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FIX: YouTube Music Not Available in Your Country




If you get a YouTube Music not available in your country message, be sure to clean the application cache first.

Your regional settings can also be a problem, so you might have to adjust them accordingly.

In case the service isn’t available, perhaps you should get access to it by using specialized software.

Try Opera One, a browser with unlimited functionalities already integrated.

A remarkable browser like Opera One has maximum capabilities already underneath the hood.

Here’s what Opera One covers through default:

An incredible AI Service accessible directly in the sidebar

Ad-blocker mode integrated to load pages quicker

Modular browser, multithreaded, and intuitive tab navigation

Battery saver mode

⇒ Get Opera One

There are many great audio streaming services, such as Spotify for example, but certain users prefer to keep using Google and their apps instead.

Unfortunately, sometimes, these services aren’t available worldwide, so instead of being disappointed because YouTube Music is not available in your country, you should continue to read, as we came up with solutions to fix that.

In the unfortunate event that your country is not on the list, you should be able to access this service if you follow the solutions from this guide.

How does YouTube Music work?

YouTube Music is made by Google and it’s a streaming service optimized for audio streaming and music video playback.

It’s similar to YouTube, but the whole experience is optimized for music listening, making it easier to find your favorite artists.

Why do I get a message saying that YouTube Music is not available?

There are numerous reasons for this, and it’s possible that the service isn’t available yet in your region. Another cause can be your Google account settings.

Other factors include corrupt application cache, or your proxy or VPN settings.

Experience an error-free music streaming service

If you are a music aficionado and have a paid plan for YouTube Music, Spotify, or Apple Music, access them in a browser that has built-in integrations: Opera GX. It’s light and fast, so you’ll get buffer-free music, plus it has a built-in sound booster to tweak your volume.

The browser is great for music streaming, with quick access to your favorite platforms, permanent login to avoid server connection issues, not to mention a built-in VPN to change servers whenever the service may throttle.

Opera GX

Get perfect audio quality and stream your favorite tunes with built-in support for music apps!

Free Get Opera GX

What can I do if getting the error: YouTube music is not available in your area? 1. Clear the application cache 2. Use a VPN How to use a VPN on PC How to use a VPN on Android 3. Create a new Google account 4. Change my Google Play country What can I do if getting the YouTube Music is not available in your country error on iPhone? How can I fix YouTube Music is not available in your area message on PC? 1. Create a new Google account 2. Change your country in Google Play 3. Disable proxy and VPN Which are YouTube Music supported countries?

Since its launch in 2024, Google has working hard to bring support for YouTube Music to as many countries as possible.

List of countries where YouTube Music is available (Source: Google)

Currently, the service is available in over 100 countries around the world, including most countries in the Americas, Europe, and several countries in Asia and Africa.

Is YouTube Music available for free?

The paid version also allows you to download music or play it background, which can come in handy especially if you’re listening on your phone.

We are very confident that after trying the above solutions you will be able to use the streaming service even if YouTube Music isn’t available in your country.

In case you’re having issues, perhaps you should consider using VPN specialized for streaming until the service becomes available in your region.

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How To Transfer Music From Google Play Music To Youtube Music

It was good while it lasted. Google Play Music is coming to an end soon, and it’s best to transfer any music you might have before it’s too late. Google makes the transfer process easy since you already have things to worry about, right?

Keep reading to find out what the transfer process includes and the steps to follow to quickly transfer your playlists to YouTube Music. It might feel a little weird using another music app if you’ve been using Google Play Music for years, but it’s time to move on.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Transferring Music to YouTube Music

There are some things you’ll need to keep in mind before you start the transfer process. Knowing these things can be a real time-saver, so you’re not trying to transfer your music and then find out you should have done something vital before.

Some of the things you’ll need to remember are that the transfer process is not supported in countries such as Belarus and Venezuela. There’s a possibility that you’ll need to make a YouTube channel (if you don’t already have one) to transfer your music.

The transfer process won’t work if you’re transferring from a Google Play Music account to a YouTube Brand account. You can only complete the transfer process if you switch accounts. The account eligibility is not the same in YouTube Music as they are in Google Play Music. If you share the account with anyone, make you share your account with are eligible. When the transfer process is done, you’ll get an email confirmation.

If you’re going to continue to use Google Play Music until it’s no longer available, keep in mind that you can transfer music as many times as you need to until it’s closed. Don’t be surprised if some songs are not moved; this is due to licensing issues or rights. If you notice that the music disappears, it could appear in YouTube Music.

What’s Included in the Google Play Music Transfer

It’s logical to want to know what’s included in the transfer of your playlists to YouTube Music since you don’t want to leave anything behind. The music transfer includes:

The music you’ve uploaded and purchased

Songs and albums

Playlists and many stations

Songs you’ve given thumbs up and down

All your billing information

Your Google Play Music subscription will turn into YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium. It’s all going to depend on the benefits your current subscription has.

Updated music profile so you can get personalized recommendations

How to Transfer Your Google Play Music to YouTube Music

How to Find Your Transferred Music in YouTube Music

You’ve completed the transfer, good for you. But, how can you access your newly transferred music on YouTube Music? Open the YouTube Music app and tap on the Library icon that has the shape of a musical note. Tap on the Playlist option at the top, followed by the Your Likes playlist.

If you’re accessing YouTube Music on your computer, go to:


Albums, Songs, or Artists


Even if the music app you’re using is better than the previous one, it always feels a little weird at first. But, in time you start to get used to it and enjoy everything the new app has to offer. How long have you been using Google Play Music?

Apple Music Family Sharing Not Working? How To Fix

Joining a Family Sharing group can save you some dollars on Apple subscriptions like iCloud storage, Apple TV+, Apple Music, etc. In this article, we’ll highlight what to do if you can’t use the Apple Music subscription of your Family Sharing group.

Before anything, confirm that your device has internet access. You cannot use Apple Music without an active internet connection. Secondly, make sure the Apple Music Family subscription hasn’t expired. Contact the Family Sharing organizer and ask them to check the status or expiration date of the group’s Apple Music subscription.

Table of Contents

One more thing: Close and reopen the Music app on your device. If these preliminary troubleshooting steps don’t fix the problem with Apple Music family sharing not working, try the recommendations below.

Check Apple Music’s Cellular Data Access Enable Cellular Data Access for Settings App Check Apple Music Service Status

You may be unable to use Apple Music if there’s an issue with the servers powering Apple Music and Apple Music Subscriptions services. Head to the Apple System Support page and check the indicator next to Apple Music and Apple Music Subscriptions.

A yellow indicator means a server-side issue with the service(s), while a green indicator tells you the services are running correctly. If the System Status page highlights a problem with Apple Music, you’ll need to wait until Apple fixes the server downtime. Better yet, contact Apple Support to report the issue.

Enable Purchase Sharing

Make sure the organizer has the Share Purchases with Family option toggled on.

Otherwise, members won’t have access to sharable content and subscriptions.

Restart Your Device

If the root cause of the problem is a temporary system glitch, power-cycling your iPhone or iPad may help. Press and hold the side button and either of the volume buttons simultaneously until the Power menu comes on the screen. To shut down an iPad, hold the top/power button and either of the volume buttons. Then, move the “slide to power off” button to the right.

Change Apple ID Country

Family Sharing works best when the Apple ID accounts of all members are in the same country. If you can’t use Apple Music or other Apple services on your device, check if your Apple ID country or region is the same as the organizers. You also want to confirm that Apple Music is available in your region.

How to Check or Change Apple ID Country

Follow the steps below to change your Apple ID country or region on your iPhone and iPad.

Launch Settings and select your Apple ID name.

Select Media & Purchases.

Select View Account.

To access this section of your Apple ID account, you’ll need to provide your device’s passcode or authenticate via Face ID.

Select Country/Region.

Check your Apple ID country and confirm if it’s a supported country. Additionally, make sure the selected country is the same as the Family Sharing organizer’s account.

Note: To change your Apple ID country, you’d need to first cancel any active Apple Music subscription. You’ll also have to wait for the canceled subscription to expire.

How to Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription

Follow the steps below to check and cancel an Apple Music subscription on your iPhone or iPad.

Open the Settings app and select your Apple ID name.

Select Subscriptions.

Check the Active section and select the subscription you want to cancel.

Tap Cancel Subscription.

Select Confirm on the prompt to proceed.

Update Your Device Rejoin the Family

There are two ways to go about this. You can either leave the family account or ask the organizer to remove and re-invite. To leave a Family Sharing group, tap your Apple ID name in the settings menu, select Family Sharing, and tap Leave Family.

If you’re the group’s organizer, open the Apple ID menu in the Settings app, select Family Sharing, select the member you want to remove, and tap Remove [member’s name] from Family.

To re-invite the member, return to the Family Sharing menu, select Add Member, select Invite People and choose how you want to share the invitation—via Messages, Mail, AirDrop, or In Person.

Accept the invitation and check if you can now use Family Sharing’s Apple Music subscription.

Note: You cannot remove members under 13 years (14, 15, or 16 years for some countries) from a Family Sharing group. You can only move the member to another Family Sharing group or delete the member’s account.

Sign Out of Apple Media Services

Disconnecting your device from Apple Media Services—App Store, Apple Music, Podcasts, etc.— can also resolve this problem.

Open Settings, tap your Apple ID name, select Media & Purchases, and tap Sign Out.

 Tap Sign Out on the confirmation prompt.

Wait for about 10 seconds and tap Media & Purchases again.

Select Continue to sign in with your existing Apple ID.

Open Apple Music again and check if you’re able to stream songs and videos.

Sign Out of Apple ID

If all else fails and Apple Music family sharing is still not working, disconnect your Apple ID account from your iPhone or iPad and sign back in.

Launch the Settings app, select your Apple ID name, and tap Sign Out at the bottom of the page.

Enter your Apple ID password, and tap Turn Off to proceed.

Note: Signing out of Apple ID will delete all downloaded (Apple Music) songs from your iPhone and iPad. Likewise, files synced to your iCloud account will be removed. However, they’ll remain available in the clouds and on other devices connected to your Apple ID account.

Sign in to your Apple ID account again and check if Apple Music now works with your Family Sharing group’s subscription.

Get Help from Apple

The Default Gateway Is Not Available

In the middle of your important work you may get stuck in this annoying problem when the default gateway is not available, and you cannot access the internet.

As your default gateway enables you to communicate with the devices in a different network and because of this error, you will not get any intermediate path between them.

You get this message because of some error in your IP settings or the configuration settings.

Sometimes the incorrect settings of the router may raise the issue.

We have shown a VIDEO walk through at the end of the post for easy solution.

Changing the frequency of the wireless router or changing the power saving mode of the wireless adapter can address the issue effectively.

You can also resolve find a fix with the help of Command Prompt or as always you can check whether your antivirus has anything to do with the issue.

Whatever the reason may be, through this article let us explore some feasible ways to find a solution to the problem.

Making some changes in the power management settings of the network adapter you can get an answer to the problem.

To execute the process, here I am providing you an in-depth guide. Follow the steps:

Step 1: Hold the Windows Key and press X and open the Power User Menu. Then go to the Device Manager and open it.

Step 3: Next from the displayed window, move on to the Power Management and proceed to uncheck Allow The Computer To Turn Off This Device To Save Power.

Step 4: After you have finished doing as per stated above, hit the OK button to save the changes.

When you encounter the default gateway not available error, check whether you have installed the latest available Ethernet Driver.

The outdated Driver may raise various issues along with this problem. For this visit the website of the manufacturer and check the latest available one for your Device.

 After y downloading the latest Ethernet Drivers and installing it, check whether this could resolve your problem.

Another solution to address the problem may be changing the saving mode of the wireless adapter.

I am describing the entire process for your convenience. Just follow the steps and check whether this solves the problem for you.

Step 1: Select Windows Key and press S to get into the Control Panel. Then choose Power Options from the provided Menu.

Step 2: From the Power Options Window, check for your current plan. Next, choose Change Settings For The Plan.

Step 3: After that select Change Advanced Power Settings.

Step 4: Search and find the Wireless Adapter Settings and make sure you set it to the Maximum Performance.

Step 5: Finally hit the Apply button and press OK to save the changes.

Changing the wireless mode from 802.11 b/g to 802.11g may easily fix the problem with the default gateway is not available in windows 10.

Follow the steps mentioned below to commence the process:

Step 1: Go to the Network Connections Window. By pressing Windows Key and X together. Now from the provided menu, select Network Connections.

Step 3: Now choose the Configure option and move on to the Advanced option to choose the Wireless Mode.

Step 4: From the menu, make sure you choose 802.11g and then press OK to save the changes made. Check whether your problem is resolved.

For some users resetting the IP has solved the problem instantly.  You can easily commence the process by launching the Command Prompt and then entering the reset command.

Follow the steps given below to execute the process:

Step 1: Proceed with an elevated Command Prompt. When you have launched Command Prompt, type netsh int ip reset command and hit the button.

Step 2: After you finish the process, exit Command Prompt and then give your system a fresh restart.

Check whether this remarkably simple procedure checks the annoying issue with the default gateway.

The default gateway is not available in windows 10 error may occur because of the wireless channel and adapters.

For this procedure to get access to your router and then change the channel to some specific value. It’s automatic by default and you need to try different channels as well.

Follow the manual for detailed instructions on how you can change the wireless channel.

Some users reported that along with the change of the wireless channel, they found a solution by changing the Encryption Method.

You can use the WPA-WPA2 encryption method and check whether this helps you.

If it doesn’t, switch to another method as some methods may be outdated and they will not provide you satisfactory results.

Make sure you check the frequency of the wireless routers as the new ones support 5GHz.

The adapter you are using may not be able to work with this 5GHz frequency. That is why you need to change this to 2.4GHz.

Some users reported that this method worked wonders for them when they couldn’t connect to the default gateway.

You can easily find detailed information for changing the wireless frequency of the router in the provided manual.

Sometimes the Firewall or antivirus protection may raise an alarm as the default gateway is not available.

While you try to get connected to the server, you get blocked and receive updating errors.

You may also have issues with some ad-blockers, system cleaners, recording software, or web-optimizers.

To fix the issue, disable Windows Defender Firewall first. Here I am describing the process please follow it minutely:

Step 1: Go and hit the Start button and then choose Settings. Next move on to on Update and Security.

Step 2: From there select Windows Security. Then select Firewall and Network Protection Option.

Step 3: Now, choose your network and turn off the Firewall protection. Disable the antivirus software temporarily.

The problem with the default gateway may get triggered by your outdated drivers and wrong network configuration. So just try the above remedies to find which solution helps to fix the problem.

So, I hope you can find the answer to – the default gateway is not an available error by now.

Instagram Music Not Working In Stories? Try These 10 Fixes

In 2023 Instagram announced a new feature where users can add music to Instagram Stories. This lets you add your music to an Instagram story to get the vibe you’re going for. Unfortunately, this popular feature doesn’t always work as expected.

If you want to use the Instagram Story music feature, but it’s not working because of a glitch, one of these quick tips will likely get you back to posting your content.

Table of Contents

1. Does the Instagram Music Sticker Work?

Before we go through the steps of troubleshooting Instagram music, it’s best to start by checking whether the feature is the problem in the first place.

Select the “+” button in the Instagram app and select Story. Following this, select a video or photo you want to share as a Story by selecting the gallery at the bottom left of the screen.

Select the Stickers option, search for the Music Sticker, and select it.

However, if it doesn’t, that means something has gone wrong, and you should proceed through the following steps.

2. Update the Instagram App

As always, your first stop should be to check if there’s an update waiting in the Apple App store or Google Play Store. Updating the Instagram app is simple whether you’re using iOS or Android devices. Just search for the app in your device’s storefront, and there should be an “Update” button where the buy or install button usually resides. If not, it means your app is up to date.

Updating your app to the latest version ensures that any known bugs are resolved and that any changes made on Instagram’s servers are now compatible with the version of the app on your device.

3. Check if Other People Are Complaining

Sometimes, the problem isn’t with your device or with your app. Instead, the Instagram servers are simply having issues. The easiest way to figure out if this is the case is to check out Instagram’s social media accounts to see if there’s an official announcement.

Alternatively, check Instagram or sites like Twitter to see if anyone else is having issues with the Instagram Music feature. If other people are complaining about the same problem, then the right move is to wait until Instagram resolves the outage.

4. Do You Have a Business Account?

There are different kinds of Instagram accounts; not all have equal access to the Instagram music feature. If you have a business account, you can’t use music from the library since it’s not licensed for commercial use.

You’ll have to switch to a personal or creator account to use the feature. Of course, this might not be what you want to hear since your business account has the audience you want to reach, so check out tip number eight below for an alternative solution.

5. Log Out and Log Back In

Sometimes the problem is with your current logged-in Instagram session. Log out of the app and log back in to refresh your session, which might resolve some underlying issues preventing app features from working.

To log out, select the three lines (the “hamburger” menu), then go to Instagram Settings.

Select Log Out.

Now log in and try to use music again to see if this resolves the problem.

6. Use a VPN

Instagram music isn’t available in every region, usually due to how music licensing works where you live or are currently visiting. You can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to fool the Instagram app into thinking you’re in a different physical location.

The VPN encrypts your internet connection and creates a network “tunnel” between your computer and the VPN server. All internet traffic flows through the VPN server, and its location and IP address is the one everyone else on the internet sees when communicating with you.

By changing which VPN server you’re connected to, you can change your apparent location and unblock services restricted by region.

7. Reinstall Instagram

Although it’s rare, apps and their associated data can become corrupted or misconfigured on your mobile device. While it shouldn’t be your first resort, you may want to consider deleting the app from your device and then installing it again from the app store.

The process of removing an app is similar on Android and iOS devices. Touch and hold the app’s icon and then choose to remove or uninstall the app from the context menu that appears. Following this, go to your device’s app store, search for Instagram, and install the app from its store page.

8. Use a Third-party Video Editor

Many of the problems that Instagram users have when it comes to using music in their Stories come down to copyright problems. Instagram cannot offer the music you want to use for licensing or regional restrictions.

While the music feature of Instagram stories is convenient, it’s not the only way to get music into the video clip you want to share.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you also have a free copy of Apple’s iMovie app, which you can use to put any music you like into your video. If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, there’s also an included rudimentary video editor.

Then there are numerous third-party apps, free and paid, that can add the music of your choice to your Instagram videos without limitation.

You need to source the music from somewhere before importing it into your video editor. There are a few options here:

Use a video ripper to get the audio from a site like YouTube.

Use your device’s screen-recording function to record the music while playing back on your phone.

Use a CD ripping program on your computer to grab the music from the disc.

Once you have the audio, you can insert it into your video editing project and finalize your video once everything is lined up to your satisfaction.

9. Switch Internet Connections

When you try to access the music library using the Music Sticker, the app has to load the list of available songs from the servers. Most of the Instagram app’s content is cached to the device locally, but new content can have an issue loading if something is wrong with your internet connection.

An internet connection doesn’t just work perfectly or not at all. Configuration or routing issues along the line can make some services fail, even though your connection to other services works just fine.

You can try to change the internet connection you’re currently using to see if that resolves the issue. Try temporarily connecting to a different Wi-Fi network or changing to mobile internet. This could fix Instagram music issues caused by your internet connection itself.

You can also try changing your DNS servers. These servers point your device to the correct server when it requests resources from the internet. If your DNS server has an issue, switching to a different option might help. Switching to another internet connection may help because it usually moves you to a different set of DNS servers.

10. Contact Instagram Support

If you live somewhere where Instagram music is officially supported, and you’ve done everything else on this list to try and fix the Instagram music not working issue, it’s time to get in touch with the Instagram support team. You can report a problem that Instagram may be unaware of, or get some help if you think the feature has been disabled for your account in particular.

To get in touch from within the Instagram app, select the three lines at the top-right corner of the screen and then select the gear icon that represents Instagram Settings.

Next, select Help.

Then select Report a Problem.

You may see a new feature where you can go back to where you had the problem and physically shake the phone to show Instagram’s developers where the issue is.

Just tap on Go back and shake the phone. If you don’t want to do that, select Report a problem without shaking the phone and enter a manual bug report.

You can also browse the Help Center (found below Report a Problem, to look through the FAQs).

Adding Music to Reels

You can add music to Instagram Reels as well as Stories. The troubleshooting tips above deal mainly with music for Stories, but they should also help fix any issues when adding stories to Reels.

If you were looking to add music to Reels, here’s a brief overview of how to do that:

Select the

“+” icon

at the top-right corner of the app screen.




On the left-hand side of the screen, select the

audio icon


Browse the available music to use in your Reels.

If you have a Creator account, you can record your Reel and add music to it later using the music tab.

How To Translate Your Videos In Any Language On Youtube?

Nowadays, many people access video content on handy devices like smartphones and tablets while they are in transit. Their preference is to watch them on silent mode and keep captions and subtitles on.

YouTube has facilitated this by allowing you to add subtitles in any language you want as a creator of a video. This is the easiest way to promote your video to a larger audience with little effort. Don’t just randomly translate your videos into any language. Look which language is significant for you. If a considerable amount of watch time is coming from outside our home country, it’s a good sign that if we translate our video to our audience’s national language, it will give growth to our channel. Also, optimize your content in English and then add translations for other countries. Even if your video doesn’t have the translation of their language, the chances of them understanding your video are higher if it is made in English.

Content that can be translated and that can not

You can translate the title and description of the video. We can translate subtitles of the video so that everyone can understand what is spoken in the video.

You cannot translate the thumbnails and audio of the video.

Steps to translate your YouTube videos

Now the main question that arises is “How to translate your YouTube videos and reach a global audience?” Let’s have a step-by-step insight that how to translate videos −


Open YouTube and after that your channel. Go to your videos on the left centre of the screen.

“ADD LANGUAGE” contains all the languages spoken in the world. Add all the languages one by one that you have chosen after Google Analytics, where your videos have the most views.

The title and description of the video will open. Select and copy the title and description one by one. All these steps are shown down below −

Translate it into Google translator as shown in the image below −

Paste it into translated language column and publish it as shown below −

Subtitle Translation

After publishing titles and descriptions in the translated language, we have to add subtitles in our desired language. To translate subtitles, the steps are −

Add translated text (Using Google translator) by adding a caption. Set the time lapse when you add text. Add the subtitles of the whole content according to time.

In the same way repeat steps for every language. Add titles, descriptions and subtitles and publish it.

As you can see in the image below, we have published the caption in many different languages for our viewers.

What your viewers get to see

You are done translating your videos. If your translated videos are opened viewers will get the facility of changing the subtitles. Viewers can make subtitles (CC) and change the language they want. The method to change are −

They can select the languages that they want from the languages we published (as shown below)

Now if a Gujrati viewer who searches in Gujrati will search video, the video title will be seen in Gujrati.

The best part is that the user doesn’t have to do anything; videos will automatically play with the appropriate subtitles for a user’s given location.

YouTube is a high technology-based platform that uses certain triggers to show the video language in the viewer’s native tongue.

These triggers are based on the viewer’s chosen interface language, recently watched videos, and the location of the viewer. YouTube uses these triggers to determine the language.

Benefits of translating YouTube Videos

Have you ever thought of international SEO? Many of us must be familiar with it. The first and most important benefit is that translated videos allow viewers from other countries can enjoy your video. If your audiences are worldwide and you want to expand reach of your channel, translation is the key to success. Nearly 65% of watch time comes from viewers who are living in other places than the creator’s home. It can get you higher CPM making you earn more money. This means translation can grow your audience.

These videos are also handy for people who want to view videos in a noisy environment. Having subtitles will broaden your viewership by enabling people to read what ‘s being said while watching the video in noisy surroundings.

At last, we can say that translating your YouTube videos is well worth it.

Update the detailed information about Fix: Youtube Music Not Available In Your Country on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!