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Dyson Pure Cryptomic purifiers promise to oust formaldehyde

Dyson’s sculptural air purifiers are getting a new model, with the new Dyson Pure Cryptomic adding formaldehyde removal to their talents. Tucked inside the cylindrical body is a new catalyst panel, which Dyson says can take harmful formaldehyde and convert it into harmless water and carbon dioxide.

Compared to smog, cooking smells, and other particulates, formaldehyde might not be on your list of home or office air worries. Turns out, it’s actually surprisingly prevalent indoors, since it’s off-gassed from a variety of sources. Furniture, air fresheners, electronics, cleaning products, and more can all release the colorless, odorless gas.

As for why you don’t want it in your home, Dyson points to US EPA research suggesting it can trigger ear, nose, and throat irritation, or even – albeit at sufficiently high levels – some cancers. Enter, then, the Dyson Pure Cryptomic.

There are four models in the line-up, two colors each of the Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic and the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic; the former is a fan only, while the latter can also operate as a room heater. Each uses the same particulate filter as the previous Pure models, which the company says can capture 99.97-percent of allergens and pollutants, as small as 0.3 microns. This HEPA filter is designed to trap things like bacteria, pollen, and mold spores, while a redesigned activated carbon filter snags odors, domestic fumes, and gases like nitrogen dioxide and benzene.

New, though, is the catalyst panel. It’s made up of billions of tiny tunnels which are shaped to trap formaldehyde; an oxygen rich surface coating then breaks the gas down into CO2 and water. Dyson says that, over the course of a typical day, you’re talking about 20,000x less water and carbon dioxide than a mouse would breathe out.

While the HEPA and carbon filters need replacing roughly every twelve months, the formaldehyde catalyst filter lasts the lifetime of the purifier itself. You’ll be able to track the health of the filters through the Dyson app, as well as seeing readouts on the current air quality; there’s also a display to show the essentials on the front of the purifier itself.

For Dyson, though, formaldehyde’s problem isn’t just its potential health impacts, it’s how tricky it is to measure. The new purifiers’ sensors can detect it, but for the moment the results are simply included into the overall air quality rating of the room rather than broken out as a separate number. “We cannot be confident enough to display an absolute level of formaldehyde,” Dyson’s Jake Read, a design engineer on the Pure Cryptomic project, explained to me.

You’ll have to take the Cryptomic’s word for it that the formaldehyde is being broken down, then, though you’ll certainly be able to feel the airflow. The purifier oscillates, as well as using Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology with a directed-air fan mode and a diffuse mode that cleans the air in a quieter, more discreet way. You can control that via the bundled remote – which magnetically stores on the top of the fan – or through the app, which also shows history air quality levels and integrates with Alexa.

The Dyson Pure Cryptomic purifiers are available now, priced at $649.99 for the fan-only model, or $749.99 for the Pure Hot+Cool version. Each will be offered in white/gold and gunmetal/bronze.

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How To Reset Apple Airtag To Transfer To New Owner

If you have an AirTag you are no longer using, you can factory reset it so another person can use it. Resetting the AirTag will sever any ties between your Apple ID and the AirTag; that way, you can sell the AirTag to a stranger with no worries.

You may also just want to let a family member use the AirTag. Unfortunately, there is no way to share an AirTag; only one person can use their iPhone’s Find My to track an AirTag. Thus, you may want to reset the AirTag so a family member can use it.

Before you reset the AirTag, you should remove the AirTag from your Apple ID. Without this step, no one else can use the AirTag. Before you receive/purchase an AirTag from someone, the AirTag’s owner must remove it from their Apple ID, or it will not work for you.

Remove the AirTag from your Apple ID

To remove the AirTag from your Apple ID, you should have the AirTag nearby (within Bluetooth range). This will also reset the AirTag. If you remove the AirTag from your Apple ID when it is outside of Bluetooth range, you will need to manually reset the AirTag before someone else can use it.

Have the AirTag within Bluetooth range of your iPhone. Make sure your iPhone’s Bluetooth is on.

Open Find My and select the Items tab at the bottom of the screen.

Select the AirTag you wish to remove from your Apple ID.

Scroll down and tap on Remove Item. Tap Remove.

Reset the AirTag

If the previous owner of the AirTag was out of Bluetooth range when they removed the AirTag from their Apple ID, you will need to reset the AirTag before it can be used with a new Apple ID.

With the silver stainless steel side of the AirTag facing up, press and turn the silver side counterclockwise.

Remove the silver stainless steel battery cover.

Take the battery out of the AirTag.

Put the battery back in the AirTag and press on it until it makes a sound.

Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you have taken the battery out and put it back in a total of 5 times. The fifth time the AirTag should make a sound that is different than the previous four times. That is how you will know it has been successfully reset.

Put the AirTag back together by lining up the tabs on the silver cover with the slots on the AirTag. Press down and turn clockwise until the cover is secured.

Transfer the AirTag to a new owner

Once an AirTag has been removed from the previous owner’s Apple ID and (if necessary) reset, it can be paired with a new Apple ID. This process looks just like setting up a new AirTag, minus the step where you remove the outer wrapping and pull the tab.

So, if your AirTag has been removed from your Apple ID (and reset, if necessary), it is no longer connected to you in any way, and you can safely sell it or give it to someone else to use.

Troubleshooting AirTag issues

If you are having trouble with your AirTag, you may find the following articles useful:

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How To Connect Gopro To Laptop

The most popular action camera device right now is the GoPro. It can take both videos and pictures in extreme environments without suffering major damage. Once the content is added to the GoPro, users will want to export all photos and videos to another device, for example, a Windows PC. Now, the question is, how can we connect a GoPro to a Windows computer and siphon off all the video and picture contents with ease? Well, you should worry not because we have all the information you need to keep on the right track.

How to connect GoPro to PC

We must point out that there are two ways to collect data from your GoPro. You can either connect the device via USB or attach the SD card to your computer.

Connect the GoPro to a computer via USB

Connect the GoPros SD card to your computer

1] Connect GoPro to computer via USB

The first thing to do is to connect the GoPro to your computer. This is pretty straightforward, so let us discuss how to get it done in the easiest way possible.

Begin by pressing the Power/Mode button to boot the GoPro.

Ensure the Wi-Fi is turned off on GoPro HERO3+ and older devices.

Once done, locate the USB port on the GoPro.

The port is usually located on the side of the device.

Connect the USB to the GoPro, then connect the other end to your computer’s USB port.

If the connection is made properly, a USB icon should show up on the screen of the camera.

Now, if you want to have the GoPro automatically open the folder with your files when connected to your computer, then make use of the AutoPlay feature.

The AutoPlay feature is quite useful because it makes it possible for the user to choose what happens when a third-party device is connected to Windows. For example, you can make it so that whenever your GoPro is connected, it will automatically open the video or image folders.

Use the Auto Launch/AutoPlay feature

Let us look at how to get this done in the easiest way possible right now.

Connect your GoPro to the computer via USB.

A small pop-up will appear at the left of your screen.

Windows will now automatically connect to the GoPro.

From now on, whenever the same device is connected to your computer, it will automatically direct the user to the folder containing the files.

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2] Connect the GoPro’s SD card to your PC

If you do not have a USB lying around but rather an SD card reader, then this solution is perfect.

Remove the SD card from the GoPro.

If your computer does not have a built-in SD card reader, then connect a third-party reader to the device.

From there, slide the SD card into the reader.

In just a few seconds you should now be able to view the contents on the SD card directly from your Windows 11/10 computer.

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Change AutoPlay settings

If you are not pleased with how the AutoPlay feature is working after a period of time, then you can adjust it.

Press the Windows key + I to launch the Settings app.

Scroll down and select AutoPlay.

From there, you can change the settings to what fits your needs, or turn it off entirely.

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Why won’t my GoPro connect to my computer?

There are several reasons why your GoPro fails to connect to your computer. The camera itself could be the problem, so if that is the case we suggest removing the battery and the SD card, then reattaching them again before connecting to the computer. Furthermore, you could try connecting the GoPro to a different computer.

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Can I connect my GoPro directly to my computer?

Yes, it is possible to connect a GoPro directly to a Windows 11/10 computer. This is possible because the device comes with support for USB, so all you have to do is connect the cable to the GoPro, then plug the other end into the USB port on your computer, and that’s it. However, if you do not have the USB cable with you, you can use the memory card to get the footages. The easiest way to view and manage videos on a GoPro is to use the software known as GoPro Quik for Desktop. Once up and running, you can watch and manage MP4 and HEVC video files. Bear in mind that HEVC requires a competent graphics card to play videos smoothly.

How To Make ‘How To’ Videos

How to plan, create and market a ‘how-to-video’

‘How to’ videos are one of the most popular video types on the net, so should always be considered as part of your content marketing efforts. They are an accessible format that can be applied to marketing many types of businesses. Essentially what you are doing is explaining how to do something that your people in a business are skilled in and knowledgeable about as it relates to your products and services.

All ‘how to’ videos are different, but we have developed a formula that can be applied regardless of the subject. Work through these steps to get the best results with your ‘how to’ video.

1. Planning the video What do your customers need help with?

There is approximately no point in making a how to video about something that everyone knows how to do. In the planning phase you need to research and define the common problems your customers face. This will enable you to pitch a perfectly useful video to a perfectly interested audience.

Two birds, one stone: make connections

While you are researching common problems, make a note of all of the blogs, social media pages and websites you come across that relate to your ‘how to’ video. If you are particularly on the ball you will build some relationships at this stage. Tell them you are making this video and ask them if they are interested in seeing it and sharing it when it is ready.

Learn from other people’s mistakes

Look around at what other videos have been made on the same or a similar topic. Analyse what works and what doesn’t as well as what is missing. Use this information to inform how you produce your own video.

2. Production of the video Choosing an on-screen presenter

There are two main things to consider here. Firstly, they need to work well on camera and be approachable and easy to listen to. Secondly, they need to know what they are talking about and be confident and passionate about what they are explaining. If they are none of those things, your audience will disconnect.

Production quality

In the following video, we don’t have an on-screen face. It is a very short video, which gets to the point and skips over the parts that will be of no interest to the audience.

Pace and length

Pace is extremely important and you will determine the pace in the edit lab. Get it wrong and people will switch off. The pace will depend on the information you have decided to share in your video. Avoid stating the obvious. Cover the important bases and spend more time on the complicated elements. Skip over or increase the speed through the obvious parts – this will have a stylistic impact. We think that shorter videos are more effective, as long as you have covered all necessary bases.

I found numerous different videos on ‘how to tie a bow tie’. This was my favourite because it was shortest. Very DIY but it does the job. One video lasted over 9 minutes – needless to say I didn’t watch it all.

3. Marketing the video Testing on an audience

Before letting your video free into the public domain, test it on some small audiences for feedback. This will give you the audience perspective to work with. It will help you make decisions about which parts are adding nothing and which elements need more elaboration. You cannot underestimate the value of this part of the process – you might think your video is great but you are making it for other people to watch…

Distribution routes

Your obvious starting point is your existing network including your mailing list and your social media followers. Related blogs and websites are a perfect target audience and if you already have relationships with them this process should be a lot quicker and easier.

Video SEO

There are a number of things you can do to give your video the best possible chance of appearing in search engine results. These include a consideration of the page on which you embed your video, where you host it, keywords in titles and descriptions and also creating closed caption subtitles for the video.

For more information about video SEO see My Web Presenters guide to video SEO basics.

So there you have it. Tick all of those boxes and you should be on your way to enlightening the world with your ‘how to video’.

How To Add Brushes To Photoshop

At its core, the Photoshop brush tool is there for drawing lines and shapes on your designs using strokes. With the help of Photoshop brushes, you can create anything from various patterns and textures, and even change the lighting of your images.

Photoshop comes with a built-in set of brushes that you can use to add special effects to your photos. However, it’s a scarce selection with just a few general styles. If you want to have more options, you can add more brushes to Photoshop, as well as download them from third-party sites. Here’s how you can add and install brushes and use them in Photoshop. 

Table of Contents

How to Add Brushes to Photoshop

If preset brushes aren’t enough for you, you can always download and install your own. Adobe Photoshop allows you to add new brushes to add shapes, patterns, various structures and more. 

Where to Find Brushes for Photoshop

Many sites offer free Photoshop brushes you can download and install. However, be careful and only download them from trustworthy sources to prevent malware in the presets. 

How to Install Brushes to Photoshop

Once you’ve chosen the file with brushes, download it to your computer. If it’s a zip file, unpack the contents of the file. You’ll find a new folder containing several files, and one of them will have an .ABR extension. 

Open Adobe Photoshop.

Select Load and manually select the .ABR file on your computer to add your brushes.

You can add as many brushes to Photoshop as you like. Once added, you can access them in the Brush Options window under the drop-down arrow in the Options bar Control panel on top of the screen. 

How to Use Brushes in Photoshop

The brush tool allows you to create unique images and projects in Photoshop. If you’re a beginner, here are some tips on how to make the most out of the brush tool.

1. Use the Brush Options Pop-up Window

To get started working with your brushes in Photoshop, select the Brush Tool from the toolbar on the left. Once you’ve selected the tool, you can customize it using the Brush Options window, in which you can access the full list of your downloaded brushes, as well as shape and size options.

Some brushes also allow you to change the Hardness parameter making the edges of the brush strokes harder or softer. Slide the mark all the way to the right for a more defined look of your brush, or keep it on the left side of the slider to create a soft airbrush effect. 

2. Use the Brush Panel  3. Use Brush Mode & Opacity & Flow

Other settings that you can change when using brushes are Mode, Opacity, and Flow. They’re also located in the same toolbar on top. 

Opacity and Flow work in conjunction and help you control the thickness of your brush strokes. 

Mode is exactly the same as Layer blending modes in Photoshop, except the changes will only affect your individual brushstrokes rather than a whole layer of your image. 

4. Create Your Own Custom Brush

While there are plenty of options and sites to download brushes from, if it’s something specific that you’re after, it might be easier and quicker to create your own brush. To create a brush in Photoshop, follow the steps below.

Open a new Photoshop window.

Select the Brush tool and draw the tip shape that you have in mind.

Add a name for custom your and select Ok to save it. 

Your custom brush is now added to your list of brushes and is ready to use. 

Time to Master Brushes in Photoshop

The Brush tool is great for anyone looking to create their own designs in Photoshop or just do some creative editing of their images. Just like Photoshop filters or presets, brushes are easy to use even if you’re a complete beginner. However, you can really transform your works in Photoshop if you dig deeper and learn how to use Brushes on a professional level. 

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