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Desktop Icons Flashing: Best 7 Solutions Curated by Experts Check out expert solutions confirmed to work by users




Even if flashing desktop icons seem trivial, it is concerning and may point to a severe underlying issue.

Running a DISM and SFC scan will quickly get rid of the problem.

Many fixed the problem by updating the drivers, modifying the Registry, or creating a new user profile, amongst other methods.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Flashing desktop icons was quite prominent on one of the older versions of Windows, as an update brought calamity to the users. The future releases seemingly resolved it, but some users still face the problem.

Here are some of the reasons why the icons are flashing on the desktop in Windows 10:

How do I fix the desktop icons flashing?

Before we try the slightly intricate solutions, here are a few quick ones that helped many users:

Restart the computer

Disconnect any non-critical external device/peripheral from the computer. A user discovered that a USB drive was the reason desktop icons keep flashing in Windows, and disconnecting it worked.

Run a malware scan using the built-in Windows Security or a reliable antivirus with a free trial. Oftentimes, the cause behind desktop icons blinking is a virus.

In case you are facing issues with a particular file format on the desktop, convert it into another compatible one. For instance, change JPG to JPEG or PNG.

If these don’t work, try the solutions listed next.

1. Delete the chúng tôi file

If desktop icons keep flashing in Windows, it could be a corrupt icon cache to blame, and you could quickly fix it by deleting the chúng tôi file. Don’t worry, Windows will automatically create a new file right away.

In many cases, it was an outdated graphics driver that led to flashing desktop icons, and updating it fixed the problem. But Windows doesn’t always lend a helping hand when updating the drivers.

What you need to do is get yourself a proper driver provided by the GPU OEM. You can use Outbyte Driver Updater to automatically scan for the latest compatible driver for your GPU and other important software.

Simply solve GPU errors and ultimately avoid them by letting the tool update your graphics driver right away.

Free Trial Download now

3. Run the DISM and SFC scan

Expert tip:

4. Uninstall conflicting applications

There are various applications that could be responsible for flashing desktop icons. Webex Productivity Tools was one. Basically, look for apps that change the way your computer functions or modify the graphic settings.

5. Modify the Registry

After you have modified the Registry, the desktop icons shouldn’t be flashing anymore. In case they still do, head to the next method.

6. Create a new user profile

Many users reported that creating a new user account did the trick when all other methods failed to work. This is primarily due to a corrupt user profile.

If everything works out, all you have to do is move the files from the previous account to the new one. For that, you could use a USB drive, an external hard drive, or an effective backup tool.

7. Perform an in-place upgrade

If nothing so far has worked, your only option is to perform an in-place upgrade. The best part about it, you wouldn’t lose any files, apps, or configured settings. Everything would be the same after the repair, except the flashing desktop icons problem would disappear.

Before you leave, do not forget to check how to change icons in Windows and set your favorite ones for any folder or app.

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15 Best Cloud Security Solutions (Antivirus) For 2023

Top 15 Cloud Antivirus & Security Solutions For Prevent Cyber Attack in 2023 Install The Best Cloud Antivirus Service To Protect Your Data, Privacy & Banking Information!

Technology has made our life easier as well as riskier. Whether it is workstation or home, we are continuously at the risk of being attacked online via virus or ransomware. Hence, installing anti-virus software in electronic devices has become a necessity. In this blog, we are talking about cloud-based antivirus.

What Is Cloud-Based Antivirus? Here Are The Best Cloud Antivirus To Use In 2023 1. Sophos Endpoint Protection

This British based antivirus company delivers the best tools and software automatically eradicate virus detection and removal. It is a hardware and software-based British company that creates and trades antivirus products. It specializes in eradicating and safeguarding your devices via a single console, which can be easily installed to the cloud or server.

They effectively follow a procedure of identification, examination, and the reaction of the virus to decrease the number of attacks eventually. Their strategic evaluation is not dependent upon the virus signature as they identify the threat before they enter the device. This lowers down the possibility of performance degradation of each device.

The company supplies products largely for big organizations and businesses based on the requirements of the company. They also offer 30-day free trial before finalizing the deal and the trial includes automated malware clean-up, reporting portal access, and cloud-based admin. However, the products have upgrade problems and company uses marketing tactics by sending security alert emails, which sometimes is really annoying.


The cloud-based antivirus instantly cleans up malware.

Excellent detection and anti-exploit functionality.

Enhanced Ransomware File Protection.

Works across all your desktops, laptops, servers, tablets & mobiles.


Dashboard can be improved.

PRICE = $44.49/Year

2. Webroot

An American based company that supplies its product across the world and has gained its reputation for delivering top-notch internet security for both corporations and consumers. The security system uses a multi-vector defense system across all online platforms including web browsers, email, and internal files. The highlight of this software is the cloud-based antivirus ‘Threat Intelligence Platform’ tool that scans your device three times a day.

Visit Here

The 30-day free trial feature of the software allows users to judge the product and then buy as per the requirement. With the help of sole management console, it offers efficient administration of Webroot safeguard products. it scans your device in seconds and keeps a log, hence you do not have to worry about large updates.

However, there have been reports that the support team is sluggish and does not respond on time. Also, they block websites that are actually safe, causing users difficulty in using this antivirus. And to unblock those safe but blocked websites, you need to contact the support team, who eventually does not respond.


Uses a cloud-based malware directory as well as heuristic analysis to detect threats.

Schedule deep scan or quick scan easily.

Top-notch system optimization capabilities.

Web Shield, Phishing Shield & Identity Shield are supported with this cloud-based antivirus.


Issues in blocking keyloggers.

PRICE = $39.99/Year

3. Panda

One of the best cloud antivirus, which is currently dominating the market. Back in 2009, Panda security entered into the field of cloud-based antivirus solution and since then, it has been dominating the market. Originally, it was named Panda cloud antivirus but later it was renamed to Panda Free Antivirus. This software offers a host of benefits to the customer and businesses.

But how does it work? It uses the cache of active malware signatures along with some modern technologies to detect and protect the devices and data. It works in offline mode and the cache folder of this software has various virus signature files incorporated in the folder. The security performance of Panda is up-to-date and highest of all.

Visit Here

However, it has several drawbacks too. For instance, the software is quite heavy for the devices as it occupies 40 MB of the device. Also, the software is slow and is dependent on signatures of the viruses for detection. But overall, it is a great option as the software is trustworthy and offers great protection.


Maximum virus detection rate with minimum impact on devices.

Free protection for your Windows & Android.

Provides improved offline protection, making it the best cloud antivirus.

Multilingual cloud antivirus that supports over 20 languages.


Poor customer service.

PRICE = Free cloud antivirus

4. Symantec Endpoint Protection

This American software company is in business since 1990 American company and has received the “Best Protection” award for 2023. This company keeps upgrading itself with modern technologies and has incorporated machine learning and intellectual threat analysis technique to check and detect the attack. Moreover, the products are completely cross-platform and works best on all operating system including Android, Mac as well as on PCs.

Visit Here

They have in-built device management at the endpoint for implementing network assessment rules and for safeguarding data. However, users must be dependent on the admin console for every data. Also, the procedure of setting up and installation of software is very easy. However, the company has received strict criticism as the installation process is really time-taking in comparison to other cloud-based antivirus solutions.


Block zero-day attacks.

Advanced protection against emerging threats with signatureless technologies.

Maximize protection and minimize false positives.

Includes intrusion prevention, firewall.


Has minimal impact on system resources.

PRICE = $39/Year

5. ESET Endpoint Security

Based on Bratislava, Slovakia, this IT company has been delivering anti-virus products since 1992. They supply products to both organizations and consumers and their security management offers award-winning products. they are an amalgamation of the latest technologies like Machine learning and other vital shield layers. The USP of their products is that they detect a threat at all three levels i.e. during execution, before execution and late execution, thus giving the highest level of security to their clients.

Visit Here

They have a ransomware layer coated within their antivirus software that checks all kinds of threats beforehand. Available for a 30-day free trial for both consumers and businesses and have friendly customer care services. Moreover, the software is easy to install and use and you receive guidelines for the entire process.


The cloud-based antivirus is equipped with a web filter, firewall & botnet protection

Range of customization and reporting features to tweak system security.

Perform data parsing via compatible data formats.

Easy to deploy, configure & manage. 


Little impact on endpoint machines.

PRICE = $190/Year

Also Read: 10 Best Anti-Malware Software for Windows

6. Comodo

An all-in-one cloud antivirus that offers protection from every type of malware. Comodo is a strong amalgamation of technologies like auto-sandbox, virus monitoring, and behavior analysis. This antimalware with simple but fast configuration can be downloaded and installed in your PC with ease. The highlight of this antivirus is the Viruscope technology that it uses for identification and instant blockage of malicious files.

Visit Here

It is the best cloud antivirus that you must download to protect your system from unknown files and viruses. The risk detection and containment engine of this antimalware guarantees complete fortification and hence allow the user to manage every application efficiently. The software is not heavy on system resources and gives real-time supervision from virus attacks.


User-friendly Interface and Real-time protection.

Quick and instant Cloud based scanning.

Detects authorized programs from legitimate vendors.

The cloud-based antivirus provides instant identification of zero-day malware.


Impacts little on system resources.

PRICE = $29.99/Year for 1 PC

7. Immunet

The USP of this software is a ClamAV detection engine that scans offline systems automatically as a scanning engine. Generally, when the system is offline, antiviruses goes to disable mode and restrict itself from scanning the device. But this cloud-based antivirus software keeps scanning the device even in offline mode.

Visit Here

However, to enable this feature, you must visit the setting section of the software and turn on the switch to start scanning during offline mode. It is vital for the overall protection of the system as the latest viruses do work in offline mode too. This antivirus is not heavy on the system and works at a faster rate with system applications.


Fast & real-time online protection with Immunet Cloud.

The cloud antivirus supports detecting & removing keyloggers as well.

Excellent network scanning capabilities.

Highly compatible with existing antivirus software for additional protection.


Dashboard can be improved.

PRICE = Get quotes from the company

8. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud 4.0

Protect your smartphones and PCs with trusted products like Kaspersky that has proved its name for being the best tool for giving security from viruses and malware. Whether you own a small business or work from home, protecting your documents from unknown sources is always the need of the hour.

Visit Here

Kaspersky works on Windows PCs, Android, and iOS devices as well as file servers. It gives shielding for both desktop and mobile technologies. There are various tools and features in this software like following password rules, identifying insecure devices, filter unknown texts, and calls, administer camera usage and lock or delete data remotely from devices that are lost.

Furthermore, it has a web console administration network and Bluetooth configuration, policies for the internet and many more. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud came has been giving some striking results for a long time.


Top-notch phishing detection.

Good network protection.

Offers Mobile Device Management.

View logged event into Critical, Functional Failure, Warning, Info, and All.


Significant lag time between endpoint detection and cloud visibility

PRICE = $405 (One-time payment)

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9. Avira Antivirus for Endpoint

This product of Avira largely targets small businesses but has all the chief features that antivirus should contain. Some of the features include baseline network shield, antivirus, web filtering, file server fortification, and optimization as well as application blacklisting and whitelisting.

Visit Here

With this software, you can manage and administer your device with ease as the download, installation and usage are super-easy and versatile in comparison to other high-end devices. Some of the other features that are worth experiencing are license management, drive partition reports, assorted mobile phone tools and remote deployment.


Automate installations and updates with an integrated management console.

Scans every file as soon as it is accessed by a user.

Anti-ransomware & email protection are supported with this cloud antivirus.


Dashboard can be improved.

PRICE = $44.99/Year

10. Avast Business Antivirus Pro

An outstanding business antivirus collection, offering you numerous tools such as Firewall, antivirus, anti-spam, email protection, and the ability to sandbox applications for comprehensive safety. Avast Business Antivirus Pro has Sharepoint and Exchange protection, along with an array of tools for your servers.

Visit Here

This software gives protection from viruses in real-time and is considered as one of the best for its simplicity and affordability. It is a practical choice for beginners or for consumers that safeguards your devices at the smallest cost.


24/5 fast and friendly customer support.

30-days money-back guarantee.


Eats a significant number of resources.

PRICE = $34.07/Year

11. Norton AntiVirus Plus

Visit Here

It also works as a powerful password manager tool to help you store, generate, and manage passwords, credit card information, and other credentials. Norton Antivirus also offers 2GB cloud backup to help you store important files and documents to offer protection against data loss situation. It works as an anti-spyware, antivirus, anti-ransomware, and antimalware software.


The cloud-based antivirus comes with an in-built Password Manager.

2GB PC Cloud Backup is supported.

Provides excellent protection against spyware & ransomware.

Norton Smart Firewall monitors the network traffic sent and received on your device.


Lacks parental controls.

PRICE = $59.99/Year

12. McAfee MVision Cloud

Visit Here

It offers better visibility, control, and protection against cloud threats and misconfigurations. You can even use this tool to detect compromised accounts to avoid possible threats. This is one of the best cloud antivirus software for home and business users.


Provides essential protection against viruses and spyware.

Protects data and stops threats across devices, networks, clouds.

Features real-time scanning to constantly monitor your activity.

Easy to navigate and user-friendly dashboard.


Does not feature quick, full, or custom scans.

PRICE = Get quotes from the company

13. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Bitdefender Antivirus ensures protection against existing or new e-threats effectively. This light weight cloud security solution is easy to install and offers complete protection. It is designed to protect all your devices and data in cloud effectively. It performs behavioral detection to closely monitor your active apps. You can use this tool to protect your device and data against various threats including zero-day exploits, rootkits, ransomware, and spyware.

Visit Here

It offers on-demand and on-access scanning feature that runs in the background to avoid time-consuming scans. It also offers anti-phishing and anti-fraud protection. Additionally, it offers automatic upgrades and free online support for seamless user experience.


Run quietly in the background without slowing down your machine.

Powerful scan engines ensure real-time detection.

On-demand virus scanning is supported with this best cloud antivirus.

Tools like Anti-phishing & Anti-fraud are supported.


Poor customer support.

PRICE = Free cloud-based antivirus version

14. 360 Total Security

360 Total Security is unified solution for your PC and data protection. It works on simple yet powerful algorithms to protect, clean, and speedup your device. The cloud based technology of 360 Total Security offers real-time detection and removal of threats. It offers intelligent behavior monitoring to identify and block data hijacking.

Visit Here

Working on smart algorithms, it automatically backups all your data before they are tempered. This powerful cloud antivirus is trusted by millions of users around the world. In other features, it offers sandbox, clean up, Wi-Fi security check, data shredder, privacy cleaner, multiple-engine protection, and more.


Cloud technology detects the latest Ransomware variants in real-time.

Holds the potential to identify any document hijacking.

Automatically backs up docs before they are tempered.

Multiple engine protection, making it the best cloud antivirus.


Lacks Firewall.

PRICE = Free cloud-based antivirus

15. SecureAPlus

SecureAPlus offers interactive secure plans for home and business users. It works seamlessly to provide data security across all your devices. Get this powerful cloud antivirus to enjoy endpoint security with application control. It is designed meticulously to provide you security from all existing and emerging malware threats.

Visit Here

It works on artificial intelligence to detect and remove all unknown threats from day one of release. This smart cloud antivirus offers great control over applications and files that you trust can run freely. Try SecureAPlus to get extensive data security without needing to install the software.


Ideal cloud antivirus for multiple device protection.

Includes periodic automated scans.

Can scan external storage devices as well for threats.

The AI-powered engine can recognize trusted apps, hence fewer false-positive results.


Limited security features.

PRICE = $19.99/Year

Frequently Asked Questions


What is cloud based antivirus?

Cloud based antivirus only installs a small “client” program on the user’s device to scan data and later process and interpret this data on cloud servers. Thus, you need to install a cloud based program on your system completely, instead you need to upload scan results to cloud servers and it will be processed and interpreted automatically on cloud servers to avoid malware threat on your device.


Can the cloud get a virus?

Yes, the files you upload on cloud servers could contain viruses. Furthermore, viruses could infect your system too when you download these files on another system from cloud. So, you should scan all data before downloading it on your device.


Is cloud based antivirus effective?

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About the author

Preeti Seth

Why Xfce Is The Best Linux Desktop

In this article, I’ll explain why I still feel that XFCE remains the best Linux desktop available, even after trying other desktop environments.

For anyone who has seen previous articles on my desktop preferences, you might be wondering what happened to my love of GNOME. Well my love for GNOME hasn’t gone anywhere. As a matter of fact, my main desktop machine still runs GNOME 3 to this day. Where I find myself leaning heavily with XFCE is for any PC I share with others.

Case in point, I have one PC that I share with other members of my family for media and games. As much as I might like for them to use the GNOME desktop, previous experience has taught me that they prefer something a bit more menu driven. Since all of us have had success with XFCE driven distributions in the past, sticking with XFCE makes the most sense overall. So while I maintain a fondness for GNOME, others in my family prefer to keep it simple.

And let us not forget, XFCE is friendly in the “system performance” department. Fact is, I can run XFCE on lower end systems that might otherwise be bogged down with more feature rich desktop environments. This performance is then passed onto the end user, who can apply this speed to the applications being used.

Holy wars could be waged over XFCE vs LXDE vs MATE vs Openbox. It should be noted that Openbox is actually a window manager and must be used in conjunction with one of the desktop environments listed above.

Some individuals in various forums have made the claim that LXDE is more “modular”, and therefore easier to develop for than XFCE. Others still have pointed out that MATE brings with it all that was great about the GNOME 2 desktop, completely discounting the fact that MATE isn’t about being lightweight, rather, it simply provides a menu drive desktop for GNOME 2 fans.

At the end of the day, there is no one desktop that is “better” than the other, only those which folks prefer over others. For myself, I’d be inclined to go with MATE as my second desktop choice for a shared computer. MATE’s menu driven, yet doesn’t feel quite so basic as LXDE.

With regard to speed, Openbox (within a predetermined desktop environment) is the speediest GUI-centric desktop experience in my opinion. Lightning fast, easy enough to use and it’ll work on practically anything resource wise.

If there is one constant in the universe, it’s that tweaking XFCE is a blast. The best part is, tweaking XFCE is just difficult enough that outside of wallpaper changes, others in your household aren’t too likely to make any drastic changes without your helping hand. Because there are no tweak tools, fully installing new themes isn’t as simple as it might be with say, KDE.

Personally, I feel this is a good thing because it means I get to pick a them and it sticks.

Expanding on setting the tone of which theme we use, I’ve found the best approach to theming with XFCE when multiple users are concerned is to have one main family account. Then have another account that is for my own use personally.

Obviously on other PCs that are being used by my family, this is a moot issue. They can theme their own machines any way they wish. But for a shared computer used for gaming, media and so on, I’d rather keep the themes simple.

I don’t care who you are, sometimes things on the Linux desktop just break. Sometimes it’s a bug, other times it’s another user who hopped onto the machine and goofed things up. The nice thing about using XFCE is that most visual items are dead simple to fix.

14 Best Windows 10/11 Christmas Desktop Themes

14 Best Windows 10/11 Christmas Desktop Themes [Free Download] Change your current wallpaper for a Christmas-themed one to get into the holiday spirit! 🎅




Christmas is coming and so are  we with the best Christmas desktop themes for both Windows 11 and 10.

You have multiple choices from where to free download you favorite theme to use this year.

Plus, many of these let you set the images to act as a slideshow and the background will be changed every 30 minutes.

Holidays are upon us! At this time of the year, everything is decorated in the traditional Christmas manner, from the streets of our cities to our beloved homes.

As our computers are an important part of our everyday lives, there are people who want to bring a pinch of the holiday spirit to their PCs.

They often look for free animated Christmas themes for Windows 10/11 and the results are spectacular. This is a highly customizable operating system, which allows them to decorate it easily.

So, we prepared a list of the best free Christmas themes for Windows 10/11. Chances are you want to transform your desktop or laptop into a home for Santa Claus, too.

✒️ Quick tip:

If you’re looking for a complete customization suite that will make your PC look like the epitome of the Holiday season, then you should definitely try Stardock’s Object Desktop.

This software contains everything you may ever need to customize your PC’s visuals, from live wallpapers to screensavers, themes, and the ability to rearrange common UI elements!

As you can guess, The Christmas Countdown will show you a countdown clock to Christmas, to help you keep track of all days remaining until the big day that you have in mind.

This app is perfect for adults and kids alike. To make things more dynamic, make sure to switch between all those amazing Christmas background themes.

The best part is that all settings are automatically applied across all your devices. Moreover, get ready to enjoy a funny, heartwarming video every day! That’s a unique way to celebrate these special days, right?

⇒ Get Christmas Countdown

Fireworks is a joyful desktop theme for your PC that offers the most amazing fireworks landscapes captured in impressive cities.

With this festive pack theme, you can set the mood perfectly for the New Year’s celebration right from your cozy home. You have crystal-clear fireworks background images that can be switched at a given time, showing spectacular sky lighting.

If you’re already excited for the year’s passage and also love to see the magic moment when the sky is full of colors, then such a Windows theme really hits home.

Hence, to completely get into the holiday spirits and enjoy colorful HD pictures, you should simply install this wonderful desktop theme available on Windows 11, 10, 8, or 7.

⇒ Get Fireworks

Another beautiful Windows 10/11 theme with season-specific images is given by Ninja Cat Holiday Escape.

You can have personalized Christmas images that create the holiday mood, with various scenes including the Ninja Cat in a dogsled or just wandering in candy and gingerbread universe.

The main idea is the imagination you have as a child transposed in a holiday setting and with this 14-set of images, you can enjoy creative meaningful desktop themes anytime.

⇒ Get Ninja Cat Holiday Escape

If you want to transform the whole interface of your computer and you like the idea of Windows 10/11 Christmas desktop themes, then ReGe is for you. This custom-made theme completely changes the user interface of the system.

Start Menu, File Explorer, dialog boxes, and more are included. The theme even changes some icons. Even more, ReGe uses a combination of red and green colors.

These colors are typical for the Christmas tree, and Santa’s helper elves. So, if you want to feel like Santa’s apprentice, you should definitely try this theme.

It is completely compatible with Windows 10/11, so all you need to do is to download and install it as soon as possible.

⇒ Get ReGe Christmas Theme

This Windows holiday theme is a creative drawing set of images that illustrates the Christmas and winter season just right.

There is no better way to celebrate the holiday seasons than decorative lights, trees, globes, or other Christmasy elements. Still, an important touch is your desktop theme.

Using it every day, you can see imaginative arts illustrating happy children in the snow, snowflakes, decorated trees, Santa Claus, and even more.

This desktop theme is also great for people who don’t have the chance to see snow in real life, as it portrays little flakes in every image to set the mood.

In addition, such wallpapers are free and it gives you the perfect chance to celebrate the winter holidays in a special manner. Then you only have to install it and personalize your desktop as you prefer.

⇒ Get Twinkle Wish

The theme presented as Holiday Lights respects its name due to the colorful Christmas lights and other decorative elements you see in December.

If you want to personalize your desktop with various wallpapers, each one with its holiday vibes, it is ideal to use this festive theme.

Honestly, it’s hard to miss Christmas-related photos with this theme. You have backgrounds that showcase sparkling trees on the side, white snow on trees, illuminated globes, candles, fireplaces, and anything else you can think of.

Thus it can’t be easier to choose a celebration desktop that brings the spirits in your family and sets the mood for this Christmas.

⇒ Get Holiday Lights Theme

A perfect winter desktop theme like Snowy Night is the final touch to get ready for sharing gifts, staying with loved ones, or drinking hot chocolate beside the tree.

Using such magical-looking photos, you get astonishing holiday landscapes that express the most heartwarming feelings.

Plus, you have available 13 images pack and one custom color to benefit from, also don’t have to worry about mouse cursor or sound changes in your PC.

Expert tip:

Therefore it’s the perfect moment to feel the joy of the winter holidays and set up your surrounding with colorful lights and warming decorations.

⇒ Get Snowy Night

If you’re a fan of panoramic images with snow mountains or winter landscapes, the Panoramic Snow Theme is undoubtedly for you.

With such a photo-rich 23 images theme, you will never get tired of impressive snowy qualitative images on your own desktop. The extra value is added by the panoramic view for every photo of the snowy mountains.

More so, this theme offers the simplicity of winter panoramic views, without too much clutter that fills the frame. Even though you don’t have Christmas elements around, you surely can feel the season and holiday coming at your door.

Then if you enjoy pure winter imagery that sets the mood for ski vacations, you’re good to go with this panoramic view theme.

⇒ Get Panoramic Snow Theme

The Holiday Glow theme is all about small details that make Christmas such a special occasion for every single person.

So, if you desire a desktop theme that has gingerbread cookies, tiny ornaments, or colorful lights on trees, you should visit this.

By taking this 9 image theme, you will customize your desktop with festive illustrations that bring joyful spirits to your home right away

Then again, the pictures are HD and contain detailed elements like little snowman or cookies, colorful lights, or superb trees.

⇒ Get Winter Holiday Glow

This particular Windows theme is created by professional photographer Hayley Elizabeth, showing its artwork about winter and holidays.

The 8-set image included in this artistic theme shows the real nature of winter, with its crystal-clear snow and ice, and a calm stillness that can bring you peace.

Like other themes behind, Winter Garden focuses especially on the small details of winter and tries to express the magic of this season as naturally as possible.

You will not have conventional holiday photos, yet this special theme includes detailed nature frames covered in crystal snow. So if you prefer simplicity, go for this one trustfully.

⇒ Get Winter Garden by Hayley Elizabeth

This desktop theme goes without saying from the title and brings the most essential symbol of Christmas, namely the tree.

Everybody loves this holiday because partly, they can decorate the tree and put colorful lights with the star at its peak. So every year you can cherish the season with the tree in your home, and on the home desktop as well.

The tree is recognized by the entire world as the symbol of Christmas together with Santa. You should thus get in the holiday spirit with this 16 HD wallpapers theme on your Windows screen.

In addition, this last touch to get ready for upcoming holidays can be displayed on Windows 11, 8, and 7. So regardless of the Windows version, you can run this free theme.

⇒ Get Christmas Tree Theme

As one of the most complex Christmas desktop themes, the one from ThemeRaider allows you to customize every aspect of your Windows 10 computer.

Christmas Cheers features 12 images that you can set as wallpapers, with modified cursors, custom desktop icons, and an easy color scheme change.

You can set the images to act as a slideshow and the background will be changed every 30 minutes, along with the Windows color scheme.

It is worth mentioning that this theme pack is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, as well as all the Windows 7 editions.

⇒ Get Christmas Cheers

Same as Christmas Desktop Theme Pack, this Christmas Tree Theme Pack is a collection of beautiful Christmas trees for your desktop.

It actually consists of 16 images of beautiful, well-decorated Christmas trees for your desktop. So, if you want one of the biggest symbols of this holiday on your desktop, download this wallpaper pack.

The Christmas Tree Theme Pack is available for free, so don’t hesitate to enjoy it as well.

⇒ Get Christmas Tree Theme Pack

Christmas Desktop Theme is a collection of 16 HD Christmas-themed wallpapers. Although this wallpaper pack doesn’t change the looks of your interface, it contains some beautiful images for your desktop.

So, if you don’t want to bother with finding a perfect Christmas wallpaper for your desktop, you can download this pack, and have the theme pack do the job for you.

The Christmas Desktop Theme Pack is available for free, so you can easily grab it right away.

⇒ Get Christmas Desktop Theme Pack

Of course, if you don’t want to download any third-party theme on your computer, there is an easy thing to do.

Go to Microsoft’s Holiday & Seasons theme list mentioned above and some interesting Windows 11 Christmas themes free download options will be waiting for you.

There are plenty of Windows 10/11 holiday themes to choose from, such as Snowy Night, Sugar and Spice, Twinkle Wish, and more.

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BEST SIEM Tools List (Open Source & Paid Vendors)

SolarWinds Security Event Manager is a tool that helps you to improve your computer security. This application can automatically detect threats, monitor security policies, and protect your network. SolarWinds allow you to keep track of your log files with ease and receive instant alerts if anything suspicious happens.

#1 Top Pick



Deployment: On-premise & Cloud

Supported Platforms: Windows, MacOs, Linux

Free Trial: 30 Days Free Trial

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This network security software has inbuilt integrity monitoring.

This is one of the best SIEM tools which helps you to manage your memory stick storage

It has an intuitive user interface and dashboard.

SolarWinds contains integrated compliance reporting tools.

It has a centralized log collection.

The tool can find and respond to threats faster.

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You can get the numbers, statistics, and graphs for the data you are going to monitor or configure.

Allows you to monitor jFlow, sFlow, IP SLA, Firewall, IP, LAN, Wi-Fi, Jitter, and IPFIX.

It provides alerts via email, plays alarm audio files, or triggering HTTP requests.

The tool offers Multiple user web interfaces.

It has automated failover handling.

Offers centralized monitoring solution

It is one of the best SIEM tools that allow you to visualize your network using maps.

Paessler allows you to monitor networks in various locations.

Visit Paessler Security

It offers real-time log collection, analysis, correlation, alerting and archiving abilities. You can monitor and audit activities that occur in your Active Directory, network devices, employee workstations, SQL databases, Exchange server, file servers, Microsoft 365 environment, cloud services and more.


Threat Intelligence

Incident Management

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Real-time change auditing

Integrated Compliance management

Cloud security

4) Splunk Enterprise Security

Spunk is a software platform widely used to monitor, search, analyze, and visualize the machine-generated data. It is one of the best Security Information Management Tools that captures, indexes and connects real-time data in a searchable container, and produces graphs, dashboard, alerts, and visualizations.


Accelerate Development & Testing

Reduces time to detect

Enhances visibility and responsiveness with focused threat detection and accelerated incident investigation.

Investigates and correlate activities across multi-cloud and on-premises in one unified view.

Allows you to build Real-time Data Applications

Improves Security Operations.

Agile statistics and reports with Real-time architecture

This free SIEM software offers search, analysis, and visualization capabilities to empower users of all types.

5) IBM QRadar

IBM QRadar is a market-leading SIEM platform. It provides security monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure through log data collection, event correlation, and threat detection.

It is one of the best free SIEM tool that helps you to prioritize security alerts that use threat intelligence and vulnerabilities databases. It offers an inbuilt risk management solution which supports integration with antiviruses, IDS/IPS, and access control systems.


It is a versatile and highly scalable platform that offers functionality and presets for different use cases.

Provide a solid ecosystem of integrations by IBM, third-party vendors, and the community.

6) AT&T Cybersecurity AlienVault Unified Security Management

AT&T Cybersecurity offers the AlienVault Unified Security Management solution that combines SIEM and logs management capabilities with other essential security tools. This includes asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, and intrusion detection.


Enterprises can observe all the security threats all together in a single pane of glass.

AT&T provides managed threat detection and response

Provides Incident response with 3rd-party security & operations tools

Offers log management and event management

Unified management console for security monitoring technologies

Stay vigilant with threat intelligence updates from AT&T Alien Labs

7) Exabeam


Allows you to Store every last security event

Timelines make it easy to detect suspicious users or devices.

It is one of the best SIEM solutions help you to Identify insider threat.

Collect data from cloud services.

8) Datadog Security Monitoring

Datadog is a cloud-based system monitoring. This package includes security monitoring. The security features of the system are contained in a specialized module.


Real-time security event and detection

It offers 400 vendor integrations

This is one of the best SIEM solutions that helps you observe metrics, traces, logs, and more from one dashboard.

You can start detecting threats with default out-of-the-box rules for widespread attacker techniques.

It offers a menu of specialized modules, and all of them can be deployed individually or as a suite.

Solid out-of-the-box pre-configured detection rules.

Allows you to break silos down between developers, security, and operation teams.

9) LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform

LogRhythmi is one of the best SIEM products used for behavioral analysis to log correlation and artificial intelligence for machine learning. It offers hyperlinks to various features in order to aid you in your journey.


AI-based log system

Helps your team to align technology and processes to uncover threats more efficiently

It helps you detect threats earlier and faster.

Provide more visibility across your environment.

Offers flexible deployment options to wensure that you get the best fit for your organization.

Log file management

Guided analysis

10) McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

McAfee Enterprise is an automated log management and helps you analyze the suite for all types of events, databases, and applications.

McAfee SIEM service allows companies to collect a wide range of logs across multiple devices with ease. The McAfee SIEM service firm to manage a wide range of records across multiple devices with ease.


Easy to access and simple to use

Helps support collecting, signing, compressing, and storing all events.

Get access to business technical support and enterprise tech support.

It can collect, sign, and store log type in its original content.

Allows you to monitor and analyze security infrastructure.

This SIEM software offers two-way integration.

11) Micro Focus ArcSight ESM


Provide rapid response to threats which is critical for Next-Gen SecOps.

Enables your SOC with a swift, efficient threat response.

Leading data collection framework that connects to all your security event devices.

Filter search results using an intuitive menu.

It allows you to reduce the storage cost of your log files.

It automatically detects Syslog (System Logging Protocol)

12) FireEye Helix


Next-gen event management and behavioral analysis

Enables rapid, scalable, and cost-efficient deployment across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments

It is one of the best SIEM product which offers Improved threat and vulnerability detection

Surface answers from your data with next-generation security analytics.

Accelerates incident response

13) RSA NetWitness

RSA NetWitness is a single, unified platform for all your security data. It automatically responds to intrusions that have bypassed preventative controls. This tool provides real-time visibility into all your network traffic with full packet capture. RSA SIEM product offers the best enhancement roadmap and IR hotline support.


Logs offer you instant visibility into log data spread across your entire IT environment

It provides complete visibility into activity across all of your endpoints and across all your network.

This automation solution is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your security operations center.

14) Sumo Logic


Build, run, and secure Azure Hybrid applications

Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise provides security analysts with enhanced visibility.

Provides cloud-native and machine data analytics service for time series metrics and log management.

This SIEM software uses an elastic cloud to scale infinitely.

Offers Automated Security Operations

It provides elastic scalability for all of your on-premise, multi-cloud, and hybrid data sources.

It helps you to drive business value and growth.

Offers a platform for continuous real-time integration

Remove friction from the application lifecycle.

15) Securonix

Securonix offers a cloud-first next-generation SIEM with compelling detection and response ROI and zeroes infrastructure to manage. This SIEM solution provides a single pane of glass for detection and response in the cloud, where a company’s data resides.


Cloud-native Infrastructure for multi-tenancy

Built-in cloud application integrations

Offers features of entity behavior analytics

It helps you with an attack identification by linking together a chain of related events

Advanced analytics learn and evolve your processes to help you stay ahead of the attackers.

Decreases mean time to respond to threats

16) Tripwire Log Center

Tripwire Long Center is one of the best SIEM tools for vulnerability scanning. This SIEM tool allows you to protect the integrity of mission-critical systems spanning virtual, physical DevOps, and cloud environments.

It helps you deliver critical security controls, including security configuration management, vulnerability management, log management, and asset discovery.


Modular architecture that scales to your deployments and needs.

Helps automate Compliance Evidence

Filters Relevant and Actionable Data

It offers reliable reporting and real-time visibility.

Filters Relevant and Actionable Data

The tool has prioritized risk scoring features.

Accurately identify, search, and profiles all assets on your network.

17) EventTracker

EventTracker is the SIEM platform that offers capabilities like log management, threat detection, response, and Vulnerability Assessment capabilities. It helps you to do entity behavior analysis, security orchestration, automation, and compliance. It provides customizable dashboard tiles and automated workflows.


Generates rule-based alerts in real-time.

Security Event Prioritization

Normalization of disparate data sources

It also provides scalable views for small screens and SOC displays.

Offers real-time processing and correlation

It offers 1500 pre-defined security and compliance reports included.

It offer SIEM solutions that helps you with SOC capabilities, optimized responsive display, and faster elastic search in a single pane of glass

It allows you to pre-configure the alerts for multiple security and operational conditions.

18) DNIF

DNIF is a security analyzing tool that helps you to manage your log without any hassle. This tool can detect all kinds of unknown threats. It allows you to analyze indemnity trends based on historical analysis.


It can detect suspicious activity.

Machine learning-powered analytics

Supports customization of API.

Offers effective, intuitive workflows.

Automates the proactive threat hunting process

The tool can manage your data securely.

You can easily set up the software.

It uses machine learning data analytics to know unusual activities

19) Elastic (ELK) Stack

The ELK Stack is a collection of three open-source products: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. They are all managed, developed, and maintained by Elastic. ELK Stack is designed to allow users to take the data from any source, in any format, and search, analyze, and visualize those data in real time.


ELK works best when logs from various Apps of an enterprise converge into a single ELK instance

This open source SIEM tool provides insights for the single instance and also eliminates the need to log into a hundred different log data sources

Rapid on-premise installation

Easy to deploy and scales vertically and horizontally

Elastic offers a host of language clients, which includes Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, .NET, Java, JavaScript, and more.

Availability of libraries for different programming and scripting languages.

20) Graylog Enterprise

Graylog is an open-source and free log file-based system having a graphical user interface. It includes a query and search function that allows you to filter log records according to your convenience. This security application consists of a dashboard to see the detailed record.


It offers a faster alert on cyber threats.

This tool analyzes the data and provides an effective incident response.

It helps you to eliminate complexity

Identifies and stops threats

Graylog provides you with alerts and intuitive reports on data.

It collects, organizes, and analyzes data.

The application has features for fault tolerance, audit logs, and role-based access control.

21) Logsign

Logsign is a next-gen Security Information and Event Management solution that combines Security Intelligence, Log Management, and Compliance. It is a SIEM solution which offers integrated Security Orchestration, Automation.


Offers simple Deployment

Built-in 200+ Integrations

Cluster Architecture with Redundancy

Massive Scalability and High Availability

Multi-Machine Correlation

On-time Detection and Response

Dashboards and Reports

Orchestration and Automation

Interactive investigation

Communication-driven Case Management

Faster Response Time, re-gained human time and cost.

22) Insight IDR

Rapid7 InsightIDR is a SIEM platform that gives you the confidence to detect and respond to security incidents faster. It is one of the best free SIEM tools that enable security analysts to work more efficiently and effectively by unifying diverse data sources, providing early and reliable out of the box detections, authentication monitoring, and endpoint visibility.


Deploy and see the data value in days, not months

Offers complete visibility of your environment

Provide a feature of security center for incident detection and response

Log Management and Search

Endpoint Detection and Visibility

User Behavioral Analytics and Attacker Behavior Analytics


SIEM provides real-time analysis of security alerts by applications and network hardware. The SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management system. This includes services like Log Management, Security Event correlation, Security Information management, etc.

Here are some of the best SIEM tools:

SolarWinds Security Event Manager

Paessler Security


Splunk Enterprise Security

IBM QRadar

AT&T Cybersecurity

Datadog Security Monitoring

LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform

SIEM tools are designed to use the log data to generate insights into past attacks and events.

A SIEM identifies an attack that has happened and checks how and why it happened.

SIEM detects attack activity and assesses the threat based on the past behavior of the network.

A SIEM system provides an ability to distinguish between legitimate use and a malicious attack.

SIEM tool also allows to increase a system’s incident protection and avoid damage to network structures and virtual properties.

SIEM tool also helps companies to comply with a variety of industry cyber management regulations.

SIEM systems provide the best way to meet this regulatory requirement and provide transparency over logs.

SIEMs are deployed across various industries: financial, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing sectors, which all cover various types of cost structure. Here are the cost which is associated with any SIEM system.

Hardware: SIEM appliance costs or server costs for installation

Software: It covers the cost of SIEM software or agents for data collection

Support: Regular annual costs of maintenance of software and appliance.

Professional Services: It includes professional services for installation and ongoing tuning.

Personnel: It includes the cost to manage and monitor a SIEM implementation.

Personnel Annual Training: Cost of training the personnel annually on security certifications or other security-related training courses.

However, you need to remember that the cost of each of the above categories will vary depending upon the technology of choice

A SIEM mainly works with closely related purposes: to collect, analyze, store, investigate, and develop reports on log and other data. These reports are used for incident response, forensics, and regulatory compliance purposes.

Here are the important difference between the three terms SIM, SEM, and SIEM:

Parameter SIM SEM SIEM

Full Name Security Information Management Security Event Management Security Information and Event Management

Use For It is used for the collection and analysis of security-related data from computer logs. Real-time threat analysis, visualization, and incident response. SIEM combines SIM and SEM capabilities.

Features Easy to deploy, Offers the best log management capabilities. It offers superior real-time monitoring. Complex to deploy but offers complete functionality.

Example Tools OSSIM NetlQ Sentinel Splunk Enterprise Security.

Here are some most important points that you need to remember while choosing the best SIEM solution for your business.

It should be able to improve your log collection abilities. This is basic but important, as you want software that enhances how you collect and manage logs.

You should look for a tool that helps with auditing and reporting as the SIEM tool is a correct way to step up your game in this area.

Look for helpful, drill-down analytics capabilities.

You should look for a tool that provides an automatic response feature.

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BEST SIEM Tools List (Open Source & Paid Vendors)

7 Best Youtube Seo Software

7 Best Youtube Seo Software [2023 Guide]




If you have a blog or a Youtube channel, definitely you will have to boost your rankings in order to meet your goals, objectives, and KPIs.

Youtube is a video content tool that

has over 1 billion which is the second largest search engine on the planet, so it is complicated to be in the top-ranking position considering the competition.

We found the best YouTube SEO software that will help you raise your authority and get your video content to the right audience.

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Anyone who has shared video content online via social media knows the power of YouTube SEO software in raking in the views and likes.

When it comes to video, the numbers don’t lie. If you look at the top three social media channels that people share and consume video content, that is Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube, you cannot afford to ignore the SEO component.

There’s a high, and increasing demand for video content, plus, YouTube has over 1 billion users making it the second largest search engine on the planet.

Your best bet to get noticed among the billions of videos uploaded is to invest in YouTube SEO software.

In fact, statistics from various social media surveys and research, reveal that video content is experiencing a meteoric rise, with an eleven times higher surge expected between 2023 and 2023.

This just goes to show you how much you need to get yourself a YouTube SEO software that will not only help you meet your goals, objectives, and KPIs, but also get your content to the right eyeballs.

This article explores the best YouTube SEO software you can pick from to execute your video content plan, and rank your video content better on organic searches.

YouTube SEO software to boost your search rankings 1. Serpstat’s YouTube SEO Software (recommended)

As a YouTube SEO software, SerpStats provides keywords based on Google Suggest, generating key phrases you can use through a filtering mechanism that delivers not just phrases, but also the kinds of queries people type in search fields.

This is a more useful SEO tool as it delves deeper into what exactly is searched for, not just generating suggestions or auto-complete results.

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2. YouTube Search Filters as a YouTube SEO tool

Most people, video creators included, would do some online research before they embark on producing and finally uploading video content. This helps in brainstorming as well as opening your mind to what is possible, what gaps exist, and what you can do differently with your content to make it unique, shareable, and create high engagement. Most of all, to get noticed by your target audience.

This is where YouTube Search Filters come into play.

You can choose the topics, keywords, and even sort them by relevance for example if you check the most recent videos or specific dates. You can also sort videos by rating so you can see what your audience loves and thinks highly of.

Check for channels and playlists to see what those in your industry are doing, especially if you want to be more unique and fill a specific need. This will really help you with your search engine optimization for your video content.

3. YouTube Search Auto-Suggest as a YouTube SEO tool

This YouTube SEO software uses long-tail key phrases to get more specific keywords and get ranked for your unique keywords that bring more organic traffic to your video content.

It’s more like using Google’s auto-complete function when you’re searching for long-tail keywords.

YouTube, too, gives you the option of using auto-complete or auto-suggest, which helps you also tailor your keywords to match the popular online searches.

When you open YouTube, you’d normally type in your search terms and it automatically generates suggestions and search results.

From the long-tail key phrases you type into the search field, YouTube’s autocomplete/auto-suggest function will bring up different results in the specific topic, and from there you can gauge what your audience looks for mostly.

It is rich and easy to use resource for keyword ideas.

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4. Google Plus as a YouTube SEO tool

This is a rich resource for ideas on keywords. It not only lets you get more ideas to enhance your video content but also gives you the latest trends and user-generated content that relate to your content.

Expert tip:

Everyone needs to know the latest and hottest trends, because without them, then you’d probably be creating stuff for your eyes only.

5. Cyfe YouTube SEO Software

This is a YouTube SEO software that delivers amazing results for your video content marketing needs.

With Cyfe, you can monitor various search results from different social platforms such as Twitter or Google Plus, which reference YouTube videos with your keywords or key phrases, and also get different variations on hashtags. It helps you track brand mentions, fan growth, demographics and other metrics.

You can also monitor your emails, and other analytics, and finally, generate automated reports from the same.

It comes with a user-friendly dashboard and it has a free version with great features. Cyfe also lets you track different websites to see top referral links, SEO keyword or key phrase rankings, and simultaneously monitor IT metrics such as your website’s uptime, app performance, and server load, among others.

Download Cyfe from the tool’s official website.

6. Vidiq YouTube SEO Software

This YouTube SEO software tool that helps you with your keyword insights, tags, and keyword research.

It gives you insights on how to rank for a specific keyword, thus you can determine whether your video content will rank effectively, or not.

Like Cyfe, this tool lets you monitor social media channels for metrics such as brand mentions, competitor analysis, and top-performing video content.

When you connect your YouTube account to Vidiq, the software imports all the video content on your channel and this reflects on your Vidiq dashboard so you can monitor everything from one place. With Vidiq, you can track social chatter, engage your audience, maximize your organic reach and also collaborate with your team (if you’re working with one).

You can request a demo on Vidiq’s official website.

7. TubeBuddy YouTube SEO Software

Besides this, the tool’s salient features include:

Transcriptions that you can use as articles if you have a website

A/B testing functionality, which lets you test your video’s tags, descriptions, titles and other elements that affect search results and traffic

Opportunities you can exploit for your video content

Best practice audit to ensure you don’t make mistakes with your videos

Download TubeBuddy.

Useful tips to optimize your video for YouTube SEO

While having YouTube SEO software is great, it’s good to know how to actually optimize your video content so as to achieve the best SEO rankings.

Here are some useful tips you can use to get you started:

Include your focus keyword on video filenames as Google uses this to determine the content you upload. Put the most important tags first so your video can be discovered, especially in the ‘related videos’ section.

Use a minimum of five words for your videos so as to include your focus keyword with a long-tail key phrase.

Search engines like Google depend on the description on your video to gauge its quality, content type, and depth, so you need to get this right. Give specific descriptions with focus keywords, for a minimum of 200 words. You can include a link to your site to drive traffic back your way.

Build engagement by encouraging your audience to share your videos as this tells search engines your content is good and popular.

You can also distribute your video content by placing the link on email signatures, embedding on your website, or even sharing on high traffic sites such as Quora and other social media channels.

Create playlists rich in keywords by grouping your videos according to similar themes. This lets YouTube in on what your videos are about.

Research your target audience then use the findings to make decisions on your video’s tone, style and watch time (length). Videos of more than 5 minutes seem to get more views these days. Just make it good enough to offer value.

Note: Google generally uses video results for how-to content, reviews, tutorials, fitness content, and funny or humorous videos, so you can borrow a leaf from this when creating your video content.

Do you have a YouTube SEO software tool? Tell us your experience and whether any of these came in handy.

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