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DNS Server Not Responding in Windows 7: How to Fix it Try changing the DNS server manually or updating the network drivers




DNS server issues can be pretty frustrating as they will prevent you from accessing the internet. They have been reported by several Windows 7 users.

You can try clearing the DNS cache or switching to a different browser and see if this resolves the problem or not.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

The DNS server ensures that you are able to connect to the internet and surf through it. Sadly, there have been multiple user reports regarding DNS server issues on Windows 10.

So much so that this issue has also troubled Windows 7 users in the past. Users have been complaining about the DNS server not responding in Windows 7 error. This guide will give you a bunch of solutions that will help you resolve the problem quickly.

What causes the DNS server not to respond in Windows 7?

Here are a few reasons that could trigger the DNS server not responding in Windows 7:

Misconfigured DNS settings: If the DNS settings are misconfigured then your browser will have a hard time connecting to the internet.

Outdated network driver: Outdated drivers often cause multiple issues and conflict with the smooth performance of the PC.

DNS Cache: The presence of unwanted DNS cache can also trigger multiple issues, such as the one at hand.

Problem with your internet connection: You should ensure that the internet that you are connected to is working and there are no issues with it.

Your browser is at fault: Often due to a bug or glitch the browser may misbehave and throw up errors like the DNS server not responding in Windows 7.

How can I fix the DNS server not responding in Windows 7 error?

Try restarting your PC. There might be a temporary glitch that is causing the problem.

Restart your modem or router. This will ensure that the router starts from scratch and connects to the server without any issues.

Install all the latest Windows updates as this could very well be because of a bug on the earlier version of Windows update.

1. Change the DNS server manually 2. Clear DNS cache

Updated drivers not only bring new features on board but also get rid of the bugs and glitches present in the version that is currently installed on your PC.

Expert tip:

Outbyte Driver Updater not only updates your drivers but can automatically scan for all of your drivers and update them for you. It can create driver backups, fix system-related issues, schedule scans, and much more.

This tool keeps all your drivers updated to maintain your system in top shape.

Free Trial Download Now

4. Perform network reset 5. Run the Network Troubleshooter 6. Use a different browser

Often the DNS server is not responding in Windows 7 error is associated with the browser itself. Because of some glitch or bug in the browser, it may throw up unnecessary errors.

In such a case, we would suggest you switch to a different browser and check if the problem exists there as well or not.

If you are confused about which browser to download, then we have a guide that gives a list of some of the best browsers that you can install on your Windows 7 PC.

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Fix Server Not Found, Firefox Can’t Find The Server

A common issue is the “Server not found – Firefox can’t find the server” error on Firefox. Many users have reported that they encounter this error while trying to load a website on Firefox even though the website opens fine with other browsers. If you are facing the same problem, read this article for the resolution.

What does the Server not found error mean?

At a basic level, the Server not found error means that the Firefox browser (or any other browser) can detect the server of the website, but is unable to find the required information. However, when we look at the details, this error could mean a lot of things depending on whether it is browser-specific or system specific. As far as the server of the website is working fine, the issue is probably with the network connection as discussed in this article.

What is the cause of the Server not found error on Firefox?

This error could be browser-specific or system-specific. In causes include DNS inconsistency, bad IPv6 settings, malware, etc. These causes need to be tackled at both the browser and system/network levels. The most common causes of the problem are as follows:

If the issue is specific to Firefox, it could be caused by malware or virus.

A hyper-protective anti-virus or Firewall can cause the error.

Domain name Server inconsistency.

Disabled instance of DNS client service.

VPN or proxy interference.

Fix Server not found error on Firefox

In case you face the same problem with other browsers, you would need to power-cycle the modem-router-computer. If the Server not found error is specific to Firefox, try opening other websites to isolate the issue further.

Check if the website works on other browsers

Temporarily disable Firewall and anti-virus programs on your system

Use proper antivirus and anti-malware software to clean the system

Delete the cookies and cache files

Remove any proxy settings for Firefox

Disable DNS prefetching

Disable IPv6 in Firefox

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection and network issues.

Let us resolve the Server not found error on Firefox by trying the following solutions sequentially:

1] Check if the website works on other browsers

If the Server not found error occurs while trying to open a website on the Firefox browser, then the first approach should be to check whether the website is working with other browsers or not. If it doesn’t work with other browsers, then the issue is with the network and the system, else it is specific to Firefox.

2] Temporarily disable Firewall & anti-virus programs on your system

The Windows Defender Firewall and anti-virus programs on your system can blacklist genuine websites, and that is a common problem. To isolate this cause, try disabling the Windows Defender Firewall and the antivirus program on your system temporarily. If this helps, whitelist Firefox for the anti-virus program or Firewall.

3] Use proper antivirus and anti-malware software to clean the system

Many viruses are known to block certain websites. If the Server not found error is specific to Firefox, try cleaning the system of viruses and malware before attempting anything else. You can use Malwarebytes for removing malware.

4] Delete the cookies and cache files

The cache files store information related to webpage sessions offline and help in loading the webpage faster when you open it again. However, if the cache files are corrupt, they will prevent the associated webpage from opening properly. The resolution to this problem to delete the cookies and cache file, the procedure of which is as follows:

Change the time-range to everything and check the boxes associated with Cookies and Cache.

Hit Clear now to erase the cookies and cache files for Firefox.

5] Remove any proxy settings for Firefox

Proxy settings on Firefox can limit access to certain websites. The procedure to remove proxy settings is as follows:

Open the address about:preferences on the Firefox address bar.

Scroll down to Network Settings in the General panel.

Shift the radio button to No proxy and hit OK.

6] Disable DNS prefetching

DNS prefetching helps in speeding up the loading of websites. However, it is known to cause problems while loading websites on browsers. The procedure to disable DNS prefetching is as follows:

Open about:config on the Firefox address bar.

Select Accept the Risk and Continue.

Search network.dns.disablePrefetch in the search bar.

Change the preference value of the value from false to true using the toggle button.

7] Disable IPv6 in Firefox

IPv6 is enabled for Firefox by default. However, this is known to cause network-related problems while trying to access websites on the browser. To disable IPv6 for Firefox, use the following steps:

Open about:config on the Firefox address bar as in Solution 4.

Select Accept the Risk and Continue.

Search for network.dns.disableIPv6 in the search bar.

Use the toggle button to change the preference value from false to true.

8] Troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection and network issues in your Windows computer

If your system is not connecting to the internet properly, then the problem is most probably with the network. This means you would have to try vast sequences of troubleshooting Wi-Fi related problems and Internet problems. If you can run the internet properly after the troubleshooting, try checking if it fixes the error for Firefox.

I hope it helps!

Jar File Not Opening On Windows? Here’s How To Fix It

JAR files, also called Java Archives files, are archives of Java class files. In a nutshell, JAR files are groups of files that can contain images, audio, visuals, etc., and can run as a single executable program when paired with the Java Runtime Environment.

They are predominantly used by Java developers for coding and programming. However, jar files refusing to open is one of the many issues that can happen while using them.

Here are the possible causes for your jar file refusing to open.

JAR file set to open with other applications.

Java Runtime Environment having issues.

Incompatible JRE or JDK version

Incorrect Filename Extension

There are several methods you can use to fix JAR files not opening. However, before you begin, ensure the JAR file has the correct filename extension. To do so, go to the View tab and enable File name extensions. Make sure the JAR file has .jar at the end.

Make your way down the list of fixes to see which one works for you. 

For the JAR files to be opened as a standalone program, you need to have the JAVA Runtime Environment. However, if the JRE is not set as the default application for opening jar files, your computer tries using different applications to open the file and fails to do so.

So, you should set the JRE as the default application for opening JAR files.

You can also enter assoc .jar=jarfile and ftype jarfile="C:(path to your javaw.exe)" -jar "%1" %* command in an Elevated Command Prompt to set JRE as the default application.

However, you need to make sure of the following things.

Enter the commands in the same order.

Ensure to input the directory path to your JRE in the second command.

Make sure the path is set to your JRE instead of JDK.

You can also easily open jar files using command lines in the Command Prompt.

Here’s how you can do it:

If your jar file is non-executable, the above method won’t work on opening it. You would need to use a different command.

Another method you can use to open .jar files is by creating a .bat file scripted to open a particular file. This method skips the normal method of opening the .jar file and helps resolves issues like this.

Follow the steps below:

For non-executable .jar files, you can use the same command as above to create a .bat file that opens it.

If you have multiple Java versions and are trying to open a jar file made in a different version of Java from the one you are using to open it, the jar file may not open. While Java is supposed to be backward compatible, you may still face this issue sometimes.

To solve this, you must define a compatible version with which the jar file should open.

Here’s how you can do it:

You can also use this method in the Command prompt or create a bat file to open jar files.

The jar files can not start as a standalone program without JRE, so JRE must be working properly to open jar files.

If there are any errors in JAVA Runtime Environment, you can reinstall a clean new copy to nullify any issues plaguing it.

Follow the steps below to reinstall it:

Jarfix is a legit software that many Java developers use to troubleshoot issues with jar files. So, you can run Jarfix to fix issues with your jar files, including issues like jar files refusing to open.

It is a lightweight program and doesn’t use many system resources. However, be sure to download this program from a trusted website.

Fix: Microsoft Edge Keeps Freezing, Hangs Or It’s Not Responding

Fix: Microsoft Edge Keeps Freezing, Hangs or It’s Not Responding Check expert fixes and workarounds for a quick resolution




If the Microsoft Edge browser keeps freezing, it must be frustrating because you can’t browse the web pages properly.

The Edge freezing problem can be fixed by clearing its cache and data.

Using a third-party, dedicated cleaning tool can also get the job done, so you should try it.

Instead of fixing issues with Edge, upgrade to a better browser: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Edge;

Enhanced privacy: Free and unlimited VPN integrated;

⇒ Get Opera One

Right now, Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 10, and in the last period, it has grown a lot in performance and popularity. Even though a great browser, Windows users reported that Microsoft Edge keeps freezing.

This isn’t the only issue, many reported that Microsoft Edge wouldn’t close at all. However, there are ways to fix Microsoft Edge if it’s not responding, and this guide will show you how to do it.

Why does my Microsoft Edge keep freezing?

Here are a few reasons Microsoft Edge keeps freezing:

Corrupt browsing data: If Microsoft’s Edge browsing data has been accumulating for a while and hasn’t been cleared, it might be corrupt, thus leading to issues.

Misconfigured browser settings: If you have modified the browser settings, be it for enhanced performance or privacy, it might be the underlying cause.

Issues with the system files: When the system files are corrupt, you are likely to face performance-related issues with the Edge and even other applications.

How do I fix Microsoft Edge if it freezes?

Simply use another browser to save a website link to your Desktop and open that file using Microsoft Edge. According to users, this problem seems to be caused by tabs in Microsoft Edge, and by using this workaround, you’ll be able to use Edge without any freezes.

One such browser is Opera One, and it is a trustworthy alternative to Microsoft Edge from all points of view. It has a modular design, a low resource footprint, and extensive add-on support.

More so, it has tools that Edge doesn’t, such as a built-in unlimited VPN and integrated social network tools on its sidebar.

Opera One

A fast and efficient Chromium-based browser that is constantly updated and tweaked to avoid common issues.

Free Visit website

1. Repair Edge and modify the settings

That’s it! A user pointed out that repairing the browser and then modifying the privacy settings can fix things when Microsoft Edge keeps freezing.

2. Clean Edge cache 2.1 Clear cookies and site data 2.2 Clear browsing data

If Microsoft Edge is hanging, clearing the cache and browsing data is a quick fix.

3. Use a cleaning tool

Microsoft Edge freezes can be a big problem, but according to users, you can fix this issue simply by using a cleaning tool like the one recommended below.

After running this software, issues with freezing in Microsoft Edge were resolved, so you might want to try it for quick results.

It does this by fixing and repairing any files and libraries on your PC by comparing them with its own libraries, creating backups, and ensuring everything is in check.

Of course, the tools are useful for the entire well-being of your PC, not just your Microsoft Edge installation.

⇒ Get Fortect

4. Use PowerShell

Users reported that you could fix this issue by using PowerShell. We have to mention that PowerShell is an extremely powerful tool and that by using PowerShell, you can cause certain issues on your PC.

If you find it complicated to use PowerShell, we’ve got an excellent article that will teach you all about it.

5. Turn off Internet Explorer 11

If Microsoft Edge is slow and it freezes, you can fix it simply by turning off Internet Explorer 11.

This is a simple procedure, and you can do it by following the steps above. After disabling Internet Explorer 11, restart your PC and check if the issue is resolved.

6. Try resetting Microsoft Edge 6.1 Use the Reset option 6.2 Delete the Edge pack

6.3 Use PowerShell to reset Microsoft Edge

We have to mention that using PowerShell can be dangerous, therefore be extra cautious. Resetting Microsoft Edge will clear all your settings, so you might have to set them again.

7. Run the System File Checker and DISM 7.1 Run the SFC scan

Several users reported that they managed to fix this issue simply by running the SFC scan.

This command is designed to scan your Windows 10 installation and repair it, so be sure to use it by following the steps above.

7.3 Run a DISM scan

If the System File Checker toot doesn’t fix the problem, you might want to try using a DISM scan to set things right again.

8. Change your DNS

If Microsoft Edge is stuck, then the issue can be your DNS, and you can fix things simply by changing it.

If you encounter any other DNS problems or you want to get in-depth expertise, check our comprehensive guide on how to fix DNS issues in Windows 10.

9. Enable Automatically manage paging file size How can I improve my Microsoft Edge performance?

Additionally, you can enable Microsoft Edge Efficiency mode to optimize the resource usage of your browser.

Microsoft Edge is a great browser, but you might experience certain issues with it occasionally. If Microsoft Edge is not responding, try all solutions from this article.

For more information, we suggest visiting our guide on reducing Microsoft Edge’s high CPU usage.

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Chromecast Not Working? Here’S How To Fix It!

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

A Chromecast is an excellent addition to any home entertainment system. These allow you to stream content from Netflix, Hulu, or even mirror your smartphone display when everything is working correctly. When your Chromecast isn’t working, it can be a frustrating experience that quickly kills the party. We’ve put together a list of ways to fix your Chromecast when it stops working. Follow it, and you’ll be back streaming in no time!

Editor’s note: All steps in this article were put together using a Google Pixel 7 Pro running Android 13, a custom PC running Windows 11, a Chromecast Ultra, and a Chromecast with Google TV. Keep in mind steps may differ for you, depending on the device and software you’re running. 

Restart your Chromecast device How to restart a Chromecast:

Open the Google Home app on your smartphone. Make sure you’re using the same Google account and Wi-Fi network.

Find your Chromecast. Tap and hold on to its tile.

Tap on the Gear icon.

Select the three-dot menu button.

Hit Reboot.

Confirm by hitting OK.

How to restart a Chromecast with Google TV:

Using your Chromecast remote, go to your Profile icon and select Settings.

Go into System.

Pick Restart.

Confirm by selecting Restart.

Connect the Chromecast and other devices to the same network

How to cast to Chromecast without Wi-Fi:

The owner needs to open the Google Home app. Launch it.

Tap on the Chromecast device.

Tap on the Gear icon.

Select Recognition & sharing.

Pick Guest Mode.

Toggle Guest Mode on.

People disconnected from your Wi-Fi can now go into a supported app and tap the Cast button.

Select Nearby device and follow instructions.

The Chromecast will ask for a PIN, which will show up on the TV screen.

How to restart an Android phone:

Simultaneously press the Power and Volume Up buttons.

Hit Restart.

Restart an iOS phone:

Press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons until the power screen appears.

When the device is off, press and hold the Power button until the devices turns on.

How to restart a Windows computer:

Pick the Power button.

Select Restart.

Update your Chrome browser or device

If you usually cast from your computer, a newer version of Chrome may be available. The same applies to your device’s app, or the device’s software. This may cause your Chromecast to stop working or prevent the cast button from appearing. Make sure everything is up to date!

How to update Google Chrome for PC:

Open Chrome on your computer.

Go into Settings.

Select About Chrome.

Chrome will check for updates and install them, if there are any.

Update your Android OS:

Open the Settings app on your Android device.

Select System.

Select System update.

Hit Check for update.

Follow instructions.

How to update Android apps:

Open the Google Play Store.

Tap on your Profile icon in the top-right corner.

Go into Manage apps & device.

Tap on Updates available.

Hit Update all.

Alternatively, you can pick the app you want to update and hit the Update button next to it.

Update the Chromecast!

David Imel / Android Authority

Chromecasts are usually updated automatically, but this is not the case for every Chromecast. The Chromecast with Google TV can be updated manually. Go ahead and update it to the latest software and try to cast to it.

How to update your Chromecast with Google TV:

Using your Chromecast remote, go to your Profile icon and select Settings.

Move to System.

Select About.

Go into System update and check for updates.

Perform a factory data reset on your Chromecast

If all else fails and your Chromecast still isn’t working, it’s time to perform a factory data reset. The good news is you won’t lose any data, but you will have to set up your Chromecast again from scratch.

Without unplugging your Chromecast, hold down the button on the back of the device for at least 25 seconds. Your TV screen will eventually go blank, and the reset process will begin. Once finished, you can start the setup process again. If possible, it’s best to use a different phone than you used the first time. This will rule out any device-related issues.

Additionally, you can factory reset your Chromecast using the Google Home app. Here’s the process, but remember this method doesn’t work for Chromecast with Google TV devices. We’ll also show you how to factory reset a Chromecast with Google TV.

How to perform a factory reset on a Chromecast:

Open the Google Home app on your smartphone. Make sure you’re using the same Google account and Wi-Fi network.

Find your Chromecast device and select it.

Tap on the Gear icon.

Hit the three-dot menu button.

Select Factory reset.

Confirm by hitting Factory reset.

How to factory reset Chromecast with Google TV:

Using your Chromecast remote, go to your Profile icon and select Settings.

Go into System.

Select About.

Pick Factory reset.

Confirm by hitting Factory reset again.

Select Erase everything.

Are you looking for more ways to enjoy your Chromecast? We have a list of the best apps and services available for Google’s smart TV platform.

Discord Tts Not Working? How To Fix It In 6 Steps

Discord TTS Not Working? How to Fix it in 6 Steps Learn how to fix your Discord app for good




TTS not working in Discord can be due to disabled TTS settings or alternative non-Stereo speaker configurations.

Re-enabling certain Discord settings might fix the Text-To-Speech bot in Discord for some users.

Updating certain software to the latest versions might also help the issue for some users.

Some users might need to change their speaker setup settings to fix Discord TTS not working.

If this is happening, you won’t be able to hear TTS audio for messages. This is extremely annoying, especially when this app is the most used for chatting worldwide.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry. We compiled some methods to easily solve this issue once and for all.

Because it’s important to be aware of the potential causes why the tts is not working on Discord, we suggest checking the following information.

Why is TTS not working?

Before anything else, you should keep in mind that TTS follows the default system settings of how Discord is being used.

Internet browsers such as Chrome or Firefox have a different Text-to-Speech reading bot than Windows do. Depending on what platform you’re using, you’ll be hearing different TTS voices!

In case TTS not working, it could be the result of a simple communication or software glitch. Keep in mind that you can fix it in a few seconds.

In addition, remember that you might experience disabled settings or alternative non-Stereo speaker configurations.

Outdated operating systems or sound drivers may explain why the Discord TTS is not working on your PC.

To discover the most efficient fixing solutions, we recommend checking the entire content below.

How can I fix Text-To-Speech not working on Discord? 1. Enable Text-to-Speech for all channels

How to keep Discord running without problems?

Discord is now the only free messaging tool that keeps you connected to all your gaming communication channels. To be safe from getting connection, server or simply login errors, you could use Opera GX, the only gaming browser with Discord integration and optimization.

Opera GX keeps you logged in, so you won’t have any authentication issues. Moreover, if you do, you may always change access servers by using Opera’s free built-in VPN feature. Last, but not least, you can choose how many resources shall each tab consume so you could have all PC’s power focused on your main activities like gaming, trading, editing, etc.

Opera GX

Get the best Discord experience on Opera GX starting now!

Free Get Opera GX

2. Change your speaker setup to stereo

If Discord won’t update using this method, you should check other efficient solutions.

To make sure that all the traces of the software are removed, we recommend that you try using a specialized software removal app.

⇒ Get IObit Uninstaller

To fix any more general audio issues that might be impacting Discord’s Text-to-Speech feature, consider updating sound device drivers. Driver updater software will highlight outdated drivers and enable you to quickly update them, we recommend Outbyte Driver Updater as the best option currently available.

In case this process takes too long and you’re wondering why are Windows updates so slow, make sure you check our dedicated guide, which explains it in detail.

6. Reset the Text-to-Speech setting

2. Navigate to User Settings (marked as a gear, in the left bottom of the window).

3. From the left window pane, go to Accessibility.

4. Then, scroll to the Allow playback and usage of /tts command and toggle it off.

5. Save the changes, exit and restart Discord.

6. Now, follow the same steps, but toggle the button on.

 If you want to fix TTS not working on Discord, you should try resetting the Allow playback and usage of the text-to-speech command setting by turning it off and back on again.

Does TTS work on the Discord mobile app?

Text-to-Speech is not available for the Discord mobile app. So, you can’t select any Text-to-Speech options within the Android app. This feature is, however, available in the Discord web app along with the desktop software.

So, that’s how you can fix Discord’s Text-to-Speech feature when it doesn’t work as expected.

As you might be expected, this is not the only Discord attribute that may run into trouble. Users also claimed that Discord Push to Talk is not working in-game. If you’re in the same boat, make sure you check our dedicated fix guide.

Note that Discord also has a help team you can submit support tickets to if further potential resolutions are still required.

In case you didn’t manage to get rid of this annoying issue, you can also send a support ticket to Discord’s Submit a request page.

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