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Forza Horizon for the Windows 11/10 PC and Xbox One is one of the best racing video games out there. For some, this game is second to none, and one can understand because it’s a lot of fun to play, even more so than the regular Forza Motorsports series.

What we have here is a game that came out back in late 2023, but for some odd reasons, several problems have been popping up in 2023. The latest issue has much to do with the game just crashing out of nowhere while in the middle of a game.

Forza Horizon is not working properly

At times, Forza Horizon 3 will crash right after launch, so as expected, players are annoyed and are wondering if there any possible way to set things right again. Now, we’re not sure what could be the cause of the constant crashing, but we’ve come up with a few tricks that are known to fix similar problems with other video games from the Microsoft Store.

If Forza Horizon 3 game is not starting, launching, loading or working properly on Windows 10 PC, or if you receive an Unsupported GPU, Invalid Profile or Errors FH101/FH203/FH204/FH301/FH401/FH501/FH601, then these fixes will help you.

1] Delete Forza Horizon Temporary files

For this particular problem, we’re not going to delete all files. Instead, we’re going to focus on Temporary files, Temporary Internet Files, Delivery Optimization Files, and DirectX Shader Cache.

2] Disable your computer’s microphone

Launch you’re the Settings app by pressing the Windows Key + I, then from there, select the Privacy option from the main menu. This option has a lock icon, so it’s easy to spot if you know what a padlock looks like.

If it’s on, just hit the toggle and set it off, easy peasy. Finally, restart your Windows 10 computer and attempt to play the game again.

3] Forza Horizon errors

If you are lucky, FH3 will display specific error codes and messages which will make addressing the issue easier. Here is a list of the error that can appear on Forza Horizon:

Error FH101: Your system’s CPU doesn’t meet the requirements to run the game – Check if your system meets the minimum hardware specs required to play the game

Error FH203/FH204: An unsupported GPU has been detected – Update the Graphics Driver

Error FH301: An incompatible graphics driver is detected, and there may be known issues with your current GPU manufacturer’s driver version – Update the Graphics Driver

Error FH401: Your system memory does not meet the minimum requirements to run FH3 – Run DirectX Diagnostic Tool to diagnose memory issues. Ensure that you have sufficient RAM.

Error FH501: Your system’s video card doesn’t support DirectX 12 – Ensure that your video card supports DirectX 12. Running the DirectX Diagnostic Tool will help.

Error FH601: Some Windows Media components are missing, and your version of Windows 10 is missing the necessary media .dlls to install FH3 – Install Media Feature Pack for Windows 10.

4] Still not working? Well, let’s Reset Forza Horizon

When something continuously fails to work, then usually a simple reset is all it needs to return to how things were before. This might very well be the serum that is required to fix your issues with Forza Horizon 3 especially if you see an Invalid Profile error.

Restart your Windows 10 computer and check if the game is working as it should.

All the best!

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Minecraft Multiplayer Not Working On Pc

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. One of the biggest reasons for its popularity is the fact that it offers users to play with their friends. Now as per the complaints from a lot, Minecraft Multiplayer is not working on their PC. When connecting to the online server, they see the following error message.

Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your Microsoft account settings.


You cannot play online multiplayer because of how your Microsoft account is set up.

In this post, we will talk about methods to resolve this issue with ease.

Why is Minecraft Multiplayer disabled?

If the Multiplayer option in Minecraft is disabled, then maybe your Xbox or Microsoft Profile is misconfigured. You first need to make sure that your age is set over 18, if not, you won’t be able to play multiplayer and in the Xbox Settings, it is mandatory to allow the “You can join multiplayer games” option. There are some other reasons such as slow Internet or Minecraft Server being down, we recommend you follow the solutions mentioned below to remedy all causes.

Fix Minecraft Multiplayer not working on PC

If Minecraft Multiplayer is not working on your Windows PC, follow the prescribed solutions.

Check your Internet Connection

Check Minecraft Server Status

Make sure that your age is set to 18+

Change your Xbox Profile Settings

Launch Minecraft without Mods

Allow Minecraft through Firewall

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Check your Internet Connection

Since you are unable to go online, first and foremost, check your Internet connection. You need to make sure that your bandwidth is not low. To check the Internet speed, use any of the mentioned Internet Speed testers. In case, the bandwidth is low, turn off your router, unplug it, wait for a minute, plug it back in, turn it back on, and check if the issue is resolved. In case, the bandwidth is still low, contact the ISP and ask them to resolve the issue.

2] Check Minecraft Server Status

Next up, check the status of the server you want to connect to and see if it is down. You can use one of the down detectors to check the server status. In case, it is down, the only thing you can do is wait for the issue to be resolved. Hopefully, it will be resolved in little to no time.

3] Make sure that your age is set to 18+

4] Change your Xbox Profile Settings

If the age was not an issue, let us check the Xbox Profile settings and see if it is misconfigured. In case, the Xbox Profile is misconfigured, we will change it and resolve the issue. Follow the prescribed steps to do the same.

Then, set every single option to Everyone and Allow all the Settings that are blocked.

Now, try connecting to the Minecraft Multiplayer server and see if the issue is resolved. Hopefully, this will do the trick for you.

5] Launch Minecraft without Mods

The mods that you use can stop you from accessing Minecraft Multiplayer, either they are corrupted or have some kind of issue. Also, you can only use mods that are installed by the server admin, if you have any extra mods, the ones that the server doesn’t have, you will be kicked out.

Remember, even if you have not installed any mods manually, there are some mods in the vanilla version of Minecraft that are called Client-side Mods, they don’t usually interfere with the server. Since we are not sure which mode is the culprit, in this case, let us roll back to vanilla Minecraft and then connect to the server. Follow the prescribed steps to do the same.

Launch Minecraft Launcher.

Go to the Version Selector and select Latest Release.

Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

6] Allow Minecraft through Firewall

It has been noted that the Windows Security program stops a game from connecting to its server. Now, there are two things you can do, either disable the Firewall completely or allow Minecraft through it, since, the former will make your computer vulnerable, our best option is to do the latter. Follow the prescribed steps to allow Minecraft through Windows Firewall.

Search for “Windows Security ” from the Start Menu and then launch the application.

Look for Minecraft and add it through Public and Private networks.

Once Minecraft is added, you can allow it through both networks.

Once you have allowed Minecraft through Firewall, open the game and connect to the server. In case, you have a third-party antivirus, allow the game through it as well.

Hopefully, you will be able to resolve the issue using the solutions mentioned in this post.

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How to fix the Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your Microsoft account settings?

If you see “Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your Microsoft account settings.”, follow the solutions mentioned in this post to resolve the issue. You should start with the first solution and then move your way down. Hopefully, you will be able to resolve this error in no time.

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Instagram App Is Not Working On Windows 10/11

Instagram app is not working on Windows 10/11 [Fix]




If the Instagram app is not working on Windows 10, let’s see four quick ways to repair it.

These include running the troubleshooter and resetting the Instagram app to factory values.

For more useful guides like the one below, don’t hesitate to visit this Instagram section.

Our Web Apps Troubleshooting Hub helps you fix similar issues with ease, so take a closer look.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Instagram is arguably the largest social media platform for photo sharing. The problem with it is that’s mostly oriented on mobile users and PC alternatives are rather underwhelming.

Especially the UWP version for Windows 10 which, since it was introduced, shows a lot of signs of bad optimization.

To make things even worse,  the Windows 10 Instagram app is not working at all for some users. So, we provided you with a few troubleshooting tips below.

If the Instagram app isn’t working for you, feel free to check them out.

How can I get the Instagram app working on Windows 10? 1. Run the troubleshooter

Let’s start by employing the built-in Windows Store apps troubleshooter. The tool should check for the integration issues and possibly resolve them.

However, don’t hold your hopes high, as the Instagram app has had a bad spell since its introduction to Windows 10.

On the other hand, it won’t cost you to give it a try and look for yourself. Follow the above steps to run the troubleshooter.

2. Reinstall the app

If the previous step fell short, let’s give the reinstallation a try. Reinstalling Instagram doesn’t have any drawbacks and can certainly help if issues emerge.

We can’t say with certainty whether the current version of the Instagram app is the problem or it’s an issue that is permanently present in the app.

It can seemingly depend on the Windows 10 version you’re currently using, so make sure you keep your system up to date.

Also, do note that you can remove Instagram completely from your PC by using a quick uninstaller software.

If you want to entirely uninstall the app from your PC without letting any leftovers, it’s a good idea to look for the best uninstaller software on Windows 10.

3. Reset the Instagram app to factory values

Another viable option is resetting the app to default values and starting from scratch. This action will erase all cached data and allow you a clean slate to start with.

There might be a bug at hand and this should address it. You’ll need to sign in again, but that’s not exactly a great effort to start with.

Even more, since we’re talking about an online service, you won’t lose anything in the process. Use the above steps to reset the Instagram app to factory values.

4. Try an alternative

Finally, there’s an alternative you can try in order to use the app in your PC web browser. Now, we’re aware that the web-based application is fairly limiting in comparison to Android/iOS apps.

But, there’s a way to simulate a smartphone or tablet in your web browser and thus obtain the full functionality of the mobile app on your PC.

It can be done in every browser, including Edge. The only thing you need is the developer options menu. Use the above steps for Chrome.

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Google Maps Is Not Working On Chrome In Windows Computer

What should one do if Google Maps does not work properly in the Chrome browser on Windows 11/10? Now and again, we all find the need to use a mapping tool, and more than usual, most of us find ourselves using Google Maps. When it comes down to mapping services, Google Maps is the granddaddy. Since the Google Chrome web browser is the most popular today, it’s safe to say that if many folks use Google Maps, they’ll be doing so through Google Chrome rather than another tool. However, what happens when Maps fails to work adequately in Chrome?

Google Maps not working on Chrome

Many users have complained about this problem recently, so we took the time out to come up with a way to get the problem under control. Here’s what you need to do if Google Maps is not working on Chrome:

Sign out Google account and sign in

Use Incognito mode

Clear cookies and cache

Disable browser extensions

Reset Google Chrome

Use an alternative browser

1] Sign out Google account and sign in

After that, visit Google Maps again to see if it works. Finally, log back into your account to see if things are still up to scratch, and if such is not the case, then you’ll have to use Google Maps while logged out for the time being.

2] Use Incognito mode

For those who might not be aware of some things, browsing in Incognito mode means extensions in Chrome will not be active. In some cases, an extension might be the reason why Chrome is not working as it should, and probably why Maps is failing to perform well.

3] Clear cookies and cache

A web browser is not the same without cookies, and that’s the truth. If the cookies and the cache are not working as they should, then web pages will likely fail to work accordingly.

What we’ll need to do in a situation like this, is to clear the cookies and the cache, then start from scratch. In order to get this done, users are required to hit the Menu button, and from there, choose the option that says Settings. The next step, then, is to choose Advanced, and after that, Clear browsing data.

4] Disable browser extensions

You’ll need to locate the extension that is causing all of this ruckus, and the best way to do this is to disable browser extensions, then fire them up again one after the other.

Now, what you’ll need to do now, is launch open Google Maps to see if it works. If it does, please activate one extension, reload the Maps page, and repeat this process for each until you’ve come across the culprit.

5] Reset Google Chrome

6] Use a different web browser

If your browser does not support Google Maps API then you may see an error message – You are using a browser that is not supported by the Google Maps JavaScript API. Consider changing your browser. Chrome users too have, for some strange reason, see this message. If you are a Chrome user. you can reset the browser and see.  Else simply fire up Microsoft Edge and open Google Maps and see if that helps.

Why is Google Maps not loading?

The most common cause of this issue is a corrupted app cache (if you are using Google Maps on your smartphone) or a corrupted web browser cache (if you are using Google Maps on your computer in a browser). Another cause is the slow internet connection. Make sure that your internet connection is working fine. Try to connect your computer with an ethernet cable.

What is an alternative to Google Maps?

You can use Bing Maps as an alternative to Google Maps. Bing Maps is a Microsoft product. Like Google Maps, you can use Bing Maps for Routing purposes. Enter the start and the end location in Bing Maps, and it will show you the route to reach the destination. Other alternatives to Google Maps include OpenStreetMap, OsmAnd, HERE WeGo, Apple Maps, etc.

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All the best!

Twitch Notifications Not Working On Android, Iphone, Or Pc

In this article, we will cover six ways to help you if Twitch notifications are not working on Android, iPhone, or PC. Twitch is a superb streaming platform, primarily for gamers who want to watch others play games or play themselves and broadcast it to viewers. This application is incredibly good due to the numerous features it offers its users. One of the features that Twitch users enjoy about the app is its prompt notification any time a streamer is live on the platform, which helps prevent them from missing out on streams.

However, we’ve seen users complain about the Twitch notifications not working on their devices and missing out on many streams due to the issue. Besides, this issue also affects streamers since followers don’t receive notifications when they are live on Twitch, leading to a drop in their views. Thankfully, fixing the Twitch notification issues only requires some simple tweaks on the app, device, or browser you are using the streaming service.

Reason for Twitch notifications not working on Android, iPhone, or PC

The common reason for Twitch notifications not to work on your device is when the notifications setting isn’t enabled on your device or on Twitch itself. Also, if you are using Twitch on a PC through your browser and its notification isn’t working, it could be due to a cache problem, wrong settings, or some extension issue on your browser.

Here are the highlights of the things that causes the Twitch notification issue:

Disabled notification settings on Twitch or device.

Browser issue.

Software glitch.

Fix Twitch notifications not working on Android, iPhone, or PC

If Twitch notifications are not being displayed or are not working on any of your devices, here are a few working tips to fix the issue:

Enable notification on Twitch

Disable Smart Notifications on Twitch

Enable Twitch notification on your device and browser

Uninstall and reinstall the Twitch app

Clear browser cache

Reset your browser

1] Enable notification on Twitch

The very first thing you should do if you are not receiving Twitch notification on any of your devices is to make sure notification is enabled on the app. Although the notification is always automatically enabled on registering on the platform, you could have tampered with the settings unknowingly. Without the notifications setting enabled on Twitch, you won’t be able to receive any notifications on the app. Here is how to turn on Twitch notifications on any of your devices:


Go to your browser and open your Twitch account.

On the resulting menu, select Settings.

Switch to the Notifications category on the Settings page.

Select On Mobile and toggle on the switch at the front of the All push notification option to enable Twitch push notification.

To access the Twitch notifications settings on Android or iPhone

Select Account Settings and then tap on Notifications.

You’ll see the notifications settings, and you can adjust them as discussed above.

This approach will undoubtedly help if the notification issue is due to Twitch settings. However, if it doesn’t, try the next fix.

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2] Disable Smart Notifications on Twitch

Twitch Smart notification is a setting that regulates how your Twitch notifications are sent to you. When this setting is enabled, your notifications are only sent to where you are, which may be why you are not receiving push notifications on your phone. It’s then recommended to disable Twitch smart notification, and here is how to do it:

Select Account Settings and hit Notifications.

Toggle off the switch in front of Enable smart notifications.

3] Enable Twitch notification on your device and browser

If Twitch notification isn’t enabled on your phone or browser, you won’t be getting any notifications from Twitch, and you can thereby miss out on updates from your favorite streamers. Here is how to enable Twitch notifications on your device and browser:

Windows PC

To enable notifications on Windows PC, read the following posts:

Navigate to Site Settings and tap it.

Also, ensure that chúng tôi is not among Sites can ask to send notifications list.

You may need to also check the Windows Notifications settings.


Go to Settings on your phone.

Select Twitch on the app list and tap on Notification.

Toggle on Allow notifications.


Select the Twitch app and toggle on Allow Notifications.

4] Uninstall and reinstall the Twitch app

On your phone, if the Twitch notification isn’t still coming true after trying the solutions above, you should uninstall and reinstall the app. Hopefully, this will help out.

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5] Clear browser cache 6] Reset your browser

You can reset your Edge browser to default if the issue persists on your Windows computer. This solution will be ideal if you’ve been receiving notifications on your browser, but it suddenly stops. It has helped some users out and can help you out too. Read the following posts to reset your third-party browsers:

How can I enable Twitch push notifications?

If you are not receiving Twitch notifications on your phone, you should enable push notifications on the app. Here is how to do it:

Select Account Settings and tap on Notifications.

Select On Mobile on the resulting page and toggle on the Send me push notifications option.

Can you use Twitch for free and without a login?

Streaming on Twitch is absolutely free, and registration on the platform is subjective too. This means you don’t have to pay at all to watch broadcasts and videos on Twitch. However, for you to enjoy more features like following streamers, chatting, and more, you need to have a login.

Why is Twitch Notifications not working on Android, iPhone, or PC?

If Twitch notifications is not working on your devices, it is most probably because you’ve disabled notification on the app or on your device itself. So try to check your notifications settings to resolve the issue.

Monster Hunter Rise Is Not Launching Or Crashing On Launch On Windows Pc

Monster Hunter Rise is a new game that is becoming quite popular. But like most games, this one too has its share of issues. Some users are reporting that the game is not launching, or that it crashes immediately after launching. If you are facing this issue, then read this post for the resolution.

Why is Monster Hunter Rise not launching?

An outdated Graphics Driver may lead the game not to open on your device. Now, you may now know that your drivers need to be updated every now and then because Windows Update tends to install the latest version of the driver automatically. However, sometimes, we forget to update our OS or Windows Update fails to update the driver, in that, case, you should see the solution mentioned later to resolve.

The game can also crash because of some of the missing or damaged game files. These files be can be fixed from the launcher itself. There are other reasons that can stop the game from launching, such as resource-hogging programs. That can take resources that your game needs.

You should also take care of any third-party antivirus software. Most of the time, Antivirus/Firewall or Windows Security can cause such issues. You can either disable antivirus software temporarily or allow the game through the firewall.

Monster Hunter Rise is not launching or crashing on launch on Windows PC

If Monster Hunter Rise is not launching on your Windows, start the troubleshooting process by checking for upgrades. Most of the time, updating itself solves the issue. But, if it didn’t then follow the given fixes.

Run the game as an administrator

Allow through the firewall/antivirus and Controlled Folder Access

Update your Graphics Driver

Quit resource-hogging programs

Verify the integrity of the file

Repair your system files

Let’s get started.

1] Run the game as an administrator

Navigate to the following the location

C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon.

Under the Compatability tab, select Run this program as an administrator.

Now launch the game and check for errors. Also, you can open Steam as an administrator and launch the game from there.

2] Allow the game through firewall/antivirus

Antivirus and Windows security can interfere with the game. You can change the settings to stop them from getting in the way. If you have a third-party antivirus, then you can try whitelisting your app. But if you have configured Windows Security, then try the following steps.

Search Windows Security in the search bar and open it.

Scroll down and select Allow an app through firewall.

Allow it through both Private and Public networks.

Hopefully, your issue will be resolved.

3] Update your Graphics Driver

Updating Graphics Driver can resolve the launching issue if the game can’t launch if the issue is because of outdated drivers. Updating Windows automatically updates Graphics Driver. However, for any cause, it didn’t, you can manually update your Graphics Driver.

4] Quit resource-hogging programs

Programs working in the background can definitely cause launching issues. It can clash with the program for resources. You can quit such resource-hogging programs. To do the same, execute the following steps.

Hit Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.

Hopefully, this will solve the crashing and launching issues, however, If the game is still not launching, try the next fix.

5] Verify the integrity of the file

You can verify the integrity of the file to make sure there are no damaged files. Damaged and missing files are generally the reason behind the issue in question. Follow the given steps to verify the integrity.

Launch Steam and navigate to the Library.

Select Properties.

Scanning, and replacing damaged files will take some time, so wait for a bit. Then launch the app and see if the issue persists.

6] Repair your system files

Corrupted system files can pave the way for errors. However, we can execute System File Checker to resolve the issue.

sfc /scannow

Let the process complete and once it’s done, restart your computer and hopefully, the issue will be resolved.

How many GB is Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise is a big game and you need to have 23 GBs of free space in order to get started with it. Also, you need at least 8 GBs of RAM to run the game. So, we can say that this is a demanding game.

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