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Smart, friendly, and available when you need them to be – virtual live receptionists represent your company, your way. First Impressions Count ™ !

Davinci’s professional live receptionist answering service goes above and beyond to assist your callers with a pleasant and professional attitude.

With Davinci’s online fax services, you can send, receive, and even forward faxes all from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you have internet access.

Davinci’s auto receptionist can answer your business calls with a professionally recorded greeting and then route your callers to your preferred phone line.

Set up different virtual office phone numbers to route your calls depending on time of day or availability.

Each telephone call is screened and routed by a friendly live virtual phone receptionist to any phone virtual office phone number of your choice.

A live virtual receptionist represents your company, your way, with a professional and personal voice whenever you’re called.

Davinci gives you a dedicated toll-free 888, 855, 866, or 877 virtual office phone number, which can be applied to your phone or fax line.

Davinci live virtual receptionists are trained to handle complex questions about your business as if you were on the phone yourself.

Your Davinci virtual receptionist can help you with day-to-day administrative tasks such as scheduling deliveries, assisting customers, managing your calendar, and returning calls.

No matter who calls, they will be your receptionist’s top priority.

Davinci virtual receptionists can be trained to take orders from callers using whatever web-based commerce solution you use to run your business.

Davinci virtual live receptionists can schedule all your appointments in real-time with an online appointment calendar.

Davinci Premium Live Receptionist plans include everything in our business plans with expanded features to fit the demands of your business.

What is a virtual receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is a live receptionist who is working off-site and away from your business but answers and manages your phone calls. Every time your company is called, instead of getting an automated machine, they are greeted by a friendly and professional receptionist. A virtual receptionist can take messages, check your availability, forward your calls, schedule appointments, make outbound calls, and answer any customer questions. With a live receptionist answering service, you get the benefits of having a front desk receptionist at a fraction of the cost.

How much is a virtual receptionist?

There are multiple plans and packages you can choose from for a virtual receptionist. Our most popular plan option, Business 50, is only $129 a month. Depending on whether you need more call time from your virtual receptionist or would like to upgrade to our premium answering service, our plans range anywhere from $129-$319 a month.

Who is answering my calls?

Your virtual receptionist is a trained Davinci live receptionist who has the skills and knowledge to best represent your business regardless of industry.

I want a live virtual receptionist. Where do I start? Do your live virtual receptionists specialize in a particular type of business or industry?

Davinci’s live receptionists can work in any industry. We specialize in providing excellent customer service in each call, no matter which market or industry you are in.

Why do I need a live answering service?

How your business answers phone calls says a lot about you. A live receptionist gives your business the ability to never miss a call and always be certain that each caller is being treated in a friendly and professional manner. A live receptionist is able to take and deliver messages to you, which gives you the time to focus on what matters most for your business.

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Can Oxytocin Get Me A Boyfriend?

We met up at a dim sum place in Chinatown. He smiled when he saw me, and I gave him a long hug. Already, there was none of the stiff awkwardness that had plagued our first two dates. What my companion didn’t know was that minutes before arriving at the restaurant, I had inhaled two puffs of oxytocin, a polypeptide hormone that might be the biological basis for love.

The brain releases oxytocin into the bloodstream during physical contact such as stroking, hugging, and sex. When this happens, blood pressure lowers and you feel calm, safe, and trusting. As a part of the body’s anti-stress system, it works as a mirror to adrenalin, the hormone associated with the fight-or-flight response. I was researching oxytocin for an article about the science of love, and I decided to conduct a little experiment: Could taking the hormone before a date make me fall in love?

* * *

I ordered the $60 bottle of OxytocinFactor from ABC Nutriceuticals, one of a handful of companies that sells the hormone as a nasal spray. Three days later, a box containing 30 milliliters of oxytocin arrived at my doorstep from Boise, Idaho. The packaging read, “The hormone that makes love and relationship possible.” Bryan Post, the owner of the company, told me that he tested his product on “himself, his mother and 30 other people.” He claims the drug isn’t addictive, and it won’t get you high—it just “lowers your anxiety.”


For decades after its discovery in 1906, oxytocin was regarded as a “female hormone” because mothers’ brains release it during childbirth, according to Kerstin Moberg, a Swedish scientist and an early pioneer in oxytocin science. But in the late 1980s, Moberg’s research showed that both men and women get an oxytocin rush when they are in physical contact. Animal studies in the 1990s found that the brains of many other mammals release oxytocin during mating.

Oxytocin products are being marketed on the internet as pills and sprays to increase trust and cure stress.

I also spoke with two women who definitely don’t believe the oxytocin rush is all placebo effect. Susan Kuchinskas and Elisabeth Cruz organize oxytocin parties in Berkeley, California. Called “Love Chemistry,” the parties are for people who are interested in the science of love, says Kuchinskas. At the parties, people take artificially produced oxytocin together as an icebreaker. Cruz and Kuchinskas have gotten many different reactions from the attendees. “Some people feel warm and then they feel really calm while others feel disconnected, and they don’t know if they like it or not,” says Cruz. “There have also been nights when people feel so comfortable they don’t want to go home.”

But many scientists remain dismissive of how oxytocin products are being marketed on the internet as pills and sprays to increase trust and cure stress. “Some of the indications and proposed usages of oxytocin might very well be true, but there is too little research to say so yet,” says Moberg. Many of the properties attributed to the hormone rely on just one study, she explains.

There are many studies, however, that have examined the effects of oxytocin on animals. In one 2003 experiment, researchers petted pairs of rats that were caged together. When they were later released into a larger group, the two rats were much more likely to mate than rats that hadn’t been stroked. The researchers saw the same results among pairs of rats that received injections of oxytocin instead of petting.

I was skeptical that my spray would have any effect at all. Morberg told me that when oxytocin is released into the bloodstream it comes in waves, sometimes over a long period of time. So taking a dose through the nose might produce an effect, but it will never be as strong as when the body releases the hormone naturally.

* * *

On the train I felt a little dizzy; I imagined the liquid ascending into my brain and expanding like a cloud. But I started to feel my otherwise tense shoulders relaxing. By the time I arrived at the restaurant, 20 minutes had passed since I’d inhaled the oxytocin.

I decided not to tell my date I had taken the hormone. Kinsbourne had explained that if just one person acts more comfortable and interested, it can spark a natural release of oxytocin in the other person. My companion was tall with dark hair, and I thought I had never seen him so nicely dressed before. He wore dark jeans, a black jacket and a hat (in retrospect, I hate chunky hip-hop caps, but at the time I found everything about him very charming.) We took a tiny table in the middle of the room. It was a brightly lit, busy place, and the waitresses were screaming loud orders in Shanghainese. It wasn’t romantic, but I didn’t care—I was in a very good mood.

And my date definitely seemed more confident and relaxed. I sensed that he liked this calmer version of me better than the very intense and chatty version he had met before. We took a long walk home, and, for the first and only time, I imagined us as a couple.

We were going uptown on the same train, and before he headed out, he asked me if he could come with me back to my place. Sitting there close to him, I wanted to say yes, and it felt strange to leave him after such an intimate evening. But something made me hesitate, the train stopped, and I said no. He bent forward and kissed me on the cheek, looking miserable as he left the train. Oxytocin might have increased my trust and made me more patient, but it hadn’t made me lose my guard.

After our very affectionate date, I was excited to meet him again a few days later. I didn’t take oxytocin this time. He came to my place for pancakes, and I was a little nervous. As he sat there in my kitchen, we suddenly had nothing to talk about. It was back to stiff conversation. I didn’t find him very attractive and got annoyed that I had to come up with things to talk about.

I think he could feel it, and after we said goodbye, he sent me a text thanking me for the pancakes. I never heard from him again. Maybe I was under the spell of oxytocin that earlier night, or perhaps it was, as Kinsbourne said, “the magic of the third date.”

Viola Gad is a freelance writer based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter as @violagad.

5 Regeln Für Erfolgreiche Live

Mit Hilfe von Live-Tweets können Unternehmen die Markenbekanntheit und das Engagement steigern. Wir zeigen Ihnen, was sie beim nächsten Event beachten sollten.

Live-Tweets spielen mittlerweile überall eine Rolle. Sogar eher konservativen Bastionen wie Bayreuth gehen mit der Zeit: Eifrige Besucher der aktuellen Festspiele kommentieren das Geschehen auf der Bühne auch auf Twitter.

Wann kommt das c, das bisher immer als cis gespielt wurde? #Parsifal #BayreutherFestspiele

— Ambroise Thomas (@tkrooss) July 25, 2024

Wenn es um das Twittern von Live-Ereignissen geht, bin auch ich dabei. Als es im Finale von „Game of Thrones“ um „Sie-wissen-schon-wem” „Sie-wissen-schon-was zugestoßen-ist” ging, war ich geistig schon auf Twitter!

Denn dort schlägt der Puls der ganz großen Events und Ereignisse. Ob es um die allerneuesten Nachrichten zu einer Naturkatastrophe oder die letzte Folge einer geliebten TV-Serie geht: Wir twittern live, weil wir mit der unerhörten Erfahrung nicht allein sein wollen. Aber die Live-Tweets zum „Game of Thrones“-Finale kamen nicht nur von den Fans des Hauses Stark. Marken aus aller Welt beteiligten sich mit witzigen Anekdoten, Reaction-GIFs und eigenen Inhalten.

Mit Hilfe von Live-Tweets können Unternehmen die Markenbekanntheit und das Engagement steigern. Und sie können die Aufmerksamkeit auf eine gerade stattfindende Veranstaltung oder aktuelle Kampagne lenken. Es spielt keine Rolle, ob Sie für Ihre Firma an einer Konferenz teilnehmen oder die Halbzeit-Show einer großen Sport-Veranstaltung verfolgen: Für Live-Tweets braucht es ebenso viel Expertise und strategische Überlegungen wie für alle Ihre langfristigen Social Media-Pläne. Hier kommen fünf Regeln für Ihren Live-Tweet-Erfolg.

5 Grundregeln für erfolgreiche Live-Tweets 1. Bereiten Sie sich so gut wie möglich vor

Damit Ihre Live-Tweets möglichst schnell und relevant bleiben, sollten Sie gut vorbereitet sein. So behalten Sie auch im Eifer des Gefechts einen kühlen Kopf, anstatt von Emotionen überwältigt zu werden. (Das meine ich völlig wertfrei.)

Recherchieren Sie. Listen Sie die Klarnamen (und deren korrekte Schreibweise) und Twitter-Nutzernamen aller beteiligten Personen. Überlegen Sie sich, welche Fragen Ihre Follower haben könnten. Bereiten Sie die Antworten soweit möglich vor.

Erstellen Sie Bildvorlagen. Vorlagen ermöglichen eine schnellere Aufbereitung des Live-Contents von der Veranstaltung. Stellen Sie Bildvorlagen (876 x 438 Pixel) zusammen, die den Hashtag der Veranstaltung, Ihr Logo und andere optische Kennzeichen beinhalten. Mit diesen Vorlagen können Sie ganz einfach Content aus Fotos oder Zitaten von der Veranstaltung erzeugen.

Richten Sie Such-Streams in Hootsuite ein. Sie benötigen zwei Hootsuite Such-Streams. Einer beobachtet den offiziellen Hashtag der Veranstaltung, von der Sie Live-Tweets posten (dazu später mehr). Der andere beobachtet eine eigens eingerichtete Twitter-Liste mit allen an der Veranstaltung beteiligten Personen. Zum Beispiel die Nominierten und auftretende Künstler bei einer Preisverleihung oder die Referenten auf einer Konferenz. Mit einem Such-Stream für diese Liste verpassen Sie keinen einzigen Tweet der wichtigsten Event-Teilnehmer.

Bleiben Sie bei aller Vorbereitung aber flexibel. Bei jeder Veranstaltung gibt es Momente, mit denen keiner gerechnet hat. Und die wollen Sie in Ihren Live-Tweets doch sicher nutzen.

2. Verwenden Sie den/die richtigen Hashtag(s)

#Rio2024? #RioOlympics? Nur #Olympics? Welcher ist der richtige? Auch wenn Sie mir das vielleicht nicht glauben: Es macht einen Unterschied, welchen Hashtag Sie benutzen, wenn Sie von den diesjährigen Olympischen Sommerspielen twittern. (Nur für’s Protokoll: #Rio2024 ist richtig.)

Informieren Sie sich, wie der offizielle Hashtag lautet. Und finden Sie heraus, welche Hashtags es zu diesem Event sonst noch gibt. Falls Sie einen Hashtag für eine von Ihnen durchgeführte Veranstaltung erstellen, halten Sie ihn kurz. Ihr Hashtag sollte sich leicht merken lassen. Checken Sie sicherheitshalber, ob er bereits von jemand anderem verwendet wird.

Überwachen Sie den Hashtag mit Hootsuite

Beobachten Sie den Hashtag mit einem Hootsuite Such-Stream. Verwenden Sie ihn in jedem Ihrer Tweets. Halten Sie die Augen nach anderen Hashtags offen, die im Laufe des Events immer beliebter werden und für Ihre Marke relevant sein könnten. Aber bevor Sie einen neuen Hashtag verwenden, sollten Sie sich 1.000 Prozent (ja, ich meine wirklich Tausend Prozent) sicher sein, dass Sie wissen, was er bedeutet, worauf er sich bezieht und wie alle anderen ihn einsetzen.

Sie interessieren sich für ähnliche Inhalte? Dann sehen Sie sich doch auf unserer Hootsuite Academy Plattform nach weiteren kostenlosen Social Media-Schulungen um.

3. Die Mischung macht’s

Einfach nur Fotos mit Hashtag von einer Veranstaltung posten, macht keinen Live-Tweet zum Erfolg. Nutzen Sie unterschiedliche Interaktionsmethoden. Nehmen Sie sich vor, während der Veranstaltung so viele verschiedene Content-Arten wie möglich zu veröffentlichen. Zum Beispiel:

Twittern Sie Zitate von Referenten oder Moderatoren.

Suchen Sie nach Fragen mit dem Event-Hashtag und beantworten Sie diese.

Twittern Sie eigene Fragen oder Umfragen mit dem Hashtag, um Ihre Follower zur aktiven Beteiligung zu animieren.

Teilen Sie Fotos von der Veranstaltung. Verwenden Sie dafür Ihre Bildvorlagen.

Veröffentlichen Sie Videos von Szenen „hinter den Kulissen“ oder Veranstaltungs-Updates.

Retweeten Sie Referenten, Moderatoren oder Künstler der Veranstaltung.

Retweeten Sie lustige oder informative Kommentare anderer Twitter-Nutzer zum Event.

Anmerkung: Wenn Sie Fotos oder Videos von der Veranstaltung veröffentlichen wollen, stellen Sie sichern, dass Sie das auch dürfen.

4. Sorgen Sie für gleichbleibend gute Qualität der Tweets

Nur weil es sehr schnell gehen muss, sollten Sie Ihre Content-Qualitätsstandards nicht vernachlässigen. Wählen Sie die Zitate oder Erkenntnisse für Ihre Tweets sorgfältig aus. Veröffentlichen Sie nur qualitativ hochwertige Fotos oder Videos, die Ihre Follower auch interessieren. Niemand legt Wert auf ein unscharfes Foto des Referenten in einem dunklen Raum, das in der hintersten Reihe aufgenommen wurde.

In diesem Beispiel ist Cision die Bildauswahl für den Live-Tweet von einer Social Media-Konferenz, veranstaltet von Ragan, besonders gut gelungen. Das Zitat bezieht sich auf die Macht der Bilder (noch ein Grund mehr, nur die besten Bilder zu posten). Und das Foto von drei lachenden Männern inmitten einer Menschenmenge ergänzt es perfekt.

Bieten Sie Mehrwert für alle, die nicht dabei sein können

Live-Tweets können das Erlebnis der Teilnehmer einer Veranstaltung zweifelsohne bereichern. Aber auch der Rest Ihrer Follower (und das werden die meisten sein) sieht Ihre Tweets. Und wenn Sie schon ihre Timelines mit Tweets von einem Event überschwemmen, an dem sie nicht teilnehmen, sollten diese Tweets zumindest interessant sein.

Wenn Sie beispielsweise das Foto eines der Referenten veröffentlichen, sollte der Tweet mehr als dessen Namen und den Hashtag enthalten. Mit etwas Kontext – einem Zitat oder einem Link auf weiterführende Infos – haben alle Ihre Follower etwas von Ihren Live-Tweets.

Und wenn Sie dafür sorgen, dass jeder Tweet nützlich, unterhaltsam und informativ ist oder sonst einen Mehrwert besitzt, gewinnen Sie möglicherweise sogar neue Follower. Wer nach dem Veranstaltungs-Hashtag sucht, wird auch Ihre Inhalte finden. Und vielleicht beschließen, Ihnen zu folgen, wenn die Tweets interessant und inhaltlich wertvoll waren.

5. Fassen Sie Ihre Tweets zusammen und nutzen die Inhalte mehrfach

Das Schöne an Live-Tweets: sie liefern auch nach dem Event noch eine Fülle an Content-Ideen. Fassen Sie Ihre Tweets (und die besten Tweets anderer Twitter-Nutzer oder an der Veranstaltung beteiligter Personen) in einem Blog-Post zusammen. Teilen Sie diesen ein paar Tage oder Wochen nach dem Event mit Ihren Followern. Ein Beispiel: Am Ende unseres Posts zu einem Event in London haben wir Tweets und Fotos in einer Übersicht zusammengestellt.

Sie können die Bilder oder Videos aus den Live-Tweets auch als Content für andere soziale Netzwerke nutzen. Fotos von der Veranstaltung oder Bilder mit Zitaten von einem Referenten eignen sich perfekt für Plattformen wie Facebook oder Instagram.

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Galxe Passport: A Universal Identity In The World Of Web3, Is Now Live!

Galxe, the leading Web3 credential data network has introduced a new addition to their already successful Galxe ID project –  Galxe Passport.  Galxe Passport promises an all-in-one solution for Web3 users to enjoy a seamless experience across a number of applications, with additional features, including Soulbound Tokens.

Galxe Passport enables users to adopt a single, universal account (also known as an identity), which can then be used across a number of applications for compliance purposes. Through their own personal encrypted password, users will enjoy peace of mind knowing that their accounts are secure and safe from potential sybil attacks. A unique proposition of the Galxe Passport is that users will have an opportunity to obtain a Soulbound Token – a non-transferrable NFT, backed by blockchain technology, representing an individual’s information which is unique and owned exclusively by the user.

“Galxe Passport is revolutionary not only for Galxe itself but for the Web3 space as a whole. This feature tests the boundaries of decentralization in this space, enabling a convenient, safe, and anonymous experience for all. We pride ourselves on being innovators at Galxe and plan to continue developing tools that ensure a secure Web3 experience. You and only you are in control of your Web3 destiny with Galxe Passport. And that’s a guarantee.” Said Co-Founder of Galxe, Harry Zhang.

Galxe ID, first launched in October of 2023 was highly praised for bridging a large gap in the Web3 space. The initial proposition of  Galxe ID was to become a universal “key” for users to enter the Web3 world, being able to access multiple on-chain and off-chain applications with ease. Being characterized as becoming one of the most important tools for recording users personal and behavioral footprints in the Web3 space, Galxe ID is currently home to 4.9 million active accounts. Users of Galxe ID, and its new addition of the Galxe Passport, will have an opportunity to showcase the history of their real life and online achievements all in one place. 

The introduction of Galxe Passport falls hand in hand with Galxe’s exciting rebrand (previously Project Galaxy). Through both their rebrand and introduction of this new feature, the Galxe team have shown great strides in continuous innovation not only within their brand and team, but also in the greater Web3 world. The Galxe Passport is revolutionizing the Web3 world through the guarantee of data ownership to the users. Additionally, the elimination of bots via the Galxe passport drives real user growth, naturally leading to loyal retention and lower compliance risks.  

Galxe Passport is made possible by the developers on the Galxe team along with Persona. Persona is the only identity platform that gives businesses the building blocks they need to build their ideal verification program. This is what Persona had to say about this feature:

“Persona is the leading identity infrastructure company that helps businesses prioritize trust and safety while minimizing fraud. With Persona, we are able to create seamless and automated identity verification programs without compromising on user experience. “Persona is very excited to help Galxe build trust and safety with the users on their platform. We are looking forward to growing our partnership and seeing the development of our verification solution firsthand,” said Fu Han Liang, VP of Customer Success at Persona.

With a mission to take the next step in a safer and more secure identity solution for all, Galxe are celebrating the launch of their new offering by giving away the first 10,000 Passport mints for free. With this, Galxe are hoping to see the Web3 community use this tool to grow, engage and create impactful experiences.

About Galxe

Galxe is the leading Web3 credential data network in the world. With a mission to build an open, collaborative credential data network, Galxe enables brands and developers to engage communities and build robust products in Web3. Through both on-chain and off-chain credentials, the Galxe infrastructure supports the curation of data credentials through multiple data sources. 

Galxe Passport – Your Universal Identity for Web3 Adventures

Galxe Passport was developed for sybil prevention and compliance purposes to allow partners of Galxe to be confident when launching their campaigns. The Galxe Passport is a Soulbound Token tied to a wallet address distinguishing a verified individual. Mint your Galxe Passport here!

How To Get Google To Recrawl A Social Network Page

Today’s Ask an SEO question comes from Shallom in Israel. Shallom asks:

“How would you get Google Search to recrawl a social network page as soon as possible as an end user who manages this page?”

Great question, Shallom!

But I’m curious why you would want Google Search to recrawl a page on social media.

I’m guessing you updated the page and want the new version of the page in Google’s indexes and cache?

Either way, I’m happy to share how I would approach this and it is likely very easy to do.

You simply have to direct Google to the page.

Here are four ways to help Google’s spiders discover your new or updated information.

1. Create a link to your page

The first and likely easiest way is to link to the social media page from your blog or website by mentioning the page within a post.

Now fetch the page on your own website as Google inside Search Console (request it be indexed) and Google should find the link and crawl it.

2. Share the page on a different social network that Google can crawl regularly.

For example, if the page you want to be crawled is Facebook, share the link to it on Twitter and/or Pinterest.  Google checks these platforms regularly and will likely crawl the link from your social share.

3. Run a PR campaign about the page and see if you can get it picked up by a media outlet. 

Google crawls media sites regularly to keep searches up to date with the latest happenings.

If your goal is to get your social media page crawled by Google, then you’re likely doing something newsworthy so give it a try and see if actual media companies will cover it.

If they do, Google will very easily find the link to your social media page.

4. Modify your “Same As” schema nested in your “Organization” schema

If the social media pages or profiles are a new URL for your company or personal page and you have a website, change the “same as” link in your schema to the new page and fetch your homepage in Search Console.

Google should find this when you request the indexing and find the changes in your schema to make the association with the new accounts.

There are a lot of ways you can help Google to find your new and updated social media pages.

The trick is to guide Google there if you cannot fetch the page directly.

More Resources:

Why You Can’t Get A 1440P Laptop: Blame 4K Tvs

If you’ve tried to buy a nice Windows laptop in the past few years, there’s a good chance you’ve agonized over display resolutions.

There is, of course, a middle ground in the form of 1440p (2560×1440) displays, also known as QHD. You just wouldn’t know it from today’s selection of laptops. Even though 1440p hits the sweet spot between a crisp picture and long battery life, most laptops instead make you choose between extremes.

We asked some PC makers why, and the answers were illuminating. In short, 4K TV marketing has blinded laptop shoppers to the benefits of 1440p displays, so display manufacturers and laptop makers seldom bother to produce them. There is, however, some hope that this might change over the next few years, especially as PC screens come in different shapes and sizes that look less like your TV.

4K laptops: Mostly for marketing

Tom Butler, Lenovo’s executive director of commercial portfolio and product management, said the prevalence of 1080p laptops (also known as Full HD or FHD) is easy to explain. Panels with 1920×1080 resolution are inexpensive, look decent on smaller screens, and are battery-efficient. IT departments also appreciate 1080p because it generally works with any application, with no scaling issues. That makes it a safe bet for the commercial laptop market.

“FHD, that’s the easy one,” Butler said in an interview. “That has become the industry sweet spot.”

But as laptop makers have moved into higher resolutions, they’ve gravitated toward 3840×2160, or 4K resolution, skipping over anything in between. That’s largely because of the hype that TV manufacturers have created around 4K. “The TV industry has really trained consumers to look for 4K,” Butler said.

Despite those deficiencies, display manufacturers have focused more on 4K than other middle-ground resolutions, such as 1440p. While 1440p panels are still less expensive to produce than 4K ones, the cost difference isn’t so great that PC makers are willing to sacrifice 4K’s marketing benefits.

That’s not to say 4K is worthless in laptops. Stefan Peana, the CTO for display engineering at Dell Technologies, pointed out that most content exists in 1080p or 4K, so for content creators, the latter resolution might make sense.

“Interestingly, QHD was actually quite popular in laptops many years ago until television became big on 4K,” Peana said via email. “We see a trend in content creators preferring to work on 4K panels and most consumers finding 1080p sufficient for their daily content consumption needs.”

Still, it’s reasonable to wonder how many creative types are working on 4K content using a device like Dell’s XPS 13, a thin-and-light laptop with a 13-inch screen and integrated graphics. For those kinds of machines, might it make sense to offer a crisper display resolution without 4K’s trade-offs? Peana allowed for the possibility.

Changes on the horizon

Lenovo’s Tom Butler is more willing to bet that laptop displays will hit a sweet spot between 1080p and 4K. In the coming years, he foresees a shift away from laptops with the same widescreen 16:9 aspect ratios used by televisions. Taller aspect ratios such as 16:10 or 3:2 give users more space for editing documents and browsing the web.

“Most of us are not just sitting there consuming content all day,” Butler said. “We’re actually working. We’re creating, or we’re editing, or reviewing, so the extra real estate is welcomed.”

That push, in turn, may open the door to resolutions other than 4K. Once laptops break out of the widescreen paradigm, Butler said, “you won’t have this gravitational pull to perhaps over-indexing on the resolution.”

Other PC makers may still face challenges stepping back from 4K. As Butler noted, coming up with savvy marketing terms that customers will remember, akin to Apple’s “Retina Display” branding, isn’t easy. “I think part of the challenge is, Lenovo can come out with a brand name, HP can come out with something different, Dell can come out with something different,” he said.

Still, he’s optimistic that within within one to three years, sub-4K resolutions will become more popular. Despite what PC makers might say about the benefits of 4K, the truth is that they’re not happy with just mimicking the shape and resolution of televisions. They’re starting to push manufacturers to produce panels in more shapes and sizes.

“The PC manufacturers kind of went kicking and screaming from 16:10 to 16:9,” Butler said. “So we like the fact that the aperture’s reopening.”

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