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Game Pass is a service from Microsoft that offers games at a discount, few games are available on the same day, and many games are free. If you have bought the game pass subscription but cannot launch the games on Xbox or PC, this post will help you fix the problem.

Game Pass not launching games on Xbox or PC

Game Pass games can be launched through the Xbox App on PC and directly on Xbox. So on a PC, it eventually comes to the Xbox App, while on the Xbox console, you will have to work through the console settings, including resetting it.

On Windows PC

Update Game

Update the Xbox App

Reconnect with the Microsoft account

Reset or Repair Xbox App

Restart Gaming Service

You will need an admin account to execute some of these suggestions.

On Xbox

Power cycle

Offline Update

Check Xbox server status

Clear Cache

Reinstall the game

On Xbox, ensure to use the primary account or the first account used to sign in.

On Windows PC

1] Update Game 2] Update the Xbox App

If it is happening for most games, you will need to check if an update is available for the Xbox App. It is possible that something has changed on the app level, and it cannot validate the account with the Game Pass. You can update the app in the same way as mentioned above.

3] Reconnect with the Microsoft account

Game Pass is connected with a Microsoft account. If you are sure that you are using the same account with the Xbox App, then reconnectning the account with Xbox App might help. It will revalidate everything, and if there is anything around that is causing the problem, it will be able to fix it.

It will expand the menu and show multiple options.

Follow the same method and sign in.

If you wish to switch the account, you will have the option.

Check if you can launch the Game Pass games.

4] Reset or Repair Xbox App

5] Restart Gaming Service

Open the Run prompt, type chúng tôi and press the Enter key. It will open the Services window.  Search for any service that is related to Xbox. The list will include Xbox Accessory Management Service, Xbox Live Auth Manager, Xbox Live Game Save, and Xbox Live Networking Service.  Start or Restart the services based on the status.

On Xbox 1] Power cycle your Xbox console

When you turn off the console, it simply goes to standby. To completely shut it down and restart. You will have to power cycle it. To manually power cycle your Xbox console, do the following:

To turn off your Xbox console, press and hold the Xbox button on the front of the console for approximately 10 seconds. Then, unplug your Xbox from the power outlet and wait at least 30-60 seconds. Finally, plug your Xbox back into the power outlet. Now, turn your console back on by pressing the Xbox button on the console or controller.

Note: When you do so, It will deactivate instant-on mode. To re-enable instant-on mode, or the ability to turn on your console by saying “Xbox on,” you must restart the console.

2] Check Xbox server status

Some games check for the internet connection when they launch. If the internet is stable, but the Xbox Service is down, then the games may not launch. Go to Xbox Live status and make sure all services are green to check the status.

3] Clear Cache

To clear the cache on your console, press the Xbox button on your controller. Then navigate to your Settings menu. Select Devices and Connections and then select the Blu-Ray option. Choose the Persistent Storage option. Finally, select Clear.

4] Reinstall the game

If the above methods don’t work, you can try to uninstall and then install the game again. If there was some issue with the game’s download, which led to the corruption of files in the game, then it can help fix it.

If none of these work, you can also choose to reset your Xbox console and make sure to select the Reset and keep my games & apps option. Once you are back, make sure to check if it is working.

I hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to resolve the issue with Game Pass not launching games on Xbox or PC.

Why is my Game Pass ultimate not working?

If the games from Game Pass ultimate are not working, ensure you have an active subscription and the games are compatible on your PC. While the service allows you to download the game, the PC should have enough power to run it.

Can you still play Game Pass games after they are removed?

After a game is removed from the Xbox Game Pass library, you will no longer be able to play it, even if it is downloaded to your console or installed on your PC.

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Monster Hunter Rise Is Not Launching Or Crashing On Launch On Windows Pc

Monster Hunter Rise is a new game that is becoming quite popular. But like most games, this one too has its share of issues. Some users are reporting that the game is not launching, or that it crashes immediately after launching. If you are facing this issue, then read this post for the resolution.

Why is Monster Hunter Rise not launching?

An outdated Graphics Driver may lead the game not to open on your device. Now, you may now know that your drivers need to be updated every now and then because Windows Update tends to install the latest version of the driver automatically. However, sometimes, we forget to update our OS or Windows Update fails to update the driver, in that, case, you should see the solution mentioned later to resolve.

The game can also crash because of some of the missing or damaged game files. These files be can be fixed from the launcher itself. There are other reasons that can stop the game from launching, such as resource-hogging programs. That can take resources that your game needs.

You should also take care of any third-party antivirus software. Most of the time, Antivirus/Firewall or Windows Security can cause such issues. You can either disable antivirus software temporarily or allow the game through the firewall.

Monster Hunter Rise is not launching or crashing on launch on Windows PC

If Monster Hunter Rise is not launching on your Windows, start the troubleshooting process by checking for upgrades. Most of the time, updating itself solves the issue. But, if it didn’t then follow the given fixes.

Run the game as an administrator

Allow through the firewall/antivirus and Controlled Folder Access

Update your Graphics Driver

Quit resource-hogging programs

Verify the integrity of the file

Repair your system files

Let’s get started.

1] Run the game as an administrator

Navigate to the following the location

C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon.

Under the Compatability tab, select Run this program as an administrator.

Now launch the game and check for errors. Also, you can open Steam as an administrator and launch the game from there.

2] Allow the game through firewall/antivirus

Antivirus and Windows security can interfere with the game. You can change the settings to stop them from getting in the way. If you have a third-party antivirus, then you can try whitelisting your app. But if you have configured Windows Security, then try the following steps.

Search Windows Security in the search bar and open it.

Scroll down and select Allow an app through firewall.

Allow it through both Private and Public networks.

Hopefully, your issue will be resolved.

3] Update your Graphics Driver

Updating Graphics Driver can resolve the launching issue if the game can’t launch if the issue is because of outdated drivers. Updating Windows automatically updates Graphics Driver. However, for any cause, it didn’t, you can manually update your Graphics Driver.

4] Quit resource-hogging programs

Programs working in the background can definitely cause launching issues. It can clash with the program for resources. You can quit such resource-hogging programs. To do the same, execute the following steps.

Hit Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.

Hopefully, this will solve the crashing and launching issues, however, If the game is still not launching, try the next fix.

5] Verify the integrity of the file

You can verify the integrity of the file to make sure there are no damaged files. Damaged and missing files are generally the reason behind the issue in question. Follow the given steps to verify the integrity.

Launch Steam and navigate to the Library.

Select Properties.

Scanning, and replacing damaged files will take some time, so wait for a bit. Then launch the app and see if the issue persists.

6] Repair your system files

Corrupted system files can pave the way for errors. However, we can execute System File Checker to resolve the issue.

sfc /scannow

Let the process complete and once it’s done, restart your computer and hopefully, the issue will be resolved.

How many GB is Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise is a big game and you need to have 23 GBs of free space in order to get started with it. Also, you need at least 8 GBs of RAM to run the game. So, we can say that this is a demanding game.

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How To Fix Outer Wilds Not Uninstalling On Game Pass.

If you are trying to uninstall Outer Wilds from Game Pass PC or have already finished playing it and would like to remove Outer Wilds from your computer. This article will show you how to troubleshoot the uninstall problems that are known issues with Outer Wilds on Game Pass. The primary one being that storage space isn’t freed up after the uninstall.

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Outer Wilds is one of the most unique games around and has made its way back to Game Pass once again. If you missed Outer Wilds last time it was on Game Pass now is the perfect time to dive in. Although the Xbox app looks simple enough, it’s riddled with bugs, errors, and issues that make using Game Pass a nightmare. If you’re starting out with the Game Pass for the first time or have been using it for ages, it generally works best if you install the Xbox app early into a clean installation of Windows.

You can check out some of our other troubleshooting guides here if you’re having other issues with Game Pass. For now, though you’ll find all the troubleshooting steps for updating or uninstalling Outer Wilds from Game Pass PC below. We’ve listed them in order of ease, so work through them from the top down. Some of them are specific to how you have your PC configured so they may not work for you.

If you have Outer Wilds installed on a secondary drive. Format the Drive.

Sadly not everyone is going to be able to use this method, however, it is the best solution to solve the problem. Format the drive you have Outer Wilds installed on. Moving forward, you should think about creating a partition on your drive just for games. For example, you may wish to allocate 150GB of your storage space to Game Pass games so that when this happens again you can quickly format the partition. Which only takes a few seconds to do.

As this issue happens with a lot of Game Pass games, chose to allocate one of my SSDs to the cause. This saves me from having to run through all of the other options shown below. Although they work well they are more time consuming and do occasionally fail.

How to uninstall Outer Wilds from Game Pass PC if it won’t remove from a drive fully?

If you can’t seem to uninstall Outer Wilds from Game Pass, there are several different things you can try. You may have to try all of these until you find the one that works. Yes! Game Pass really is that annoying. We’ve listed the options in order of ease so work your way down the list. Be aware that games are sometimes removed from the catalogue but the space on your drive stays used.

How do you update, uninstall, install Outer Wilds if it won’t update on Game pass automatically?

If your problem is that Outer Wilds won’t update on Game Pass, you’ll need to do the following to manually force an update.

Next, change to the Games tab and you will see all the games installed on your computer from the Microsoft Store and Xbox app.

This will work for all Game Pass games except for games that are linked to the EA Games app. You can also use this method to install or uninstall Game Pass games.

Error 0X803F7000 When You Start A Game Or App On Xbox Console

When you encounter this error, it indicates that the console was unable to verify the license for the game or app – usually occurs when you’re not signed in to Xbox Live.

Error 0x803F7000 when you start a game or app

If when you start a game or app on your Xbox console, and you receive the Error Code 0x803F7000, you can try the recommended solutions below in no particular to resolve the issue on your gaming device.

Restart/Power-cycle your Xbox console

Check Xbox server status

Sign in to Xbox Live with account that purchased the game/app

Set Xbox console as Home Xbox

Contact the game/app publisher

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

1] Restart/Power-cycle your Xbox console

You can begin troubleshooting the Error Code 0x803F7000 when you start a game or app on your Xbox console by restarting and/or power-cycling your console and see if that helps fix the error.

To restart your Xbox, do the following:

Press and hold the Xbox button on the controller to launch the Power center.

When the options show, select Restart Console.

Select Restart and wait until your console finishes the reboot.

If restarting didn’t help, you can then try power-cycle.

To manually power-cycle your Xbox console, do the following:

Press and hold the Xbox button on the front of the console for approximately 10 seconds to turn off your console.

Unplug your Xbox from the mains.

Wait at least 30-60 seconds.

Once the time elapses, plug your Xbox back into the power outlet.

Now, press the Xbox button on the console or the Xbox button on your controller to turn your console back on.

In the case you don’t see the green boot-up animation when the console restarts, you can repeat these steps and make sure that you hold the power button until the console completely shuts down.

If after carrying these tasks and the error isn’t fixed, you can try the next solution.

2] Check Xbox server status

This error could be due to a transient issue at Xbox end or you’re not signed into Xbox Live – so, you can wait a while and check the Xbox Live status at chúng tôi then try again if all services are up and running. However, if you’re signed in and Xbox Live status is all green for all services, but the error in view persists, you can try to resolve possible Xbox Live networking issues that might be triggering the error.

3] Sign in to Xbox Live with account that purchased the game/app

This solution requires you to check and make sure that you’re signed in to Xbox Live using the Xbox account that purchased the game or app on the Xbox console. Additionally, check that you’re connected to Xbox Live.

To test your connection, do the following:

Press the Xbox button to open the guide.

Select Network settings.

Select Test network connection.

Try launching the game or app again once the test completes successfully and confirms that you’re connected. If the error reappears, you can check your NAT type and make sure it’s set to Open – to do this, follow the instructions in the guide on how to fix Your network settings are blocking Party Chat [0x89231806] error.

4] Set Xbox console as Home Xbox

You may encounter the issue in view if Xbox Live service is down, as Microsoft will be unable to verify your license for a digitally purchased game or app. In this case, you can fix this issue by setting your Xbox console as your home Xbox – keep in mind that you can designate only one console as your home Xbox.

Do the following:

Press the Xbox button to open the guide.

Select Personalization.

Select My home Xbox.

Now, depending on the current status, select Make this my home Xbox or Remove this as my home Xbox to designate or remove respectively, the console as your home Xbox.

If the issue is still unresolved, try the next solution.

5] Contact the game/app publisher

At this point if nothing has worked so far and the error persists, you can contact the publisher of the game or app in question and see if all is OK at their end. Also, you may contact Xbox Support and see what assistance they can provide in resolving the issue..

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How do I fix my Xbox restrictions?

You can set content restrictions by age on your Xbox console. Here’s how:

Press the Xbox button to open the guide.

Select Manage family members.

Select the member whose settings you want to update.

Under Access to content, select the desired age-level restriction.

How do you fix Xbox saying do you own this game or app?

If you receive error 0x803F8001 Do you own this game or app on Xbox one, then insert the game to verify that you own it. Or else, you should ask the owner to sign in to Xbox Live if you don’t own the game. In addition, also check your Xbox Live Status, restart the game, and reboot your Xbox console which may help you fix the problem.

That’s all! Hope it helps.

Twitch Notifications Not Working On Android, Iphone, Or Pc

In this article, we will cover six ways to help you if Twitch notifications are not working on Android, iPhone, or PC. Twitch is a superb streaming platform, primarily for gamers who want to watch others play games or play themselves and broadcast it to viewers. This application is incredibly good due to the numerous features it offers its users. One of the features that Twitch users enjoy about the app is its prompt notification any time a streamer is live on the platform, which helps prevent them from missing out on streams.

However, we’ve seen users complain about the Twitch notifications not working on their devices and missing out on many streams due to the issue. Besides, this issue also affects streamers since followers don’t receive notifications when they are live on Twitch, leading to a drop in their views. Thankfully, fixing the Twitch notification issues only requires some simple tweaks on the app, device, or browser you are using the streaming service.

Reason for Twitch notifications not working on Android, iPhone, or PC

The common reason for Twitch notifications not to work on your device is when the notifications setting isn’t enabled on your device or on Twitch itself. Also, if you are using Twitch on a PC through your browser and its notification isn’t working, it could be due to a cache problem, wrong settings, or some extension issue on your browser.

Here are the highlights of the things that causes the Twitch notification issue:

Disabled notification settings on Twitch or device.

Browser issue.

Software glitch.

Fix Twitch notifications not working on Android, iPhone, or PC

If Twitch notifications are not being displayed or are not working on any of your devices, here are a few working tips to fix the issue:

Enable notification on Twitch

Disable Smart Notifications on Twitch

Enable Twitch notification on your device and browser

Uninstall and reinstall the Twitch app

Clear browser cache

Reset your browser

1] Enable notification on Twitch

The very first thing you should do if you are not receiving Twitch notification on any of your devices is to make sure notification is enabled on the app. Although the notification is always automatically enabled on registering on the platform, you could have tampered with the settings unknowingly. Without the notifications setting enabled on Twitch, you won’t be able to receive any notifications on the app. Here is how to turn on Twitch notifications on any of your devices:


Go to your browser and open your Twitch account.

On the resulting menu, select Settings.

Switch to the Notifications category on the Settings page.

Select On Mobile and toggle on the switch at the front of the All push notification option to enable Twitch push notification.

To access the Twitch notifications settings on Android or iPhone

Select Account Settings and then tap on Notifications.

You’ll see the notifications settings, and you can adjust them as discussed above.

This approach will undoubtedly help if the notification issue is due to Twitch settings. However, if it doesn’t, try the next fix.

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2] Disable Smart Notifications on Twitch

Twitch Smart notification is a setting that regulates how your Twitch notifications are sent to you. When this setting is enabled, your notifications are only sent to where you are, which may be why you are not receiving push notifications on your phone. It’s then recommended to disable Twitch smart notification, and here is how to do it:

Select Account Settings and hit Notifications.

Toggle off the switch in front of Enable smart notifications.

3] Enable Twitch notification on your device and browser

If Twitch notification isn’t enabled on your phone or browser, you won’t be getting any notifications from Twitch, and you can thereby miss out on updates from your favorite streamers. Here is how to enable Twitch notifications on your device and browser:

Windows PC

To enable notifications on Windows PC, read the following posts:

Navigate to Site Settings and tap it.

Also, ensure that chúng tôi is not among Sites can ask to send notifications list.

You may need to also check the Windows Notifications settings.


Go to Settings on your phone.

Select Twitch on the app list and tap on Notification.

Toggle on Allow notifications.


Select the Twitch app and toggle on Allow Notifications.

4] Uninstall and reinstall the Twitch app

On your phone, if the Twitch notification isn’t still coming true after trying the solutions above, you should uninstall and reinstall the app. Hopefully, this will help out.

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5] Clear browser cache 6] Reset your browser

You can reset your Edge browser to default if the issue persists on your Windows computer. This solution will be ideal if you’ve been receiving notifications on your browser, but it suddenly stops. It has helped some users out and can help you out too. Read the following posts to reset your third-party browsers:

How can I enable Twitch push notifications?

If you are not receiving Twitch notifications on your phone, you should enable push notifications on the app. Here is how to do it:

Select Account Settings and tap on Notifications.

Select On Mobile on the resulting page and toggle on the Send me push notifications option.

Can you use Twitch for free and without a login?

Streaming on Twitch is absolutely free, and registration on the platform is subjective too. This means you don’t have to pay at all to watch broadcasts and videos on Twitch. However, for you to enjoy more features like following streamers, chatting, and more, you need to have a login.

Why is Twitch Notifications not working on Android, iPhone, or PC?

If Twitch notifications is not working on your devices, it is most probably because you’ve disabled notification on the app or on your device itself. So try to check your notifications settings to resolve the issue.

How To Fix Do You Own This Game Or App Xbox Error 0X803F8001

How to Fix Do you own this game or app Xbox error 0x803F8001 Use the solutions to solve the issue and play your games




Xbox One offers a quality, immersive gaming experience and that is something we can all agree upon.

Nevertheless, there are moments when the console prevents you from running your favorite games and apps. This is exactly the case with error code 0x803f8001 (Do you own this game or app?). 

If you already tried inserting the game disc into the console without success, step up your troubleshooting with our tested solutions listed below.

Error 0x803F8001 on Xbox One or “do you own this game or app” can be problematic and prevent you from running games and apps. However, there’s a way to deal with this issue, and today we’ll show you how to do it.

The Xbox One is perhaps the best gaming console the world has come across in ages. And while it offers a quality, immersive gaming experience, there are moments when a few hitches spring up every now and then.

One of these moments involves error code 0x803F8001. This may mean one of three things:

The game disc is not in the console

Game was bought and downloaded by someone else not signed in to the Xbox One console

The game was bought and downloaded but you are not signed in, and/or connected to Xbox Live

In case you’re experiencing Xbox One error code 0x803F8001 or the message “Do you own this game or app”, try the solutions listed below.

Why is my Xbox One saying I don’t own the game?

The main reasons why you are getting “do you own the game or app” from Xbox one is that there is a problem with the Xbox Live servers. A small check to see if any issues on the server is all you need to do.

If there is nothing wrong with the Xbox Live servers, check your internet connection. If all it’s in order, then just go and follow the solutions we provided below.

How can I fix Microsoft “do you own this game or app” error message on Xbox One? 1. Reset the console, perform a full power cycle or disconnect your console to reboot completely

Please note: this process doesn’t erase any of your games nor does it erase your data.

How to restart your Xbox One console

If you cannot access the guide or if the Xbox One console is frozen, press and hold the Xbox button until it turns off. Once it shuts down, tap the Xbox button again to restart.

How to physically power cycle the Xbox One console

Turn the console off by holding down the Xbox button for about 10 seconds.

Press the Xbox button again (or press the Xbox button on your controller) to turn the Xbox One on. If the green boot-up animation doesn’t display when you restart the console, repeat both steps. Ensure you hold down the Xbox power button until it shuts down completely.

Note: If your console is in Instant-On power mode, these steps will shut it off completely as the Instant-On mode is disabled until you restart the console.

How to disconnect and reconnect Xbox One console power cable

Press Xbox button to turn off the console.

Wait 10 seconds until it completely shuts down.

Unplug the power cable. Then, wait for about 10 seconds as this resets the console’s power supply.

Plug the console power cable back.

Press the Xbox button to turn on console.

2. Check Xbox Live service status

If you see any alerts when you check the Xbox Live service status, wait until the service is back up and running and then try again.

3. Designate an Xbox One console as your home box

Expert tip:

Get the person who purchased and downloaded the game to sign into the Xbox One console.

Set the Xbox One as a home console for the person who purchased the game.

How to designate an Xbox One console as your home Xbox

When you first sign in to Xbox One console and save your password, the console becomes your home Xbox.

This allows you to share games and downloadable content you buy from the Store with anyone else who signs in to your Xbox One or share your Xbox Live Gold subscription with anyone else who signs in to your home console.

You can even share games downloaded as part of a subscription, play games as you travel, or even play while offline (Take note you’ll need to set it as your home Xbox before going offline).

Note: If you sign in on different consoles, designate the console you use frequently to be your home Xbox. You can only designate one console as your home Xbox.

Follow these steps to designate Xbox One console as your home Xbox:

4. Insert the game disc into your console

In some instances, the simplest solution is the best, and many users reported that they fixed the 0x803F8001 error simply by inserting their game disc to the console.

This is a decent workaround if you have the game disc, but if you don’t, you might want to try some other solution.

5. Make sure you’re signed in to Xbox Live

If you’re getting error 0x803F8001, perhaps the issue is that you aren’t signed in to your Xbox Live account.

If you’re trying to run applications or games from Microsoft Store, you need to be signed in to Xbox Live, or else you’ll encounter this error message.

So double-check if you’re signed in properly and try to run the application again.

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