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“The new Force is a must-have tool for all my clients – it’s like having a personal trainer on your wrist”

“The new Force is a must-have tool for all my clients – it’s like having a personal trainer on your wrist,” said Harley Pasternak, best-selling fitness and nutrition author, and celebrity personal trainer. “I use Fitbit products with my clients because they are easy-to-use, accurate and make people want to move more – and more movement means better health, better fitness and a better body.”

Fitbit Force Top Features and Benefits

OLED display screen for instant stats and time: Force accurately measures and shows steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, floors climbed and the time on an easy-to-view OLED display on the wristband

Altimeter takes you to new heights: Force contains a state-of the-art altimeter to track how many floors or how high you climb each day

Track active minutes to increase your burn: Along with steps, distance and calories burned, you can set a goal for daily “active minutes,” which are moderate-to-high intensity cardio minutes (Center for Disease Control recommends 150 minutes/week)

Sleep monitoring & silent wake alarm: Track sleep quality, including number of hours slept and how many times you wake or are restless; Force also has a silent wake alarm that gently vibrates to wake you and won’t disturb your partner

Bluetooth 4.0 allows wireless, automatic syncing: Force stats sync wirelessly to leading mobile phones and tablets so progress is always up to date without having to plug in; Android users simply tap the NFC-enabled Force to a phone to launch the Fitbit app

Receive smart call notifications on your Force: With Apple iOS 7 4S and higher smartphones, you can choose to receive incoming call notifications right on your Force when your phone is nearby

Motivational online & mobile tools: Stay motivated with notifications, badges and leaderboards; cheer, taunt and direct message your friends throughout the day – reach your goals faster with a little friendly competition

Comfortable to wear 24/7: Designed to be comfortable and stylish, Force is also water resistant and can withstand even the sweatiest workout, so you can wear it day and night; plus, Force has a battery life of 7-10 days

“We are continuously looking for ways to take wireless tracking devices and wearable technologies to the next level, and I feel strongly that Force, with its sophisticated design and instant and easy access to all your daily activity right on your wrist, delivers on the promise of what a next-generation activity tracker should be,” said James Park, CEO and Co-Founder of Fitbit.

Motivational Online & Social Tools

With Force, you set personal fitness goals and can tap into Fitbit’s motivational social tools to help reach them, like notifications, badges and leaderboards. New friend-to-friend messaging allows you to cheer and taunt friends directly on your mobile device throughout the day using the Fitbit iPhone or Android app. Fitbit’s latest iPhone app just got a new look with a sleek, iOS 7-inspired design, enhanced syncing and simplified navigation. Vibrating notifications on the Force wristband celebrate you as you meet your daily goals. Fitbit also supports its community by integrating with an unmatched number of leading health and fitness apps. Fitbit is the top downloaded app for connected fitness devices on the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store, and Fitbit trackers have consistently been the #1 selling devices within the Fitness Technology category.**

Differentiating Bluetooth 4.0 Technology

Force features Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which allows your activity stats to wirelessly and automatically sync to your smartphone and tablet, making it effortless for you to see progress toward the personal fitness goals you set. Fitbit offers in-the-moment, automatic reminders based on your current stats for continuous motivation throughout the day, without ever having to plug in. Force syncs with leading mobile devices, including iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3rd Gen and later, and select Android devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, Note II and Note 10.1.

Widest Variety of Activity Trackers on the Market

We’re aware that there is no “one size fits all” option in fitness. With the introduction of Force, Fitbit now offers two fantastic wristband options within its family of health and fitness products that motivate you to stay active, live better and reach your goals:

The award-winning Fitbit Flex is a flexible, interchangeable wristband tracker that offers a slim, minimalistic design for people that are goal-oriented and want more flexibility in accessorizing

*Call notifications functionality will be available soon as part of an upcoming firmware update.

**Amazon published rankings.

About Fitbit

Fitbit designs products and experiences that track everyday health and fitness, empowering and inspiring people to lead healthier, more active lives. As the leader in the fast-growing Connected Health & Fitness category, Fitbit’s diverse line of award-winning products includes the Fitbit Flex wristband, Fitbit Zip and Fitbit One activity trackers, as well as the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale. Fitbit products are carried in more than 20,000 North American retail stores and sold internationally in 27 countries across Asia and Europe. Headquartered in San Francisco, Fitbit is privately held and funded by Foundry Group, Qualcomm Ventures, SAP Ventures, Softbank Capital, SoftTech VC and True Ventures.

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Garmin Fr60 Fitness Watch With Ant+ Wireless Sync

Garmin have announced their latest GPS-enabled exercise trainer, the FR60 Fitness Watch.  Thanks to the ANT+ wireless fitness equipment standard, the FR60 can track time, calories burned, heart rate and other data from linked fitness equipment, then – with the supplied ANT+ USB stick – wirelessly transfer that information to your PC when it comes into range.

The Garmin FR60 comes as standard with a heart-rate monitor, and several bundles also include a “foot pod” that can be used to record pedometer data.  That’s in addition to the GPS receiver, which can record up to 15hrs and 100 laps of detailed exercise records, including route and performance statistics.

Various activity-specific accessories are available, such as bike speed and cadence sensors and handlebar mounts, and gym equipment using the ANT+ standard will also wirelessly link to the watch.  Both mens and womens versions are available, each with access to the Garmin Connect online training site, for workout sharing and access to messageboards.  No pricing for the Garmin FR60 has been announced so far.

Press Release:

Sleek and Simple to Use, Garmin® FR60 Fitness Watch Gets You Connected On the Road, In the Gym

OLATHE, Kan. –(Business Wire)– Jan 30, 2009 Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, today announced its newest fitness watch that sets the standard for wireless connectivity, the FR60. The latest breakthrough in Garmin’s expansive outdoor recreation and fitness line, the stylish and intuitive FR60 was announced in conjunction with the 2009 ISPO Winter trade show in Munich.

“Indoors or out, it’s easier than ever to set fitness goals and track your progress with the fashionable yet affordable FR60,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales. “While you exercise, the easy-to-use FR60 accurately tracks your time, calories burned, heart rate and other data from linked fitness equipment. Once you’re done and within range of your computer, that information is wirelessly transferred and stored for later analysis.”

With this affordable yet sophisticated fitness watch, Garmin broadens its appeal to the millions of consumers who want to burn calories and track workouts in a cost-effective manner. While the FR60 processes much of the same data as its GPS-enabled predecessors, those functions are packaged in a very compact device the size of a typical fitness watch. The FR60 can track and record up to 15 hours and 100 laps of detailed exercise data. And because the FR60 records its data from the heart rate monitor, foot pod and ANT+ compatible fitness equipment, users can exercise indoors.

Triathletes will embrace the versatility of the swim-friendly FR60 as it helps them train and race indoors or outdoors, on the bike, in the water or on the trails. The featherweight foot pod enables the FR60 to track and record speed, distance, calories burned, steps and cadence without excess burden. Cycling enthusiasts will enjoy the versatile options of adding a bike speed and cadence sensor and a handy bike mount. Adding to the wide range of uses and wireless connectivity, FR60 users in the United States will be able to link effortlessly to their ANT+ compatible fitness equipment such as treadmills, spin bikes, elliptical trainers and more. More information about these ANT+ compatible products will be announced in March at the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) international convention and trade show in San Francisco.

When used with Garmin Connect™ — Garmin’s online training site — the FR60’s benefits continue long after the workout. By pairing the FR60 with Garmin Connect, users can automatically log their workouts, track their totals, share workouts with coaches, friends and family and participate in an online fitness community with similar interests.

The wireless features of the FR60 are enabled by ANT+ personal area network technology. ANT+ is a leading wireless interface protocol enabling ultra low power applications like fitness monitors. ANT+ offers all the benefits of digital wireless communications with much lower power consumption than other wireless protocols. The men’s version of the FR60 weighs just 44 grams, the women’s model weighs 41 grams, and each has a user-replaceable battery with a one-year life.

About Garmin International Inc.

Garmin International Inc. is a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation. Since 1989, this group of companies has designed, manufactured, marketed and sold navigation, communication and information devices and applications – most of which are enabled by GPS technology. Garmin’s products serve automotive, mobile, wireless, outdoor recreation, marine, aviation, and OEM applications. Garmin Ltd. is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, and its principal subsidiaries are located in the United States, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit Garmin’s virtual pressroom at chúng tôi or contact the Media Relations department at 913-397-8200. Garmin is a registered trademark, ANT and ANT+ are trademarks and Garmin Connect is a service mark of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries.

The Best Fitness Trackers For Kids: Fitbit, Garmin, And More (March 2023)

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It’s easy for kids (and adults!) to get caught up in television, video games, and other sedentary forms of entertainment. To help, fitness trackers essentially gamify exercise, making an active lifestyle more exciting while keeping health and wellness top of mind. When shopping for a device for your child, there are several key points to consider.

The basics: At the very least, you’ll want to find a device that counts your child’s steps, tracks their activity and encourages them to get moving. Many also offer sleep tracking which can be very useful for parents.

Entertainment: The best fitness trackers for kids are the ones they are excited to wear. Look for playful features like animated watch faces or goal-setting tools that feel like games. These will keep your little one’s interest piqued and keep their activity goals on track.

Kid-friendly design: It’s not surprising that children’s trackers come in a rainbow of fun, colorful designs. Think also about the interface and whether it is easy to navigate for your child’s age range. Finally, pay attention to durability.

The best fitness trackers for kids

Fitbit Ace 3: is the best fitness tracker for kids. This is a durable, smart-looking watch with all the features you might need, including sleep tracking.

Garmin vivofit Jr. 3: has a wide range of features and boasts several branded straps.

Fitbit Inspire 2: is also a great tracker for teens and an excellent value proposition for new users, especially thanks to its Fitbit Premium incentive.

Nabi Compete: is a competition-centric band that lets kids compare their scores. It’s ideal for larger households.

Read more about the Fitbit Ace 3 in our list of the best Fitbit trackers and smartwatches.

Garmin vivofit Jr. 3: The best customizable fitness tracker for kids


The successor to Garmin’s Vivofit Jr. 2 fitness tracker, the vivofit Jr. 3 has a lot going for it. Kids get a full-color screen, year-long battery life (replaceable), water resistance for swimming, and more. Perhaps most exciting though, are the bands with branded artwork, including several from Disney including Marvel and Star Wars.

The vivofit Jr. 3 also comes with its own mobile app. Kids can take part in missions with both the fitness tracker and app to achieve the goal of getting 60 minutes of activity every day. Parents can use the app to keep track of their kids’ activities and set up chores for their children to complete.

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Fitbit Charge 5: The best fitness tracker for teens

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Fitbit Charge 5

The Fitbit Charge 5 is the company’s most complete fitness tracker yet, and we already loved the Charge 4. It’s the perfect device for older kids looking for a more mature health tracker. It also boasts a bright AMOLED color display that’s sure to catch attention.

Like the Charge 4, the Charge 5 packs a continuous heart rate monitor, an SpO2 sensor, and Fitbit’s usual daily metric tracking smarts. Its excellent sleep tracking and lengthy battery life are especially helpful for overnight monitoring. Additionally, the Charge 5 introduces an EDA sensor to track stress, an ECG for heart health analysis, and a new Daily Readiness Score for kids interested in understanding their body’s post-activity recovery pattern.

It is, however, one of the pricier fitness trackers for kids on the market. The Charge 5 is listed at nearly $180 but keep an eye out for sales and you can usually find one for considerably less.

Check out our full review to learn more about the Fitbit Charge 5.

Check out our full review to learn more about the Fitbit Inspire 2.


A: Most smartwatches include a full suite of fitness tracking tools, so the decision comes down to whether your child needs smartwatch features. Read our guide to the best smartwatches for kids to learn more about the options you may want to consider.

Zeera Launches New Magsafe Case With Magnetic Kickstand [Hands

Zeera continues its streak of producing high-quality accessories for your Apple products. They stole the show earlier this year with the MagSafe Duo alternative, the 3 in 1 MegFold. The MegFold was less than half the price of the MagSafe Duo while also including a third charging pad for your headphones. See our review here.

Zeera has followed up their releases of the MegFold and the VOXN charger with a new iPhone case that has a nice trick up its sleeve.

As I mentioned above, the Zeera case has a few functions that set it apart from your garden-variety iPhone case, but first and foremost, it’s a case.

The case provides all the protection you need while also staying relatively slim and sleek, which is a must for me. It provides all-around protection with a TPU bumper that has a small lip to protect the screen from touching any surface. It then gives you a hard PC back cover, which provides some shatter resistance for the back of these glass phones. They then use aluminum materials for the camera bump and the MagSafe ring. The most expensive part of the iPhone is the camera array, so having a raised lip for added protection made of aluminum is a great plus.

Additional features

You might have been able to see from the pictures above that there is a movable ring on the rear of the case. This ring serves a few purposes. Firstly, it added some much-needed magnet strength to the case. This will allow you to use any Magsafe accessory with confidence. Then you have the stand feature of the case. My biggest worry with this was that the hinge would lose its strength after constantly moving the case from normal to stand mode. But after two weeks of real testing, the hinge is just as strong as it was on day one.

But as you can see, there is a small area for you to be able to pull the stand out. It can be used to prop your phone up in portrait mode to watch some YouTube Shorts or place it in landscape mode to watch videos. It is extremely sturdy and passes all my tests. This stand can also be used as a ring loop to help with holding the larger iPhone Pro Max models.

Pricing and availability

The Zeera MagSafe Kickstand Case is currently available on Zeera’s website for a discounted price of $26.99. Another great point that Zeera made with this case is the variety and availability of these cases. It is available for every iPhone from the iPhone 12 and newer. So if you have one of those iPhone 12s that have lackluster magnets for MagSafe, this case will be extremely useful for that! Pair this case with their MegFold, and you have a nice traveling package for your iPhone.


If you are looking for a protective case that looks good, feels soft to the touch, and gives you some added functionality like a built-in stand, then this is the way to go. I plan on using this on my iPhone 13 Pro Max until the iPhone 15 releases, and then let’s hope Zeera has iPhone 15 cases on the ready!

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What Is Call Tracking Software And How Does It Work?

If you’ve never used a call tracking software before, it’s time to rectify that shortcoming and learn about the potential of this marketing tool.

When a customer dials up a call, they expect to get a high-quality and personalized service, get feedback or resolve an issue in little to no time. Sure, customer support is a whole other story. But with the right call tracking software in place, enterprises and startups alike can enhance the customer experience, increase their revenue, and boost conversion rates.

Let’s examine call tracking in more detail and discover how it can impact your business growth.

Call Tracking Software Explained

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How Does Call Tracking Software Work?

Call tracking gets attribution for inbound calls by utilizing trackable phone numbers.

What is a tracking number? It’s a unique number assigned to a specific marketing initiative. But don’t confuse it with your business number. Trackable phone numbers are only used to help companies attribute calls and lead to particular online or offline marketing efforts.

It’s not uncommon for brands to test or launch multiple campaigns. In this case, businesses can use dynamic number insertion. It’s a technology that allows using several different trackable phone numbers across marketing campaigns and identifying the best-performing ones.

Trackable numbers can be used on landing pages, Google Ads, websites, or across offline and online campaigns.

It’s no secret that marketers strive to get detailed attribution. Call tracking software is the most effective way to determine what prompted the calls, where the inbound calls originated, and whether these calls resulted in sales.

Benefits of Utilising a Call Tracking Software

Every successful marketing campaign indicates business growth. For enterprises, relying on call tracking implies making the most of every marketing channel, getting valuable data, and leveraging deep insights into what drives the calls.

But that’s hardly everything a call tracking software has to offer. Let’s take a closer look at how call tracking can help you scale your business.

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Expand Business Boundaries

As a marketer, you’re probably always on the lookout for technologies and tools that deliver insights into marketing campaigns. With call tracking, you can collect data that reveal crucial information about callers, like their location, call duration, and key demographics.

Ultimately, call tracking tools help startups and small companies optimize their marketing efforts and leverage their business growth potential.

Optimize Spending

Utilizing effective marketing solutions guarantees revenue growth and business scalability. Every company needs to navigate the marketing technology landscape and have all the necessary tech in place to fulfill the mission.

One of the critical factors that can impact your business growth is efficient budget allocation. That brings us to the question of how companies can fine-tune their marketing output and yield even better results. That’s when call tracking comes into play.

Improve ROI

Customer data is the lifeblood of any marketing initiative. That’s why a successful business is now defined by the marketing approaches and relationships with customers. In other words, data-driven marketing is the only way to succeed.

Call tracking grants access to customer data that inform brands on the audience’s latest trends, needs, and wants. Additionally, it allows tapping into future behavior patterns of your customers and developing personalized campaigns. Equipped with this knowledge and marketing tools, companies can achieve high ROI instantly.

Facilitate Decision Making

Conclusion: Call Tracking Software

For businesses that heavily rely on close communication with clients or customer acquisition through phone calls, implementing a call tracking software is a must.

Top 5 Alarm Clock Applications For Android With Notifications

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock


WakeVoice as the name suggests is a sort of a personal assistant that helps you wake up. You need to talk back to it after waking up as to what do you want it to do as in shut down or snooze. But after you are done talking, it starts talking back. It gives you some daily information like the weather, news, radio or a customisable message of your choice. So it surely makes your morning easier and you can wake up with a smile on your face as you choose what to hear every morning. You can download it here.

Talking Alarm Clock

Talking Alarm Clock talks back to you in the morning with your own voice or the voice of the person you love with the record vocal function it has on offer. You can set a personalized sentence as well and the application will play the same in the morning. So if you have an important task for which you need to wake up and be on time, the application will wake you up telling you about the same and we think it is a bit cool. You can shake the device to snooze it and you get a really large snooze button so that you are saved from accidentally turning it off. You can download it here.

I Can’t Wake up! Army Alarm Clock

This is the alarm clock which is meant for the lazy bones out there who just can’t get up no matter what. With this alarm clock, we believe that you will surely wake up courtesy of the eight different wake up tasks it comes with which won’t let you turn the alarm off until you finish them. And by the time you are done doing them, you’ll be awake for sure. These include Math, Memory, Ordering, Repeating, Barcode scanning, rewriting the text, shaking and making pairs. It can be downloaded here.

Army Alarm Clock

This one is the only paid application that made it to the list but we just couldn’t help but get it in the list. You need to pay Rs 50 for it. So this application comes with a Sergeant’s voice to wake you up but the fun part comes in when you put on the snooze button. The voice gets madder at you and becomes meaner which somewhere makes you feel bad about sleeping in late. It surely is a strict application but you’ll thank it later when you start to wake up on time. You can download it here.

Bonus Tip – Timely Alarm Clock

Timely alarm clock is the one you should be looking forward to if you find waking up from a single device a bit difficult as it offers cloud integration. You can set and turn off all your alarms at once across all devices. It offers you a let of themes to choose from, a slew of waking up tasks to ensure that you actually get up and a stopwatch too for that added functionality. You can download it here.


I am sure above mentioned Alarm clocks will make waking up more fun for you. If you start getting irked by one, you can always try second. Do let us know if you could wake up as a result of these applications. Other similar applications include Alarm Clock Xtreme, Alarm Clock Plus,  and SleepBot.

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