increased by 110%.

Here’s are some highlights of top worldwide searches, and the top US searches in 2023.

Top Overall Searches – Global

World Cup


Mac Miller

Stan Lee

Black Panther

Top Overall Searches – US

World Cup

Hurricane Florence

Mac Miller

Kate Spade

Anthony Bourdain

Top ‘How To’ Searches – US

How to vote

How to register to vote

How to play Mega Millions

How to buy Ripple

How to turn off automatic updates

How to get the old Snapchat back

How to play Powerball

How to buy Bitcoin

How to screen record

How to get Boogie Down emote

Top ‘What is’ Searches – US

What is Bitcoin

What is racketeering

What is DACA

What is a government shutdown

What is Good Friday

What is Prince Harry’s last name

What is Fortnite

What is a duck boat

What is a Yanny Laurel

What is a nationalist

Top GIF Searches – US

Fortnite GIF

Default Dance GIF

Dilly Dilly GIF

Orange Justice GIF

Black Panther GIF

Cat Curling GIF

Ugandan Knuckles GIF

Draymond Green GIF

Cardi B GIF

Floss Dance GIF

Top News Searches – Global

World Cup

Hurricane Florence

Mega Millions Result

Royal Wedding

Election Results

Top News Searches – US

World Cup

Hurricane Florence

Mega Millions

Election Results

Hurricane Michael

Top People Searches – Global

Meghan Markle

Demi Lovato

Sylvester Stallone

Logan Paul

Khloé Kardashian

Top People Searches – US

Demi Lovato

Meghan Markle

Brett Kavanaugh

Logan Paul

Khloé Kardashian

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Top Gifts For Gamers This Year

As sure as the sky is blue, video games will be at the top of many holiday wish lists the world over. With so many video game consoles and products on the market, it can be a little overwhelming to shop for the gamer in your life. Rest assured that this list is the answer to all your questions. The good news is that there is no shortage of gift ideas; the bad news is also that there is no shortage of gift ideas. These are our picks of the best gifts for gamers in 2023.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Everyone from the budding gamer to the frequent traveler will love the Nintendo Switch Lite. The smaller of the two Nintendo Switch devices, the Lite impresses from all angles. Everything from improved battery life to a smaller, more friendly design makes it a gift every gamer will love. While it lacks the dock-friendly design of its older sibling, the design is vastly more comfortable to hold during lengthy play sessions. The best part? There is an actual d-pad included with the Lite design. That is reason alone to pick up a Switch Lite.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Arcade1Up Arcade Cabinets

For some of you, the chance to relive your childhood is more than enough reason to spring for the Arcade 1Up series. These old-school arcade-style cabinets are introducing an entirely new generation to old-school games. From Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat to the original Pacman, these are the perfect gift for the retro gamer. With prices starting around $149 on sale, these are not the least expensive ideas, but they sure are worth every penny.

Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Every PC gamer knows that computer gaming can be made or broken by the quality of the keyboard. Corsair, one of the best names in the industry, unsurprisingly offers the best wireless mechanical keyboard on the market. The Corsair K63 is reasonably-priced around $100 and is universally praised for its quality and good looks. Compatibility is abundant as well, with every Windows software since Vista supported. At the end of the day it is hard to find something not to like with this mechanical masterpiece.

Sega Genesis Mini

Retro gaming is continuing to have its moment in the sun. Sega’s Genesis Mini is the latest entrant in the refresh of retro game consoles and it just might be the best product yet. Drawing universal acclaim for its design, this console will bring flashbacks of playing games thirty years ago. Full of 42 classic hits, the Genesis Mini is plug and play, so there is no install time. That is good news for parents, as they, too, will spend plenty of time gaming after the kids are in bed.

Oculus Quest Controller Charging Station

The last thing any gamer wants to deal with is a dead controller just as the final boss battle arrives. That is why a controller charging station should be at the top of any gift list. With fantastic options for the PS4 like the PowerA DualShock 4 charging station and Fosmon dual-controller charging station for Xbox One, there is something for everyone. Nintendo Switch owners are not left out either, as the HORI Joy-Con charge stand takes up little room and is officially licensed by Nintendo. Say goodbye to the days of dead controllers and hello to day-long gaming sessions.


There is no question that gaming gifts of all types will be hot this season, it is only a matter of which one you will buy. Hopefully, this list makes things a little easier. No matter which product or console you select, you cannot go wrong. Can you resist the temptation to buy something for yourself?

David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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Lucid Motors Reveals The Dreamdrive Tech To Eventually Make Its Evs Autonomous

Lucid Motors reveals the DreamDrive tech to eventually make its EVs autonomous

Lucid Motors has revealed the bevy of sensors its upcoming Lucid Air electric luxury car will be equipped with, as it paves the way for future autonomous driving capabilities. The Lucid DreamDrive system will consist of LIDAR, cameras, radar, and ultra-sonic sensors, in addition to extra driver-monitoring systems inside the vehicle, all in the name of either supporting the person behind the wheel or, eventually, replacing them altogether.

The Lucid Air, a four-door sedan aiming to take on not only Tesla’s Model S but luxury auto industry stalwarts like Mercedes, Audi, and BMW, will go into production from either late 2023 or early 2023. It’s intended to be the first vehicle to use the company’s DreamDrive suite, though Lucid intends to use it on future vehicles as well.

In total it’ll consist of 32 sensors. A long-range, high-resolution LIDAR laser rangefinder will be mounted at the front of the car, along with a long-range radar. There’ll be three front cameras and four short-range radar facing ahead, too.

Four side/rear facing cameras will be installed, along with a primary rear camera and a second rear camera equipped with a fish-eye lens. There’ll be twelve ultrasonic sensors in total, and four surround view cameras giving a 360-degree perspective of the EV.

Finally, there’ll be a driver monitoring camera. We’ve seen automakers like Cadillac, BMW, and Ford use those to track attention in hands-free assisted driving systems, such as Super Cruise and the upcoming Active Drive Assist on the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 truck. They allow the car to track that a driver is paying attention to the road situation around them, even if their hands are not in contact with the wheel.

Lucid says that the DreamDrive site will be initially used for 19 different safety, driving, and parking assistance features that the Air will launch with. They’ll include things like adaptive cruise control with lane-keeping assistance, automated parking where the car can maneuver itself in and out of parallel or perpendicular spaces at low speed, and braking assistance should vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians be encountered in the roadway.

Beyond that, however, Lucid says it plans to add eight more features after that, via OTA updates. “Additional DreamDrive capabilities to enable Level 3 driving in certain conditions are also in development,” the automaker promises. Unlike Level 2 assisted driving, where the person at the wheel is responsible for the car even as the various technologies weigh in on things like speed, distance between vehicles, and lane-positioning, Level 3 allows the car to take over in select circumstances such as highway driving or in congestion.

Deciding just which combination of sensors comprises sufficient “future-proofing” for a vehicle that wants to one day ascend through the autonomous driving levels can be fairly contentious. LIDAR is still rare for production vehicles, given the cost of the sensors versus more available ultrasonic, radar, and camera technology. That has led some automakers – notably Tesla – to suggest that it’s not actually necessary for driverless cars.

Lucid clearly doesn’t agree, and it has set up its EV architecture with the expectation that data-dense sensors like LIDAR will be onboard. The company’s so-called Ethernet Ring is the underlying electrical platform for the Air, linking systems like steering, brakes, and other modules, along with the redundant power sources and other fault-tolerant parts Lucid says will be instrumental in delivering a safe self-driving vehicle.

For DreamDrive, Lucid says it tapped the best of Tier 1 industry providers like HERE, Continental, and Bosch. The final integration, however, is all its own work, the automaker insists.

“We have ensured that the Lucid DreamDrive hardware and software platform not only offers a full suite of Level 2 features, but is also Level 3 ready, which means we’ll be able to quickly add features and functions over-the-air throughout the lifetime of Lucid Air and for future Lucid models,” Dr. Eugene Lee, Senior Director of ADAS and Autonomous Driving at Lucid Motors, says.

The production version of the Lucid Air is expected to debut on September 9, at which point we’ll see the final exterior and cabin designs and specifications. Pricing and trims will also be confirmed at the time. Lucid says it expects the first Air consumer cars to be delivered early in 2023.

Google: Keep 301 Redirects In Place For A Year

Google answers how long 301 redirects should be kept in place after a site move, saying year is the minimum recommended length of time.

Why a year?

Because it takes a while for Google to process a major change like a site move.

If redirects are in place for less than a year then Google may not end up crawling the links enough times to recognize the site has been moved permanently.

This topic is highlighted in the latest installment of the Ask Googlebot video series on YouTube.

How Long Should I Keep A Redirect For A Site Move?

Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller addresses the above question by first clarifying 301 redirects are the correct ones to use in this case.

There are two main types of redirects people use on websites: 301s and 302s.

A 301 redirect signals to Google that a page has been moved permanently, while a 302 redirect signals a temporary page move.

A site move is a permanent change, so 301 is the appropriate redirect to use in this case.

Given that the web is constantly evolving, you may be wondering if permanent actually means permanent.

Mueller says:

“At Google we try to reprocess all pages at least every few months. Most pages are checked more often. However, the amount of crawling is limited and there are many pages that we’d like to crawl, so we have to prioritize.

When a URL changes our systems need to see the change in the form of a redirect for at least a few times in order to record that change.

To be certain that a redirect has been seen a few times, we recommend keeping the redirect in place for at least one year.”

With regard to site moves, it’s not as simple as redirecting the old domain to the new domain.

You have to set up 301 redirects from every individual page on the old site to the equivalent page on the new site.

If there are pages on the old site you don’t intend to keep, then it’s not necessary to redirect those to a new URL.

It’s also important to update all references to the old URLs, such as critical links from outside of the website.

Just to be clear, it’s perfectly fine to keep redirects in place for longer than a year. You can keep them up as long as you want to.

To reduce the potential negative impact a site move can have on your SEO, a year is the bare minimum length of time to keep 301 redirects in place.

For more on 301 redirects, see:

Featured Image: chúng tôi December 2023

Design Your Presentation With Pantone’s Color Of The Year 2023

It seems that there is no return to our old ways of living. The past years have shown us that we need to change and adapt, that we need to act more carefully and invest time in what really matters for each of us, individually. 

Displaying a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit, inquisitive and intriguing PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri helps us to embrace this altered landscape of possibilities, opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives. Rekindling gratitude for some of the qualities that blue represents complemented by a new perspective that resonates today, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri places the future ahead in a new light.


Very Peri is a color meant to inspire versability and transformative times, it places future times in good light. Reminding us of Ultra Violet, also a color that pointed us toward the future, the 2023 color illustrates especially the dynamic between physical and digital lives

Everyone who wants to keep up with the color institute will use this color in their materials.

To help you figure out how to apply this color to your upcoming projects and presentations, we’ve rounded up some practical uses of Pantone’s 2023 color, from templates and graphics to helpful tips on how to choose the suitable color scheme.

1. Select your color scheme based on the Color of the Year

If you are not using your brand/your client’s colors, the second option can be using Very Peri. After setting the presentation’s main color, you need to find the color scheme to go with that. An easy-to-use tool for this is the Color Wheel, there you can choose the color combination you like: complementary, monochromatic, analogous, triadic, or tetradic. 

Regardless if you’re aiming for balanced and visually pleasing or for high-contrast and striking color combinations, your color scheme will need to be split into one dominant color — dominant either because of how much it appears in the design, or because of how it stands out in comparison with other colors — and one or more accent colors.

Use tools like Adobe’s Color Wheel or this Color Calculator to see all the color schemes that you can build using Very Peri as the main color.





Pantone also provided a few color palettes that you can explore on their website. 

Balancing Act

How to use it on a presentation slide: 


How to use it on a presentation slide: 

The Star of the Show

How to use it on a presentation slide: 


2. Make it part of your background 

Very Peri is a very pleasant color to have in a presentation. Don’t be afraid to just use it at maximum. 

The easiest and most straightforward way is to use it for a solid colored background. All you have to do is just:

Format Background

Solid Color

Add Custom Color with the RGB Code: 102-103-171

This one allows you to present your content and data in a clean and straightforward manner.

3. Presentation styles with Very Peri

There are so many good examples and we love, as Pantone said, that Very Peri “illustrates the fusion of modern life and how color trends in the digital world are being manifested in the physical world and vice versa.”

Play with colors, use your creativity, and let the joyous and spritely attitude of Very Peri take over. 

Now that you have seen our use of Color of the Year 2023 in presentations, show us how you use it. 

But you can always get our free editable by subscribing to our newsletter. 

Stay close for Pantone 2023 Color of the Year. International Startup Of The Year Competition

It’s almost here: Celebrate 2024 is the time of year when we celebrate all things startup, which includes mentor sessions, inspiring keynotes, and workshops. Though, perhaps everybody’s favorite part of the conference is our Startup of the Year Competition.

Over the course of the entire year we’ve been hosting events in awesome tech ecosystems from Philadelphia to Miami and Chicago to Little Rock. We’ve been honored and excited to meet with the local community members, investors, and innovators who keep the wheels turning in each of their own cities. With all of these events comes a list of Celebrate 2024 semifinalists that won’t stop growing until they all journey to the Las Vegas desert from October 4-6.

All of the semifinalists who compete in our Startup of the Year Competition will be exposed to dozens of investors and hundreds of other startup enthusiasts and founders. Not to mention, all of the startups will be eligible for prizes and awards from some of the best in the biz: Tech Wildcatters, 500Startups, CEA, Crowdfunder, Techstars, and American Airlines, to name a few.

Today we wanted to bring you the best and brightest of the international circuit. These companies from all over the globe are a constant reminder that innovation, expertise, and talent knows no borders. However, in order to discover who’s the best of the best, we wanted to invite you all – our online readers – to vote for your favorite by selecting among the startups in our regional online polls.

Choose wisely, my friends:

Place Your Vote Online Now for the International Startup of the Year

Please note: Only your last vote will count, and results will not be displayed immediately as the voting period will remain open through August 31 at 12 Midnight EST  and we will announce all of the winners on Tuesday, September 1! 


Brakers Early Warning Systems INC.: Short for Broadcasting to Radios Ahead Keeps Emergency Responders Safe, they are in the business of saving lives. Specifically, they attempt to prevent incidents involving motorists and any traffic anomaly via their app.

Reforges: A magnetic power adapter that accelerates the plug-in process for all devices. Essentially Reforges turns any phone charger into a high speed capable charger.

Sitata: They aim to keep travelers safe with real-time health and safety info by connecting users to a local doctor in an emergency.

Suncayr: The team is making sun safety simple with a color changing marker that alerts you when your sunscreen is no longer protecting you.


YoTeLlevo Cuba: If you need a driver with a car in Cuba, you can use this platform to contact independent drivers who live on the island and can arrange transportation for your transfer or tour.


Exhibia: An online bidding platform that was built to support only Google or Facebook verified users on deals. It was built to verify that every bid comes from a real person and not a robot.


SparkLRS: A platform to record all of your learning experiences, create your own personal space, and interact with other users’ experiences. Everything was built on the three principles of sharing, discovery, and personal knowledge.

Trackidon: A live tracking mobile solution designed to ensure the safety of students while also enriching communication between parents and education management.


Houndr: Houndr helps you discover products and brands that you need, or that match your interests, in stores near you.


SafeBeyond: A unique technology and service that has managed to “re-design” the perception of death!


SLI-CK: An electricity meter that measures and transmits the amount of energy you use you use to the SLICK app.


allekpay: A payment method that seeks to eliminate card cloning and card thefts.

m-Digital: An app that allows diners to reduce waiting times within a restaurant, enabling wait staff to focus on service and customer experience.


Hamwells: Their platform offers e-showers with circulation mode for a sustainable wellness experience.

Multisense: A multi-biometric authentication app that combines face and voice recognition with fingerprint signature, GPS, and NFC to enhance security and ease of use for our customers.


1Plify: Nigeria’s First Central University Admissions Portal, it connects Nigerian students directly to institutions of their choice around the world, allowing them apply directly to any our partner institutions.


OORT: We help manufacturers change any device into a connected one, so they can cross-sell, up-sell, and gather data about clients.

Puerto Rico

iGenApps: They disrupt the need for computers and programming skills, by empowering people and businesses to create content-driven apps using mobile devices.


Savelist:is a unified wishlist that works in any online store and lets users know when the price drops.


iStaging: They build augmented reality and virtual reality apps for both furniture and real estate.


UMRE: Or,Universal Medical Robotized Exoskeleton, the team has built a comprehensive exo-system that diagnoses, stores, and plays back data around patients who have had heart attacks or suffer from diseases like cerebral palsy.

United Kingdom

CityFALCON: They’re democratizing access to financial news and creating a level-playing field for all investors and traders with their platform.

Dhi: An Artificial Intelligence platform that learns to develop Mobile applications from you, by simply interacting via speech or text: it’s like SIRI for building mobile apps.

Elliot For Water: The team built out a search engine that allows you to save lives simply by using the engine. Every time you use it, fresh water is donated to people around the world who need it.

GamePlan Learning: Their platform maps a personalized path to different careers via online learning.

Image Credit: Wikipedia 


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