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To sync this notebook, sign in to OneNote.

The OneNote error E0000024 is also followed by codes like cnumq, bdf5h, c3zox, etc. Now, if you are facing this error, we got you covered. But, first, let us find out what exactly is this error and the causes behind this error.

What is error code E0000024 in OneNote?

The error code E0000024 in OneNote is a sync error as mentioned earlier. This error occurs when your try to synchronize OneNote notebooks across your other devices. Now, it could be caused if your OneNote app is not updated to its latest version. Apart from that, if you have Live ID Sign-In Assistant installed on your system, a conflict between it and OneDrive might trigger the error E0000024. Another reason for the same error could be inconsistent or corrupted OneDrive cached credentials. Besides that, app corruption can also cause this OneNote sync error.

Now, if you are specifically getting the OneNote sync error code E0000024, this guide will show you all the working solutions to follow. So, let’s check out.

E0000024, To sync this notebook, sign in to OneNote

If you are facing the “To sync this notebook, sign in to OneNote” error with error code E0000024, here are the solutions you can use:

Make sure OneNote is up-to-date.

Remove OneDrive Cached Credentials.

Reset OneNote and OneDrive.

1] Make sure OneNote is up-to-date

Before trying any other fix, make sure that your OneNote app is up-to-date. Using an older version of the app can trigger issues and errors like E0000024. So, update OneNote to its latest version and check if the error is fixed or not. Here’s how you can do that:

First, launch Microsoft Store and move to Library.

You can then press the Update button present next to OneNote.

Once the app is updated, restart OneNote and check if the error E0000024 is fixed or not.

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2] Remove OneDrive Cached Credentials

Another thing you can do to fix this error is to clear the OneDriver cached credentials. This sync error on OneNote might occur due to corrupted OneDriver cached credentials. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, you can fix the error by removing the OneDrive cached credentials stored on your PC.

Here are the steps to do that:

First, open the Windows Search box and enter Credentials in the box. Now, choose the Credential Manager app from the shown results to open it.

After that, press the Remove button under it to clear the credentials. Once done, check if the error is resolved.

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3] Reset OneNote and OneDrive

If the error continues to appear, it might be some corruption in the OneNote or OneDrive app causing it. So, in that case, you can simply reset the OneNote and OneDrive to their original state to fix the error. Here are the steps to do that:

Now, locate the OneNote app, press the three-dot menu button, and choose Advanced options.

Next, scroll down to the Reset section and press the Reset button.

After that, press the Win+R hotkey to evoke the Run dialog  and then enter one of the below commands in it to reset OneDrive:

%localappdata%MicrosoftOneDriveonedrive.exe /reset


C:Program FilesMicrosoft OneDriveonedrive.exe /reset


C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OneDriveonedrive.exe /reset

Once done, restart your computer and check if the error is resolved now.

I hope this helps!

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Why can’t I sync my OneNote notebook?

OneNote sync errors and problems are usually caused due to the fact that your app is not up-to-date. Apart from that, a poor internet connection is another reason why you are unable to sync your OneNote files with other devices. So, make sure you have the recent version of the OneNote app and your internet is working fine. Besides that, you can sign out and then sign in back to all Office apps, clear the OneNote cache, or run the OneNote Diagnostics tool to fix the issue.

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How To Delete A Onenote Notebook From Onedrive

Microsoft’s OneNote notebook is a popular application that has replaced a physical notebook. Onenote notebook aka digital notebook is a perfect application for organizing and saving your million ideas all at a single place instantly. Users can also share the notes over the internet so that the participants can read and contribute at the same time. The original version of OneNote is OneNote 2023 and the notes related to this version are stored locally on computer devices. While OneNote is no longer updated with new features, it is optionally available for the users who are using locally stored notebooks.

OneNote users may want to sync notes on OneDrive account, which, as a matter of fact, offers several benefits like allowing users to edit the notes as well as view the notes across any devices irrespective of location. Additionally, it also lets users share the notes with friends, colleagues, and family thus promoting multi-user collaboration. On a related note, One can also delete the notebook from OneDrive when you no longer need them to appear on OneDrive. If in any case, you wish to retain the content from the notebook before deleting them on OneDrive, you can move the notebook to a computer by creating a new notebook on your system and then delete the old notebook from OneDrive.

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Delete OneNote notebook from OneDrive

If you no longer want to save the content of shared notebook on OneDrive and no longer want your notebook to appear on One Drive, you can permanently delete your notebook from OneDrive. The following steps will explain in detail how to delete a  notebook from OneDrive.

Open your OneDrive and locate the notebook you want to delete.

Move the cursor over the title and select the box that appears on the notebook.

Once the notebook is deleted from OneDrive, it is important to close the deleted notebook in OneNote. Failing to close the deleted notebook on OneNote will result in syncing error wherein the OneNote will keep trying to sync with a notebook that no longer exists in OneDrive. The following steps will guide you on how to close the deleted notebook in OneNote.

Open the OneNote and locate the notebook which you deleted from OneDrive.

How to move a notebook to a computer

If in any case, you wish to retain the content from the notebook before deleting them on OneDrive, you can move the contents of the old notebook section by section to a computer by creating a new notebook on your system and then delete the old notebook from OneDrive.

Open OneNote and go to Files.

Choose the notebook you want to delete on OneDrive. Drag each section of the old notebook which you want to delete on OneDrive to the new Notebook which you just created. Note that there is no way that you can move a whole notebook to a new location. You can move the contents section by section only by first creating a new notebook.

Once the content is copied to the local system, Open your OneDrive and locate the notebook you want to delete.

Move the cursor over the title and select the box that appears on the notebook.

Now Return back to OneNote and locate the name of the notebook which you deleted from OneDrive.

How to delete a Notebook in Microsoft OneNote?

Open the OneNote desktop application

Locate the Notebook you want to delete

Choose Close This Notebook from the drop-down menu.

The OneNote Notebook will be removed.

That’s all.

“The Person Who Bought This Needs To Sign In” Xbox Error

The Xbox console family presents an error that doesn’t require shipping back the device. “The person who bought this needs to sign in” could happen on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, or Xbox One X. 

That’s because all of these consoles share the same firmware and the same interface. Because of that, the troubleshooting we’re sharing can work on either option.

However, this particular error occurs when users try to open a digital game they don’t own. Unfortunately, the Xbox’s system may display the error by mistake, even if the user owns the game. 

Fixing the issue, though, it’s often easy and straight on the Xbox’s user interface.

Most errors indicate something is wrong, whereas others appear when nothing is wrong. “The person who bought this needs to sign in” is the latter case. 

In most cases, the error has one of these two codes:



Regardless, it only happens on digital games and while users try to share game content. 

In specific, the error happens because the console couldn’t verify the content access permissions. It prompts you, the user, to make the person who bought the game sign in. And if you’re that person, it isn’t very clear. 

User reports, as well as common fixes, helped us find the common causes of the error message:

Your Xbox Console Is Not Your Main Console: If you play on various consoles or have a single console, the Xbox may lose track of which is your main device. In other words, your Xbox is not your “Home” console, therefore prompting you to sign in again. 

The License Holder Account Is Not Set as “Home:”  Likewise, if the person who bought the game is not signed into the console, you may see the error when doing game sharing. 

Xbox Live Services Are Down: The Xbox servers may be down due to an error or for service. 

The Game Server Is Down: Likewise, the server of a particular game may be down. 

Dashboard Glitch: Random dashboard glitches and errors may cause the error. 

Network Issue: Lastly, the error may happen if your connection is unstable. Setting a static IP and a public DNS to the console may solve the problem.

The solutions we’re sharing work on any Xbox One or any Xbox Series console. We’re starting with the most logical solution. Afterward, we’re moving forward with less common fixes.

Please try our solutions, one by one, until you find the one that works for your case.

Before you move on, though, please reboot your console to erase random permission bugs.

If you use your account to play on various Xbox consoles, you should let Microsoft know which one is your primary device.

In other words, you should select a Home Xbox. That way, any account on that console can play and use the content you have purchased. That includes Xbox games, apps, a Game Pass subscription, and more.

Moreover, the Home Xbox has become more friendly for offline gaming. That means other accounts can play the games without your account active or without an internet connection. 

Here’s how to set your Xbox as the Home console:

Bear in mind the “Home ” account becomes the “License-holder,” meaning other accounts in the same Xbox can play the games the Home account bought.

The next step is re-logging your account on your Xbox. It can erase random account bugs preventing normal functions.

Here’s how to re-log on your Xbox console:

The next solution would be to remove your account from the console and then add it back: 

Afterward, add back the account: 

We can try improving the stability of your Xbox’s connection to solve the issue.

Unlike other devices’ typical dynamic IP addresses, a static IP Address won’t change. In essence, every time a device longs into your router, the router assigns a random IP address to the item. A static address, on the contrary, is constant, therefore, more stable.

Then, a public DNS comes from companies like Google. These are addresses available for all users worldwide to improve their home connections.

For example, if your broadband speed is around or less than 6MB, or if there’re too many devices using your Wi-Fi, your Xbox may be suffering from an unstable connection.

The issue damages features like the Xbox Party Chat, game sharing, streaming, downloading, and account errors.

Here’s how to add a public DNS and a static IP address on your Xbox:

If all else fails, you may solve the “Person who bought this needs to sign in” issue by power cycling the console. Also, restarting the router may help.

Both workarounds together could erase random network glitches.

Press and hold the Xbox power button for 10 seconds or more. Press it until the LED stops flashing to do a hard reset.

Once the console is off, unplug all of its cables

Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds more to drain all of the power

Go to your router, and disconnect all of its cables for 10 seconds

Plug back the router

Go back to the Xbox, and plug back all of its cables

Turn on the console

Test your network connection

Test the faulty game

Lastly, you should ensure the Xbox Live Core Services are up and working.

Microsoft’s servers or a game server could be down for maintenance or due to other problems.

You can verify the status of Xbox Live services on their official site.

How To Sync Outlook And Gmail Contacts

Today we will take a look at free tools that will allow you to sync Google contacts between your Gmail and Outlook accounts. These tools are perfect for syncing contacts for Outlook users who have one or multiple Google accounts. They help Outlook users sync their contacts, tasks, and Google calendar with Outlook. In this post, we look at some of the tools that help you easily sync Outlook and Gmail contacts – Outlook4Gmail, GO Contact Sync Mod and Contacts Sync.

How to Sync Gmail contacts with Outlook

There are many ways to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook. In this post we suggest the following three free tools that gets the job done easily for you:


GO Contact Sync Mod

Contacts Sync.

1] Outlook4Gmail add-in

The interface of the add-in is very straightforward and easy to understand. Simply visit its homepage to download it.

When done, the add-in will automatically load upon launching the Microsoft Outlook app. Also, it will create its own ribbon with buttons or menu item and a toolbar.

Start syncing contacts

Choose ‘Contacts’ from the ‘Settings’ section of the Outlook ribbon.

Press the down-arrow to select ‘Configure Contacts sync rules’.

Instantly, a new window will popup prompting you to ‘Add Account’ as shown in the screenshot above.

Select an account and start syncing contacts.

You can download it from its homepage. Please note that the free version allows syncing only Google Contacts (root Contact folder), and just one Contact sync rule is enabled.

2] GO Contact Sync Mod

Manually updating your email accounts is typically a time-consuming task. GO Contacts Sync Mod helps you spare these efforts by syncing your Outlook email contacts with your Gmail address book (including pictures, categories, and notes) automatically. This standalone Window utility automatically detects the accounts stored inside Outlook and readily syncs them with Gmail. However, before this, you will need to enter your Gmail credentials (username and password). Once the connection is established, the syncing process will kick in.

When you enable the Auto Sync feature, the program will start the task at a user-defined interval, and the results will be displayed with a  detailed log, bearing the information related to the names of the contacts that have been synchronized. The limitations that we came across while using the app were first, a not so intuitive interface and second, no support for Outlook Express.  See more information about Go Contact Sync Mod on its homepage.

3] Contacts Sync

This tool works with any Gmail account as well as Google Apps account. Also, it can sync Outlook contacts to Android phone, iPhone, etc. When installed, it offers the following types of options to synchronize your contacts –

Sync from Outlook contacts to Gmail contacts

Sync contacts from Gmail to Outlook contacts

Contacts Sync has both, a Pro version and a Free version. In the case of the free version, new contacts must be manually added to Gmail’s My Contacts.

There’s also a ‘Scheduled sync’ option to sync contacts. Scheduled Sync option can be configured to sync contacts at regular intervals.

The latest version allows to sync contacts from/to any group to any Outlook folder/category and offers multiple options to sync contacts between Outlook Folder/Category and Gmail Group.

Limitations of the freeware version

Some Contact Fields not synced

No Categories

No Contact Pictures

No Contact Deletion

For downloading the free version, visit their website.

Why isn’t my Gmail syncing with Outlook?

If Outlook is not receiving emails from Gmail, you can carry out the following suggestions:

Repair the Gmail Account

Turn On the Outlook Notification

Add Gmail Account Again

Check the Gmail Server

Change Gmail Rules

Update the App

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How do I merge Outlook Contacts with Gmail Contacts?

If you want to merge the contacts, you will need to export the contact from Outlook in CSV or any supported format that Gmail accepts. The next step is to import the contact file into Gmail. Once done, you can let Gmail help you find the duplicate contact, and then merge. Post this all your Outlook contact will be merged with Gmail contacts.

How To Setup Automatic Wireless Sync Between Android And Pc

There are a number ways this could be useful for you. You can preset which folders you want to sync with options to either keep the files on both devices or copy to PC and delete from Android or vice-versa. Your devices will automatically transfer files whenever connected to the same WiFi network without even a bit of your interaction.

We’ll show you how to setup wireless syncing between Android and PC using the free Syncme Wireless app from bvaisoft in the step-by-step guide below:

How to wirelessly sync data between Android and PC

First things first! Download the SyncMe Wireless app on your Android device. You don’t need to download anything on the PC though, the app uses Windows default file sharing feature between same networks.

 icon-download Download SyncMe Wireless 

Enable sharing on your Windows PC?

Step 2: On the properties tab, select Sharing and then select ‘Share’ option.

Step 5: On this dialog box, select the ‘Browse’ option as you see in the screenshot below. And then select the folder you just shared in the steps 1 and 2 above.

That’s it your PC is now set for wireless syncing with your Android phone. Let’s setup the SyncMe wireless app now on your Android device.

Setting up SyncMe Wireless app on Android

Step 1: Open the SyncMe Wireless app and select “Add computer” option to connect it to your PC.

Step 2: On this screen, the option to configure and connect your Android device with your PC is shown. For that, you would have to enter your log in details (which you use to log in to your PC) is required. First, select the ‘Computer Name’ option. Now, the app will scan the WiFi network and if everything goes fine, your PC will be shown and select it. Next select ‘User’ option and enter the User ID and password that you use to log in to your PC.

Step 3: If the log in details are correct and the computer responded correctly, you’ll be taken back to the sync menu. Here, you’ll see the list of connected PC’s. Select the corresponding connected PC from the list, and a pop-up with following options will show: Add sync folder, Edit and Delete. Edit and Delete options perform their intended functions. We’ll select the sync folder option from here.

Step 4: On the Add sync folder option, you’ll see many options. We’ll look closely on each option and what they does.

Select the first one – ‘Device folder’. This option lets you choose which folder in your phone is to be synced. Browse to the folder to be synced and select the folder.

Now, select the next option – ‘Computer folder’. This thing is similar to the last option, but lets you select the shared folder (which we did on the setup on PC). Browse and select the folder from the list.

Next is the Schedule option and Copy to option, Schedule lets you schedule syncs based on different conditions based on time, day, charge status or even based on WiFi network. Copy to defines how the sync is to be happened. That is, from computer to device/device to computer/etc. (see screenshots).

Step 5: Now go back and press OK. This will land you in the ‘sync jobs’ screen we saw in step 1. Select the shared computer and you’ll see a similar pop up we saw in step 2, but with an added option ‘Run’. Select it to begin the wireless sync setup between your PC and Android device.

That’s all!

How To Sync Brave Bat Wallet On Mobile & Pc

Brave browser has made waves thanks to its built-in privacy protections such as AdBlock, HTTPS everywhere, and script blocking. But Brave offers another crucial feature called Brave Rewards.

Brave Rewards allows you to earn BAT tokens monthly for simply using the browser. You can distribute these tokens to support your favorite creators or websites directly or withdraw them.

So in this article, we will show you a detailed guide to link your Brave rewards with a verified Uphold wallet and then link your Brave mobile browser to the same wallet. This way, you can use the same wallet for Brave rewards on your phone and PC.

You need to set up a verified wallet that links your rewards with a custodial exchange. We recommend using Uphold wallet to sync your other devices. Below is how to complete Uphold account creation to sync your devices.

Step 1: Create an Uphold account by going to their website or installing Uphold app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Once your wallet is verified, we recommend waiting for a day before making any transactions.

Step 3: Now, buy 2 BAT tokens to your Uphold wallet to link it with the Brave browser.

Adding BAT tokens is necessary as it is required to have a certain amount of BAT tokens to link your BAT Wallet on Brave with Uphold. Previously the required amount was 15 BAT tokens which have been reduced to 2.

Once you have created a verified account on Uphold and added 2 BAT tokens, you are all set to link your BAT wallet with Uphold. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Open Brave Settings and Go to Brave Rewards.

Step 4: Choose Uphold Wallet.

Note: Ensure to turn off any other instance of Uphold wallet running on your mobile device or PC before proceeding further, as Uphold may block your account for suspicious activity.

You have successfully connected your BAT Wallet on Brave with Uphold. Your BAT tokens in Uphold account will be reflected in the Your Balance section. And you will receive your monthly rewards directly on Uphold.

Now that you have paired your BAT wallet with Uphold, you need to connect the mobile BAT Wallet with Uphold to sync your reward earnings. Below are the steps to do that.

Step 2: Go to Verify Wallet.

Step 3: A pop-up appears. Tap on Continue.

Step 4: Choose Uphold wallet.

Step 6: You will be redirected to authorize the Brave app on Uphold. Tap on Authorize.

Step 7: Log in with the same Uphold wallet you connected with your PC and tap on Next.

Great! Your PC and Mobile BAT wallets are now synced together, and the rewards you will earn every month will be sent directly to your Uphold wallet, where you can freely withdraw your BAT tokens.

It is convenient and fairly simple to sync multiple Brave devices once you have set up a verified wallet. But we hope Brave adds the ability to sync wallets without having to use a third-party custodial wallet since Brave already has its crypto wallet. I hope you learned something new with this guide and it was useful for you.

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