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Today is April Fool’s day, folks. You’ve probably noticed a bunch of prank posts in your morning news flow, but this one’s not a joke. For those unfamiliar with it, Apple Computer, Inc. was launched on April 1, 1976. That makes the company 35 years old. Apple is now a global consumer electronics powerhouse that commands several lucrative verticals such as phones, music, digital entertainment and of course tablets and their blockbuster products have captivated consumers and caught competitors flat-footed, giving them a pause.

While the best is yet to come, I bet co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak didn’t think in their wildest dreams of gaining so much influence when they were agonizing over the first Apple I in the Jobs parents’ garage. So how did the two Silicon Valley geniuses build the most-valued technology company on the planet poised to soon beat Exxon Mobil Corporation in market valuation? Here’s an interesting overview of the key moments shedding light on how Apple came to be…


For Jobs and Wozniak, it all began at Hewlett-Packard where they were tinkering with computers. Prior to that, their first brush with electronics had been a device that could game the analogue telephone switchboard system, allowing the two pranksters to place long-distance calls for free, including one to Pope in Rome – which remains one of the unsolved urban myths to date. The two Steves and Ronald Wayne established a company on April 1, 1976. Its main purpose was to sell the Apple I personal computer kit, hand-built by Wozniak around the MOS Technology 6502 chip, to the crowd of enthusiasts at the Homebrew Computer Club. The kit cost $666.66 and they sold 50 units.

Nine months later, Wozniak and Jobs incorporated Apple, Inc. on January 3, 1977. Things moved at a slow pace until investor Mike Markkula knocked on their doors, handing them a cheque  on $250,000 in exchange for a cut of the young and promising startup operation. The funding allowed the company to release the Apple II and the Apple III and grow to forty employees.

An initial public offering ensued on December 12, 1980, turning young entrepreneurs into paper millionaires. The young Jobs with his movie-star good looks would remain at the top of his game for five years until he lured John Sculley, then Pepsi executive, to sell Macintoshes to corporate America with the now famous line:

Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or do you want to come with me and change the world?

“It was like someone just knocked wind out of my stomach”, Sculley would later say. Unfortunately, Sculley would become known as the man who kicked out Steve Jobs from Apple. He would admit in an interview with Bloomberg in October of last year that Apple’s board “made the wrong choice” by siding with him in a boardroom coup in 1983. As cheaper and more ubiquitous Windows PCs were chipping away market share from Apple, sales declined and a series of missed deadlines saw Sculley ousted in favor of Michael Spindler, the new CEO, in 1993.

The board eventually fired Amelio on July 9, 1997, citing amassed losses, and installed Steve Jobs as an interim CEO. The 1997 Macworld Expo was the key moment when Jobs restored investor confidence by announcing that Microsoft made a $150 million investment in non-voting Apple stock. The arch-enemy would also create new versions of Microsoft Office for the Macintosh, Jobs told the booing crowd at the Macworld Expo.

First retail store was announced on November 10, 1997. The widely successful iMac followed in 1998,  then the iBook in 1999. Apple rebooted its operating system with Mac OS X in 2001, the same year the iPod launched. The iPod became a global phenomenon and a synonym for digital music. The iconic device also drew attention to Apple’s design guru Jonathan Ive, by some one of the possible candidates for a Steve Jobs successor.

The January 2007 Macworld Expo saw Jobs giving the career-defining presentation when he announced that Apple was going to revolutionize the phone with a new product called the iPhone. “This is a day I’ve been looking forward to for two and a half years,” he began, putting up a slide with the glowing Apple logo on dark background.

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How To Hang Pegboard In A Garage

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Learn how to hang pegboard on a wall the proper way. Pegboard is perfect for storing tools in your garage, but tools are heavy, so you need to make sure that your pegboard is sturdy!

Installing this pegboard was the first step for organizing our garage.

How to Hang Pegboard FAQs How much weight can a pegboard hold?

According to a quick search on google, a pegboard can hold 100 pounds if properly installed.

Our holds a ton of heavy power tools with no buckling or bowing. It still looks great 2 years later!

Can pegboard be painted?

Yes! I’ve used both spray paint and latex paint to paint pegboard. The trick to painting pegboard is to use thin coats so that the holes don’t get clogged. 

We used a fun wood grain pattern on these pegboards. 

Our Old Pegboard

Our old pegboard was put up quickly without a lot of thought. It began to sag under the weight of all the tools.

pegboard before

Hubby was totes jelly of my awesome pegboards that I made for my craft space. Who can blame him? 😉 So new ones for the garage were in order.

craft pegboard

How to Install Pegboard Supplies Needed

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1×2″s or furring strips (enough for each side)



Drill or driver

Nail gun

Stud finder

***While shopping, we found that not all pegboard is created equally. If you want a sturdy pegboard, you need to look for the thickest board you can find! In our store, that meant the 4’x4′ pieces that were not primed.

Instead of buying 1 sheet of 4’x8′ pegboard, we bought 2 4’x4′ pieces because they were so much thicker. This also helps for transport if you don’t have a truck! Bonus!

If you use a 4 x 8 sheet of pegboard, you will need a piece of wood in the middle for support.

Prepare Your Pegboard

We started by spraying our pegboard white. I didn’t do a full coat because we planned on doing a fun wood grain painting technique over the top anyways.

Once the pegboard was dry, we added our painted wood grain, which turned out super cool. Tutorial for painted wood grain is here. It looks more intimidating than it is. Promise. Two panels took about 30 minutes.

Since we used gel stain, we had to let the wood dry overnight.

How to Hang Pegboard

Pegboard needs a frame to be sturdy. We used 1x2s to make a frame on the top, bottom and sides for mounting the pegboard.

Once it was dry, we flipped each piece over and added a 1×2″ frame around the edge of the pegboard on 3 sides. Since we were joining 2 pieces of pegboard, we centered a single 1×2″ to bridge the center on the 4th side. This adds stability without sacrificing too many holes. If you use a 1×2″ frame for all 4 sides of each panel, you lose 4 rows of holes total. It’s worth it to gain more storage. The wood frame was attached with a nail gun. (This is just to tack it in place. When you attach the panels to the walls with screws, it will be nice and secure.) 

Using a level, make sure your panels are straight and screw them into the wall into studs through the 1x2s.  If you can’t hit studs, use strong wall anchors. Make sure that you leave enough space at the bottom for tools that hang low. 

Attach the 2nd panel. Because we used a single center 1×2 brace, it was a tight fit. Butt the pieces as close as you can get them and attach the second panel in the same manner. 

Admire your handiwork. It’s nice to have a pegboard wall that looks as cool as it functions! Bonus points if you painted it with a cool design! Now that you know how to install pegboard, you can use it everywhere. It’s also great for craft rooms!

Fill with tools after you’ve installed the pegboard. This is the fun part. Notice how much space we gained even though we added larger tools to the space. 

Join me next week to see more progress and learn how I’m organizing this space. Hint: we threw a lot away! 😉

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How To Move Email From Junk To Mail Inbox On Iphone & Ipad

Do you want to move the emails located in the Junk folder back to the Inbox within the Mail app on iPhone or iPad? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s fairly simple to unmark emails as junk / spam and restore them back to their original location, or even their rightful location. By doing this, you’re telling the Mail app that the email is not junk.

Apple’s stock Mail app makes use of the Junk folder to store all the spam e-mails that you may have received, but as we all know sometimes spam filters are overly aggressive and can wrongfully place proper emails into the spam filter and therefore end up in the Junk folder. Furthermore, once you move an email from your inbox to the Junk folder, all the future emails from the sender will be automatically moved to the same folder. Therefore, if you want to unmark any of these emails as spam, you’ll have to move them back from the Junk folder. For some senders that keep ending up in the Junk folder, you may have to check and move the emails back to the regular inbox routinely, particularly with some email services which seem to aggressively mark non-spam items as spam / junk.

Interested in learning the procedure so you can try it out for yourself on your iPhone and iPad? We’ll be discussing how you can move email from Junk to Mail inbox on both the iPhone and iPad.

How to Move Email from Junk to Mail Inbox on iPhone & iPad

Before you go ahead with the procedure, you need to make sure that you’ve added an email account to the Mail app before. That may be somewhat obvious, but not all users rely on the Mail app for emails. Assuming you’ve done that, simply follow the steps below to unmark emails as spam by moving them from the Junk folder back to Inbox.

And now you know exactly how to move the emails that are stored in the Junk folder back to the Mail inbox on iPad or iPhone

As you can see here, this is a fairly simple and straightforward procedure. The Junk folder within the Mail app is just the same as the Spam folder you’re used to seeing in other popular e-mail services. By moving these emails back to the Inbox, you’re essentially also allowing the respective senders to send you any emails in the future (usually anyway, but that can depend on email provider and their spam filters).

The Mail app can easily determine the spam folder from various email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Aol and more. Therefore, regardless of what service you’re using, you can fully rely on this Junk folder to keep your spam emails organized, but don’t be surprised if occasionally something important ends up wrongfully listed in there which is why you’d probably want to move something from Junk back to the regular Inbox anyway.

As mentioned before, some email providers are overly aggressive and can mark legitimate items as spam and therefore those emails end up in the iPhone or iPad Junk folders, so it can be a good idea to periodically check the Junk folders of your email inboxes to make sure you’re not missing out on any important emails, newsletters, receipts, and other stuff that can erroneously be flagged as junk/spam.

Do you use Apple’s Mail app that came pre-installed on your Mac? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that you could move your Junk emails back to the Inbox on your macOS machine as well, in a similar way.

Note that you can also recover deleted emails in a procedure that should be familiar to you if you’ve moved emails around the Mail app before too.


How To View Birthdays In Apple Calendar App On Iphone, Ipad Or Mac

Always want to be the first one to shower the best wishes on the birthday of your friends and loved ones? Why not show birthdays in the stock Calendar app on your iOS and macOS device so that you will get the timely alert about the auspicious day and be able to convey your love and affection when it really matters the most.

The best part about Apple’s calendar app is that it not only syncs the birthdays from the iCloud account but also from third-party accounts like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and more. So, you can keep track of when the big day is set to arrive and plan the event perfectly. Let’s get going!

How to Show Birthdays in Apple Calendar App on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Quick navigation:

Enable Birthdays in Apple Calendar on iOS

Step #1. Open Calendar app on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now, tap on Calendars at the bottom.

Step #3. Next, make sure to check the tiny circle to the left of Birthdays under OTHER section. Then, tap on Done to confirm.

That’s pretty much it!

From now onwards, you will see the birthday of your friends along with their age–provided it’s been added to their contact card.

Set Birthday Alerts on iPhone or iPad

Depending on when you want to receive the reminder, you can set the birthday alert on your iOS device.

To get it done, head over to the Settings app on your device → Calendar → Default Alert Times → Birthdays. Now, you have multiple options like On day of the event (9:00 AM), 1 week before. Choose the preferred option.

Later, if you ever decide to hide the birthday in the Calendar app on your iOS device, all you need to do is go back to the app and then uncheck the box to the left of Birthdays. In the end, tap on Done to confirm.

That was about iDevice. Now, let’s check out the steps for Mac.

Turn ON Birthdays in Apple Calendar on Mac

Step #1. Open Calendar app on your Mac.

Step #2. Under Other section in the sidebar, check the box to the left of Birthdays. Going forward, you will see the gift icon to the left of your friend’s name.

Again, you can fine-tune the alerts to get the notification on the day of the event or before one day or one week.

Later, if you happen to change your mind and wish to hide the birthdays in the Calendar app for macOS. Follow the same steps explained above and then uncheck the box to the left of Birthdays option.

Step #1. Open a web browser on your computer and go to chúng tôi Then, sign in to your account.

Have a look at the calendar! It will show all the birthdays of your friends so that you won’t forget to send your warmest regards.

There you go!

Wrapping Up…

Hopefully, you will now be able to keep an eye on the special days and convey your feelings at the perfect time. I’m sure this tip can be of big help.

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How Does Microsoft Surface Tablet Compare Against Apple Ipad

Current Tablet Market

To-date, Apple iPad holds about 60% of the market stake, with the rest 40% being taken up by Android tablets. But the market may soon see a sea-change with the launch of Windows 8 powered tablets by the end of this year.  The tablet is named as Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft Surface tablet

The Surface RT is powered by low-cost ARM chips to compete with the iPad and a few high-end Android tablets, and runs on Windows 8 RT.

The Surface Pro is equipped with the third-generation Intel Core i5 processors (x86 chips) and will cater to the power-users, the elite and thee enterprise users. The tablet will run Windows 8 Pro and will, apart from apps, support legacy software and programs that are available for earlier version of Windows. All Windows-based enterprise applications will run smoothly on Surface PRO.

You can see read this post on Surface tablet features for full details.

Market Speculation

The market is speculating that the Surface tablet will not be able to compete head-to-head with iPad and Android Tabs, as it is no different from any of the existing tablets. Moreover the iPad brand is well-entrenched in the consumers mindset and will continue to remain as the first choice of a tablet buyer. So, it is going to be an up-hill task for Microsoft to be able to get a good stake in this market.

According to a few analysts, the tablet is an entertainment gadget and not specifically made for enterprise environment or development purposes. But they are forgetting one thing – Microsoft is taking a whole new approach and trying to export this form factor to the business environment as well.

The New iPad from Apple or any other Android tablet such as Samsung Galaxy Tabs or Toshiba Thrive have not been able to attract enterprise sector till now, due to lack of usability in that environment. So, a tablet with a full fledged PC operating system, with all enterprise applications running perfectly on it, could open a new base of consumers which is still untouched and could well end up being dominated by Microsoft.

Tablet for the Enterprise

This separate model of Surface for enterprise users, Surface Pro, is fitted with the third generation Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge processors and will run the Professional version of Windows 8. There is no such tablet available right now which can do what it can do. Apple iPad is nowhere near it. It cannot provide such usability and features  to its users.

Yes, if iPad does introduce a tablet that is capable of running OS X, then it could compete directly with Surface Pro. But lets keep the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ aside and talk about what ‘is’ today!

iPad is the king … today!

There is no doubt that Apple iPad is the one and only King of this market, beating every other single tablet available in the market. No one else comes anywhere close to it in terms of brand value and usability. With hundred of thousands of apps available, it has proved itself as an amazing entertainment device.  Every adult wants one … every kid wants one! It has the cool factor and everyone wants to be seen with one!

To compete with the New iPad and other ARM based light Android tablets, Microsoft will launch a lite model of the Surface tablet powered by nVidia Tegra 3+ ARM chip, named as Surface RT. The Microsoft Surface RT will run Windows 8 RT and is specifically designed for end-users to serve the purpose of a perfect entertainment device.

The success the Surface tablets will also depend, to a large extent on the availability of apps and how quickly they will be made available. It all depends on how quickly Surface RT is totally depending on the apps, which will be available for it later on. If Microsoft is successful in roping in developers real fast to churn out good apps and large companies like Facebook, Twitter, Rovio, Google, etc release Windows 8 version of their apps, then it will be a great draw to the end-user.

Let’s compare few popular tablets available in the market today or expected to be available in the near future. We will compare the hardware specs and design capabilities. Do note higher figures are not always better – it always depends on the actual usability of those figures.

Microsoft Surface RT vs Apple New iPad

If we talk about Microsoft Surface RT and Apple New iPad specs comparison, both tablets compete head-to-head with each other. The new iPad sports a A5X Dual Core 1 GHz chip, whereas Surface RT will feature a nVidia Tegra 3+ Quad Core 1.3GHz chip, for lag-free operations.

The New iPad features a 9.7” Retina display screen with stock resolution of 2048×1536 pixels and Surface RT will feature a 10.6” ClearType HD display, with industry standard HD resolution of 1280×720 pixels. No doubt that iPad is the winner here, but this screen resolution may actually hurt the eyes and may only be good for watching high-density pictures, whereas you can enjoy all your HD movies easily on Surface RT as well, because of its industry standard screen resolution.

Surface RT is 9.3mm thick and Apple iPad is 9.4 mm thick. Microsoft Surface RT comes with an integrated kickstand to increase the comfort level while working or watching movie and serves more usability then the iPad. You can get a kickstand for your iPad as well but as an extra accessory only, which in return increase the size, make it bulkier and hard to carry every time. Moreover, the Touch / Type cover of the Surface tablet doubles up as a full multi-touch keyboard and trackpad, which is a hard-to-beat feature.

Apple iPad comes in three different memory sizes i.e. 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, with no option of expanding it whereas Surface RT will be available with two options of 32GB and 64GB, with an option of expanding it by using an external microSD card. More space is always better and always welcome!

Surface RT sports an innovative design which is no way ‘less’ than Apple iPad – it is in fact, even being considered as the more visually appealing of the two!

The exact price and full details of the specs of Surface RT, have not been revealed by Microsoft till now – only a few details have been revealed – so we can’t do a comparison right now. But looking at the above comparison, one can expect that everything else would be of industry standard and will compete with iPad perfectly.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is currently the most efficient Android tablet in the market but has failed to attract the users and garner substantial market-share. The tablet has a sleek design, but has limited usability because of Android 4.0 mobile OS.

Google recently announced the Nexus 7 Android 4.1 Jellybean tablet. It is a low-cost tablet designed by Google and manufactured by Asus, mainly targeted to compete with Amazon Kindle Fire and other low-cost Android tablets of the market. Though the tablet is packed with powerful specs, it comes with an amazingly low price, tag which makes it even more attractive to the consumers. Google Nexus 7 will be soon available in the market. It also sports the same processor as Surface RT does – the nVidia Tegra 3 Quad Core processor cloaked at 1.3GHz. The Google Nexus 7 tablet sports a smaller screen of 7 inches and basically is a competitor of Amazon Kindle Fire instead of Microsoft Surface or iPad. It is however capable of affecting the sales of these two tablets as Google is offering the 8GB model for $199 and 16GB for $249 only.

It is not only the Microsoft Surface which will be launched a Windows 8 Tablet. All other major OEMs, PC and Mobile manufacturer of world will launch their Windows 8 powered tablets as well. So, it’s going to be a win-win situation for the end-users as Microsoft Surface will compete with the iPad, Nexus, Galaxy and other OEM Windows 8 tablets.

Looking at the specs, the usability and its classy appealing looks, I feel that the Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows 8 has the power to impact the tablet market-share to a large extent.

Microsoft does appears to have got all the ingredients for the perfect tablet just right, it all depends now how well the dish is laid out and served … and that is where good marketing will come into play!

Windows Surface vs New iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 vs Nexus 7

Let us know what you think. Will Surface tablet shake up today’s near-monopolistic tablet market … or not!

How To Clean Your Ipad Screen

Is your screen dirty and you want to clean it? This article explains how you can thoroughly clean your iPad’s touchscreen. It is very important you follow certain guidelines for cleaning your iPad’s display. Regular cleaning is essential. And sometimes you may want to disinfect your iPad. It is also important that you should keep your iPad clean and sanitary without damaging your device and screen to ensure that you’re getting the best experience from your iPad. Here is how:

If your screen is unresponsive, see this article.

Before you do anything, make sure that:

Your iPad is unplugged. Make sure that all cables are unplugged.

Your iPad is turned off. Here is how you can turn off your iPad:

iPad with Face ID models: Press and hold the power (side or top) and the volume up (or down) buttons together until you see the power off slider. Then drag the slider to turn off your iPad.

Other iPad models: Press and hold the side or top button until you see the power slider and then drag the slider.

Do not use excessive force when cleaning. Do not apply much pressure. Be gentle.

There are no liquids nearby.

See this article if your iPad is running slow.

General cleaning

To clean, gently wipe your screen for fingerprints, dust, and lint.

Use a soft, lint-free cloth. The best option is a lint-free microfiber cloth. You may also use a camera lens cleaning cloth.

Do not use paper towels, washcloths or similar items as they may cause damage, for example, they may scratch your screen.

Do not use compressed or canned air.

Stubborn stains cleaning

This cleaning includes cleaning ink, oils, lotions, makeup, food stains or similar. Clean your iPad’s screen immediately if your screen comes into contact with these types of stains.

Again use a soft lint-free cloth. This time lightly dampen a section of the cloth with distilled or tap water. And gently wipe the dirty area. Then dry the area with another soft, lint-free cloth.

if the material is still present, you may use a soft, lint-free cloth with warm soapy water. Wipe it over the iPad.

Make sure that you do not get moisture in any openings like the Lightning port, the speaker or mic.

Absolutely never submerge your iPad in a cleaning liquid or solution.

How to disinfect the display

It is important to note that your iPad’s screen is an often overlooked source of microbes. Is your iPad screen covered in germs? Probably yes. This means that you should clean and disinfect your iPad but not compulsively.

You may want to disinfect your iPad’s display especially if multiple people are using it. According to Apple, you can use a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to clean your screen.

Gently wipe your screen.

As stated above, do not use bleach.

If you are using a disinfectant (containing 70% isopropyl alcohol), do not apply these liquids directly to your iPad. Instead, moisten a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth until it’s damp. Then wipe your iPad.

Don’t use Dettol wipes.

Never use bleach, harsh chemicals or cleaning solvents, ammonia, or abrasives on your iPad. Never spray cleaners directly onto the screen.

Another important point is that you should use a microfiber cloth as it has the ability to collect bacteria and it can remove microorganisms.

Furthermore, you may want to change your iPad usage habits. For example:

Wash your hand before using your iPad.

Stop taking it into the bathroom yes we know you are doing this.

Do not share your iPad with others.

Here is what you can do if you get your iPhone wet.

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